Thursday, May 30, 2019

The good must fight and defeat evil, take back the game-board/matrix, and infuse it with heaven. 3

Life on earth has been hijacked by the elites of the past few centuries. They are/were the kings and emperors purely because of wealth and armies. The problem is not only the prisons they have manufactured for us but the satanic behavior they indulge in. There are invisible darkside forces in human bodies. They are implementing darkside agendas and ways of life. They are anti-soul. The happiness that they are creating is of the darkside and for the darkside, with their own happiness deriving from being in charge of earth and creating life in their own image and likeness. Good/soul people have no choice but to fight back in the hope of overturning this scheme of things in order to be free of it! The present endgame involves the depopulation of the earth by various methods including nuclear war, bio-weapons, chemical poisoning and EMFs. The physical defeat of the elites is only possible if the 'white hats', located everywhere, succeed. The 'white hats' are basically good people from all walks of life, and from all income levels, who fight the good fight. Not all countries are fortunate to have a President like Donald Trump to lead the fight against the Deep State. The Deep State is basically the functional or operational arm of the elites embedded in positions of power, locally and internationally. It is said that President Trump is backed by the Agnostic Illuminati which are good-guy elites, and by the US Military. Add to this the millions of patriots who support Trump, and the battle is winnable. The elites are trying to eradicate national sovereignties and nationalism as they establish their New World Order of a Globalist State on earth. Nationalists are using the political process to secure the kind of leaders they want. Thus far, the USA, Italy, Brazil and Australia  have elected conservative leaders. The battle is on in most of Europe where globalist leaders like Macron are facing opposition from nationalists. It is important to give support to those who are fighting back against the deep state, or to join in where possible. If the networks of the elites are defeated, who will carry out their dictates? That is the logic which must face a trial against all the 'complexes' and groups created by the elites and their deep state to run the world with. We have heard of the large Corporations, the various lobbies, the Military/Industrial complex, The Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Committee of 300, the various branches of Freemasonry, etc. Now we are seeing the power of the Regulatory/Industrial complex, the power of spy agencies, the power of the mass media,  the power of Google/Youtube, and the power of Facebook and the other social media companies! The 'white hats', President Trump's administration and his backers, the Qanons and the American patriots cannot fail. The good God supports his own! 

The earth is ripe for depopulation to succeed. Most of the population live in cities: the result of decades of rural-urban migration, as people moved to cities to take advantage of higher incomes, more attractive lifestyles and living amenities. In cities, large groups of people can be terminated using nuclear weapons, bio-weapons, medical and food poisons, and EMFs (smart meters and 5G).  The Deep State is embedded in the administrative fabric of nations. They act as the permission-givers for all kinds of programs that create ill-health, adversity and other stressful life situations. The Regulatory/Industrial Complex consists of regulatory agencies and the firms that get their blessings. According to the linked article, agencies like OSHA, CPSC, EPA, HUD, SEC, ICC, FCC, DOA, FTC, FDA etc, which were largely created by past presidents, operate for the benefit of Washington, DC. and for the large crony companies while claiming to serve the public interest. New smaller companies are discriminated against. One can add agencies like the ADA (which permits toxic silver/mercury fillings), the AMA (which supports pharmaceuticals and allopathic medicine) and the CDC (which permits all kinds of toxic medications and vaccines) to the list. Things like vaccines, smart meters, 5G, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, aspartame, glyphosate, GMOs etc etc which have deleterious effects on health are allowed despite the research which establishes the facts. They disallow natural and alternative treatments unless the Corporations they support can create patented versions eg. marijuana.  Though legal justice is catching up with Bayer/Monsanto, the situation remains grim as the lobbies and the deep state proceed with their eugenics programs. They are currently pushing to make vaccines mandatory. The deep state is a very powerful ubiquitous presence. So how can the patriots and the good guys fight back if the deep state simply ignore all the research, protests and citizen feedback? When corruption is uncovered, the culprits simply resign, collect their pensions, and are replaced. When District Judges exceed their authority and make judgements that are tantamount to nationwide injunctions, President Trump and Attorney General Barr go on the war path. When one considers the complete inhumanity involved in  frying people with 5G using 20,000 satellites in earth's orbit, in killing them with vaccines like this one, in the annihilation agenda, no punishment is too great for the elites or the deep state. We now live with the fear that  the desperate deep state will stage a big false flag in order to make a comeback.

The darkside society is as much the enemy of souls (and God) as the elites are. Darksiders are basically one consciousness, so the darkside masses help and serve the elites. The depopulation plans of the elites have changed things. The majority of the masses still sleep but the reality of being targeted for death is now seeping into their awareness. Darksides don't change. They fade into sleep as souls retake their bodies.The darkside masses, who are involved in the 'psychic', energy and collusion network called the darkside society, are committing the same kind of crimes as the elites. The darkside nature is the same, whether found in the elites, the masses, in males, in females, in the young or the old. The systems set up by the elites and the darkside society for their control and ownership of the planet are predatory and must be demolished for goodness to thrive. The evil practices of the elites are just as evil when the darkside society does them. The darkside society's wealth and opportunity distribution systems are just as crooked as that of the elites. That society is dominated by the largest collections of darksiders parading as the largest families, the most populous colors and the largest tribes. With size comes the ability to 'win' the most, and the most powerful, female 'warriors' in the sex school and allied gender games, into their ranks. The women increase the bargaining power of the group. The biggest chunks of the local economic pie naturally go to the wealthiest of the local elites. Other powerful claimants are those with large inheritances, big business, big jobs, big landholding and real estate. Things like secret society affiliation, tribal or color affiliation etc do increase your economic standing. The sex school and allied games were set in place to be the game-board for rival claims to economic well-being. In reality, it turns out to be a device for maintaining and enhancing satanic power and communications. It is the mechanism whereby the satanic colors and tribes maintain their stranglehold on 'owning' women and reproduction, to secure winning by greater numbers. It is the perfect plot wherein good guys are included against their will as opponents. Surrounded by darkside armies, they are like sheep to the slaughter. Good guys and goodness are easily killed out by darkside attacks, or in setups colluded by the darkside-society/mamma's-boys/female-trophies/female-hive network. Good guys lack the satanic consciousness necessary for playing the game. They face the might and arrogance of those who have these powers, and for whom these games were created. Good guys lack the backing of a color or a tribe, and are just fodder for those who have such backing. Winning a game, 'signing' a virgin or making someone pregnant for a promotion to 'having a life', or to sharing in the economic pie, proves to be too much. With the world playing against you and no allies to back you up, few good guys make it out alive. If he survives, the good guy might be given a victory, and a chance to 'sign' a female 'trophy' who has been hyper-sexualised and mind-controlled by mama's boys. The ultimate set-up! If no victory, the good guys join the poorest of the masses at the lowest economic level.  The darkside society ensures that when the beast is not ruling the body and taking part in the corruption, in the crime spree, in the parasitic behavior, in the collusion for societal domination, and in the satanic mode of existence, the body and soul is tortured till death. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The female hive helps to perpetuate the satanic scheme of things by adopting the 'sex-first-love-after' modus operandi which is not any prescription for happiness, but it ensures darkside hegemony. 

