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Soul, engineer your own footsteps with truth, not lies or fakery. 2

The Food Pyramid is corrupted according to this article. The article offers excellent advice on foods and food choices.  Read more about the corrupt Food Pyramid here, here, here, here, and here. Our food is destroying our health according to these writers. We have not been investigating what the best diet is because we are eating by habit. We do things the same old way, accept poor health as natural and rely on pills and surgery to make things right again. We patronise delis, convenience stores, restaurants and supermarkets and put our faith in what they sell because they must know what they're doing. They won't sell us toxic or useless stuff, we hope. The reality is that this is exactly what's going on. Food is treated and processed in so many ways to give them a long shelf-life, good taste and presentable appearance. Foods are made to create cravings and addiction, so we buy and buy, and buy. Also see here, here, here, and here. What is very obvious now is that conventional diets are getting us sick. Rates of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, infections etc are now much greater than in the last century. Conventional medicine has failed to cure all that ails us. Perhaps that is not the intention of this kind of medicine. Meanwhile, many studies and anecdotal reports point to dietary changes as the chief weapon against ill health and disease. For example see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.   
Certain nutrients are necessary in our diets if we are to keep the body healthy. These nutrients need to be consumed daily, if not at every meal. To bypass even one nutrient would put the cells of the body in an adjustment mode wherein it makes do with what it has, or sources this nutrient from an area in the body which becomes depleted. Traditional meals or marketed meals were not constructed with these facts in mind. Most people are therefore malnourished because they do not bother to inform themselves, and because they do not take the time to source meal ingredients and prepare their own meals according to the best knowledge available. Many depend on meals prepared for convenient buying. Others eat for taste and for fullness of stomach but not for nutritional value. Here is a breakdown of the nutrients that should be present in foods consumed daily:

Amino acids: This article gives a comprehensive background into Amino Acids. They can be divided into (a) Essential Amino Acids which must be obtained from food sources. They are: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine. (b) Conditionally Essential Amino Acids which are produced in the body but which if low in the body, must be supplemented from food sources. They are: arginine, cysteine, glutamine, glycine, proline, serine, tyrosine. (c) Non-Essential Amino Acids which can be synthesised in the body from other amino acids, fatty acids and glucose. They are: alanine, asparagine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, selenocysteine.

The functions of Amino Acids, according to the above-linked article are: (1) A source of energy. Glucogenic Amino Acids can be converted into glucose ie all except lysine and leucine. Ketogenic amino acids can be converted to Ketones which can be used for energy by the brain during fasting or in low carbohydrate diets. These amino acids are: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and tyrosine. (2) The human body converts certain amino acids into other amino acids, proteins, glucose, fatty acids or ketones. (3) Amino acids act as chemical messengers or neurotransmitters in the nervous system (aspartate, GABA, glutamate, glycine and serine). (4) Amino acids act as precursors of other neurotransmitters or amino acid-based hormones (eg tyrosine is a precursor of dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine and tyroxine while aspartate, glutamate and glycine are precursors of nucleic acids which are part of DNA).

Foods that contain all 9 essential amino acids are called Complete Proteins. The article linked above gives the following information on Complete and Incomplete Proteins:

"ANIMAL FOODS with complete protein include liver (chicken, pork, beef), goose, duck, turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, most fish, rabbit, eggs, milk, cheese (cottage, gjetost, cream, swiss, ricotta, limburger, gruyere, gouda, fontina, edam) and certain beef cuts [18]. Animal foods with incomplete protein include certain yogurts and beef cuts.
PLANT FOODS with complete protein include spinach, beans (black, cranberry, french, pink, white, winged, yellow), soy, split peas, chickpeas, chestnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, avocado, potatoes, quinoa, a seaweed spirulina, tofu [18] and hummus [52]. Common plant foods with incomplete protein: rice (white and brown), white bread (including whole-wheat), pasta, beans (adzuki, baked, kidney, lima, pinto, snap), peas, lentils, nuts (walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut), sunflower seeds, kamut."

If you do not use complete proteins, then combine them so, in the end, you get all of them. If you eat meat or use animal products ensure that they are not grain-fed or factory-farmed. Free range and grass-fed are best. The grain-fed factory farmed animals and birds are treated with antibiotics and hormones which negatively impact on human health. Processed meats are said to be too dangerous for human consumption. Meats held together by Meat Glue can be dangerous to your health. Dangerous chemicals are used in meat production.
According to one study, there is danger in consuming meat and meat products. Certain methods of cooking meat eg grilling and frying have been linked to the production of cancer-causing chemicals. This is not to detract from the health-giving properties of bone-broth and gelatin. Good sources of Complete Proteins are grass-fed whey and hempseed. The real problem with meat, like carbs and sugar, is that they feed bacteria and boost their populations. One has to use probiotics or fermented foods to counter any increase in bad bacteria. Amino acids in the form of Complete Proteins, with or without Conditionally Essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids must be used by every human being every day. It is a common mis-perception that protein supplements are only for those who do bodybuilding or fitness training.. For more details on the roles of individual amino acids see: In addition, there is good information here, here, here, here, and here.

Carbohydrates: This article lists the principal functions of carbohydrates: 
(a) Energy Production. This is what the article says about energy production....
"The primary role of carbohydrates is to supply energy to all cells in the body. Many cells prefer glucose as a source of energy versus other compounds like fatty acids. Some cells, such as red blood cells, are only able to produce cellular energy from glucose. The brain is also highly sensitive to low blood-glucose levels because it uses only glucose to produce energy and function (unless under extreme starvation conditions). About 70 percent of the glucose entering the body from digestion is redistributed (by the liver) back into the blood for use by other tissues. Cells that require energy remove the glucose from the blood with a transport protein in their membranes. The energy from glucose comes from the chemical bonds between the carbon atoms. Sunlight energy was required to produce these high-energy bonds in the process of photosynthesis. Cells in our bodies break these bonds and capture the energy to perform cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is basically a controlled burning of glucose versus an uncontrolled burning. A cell uses many chemical reactions in multiple enzymatic steps to slow the release of energy (no explosion) and more efficiently capture the energy held within the chemical bonds in glucose."
(b) Energy Storage: The article linked above says that, "If the body already has enough energy to support its functions, the excess glucose is stored as glycogen (the majority of which is stored in the muscle and liver). A molecule of glycogen may contain in excess of fifty thousand single glucose units and is highly branched, allowing for the rapid dissemination of glucose when it is needed to make cellular energy".In addition, it says that, "The liver, like muscle, can store glucose energy as a glycogen, but in contrast to muscle tissue it will sacrifice its stored glucose energy to other tissues in the body when blood glucose is low. Approximately one-quarter of total body glycogen content is in the liver (which is equivalent to about a four-hour supply of glucose) but this is highly dependent on activity level. The liver uses this glycogen reserve as a way to keep blood-glucose levels within a narrow range between meal times. When the liver’s glycogen supply is exhausted, glucose is made from amino acids obtained from the destruction of proteins in order to maintain metabolic homeostasis."
(c) Building Macromolecules: "Although most absorbed glucose is used to make energy, some glucose is converted to ribose and deoxyribose, which are essential building blocks of important macromolecules, such as RNA, DNA, and ATP...... Glucose is additionally utilized to make the molecule NADPH, which is important for protection against oxidative stress and is used in many other chemical reactions in the body. If all of the energy, glycogen-storing capacity, and building needs of the body are met, excess glucose can be used to make fat. This is why a diet too high in carbohydrates and calories can add on the fat pounds....." (source).
(d) Sparing Protein: "In a situation where there is not enough glucose to meet the body’s needs, glucose is synthesized from amino acids. Because there is no storage molecule of amino acids, this process requires the destruction of proteins, primarily from muscle tissue. The presence of adequate glucose basically spares the breakdown of proteins from being used to make glucose needed by the body." (source)
(e) Lipid Metabolism: "As blood-glucose levels rise, the use of lipids as an energy source is inhibited. Thus, glucose additionally has a “fat-sparing” effect. This is because an increase in blood glucose stimulates release of the hormone insulin, which tells cells to use glucose (instead of lipids) to make energy. Adequate glucose levels in the blood also prevent the development of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic condition resulting from an elevation of ketone bodies in the blood. Ketone bodies are an alternative energy source that cells can use when glucose supply is insufficient, such as during fasting. Ketone bodies are acidic and high elevations in the blood can cause it to become too acidic. This is rare in healthy adults, but can occur in alcoholics, people who are malnourished, and in individuals who have Type 1 diabetes. The minimum amount of carbohydrate in the diet required to inhibit ketosis in adults is 50 grams per day." (source).

Lipids and amino acids are other legitimate sources of energy for the body. Considering the dangers of using too much carbs,one has to include good fats (lipids) and amino acids in one's diet both for energy and for their own contributions to body wellness. There are many good articles which discuss the the issue of how much Carbs, Protein or Lipids to consume, such as this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, etc.

