Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fighting Back With Nutrition....Why Nutrition? 2

This world is not the best of all possible worlds. God did not set up this system of things and he did not hire the elites, or the darksiders, to run it for him in the interests of human evolution, or give them domination of others as a blessing. Faith in the system has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with one's own gullibility. In a world wherein most things are about money, what is not about money or obstructs its transactions, or is incapable of enabling its transactions, dies, is suppressed, or is skewed into sundry non-threatening directions. Morality and the sanctity of human life are the two best examples of the system's collateral damage. The brain has been gradually reshaped to zero in on, and to contemplate, monetary and materialist things, and eventually to give way to the triumph of the dark side within's cunning, as the soul finds its nature's expression diminished. Only souls which are fully functional, despite it all, retain their brain usage and their knowledge-gathering and information-processing abilities that keep it aloft. To fight back, you may just have to retrieve the viability of your brain first, and retrieve your will to act. Thankfully, borax detoxes fluoride from the body. You can chelate aluminum and heavy metals with liquid zeolite, sodium thiosulfate, chorella or cilantro, among other things. The earth is now filled with chaos, suffering, death and destruction. The end of the world as we know it beckons as 'the war to end all wars' looms on the horizon. Lyndon Larouche is more 'positive' about the world's future. Paul Craig Roberts and others see WW3 on the horizon. John Kaminski has his own interpretation of things, and his posts are intriguing. Benjamin Fulford gives you the good news, and the bad, created in the struggle between the White Dragon Society and the Western Cabal. Fulford is looked upon as an 'endearing crank' by bloggers like Henry Makow. The darkside elites and the darkside society are fully responsible for creating ruination on the planet, not 'mankind' as a whole. The change from an evil world to a good world looks only remotely possible now, despite all the covert and overt efforts to that end. The coming Armageddon threatens to bring total destruction. If the predictions are to be believed, billions will die. This is detailed in my previous posts on Armageddon. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, righteousness will be re-established in the aftermath of WW3, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes

One theory of the global elites is that they are unified bunch; united in controlling the world's peoples, and in seeking a reduced global population through eugenics. Nuclear war is a quick method of achieving that end. The elites have hideaways to be safely ensconced in, while the earth's surface perishes. That theory further states that all those elites who oppose the creation of a One World Government, or New World Order, are simply playing their puppet-roles in that eugenics drama. There is another school of thought, based on current geo-politics, which points to the reality of two rival camps of elites: BRICS and the Western Elites. The western elites are plotting towards a New World Order while the BRICS nations support a multi-polar world. BRICS is made up of some 178 countries led by Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa. The Western Elites are now on a course of conquest despite the efforts of the mainstream media to paint it as an anti-terrorist drive which replicates democracy and freedom in other lands. Those who want no part of the Western Elites, see BRICS as a saviour. The Western Elites are aggressively seeking war, and are relentless in their propaganda. The BRICS countries, among others, are the targets. The people in the western nations are themselves the targets of their elites, and they have great obstacles to overthrowing these elites(constitutionally or otherwise) and thereby resetting their way of life. For these people, the BRICS Alliance is their only hope. Russia is being targeted currently (even assassination is cool to darkside people), but its leader is adamant in defence. Some say that its Russian resources they're after! The propaganda and provocations in the engineering of WW3 continue unabated. The 'awake' do not want WW3 because it will cause too much suffering, death and destruction. Who can survive the nuclear shockwave or its winter? Anyone who keeps doing the research, or keeps on being informed, knows about 'prepping'. The idea of impending doom is very difficult to face. The noose is tightening around the necks of the collective masses in such a way that the choices given amounts to death, or slavery then death. The eventual 'causers' of the deaths of animals, birds, and aquatic life-forms will not stop until they are sated. Then its off to their underground hideouts! This Doctor has some good information, if you can overlook his wilder claims!

There is a state of consciousness wherein the intelligent can stay informed yet be able to blink the world away, just as one does to get sleep at night. The same consciousness transformation is operative in the face of death or destruction: a pulling away of the awareness from things people, places and events in the outside world. One 'resets' by simply nullifying the meanings/importance/significance one customarily gives to creation's contents. When all non-basic attachments caused by darkside activity vanishes, the soul can sing its customary song once more: I AM. That's the soul's statement whenever material concerns dissipate, and whenever the dark side within is beaten and it's ego has collapsed. The onset of death or destruction leads to the collapse of the ego and it's attachments because what builds the ego is not that important anymore: physical survival alone comes to matter. All the distractions and ego-building which give rise to 'I WANT' and 'I AM GREAT', and which fuel the games and dramas, cease to be important. The darkside nature melts away as the new consciousness espousing 'I WANT TO SURVIVE' and 'I AM' take over. From birth, the soul experiences the world of things, people, places, events and the customary dramas enacted in relation to these. These take root in him as life proceeds. Those roots wither and get destroyed in the face of death or destruction. Along with those roots, goes the dark side within. This process generates detachment which is a natural soul quality. Soul people have no problem with properly relating to material things and do not need destruction to help them detach, or get sober. The soul discriminates away the 'chaff' and utilises the 'wheat' in a functional way. The process of detachment cultivation is what 'prepping' is really about. One has to mentally and physically take leave of the things that are core to materialist living, and embrace those things that aid survival. Stand and fight is not an option for city-dwellers. Those who don't have materials or intelligence will take what they want from others. Food and water are crucial for the continued existence of the body. One has to make some kind of preparations in these directions. Basic needs are not attachments. The more material things you hold on to, makes you a target for unscrupulous people. So, 'prepping' really involves learning skills which will keep you safe while enabling you to forage for a living, if it comes to that. If you have to flee your surroundings, you need to carefully select things that you can take with you. Everything else gets left behind.

If you want to prevent the occurrence of a survival scenario, who or what will you fight in the external world? Consider this: it is the contents of the earthly matrix that creates 'what is'. It is the 'contents' of the matrix that makes the world more and more evil. You have to look there for answers as to why the earth is experiencing ruination and destruction. God has no 'keep-it-as-kali-age' device or plan that prevents this evil world from becoming good. There are no planetary configurations that are working to produce death, destruction and Armageddon. Evil or darkside people are just not being fought back against. They are completely hijacking the world for their own ends and purposes. You have to point your finger at the real causes of evil things happening on earth: the darkside forces. One has to fight back against the darksiders, both elites and masses, to ensure that they cannot hijack and use your body for their agenda. You have to fight evil people not planetary configurations or other imaginary causes of earth's continuous descent into evil and ruination. You can't readily fight the elites who do not share your neigborhoods, while having armies to call on. You can't fight the darkside masses physically because they are more numerous. You have to fight their attacking strategies, their poisons, their propaganda and their psychic weapons. You fight by getting the knowledge, and by living that knowledge in your daily schedule. You have to save yourself. Hoping that some saviour appears whether it is God, aliens or some earth-based power is to accept your powerlessness. One thing is sure: you have to fight your own dark side which lusts after, and grieves for, the contents of the world. Your dark side within is the traitor that sells you out, and makes you accessible to the darksiders. If you have to run and hide, your own darkside implant will reveal your location and movements. No need for micro-chipping really! Only your immediate and eventual survival matters in these end-times. Your accumulations will be a hindrance to your plans for escape. If you are well-to-do, it's easy to skip town. The poorer classes will have to stand and fight or make a run for it when the time comes. Did you reduce your possessions so as to be able to exit quickly? Did you stock up on must-haves for the survival environment? Can you navigate amidst sub-human people? Can you live off the land? Can you survive the cold? Can you dissolve the decades of greed, craving and desires implanted in your head/darkside? These will either slow you down or send you off course. Can you face a world which will give you grief when it destroys the things, people, places and events you appreciate or like? Prepping for the coming destruction is more complicated than others make it out to be. Becoming soul, and  living out its qualities while utilising its potentials, is crucial. It is the only way to make yourself ready for the guidance that will help your chances of survival.

The masses live according to the elite's system or paradigm that touts competition as the best, most desirable expression of human effort and behavior. The elites, however, are not subject to their own paradigm. They are free to collude or compete with each other but do not have to compete with the masses. The elites can conspire or stage a win as it becomes necessary. They are above the system, and aloof, like system administrators. They formulate the parameters of the system and let it work. They are in charge of changes, whether these are upgrades or regressive plot-enhancing ones. They back up their system with the authority of experts who expound the knowledge or ideologies that define and justify it. Over the years, experts have arisen from the masses, and they examine every nook and cranny of the system, and the human landscape it produces. They have detected the lies and deception in what the elites and their experts say. The experts from the masses have discovered that it is all a plot to control and take over the world completely. The elites' spokesmen do corroborate this in their speeches. But, there is a hidden dimension to this in that the plots also involve giving satan and his minions, or the darksiders, free passage and full support to control human bodies, and to rule the earth through its' manipulation. The elites want war and they shall have it, whether it's collusion or a uni-polar vs multi-polar issue. The masses can't stop that. Protests do not stop wars because solidarity changes nothing on the ground. Like the elites, the darkside masses have the goal of controlling earth too, but they are fighting goodness and the good guys to achieve this. They are busy with their sex-school system because it converts its participants to be completely darkside: satan's sparks in human bodies are instruments of satan. Those who have been schooled already need to keep the 'school' operational in order to keep their darkside powers well-honed. The lesser elites in the darkside society won't fight the big elites out of loyalty to their 'gravy train'. Some keep eternally busy playing the game to win, oblivious of, or asleep to, the graver reality of 'what is'. They don't fight the elites and won't even try, even as eugenic options are having debilitating effects on them. They live by the predatory chain: bigger fish eats smaller fish. The darkside masses will keep preying on the good people who are the smallest 'predators'. They will either collude with bigger predators or avoid them. So many of the darkside's plots against good guys fail because they have cast good guys as small 'predators'. They cast the world in their image and likeness. All the guesses and profiling goes wrong if the good guy knows how to proceed. Good guys are a different specie completely. So, who will fight the darkside majority in order to restore goodness as a way of life? Who will stop the darksiders from using the sex school, their games, their satanic powers, the force option, the elimination of the good guys, their numerical advantage etc. to destroy any moral fabric left in the society, in their quest to keep civilisation evil? The darksiders are keeping, and intensifying, their preferred kind of 'playing field', and are neutralising all efforts and people who come in their way. They use your dark side to compromise your efforts. Then they can go to the other hives or colors and quote your lack of effort as good reason for denying you a life. The only way to defeat the darkside on the outside is to become immune to them. Then they cannot compromise your efforts, and you can have a life despite their best efforts to deny you. The only way to achieve immunity is cutting your own darkside down so it cannot be used against you. This method causes the darksiders on the outside lose their powers and abilities. Darkside people build and strengthen darksides every chance they get. Good people have the weakest darksides, and this attracts all the darksiders. This is when the war against the good guy really begins. If the good guy defeats them, they lose their powers and abilities. Then they can only resort to the power of numbers, physical force or their managerial stranglehold. To stay alive as a soul you have to fight back intelligently, and righteously. You have to become immune to their attacks. Only nutrition engineering can give you that. Physical safety is not guaranteed, either from dangers in a world war or from the machinations of the darkside society. You have to change what you can change and hope to change the rest. You are not fighting alone, that is a bit of comfort! God's guidance makes a big difference!  