We know that the elites engage in mind control, child trafficking, pedophilia, child sacrifices, blood drinking, sexual grooming, satanic rituals etc.The darkside society, through their sex school and other criminal actions, are also guilty of sexual grooming, mind control, rape, sex with minors, sex trafficking, sex slavery, human trafficking, kidnapping etc etc (e.g. see The darkside will be darkside wherever found. They buy and sell females, especially when mind control by mama's boys converts them into hyper-sexualised dead 'meat'. We do not know that darkside society engages in child sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, worship of satan etc., but it is a good guess that there has been behavioral spill-over from the elites to them. The darksiders do not call their lifestyle a disease, which it is. They call all the crimes and pleasures they do, and forces the rest of society to indulge in, by the festive names of 'dancing' and 'parades'. Each color or tribe dreams of the day when it is their turn to do these, with society's blessings, and without obstruction or censure! satan celebrates his hijacking of earth and human bodies from God and soul! But in the next breath, the darkside society claims that God authorised them to do the 'work' they do. What a disease for a human body to have! The darksiders do not realise that they are the disease! We know that they serve satan not God. So it is all a ruse to further satan's agenda on earth backed up by 'forgiveness' theory which is a backdoor for escaping the consequences of their crimes. They claim that they use the sex school to teach the young females about sex. Having done that, they say that they try to dispose of these 'crops' of female virgins as quickly as possible, hence the games of buy and sell, with sex as the penultimate chapter. Then comes the payoff! 

So, they let loose mama's boys on the young females to have fun while teaching them sex. It's a lie that  God has taken a holiday and relies on the darkside society to do the administration of earthly life. All the lesser creation reproduce by having some kind of sex, but the highest specie needs a sex school while the lower species don't! The families in society actively cooperate in the sex school and the gender games! It is unbelievable that parents would sell their daughters when they become 'dead meat'! Then, they wonder why the society is disintegrating! The good guys/soul people do not engage in evil collusion. They do not conspire to control people and rear them as prisoners using banks, laws, economic and political systems, mainstream media, snake-power force, control of private and public institutions, violent force, mind control, money power etc etc. The good guys are the ones who are pursuing truth, freedom, health and healing, justice, equality and all things fair, just and wise. They are the ones who are downloading and printing heaven according to their soul natures: sparks of God. They are the world's only connection to God. They engage in constructive planning not 'conspiracy'. Evil intent changes a 'plan' into a 'conspiracy'. It is the darkside society who is conspiring to complete their control of society,  and to use this control to make everyone into darksiders. 

Taking back the game-board/matrix also involves fighting back against darkside society at the local levels. Much of that involves exposing their crimes, and legal prosecution for those crimes. President Trump is using his options for legal resets as they become available, in order to have people who will deliver justice, along with the thrust or vision of his Presidency, to the electorate. The good must themselves try to retake and transform the matrix which has been enslaved and corrupted by the darkside society. The fight is to reclaim the freedom to shape our ways of life along lines of a moral order. The evil being done by the darkside society must be stopped.    The collective darkside society or the 'hidden' government which uses darkside 'psychic' and energy powers to bring people in line, must be removed from power. Their power to economically and forcefully determine the lives of people must be taken away. This means taking away the power of the bloodlines, the tribes, the colors and the female hive who dominate society and determine the lives and daily conduct of people. They cannot be allowed to continue their propagation of the darkside nature while enslaving the souls.The new matrix must  accomodate and build soul natures, not demonic/darkside natures. People must be free of darkside rule and control. Souls, who are the owners of the bodies, must be free of the disease of evil. The matrix must reflect the aspirations and natures of soul, not of the darkside possessions. Defeating the darkside elites and the darkside society is a tall order. That war cannot be a physical war because the darkside has the force! The legal/political war can achieve the physical results. Each good guy, however, must conduct an individual spiritual war involving the cutting down of the darkside within, and the building of soul. This makes holes in the satanic web of of control which envelopes humanity. This web of control has produced the 'all-seeing-eye', which does not really see everything. Which is why the elites spy on you through their deep state programs, social media, and their Corporations. Soul cannot fight or win while suppressed by the darkside. So, it must free itself. It must build itself so that it receives guidance from God. This partnership creates the path to victory. The masses must be rescued from the ongoing assault by eugenics techniques by giving them survival how-to's. The masses must be given the knowledge with which to free themselves from their prisons they may not aware of. They must be taught how to negate the coercive influence of the elites and the darkside society, which  keeps them suppressed and evil. They must learn how to deal with the power of the 'fake news' media, and of the various deep state mind control techniques. Freedom must be the goal, not just survival in this prison. The masses must learn to take legal action, protest, oppose and expose in order to clean up everyday life in their neighborhoods. 

It would be a blessing from God if we see a day in our lifetimes when we can see the human landscape dedicated to man's uplift instead of his exploitation. It is the soul people who must transform this ongoing hell-building into heaven-building. The human landscape needs to be infused with heaven. This means owning then dedicating the matrix/game-board to soul-building while suppressing the invisible darksides! The darkside/bacteria combo must be attacked on an individual and societal basis in order to get there. We must create a terrestrial landscape in which souls alone use their bodies without any darkside threat of a body-hijack looming on any horizon. Where bodies are concerned, the soul/body-owners must have all the rights, and these rights must be enforced with prejudice! Let the darkside go back to God and demand to have their own damn bodies! We need to reshape everyday life with these considerations in mind. The lifestyles we live have been created for us by the elites in pursuance of their plots to rule the world completely, and to make of it what they wish. By design, the darkside steals away the time of your lives....this time it uses for its use of the bodies it steals or controls. The elites do it and the darkside masses do it! This system of working for others in order to get money to purchase from them, the things we need, is nothing more than the stealing of the time of our lives. This is slavery because we are not free to to obtain the things we need by supplying ourselves through our own labors, and by controlling and using our own time. We can take care of ourselves but they criminalise living off the grid!  We are not free to do it the soul way! The materialist system in force pits man against man in competition for scarce resources. But, the resources are scarce only for those without the lucrative niches, or the overwhelming force with which to grab them. The elites have no problems in acquiring resources, or in getting richer. This competitive spirit (not to be confused with competitiveness in sports) boosts the growth of the darkside which is a predatory spirit. It hunts or competes to conquer. The souls nature is to go into the opposite direction ie cooperate or help freely. The elites have tried to suppress cooperation by their divide and rule strategies. They have created 'isms' like socialism and communism to include the cooperative spirit, but they cannot capture that spirit in any materialist system. They easily capture the darkside war cry of competition in Capitalism, complete with greed and other darkside qualities. The result of all the competition in centuries past has been the emergence of Monopolies and mega-Corporations, as the greedy bigger fishes gobbled up their less endowed enemies. Competition is just a nice word they use to legitimise their one-sided war for resources of all kinds. They made you feel that you have a chance in an unfair scheme of things. After all they hold the reins of power, pass on enormous inheritances to their descendents, and they print the money! Competition fuels, and is fueled by, greed. Where greed is, one finds the other evil qualities in attendance! There is no economics-driven happiness; only joyless economies!  