There are good carbs and bad carbs. Good or complex carbs take longer to digest, usually contains some fiber, and do not produce glucose spikes in the body. They have a low glycemic index. Simple carbs are bad carbs because they flood the system with glucose. This leads to a 'low' when that glucose is metabolised. They have a high glycemic index. Refined carbs like white rice, white flour and sugar, have the fiber stripped away. Carbohydrate consumption is linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.One should avoid wheat and factory-farmed flesh completely. Wheat spikes blood sugar, contains gluten which affects the wellness of the digestive system, and contains phytic acid which prevents absorption of minerals by binding to them. Read more here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. In his dietary protocol, Dr Sebi recommends grains like amaranth, kamut, fonio, quinoa, rye, spelt, tef and wild rice. But grains on the whole are a poor choice of food. Also see here. For healing, he recommends completely avoiding wheat. He suggests carbs from fruits, vegetables, beans and dates or sweeteners like maple sugar. Another reason for avoiding wheat, and possibly other grains, is the fact that the crops are sprayed with glyphosate/round-up to dessicate them. This could be the reason for all the digestive issues associated with wheat consumption, according to this article. Read more about this here, here, here, here and here. In their defence, farmers insist that the practice is not widespread, contrary to what the USDA is saying. Wheat is also associated with Type 2 diabetes. White flour is whitened with Chlorine Dioxide, a bleach, which reacts with the proteins in wheat to produce  Alloxan which kills the beta cells of the pancreas. Read more on that here, here, here, here and here. So, to escape the glyphosate, one can use organic flour. To escape the Alloxan and lack of nutritive elements, one can use organic whole wheat flour. But then, the problems associated with gluten remains. The best use of wheat is in the form of wheat-grass juice. It is considered to be a superfood.  It might be wiser to dump gluten-grains and conventional rice and use foods like wild rice, yams and other root crops (eg sweet potatoes, red potatoes, taro etc), cooked green bananas, along with fruit and vegetable sources of carbs. The what are the nutrients in the particular food, and does that food have a high nutrient density

Carbs are acidic in nature and one should limit one's consumption to 30%-40% of your meal. The body is naturally alkaline at a pH of 7.4 and that should be maintained. Meat is also acidic and should be limited. An alkaline diet is necessary if one wants to escape the thralldom of acidic diseases.
This (below) is basic information on acid/alkaline balance......

"Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline ( 7.35 - 7.45 ).  Below or above this range means symptoms and disease.  A pH of 7.0 is neutral.  A pH below 7.0 is acidic.  A pH above 7.0 is alkaline.
An acidic pH can occur from, an acid forming diet, emotional stress, toxic overload, and/or immune reactions or any process that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients.  The body will try to compensate for acidic pH by using alkaline minerals.  If the diet does not contain enough minerals to compensate, a build up of acids in the cells will occur.
An acidic balance will:  decrease the body's ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients, decrease the energy production in the cells, decrease it's ability to repair damaged cells, decrease it's ability to detoxify heavy metals, make tumor cells thrive, and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness.  A blood pH of 6.9, which is only slightly acidic, can induce coma and death.
The reason acidosis is more common in our society is mostly due to the typical American diet, which is far too high in acid producing animal products like meat, eggs and dairy, and far too low in alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables.  Additionally, we eat acid producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid producing beverages like coffee and soft drinks.  We use too many drugs, which are acid forming; and we use artificial chemical sweetners like NutraSweet, Spoonful, Sweet 'N Low, Equal, or Aspartame, which are poison and extremely acid forming.  One of the best things we can do to correct an overly acid body is to clean up the diet and lifestyle.
To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods.  To restore health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.
Generally, alkaline forming foods include: most fruits, green vegetables, peas, beans, lentils, spices, herbs and seasonings, and seeds and nuts.
Generally, acid forming foods include: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, grains, and legumes."

You can get many lists of acid/alkaline foods on the web eg here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. One should print a chart one can easily work with and start composing your meals. It is not satisfactory if one relies on already prepared meals from the market system. One should avoid pre-done meals, fast foods, convenience store and deli-created meals. To get wholesome and toxin-free foods (if the latter is at all possible), one should source ingredients and prepare the meals oneself while configuring the meals to one's health target. A meal for losing weight is not the same as one designed to help the body heal itself from specific illness.   

The field of Nutrition must be researched if one is to look at it with fresh eyes. Accepting the old paradigms and fulfilling them in one's daily menus, leaves you in the same dietary ditch. The cells need to be properly nourished or they starve, become congested and leaves the body prone to unwellness or disease. Some of the best websites for researching nutrition and health related matters are:  (go to Articles)   ( go to Health Topics)

There are many alternative health websites. Use your search engines. has a great database of actual case studies you can research. No research, no knowledge!


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Soul, engineer your own footsteps with truth, not lies or fakery. 1

Which life to live, and how to live either of them, is the greatest dilemma facing those who ponder on such things. Too many people are mentally paralysed because there are so many different directions to go in, with so many conflicting paradigms and pathways, so they keep roaming until they get definite clues or trustworthy guidance. For many, no enlightenment ever comes to replace the confusion that has beset them.  They never find that road or strategy that proceeds to save them, and they remain prisoners to the aggressive paradigms, and to the current easily-available mainstream trends. Soul walks by truth to its heaven in the now, and later. All it would take is determined research, backed by trial and error experimentation, to glean a truer truth and to forge a pathway ahead. But, that option is rarely exercised by most. It is too hard! It is much easier to flow  with the current mainstream ways of doing and thinking, and be guided by peers. It is much easier to flow with the info on social media, and resonate with one's uninformed fellow travelers who get their 'truth' updates and strategies from TV, cheap magazines or mainstream media. The touted experts point to the fact that the 'strawman' being, with no soul, is what a human being is. A being has a name and a body, period! They say that the body is a single being with a higher and lower nature. They say that there is no soul or dark side within, which performs behavior. It is all due to DNA, neuronal connections and conditioning. There is no soul or darkside, and no God or devil. They aver that it is what's on the outside that counts thereby negating the importance of anything invisible that could exist within. To complement this are various theories on life eg "life is what you make it" or "if you fail, blame yourself". They take great care to point you away from discovering that there are conspiracies which explain your present, or which explain your status in life. If you deviate from the mainstream version of life, you are described as a 'conspiracy nut'. Questioning the accepted or status quo 'truth', or programming, seems to qualify you for the 'insane' label. A lot of blindness-creating propaganda exists to prevent you from looking for explanations for your life situations. They create 'tunnel-vision' and blind-spots, entrapping your consciousness so you cannot look outside of the box, or do research to see what's true or not. 'Believe without proof' is what they encourage! The experts insist on having your trust in what they say. Trust in your own ability to seek and find the truth is completely killed. Why do you implicitly trust the Elites and the powers-that-be? Why do you believe that they mean you well, and that all they do is for your own good? Why do you trust the processed foods they manufacture for you? Why do you trust their vaccines when the evidence of damage is there for you to see? It's all because of the true-sounding lies that hide the deception. In this endtimes, only destruction is meant for you.

The Elites and the various societal 'colors' say that 'its all for the greater good' that they stage the reality out there. They lie but they cannot stop you from knowing the lies. If you could only steer past the dumbing-down and blind-folding mechanisms! The truth is very knowable but you have to probe it yourself. Don't automatically embrace the conclusions of others. Sift and filter everything! Test everything. Truth always lies in the region of the unknown, until you work it out yourself. You need the truth of things in order to select what to include in your life, and what to leave out. Research is the only foolproof way of getting to the truth, even though it might only be the best 'truth' at the time. One has to directly face that truth, then decide on an action that is built on it. Of what use is truth if it does not cause you to adapt your life to that knowledge? Mere acknowledgement of the truth is lip service! Belief is never enough. One must sample the truth by living it. How else will you know that the label of truth is genuine? So, much of what is presented to humans as valid options, if they want to pursue the spiritual path, does not deliver. They take up the years of your life without transforming the individual, and without providing evidence that those options create change. Non-fulfilment is no surprise, in the religious paradigm, because the fruits only accrue after death. So much for that life of doing with non-expectancy of change while breathing. In the meantime, what does produce change does not get any attention. While western religions point to the devil as an active nemesis of God who is responsible for evil, eastern religions places the blame for evil on such things as planetary aspects, non-propitiation of the Gods, non-performance of rituals, non-worship of ancestors and non-performance of samskaras or rituals designed for different stages or events in life. One looks everywhere for the real problem-causes to solve but not within oneself. The truth lies within, seems of no import to those who created present day approaches to salvation.

The most necessary step in engineering your own life is to take time off from routine activity to discover/uncover, and make a list of, your beliefs and programming. Write down everything that comes across your awareness. Observation brings you in tune with the internal activities of the darkside/bacteria combo. As you become familiar with repeating patterns, you become aware of the aggressive or 'pushy' darkside/ bacteria influences and your programming which allows these to translate into behavior. These influences will take time to register in the awareness because the 'mind' or the consciousness of the darkside/bacteria combo, within or outside, does not want to be discovered. It does not want you to learn about, or go into certain aspects, of its operations. It does not want you to discover the mechanisms and programming it operates from and which it uses to run things while letting you believe that you, soul, are doing so. You will become familiar with the automatic pilot that your life runs on. The aim of observing and writing down your observations is to install the real you, soul, as boss in the body. To do this one must retract from darkside pursuits by wresting one's attention from things like wanting to bathe in the ocean of other people's attention, wanting to lounge in the pleasures and enjoyments the world has to offer, being better than or being in control of others, or in making the affairs of others your business or work. As you become familiar with the ways that the darkside/bacteria combo redirects your attention, you take control of where it is placed. You suspend the life of the darkside/bacteria combo within and you assert yours by discovering the tricks of the darkside/bacteria combo and disallowing its pursuits. You have to do this diary of what comes up in your awareness because it not only helps you know the darkside/bacteria combo, it helps you empty the garbage within and helps you sort out the beliefs and programming you operate from, and which must go, and which are the higher principles that should guide your action. One also starts to become aware of each thing that arises in your awareness, and when the awareness is clean to detect all influences, guidance and intuitions that arise there. Eventually you become a poised blank unfettered consciousness, ready to see the next circumstance with fresh eyes, or ready to assay whatever intuition lands like a feather in your awareness. You will not be busy enacting the actions which the darkside engineers plan for you. You will be beyond the engineering capabilities of the dark side within. Not the elites, and not the masses, will have an easy task of engineering you if you know what they are up to. So you have to research the truth within and outside.