In the coming years, will the darkside society continue to propagate their control using the mechanisms they currently employ? Who will fight them? Will they be too depleted or too shell-shocked, in the aftermath of a nuclear war, that their system will crumble? Nuclear weapons do not discriminate between good and evil. Everyone in the kill zone of each warhead will die. Will the same darkside society emerge from a nuclear winter to proliferate their natures and their un-level playing fields? Will extra-terrestrials announce their presence in an indisputable way? Will God make his presence felt? There are so many questions in the face of the war to end all wars. What can humans do to save themselves? After all, only 11 countries in the world are free of conflict at present. The answers depend on your analysis of the situation. If you see the invisible satan in human bodies as the real enemy, then the fight is different from if you see human bodies as the enemies. If you see yourself and others as just animated human bodies, the fight becomes different. Though satan can be born with his/her own body, usually it possesses the bodies of others, and takes it over. If you are aware of this tyranny, you want to stop it from happening in you: you do not want satan to suppress you, the soul, and hijack your body. So, you probe the science of causes, effects, processes and mechanisms involved whereby the dark side can do this, and short-circuit them, thereby creating immunity from satanic or  darkside attacks. You will remove the key threat to your own soul consciousness if you fight back this way. Your own body, and the darkside within, are your weak links, not the soul itself. All the physical threats remain, but the soul attains a better position from which to handle these, even if death ensues. If there is an urgent physical threat involved, there is no choice but to fly or fight those threats. When you are not sure of the future scenario or can't do better than you are currently doing, then one has to start, and keep fighting the invisible enemy.  

The various colors or 'hives' of darksiders overwhelmingly dominate the populations in every ethnic grouping, and their admixtures. Democracy or the will of the majority is therefore the will of the darksiders. There are governments of darksiders for darksiders. You cannot hope for political solutions to change anything that is, at root, a case of complete moral failure. The darkside has no morals within the consciousness of cunning to propel it. For them, the enactment of morals is just another gambit in the dramas they stage. The continuous feeding of the darkside nature, and the destruction of good people, induced the collapse of morality. Our role models have either been switched or have proved to be no models at all. Only a meritocracy will work to provide the population with the skilful/talented people needed to run the affairs of any State. Most politicians work for the elites, not the masses. Goodness has been practically destroyed as a way of life. Good people are being destroyed right, left and center while evil, as a way of life, is being cultivated. The utilisation of force and cunning as a methods of competing and winning in the pursuit of wealth, in the gathering of materials, and in the execution of material enjoyments, is ubiquitous. Competition to win by any means necessary is now established as the preferred behavioral mode. Competition is not of the fair kind, and it is a misnomer: being just an excuse the darkside needs for instituting cunning moves, and for conducting its nature-driven preying. They use attention-attracting sight and sound to execute impact-driven brain destabilisation on good people, while using the attracted attention of the dark side within to build it, or to convey shots of bad energy to the soul's body. External attacks using sight and sound are commonly used by darksiders because they are not crimes, and are not illegal. The purpose of these displays is to attract and catch the attention of your darkside. They work on you, and affect you, because your own dark side's attention is available to them. Like vibrates with like! Your own soul attention goes with it, so when they feed energy to your darkside or build it any way, you are there to filter everything so you do not follow into things that get you into trouble. There is increased tension in the body, and an overwhelming feeling of suppression, everytime they build the darkside. It hurts in the flesh when the dark side's attention is used to build it. You feel it expanding as it is built. They use the phrase 'cut' to indicate the wound created when the darkside is suddenly built. Soul becomes suppressed and is very 'out of sorts' when this happens. Others' rights properly end where your aura begins, but darksiders do not respect any boundaries. They use schemes, accidents, set-ups and even bureaucratic power, to afflict, delay and destroy good people. Preying is how darksiders live and behave, despite the platitudinous veneers of civilisation that they hide behind. They prey unabatedly despite the existence of Laws and Constitutions which give everyone their human rights, and the right to be free of being perpetrated against. Darksiders ignore these, and legitimise their stalking and preying on good/soul people by claiming that God chose them for the job of 'teaching' good people. They cannot prove God's role in any of that, and it is only the fact of wanting to stay alive in the face of superior force that zippers the lips, and restrains the hand of their good victims. Violence, too, does not readily erupt from the bodies of good people. A darksider's preying has more support in the society than the good guy seeking relief from preying. So, how can a soul person defeat the darksiders, singly or en masse? Darksiders cannot use a brain. They operate by programming, by the cunning intrinsic to darkside substance, and by the total sense of incompleteness (disguised as ambition) that all the evil they do tries to complete. Force or violence is their prime weapon. The ability to use a brain is the one tool that can defeat the darksiders. The soul uses it to gather the information, to understand the known, to propose solutions, to experiment and arrive at a workable solution, or to intuit further knowledge or get guidance towards a better solution. The brain must be brought into the equation totally. Knowledge and guidance must be part and parcel of every moment you live. Deep research must be alternated with uncluttered awareness. The brain has to be in top shape otherwise the dark side within will exert its malignancy. Soul wants to be pushing forward on its own consciousness treks, instead of being locked in battle with the consciousness of the dark side within, and so being unable to transcend it completely. Nutrition is the key factor in brain wellness. Harmonious music is another. Living a daily life created outside of the proverbial box, is testimony to the knowledge of truth that one is living. And if life ends despite your best efforts, as it eventually must, you did not waste it. You may not have reveled in the joy from within but you do have spiritual gains to go forward with.   

So, the darksiders claim to be chosen by God to 'teach' while the good guys were chosen to learn. Learn what? Darksiders know nothing about goodness. Their primitive behavior does not enthrall or inspire their victims. They cannot teach what they don't know! They have no knowledge to share. So, they teach themselves, and their system, to other people. People fed up of the force and the abuse levied on them, often become like the perpetrators. That is the lesson taught: conversion to dark side courtesy of the 'hard knocks school'. The darksiders are not teaching anything for others' own benefit. They are teaching/forcing them to become darksiders. All the break-downs being currently experienced whether it is in law and order, or in family life or in whatever field....is entirely due to the progress that darksiders made in more fully controlling earth. Where are the really good people who should be teaching their own kind? Good people are few and far between. Good people desiring to become better, do not need any teachings unless it be from advanced members of the good or soul tribe. The teachings which are found in popular books and magazines at grocery checkout registers target the non-existent strawman identity, and are both misleading and useless. They ignore the reality of the good soul and the evil darkside! Darksiders do not know anything about goodness and their possession of superior pain-causing force alone silences their protesting victims. Darksiders want to live out their predatory natures with the cooperation of the soul/good people. This cooperation is not voluntary but results from force, fear and deception. And, the darksiders spend a lot of time fooling people about forgiveness, about their permission from the divine, about teaching lessons (?), and are generally trying to legitimise what they do. They do not serve God because they prey on others, using cunning and force. They have no inner life and have an extremely magnified focus on the external world. They are always minding other people's business, and are stalking and spying on them to get information for successful preying. They have spun the perfect fable which, when they are believed or when they have the energy-power, enables them to interfere with everybody else and not get blamed for it. They introduce hell into peoples' lives and want to be thanked for it. And because of their vast numbers, there is nary a dissenting voice. Being a beast is so vital to staying alive or having any kind of material life, that good people become either scarce or invisible. The darksiders claim that they do what they do as a divine assignment, being blessed by God-given favors and powers. Even human rights must defer to divine right, even though nothing divine emanates from them. Their brutality is quite the opposite of what one expects from humans with a God-affiliation. It is what one expects from satan, demons and evil-controlled human bodies. When will good people make it a 'my word against yours' issue? That can only happen if you use nutrition to restore your natural immunity to darkside powers, and stand up and speak your piece unequivocally.