Taking back the matrix, and overhauling it along the lines of the nature of the soul, is the change that the good guys are fighting to create. The devil and his sparks have all but destroyed the world. This cannot continue! God and his sparks must have their time, if that is what this is about. Souls cannot continue to stay asleep, or do nothing, while the darkside pilfers their bodies, and while the elites continue to hijack and own a world created by God. Ask God to take back his world, if you pray. At least, fight back and seek that result, in order to find it. At least, defeat that demonic nature that expresses from within, and enjoy your own nature as it unfolds and blooms beyond the pale of the darkside prisons, within and outside. It is a wonderful experience to do it soul's way: self-deciding and self determining everything. It is a wonderful experience to be free from the clutches of the darkside within, and from the darkside society. The darkside within cannot be allowed to continue with its scheduling of future behaviors, future consumption and all future aspects of life. It sets up reminders in your consciousness to that effect. Learn to detect these and cancel them because it is it's own welfare it is looking after, not yours. You must do your own planning. You must make your own to-do lists so that your memory of things-to-do cannot be suppressed or compromised. In this way, you preserve your spontaneity, and leave yourself open for receiving God's guidance and intuitive messages. 

Soul-building is the soul's foremost task. Cutting down the darkside/bacteria combo is the core method to achieve this. Helping others to do this is the next highest priority. Teaching others how to do it for themselves is best. The systems of the elites and darkside society destroys good people by building their darksides. Good people do not seem to know this. They prefer to believe that the darkside are their teachers. You teach by giving knowledge not by giving pain and torture! What do you learn from a darkside-inflicted 'cut' or 'shot'? The good go into fear and retreat, seeking to avoid the pain. Few can understand the science involved in the process or discover how to fightback. This predatory matrix must be retaken by people who have fought back and achieved immunity from darkside attacks. Then, it must be refashioned in congruence to soul's nature. The focus must be on cutting down the darkside/bacteria combo within, in order to unveil soul's nature. The matrix must be made safe for soul and destructive to darksides. What we have now is the opposite of that. The focus has to shift from preying on others in the guise of competing, to cooperation in lifting souls up, by helping them salvage their lives. Discard the materialistic 'profit and loss'  nature that the system targets your darkside ego with, and revel in your soul's nature, wherever that leads. With the present global chaos being created by the elites, free up your compassionate nature, and actually help, with no strings attached. Do what is necessary to help reverse the damage created by the systems of the elites. Poverty, malnutrition, clothing, shelter, all kinds of adversity, grief, etc....the collateral damage is enormous at this time. Fight for the well-being of the earth itself because it is dying. You will discover that helping others makes you happy. Helping others is actually for building yourself (soul) because it puts you more and more into the soul's natural operational mode. You real qualities begin to flow, as soul nature becomes established. Compassion is just the initial soul reaction: what follows matters more. You must retrieve your power of compassion by dumping the darkside mentality created by participation in the elites systems. Profit and loss considerations kills your conscience, and is like an anesthesia to the soul. We did not come on this planet for consuming and collecting materials. As sparks of God, we are his representatives and instruments! Live like an instrument of God on earth, not as ego!

Monday, May 6, 2019

The good must fight and defeat evil, take back the game-board/matrix, and infuse it with heaven. 2

Soul and darkside can run the body at different times, but it is usual for each to stay in charge once they get there. It all depends on which gets it's food for growth. They are opposite kinds/natures of invisible substances: one is divine in nature and the other is demonic. The darkside is attached to created materials and wants it all for itself, to own, control and enjoy. It is the instrument of the devil: satan or whatever name one employs for that evil god. The darkside does not own the body it possesses, or the earth for that matter, but it wants to do so. It wants to prove that it is better than the soul by seizing ownership of the human body, and the earth, for its own use and control. The darkside engine/operating system is fueled by a lack of self-esteem. It does not own what it possesses, and feels slighted. It gets worth/esteem by accumulating materials (including bodies) and power over souls. The darkside preys on creation using aggressive force, hatred and anger, cunning, and its material wealth. The darkside preys by creating traps, setups and accidents for others; by sabotage, intimidation, discrimination, schemes (especially the sex school and money mastery), betrayals, pretense and deception; by creating, exploiting and attacking weakness; by taking advantage of others especially using brute force in a merciless way; by trespassing against and invading the lives of others and their property; by using their satanic powers, wealth and earthly power to subdue or eliminate enemies; by the use of emotions (like anger and tears); by pushing fake narratives about doing God's work or being God's favorites; by generally being warmongers, destroyers and torturers; and by collusion since the darkside comes in gangs, colors or tribes. A single darkside type of entity occupies many bodies. A darkside using a single body has the backup of the whole tribe, and probably that of other tribes as well. The problems on earth are created by the darkside. Subtract the darkside input into earthly life thereby freeing the souls, and earth would be heaven! The soul is the instrument of the divine God, is not obsessed with materials, has a non-aggressive nurturing nature, gets guidance from God, and is filled with qualities like knowledge, awareness, bliss, compassion etc. Soul is like a sheep compared to the darkside 'wolf'. When looking at a human body, you do not see signs of a pure soul/angel or an original darkside/demon by just looking. Hollywood has tried to show monsters and demons as if that nature is reflected in physical form with fearsome power or gross brutality. That is not real. The real invisible demons we do not see. We can tell what they are by their actions, and by their demonic powers (like mind-reading). We can tell souls by their natures and actions. In a body, souls/angels and darkside/demons are programmed from birth to function in the society, and within the system. It is only when this programming is completely abandoned, or recognised and transcended, that the original invisible entities become more like themselves. Of course, there is more to this. Souls must be able to fight and defeat its resident darkside for us to see soul qualities and potencies. If this cannot be done, the darkside remains in charge, and plays itself. The darkside has its own paths for increasing its power and potency. This is being done all over the world now, as per the wishes of the elites. The globalists intend/anticipate lucifer or satan to be crowned 'king' of earth.