The long, but necessary, method of mentally defeating the darkside has been given in my blog at // There is an easier way to get things done. The darkside/bacteria combo is the cause of all problems you experience. The bad bacteria are the darkside's conscious helpers-with-bodies in the human body. The darkside controls them and uses them. Learn to destroy these bacteria/viruses/fungi/yeasts etc and the darkside is disabled. Subsequently, you will not have much interference to write about. Destroying the bacteria removes the overwhelming urges and addictions to bad foods and activities. One has to research what is good nutrition, and how to steer one's own life and behavior.You have to research in order to verify the truths that you will use to form the basis of your doings. Taking control means consciously deciding what things you want in your life, in terms of needs and behavior, and not rely on any automatic processes to decide that for you. Until you weaken/destroy the bacteria, the darkside/bacteria combo keeps reasserting in order to have its way. You must close the door on the darkside/bacteria combo. Then, the darkside/bacteria combo on the outside, including the sorcerers, have no unauthorised access to you.Your footsteps,however, must be guided by truth and knowledge not by traditions (past or present), deceptions, elusive dreams and illusions. Don't be duped by the mainstream media. Science is a label being used to scam the populace. Even the education we receive is questionable. The medical system is making us ill before kindergarten. Most traditional knowledge in the various fields eg politics, history, economics etc has been shown to be fake, or propaganda, by the alternative media. Here is a history of some great deceptions. This post is particularly eye-opening. The Health Ranger reveals the truth on certain accepted facts. He corrects the illusions about vaccines. This blog tries to focus on the soul and the forces that impinge on it, though the entire content of the matrix shapes the experience of the soul. The darkside nature of the majority is the most important shaping force on the soul. Your own darkside/bacteria combo vibrates with life in response to them. Religion which ought to be the refuge of the soul, has nothing edifying to offer it. Religious practices do nothing to reduce the darkside/bacteria combo.Do not think that God does not exist because religion is fake! To know the truth, you must first know the lie!

 The elites have created a paradigm-to-live-by for the straw people that they wish human beings to pursue, and by so doing to waste their lives away. By their non-recognition of the existence of the soul or darkside, they have created living opportunities for the darkside-animated bodies in the materialist structure that they have set up, and which they run by the Corporations they own, by the politicians or by the various clubs and organisations that they populate. The traditional life begins with schooling, qualifying in some field, working and earning, getting married, spending, paying taxes and saving for things like home and retirement. Economic man is fostered. One takes part in the economic system. One takes part in the social and political system. You earn and spend. Yet, the system is full of hiccoughs. Earning is not sure if you cannot find that prized niche to fit into. Spending is not satisfying if the consuming gives you more than you bargained for eg vaccines, processed food. The darkside masses have a similar hold on populations everywhere. They have the all-seeing eye, the all-hearing ears and they have the satanic psychic network along with the ubiquitous physical presence. You cannot escape their scrutiny. They know the soul person from a distance because the beast that they are, is not in control within you, and it is not staring back at them from your eyes. Chances are that they try to manipulate you through your darkside, but get no response because soul walks either straight or self-decides actions. Their efforts at manipulation bounces back off the 'armor' of God. Your immune system takes care of the bacteria (viruses, yeasts, fungi, germs etc) that would otherwise proliferate in the flesh and serve the dark side within. Darksiders do not accept you as you are because you do not let them control your body. Using cunning, they will arrange setups whereby your immune system becomes compromised. They tempt you with the deliciousness of sex. Sex is the easiest mode of entrapment to execute. Or, they sabotage your food and drink. They may use chemical/biological agents to weaken your immune system and to introduce other 'colonisers' into your body. They may give you a diet that is darkside/bacteria-nourishing eg carbohydrates and meat. They may use sorcery to introduce multiple darksides into your body. They may create setups and accidents to weaken or destroy you. Superbugs are everywhere now! Once the bacteria is in you, it seems that they secrete an enzyme called Nagalase which makes the immune system unable to destroy the bacteria in you. You develop all kinds of maladies and get sick or die. It seems that a substance called GcMAF can cause the re-activation of the immune system. Read more about nagalase and GcMAF here, here and here. Some think that vaccines contains nagalase. Check online sources for the science involved and the availability of GcMAF. It could be a game-changer. GcMAF is available as a probiotic yoghurt. It seems that probiotic-rich milk kefir and colostrum (here and here), two immune enhancing products, are involved in its making. If the immune system is up and running, bad bacteria cannot interfere with the soul or do the darkside's bidding. So, one has to watch out for sabotage from both the elites and the darkside masses. The darkside masses are easy prey for elite stratagems. You cannot live like the darkside masses, if you want to escape the traps of the elites, or if you want to escape the traps of the masses! It's up to you!

 In most cases, you are born and go through the motions of living that are generally followed by family and society. You meet the world and simply try to fit in with what is generally considered to be 'how to live'. You generally do not exercise your own options because you mostly have none. Where material things are concerned, the dark side within it is which grabs onto things, and becomes attached to things to the point of obsession. The world offers you options to select from, according to what you can afford.  It used to be that you fell in line with the family business or profession. The spread of compulsory education has increased the personal choice of professions, subject to the availability of resources to pursue ones dreams, and subject to the level of personal effort one is prepared to expend. Student loans enable greater mobility for more people except now that it has become an encumbrance given the increased costs of higher education, and the lower availability of certain jobs. Now that the global recession has hit most countries, accompanied by increasing unemployment and higher rates of inflation, the once normal career evolution from schooling to work to retirement has become uncertain and tenuous. In the west, Corporations have offshored much of their manufacturing and service operations to areas of lower labor costs. And, as if living on the economic edge is not enough, the increasing prospects of war and disease lends added uncertainty to daily living. The alternative media has pretty much exposed the working of the system, such that one cannot help but conclude that life is a racket. The workings of the societal system supports the same conclusion. There is a new awakening afoot, and more and more people are now going past elite-scripted propaganda to examine reality with fresh eyes. The world is constructed on a bedrock of lies which is being  slowly but surely eroded by the discovery and affirmation of truths hitherto hidden from view by the hypnotic trance created by authoritative experts and propagandists. This awakening has not touched most of those with good comfort zones, or those among the masses who play their lives away, or those who live to eat, drink and be merry. The rise of non-traditional diseases and the general increase in ill-health has created a need for solutions that work. This has resulted in greater faith being placed in organic food and natural healing. The old deceptions are crumbling. Along with this comes a burgeoning need for alternative ways of living and doing things. Some have quit their high-paying jobs for a simple lifestyle or to live off the grid. Some want to put more meaning into their lives while others, fed up of  the pollution and toxicities, are escaping the hustle and bustle, as a priority. Others are leaving for more southern climes to avoid the possibility of death, should nuclear war break out. It is a time of change fueled by the possibility of calamity on many fronts. Many are taking their lives into their own hands before the coming of those ill winds that blow nobody good. No matter whether folks stay within their comfort zones or go for fight or flight, many have to re-compose their lives based on the best sources of information available. Survival demands that. The alternative will be to keep sleeping one's life away until the end comes.

When in a dire state, one usually goes for the "go spiritual" advice. By becoming 'spiritual' one hopes that all the disharmonious feelings and conditions will go away, and stay away. If only a recipe for this salvation would work. It is this hope that draws one to Yoga, religion and spiritual practise. They promise to to make one happier, and in control, beyond the snares of what ails you. While meditation does induce more harmony within, the spiritual 'reformation' does not last. The discipline and rituals entailed cannot keep the darkside at bay, and one does not have an appropriate weapon to fight a properly identified enemy. One relapses, but cannot understand why. Current spiritual methods target the 'strawman' with a higher and lower side. It does not face the core problem of a darkside/bacteria combo possessing the soul's body and ruling the body by deception and tricks. The core of problem remains unattended to because it was not properly identified, and dealt with. Religion subscribes you to its own tenets but cannot deliver because it does not tackle the core problem. In fact, religion is just another kind of entrapment, substituting one's previous barren pursuits, for another barren pursuit. Religion skirts the core problem and solves the problems that it identifies with solutions it prescribes. There is no identification of the darkside, and no prescriptions for fighting it. Un-addressed, it remains supreme in the body, asserting as it's wishes. In fact religion enables it to transform into its 'spiritual' version, building its power, behavioral repertoire and ego as it embraces religion. Kundalini Yoga is one example of the dark side re-inventing itself while calling it spirituality! All those Yogas and religions based on worship of ancestors or avatars produce nothing more than a darkside feeling that it is on the path of salvation. The darkside society revels in praying as the prime spiritual tool because it doesn't require a reduction of the dark side, and because prayer is easily accomodated into building the darkside life. The darksiders like the prayer medium because they can listen in, and then proceed to give to their own according to 'prayer' that is enunciated. They can also monitor the prayers of good guys so as to know what they have to step in to deny. For the latter reason, good guys must simply acknowledge God's existence and greatness in praying. The evolution of the spirit cannot take place until you become the spirit. To become the spirit you have to stop being the darkside. To stop being the darkside, one needs to recognise its behavior in you, and scuttle it. The darkside is assisted by the bad bacteria in you. So to reduce the darkside, one must destroy the bad bacteria in you. Only then can you successfully counter the dark side within. Only then will one realise that the good health of the body it is which confers the peace and harmony which is attributed to 'higher spirituality'. As such, meditation and Hatha Yoga actually impacts on physical and mental health. Spirituality has become a nebulous term implying mobility into the 'higher self' away from the 'lower self'. Such a dual self doesn't exist. The striving for good health reduces the darkside/bacteria combo, thereby elevating the soul. So, health is really the issue here. The unfolding of the soul without the tyranny of the darkside/bacteria combo to deal with, is where true spirituality begins. Meditation and spontaneous soul evolution will chart that future course.