Why would God choose evil, immoral people to work for him, and let moral people become their pupil-victims? If anything, God would choose good people to work for him. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds! The predators who afflict earth has configured religion to present themselves as bound for heaven too! Religion's scripts take your fighting instinct away from you. They tout forgiveness for your enemies. This negates the law of 'as you sow you reap'. It allows your enemy to have unfettered and continued access to you. It encourages the 'sin and let sin' mode of living. Forgiveness is a lying doctrine which gives to man a power that can only be executed by God. God knows how to forgive or dissolve karma, man doesn't. It is a teaching that targets that fictitious entity called the strawman. The 'strawman' is the elite's version of a human being: neither a soul nor a darksider. It seems that if you can take your enemies to court, you do not have to forgive. Religion also tells you to not to 'harden' your hearts. This strawman lesson gives a 'heart' to the heartless darksider! In effect, not hardening your heart translates to mean that you should not take any decision to stand up to the darksiders, or make any decisions against them, or proceed to fight back against them in any way. Religion seems to be cultivating 'sheep' as the ideal kind of human being. Standing up to darksiders, or fighting back against them, is construed to mean 'becoming' like them. This has spawned such ridiculous conclusions like you can't let them change you to be like them (soul cannot ever be darkside), or like fighting back creates two 'wrongs' which do not make a 'right'. The darksiders have erected an elaborate wall of programming and propaganda that deters their victims from getting even, from hitting back, or from seeking justice/vengeance. Religion presents the ideal human as one who forgives. They have many ploys. Darksiders destroy your life, then tell you that "you have won". They 'wash' their hands meaning that is the end of their involvement in the issue. They apologise for wrecking your life, and for trying to kill you. The tell you that the old law of 'an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth' was changed by Christ: you should not follow the old law! Their law for you is 'No Pain, No Gain'. They never allow you to give them pain. They also cannot tell you how it is that you gain from pain. They even say that their commission of evil does the world a lot of good. They do not recognise inter-personal boundaries. If they did, or if they restricted their preying to their own darkside hives, there would be peace. The result of their 'don't fight back' propaganda has directly removed the checks and balances to the growth of evil behavior. You pray while they prey! So, you have to fight back to restore your immunity to their attack modes. If Armageddon does not happen or does not solve the problem of evil, the good will have to find a solution. It's not because of a hardened heart. It's being brutalised that prompts the search for justice. Putting curses on them is the only way to balance the bad karma committed on you! But, only nutritional change can cut down your dark side so it has no 'attention' to offer its darkside colleagues, who wish to help it claim a victory within your body. When the traitor or weakness within is disabled, you become free of their unsolicited influences. Then, you can live your life fearlessly, rejoicing in your soul nature.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fighting Back With Nutrition..... Why Nutrition? (1)

You must fight back after deciding which wars, or battles you face, are most winnable. Choose your battles to engage in. You have to identify the 'root' causes or enemies. Enemies can be living breathing enemies or they can be arrangements built into earth's functioning, and which are like the bars of a prison. The law often does not interdict malicious people, or arrangements, but allows their incursions into your life. The law focuses on legal crimes, and much of what the darksiders do is not legislated against. The 'grey' areas of law and winning by intimidation is fully utilised by them. Criminal law only accepts certain kinds of pain and grievances as being illegal. Guilt is ascertained by a Court, and as determined by the relative strength of the legal argumentations. The mind-control done to females in the sex school is not legislated against, and even the upholders of the law participate in it. The marginalisation and torture of the good guys/stooges in society's sex-games destroys lives and people, but it is not legislated against. The darkside society uses snake-power to kill the good guys and to conquer their victims, but it is not legislated against. When the victims suffer heart-attacks, strokes, death, poverty, deprivation, sexual slavery to mamma's boys, lifetimes of injustice and discrimination....the society offers no redress. The victim just had no back-up to help stop these crimes from being inflicted on him/her. Ultimately, it is the various darkside hives which determine justice, or the lack of it. It is as if the society must be forced to give you a life, and justice, by the size of the hive's big stick. If you do not have the backing of a tribal hive, expect the worst. In that case, you are advised not to burn your 'bridges' because you may need them down the road. The darkside 'hives' do not like their victims to remember who hurt them, or in which ways. They like you to forget the past and be nice, so that they can throw you a 'bone' later on. The darkside majority goes about its business as if what they do is right. They will give you a myriad of 'blame yourself' justifications to cover up the fact of their causal input into your life. They will even tell you 'hard luck' or 'no pain, no gain'. You don't have to accept that these darksiders are the lords of creation. They are simply hiding the scientific linkage of cause and effect in the production of your sufferings. You have to pursue the deciphering of causes, and effects, in the process of understanding the unfolding of your life. The methods of defeating the darkside are there: you just haven't researched them. You don't know how to fight back against them and win! Knowledge is the problem. Those who have survived to tell the story have the knowledge. Much of the answer has to do with nutrition. You don't have to give in to your fear of death, or fear of material deprivation. You don't have to fear the 'beast' or embrace it. The body belongs to the soul, and if you can fight back and reclaim it, yours shall be the victory! You can safely fight back against the dark side/bacteria combo within because no law protects it, or can protect them. No-one can stop you from putting curses on the darksiders for the advantage they have taken on you. They want no good-guy bosses! They want no good-guy competition! The bad karma which they do not remember (because they do not believe in carrying 'load', and they believe in the power of apologies to give absolution) assures the fructification of the punishment that you define in your curse. Karma is a real bitch!

So, you have to fight back against evil. The devil, satan, lucifer or the evil-causing force known by different names in different cultures, serves itself, and works for itself. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR GOD. Its nature is opposed, and opposite, to God and soul. Rebel is perhaps a good description; enemy is definitely a better one. The world is like this because of their successful plotting, not because God is using them to teach the world. What can you be teaching the world by taking it over, and by stealing all the human bodies for your use? The Health Ranger doesn't see the darkside elites or masses as having a causal role in producing the Armageddon that is expected. He blames mankind. It's an interesting article nonetheless! Its all predicted in the Bible, he says in another article. You have to fight back without any backing or back-up, or fellow-soldiers on your side. That fact limits which battles you can engage in. Perhaps, the invisible good forces are your only allies. In a material world where you are deprived of the basics because that is the darksiders favorite mode of attack, invisible help is often irrelevant to your real needs. Then again, the war is bigger: one in which all the darksiders are arrayed against you, not as individuals but as darkside tribes within a darkside hive-mind. The separate colors or tribes have the basic darkside potencies, but with variations that produce the separate tribes. These darksiders are death-dealing and they naturally use predatory methods for which there are no laws, courts or possible justice. They all prey! Their satanic or snake power is used to kill you by 'natural' causes. Fear can cause your death in accidents or by suicide. They set traps that endanger your well-being. Many people seek relief by indulging in drugs or alcoholism. Sometimes, that is the only recipe for getting some sleep or for getting relief from non-stop psychic attacks. In all cases, drugs and alcohol makes things worse because of the negative health effects, and because they perpetuate the acid condition of your body. Then, as if the darkside colors, that make up the society, do not produce enough satanic tribulations, one has to deal with the elites and their own brands of warfare that toxify, enslave, reduce and sicken you, in everything you do, and in every place you do it. The principal war you fight is against death of the body. The darksiders want the bodies for their use. Whether they get it or not, the body will die. At birth, the contract said that you must die. Your war on earth is against the causes of death, so that you can survive as long as possible. Your soul dies in enslavement.

The darkside does not ask for permission to invade, overwhelm and use your consciousness and body. Your giving of such permission after the darkside implores 'Let Me In' is just so much disinfo. The darkside invades you, and does not take no for an answer. To stop their incursions, from outside and within, you have to self-navigate your consciousness and body. If not, they will navigate it for you. It will be done against your wishes, and you cannot stop them unless you know how to. Your main task in this life is to do research to find out how to keep them out of your consciousness. your body and your life. This is what life has become. You cannot live for happiness, or revel in your soul harmony, until you deal with the creators and dispensers of disharmony and suffering. Your research will clarify 'what is' and how best to deal with it. To keep your own consciousness and body intact and beyond disharmonious interference, the soul must defeat the darkside by using both consciousness (to get knowledge, or to make conscious decisions) and body ( to implement decisions made, especially regarding health). Surrendering your body to them will not save it, neither will it save you. Your best bet is to save the body from being destroyed by the darkside, within and outside, and keep it for soul use only. To accomplish this, you have to defeat your own darkside/bacteria combo within your body. If you defeat the traitor within, the darksiders on the outside will have nothing to use against you, except brute force. You will be spiritually immune to them. You cannot defeat eventual death, you can only postpone it. Your nutrition is your biggest achilles heel. It determines whether soul or darkside is more welcome in the body. In the current status quo of things, the foods that are generally consumed feed the dark side within. This is why the majority are darksiders.We know the dark side can take charge and evolve powers e.g. mindreading, eyeball-reading, hive-mind connections etc. What if the soul were in charge, won't it evolve its own powers and abilities? Consider that other options for change are not working: voting is not doing it because of results-manipulation, revolts and revolutions are being authored by the elites, NGOs do not really serve the interests of the victims, our leaders are conferred on us and serve their real masters, we are being diverted into little meaningless battles (March of Dimes etc) that solve nothing etc. With the kind of weaponry available to the powers that be, it's suicide to revolt. But then people have their freedom to act as they see fit. Ahimsa or non-violence is a Yogic tenet. Krishna in the Mahabharat epic tried to avoid war, and only permitted it when peace was impossible. He delivered the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita on the raging battlefield. Living as slaves amidst ongoing injustice was not an option that the Pandavas liked! Know that the dark side within is a receiver and transmitter for the gross darkside energies and influences. It is your greatest weakness. The elites have created technology which uses the dark side within to intercept and decipher your brainwaves, thoughts and memory. You can read about this here, here and here. The dark side/bacteria combo has its own energy system within. It also has access to ideas stored electronically, but not ideas that have not been downloaded from the realm of ideas or the causal world. Cutting down or shrinking the darkside/bacteria combo, within, effectively neutralises the reach of such technology. The dark side is gross and can be interfaced with by the gross mind-reading technology. The soul is the sublimest substance created, and nothing gross can vibrate with it, much less 'read' it. Besides, the soul has a blank screen as its normal brain poise. Nothing but past history of brain activity can be read, by which time the soul has moved on.
You have to fight back in the field of nutrition or you will become very unwell, and unable to have the real you in charge within. Knowing what not to use is the first line of attack/defence. This will save you from painful physical deterioration, suffering, disease, and death. You have to clean up the mess and repair the damage done by the nutritional toxins you previously knew nothing about. Toxic food dominates the nutritional status quo. Then you have to feed the cell what it needs so the body can function or evolve correctly, and properly, for perhaps the first time in your life. A healthy body is known not by how it looks but by the menu you feed to your cells. A healthy body gives no welcoming conditions for growth to the dark side within, and has no weakness or potentials usable to the attacking hive-minded darkside society. If you eat like the majority, you will become like the majority. The current status quo of food has led the way in the creation of an evil majority in the world. It is grossly acidic, devoid of what the cells need, serves to grow the dark side within, and nourishes its bacterial/fungal/viral helpers resident within. It is nutritional deficiencies which create the right conditions for the growth of the darkside/bacteria combo. Cellular malfunction is what causes disease, according to Dr Mark Sircus. The body's cells do not get their requirements for proper functioning, and for the experience of wellness. The body's energy system falters, and the dark side asserts its own. There is always the feeling of something missing. There is always an incompleteness which the darkside/bacteria combo uses as its cue, to run after its preferred nutrition. The promised completeness never manifests from dark side nutritional indulgence, except as a full stomach and pleasured taste buds. That ongoing incompleteness, and feeling of bodily disharmony, goes on and on. Trying new 'food' from the nutritional status quo is a search for nutritional salvation, and the soul cooperates. But, there is no respite because the dark side leads that search into its preferred haunts. The soul, if it wasn't fooled into accepting the darkside's exploits as its own, would research what the cells need, and provide only those substances that are needed. Instead, the soul falls into the trap of doing it like the majority does: grocery shopping and regular fare chosen on the basis of ethnicity, tradition, culture, media promotion, taste etc. Hopefully, the high level of un-wellness and illness now being experienced (eg obesity, heart attacks, cancer etc) will lead people to question the nutrition and other substances that they put into their bodies. Medication, taken for nutrition-caused illness, will not attack the root cause. Pharmaceuticals cannot treat root causes because they mostly target symptoms. There are other good reasons why pharmaceuticals fail. In feeding the cells what they need, according to the best nutrition science available, the body can retrieve its wellness, and the soul can get its freedom from the dark side within!  