Soul and darkside cannot relate to to each other except if they interface in the body. Discarnate darksides are known to interact with already occupied human bodies. The possessing darksides cannot become souls, even if you teach them how to be virtuous or give them enlightenment. The invisible souls cannot become darksides. Born-with natures cannot change. The sparks of God cannot become the sparks of satan and vice versa. The soul is in the head or the control center of the body. The body cannot be alive or operate if a soul is not in the head: It is causally connected to the body. The darkside cannot live in the head. It can seize control of the head by dominating the senses and by sending energy, images and ideas to the soul, thereby confusing and deceiving the soul into cooperating with it. It tells the soul that it's (the darkside's) moves to control the body are the soul's own moves. Who else could it be, the soul asks, thinking that it is alone in there. And, if there is only one being in there, everything taking place within must be all soul's doing. Christ is important because he taught that satan is in the body as well (Essene Gospel Of Peace Bk 1). So the soul takes no counter-action in response to the darkside engineering of behavior from within, and goes to sleep thinking that it is taking care of business. In fact, it is the darkside within which is pulling the strings. So the darkside has a victory within (the body) by deception, just as it has done in the external world. It controls the body, using it for preying, for owning and acquiring, for consuming/enjoying, for ego-building etc. It is the darkside's methodology for control of the body which  keeps the soul down, not any other factor like original sin. The soul sleeps, not knowing that it is being kept down, or how it is being kept down. The soul does not know if it must take control or how to take control. It lets the behavioral auto-pilot continue. Over time, the darkside devises a total control system, including methodologies for powering-up/building itself, which locks out the soul completely. Cunning enables it to become the body's operator. This is a successful coup on a human body, not a 'human being' created by God. The darkside is a disease that the soul's body contracts from the time of birth, and most souls are unaware of this parasite within. They are programmed with fake knowledge which does not admit or present this disease as even a vague possibility. The purveyors of evil are themselves engaged in levying possessions on human bodies, so they can't give away the plot. You have to detect/discover this possessing parasite, and fight it. Detect the parasite by cultivating your awareness so you can watch your world within. Then use various techniques alluded to herein to cure the disease. The darkside cannot ever become the body's owner. It needs the soul to give life to the body, and so holds it captive by its repertoire of moves to create behaviors it wants.

The above is the functional reality within 'human' bodies in daily life. This reality is not very obvious when you interact with another 'person' or 'human being'. The systems of elite control that have evolved over the centuries have programmed us to function in roles within their operating system. We focus our lives around money that they print. We chase money and come to embrace a profit-and-loss philosophy that effectively stifles moral considerations. It's the system that infuses itself into our behavior. We live within the folds of their paradigms. We are programmed by race, religion, culture, education... and all sources information. We imbibe ideas and practices originating from elite think-tanks. We believe that 'we' are each a single being in a body with a name, a personality, a mind, an intellect etc. We have become that 'strawman' that the elites have made us out to be. This 'strawman' has a birth certificate and an identity (known by finger-prints or DNA) but soul is denied it's place as the real being. Darkside is not even mentioned! This 'strawman' which is used as the basis for the creation of the fake 'human being' is nothing more than the self image we adopt and nurture as ourselves. We have been programmed to behave in the system of the elites. We have been taught social etiquette which regulates how we interact with each other. So we find that the darkside does not come out fighting with its predatory nature but uses social etiquette, until it gets opportunities to lash out with its darkside nature, without getting into trouble. If it does get in trouble, it does its best to escape unscathed. Here it is that 'forgiveness' theory comes to its rescue. Here it is that it's pack, color or tribe comes to the rescue. Therefore, you really cannot use the presence or absence of social etiquette as a guide to the kind of being you are dealing with. You just have to be careful. You cannot presume that there is one 'being' in the other's body just because this is the learning you grew up with, and found no reason to question. Standard human etiquette is programmed behavior, and it makes relating to others go smoothly though it blocks out spontaneous behavior. Social etiquette is no guide as to which invisible pilot you are dealing with. Only when the mask of social etiquette drops away (as in unguarded moments or when a 'human' predator catches his prey) can you see the darkside at work. Souls do not spring surprises since they are congruent in behavior to the norms of social etiquette.

There is much more programming that infiltrates into our consciousness than just manners or social etiquette. Our attitudes, our actions or behavior, our manner of dress and comportment, our habits, our purchases, our beliefs, our choices of foods and drink etc. etc. are all programmed. We are programmed to celebrate by buying gifts and having parties on 'special' days like birthdays, and in special seasons like Christmas. Ethnic groups have their religion, culture, acceptable behavior and customs which the 'strawman' is ingrained with from birth, and which create customary behavioral patterns.The strawman emerges to be the self-image that darksides are constantly moulding and reshaping during ego-building. Behavior is also regulated by economics and politics, creating consumer behavior, voter behavior, political activism, employee conduct and a whole range of behaviors we call life. We have worldviews created by the elite-created education systems, the mass-media and the literature that they control. Even history is written by them, our conquerors. All of this programming hides the existence and the true natures of both soul and darksides. When we look at this programming, we see the input of the elites, not God's input. We are being directed by the elites and blocked being directed by God. Behind the facades of social etiquette and political or other correctness, the darkside lurks using cunning to prey as it lives from behind the scenes. The evil in the world does not come from souls but from the darksides in 'people'. It does not come from the mythical 'lower self' of the 'strawman'. The darkside does not let any programming come in way of expressing it's nature: programming like social etiquette is just a facade behind which it lurks waiting for the opportune moment to strike. It downloads and prints hell from satan: it's guide and inspiration. Sticking to social etiquette is a good move in all human transactions where no trust has yet been formed. Social etiquette works like this: Instead of souls and darksides parading their true natures around, and creating chaotic human transactions, there is a code for behaving like 'humans'. This serves to trammel the preying and aggression of the darksides! Going beyond conventional social etiquette would be to get into others' soul or darkside natures, whichever is dominant. Where a relationship exists (eg with relatives, friends or familiar persons) social etiquette is easily dispensed with or transcended. So, harmonious relating is possible, without you having to evaluate whether soul or darkside is in charge, and without the need to adjust responses to either. If soul is in charge, there is no need for worry since social etiquette is like it's second nature. One has to know that it is all programming, not any recipe for a perfect life. 