The darkside/bacteria combo gets its growth and sustenance in mostly malnourished bodies. The easily accessible offerings of the market system relies on taste and tradition to stay in business. Low nutritive levels and toxic additives are hidden by good taste. The nutrition that dominates the world is a combination of what is available in various regions of the world, and of what has been made available by migrations and by commercial transfers. Some areas like the Mediterranean and Japan have fairly healthy diets. Some areas have growing dietary traditions which benefit from advances in nutritional science or from traditional folk medicine. Elsewhere people eat what is traditional or what is available. The principal producers and marketers seem to focus on grains and other starches, meat and dairy products. The popular food pyramids have programmed people into these choices, though vegetables and fruits play minor roles in that landscape. The rise of commercial fast foods has further degraded the nutritional status of such customers. The recent advances in nutritional science points to the fact that there is much wrong with the nutrition that is currently available. a) Meats, dairy products and starches are all acidifying and tend to produce acidic diseases. b) Most of these foods are nutritionally sparse. c) Most of these foods are produced in factory farms or by non-organic methods which render them risky for consumption. d) Foods that are genetically engineered eg canola oil, papayas, beets, corn etc. can have injurious effects on the body. e) There are 3 methods used by the body to provide energy: carbohydrates, good fats and ketones. Saturated fats eg in coconut oil has been falsely accused of causing a cholesterol problem...which is not really a problem. f) Animals that are not grass fed or are filled with hormones and antibiotics are not fit to be consumed. g) A 'full' stomach often hides the fact of being nutritionally malnourished. h) Only nutritionally dense foods should be consumed to maximise one's intake of nutrition. i) You must use amino acids from clean sources eg. grass fed whey protein, or from plant sources like hempseed, pea or pumpkin seeds. j) You must use 30-40% carbs in your diet, preferably not wheat because of gluten allergies or because it is sprayed with roundup before reaping. Legumes and other grains like spelt, amaranth and buckwheat are good substitutes. k)  You need nutritional supplements because of soils depleted over time, or because nutritional science has shown that these are necessary since the body cannot get it otherwise. Such supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs and other things. l) In addition, you need things like sea vegetation, magnesium, iodine and natural salt from the sea. m) Fermented foods like Kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut are necessary for a good bacterial population in the intestines. They feed on bad bacteria and helps the body do things it cannot do for itself. Health is the first line of defence against the darkside/bacteria combo. If you have a health problem, consult a health practitioner who is trained and licensed. 

Humans are 90% bacteria, including viruses and fungi. Darksides also colonise the body and use the consciousnesses and bodies of these microscopic organisms. Most humans are run by these predatory colonisers. This is where the evil comes from. It is doubtful whether the writers of the Holy Books knew this. Christ seems to have known this since he taught methods of detoxification and body-cleansing in the Essene Gospel of Peace (Bk 1). Science has only recently given us this discovery. Also see here, here, and here in addition to my previous posts on bacteria. Science makes us believe that these microbes are a necessary part of the human body because of all the good things that they do for us. But, not all bacteria are good. When bacteria grow sufficiently large colonies, they become powerful. One author says that "Emerging research shows that bacteria have powers to engineer the environment, to communicate and to affect human well-being. They may even think". Another author tells us that while microbial cells outnumber human cells by 10 to1, microbial genes outnumber human genes by 100 to 1. He asks the question, "Are we more bacterial than human"? Bacterial cells are conscious but human cells are not....the awareness of the soul uses the nervous system but does not reside in cells, except for in the brain. Bacteria reproduce by cloning and by a kind of primitive sex which involves DNA transference. 'Cloning' applies to their bodies as well as their consciousnesses. So what we have is a soul which is the size of a thumb, living in the brain and using the nervous system to be conscious of its body, having to compete with bacteria which weigh about 3 to 6 pounds combined, and all having a similar anti-soul consciousness that pervades the flesh (except for any good bacteria that remain good). Bacteria do become bad. Or see here. These bacteria communicate with each other. They move as a team in their attacks and other doings, once their colonies are sufficiently large. It becomes a consciousness battle. On earth the darkside/bacteria combo has won thereby making the majority of human bodies ruled by the dark side. The darkside/bacteria combo knows how to dominate the senses and how to manipulate and control the awareness of the soul.  All the bad bacteria are governed by an invisible darkside force, which has the same goal of colonisation and control of the body. Any bacteria can take over the functions of another bacteria. This means that 'good' bacteria can switch to 'bad' bacteria. In addition, it has been discovered that Genetically Modified Organisms (as gmo food) when eaten, cause bad bacteria to proliferate.See here and here. So human problems come from inter-species warfare (bacteria and satanic entity) not from original sin or the cycle of birth and death. It is the colonising invaders who create or cause un-wellness, as well as consciousness attacks. When you destroy the bad bacteria you become aware of the increasing peace and harmony of consciousness. Prayer, worship and rituals which lead to liberation after death, are religion's solution but they do nothing to swing the inter-species war in favor of the soul. In fact, they let the problems continue by diverting attention from it.

In fact, the darkside elites and masses actively help the darkside/bacteria combo. Vaccines, which are being made mandatory in many places, input both toxins and bacteria into the body. The darkside masses has sex and attendant bacteria-transmission acts as its core ritual or rite of passage for having any kind of life on earth. Antibiotics, which is a key destroyer of good bacteria, is a cornerstone of allopathic medicine. Effective antibiotics like colloidal silver are being outlawed. Effective technologies for killing bacteria like Rife machines have been intercepted and remade into ineffectiveness. Royal Raymond Rife was hounded by the medical powers-that-be until he died. Those who refuse to play the sex-school games of the darkside masses are either killed with snake-power, become 'operated' on to change them to darkside, or are marginalised until they die! The darkside/bacteria combo has the desire nature which the Elites use to sustain their market system. This combo is used by the darkside masses to control people with desire, while building it to be a 'beast'. No-one is allowed to serve God or live in the free-will state that God gave to everyone. They must submit to the building and manipulation of the darkside/bacteria-generated desire. Buddha is famous because of his teaching about desire being at the root of our spiritual problems. He separated himself from the ' food' that fuels desire. He meditated. My guess is that his immune system, over time, dealt with the darkside/bacterial desire-creators.You cannot be desire-less until you destroy the life-steering bacteria/fungi/viruses that are 90% of body cells. They are the under-rated but actual controllers of human bodies, along with the dark side. The darkside/bacteria combo are the sources of women's snake and other powers. They are the center of  this global all-seeing and all-hearing psychic net. They are the sources of desire, energy powers and emotions......accepted as normal for human beings. Darksiders claim that they are the beneficiaries of Kundalini Yoga development, most having the 'awakening' without the need for any practice in that field. Destroy the 90% bacteria that make up your body and Kundalini energy evaporates. Destroy the 90% bacteria, and you cannot be accessed by the darksiders, or their sorcerers. Only then can you have salvation while in the body!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Female Hive Is Evil. 4

The darkside majority in society is mirrored in the composition of families. Families are also dominated by darksiders. This spells ruination and destruction for good guys in families, especially if a just father is absent, and if the females therein serve the female hive. The darksiders in a family usually band together against good family member(s) while simultaneously playing for their individual hives or colors. The wishes of the various darkside hives come to bear against the good guy minority in the families. The darkside society acts against the good guy, and their representatives in the family use the fact of blood relation, to have easy access to good guys for aiding and abetting the plans of the darkside society. Family members of a good guy are usually enemies pretending to be true family. They enforce suppression and evil acts against the good guy while enacting dramas and propaganda which essentially amount to 'blame the victim'. In such situations, good guys cannot do anything right and fail to progress materially because they're too lazy, have only bad qualities, and have no redeeming qualities. What goes down as 'family relations' is nothing more than pure hate, victimisation and discrimination in action. The darkside society chooses who will get the family wealth and inheritances, get social recognition, become the family spokesmen and 'stars', get employment and sundry advancement opportunities, and the darkside family members enforce those choices. They then replace truth by 'blame-the-victim' propaganda. They lie and fabricate to give onlookers the impression that they are fully justified in not caring about the 'failing' good guy, but hide the facts of their evil actions against him. They hide their roles in his victimisation. There will be condemnation but no help from the darkside family. The game is uppermost in the activities of the darkside elements of the family. It is not just competition being enacted, but enmity. The virgins are sold out to darkside 'Mamma' and her boys, instead of being nurtured, shielded or supported until they choose their own mates. The good guys are sabotaged so that no success can be reaped. The society's darkside government rivals the elites in their application of cruelty. The brutalised also become brutal, as many sex school graduates turn into man-hating feminists. The good guys in families usually find themselves being preyed on or destroyed by their own blood relations. Inheritances are usually earmarked for darksiders not the good guys, and if not, there are plots to steal whatever little the good guys get.