Fear of death, and persistent unwellness, pushes one to seek out that which will restore health. Research supplies the information which is to be implemented practically in daily living. Ideas from research are something somebody else came up with. One can try to verify that these ideas are 'truth' by checking the science and logic behind them, or by referring to the testimonials, and trials or studies. Yet, one has to ascertain whether it will work for you or not. This means that one has to go into experimentation or trial and error. It is learning by one's own experience. It is your duty to survive as long as possible by assuring that your 'house' is intact. You can choose to trust the elites who determine what is available as food. You can leave it to them to be meticulous in researching and making available the best in nutrition for you. You can accuse all those who question the veracity of the elites with the phrase 'conspiracy theorist'. That will not change the reality of food making you sick. Research will confirm this conclusion. Films like SUPER SIZE ME introduce you to the plague of obesity. There is more, providing you do the research. You will come across the dangers of acidic diets or of acid bodies increasing cancer risk. You will find many alkaline/acid food charts. There are dangers associated with over-cooking foods. 
There are dangers generated by the act of cooking. This leads on to the dangers of  processed food one finds on the supermarket shelves. The food processing industry seems to have dirty secrets. There are dangerous additives which make people sick, in many ways. Or, you might prefer this listing. Not only the processed foods, but the packaging is toxic. The normal foods you eat are dangerous whether these are too much carbohydrates and sugar, meat (including processed meats), milk and dairy products (or here or here), and non-organic produce. The most ubiquitous carbohydrate used is wheat. Unfortunately, wheat is not good for you according to greenmedinfo. There is more in this post. Sugar, whether glucose or fructose, is especially dangerous, moreso in its no-sugar incarnations like splenda, aspartame or advantame. Cooking oils are widely used whether for deep-frying, regular cooking or sauteeing. Canola oil is being touted as the best for high-heat cooking. There is one problem: it is from genetically modified rapeseed. When its not the GMO food itself that is the problem, it is the collateral damage it causes! There is sufficient research that hint at the dangers of foods or ingredients made with Genetically Modified Organisms. You can see them here, here, here, here, and don't forget the findings of the Seralini Study. Guess who is behind the whole nutritional mess we call food: its the Corporations! They rule! There is an ongoing corporate takeover of natural food. They have spread the top nutritional myths to sell their own stuff. So, you can't trust those who put food on the grocery shelves to be 'straight up' with you. Their meticulous caring is fake. Their deep consideration about your safety is fake, though they use this caring to withold nutritious food and health-giving supplements from you. You cannot afford to be caught in the division-of-labor paradigm which gives you the role as earner, and gives them the role of supplier of food items. They save you time by providing access to food but destroy your health because you are too busy to bother. You have to take your nutrition into your own hands, research and educate yourself on the subject, then meticulously source and gather your dietary ingredients. Its the only way to fight back and save your health and body.

The war is for the body! The soul owns the body and is causally connected to it. The body is lifeless if there is no soul to power it, except where a few darksiders own their bodies. The darkside is an invader and a thief. To fight back against the darkside, one has to strike at the root causes of its empowerment:FOOD. It is food which creates the acidic bacteria-laden cellular matrix that welcomes and nurtures the darkside/bacteria combo. The human body is 90% bacteria in terms of the number of cells. It is food that gives life to the dark side and its bacterial/fungal/viral allies. Fight back with your own soul food and the dark side will be starved. The stealer of the body, that false identity, and creator of darkside-inspired ideals and methods will lure you to your own demise if it is not conquered and rendered unable to infiltrate its ideals, ideas, and methodology to replace your own soul lifestyle. In other words, there is a traitor on board, and you cannot be sure of your path forward until you verify that it is indeed soul which is going forward. And, the lifetime that you save by putting attention on applied nutrition, you, soul, will not fritter away in accumulating materials of all kinds, or their enjoyments (enough trojan horses use enjoyments to gain entry to, and shorten your life), or for conferral to the bloodline which you leave behind, or for concretising your footprints on the sands of time. Soul in charge does things differently. It cannot be caught in this materialist paradigm enforced on earth through the ownership of the right to print and distribute value-less money, almost everywhere on earth. The difference between soul and darkside is one of nature-driven perspective. For the predatory dark side, earth's materials and experiences are the reasons for living in the matrix of this scheme of things. You just do it like the other natives do: prey by any means necessary! Soul intrinsically possesses filters for activity in the form of what is called moral principles. It is not action, per se, that one has to engage in, either for its own sake or for its fruits: It must be righteous action. For soul, there are no fruits of action that are so desirable that one can justifiably overlook one's moral principles or sense of right and wrong. As a thief of the body, the dark side is already on the wrong side of moral principles. Its nature revealed by its actions, confirms its evil-ness!

Once you decide to feed the cells with what they need, instead of letting the dark side run to its preferred kind of food, you have to be ruthless in gathering the herbs, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, fruits and supplements that complement the changeover. A reliable blender such as a Vitamix becomes a necessity. You have to get into this changeover fully because the dark side will fight back and assert its own feeding habits, if given half a chance. Until you get established in the dietary changeover, you will not sail smoothly from desired nutrition to desired nutrition. There will be hiccups that must be pre-empted by resolve or will-power. With every forced reversal of your intent, there must be a fightback to reinstate the desired nutritional patterns or content. That the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, becomes evident. It is very difficult to give up sugary foods and drinks, alcohol, starches, meats, dairy products etc. It is very difficult to avoid cooked foods, processed foods, delicious foods, ethnic foods, traditional foods, and other foods habitually consumed. Build conviction by looking at the popular causes of death in each state, how each cause is generated and strive to avoid that mechanism. The temptations to revert to the old way or to backslide must be resisted. Christ put it this way in the Essene Gospel of Peace (Book 1)

“For I tell you truly, evils and dangers innumerable lie in wait for the Sons of Men. Beelzebub, the prince of all devils, the source of every evil, lies in wait in the body of all the Sons of Men. He is death, the lord of every plague, and taking upon him a pleasing raiment, he tempts and entices the Sons of Men. Riches does he promise, and power, and splendid palaces, and garments of gold and silver, and a multitude of servants, all these; he promises renown and glory, fornication and lustfulness, gluttony and wine-bibbing, riotous living, and slothfulness and idle days. And he entices every one by that to which their heart is most inclined. And in the day that the Sons of Men have already become the slaves of all these vanities and abominations, then in payment thereof he snatches from the Sons of Men all those things which the Earthly Mother gave them so abundantly. He takes from them their breath, their blood, their bone, their flesh, their bowels, their eyes and their ears. And the breath of the Son of Man becomes short and stifled, full of pain and evil-smelling, like the breath of unclean beasts. And his blood becomes thick and evil-smelling, like the water of the swamps; it clots and blackens, like the night of death. And his bone becomes hard and knotted; it melts away within and breaks asunder, as a stone falling down upon a rock. And his flesh waxes fat and watery; it rots and putrefies, with scabs and boils that are an abomination. And his bowels become full with abominable filthiness, with oozing streams of decay; and multitudes of abominable worms have their habitation there. And his eyes grow dim, till dark night enshrouds them, and his ears become stopped, like the silence of the grave. And last of all shall the erring Son of Man lose life. For he kept not the laws of his Mother, and added sin to sin. Therefore, are taken from him all the gifts of the Earthly Mother: breath, blood, bone, flesh, bowels, eyes and ears, and after all else, life, with which the Earthly Mother crowned his body.
“But if the erring Son of Man be sorry for his sins and undo them, and return again to his Earthly Mother; and if he do his Earthly Mother’s laws and free himself from Satan’s clutches, resisting his temptations, then does the Earthly Mother receive again her erring Son with love and sends him her angels that they may serve him. I tell you truly, when the Son of Man resists the Satan that dwells in him and does not his will, in the same hour are found the Mother’s angels there, that they may serve him with all their power and free utterly the Son of Man from the power of Satan."