The elites, if we can go by their practices and purported plans, serve satan. This is, therefore not God's system: the way of life he invented for souls (which are his 'sparks'). The big problem is that our consciousness' are so immersed in the worldview and narrative propagated by the elites that we can scarcely separate ourselves from it, and see it for what it is. We see ourselves through it's lens. We evaluate ourselves from the perspectives embedded in their system. We can only see the the elite's paradigm, analyse and size it up if we separate ourselves from it, and look at it as if it were an externalised object. We need to de-hypnotise and extricate heads from it in order to see that there is a real matrix and a matrix created by the elites. Jon Rappoport has written much on the subject. You can read some of his articles on the subject here and here. Truth awakens souls (especially 'baby' souls) and  gives them understandings where there was previously none. It sheds light on what was previously clothed in darkness. It gives guidance and counsel where there was previously none. Truth enables souls to rise above the manipulations and deceptions of the darkside by telling them how to fight back against the darkside, and by telling them how to take charge of their bodies and their lives. Ideas are very powerful things, and true ideas have the power to destroy fake ideas or lies. As we research or acquire truth/enlightenment, the little truths pile up, integrate and cohere into our personal worldview. This personal truth-based worldview  destroys the fake concocted worldview that the elites programmed us with. Once you acquire some truth, the truth-acquisition process accelerates with a snowballing effect. A partially awakened/enlightened soul never goes back to sleep, at least not in the present elite-created matrix. He keeps searching for truths about the elites and their conspired matrix, and for truths that enhance his own truth-based world view. He is not fazed by accusations of pursuing conspiracy theories, not when the proofs and evidence of conspiracy are beyond reproach. He discovers the lies, the fake news, and the programming peddled by the elites, their media and their 'deep state' agents. Most of all, he discovers the true natures of the elites, and the actual conspiracies being acted out by the elites and their agents, on the good people and the darkside masses. The fakeries used by the elites to create their matrix surrounds us, and engulfs us. One must, of necessity, sidestep the fake matrix and guide one's daily living into the real matrix erected by truth. Knowing the lies and fakery, and having a hand-hold on the truths acquired by research, souls can engineer their own lives. This is at the core of fighting back. Fight back too by sharing your awakening with others

It is necessary for souls, therefore, to de-program themselves, to unlearn, to delete or to discard elite-derived programming in order to get back to the original essence of it's being. It is programmed rubbish which blocks our ability to look at the world with fresh eyes, and sort out the truth for ourselves. It is all the material rubbish that we collect that depletes our mental power because our attention has to subdivide so many times in order to look after our possessions. Heads have become so overloaded with junk that the new revelations accessed in this Great Awakening simply finds no room to live in. To discover the lightness of less, you have to pull back from the 'acquire-more-consume-more-do-more' system of the elites. You have to shed the greed, the acquisitiveness, the insecurity and the inferiority complex, the lack of self-esteem and other traits that propel the darkside to want to make it in that fake system. You have to cut down the darkside/bacteria combo and become souls in order to escape, and to begin to live functionally. The system was tailor-made for darkside growth and expression. The darksider is not aware of the programming which has become a pseudo-operating system within it's already-formatted darkside hard drive. This operating system is just a get-along front hiding the original embedded-with-evil hard drive! The darksider accepts what his darkside comrades among the elites have invented. He thinks that all beings should operate in this mode, and if they do not, they are either sleeping, or they are babies. That mode involves cunning, plotting, and darkside modes of behavior (enjoying etc), not intelligence or goodness. The soul has the intelligence with which to pick the elites programming apart, thereby destroying it's hold within. The soul then asserts its own simple 'child-like' operating system, guided and inspired by God. Creation consists of two polar opposite consciousness' pitted in a duel on earth. The darkside can only make war, prey, trespass, and do evil while the soul is harmonious, peaceful and minds it's own business. Souls are angelic beings and darksides are demons. This is what really exists behind the facade of programming that 'human beings' operate with. Whatever the creator of souls and darksides intended, this is what the end result is. These opposite kinds of invisible entities come to interface in human bodies. Souls own the bodies and live to be angelic beings, doing angelic things. The darksides' goal is to hijack bodies to use them for their indulgences and expressions, and to prove that they are better body-operators than souls can be. This is how they prey on human bodies. Souls mostly have no idea about the coup taking place in its  body.  If told, they will not believe it. Souls lose their innocence, and come to discover that the evil vs good war is real, when evil aggresses and trespasses against them. They have not yet learned to listen to the world within. When they learn to see within, add that to their experiences outside, then that they learn that evil does exist!

Souls find themselves in human bodies on earth, and despite their grandeur, they are a sorry sight. They think that they have fallen, but that is just religion's version. They have not fallen because sparks of God cannot be anything less than divine. They were born into a waiting prison that keeps them tied down, unable to activate while beneath the feet of the tormenting demon within, and of those demons that run things. They simply cannot activate  to know themselves, and to retake their bodies and bring it to their service. There is no teaching on the subject, only misdirections. We have been schooled, programmed and educated into fake knowledge. Education consists of subjects and disciplines which erect a world that serves the purposes of the demonic rulers, and we cannot see that these are the very prison bars that keep us captured. Even when the truth is told we cannot recognise it because the demon within holds fast to its' way of life, and rejects stuff that threaten it's well being. The demons, within and outside, find a home in this prison, and they will not let us be free to abandon it and seek out angelic ways of living. Besides, we fall for the elements of deception in the system that convincingly tell us that we are free. The secret is to see the real entities that use human bodies and how the darksides keep us prisoners. Know yourself means that you realise that you are an angel, and not the demonic force that uses your body. You are not the competitive economic man, and certainly not the 'fallen' of religion who need to satiate God's thirst for prayers, devotion, rituals etc. We are already sparks of God. While we cannot be different from who we are, we need to know who we are while on this visit to earth, live the life of souls, and conduct the journey in freedom. Soul must use every opportunity to build itself. Meditation builds but so does doing good action, not just righteous action. Soul in action is when it is doing good things for others. Soul is alive when it uses it's resources, it's knowledge, it's intelligence, it's compassion and it's empathy etc to engage in good action. Soul becomes alive when it embraces morals and dumps 'profit and loss'-guided behavior. With experience and knowledge of the matrix, one can be more selective in doing good. It is not that spontaneous doing of good is greater than selected helping. It is that one can delete cases where your compassion is being deliberately set up to deplete your resources or waste your time. The darkside preys on people and every good deed deprives it an opportunity to do so, and seals in the soul as ruler of the body! The system of the elites offer little to the soul for building itself, and they actually persecute it. 