The family members enable other darksiders to mount attacks and operations on the good guy, while assuring that he does not retaliate against them. The good guy is not allowed to fight back. The darksiders/family rewrite the history of events to present the good guy as a troublemaker, especially if he fights back. They insist that his attackers are innocent, and cast aspersions on the mental state of the good guy. They even join the darkside chorus of voices which accuse the good guy of being racist, if fightback takes place against attacks mounted by other races. Of what use is blood family, in this case? They only serve themselves. The plots of the darkside society are also their plots. Their behavioral manner will be....'I control you', 'Nothing for you', I don't care about you', You cannot do anything right', 'You are to be constantly blamed for everything', 'You cannot call any shots of any kind', ' You cannot become a manager or a supervisor on our watch', etc. Darkside family members will sabotage the good guy's life, and projects, to create failure, and consequent dependence on them. In fact, in some cultures, they conduct secret bio-chemical warfare and sorcery on the good guy family member, infiltrating vaginal germs and occult substances into his food and drink. The end result is a feeble good guy who is very susceptible to darkside energy and voices attack. Those bacteria are very receptive to external stimuli like sound, images, energy and pressure. They produce a suppressed , always worried feeling: one of being stifled, and one of being very vulnerable to the invasions of the external darksiders. The bad bacteria/darkside combo is the link through which the darksiders can attack the body, and interface their evil nature with the soul consciousness. Destroy those bacteria, and the problem goes away. That's how you test the veracity of this information.

The female hive doles out misfortunes to good guys within families. They use their snake-power and their stations in life to that effect. This is based on the fact that they can, and they generate a constant stream of propaganda justifying such action. They enable darkside family members, but retard and destroy good guys. They work with family members to stage the sex-school and gender games, so the darkside family members can win. They work with the powerful girls (with numbers) to cause the ruination and destruction of the good guy family members. The good guy encounters the girls with numbers who are being contested for in the gender games, starting with the #1. Each girl pulls and ties the good guy's dark side, or so they think. The good guy is supposed to zero in on having sex with her in the shortest possible time. The script each girl operates by does not accommodate that. She must have mamma's boys working on her, and give flesh to the activities of the sex school. She has to operate like a big queen bee....bigger than the girls of less power. She shows her 'bigness' by stealing the boyfriends of lesser girls, and by having all desirable males contest for her. Her enormous energies are for the use of who controls her at any given moment. Any effort of the good guy, to get close to her or 'sign' her, is an opening for a set-up or accident to take place. The good guy is dealing with a 'snake with power', and he will be 'cut' or hit with energy. There can be no being 'forward' or taking liberties with her. This is the prerogative of mamma's boys only. With mamma and her boys in control, the good guy will be under snake-power attack while being told by the darkside voice-attackers that 'pressure bursts pipes'. The expectation is that the good guy will likely die of stroke or heart-attack. If not, the myriad of other attacks or economic discrimination will likely send him mad, or drive him to suicide. Of course, any acts of desperation will be punished severely.

The girls with numbers manage their scripts to achieve the ruination and destruction of the good guy. They are there to become the emotional focus of the good guys, and they pretend to care secretively. They have the powers, energies and lures with which to build the good guy's dark side, so it runs the life of the good guy from an emotional platform. Innocent good guys are looking for love but the girls are looking for sex....and a color to work for! So, they will pretend to care and set up the good guy but it is mamma's boys who can get intimate with her. Good guys are no fools, and they will respond to evidence of being jilted! By the emotional focus, and if the pulling and tying has been successful, no other, except the numbered girls, will be considered by the good guy. Good guys understand the emotional trap only after the trap is deciphered. Besides, lesser girls do not come forward when they're acting in solidarity with the script of the female darkside hive, or when they're too busy with mamma's boys. It is the non-numbered girls who are the real targets of the darkside society because they have less power, and correspondingly are more soul than the numbered darkside females. The darkside society focuses on the numbered girls to create a kind of 'tunnel-vision', so no-one will look at what's happening with the lesser girls. Mamma's boys use the sex school to have their fun and usually win the sex school games, even though they are preparing the numbered girls to be excellent traps for catching the good guys. Good males and females are thusly targeted. A hyper-sexualised female has the mentality of a prostitute. The whole concept of the 'house chores' is used as justification what goes on  in the sex-school. There is terminology like 'cooking', 'cleaning', 'washing', 'laundry', etc, but these are nothing more than mind-control operations being effected by the darkside majority. The numbered girls are nothing more than willing sex-slaves, with mamma's boys as their handlers. No good guy will voluntarily commit to a relationship with them because of that karmic baggage. This is why they try 'cooking' and 'washing' on the good guy himself, using sleep-deprivation, energy (including EMF radiation), etc, in an attempt to force the numbered-girl-with-good-guy result. They want a docile compliant good guy, with a body that is run by the dark side within. They also economically marginalise or pauperise the good guy and present the numbered sex school graduates as the only way out available to material enough. No good guy will be so desperate as to agree to that deal. So we find that the sinful darksiders pretending to righteousness by presenting that their mind-control and other engineering of society, to be a 'cleaning' of some sort. This is the deception propagated by darksiders in the furtherance of their agenda.

The life of good guys ends up being just a passing parade. By the time the procession of the numbered girls is over, decades have gone by and even his old age is no reason for the darksiders to stop the ongoing games and accompanying attacks on him. Each generation lives their own 'eat, drink, be merry, get rich and have fun' lives, and as they get older they pass on the sex-school mantle to the next generation. The numbered girls each get their ego-building opportunities in the games. They get to have as many boyfriends as they want, from the long lines waiting to get intimate with them. They even steal the boyfriends from the un-numbered girls because they can. So, the good guy is only one of male possibilities for them. They play the field, and the good guy was brought into the fray just to be the losing opponent. If he dies from snake-power shots or from set-ups and accidents, or if he ends up caught in a relationship with a mind-controlled sex-slave, he loses. The script of the numbered girls does not include any non-sex-school plots. They pull and tie the good guy then let themselves be caught and worked on by the 'kitchen and laundry' crews of the darkside society. The good guy is just a stooge whose presence provides excuses and permissions for all the doings of the sex-school. They posit that the good guy enables or grants permission for all that takes place, by the fact of him not stopping it. What they don't say is that nobody listens to him anyway. Good guys need bigger snake-power to stop anything. Being souls, they do not have that. Each numbered girl ensures that she pushes away or sets up the good guy, so he is ready to entertain the possibility of the next numbered girl. The female hive and mamma's boys ensure that the good guy/stooge gets to know or encounter all the numbered girls. This takes decades and by the time his generation of mamma's boys finish their cooking and washing, both the good guy and the older numbered girls are old and beat-up. This is how the darkside society achieves the ruin of the good guy. The numbered girls may or may not become 'signed'. If they are signed, they make a big show of not being so, at least for the good guy. The longer they remain unsigned, the longer will all the hives attack, persecute and attempt to destroy the good guy, so they can win the game. The colors or hives do not want the good guy, if he survives, to get the numbered girls, or any girl who belongs to their hive, or any particular girl(s) that they fancy. After sated with all the intimacy, ego-building and corresponding persecution and suppression of the good guy, and goal achievement, the darksiders may give the good guy a sex-school graduate as proof that they really did all of that for him. After being attacked and persecuted, forced to go to run to other places or rendered destitute, the good guy is expected to keep on playing the game and cooperating with the various colors, even by 'sharing' girls with them.. Some good guys may jump at the chance at getting a way out of suffering and poverty, and lacking other roads to economic viability, they may take the sex-school graduate as their ticket out of suffering. All the colors or hives 'play' by attacking the good guy at the same time. This is the reason why the good guys finish last, die, suffer complete ruination, or has a life of nothing. If God and his hierarchy does not step in and guide or teach the good guy, his end is sure. There is no good-guy support group to help the good guy to meet his basic needs. Even the economic safety net and opportunities of the State are in the hands of darksiders. The inheritances and family resources go to the darksiders, so from where will deliverance come? God does not seem to deal in material support for his people. Darksiders control the economic pie and not God but satan controls them.