Taste and anticipated enjoyment must be countered by the knowledge of what to feed your cells. The darkside will obstruct change by harping on the 'loss' entailed by giving up the old food paradigm. The soul must counter with the successful outcomes experienced by those who have already made the dietary transition, with the removal of the physical/wellness setbacks that accompany the 'old' nutrition, with the enhancement of the quality of life, with the prospects of an extended lifespan, and with the scientific knowledge that says that this is the best move to make. The darkside/bacteria combo is not going to let you change things just because it suits your plans. And, if you don't accept that there is a darkside/bacteria combo within, you will when you try to adjust your diet to feed your cells. You have to keep moving onwards even when you back-slide. It is only the conquest of the dark side, within, that will free the soul and give it the chance to live out its nature and the possible existences that go with that. The alternative is to remain bound by the current status quo of civilisation and waste your life, with nothing to carry forward into future lives, or any opportunity to live as the soul that you are. It becomes an adventure into the future, leaving behind all that previously kept you back from unfolding your potential as a soul. The Elites, and the masses they created in their own image, but whom they now seek to destroy, have nothing to offer in this adventure. They will try to destroy you because it is intrinsic to their darkside or satanic natures. They have destroyed so many bodies and lives, and will not allow 'different' people, or those whom they perceive as threats, to continue to live, or to live well. Indeed, the invisible darkside forces which rule both elites and masses see all souls as threats because they want to see a darkside beast controlling all bodies. They fear the functional literacy and talents of the good guys or soul people. Furthermore, darksiders believe in aggressively pulling their weight. This is ,of course, the same role as ruling the 'good' sheep like gods. The attitudinal camoflage of being superior, and of being rulers, is still maintained now, even though their current lack of satanic power reveals that they have no weight to pull....except that of numerical superiority, managerial control of the local economies and institutions, and force or violence. God's hierarchy seems to have defeated the satanic hierarchy, as the energy in the 'air' is now harmonious. The darkside masses are not all dumb or poor. They are also in the local positions of authority and management which enable their ego-building, their plots, their accumulation, their greed, their pleasures, their fun and their enjoyments. Usually one will find them with diplomas but no functional literacy. How they got their jobs, is usually the pointed question. They usurped local management roles (by destruction of good people so there is no competition except from their own kind). This explains all the corruption and inefficiencies amidst their affluent lifestyles. The darksiders are also the local elites. Together with the rank and file, they dominate by destroying the competition or maginalising them. The rank and file accepts their more successful brethren because it is their own 'hives' in charge, and they will do things for them preferentially. The distribution of the local pie among the various hives is usually acceptable to all darksiders. Each hive has its local hierarchy, led by powerful darksiders, well-connected people or those who join masonic lodges for material success. The colors make deals with each other, and have understandings and arrangements that fashion their relationships. Yet, they are all darkside or satanic and have similar natures, abilities and ways of living. The local communities are their joint creation.  The darksiders use their lives for achieving happiness from experiences with things. Human bodies are just objects to them. They are the perfect target for the 10 Corporations that supply almost everything you buy.  Frosty Wooldridge calls it: 'Fleeting Pleasures - Manufactured Happiness' 

In fact, the hive-mind of each darkside tribe allows them to share their fleeting pleasures and 'manufactured happiness'. The experiences of one darksider is transferred to all others linked to him. All the colors have the same darkside nature, but with variations. Their focus on sex is just so that they can all share the pleasures and the energy boosts, which give renewal to the darkside/bacteria combos. The darkside masses have created their preferred kind of world at the local levels. All things good and holy are being thrown out, and a corrupt playing field of 'sin and let sin' is erected. The 'manufactured happiness' paradigm they live is elite-created food for the darkside masses, and it was crafted for that purpose by the elites. The masses remain very loyal to, and trusting of the elites. They live wasted lives in support of a money-centered system created by the elites. It is done because there will be more suffering otherwise. You give your life's hours until you retire, just to get enough worth-less printed paper with which to get your needs, indulgences, enjoyments and trinkets. Most of your 'needs' have been fabricated by the self-same elites, for you to indulge in them while expanding the reaches of their system. As you get past 50, the body starts to go bad...now it goes bad from the womb itself! Retirement is the beginning of the death walk. When did people live, if at all? Leaving your accumulations for the bloodline helps them, not you. The time and freedom to self-realise yourself was never there. You had to make that money. But, you never truly lived. Life was a staged drama: you looking for basic needs while the elites were plotting their global takeover! Yet, all is not lost. You have to devise ways to deal with the collateral damage ie poor health and no time for researched truths. You have to do what you have to do yet create collateral growth for the soul. Proper nutrition will reverse the steps in the death walk. You will get the time to spend in soul-building living, ceteris paribus. When you have the knowledge of the inner working of this world, outside and within, you have done what you should have done! In another place and lifetime, this knowledge will be within you, built into you. If good people are in charge then, the paper-money chase will not exist. Then, you, having the knowledge of that plot, can prevent history from repeating. Then again, you may find yourself in some existence where your developed consciousness will stand in your stead. You cannot come on earth, earn and consume while your soul sleeps and your brain gets rusty, and feel that you have truly lived. That is a wasted life you have lived. You are made to waste it as a debt slave and as a cog in supply or demand! The way life goes is that you initially fit into the world, and try to make it. You discover what the world is like late, by which time there is little you can do to recoup your life by living it right. Knowing about the darksiders and their plots and goals will no doubt irk you. Physical fightback is best left to those with that comparative advantage. We were either asleep or innocent at the time physical fightback was possible. Now, it is time to free the soul from the tyranny of the dark side within, and to see where that leads!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fighting Back With Nutrition......Introduction.

God's help via intuition is the only way to defeat the darkside world. There are no 'Fightback For Dummies' courses or handbooks, and crucial guidance and directions for travel must be obtained otherwise. Physical Gurus have proven to be lame guides. Intuited guidance is what must be sought after you stumble through the known and end up still needing solutions to work with. Intuited guidance is what you get after having done the research, then cleaned up your consciousness by the Writing technique. It is those ideas which land on your consciousness like snowflakes or feathers, that are the ones to follow. It takes a very still and quiet awareness to detect them. One has to create this quiet consciousness or you won't be able to pick up on these bits of divine help. Sometimes, the help might come as a sudden burst of inspiration which when followed through on, solves things. At other times,one might be making moves, dictated by some superior power which uses you like an instrument, which works out. Then, one becomes convinced of the invisible helping hand. (There are many invisible hurting hands). This is how soul people know that they are not working alone. There is some good invisible power that exists, whether we believe that it is God, God's hierarchy, or just plain good people living on Earth. One comes to value a partnership with good helping forces. When you cannot crack a problem or understand something, help is there, if you are able to receive the communication. The darkside/bacteria combo is resident in your eyeballs and it tries to overshadow the intuitive guide and pre-empt brain-processed knowledge, and decisions for action based on knowledge. The denizens in your eyeballs see the world along with the soul. They lock into their choiciest material world excursions and keep heading there at every opportunity. They create fixations and obsessions by their locking into things. It is not easy for the soul to change focus or to change habits until these denizens are destroyed, and their concerns are destroyed. Only then can the soul be free of that blocking innfluence and be able to implement its own pursiuts and activities. Detachment is available if you reduce or destroy the attaching entity. Will power will not destroy it. It is not a contest of wills, and any gain made by will power will be lost when the soul 'unblocks' in reverting to pure awareness! The dark side within, by its very presence, binds the soul to blocking it. Souls will, however, always choose to go into the freedom of living its own nature. The untrameled dark side will keep acting up until the soul gets fed up and seek out the means whereby it can end the dark side's treachery.

One must do research in order to discover that which can produce the changes required in one's life, and in one's internal living environment. No research means no suggested solutions become available for use. One has to dig deeper than watching TV or having conversations. The answers are there but one has to seek to find them. The answers that find you are not trustworthy. Chances are that they are red herrings put there to catch you and waste your time. You have to engage your power of understanding. This world is not the product of evolution by chance. Everything in nature and the human world is subject to cause and effect. You have to search these out, along with the processes and mechanisms which accompany them. There are blinders everywhere which seek to intercept the seeker's attention, lock him in, and create another deceived adherent of the system. The system ensures that you patronise it, as if chasing the fiat money it makes is not enough patronage. Eventually, with trial and error, one discovers the errors. You discover that the food you eat does not give the cells or the mitochondria what they need for optimum performance. You discover that your race or tradition, and the market system is more interested in their own welfare, and will not shift to nutrition that creates health. You will discover that there is an alternative system that is focused on the truth about nutrition, is actively engaged in research, and is putting out products and information that actually help you understand, and help you return to health. You will discover that folk medicine, which has been evolving for centuries, has finally come of age as medical doctors come to discover and propagate the truth. Doctors get seriously sick too and when conventional medicine fails, they look outside of the box for solutions. This Doctor was sick with multiple sclerosis and found the solution in proper cellular nutrition. Now she is propagating her protocol. She gave up synthetic vitamins for the original food sources. It is now known that certain medications are toxic to mitochondria function. Truth is obtained not only from double-blind studies but from the researched solutions, and their practical use by the afflicted. Folk medicine is alive and well, though it has modernised itself. It has the services of medical doctors who bring in their knowledge, skills and technology from allopathic medicine. Most of those who abandoned allopathic medicine to join the field of alternative medicine are dedicated to the science of health and have abandoned pharmaceutical-based methods.Their kind of science enriches the field of health. Folk medicine now has acceptable science to back it up. What's more, the requirement of clinical trials is met. Even so, the testimonies of protocol users and supplement users attest to the usefulness of alternative medicine in inducing wellness among seekers of good health. With the internet, users discuss their health strategies on forums like Curezone and Earth Clinic.

Bad nutrition is the prime cause of dark side empowerment within. We eat without regard to the nutritional substances that our cells need. Ethnic diets, traditional diets, cookbook diets, eating place diets, commercial dietary protocols and processed-food diets do not offer proper nutrition to the cells. Eventually, the cell membranes and the mitochondria deteriorate. Then we are struck down by illness and we are pointed to pharmaceuticals for symptom alleviation. But symptoms are just warning signs. How can we attain wellness by removing the symptoms of an underlying disease? The symptom is not the disease. In illness, it is cell function that has deteriorated. Toxins and pollutants clog the cells and suppress its functionality. Food and well-chosen supplements must be used to reactivate the functionality of cells. Energy production must be restored. If not, the dark side energy will be exhalted. This is where the human race is at right now. Starches, sugars, meats, processed foods, dairy products etc which are the most popular foods cause cells to deteriorate because these do not have the accompanying antioxidants to clean up the debris created by ATP production processes. There are other deficiencies that that kind of nutrition is guilty of. There is no focus on supplying the basics of cellular nutrition with the result that key requirements for optimum cellular function are completely left out. Unless diets contain amino acids, fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamins (synthetic vitamins are not the same as natural vitamins), macro-minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, phyto-nutrients, glyco-nutrients and therapeutic substances, cells will experience either deficiencies or starvation. There will be mutation or seriously impeded function. Fasting for more than a day or two is out of the question. The job of providing proper cellular nutrition must be self-done. One cannot be too busy for this task. Making money and paying others to do this (think Delis, Food Courts, Restaurants, Chefs, Grocery Stores etc) is not good enough. They have no clue as to what your cells need for optimum function. Eating for the taste buds, for the full stomach feeling, for the experience of sampling chefs creations etc are not good enough. Eating the food of your race, the food that is readily available to busy people, the food that is delicious or the food that is cooked for you is not good enough. You have to research what your cells need, which foods or supplements that they are in and get them in your house for consumption. You have to research what you can use with what because not all nutritional substances can be safely combined. If you use medications, you have to watch what foods you can use. This is where you need to consult with your medical doctor or your trained nutritionist. You have to research what you can consume and what you can't. The research, for instance, shows that genetically engineered plants and products are detrimental to your health. The articles from which the above information was gleaned will be linked in forthcoming posts.