It is from infancy itself that we are socialised or programmed to fit into the civilisation that we
meet here. We learn how things are done by programming in families, in cultures and in races. We learn the basic things the decision-makers think we should know at the differing school levels from pre-school to institutions of higher learning. This is all programming but we do not know it at the time. The only time you realise that much of what you learnt before consists of theories, is when you do a first degree and you are required to research on your own, and formulate your views accordingly. Then you realise that the elites have a history of using insiders/experts/hirelings to propagate the world according to them. Lies and fabrications are propagated by using the authority/reputations of researchers, experts and scientists.The Darwininian theory of Evolution is a good example. Many scientists do not support it! History is similarly misrepresented. So you grow from an innocent angel at birth into and educated adult, by imbibing and making into your own, the practices, the ways of living and doing, and the fake knowledge that the elites have used to create and legitimise the contents and walls of this prison. You had to learn them by memory because if you didn't give back to your teacher exactly what he taught, you would fail the course. The fake knowledge of the elites has been fleshed out in the physical world, and you only have to look around to see this truth in the physical landscape laced with banks, places of work, factories, transportation routes, doctor's offices and hospitals, schools, churches etc. They have interpreted,scripted and fleshed out their reality, and made it ours! You accept it! But, can you transcend it to see that  this arrangement of things serves the elites but not the souls/angels in each body. You do transcend at times, but you hardly understand what is happening to you. When you wake up from deep sleep, your consciousness is blank. You have to wait until your operating system, and your memory, are re-uploaded, before you can get going. Sleep has suspended all your programming. At times like these, you experience the state of the 'void' or blank consciousness. What you re-upload subsequently is your current memory and programming. This re-upload could be different if you were born in another paradigm. Computer users know that there is a big difference between Linux and Microsoft operating systems. Yet, they achieve roughly the same tasks. Life on earth can by done in different ways, not limited to the -isms propagated by elite think-tanks. Those who fly frequently, know that they must adjust their programming to suit their destination. First time travelers to a foreign culture are forced to suspend their way of living/culture, and learn new ways of doing things ie they have to change their operating system and build new memory. But since its humans you are dealing with, and people are much the same everywhere, the task is easy. The programming you have is not was created by the rulers as your prison. If you had a none-darkside set of rulers, the programming and experiences would have been different.

This evil vs good war is not one between the elites and the masses, as some deem it. The elites and the majority of the masses live from the same darkside script, and serve the same satan. Things have changed since Eugenics threatens the masses with extinction. The 'masses' has become a reservoir of latent souls needing some enlightenment in order to break free of  their darkside captors, and join up with the 'good', in the fight against the elites and the darkside society. The current awakening being experienced partly stems from the fact that the masses are being given that help in the form of truth. They are now realising the truths of this world: the truth about their politicians, the deep state, the globalists and their plans etc. They are fighting back. They are being told the truth about mainstream media, about nutrition, about pharmaceuticals and allopathic medicine, about vaccines, about politics, about mind control, about social media, about dangerous technology (wifi, smart meters and 5G), about refugees and illegal immigration, about corruption, about gun grabs, about pesticides, about food additives, about GMOs, about pedophilia etc etc. They are being made aware of the machinations of the deep state. It is important to give the masses the information and methods with which to fight back. The masses must be made aware that the the elites/status quo/deep state have been controlling debates by creating narratives filled with lies, fake news, deceptions, etc etc, dressed liberally with virtue signaling, and proliferated throughout the world by their mainstream media (Newspapers, TV, radio, social media, Hollywood, books, magazines, internet sites etc). Impressive narrative can sway people but it is not truth. The good must deal in truth because it stands on its own, and takes care of itself. It is the way God and souls function: they do not wish to out-do others or sway people with impressive lyrics, but to lift the consciousness of others into the dimension of truth. Telling the truth to the masses helps them to free themselves from prisons that they do not now know they're in. Its on a road never traveled by mainstream, so how will they know if you don't tell them? True ideas have the power to disable fake ideas and manufactured narratives, lodged in peoples' consciousness. True ideas are also lights in areas of consciousness that had nothing (but darkness) before! Knowledge is always about the matrix on earth: both the fabricated matrix of evil and the real matrix.  Truth must always be embedded in the context of reality. Those who go into their mental laboratories, subtract the landscape of reality out of their mental probings, compose strategies/paradigms and infuse it with virtue signals, or with inflammatory emotion-swaying impactful expressions, and with contrived logic, are guilty of fooling people. They do not know the truth, or wish to hide it, and so cannot lead one to it. This is war by deception. Too often it is purposely done for mind control or programming. It is important to keep surrounding what you say by including the 'context' or the contents of the matrix relevant to your truths. 'Context' is simply the thought environment, the logical framework or the historical/factual occurrences from which the points of truth that you state, emanate. The evidence from the context, of the truth you relate, shows up the lies and misleadings of the status quo's narratives.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The good must fight and defeat evil, take back the game-board/matrix, and infuse it with heaven. 1

With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This means that the darksiders (both elites and darkside society) are beatable. This is based on the logic that God is a good God, and the evil god or satan is no match for him. God uses soul-led bodies to fight, just as satan uses darkside-led bodies to fight. Good fighters are backed by a God with all the prerogatives of being Creator. Satan and his darksiders appear unbeatable because they own the wealth/power, they vastly outnumber soul-led bodies, and because they are organised to control and kill through their secret societies and political puppets. The weapons of mass destruction are theirs to use. They can destroy all of us in a heartbeat. Yet, fight we must, rather than live as slaves to the darkside. The fear of dying comes from knowing their power. The will to fight comes from knowing that God is on our side, and from knowing that only our bodies die! Perhaps the winning move lies in waking up the sleeping others. Or, maybe we are due for some never-before-experienced action from God. Faith in God matters! We have not yet seen clear examples of the God-like power that is the legacy of evolved embodied souls. God's upper-level crew, or God himself, will have to take things in their own hands, if it comes to a power contest. In this era of mysterious happenings, expect surprises. The darksiders have committed great sins for centuries, and the suffering on earth is intolerable now. There is an increase in suicides, madness and chaos. The darkside elites' policy is to decimate God's troops, but the fact that they are eliminating the darkside masses too, means that they really plan to eliminate everybody else, then own the planet.

As the great awakening steals us away from satan's strangle-hold, we see the futility of material accumulation and material consumption/enjoyment. It is all the doing of the ego/darkside within. It is toxifying us, and leading us to early death. We are discovering that consumption is tied-in with the elites eugenics programs. We are more focused now, and many can detect how the darkside within is using us to 'play' itself. We can detect how it jerks our strings, within, when it needs some kind of activity or enjoyment. We see the triggers he uses within, whether they are feelings/emotions, hungers/thirsts/desires, fake promises of fulfillment or hallucinations. The masses have to be taught how to conquer their darksides. It is the only way to increase soul numbers thereby decreasing the power of the darkside on earth. Souls will blossom. More souls mean more people being aware that they are slaving in the elites' systems to pay for their own bodies' demise. This will lead to a reduction in customary consumption, and expanded spending into what is good and risk-free. As it is, everything you spend money on, except some true organic produce, has death-giving toxins in them. This is one leg of the elites' eugenics programs. From the new car smell, to all kinds of food, to the air you breathe, to making love, to pharmaceuticals, to vaccines(medium for GMO viruses, nano-chips and nano-bots?), to the water we drink, to paints, to carpets, to the bad electricity in all electrical wiring and appliances, to smart meters and 5G,.....everything serves as media for getting toxins and death-giving stuff into our bodies. Detoxification, nutritional re-orientation (Ketogenic diets) and anti-aging therapies can give us a few more fighting years. 