Darksiders' powers and behavior are not only to be explained in terms of the needs and potencies of the colonies of 'colonising' bad bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. The darkside itself is infused with powers, energy and directions for action. Powerful darksiders serve as power plants and tactical commanders for lesser darksides. There are queen bees and 'avatars of the night' cropping up at various times in sundry places. In every region there is a darksider who is 'bigger' than the rest. That powerful male darksider is referred to as 'the man', and darksiders follow his overlordship. Queen bees are females with tremendous powers and energy, and they boost their hives or gender with significant power. They can usually shift the shape of their bodies to resemble others. The problem with darksiders is that their power rises and falls according to the status of who feeds them. Their powers waxes and wanes with moon changes. When their leaders lose their power, they lose theirs. It is not God who is fueling them, though they claim this at the pinnacle of power. They still hate good people when they lose their power but can't understand what caused their loss of ability to affect them. They will still do what they can to destroy good people. The eventual source of demonic power is the invisible satanic hierarchy. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, the status of the evil vs good war on earth is determined by the state of the battle in the subtle dimensions between the satanic hierarchy and God's hierarchy. They say that there are invisible hellish and heavenly dimensions populated by un-incarnated beings. These dimensions are arrayed in hierarchies according to the degree of evolution of the respective inhabitants. Both groups send forth their kinds of energies to earth, in war. This time around, it seems that the hellish regions caught the good invisible hierarchy napping. Evil people were cultivated or fed with all kinds of energies, powers, influences and potencies. The good guys on earth were relentlessly pummeled by evil energies and works. The SRF believes that the good guys outnumber the bad guys by 70% to 30 %. I do not have faith in those figures. My firsthand estimate is that it is evil which controls 70% of the population. The last quarter of the 20th century saw a heightening of the rule of evil on earth. The only fightback came from righteous earthlings, including the 'Paratpar Guru', and this only from 1993 according to the SRF. Ten years later, earth-based evil-fighters numbered 35. Certain heavenly forces started to fight back in the subtle dimensions in 2004 but gave up in 2008, in failure. Two spiritual beings from 'Maharlok' joined the battle in 2009, while 2 more from 'Janalok' joined in in 2014. By 2017 there will be 10 beings from up to the more evolved 'Tapolok' engaged in fighting, and in the restoration of goodness. This figure will go up to 25 by 2019. The importance of this information is that it explains why the powers and potencies of the rampaging darksiders waned and evaporated, to be replaced by a deepening harmony and good energy in the air around us. Others notice the great 'awakening' and posit polar reversal or some other explanation for the difference experienced in the consciousness, and even in physical health. I can say that the waning and evaporation of darkside 'tension' energy roughly approximates the 'alleged' entry into the subtle war, in 2009 and 2013, of those 4 beings from the higher worlds in the universe. From the way it feels, the positive energy will get even more intense as WW3 goes through its course. The darksiders, including the evil female hive, will have only physical and coercive force to rule with. Their managerial positions in the society will be used to full effect but it will be in vain. Armageddon will not spare the darksiders. Who is not destroyed will be shunned by those who survive. God is BOSS, not woman.

The darkside consciousness is completely focused on the external world. The normal internal-to-consciousness processes of soul are pre-empted because of the absence of the use of a brain which can interface with higher dimensions of consciousness. The soul is resident in the brain and the darkside cannot coexist with it there. The darkside/bacteria combo occupies the sense organs, and processes information from these in their own substances. Each sense organ processes its own kind of info which is used by darkside cunning, or the soul's brain, to generate responses. The darkside, however, rushes into responding, thereby pre-empting the soul's more studied response. The darkside makes a beeline for enjoyment and pleasure which are components of preying. Females are 'eaten' in the same mode as predators consume their prey. 'Eat, drink and be merry' is the darkside's motto. The darkside can move the body in response to sense organ info. Though both souls and darksides use the senses, only vigilant souls are aware of the trespasser. Bacteria are conscious, and being microscopic, can enter and reside anywhere in the body, even within the cells that make up the immune system. The soul needs its house or brain to enable it to decipher the matrix it lives in, but also to explore its own nature, and expands or contracts there. Soul relies on the nervous system to be aware of, and to use, the body. The darkside/bacteria combo also lives in the flesh, and its 'brain' is in its substance. Things like chakras are of the darkside/bacteria combo, not the soul. Even gut feelings come from the combo. The soul can will the darkside/bacteria combo, chakras inclusive, to sleep by willing the body-parts to sleep, as is done in relaxation of the body prior to meditation. The meditation that involves reading and understanding, with introspection, usually achieves some loss of body consciousness, with the head alone really being awake. The darkside cannot meditate in the same manner, as do souls. They can use the eyes to hook up to the darksides in others (mind-reading), or to hook up to the Occult hierarchy which feeds them their version of 'intuition'. The soul operates in both internal and external modes as is described by the saying 'look before you leap'. The darkside operates directly from the contents of its nature and from its programming, while using info from the senses to construct behavior that is taken to be the living of a life. There is no sense of right and wrong to guide actions. The darkside has no conscience, and is perpetually engaging in esteem- or ego-building, not having an innate supply of esteem like the soul. It always preys on others, wanting to control others, conquer them or manage them. This is how it gets its esteem.The darkside/bacteria combo sees, hears, speaks, tastes, feels, moves and it is very programmable. The sex-school exists to give life to the darksides in female bodies, and to ensure that the darkside wins the war for the body. Girls get their sex-addiction from it. In the process, whatever chance they had of becoming souls is completely lost! The mammas' want their boys to have enough toys, just as they were toys when younger.

The female hive has taken one minor aspect of living i.e. their reproductive function (the others are: growth, respiration, movement, nutrition, excretion and irritability), and magnified the attention placed on it, and changed it into their dominant reason for being. They have become like a gigantic pleasure Corporation that legislates that who don't indulge in that vice have no right to be alive, or doing well. You get rewarded if you pander to them. If you don't cooperate with, or support their indulgences, you get killed, marginalised or ruined. That human beings come in several varieties counts for nought. That people are born because its their turn, and time to live, is totally ignored. That God, despite his power, does not assert himself over the lives of human beings, but gives them their right of free will, is not respected by these takers of free will who go about playing God. They create their own version of merit. You do not deserve a life for being a child of God: alive at present because God determined that this is your time to live. Your achievements, talents, track record of righteous action and service to others do not count. Their evaluation of you, based on your willing cooperation with them and their desire-filled superficial natures, is what counts most. They have derailed mankind's evolution in favor of their immediate carnal gratifications, thus effectively limiting mankind to satan's fold. They have no talent or special qualities, though they make such claims in order to justify their levying of oppression as the collateral damage of working for their hives and colors. Being able to 'push out a child' is such a great talent that males are excluded from greatness, and Godhood! Like other darksiders, they are forever trying to impress their victims about the genius of their cunning, about the supremacy of their mind-reading and predictive seer-ship, about the unbeatability of their numbers, about their absolute power to make or break their victims, about the 'rightness' of their cause, about their blessed good fortune vs victims losing cause, about their victims impotence and pitiful stations in life, about being able to indulge while living it up, about their bright futures, and about generally being bigger and better than their victims. As such they can do anything they want to their victims and there is nothing that their victims can do about it. Unless, of course, you accept servitude and do it their way. Such is the arrogance with which darksiders operate. More importantly, they reserve the right to allow their sons to do and have whatever they wish from generation to generation. Mamma loves her boys!

Females take getting a color to live and work for, as the prime consideration in their lives. This is their purpose in life, they claim. All other purposes in human living are displaced into oblivion. Pursuing spiritual life is a no-no because it closes the door on their madness, and cuts down their ability to affect you. They want you to live in an ashram or monastery if you want to pursue spiritual life, denying that spirituality is the key factor in all human living. They present their satanic powers, their shape-shifting powers and their mind-reading as proof of them already being spiritual. They consider the backing of their color or hive as sufficient reason for the giving or taking of the material lives of others. They are determining the lives of humans, when even God does not assert this power or capacity. It is all darkside arrogance. It is all the satan in them doing these things. And, they don't want to know any better. Henry Makow has quite eloquently described the debacle that mankind faces today. He says that...."Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism). This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second". It is darksiders, and especially the female hive, who are the enforcers of that servitude. So, those of us who are good are kept from living lives of practical goodness and of reveling in the spirit. We are derailed from these pursuits into defending against lifelong attacks from darksiders, and into eking out a survival in enemy territory. Good guys never achieve the lives they strive for because darksiders spend their lives preying on them. No matter how much you try to live life, minding your own business while not trespassing on others, trouble and extraneous concerns come to meet you. Your life and concerns gets diverted into solving problems not of your own making. You get nowhere. And darksiders claims that 'it is not your turn', or admonishings that ' you must take your time', or other convenient concoction that legitimises their preying on you, rings hollower and hollower with every utterance. Its as if you can't go nowhere spiritually while living peacefully in this life. Its like death opens a door for living the lives you want to live but cannot live while alive. In another post, "Seeing death in a positive light", Makow states that..."We measure everything in terms of our material dimension. But the material dimension is holding us back. The collective obsession with money, sex and creature comforts enchains the soul. Perhaps death is liberation. Perhaps the real party is happening somewhere else and our "life" is a pale imitation of the real thing". This is a very sad state of things, and an indictment on the Elites and the various colors or hives which claim to govern Earth, and play God for it. Yet, God designed good people to live the lives that is guided by their natures. They were born to live from the day of birth, and not wait in a body until their turn comes. They already waited before taking birth. They are being trespassed against under a false seal of legitimacy. The only option that can bear good fruit is to fight back. One can try to defend against the visible slings and arrows while plugging up the loopholes which give the darkside unlimited access to you. They can affect you and manipulate you because you have a bit of them in you. You have to cut down, and take control of, that 'little bit of them' in you. This means cutting down the darkside/bacteria combo within you. That much is very possible. According to the SRF, the coming Armageddon will eliminate about 60% of the world's population within the next 8 years. Nuclear weapons kill the good, bad and ugly without discrimination. One should take steps to get out of the hot zones, and out of the line of fire!