When the soul is in charge, the body does the action that was meditatively decided by the consciousness. The brain is the organ that is credited with information processing. More correctly, it is the consciousness that uses the brain to selectively acquire and process information. The brain does not do this on its own. Science does not admit the existence of soul and pretends that consciousness is a brain function instead of being separate in its existence. I have maintained that the brain is an interface the soul uses to process earthly data in order to live its life here. Science, however, has given the brain the starring role while disappearing the soul from existence. They have gone so far as to divide 'humans' into right-brained and left-brained entities who react differently to similar situations. They insist that the right and left brain hemispheres must be 'synced' in order to act as one unit. These conclusions were the results of experiments in which the Corpus Callosum which joins both hemispheres were severed and the behavioral modes of each hemisphere investigated. Erwin Lausch has examined this research quite competently. The fact is that, in normal human beings, the corpus callosum is intact and there is nothing to prevent both hemispheres from functioning as a whole unit. In searching for a model to explain behavioral differences, science has created a lie. Behavioral differences are explained in this blog by which entity among the soul or dark side is ascendant in the body. There is doubt as to the importance of the brain itself in controlling behavior vis a vis the soul, the dark side and the different consciousness' that they represent. A very peculiar case drives this point home. This case can be read here.  A 44-year old man with a 50% - 75% reduction in brain tissue functions normally. The space is filled with fluid. The man who is married with 2 children works as a civil servant and is not considered mentally retarded or disabled. He functions with a thin slice of brain tissue. In another case discussed here, a 25-year old man is completely missing his right brain hemisphere. He graduated from high school and studied graphic design at the California Art Institute. The brain's plasticity is credited with creating the adaptation necessary for living a normal life. Nobody really knows what consciousness does and what the brain does, or how the soul harnesses the brain as a tool. It is not that the brain works and the soul is subject to it. The brain is just a control tower in which the soul lives. There is a discussion of half-a-brain-ism here and here.

It is soul consciousness which is important. What happens to that consciousness affects the integrity of the body and brain. A soul consciousness which cannot develop or express its inner nature freely eventually becomes suppressed. The dark side, with all the nourishment provided by civilisation, takes over. This suppression feeds back to the brain. The soul cannot use it properly with all the obstacles and denials it faces in life. Brain potentials remain unexplored and undiscovered. The dark side within and outside want souls to accept their right to prey without any opposition or fightback. They rationalise this stance as the prerogative of their superior numbers, superior powers, almost total control of societies and world, greater wealth and their ability to give you pain, suffering and death. You have to be 'nice' with them to survive or prosper. You cannot complain, as if their deeds are beyond reproach, and as if might is always right. In most cases, the soul learns play the games that the dark side majority enforces. Both the elites and darkside masses use mind control to put souls to sleep. They catch them and conquer them. Only freedom from darkside hegemony that comes from having more soul nutrition can solve this. The soul cannot flourish under conditions of incarceration by darkside predators. It will become suppressed or go to sleep. Both soul and brains grow rusty. Only a soul which gets to the knowledge of how to fight back in conditions of suppression will survive. The brain will be intact but is not able to give optimal support. Those aware enough to detect the dark side, within and outside, will know what to fight back against instead of getting lost in quixotic battles against chimeras that the world presents as the real enemies. Soul can use consciousness methods of fighting back against the dark side, with some measure of success. These I will present later. But, there will always be barriers to a total victory. Soul has to search out the root causes that generate such barriers and eliminate them. This is where it discovers that the food civilisation uses is the key problem. People do not feed the brain, and the body generally, with what is required for their proper functioning. This is the key enlightenment that souls must embrace. One has to let food be the medicine. To get to the point of accepting and implementing this in practice, is going to be a battle. The dark side insists on its own way of doing things. It throws up obstacles in the way of fighting it back using nutrition. It will create disbelief in this method. It will aver that the answer is too simplistic, and will carry on probing for a 'real' answer. If soul manages to dis-associate it's consciousness from that of the dark side, this and other aspects of its inner tyranny will be discovered. Soul cannot take responsibility for things it did not initiate simply because such things happen in its body.

Poor nutrition is the root cause in the process of dark side ascendancy in the body. Those waiting and searching for an answer that will give salvation or freedom to the soul must embrace this basic truth, and act on it. A suppressed brain must be rescued by the soul which uses it. It is difficult to recognise brain suppression, and come out of it, while in it. The enlightenment that suppression is the problem must hit home. Too many accept the nutritional modes of society and race without really probing what the brain and body need, and providing these at meal-times. The brain is a unique organ requiring its own array of nutritional substances, though what you consume feeds the whole body. There is excellent information on brain nutrition here and here. Too few are aware of the toxins they imbibe, and their sources, and how to detox effectively. Too many view wellness as a product of allopathic medicine and not as the result of proper nutrition and other strategies of folk and alternative medicine. The brain must be freed from malnutrition as a priority because its services are required to get the rest of the job done. Proper nutrition requires a lot of extra self-done research and practical effort. The results will astound you.

Here is an excerpt from an excellent article on the brain. Follow the link given to read the whole article.

"We may spend a lot of time thinking about the health of our hearts, bones, skin, and even our intestines — with good cause. They are critical to our general health and wellbeing. But how often do you think about how to nourish our body's most important organ — the human brain? The brain is the seat of our consciousness. It governs our capacity to think, learn, reason, and remember; it’s also the control center for virtually every other bodily process that we have. And, not surprisingly, it’s an organ that requires excellent nutrition to function at top capacity.
Most of us probably spend more time thinking about whether our food contains enough fiber for our GI tracts than we do about whether we’re getting enough B vitamins for our brain cells.
There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what we do for the brain now can have a big impact on how it functions in the years – and decades – to come.
Keeping the brain healthy and well-nourished is a task that should be high on our to-do list. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what we do for the brain now can have a big impact on how it functions in the years – and decades – to come. Eating well in the present, along with other healthy lifestyle choices we make today, can keep the brain hopping along well now and stave off age-related problems in the future, like cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.
When you feel mentally sluggish, foggy, unable to concentrate, and just plain tired, there is a good chance that what you have or haven't eaten is to blame. It is all too easy to be deficient in some of the nutrients the brain needs to work at top capacity, especially if we are dieting, or under stress, or eating on the go. These deficiencies can affect us mentally, leading to a number of cognitive problems and even to states like anxiety and depression.
So it's a good idea to become familiar with the brain-friendly nutrition provided by omega-3 fatty acids, the B family of vitamins, vitamin D, and the now-famous phytochemicals, which are plant-derived compounds that often act as antioxidants. These compounds provide a laundry list of health benefits to the body and brain.(1) In particular, we’ll discuss two types of phytochemical. One is the flavonoid family, which includes compounds found in berries and fruits. The other is a compound you may not have heard of – curcumin, which is found in a common Indian spice and offers major protection to the aging brain.

The Omegas' Brain-Boosting Powers
The healthy fats, omega-3s and omega-6s, are excellent – and necessary – for brain health. Fatty acids play a big part in cardiovascular health. What many people don’t know is that they also play several essential roles in brain function.
These deficiencies can affect us mentally, leading to a number of cognitive problems and even to states like anxiety and depression.
The two chief omega-3 fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and an essential omega-6 is linoleic acid (LA). Omega fatty acids are essential building blocks for the cell membrane of brain cells.(2) They can affect the permeability of the cell membrane at the synapse, the point where brain cells – or neurons – interact with one another and exchange neurotransmitters. The synapse is the heart of neural communication, and, very likely, human thought. When omega-3s and -6s enhance permeability at the synapse (so that compounds are more easily transferred from brain cell to brain cell), they can have a big effect on cognition.(2)"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Reading, Writing, Pondering: That Is How To Meditate. 3

The dark side does not like intellectual pursuits because it does not have a competent information-processing mechanism and the brain-hardware that is necessary for it. The nature present in the darkside substance runs wild, not needing or wanting advanced information-processing for accomplishing its predatory drives. Its attention naturally runs entirely into the external world and does not stay within its substance, to dwell on information and its in-depth processing. Desire, cunning and speedy supportive action are all it needs. It memorises extremely well but cannot critically assay or process what it memorises. It is locked out of higher knowledge. It cannot climb that high! It is confined to the 'down' or materialistic things like food, its pockets and sex. Its activities are guided by its nature not by knowledge of what is good for body or soul. The flesh it occupies has no brain-access for it to make use of. The 'Up' things or brain-processed activities are a no-no because it automatically goes to sleep once it leaves its customary nature. If the dark side gets pulled away from the expression of its own nature, it becomes suppressed as soul takes over with its own nature. The soul must search out its own knowledge-base or reasonings that act as the raison d' etre for its actions or behavior. The dark side pre-empts the soul from doing that by speedily executing items in its behavioral agenda while detering the soul from embracing its own agenda. The goal is to keep the soul in the 'down' zone and prevent it from escaping. The system of the Elites and the sex school/other games of the darkside masses forces this. The darkside has configured the world's civilisation to enable it to stay in its 'awake' zone so it can live out its nature or lifestyle. Ruling the world makes this possible. Brain-usage is not in the darksides' world, and its policy is to pre-empt this doing. The soul's use of a brain is a threat to its modus operandi.