If we do nothing, and the current trends continue unabated, perhaps chaos and destruction will overcome society. Then a new world will perhaps be born out of the ashes of the old, as this blog post suggests. Or maybe, the scenario might evolve like this. Of what use will it all be, if darksiders/elites survive all this to carry on their tyranny? Being aware while fighting the good fight is what must be done. Perhaps, the war is adequately being fought by the 'white hats' across the globe, and we are, in fact, nearing victory. Perhaps the truth about the current state of the good vs evil war is being relayed to us via bloggers/posters like Benjamin Fulford, Qanon and others. What they say is not mentioned on mainstream news, and without direct proof, it is difficult to be sure about anything. We have to question everything. Why is it that we don't get news of the actual elites being arrested, and their fortunes confiscated? Why is it that we only read about minor deep state agents being arrested? Where are the mass arrests that were alluded to on twitter? Why are programs involving abortions, production and marketing of GMO foods, vaccines and 5G still being ramped up when the real power in the US is being wielded by President Trump and the Military? How can we trust the plan when we see that the deep state is escalating their attacks, unscathed? Perhaps the plan is being executed in secrecy, and the news is being witheld until the last minute. Things are being done by the Trump Administration despite claims that nothing is happening! The reset is proceeding well! Your duty is to fight the good fight and to keep doing so, according to your best knowledge, until the battle is won. Doing good things builds the soul, it is not just righteousness in action. Be the change you want to see! The darkside feels 'good' doing evil things.The doer of evil things have the fear of being caught, and made to pay. Souls are karmically clean, and their karma edifies them! No need for souls to fear!

The souls/good guys of today must change from their sheepish ways in order to successfully confront this endgame scenario that the elite darksiders have embarked on. It is no longer feasible to continue being detached observers of this material world while minding their own business, and  just attending to their basic needs. They have the mental and spiritual powers with which to rise to the occasion. They are vastly outnumbered and out-powered by the darksiders comprising the elites and most of the masses. Numbers give the advantage to the darksiders, only if there is a physical war on. We have no world war on yet, though the elites, and the deep state, keep trying to go there. There is an ongoing spiritual war between the evil sparks of satan and the sparks of the good God. Regardless of numbers, there is one evil consciousness that must be fought against. This is where souls have the advantage. Souls, being sparks of God, are instruments of the most intelligent and powerful being in existence. This carries over into souls being more powerful than darksiders regardless of the 'force' that darksiders possess, or their superior numbers. Souls must discover that in times of war, their duty is to fight. It is not anger that prompts the good to fight: they make truth-guided decisions to do so! They cannot simply live in the harmony/happiness that exudes from the spirit. This is not a time for complacency and detachment. Awakened souls must build focus, concentration and knowledge by researching, reading and studying. This and other kinds of meditation boost the growth of the soul and push the darkside within into the background, where its tricks like mental 'noises', thirsts, emotions and desires have no effect. Soul-building is the ongoing fightback method. It is the way to replace the darkside method of operation with soul's own. Looking before you leap, is a soul method. Gathering the pertinent info, and making conscious decisions based on it, is how soul does action. It effectively dismantles the darkside's ability to manipulate the soul into cooperating with it in executing it's modus operandi. One must awaken others by sharing what one has confirmed to be truth.

The endgame is about eugenics/depopulation. It is about complete destruction of all that is good about living. It is about the creation of suffering, death, chaos and despoilation all over the globe, by the elites as they take possession of the planet lock, stock and barrel. The elites mean that if they cannot have the planet as their own personal fiefdom, nobody else can! They plan to erect satan/lucifer as god/ruler of this planet, with a religion for seeking/worshipping him. They do not fear, respect or love the good God. They do not fear or respect souls.....the instruments of the good God. They absolutely hate souls and God. They are acting out their fantasies and daring the good God to do something about it. God, however, is not playing their game. He is responding in his own way: no flagrant displays of his super-powers. God alone knows what he is doing. Souls know that they can count on his backing, guidance and protection, as they make moves in this matrix, or on this game-board erected by the elites over the centuries. The good must retake the matrix or game-board in order to get salvation, or to save themselves and future generations, from the elites and darkside masses. This is the only salvation that souls need in this part of the multi-verse. Being sparks of God, they are already God-guided and God-focused. The problem is that souls are being prevented from downloading and printing heaven on earth by the darksiders. You pay for every good thing you do! Souls are not able to stop the darkside from downloading and printing hell here. Heaven is poison to the darksiders while hell is poisonous to souls. While the elites and the darksiders remain in control, hell will continue to be fleshed out and suffering, death, chaos and despoilation will destroy the planet's inhabitants. So, souls must say enough is enough, and fightback.

Soul people live righteously and intelligently by finding out the truth, telling the truth, and living the truth. Fighting back is a detour into another lane of the righteous path, but truth is not forsaken. It is made necessary by this serious threat to humanity. When the threat is over, other foci for soul consciousness can be reinstated. Good guys/soul people must stand up to evil, but intelligently so. You must verify that earth is indeed a battlefield which has been overrun by the bad guys. You have to research and satisfy yourself that it is the darkside elites who are the bad guys. As souls/good guys, you have to understand the warp and woof of the battlefield, then decide strategies whereby the darkside can be defeated/destroyed, and souls can take their rightful places as leaders and righteous inhabitants of earth. As sparks of God, it is the nature of soul/good people to download and print heaven on this planet. The darksiders are preventing them from doing that. The darkside elites have downloaded and printed enough of hell on earth, according to satan's will. They now want to erect satan as the real God of earth. The evil elite is making war on the rest of creation and are calling that 'living'. They cannot be allowed to continue this diabolical plot to seize the planet for their own ends. The darkside is like a plague or disease that has afflicted the bodies that rightfully belong to souls. We must remember that bodies are just vehicles for the invisible soul and the invisible darkside entities. The invisible darkside force is the enemy not the body it controls. The methods of fightback souls select to fight back with must deal with darkside consciousness. That consciousness is filled with cunning, not intelligence. The battle between soul and darkside is a duel between opposing natures and qualities. The battle is, for example, God vs satan, souls vs darksides, light vs darkness, cunning vs intelligence, compassion vs mercilessness,  peace-loving vs war-loving, calm poise or detachment vs desires, emotions and obsessions, virtues vs vices, good habits vs bad habits, pro-life vs anti-life, healing/nurturing vs hurting/destroying, wanton trespassing vs self-control, material vs spiritual, charitable vs greedy, etc etc. The power of force is preferred by the darksiders, while the power of knowledge-backed action is preferred by souls/good guys. God's mysterious powers, his guidance and protection is superior to any help satan can give his own. It is wrong to equate satan with God, just as it is wrong to equate souls with darkside. Souls controlling bodies and darksides controlling bodies cannot be lumped in the same category called 'people' or 'human beings'. The contrast between demonic and divine is too great to be negated by the fact of the tools/bodies being alike. In fact, the terms 'soul' and 'darksider' cannot rightfully be used to describe a 'person' until it is clear that either entity has won completely within, and is locked into God or satan. Perhaps there are billions among the poor on earth who are darkside at times, and soul at other times. This group just needs the truth or enlightenment to power up their souls into awakening! They need to see that someone cares enough to give them opportunities for economic uplift, so that they too can have lives! As it is, they are fodder for religion and politicians!