Hopefully, those who are the good guys will send an unequivocal message to the Elites, the darkside society as a whole, the various colors or hives (including the female hive), and other satanic elements in creation to the effect that.....WE'RE BIG AND WE HAVE SENSE. YOUR TYRANNY IS OVER. WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF YOU. GOD HAS TAKEN YOUR POWER. ARMAGEDDON WILL HUMBLE YOU. IF NOT, OUR CURSES WILL. What passes as life, in too many cases, is in fact tyranny. Life is a series of tyrannies that one accepts in order to keep on living. There is the tyranny of the Elites, whether as prime conspirators or as the overlords of a system that kills the soul. They are the principal producers and suppliers of goods and services. They are the principal architects of all that is wrong about earthly life. They are the slow-killers, and the fast-killers, of the rest of creation. If you cannot become a cog in their economic machinery, your days are pretty much over. There is much online about the Elites and their satanic affiliations and practices. The masses, too, are afflicted with and controlled by satan. This is evidenced by their brutal use of energy-force, coercion-force and other force to control society. Force takes away the free will and self-determination prerogatives of others. Trespass of any kind is very wrong, even if one recites the Lord's Prayer fervently. They must stop trespassing PERIOD. They cannot trespass in an ongoing way then seek God's forgiveness or apologise. That gambit is over. The next time they trespass, put a curse on them! Evil-doers sit in judgement over their own selves, but don't know it yet! We're big and we have sense! Mamma and her boys have to be told that Armageddon is here for them. They have to be put in their places. You have to counter every aggression...even if it means running away until you get strong enough to face it! Don't worry about death. Death may be a gateway to a more just way of things. Death is a physical body that has been compromised. The soul lives forever! The prostitution games of the female hive have no place in any civilised society. Sodom and Gommorah must be crushed to make spiritual living possible. It is the secret masonic lodges which bridge the wishes of the elites to the functioning of the masses. Your cities and neighborhoods are governed by mostly evil people. Armageddon is coming for all evil. God's hierarchy of workers is getting very busy!

Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism.) This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second. - See more at:
The NWO uses our desires to enslave us. Our penury is spiritual. We are beggars always looking for the next handout, addicts craving the next hit. This is satanic possession. - See more at:
The NWO uses our desires to enslave us. Our penury is spiritual. We are beggars always looking for the next handout, addicts craving the next hit. This is satanic possession. - See more at:
Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism.) This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second.
- See more at:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Female Hive Is Evil. 3

The world we live in is populated by a darkside majority and a minority of good people. The majority have organised themselves into a system that synchronises and unfolds their predatory natures. They expect everyone to act and react within the parameters and options presented by their system. The system is blue-printed and overseen by the Occult elites and discarnate satanic forces. We find that the functionally illiterate masses have fallen lock, stock and barrel for the wiles of the darkside/satan within. They have become satan conspiring to have comfort zones, pleasures and governance over others. To advance in the system set up by the elites takes education. The masses have either gathered qualifications, resorted to job seniority or simply conspired to acquire wealth, comfort zones and authority over others. The darksiders receive their operating plans and orders, or directions for action, via the process of eyeball reading, and by darkside to darkside communication. A darksider is a darkside force plus the bacteria in the body, working together. The soul is usually present as an overwhelmed and asleep giver of life to the body. Only an awakened soul will present a different behavioral paradigm to the world. The darksiders view this different paradigm as dissent or rebellion, when in fact it is the natural behavior of the soul. They will try to either destroy the body or completely marginalise such a soul, making its life to be just a witness to a passing parade, and without the option of having any influence with which to fuel the cause of souls. Another option they exercise is to try to overturn the rule of the soul by giving fuel to the inner darkside's growth. They can also increase the population of the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other kinds of life-forms by bio-warfare, to tilt the scale in favor of the darkside. Darksiders automatically know who is soul and who is darkside because they are 'one' with the inner darksides in every body. They want a colonising victory in every soul's body. The rigid darkside system is meant to eliminate the possibility of any souls rising up to rule their bodies. The darkside/bacteria combo configures the human landscape for their rule, and their proliferation.

Darksiders (men and women) aggressively relate to good people. The typical pattern of such relating to good people can be summarised by the words/phrases destroy, control, dominate, reduce, retard, disable, inflict/afflict, pauperise, kill, set-up, deceive, harm, deprive, out-do, entrap, harass, give less or none, take from, prey on, interefere, pull and tie attention, enslave, collude against, stooge-ify, etc. It is never to ignore or promote the welfare of the good guys. The lives of good people are darksiders' principal business and focus. The female hive blesses and supports all the evil that the darkside colors inflict on the good guys. They destroy the lives of their enemies (good people or less powerful colors) then apply cunning to create faults in their victims by rewriting of the history of events. These alleged faults legitimise the attacks of darksiders on good people. satan corrects the imaginary sins of the good guys while viewing their own sins as meritorious action. They shift the blame for failure of others from themselves to their victims, while secretly celebrating their prowess in creating and implementing 'winning' moves. No guilt is felt, and certainly no remorse....until they are brought to justice, if ever. If their victims survive, they talk about paying them. They still insist that certain endgame moves in the sex games be implemented by the good guys/stooges, and never admit that the modus operandi of their paradigm fulfils their purposes, not anybody else's. They still pretend that they are fulfilling God's mandate for them, and that they are doing the work laid out for them by him. How they treat good people is in stark contrast to how they treat themselves and their own kind: enhance, enable, tolerate, promote, build ego, accumulate, cooperate, validate, be considerate, help go forward, give more, help sin and let sin, etc. Their priorities on the hierarchy of human needs are the accumulation of material things and opportunities, the control of the distribution of wealth, control of the access to the wealth and pleasures of earth, and rigid censorship of who gets the power to influence or manage others . They have erected their own darkside rites of passage so that 'signing' virgins, or supporting the female hive, brings material plenty. The societal hierarchy is constructed based on who can give good sex, and attendant entertainment, to the female hive. All other talents and behavior that others possess do not matter. Snake-power backed by female control of institutions and agencies guarantee that the wishes of the female hive are always enforced. Sodom and Gommorah is recreated on an ongoing basis by the female hive. Mankind is doomed, one way or another.

The darkside idea of staging gender games to distribute annual 'crops' of virgins is a diabolical scheme. The sex school is really a device for keeping the darkside nature strong, their powers well-honed, and for perpetuating their governance of society by perpetuating their numerical superiority. It is meant to install darksiders in positions of material adequacy, and of excess, while assuring that only darksiders who pamper to the sexual- and other desire-driven indulgences of the female hive's agenda make it in life. Without the backing of the female hive, the lives of differently-behaved males become torturous or terminated early. Why do the virgins show up at this darkside party? Maybe they want to know sex. Maybe they are society's captives. Most likely, they are darksiders themselves, blindly following the darkside script or movie. They cannot seriously believe that they need training for sex, unlike the rest of female creation. They cannot seriously believe that the sex school will cultivate them into womanhood, with the possibility of love and happiness. The female hive is all about breaking out the young girls into a life of sex, which is to be used to ride piggy back on males, as their route to material acquisitions. Maybe, too, they just accept the darkside's society overwhelming force, and, in fear, look on the experience as simply what girls have to go through in life. And, they discover that no parents or other family will save them from this fate. Young males are expected to follow the pattern laid down by the female hive (giving females shares of their material resources and give females good sex on demand regardless of morality or love) or lose all and live barren lives. Falling in love with a single female, getting married and living in fidelity is out of the question. You have to share yourself around in order to make it, or make it big. Then, not all males make it. If the numbered girls and shapeshifters involve good guys in their game, it is for ruin and destruction not success. The numbered girls get their opportunity to have as many men as they can handle, get to feel that they are the best and most desirable in society, and that they are the stars in life above all lesser females. As back-up, they have their greater snake-power (like queen bees) and the rest of their darkside hives. The female hive is busy playing God and does select who will succeed and who will fail. Families engage in the buying and selling of their daughter's 'meat' when the various crews have finished making them sex-ready! In the process, rights, freedoms, free will and living according to God's tenets are completely discarded.