Propaganda, lies and disinfo are being proliferated in intellectual circles. Science serves the system of the Elites. The dark side within is easily built, and nourished, in those who live thinking that civilisation is bona fide. The souls in the majority of bodies are suppressed by the darksides within, as intended by the darkside civilisation. Using the brain to process information is a difficult point to get to. False information, mind control techniques and compromised brain apparatus (caused by things like fluoride, aspartame, aluminum and other toxins, and by lack of proper brain nutrition and detoxification strategies) etc give the soul very little to work with. So many brain diseases have been invented, and they are treated by medication and other allopathic techniques that never solve the problem. Very few locate improper or deficient nutrition, or the absence of wholesome therapies, as being at the root of problems in consciousness. Very few look to the toxic intruders, found everywhere and in everything, as being the causes of poor health. Under dark side rulership within bodies, souls are trammeled. Its easier to go along with the majority and think, and live, within the box. Eat, drink, enjoy and have fun is still the popular style of living. That is, until calamity strikes. Short attention spans and low concentration are the norm. The dark side within cripples efforts to move away from its control. It does not intend to lose its war for control of the behavior of the body. Its stratagems cause soul to struggle to focus when reading. It creates boredom and presents engagement in distraction as the best alternative. The persistent soul is influenced to scan quickly through the book or article while looking for keywords that would hit your attention, and tell you that there is something there worth pursuing. You want to flip over your research until you get to the exciting juicy parts. Most likely the dark side hints that there is nothing there worth pursuing. It says that there are no answers there for you, or gives the feeling that the answer lies in some writing that is entirely new, with new solutions. It likes 'new'. Research is no longer assaying of ideas but word-scanning for convenient truths, or for hitherto unknown ideas and solutions. Instead of reading, one just looks at the header and keeps moving...as if headers can really summarise hundreds or thousands of ideas. You can speed-read words but you cannot speed-construct or speed-decipher ideas. Reading is useful only when its done the long way. The short way is a dark side stratagem. To read effectively, one has to retrieve the health of one's brain. The materials and strategies used will cut down the dark side which stays aloft of the soul by the fact of poor brain health. As the soul gets brain-freedom, the darkside's cloud evaporates. Only then will the soul's mental powers become available to it. The soul must self-generate this enlightenment or someone has to power past the dark side's cloud and give guidance to the soul.

In reading or doing research, one can sit erect, prop your chin, knit your eyebrows, relax the body, be silent and read.  Just begin and the concentration will build from there. Not all material is suitable for reading...but then that is a matter of focus, interest, principle, righteousness or need. One may not be ready for certain kinds of writing or lines of thinking, and one may have to await the dawn of other understanding in order to appreciate what is presently viewed as irrelevant material. It usually is that some intermediary knowledge or realizations, or experiences, are lacking in you and until one has these, one will not appreciate the importance of certain writings. This is very true in the selection of health supplements: one leaves out a crucial supplement only to discover its basic importance much later. Some reading material can be judged as pure nonsense from the outset, and is discarded: one wastes no time with those. Over time, one learns to get into the 'mindset' of the writer, and can tell very quickly whether a writer is faking it, mis-informing or trying honestly to relate a genuine flow of ideas. After a few paragraphs of solid reading, one can judge how close to one's core knowledge-interests the material under scrutiny is. It is this perceived closeness, too, that determines whether we 'scan', read and 'skip', take notes or photocopies, bookmark or save a link. Difficult language is a turn-off but a dictionary helps one climb to the next level. Its nice if you discover your prime motivation in reading. Seeking knowledge and truth is a good open-ended purpose that lets you go where knowledge leads you. Some people, no doubt, like to get in on reading that which is trending highly on the internet or social media. Others, enlightened about the NWO want to seek out ways of escape or fightback. Some want to keep abreast of the NWO plots with prepping in mind. This is just one among the many pet research projects that people pursue in their reading. Unknown to most, the consciousness is busy assembling its world view by building outwards from the periphery of the known. There are truths everywhere to be garnered once one can escape think-tank-created theories and deception. All writing has ideas which can act to free or imprison one's consciousness. What one reads does affect you, one way or another: either soul or dark side is built. Some books are called 'bad' books because mere reading them can cause one to be possessed by evil spirits. All writing is like 'software'.... some steal your time by being dead-ends, some are malware and some are like anti-virus. Some again, do enlighten. One has to travel through these on the way to knowledge! Its the books that are anti-malware or anti-virus, and those that enlighten that do you (soul) the most good: they remove errant ideas and flesh out your overview-in-progress in the direction of truth-completion.The darkside, within and outside, are the sources of malware, viruses and lies that affect, and imprison, the consciousness of the soul.

Reading must be on the schedule of every being wishing to build himself (soul) since it is the gateway to knowledge, which soul can use to unfold its nature and way of life. Knowledge removes the ignorance that limits the soul's potentials and potencies. Knowledge fills up the emptiness that exists when the road-less-traveled is still unknown. Knowledge, awareness and bliss are the three basic qualities of the soul. These qualities are inter-linked such that any evolution in one affects the others. Awareness is the tapestry on which the information that is the world, outside and within, impacts. Our mental faculties mediate what the information is and how it is processed. Information does slip past the conscious awareness to lodge in the consciousness of the dark side. In mind control, the dark side is deliberately fed information that builds it, or predisposes it to manipulation. Freeing the awareness from the clutches of the dark side, and expanding it, is therefore the principal task of the soul. Soul must disengage its attention from fusion with the darkside's. Soul must act on the enlightenment that comes its way, from intuition or others, in order to get this task done. If one is not told the enlightenment, one must get it from reading. Reading deals with deciphering and assaying ideas expressed via the medium of writing. Pictures, tables, graphs, equations and all manner of data representation supplement writing as modes of conveying ideas to others. Reading is the best way to retract and internalise one's attention. The dark side it is which interfaces with the soul's attention at the optic nerve, and keeps it bound to its own attention which is locked into the external world. Reading is simply taking charge of one's attention by re-deploying it into an activity from which it cannot easily be extracted or hijacked. Reading provides tools which enable a soul-focus to displace a darkside-focus in behavior. In fact, the darksiders cannot pull and tie the attentions of avid readers. These people are usually introspect and their attentions are not available to be lured or tempted. Readers do not have their attentions constantly scanning the world horizontally from eye level, looking for things of interest to hook up to, and are more focused on 'purpose of being outdoors' rather than 'what's out there in the world to interest me'. Reading helps you to keep your attention for your own use, beyond the reach of the attention-butchers and like manipulators lurking everywhere. Reading does much more than internalise your attention: it develops your mental faculties or intellectual tools, to the point of versatility. As one reads, one's attention becomes detached from beliefs and programmed modes of thought and becomes free to be easily thrown wherever one wants to cast it. Reading detaches your consciousness from the customary lanes and byways of thought, from customary things to do, and from habitual engaging with, or identification with, darkside thoughts and influences. Of course, it also depends on the variety of books one reads. Books which exhalt and magnify darkside concerns, will amplify the power of the dark side within. It all becomes much easier if one can cut the dark side down directly, and get the freedom to go straight into knowledge-gathering without the bother of reading with your 'handbrakes' up! Reading lengthens your attention span assuring that you can stay on the same topic and explore it deeper, without experiencing that dimming of awareness and interest that seems to naturally occur. The darkside does not like monotony, which is why one has to read interesting or challenging material. If not, the dark side will use the 'boredom' attack, to get you to give up or become engaged in distractions, and so win. The 'dimming' is actually the interference of the dark side wishing to assert its own focus, and pre-occupations.

Reading frees the awareness so it can go from micro to macro idea-scenarios, from detail to overview, and gives it the ability to switch from idea to idea, or topic to topic. It gives you the ability to inter-connect things, to compare and contrast and see similarities and differences, to generally assay and troubleshoot ideas. It confers the ability to assort and analyse information. As you proceed, different mental files and folders are created and stored in your mental library. For the soul, thought becomes a trip to your mental library not the incessant chatter or influences of the dark side within. One becomes awake to the existence of invisible idea-forms in your mental vision or third eye. These forms exist in the causal world which the third eye is focused on. The third eye can distinguish idea from idea, without the use of language or forms of expression. These ideas can be described using language, and brought 'down' from that world to this. It is these ideas that are used to construct arguments and systems of thought which are then used to debate the truth of things. The war between good and evil is evident here too: evil people cut and splice ideas to deceive or manipulate (by cutting and splicing language) while harping on certain 'truisms' and platitudes, in order to create effect or impress. The use of 'Love' and other platitudes, especially in advertising, is testimony to the danger of incompletely understood ideas substituting for truth. It is reading that facilitates the development of one's mental faculties, allows one to intuit and assay ideas, convert them into accurate language, and express them or communicate them to others.

Reading involves a retraction of attention from the outside world and focusing it on the information presented in the writing. The outside world keeps existing but only at the periphery of your awareness. What is simply a physical object with lines of text switches into a series of visible ideas that interlink to create a real world in our inner or mental vision. We decipher the text and weave the idea-world being communicated by the writer. Any reader of Louis L'Amour or Robert Ludlum knows that experience well. After reading, the physical world resumes amidst lingering traces of that mental world that was just explored. All the attachments and concerns of the physical world temporarily stopped. The dark side had to take a forced vacation as the soul was engaging in living its true life and nature. Depending on the content, readers are generally soul people. Porn and 'how to be a better strawman' kind of literature do have their reading fan club as well. Reading prevents the development of untoward attachments or obsessions with the objects and activities populating the outer physical world. Money destroys people because it is power in the external world. The dark side loves more power over others and accumulating money is an easy pathway to it. Money grows the dark side, not the soul. It makes people mean, profit-and-loss darksiders. From birth, one is programmed into accepting and living the money-centered elite-created paradigm which currently enslaves us. It was not God who produced the movie called Reality! Very few can see the bars of their prison much less see the need to free themselves. Looking after basic needs is to limit the growth of the greedy dark side. It cannot go fully into the 'money-brings-happiness' or 'money-is-why-we're-here' illusions. Money, and what it can do, must be put in its proper place. Darkside living revolves around money and the power it gives to have, to do, or to become. The soul cannot let itself become submerged in this, to the detriment of living its own way. If it does, it will only be setting itself up to be suppressed by the darkness within. Instead of being a cooperator with the material illusion, you have to become your own person, participating in it to get your basic needs, while being a spectator to the rest. The soul must adopt a 'traveling through' approach to living rather than a 'this is my home' kind of outlook, and model its modus operandi accordingly. It would be nice to run on nice sandy beaches, see the world's sights, experience other cultures and even have your own empire, but look at the cost on your own self: the soul. To read is to engage in a soul-building activity that removes one from the 'materials-is-why-we-are-here' mindset that the dark side embraces. This reality is not IT because death ushers in a different state of existence: one that necessitates a long-run kind of life-plan.