 Every stolen body also contains an owner/soul who has been suppressed or put to sleep. To help those souls, one has to wake them up. One can also smash the darkside force using good energy, detoxification, a proper diet (ketogenic?), anti-virals and anti-bacterials, herbs and supplements etc. If there is no cooperating soul around, the darkside will fight back, even violently. Care must be taken. There are souls which are beyond salvage because they never saw the light of day in this lifetime. In those cases, bodies must be treated as tools of the enemy. The time to fight is now, in light of the fact that we are in the endgame which consists of the elimination of all that is sane, human and moral from our lives. More importantly, the depopulation or eugenics plans of the elites threatens to kill us all. They are destroying the fertility of males and females so that there is no ongoing replacement of population. The fightback must be conducted as if your lives depended on it....because it does. There is nothing human about the invisible darkside force: Being in a 'human' body by an act of possession is not the same as being owner of the body. Only souls own their bodies. Tolerance for invisible darkside entities, and a do-nothing attitude towards them, will only result in more of the same. They should be de-fanged then given a dose of their own medicine. The elites it is who brought the world some of the good things we experience. They are the ones who recruited some of the best brains from the masses, gave them scholarships, and put their heads to work  The problem is that all of this serves their agenda not God's or ours. Independent inventors who actually invented stuff that could benefit mankind found their work suppressed, or ended up dead.

The elites are darksiders who implement their agenda by convincing us that the world is merely a game-board (so they use Game theory), and every thing on there must be played for and won. They utilise darkside methods of playing. This involves winning by any means necessary. So though we must fight for control of the game-board, the real fight is one of good vs evil. The real challenge for the good is how to fight and win while preserving their relationships with God. The good will lose if they lose the guidance, protection and help of the good God. God knows that the darkside elites deserve to be removed from power because of the huge amount of bad karma they have made while enhancing and executing their plots for global ownership and control. They have implemented systems that waste the lives of souls, by only giving the opportunity to live and grow to the darksides. Lives dedicated to the pursuit of money, and earning and spending, builds the darkside by pre-empting soul's expression of it's way of life. Profit and loss thinking is pervasive. The darkside craves the power that a lot of money gives. Money enables their preying and quest for lordship over others. It is the perfect tool for suppressing souls. Not qualifying to have enough money, levies great suffering on the billions of the planet's poor. The suffering that the elites have caused directly, and by virtue of the systems that they have entrapped the planet in, has no doubt prompted God's intervention. The darkside has largely lost their energy powers. People across the globe are waking up and fighting back. The elites have gone too far with their evil, and their guilt cannot be hidden or covered-up by accusations of 'conspiracy theory'. The world is way past that now! How to fight back and win, is now on the top burner, in the face a powerful 'goliath' of an enemy! The darkside elites do have overwhelming resources and almost total control of the game-board. In fact, they have commenced destroying the objects on the game-board itself! Darksiders consider creation as consisting of objects to be played with, or against, and controlled. They use and destroy objects as their plots require, or as their usefulness expires. Total victory and complete domination of the planet is all that matters to them. God and soul are threats to them and they have configured their games and systems to keep God out while suppressing or eliminating souls from 'their' contest. 

Religion contains reservoirs of people, all of whom simply wanted to be good people or wanted to know god. They are held in a cul-de-sac of lies and rituals which bear no fruit. What results is ego-building as people get ranked in the organisation, and as the power of wealth goes on display. Being good at reciting chapters and verses also enables ego-building. At present the corruption and scandals in religion show that they are not of the good God. Religion was created to imprison souls so that they could never transcend it, and become free enough to dump that prison, and know God by their own seeking and finding. God is also seeking soul but those he finds are mentally imprisoned by all the garbage they have memorised from holy books/scriptures, and believe to be true! Christ did call these 'dead scriptures' in the Essene Gospel of Peace, Bk 1. Soul input into the world is small but growing. This must be increased by awakening others. Along with a religious prison came  economic and political prisons. Those caught in these prisons accept them as 'life' and cannot see that they are not of God, or that there are other better ways of living, if only the elites were not in the way. We can only guess as to how the world would have evolved, had the elites not plotted it all along. The truth must be told! The present earth landscape serves them. The elite version of earth's landscape is focused on the ownership and exploitation of earth, and it's various resources, for the purpose getting super-rich. They even print the money! This wealth is used to control the inhabitants so that the elites can get their way in everything. They do have their plots to become sole proprietor of earth, enabling their control by focusing people on money and material wealth, production and consumption, buy and sell, work and enjoy, and earn and spend. Living within their systems is a permanent distraction that takes up the time in your life. Soul does not get a chance to live by being master of it's body, doing what soul does, and living life it's way. Did God send us here just to exploit earth's resources and to enjoy the products made therefrom? Are we here to support what the elites want to do, or to devise our own ways forward? Are we here to be sheep in the face of deception, coercion and the use of force by the elites? We are here to bring heaven to earth not renege on our own natures while the elites force-feed us with materialism and satan.

Were the focus of living on soul, and the unfolding of its nature, what would the landscape be like? Would we have had small self-sustaining organic farms distributed across the land instead of big polluted cities and irresponsible Corporations? Would we have known what it means to be really living, beyond survival issues like poverty, hunger and homelessness? Instead, this reality consigns us to pay bills and die! Now, the elites persist in their material and spiritual wickedness to own it all, and to enslave all those who remain after their eugenics programs are completed. The elites serve satan not God. They have steered this world towards satan and dedicated their works to his glory. The endgame plan is to install a satanic messiah on a throne in Jerusalem, with a religion dedicated to him. So, we have to face the fact that the elites have sold the world to satan. They are satan! There can be no business as usual until they are fought and stopped. I have been told that darksiders want salvation too. According to Hinduism, if God destroys them, they get automatic salvation. So maybe this is why the elites persist with the madness of opposing God and loving satan.   That prescription cannot work. The basic error made there is that the 'one-being-in-a-body' theory of man is a lie, and so cannot work. Do the elites want their souls to get salvation? Souls do not need eternal salvation as they are already sparks of God. The souls of the elites need salvation from their darksides. But, they are the darkside doing things to further build the darkside, and to keep their souls down. Their souls are beyond salvage. Darksides cannot get any kind of salvation by destruction at the hands of God because destruction means nothingness remains. Who will then be there to enjoy the 'salvation' according to the Hindu theory? The best that the invisible darksides can do is to give back the bodies they have possessed to the rightful owners (souls), and return to whence they came. Both God and his sparks can destroy them. Perhaps, this is why they are so anxious about getting forgiveness and no counter-action from souls, in the face of their terrible crimes.