 Darksiders point to their material plenty or to their numbers and powers (eg mind-reading) as proof of their greater worthiness and superiority. Females, assured of their beauty, their pleasure-giving ability or desirability, or their energy-powers feel superior enough to males as to play God for them. They know that they can make or break males. Darksider males, however, are wont to point to their hard-working natures (as opposed to the lazy natures of the good guys) as their justification for having more. Hustle and bustle and physical sweat is easy to detect. Brain-sweat cannot be detected at all, and it is the hardest kind of work to do. The evidence of lots of 'brain-sweat' is the knowledge one has. Even parrot-like knowledge takes tremendous effort...imagine what it takes for cutting-edge knowledge to be acquired. But then, for souls, it is not hard since every footstep placed on the frontier of knowledge is a joyful one. Darksiders have cunning and get information but they are not generally functionally, or otherwise, literate. Souls research knowledge for understanding the world. Darksiders research to enhance their cunning, and their ability to prey successfully. They hate the knowlege that souls can produce and which makes them look like second-raters. All the more reason why darksiders hate and destroy good or soul people. They do not like soul people to have any influence among others, and so they give soul people no opportunities to be in such positions. They carefully hide all the plots, corruption and conspiracies they are engaged in, and which produce their wealth, authority and comfort zones. That they are 'hardworking' is the excuse used to justify transference of wealth, opportunities and inheritances to only darksiders. It is all a lie because their lives are a series of deals and corrupt works. They hide the fact of being favored by the female hive. Darksiders are busy because the darkside cannot leave spaces in its behavioral repertoire for the soul to activate, sneak some behavior beyond darkside detection, or get access to help.  The soul already owns the body and its nature is not conditioned by any colonising impetus. They research their needs, and then make decisions in the direction of fulfilling them. There is no desire, greed, cunning or ambition involved. The soul comes with its good feeling or esteem and needs no hierarchical mobility, ego-building or desire-fulfillment to experience it. They are not attached to the fruits of action because they know that the female hive or male darksiders can give failure for actions done. The low-life darkside uses plain hatred of souls fueled by emotions like anger and jealousy as motivation for wiping the smile of the faces of good people, for giving them sour lives, or for killing them off with physical or energy- force.

Like male darksiders, the female hive does not know, or care about, soul people. They are abusers and stressers, causing all manner of maladies to afflict their victims. All they see in soul is competition which will upstage them in the external world. They have to show who is the boss. The inner darkside (the same force ruling female bodies) is on a path of destroying or sabotaging the body it rules. The soul does not settle for that, once it gets an inkling of what is really going on. Souls challenge them for the ownership of the bodies which they own but which the darkside/bacteria combo possesses. The thief steals the house and will not let the owner retake it. The female hive fights the soul to reduce him in order to help his inner dark side. They will not let the soul-owner retake his house. Thus, the suppressed soul can never develop or unfold to fully control its body. The darksiders (male and female) build the dark side within others by treating bodies as if they are darkside-owned. Thus, darksiders treat souls as if soul is just another dark side. Good acts, acts of compassion and charity, and righteous acts, are deemed by darksiders to be mere masks worn by soul people to 'play' with because darksiders operate like that. They want the dark side in you to grow, and they give it all the help and support it's needs while denying the soul its opportunities for unfolding its nature, or of becoming self-sufficient materially. They deny the soul its status and validate the dark side within. They give the souls that resist only barren wasted lives. Males who make religion the prime motivator in their lives are extremely at risk for sorrow in their lives, while darkside males can laugh their way through life. The religious thrust of being good, doing good deeds and helping others is not allowed to overshadow the female hive's thrust of 'please us with sex and materials, or else'.

Souls cannot live like darksiders do, without their dark sides taking over. You cannot eat the food they eat or indulge in the activities they do, or try to live like them. You cannot pursue desire and sexual pleasure without boosting your dark side into rulership. A soul must live like an island in a sea of darksiders, fighting to stay afloat. The ubiquitous fuel for the growth of the darkside nature is desire, which expresses as greed, ambition and all the low-life qualities evinced by darksiders. Civilisation is based on bodies embracing and fulfilling desire. Desire, not knowledge-based decisions, is the prime causation for the actions of the majority. The dark side's successful colonisation of the victim's body is achieved by the spontaneous generation of desire and its urgent fulfillment by action. Successful dark side action boosts the ego, while tiltillating the feel-good energy of the darkside/bacteria combo. This self-validates the darkside/bacteria combo as the most worthy controller of the body. This validation lies in the boosting of the dark side's consciousness and power vis a vis the soul, once the action is done faster than soul can intercept and block. When a darksider attacks a soul person, this same modus operandi is followed. When the soul person cannot react with like speed, he gets suppressed, and his dark side gets a boost. This is experienced by the soul as a painful 'cut' to his consciousness. Of course, the soul person does not live in the shallow world of darksiders. This darkside victory by 'cutting' is immaterial in the more profound world of the soul. All this tells the soul is that he must cure the pain of the 'cut', discover how the 'cutting' mechanism works, and he must institute measures for preventing the dark side within from being built by darkside attacks. The soul knows that darksiders are going nowhere very quickly.

The female hive projects that the greatest quality or talent a male has is his penis, and if he has that in sufficient quantity or knows how to give females pleasure with it, or shares it among females in need, then his life will be a joyride. For them, it doesn't matter if you are righteous, spiritually evolved or talented. They can use their collective snake-power to reduce you to nought if you don't comply with their paradigm. And you have to go with the females that they select and send to you. Nothing happens by accident. If you find that you don't get any girls or material success, they tell you that it is not your time. They tell you that you are asleep, and must wake up. They tell you that the lines are long and that you are at the back...dead last. They give girls and wealth to their sons and preferred males first, and whatever dregs remain, souls can try them. The numbered girls book good males as their last preferences, to be tethered on leashes until they are ready. And then again when you meet girls, you must go directly to the sex act to qualify for benefits. If you don't rush the 'cherry' you will not get a second chance. The same girls will even turn against you. Speed of 'signing' is more important to them than any 'getting to know you', relationship-building, or romantic interludes. Even sizing up issues of compatibility has no top priority. Have sex as fast as possible or lose out, is their policy. By having societies operate by this paradigm, the female hive ties consciousness to the darkside's animal instincts and so prevents any human evolution in terms of spirit or consciousness. This paradigm secures for the female hive their prime role in the controlling and directing of the courses and outcomes of human lives. The female hive plays God for the human race. Even God allows humans the right of free will, so he doesn't interfere or plan their lives for them. This fact is taken advantage of by the darkside females as they replace God! The female hive protects the survival of their paradigm by doing evil acts, or by blessing and cooperating with other darksiders in the commission of evil acts, against those who knowingly or unknowingly operate outside of their paradigm. All the 'laundry', washing and cleaning committed against good people to convert them into darksiders is instigated by the female hive. However, the female hive cannot stop  the persevering soul which expands its own nature of knowledge, awareness and bliss/harmony as its cornerstones of  fightback. The soul must place material things and experiences in their rightful places: learning to live with little while using knowledge to restore its immunity to the slings and tortures levied by the darksiders. In the process, the soul learns that to live according to mainstream, but darkside, traditions is to actually abet the growth of the dark side within. They learn, too, that the guidance and protection of God is crucial to staying alive and surviving.

All society's platitudes about freedom, equality (of opportunity etc)and justice do not exist for you, if you do not belong to the various hives or colors, or if you do not support or promote their system. Being a true individual with control over one's consciousness, and seeking out life according to one's own decision-making and talents, is a no-no. They will proceed to destroy you, as is correctly enunciated in the biblical 'mark of the beast' advisory. Seeking one's own destiny or taking one's life into one's own hands, by embracing the rights and freedoms assured by the laws of the State while ignoring their system of things, draws their ire, their collusion and their death-giving or mind-control 'operations'. The latter they cleverly disguise as 'laundry' or 'kitchen' operations involving cleaning, washing, cooking etc. They fool everyone by using language which is not descriptive of what is actually being done. For example, 'forced' signage of a virgin is actually rape but who will prosecute who, when law enforcement belongs to the darkside hives and are directly or indirectly involved in that charade. Darksiders possess the arrogance of superior numbers fueled by the prospect of even greater numbers as their sex-scool reproductive machinery is successful season after season, and year after year. They do not really need the satanic powers that gives them covert power. They control societies by their control of formal management, and by populating the general employment landscape. More specifically, they populate the agencies that provide private and public services on whom everyone depends. And, they take their personal agendas to work! This is how the 'beast' controls societies. Human rights and freedoms are of no concern to darksiders. The bodies we see, enact the agendas of the possessing darkside, and of the colonies of bacteria that make up 90% of those bodies. As such, there are few real human beings or soul-run bodies.

The darksiders have made society their hunting grounds for pleasure, and for female energy warriors with which the various colors can conduct their rivalry for the economic and other pies. Mamma's boys keep the good life going for themselves and their successors, by any means necessary. They pay attention to their immediate material welfare and to the sexual pathway to riches: just put your signature 'underneath' and you qualify. They do not consider karma. But, they will, now that God's hierarchy has defeated the satanic hierarchy, and their powers have dried up. Their bad karma will transmute into destruction by Armageddon. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, it is because of bad karma (unrighteousness) and the killing of good people that God is scripting destruction by Armageddon. So, they can describe their bad karmic activities in whatever meritorious terms that they can contrive, God is not fooled! The elites, too, frown on a system that they created but which has led to such a vast explosion in population, that they now have to kill or sterilise humans in order to limit or reduce population. They want a more easily manageable size of population, according to the Georgia Guidestones. Engineering population reduction by Nuclear war and Eugenics involves the creation of too much bad karma. If the elites cleaned up their act, there are other ways of stopping the sexual madness of the darkside colors or hives that the elites themselves created. The key focus should be how to destroy the darkside/bacteria combo which (for females) places beauty and physical assets ahead of being soul. A major reform would be completely dumping economic theory and institutions, and refocusing life on soul evolution instead of money and wealth. Any civilisation that has women focused on bodies instead of souls, and on the pleasuring of their bodies as a basis for distributing material well-being, has completely missed the point.