Believe it or not, reading is the soul actually building itself by engaging in its basic quality: knowledge. Money cannot do this for you. The elites rent the brains of others to refresh and extend their paradigm, but they themselves are welded to their own philosophy, and this 'borrowing' does not change them. There is only one way to get knowledge and that begins with reading. This is the hard way, and the only way. All those stories about Gurus mystically granting knowledge through a look or a touch are only stories. Vivekananda was an eloquent speaker, but he didn't have any special knowledge. He was Guru-awakened, as the legend goes! One cannot live life as a continuous response to others, or by continually responding to the outer world. One must develop or construct one's own way of life. One has to devise a daily schedule which includes getting the needs of the body (research is necessary to determine what these are), and the living of life as a soul. One must write down a TO DO List which includes all things to do for the day, or other time period. This list takes away one's dependence on short-term memory. The latter can be compromised by the dark side. With practice, the need for the list goes away as the schedule becomes habitual, and is automatically recalled. One must put Reading on the list because it is the only real Meditational method available. All the fancy Meditation methods and Meditation Schools have no technique to beat reading/research for achieving knowledge. Idea-visualisation, idea-assembly and deconstruction, pondering, reflection, introspection and all those mental operations that constitute Meditation are developed through reading, and any protocol that does not develop these cannot result in knowledge or enlightenment. There is no other path to knowledge. There is only one other meditation mode that is necessary, and that is for recharging one's battery with soul energy. This method also helps trim the 'attaching' that the dark side does and increases concentration. Any closure of the senses dims the grabbing power of the external world. This meditational method involves relaxing the body, adopting the erect lotus-like posture or the horizontal 'corpse' posture, and turning the eyeballs upwards with eyelids lightly closed. This is climbing above the materialist dark side's customary gaze, and it cannot follow to create any trouble. In fact, it gets suppressed as the head becomes filled with harmony and harmonious energy. Meditation for energy also works on the musculature of the face and head, rearranging them to naturally accomodate concentration and a focus on the third eye. The dark side causes another arrangement of facial and cranial musculature that fits its own pattern of attack on the optic nerve. Those who meditate will understand the difference. One's money-getting activities must also be on that list, for obvious reasons, as should one's daily chores. One has to configure that list so that it keeps the soul-building agenda going at all times. While commuting, one can be solving crossword puzzles to increase mental acuity. One must research for health supplements that take care of body and brain, as well as shop for non-processed alkaline food, herbs, fruits and veggies. The alternative is to go with traditional fare, or the unhealthy easily-available acidic options. One must also include exercise (eg Yoga) in one's to-do list. Basically, one is knitting together a life which suits the nature of the soul: one of knowledge, awareness and bliss. A healthy body enables that focus. One has to say goodbye to mind-reading, eyeball reading and all components of darkside lifestyles, thereby excluding incessant chatting, sense indulgences, ego-building, obsessions, drama, etc. When that placid but harmonious consciousness dawns, the stimulant-loving dark side is defeated. Two polar-opposite kinds of 'heavens' are experienced by the two entities in a body!

The darkside-ruled body is not interested in school or reading or knowledge. Indeed it cannot sit still for a moment and go through the processes involved in seeking knowledge because it has no mental faculties that power its cunning, except its rote memory. Its nature is to interact with the material world and by doing so, seal its role as leader of the body. It has its desires to fulfil, and its enjoyments and its predatory designs to give fuel to its war. Reading is boring and it feels itself suppressed. It must get into doing as quickly as possible, or the soul will activate and shut the dark side out. There are darksiders who manage to go through the schooling process(with the coming of multiple choice examinations) and succeed, but the focus was not on truth or knowledge but on getting the qualifications. These darksiders used 'cramming' or memorisation to impress the examiners that they knew the subject. Soul people use their mental faculties to understand the subject. In many cases, where certain diciplines were concocted, there is nothing to understand. The goals of the darksider going through the educational process is career, money, enjoyment and power. He gets into a better position to be a more successful predator than the unschooled darksider. Soul people go through the schooling process trying to understand the subjects studied. Qualifications matter too. The think-tank derived subject-matter is not easily understandable. This quest for truth and knowledge leads into the works of those past and present, who had the same difficulties, saw through the deceptions, tried to light up a better path, and posited alternative knowledge that made sense. How can knowledge make sense if it was contrived in a mental laboratory and has no grounding in the matrix that one lives in?

Fiction entertains while keeping interest aloft, yet it builds the causal world overview we possess. The matrix of creation is the same stage, as that on which non-fictional ideas are paraded. Fiction-reading involves evolving picturisation (wrongly classified as imagination) sequences, occurring in the matrix which includes the built world, nature, places, people and events. These sequences are constructed, and are made to transform or evolve until a climax is achieved. Science fiction takes these beyond the known world and introduces different conceptions of creation. The ability to picturise involves the conversion of words back to ideas and their re-assembly in the mind's eye. It is ideas we deal with, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Seeing ideas leads to their processing, and knowledge-building. Seeing the material world leads to activity in it. The world of ideas should guide your forays into the material world. If not, the lures and tricks intrinsic to the system will mediate your excursions into that world. The soul looks before it leaps. When the nature of the dark side is what relates to the material world, one is drawn into it, and hooked into it. The dark side's only 'mental' resources are the programming it has about the contents of the visible world, gleaned from the available sources of info such as the media, family and friends. The urges and desires generated in its own substance mediate what it will prey on, or consume. It plots its way to acquire, or prey on, the things, people, places and events in the external world. The soul has its library of ideas to fall back on, and the power of introspection with which to understand, and make decisions. Introspection is how the soul processes information. This is the real thinking process, and the dark side corrupts it with its influences: mostly by generating urges, corrupt 'thoughts' and pictures/hallucinations. Darksiders use 'voices' to negatively influence the behavior, ongoing introspection and clarity of soul consciousness. The soul does not have any kind of encyclopedic knowledge that clogs the attention. Knowledge is stored in its causal-world library that was built from its youth. Access to this library is the attention. Pick a topic, and the relevant book of ideas comes forth for the attention to assay. When this library is closed, the attention is empty or in the void (mind-readers get a blank screen here), until another topic comes up. Its the topic that elicits the relevant book of ideas. These ideas are inter-linked, and are deciphered during analysis and introspection. One's personally constructed Causal world has connections to, and is agitated by the real Causal world. Knowledge-seeking perfects your own self-created Causal world. More knowledge-seeking, and introspection pushes your Causal world to approximate the real Causal world. There is continuous inter-linking of ideas, the clarification of ideas, dumping of inaccurate ideas or collections of ideas etc......all done in the interest of arriving at the truth. What is done subconsciously meshes with what is done consciously, as the real causal world works on the one you create to bring it on par. Knowledge-seeking is not done until your privately created causal world blends in with the real Causal world.  Your Causal world will push you to seek the profounder truths of the real causal world. Research is thus a lifetime activity. It cannot be completed in one lifetime. Reincarnation is a necessary tool in creation. Geniuses are not accidentally born!

The darkside steers the soul into things detrimental to it, and away from things and activities which benefit it. You will find that the 'mind' will run into certain areas, and avoid certain areas or certain ideas. The mind is the consciousness of the dark side. It hooks up to the silent soul awareness via the interface of the flesh, especially the optic nerve. To stop the chatter, mental intrusions and noise, is to defeat the dark side, even temporarily. The darkside blocks you from intuited ideas, memories, recollections, or actions while promoting its own brand of life and behavior. You have to take notice of the dark side within, and of its strategies, if you want to successfully fight it. Forgetfulness or convenient recollection is just one of its strategies. You cannot afford to do unrighteous things because the dark side blackmails you with those memories in order to keep dominating you. Learn the darkside to beat it. You will have to make a note of moods (boredom, anger, enthusiasm etc), feelings (likes, dislikes, confusion etc), mental pictures and hallucinations, temptations, and other strategies used by the darkside to have its way, while steering soul towards or away from ideas, realisations, plans and doings. One has to be aware of what is taking place in the consciousness. The best way of doing this is to write all that takes place in your head and in your life, in diaries....you can burn them after! Empty it all and keep nothing in there, not even knowledge. While writing, you get the habit of looking within. As soon as something comes up, you detect it and write it down. You will need the free time and writing accoutrements for this. While engaged in work or other activity, one has to discount those related ideas. All other ideas, together with happenings in the consciousness, should be documented. Doing this, you learn to judge the source of the idea-'input'. You also empty the consciousness, while becoming familiar with what you have stored in it. In this kind of awareness-poise of expectant monitoring, all that is intuited becomes detected. Eventually, you can easily pick up on new ideas being intuited. The dark side's interference also gets detected. Writing down the contents of consciousness is the best way to awaken the flow of intuition. Keep the conscious blank or empty and intuited ideas disturbs that peace, even though they land softly! Emptying your consciousness on paper is the ultimate spiritual practice. It is the only way to get to know both the dark side and soul. Then you can assert yourself (soul) and block out the dark side within. More will be written on this later. At bedtime, you can visually recall your day's activities and learn from them, plan how you can upgrade your future responses in similar situations, see who is trying what on you (eg taking away your harmony), and so steer your way to harmonious days. Taking care of your past like this, clears you of unsorted baggage and you can move forward with clarity of consciousness, and a new lightness of being. Make sure you look at everything because the dark side will try to hide its guilt or complicity in the production of phenomena that occurs within. The principle is that if soul is not doing or willing anything within, why is it there, and who/what is responsible. One can fight back using consciousness methods. Or, one can use substances which retrieve the flesh from darkside occupation. Using both kinds of techniques makes things easier, and victory is achieved faster. Reading, and writing diaries, cannot be bettered as spiritual practices!