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Darkside law runs the world, not the law of karma. 4

You have to serve God, not religion. One is real and one is fake. One grabs you in a prison. The other guides you to freedom. God does not clutter your head with holy books, prayers, rituals, devotion etc. This is the doing of religion. In fact he requires that you empty yourself of all that crap so that you can be quiet enough to detect every bit of guidance he sends to you. He prefers to speak to you directly via intuition not through middlemen and their concoctions in holy books. In the God-Man relationship, only God and Man are the necessary parties. Middlemen and their religions are out of place. The middlemen should be busy attending to their own relationships with God. Priestcraft and sundry Gurus are not required to find God first, then lead others to him. They are only trained in the holy books, lineage teachings and religious ideology. They are teaching you about a God whom they don't know! Religion and their creators have lied to you! They give you Holy Books about God(s) who spoke in the primitive past, but have nothing from him in the present. God has never stopped inspiring and talking to man over the millenia. God is always guiding those who are attuned to him, in every era. Religions pretend to be God's spokesmen but they do not know him or serve him! Religion absorbs the focus that belongs to God alone. Religion has set us up by their deception. They told us that we are suffering because of original sin, because of Maya, and by being in the cycle of births and deaths. They said that we need a kind of salvation which comes only after death. They lied. We really need freedom from oppression by darkside rulers. We need basic needs for survival. These things we need while we are alive.  Religion diverts our quest from one of solving our problems while alive to gaining salvation after death. Death removes suffering anyway! There is no salvation after death from suffering we experience while alive. Religion just does not want you to solve the problem of your suffering because then you will go up against them and their allies: the rulers. We need freedom from evil rulers, and religion too. (Pandava)

Hinduism does not have a founder. It is a collection of beliefs and practices from various cults and belief systems, from different times and places in India. Some of these beliefs and practices came in with migrant groups eg the Aryans. WIKIPEDIA has a comprehensive account of the History of Hinduism. This is a timeline for some of the important Hindu scriptures.Here is an excellent bit of research on early Hinduism that questions popular notions about Hinduism. For example, there is a claim that many of the Gods of Hinduism were, in fact, historical figures e.g Shiva and Krishna. The 'law of karma' was simple enough for those who heard it to understand and accept. The Brahmin priests and upper class scholars were often the only ones to be familiar with the Hindu teachings as derived from the various holy books. Those priests and scholars deliberately propagated their religious slant to the pre-literate tribal masses, and to the conquered losers of war. It was not until the spread of the printing press and the advent of education for the masses, that Brahmins, Gurus and hindu scholars upped their level of influence. India is a land of many religious beliefs, cults and practices. The country was invaded and taken over several times in the past, notably by the Aryans, by the Moslems, and by the British. The diversity was greater when India consisted principally of tribal areas. Urbanisation, increasing education levels, greater literacy, and modernisation has brought previously marginal areas under urban influence. The expansion of capitalism has brought increasing corruption, along with increased opportunities. Religion has become lip service: a celebration of culture rather than an experiment in salvation. The early caste system was simple: There were 4 castes: 1) The Brahmin class of priests, 2) The warrior class which included the rulers, 3) The merchant class, and 4) the Sudras or lowest class. The Harijans or Dalits formed a separate group of 'untouchables' whose ability to spiritually pollute the accepted castes was actually feared! The Aryans who lived in the north were in the two topmost castes. The Dravidians who were the dark-skinned, more southerly, conquered natives were in the lowest caste. The Brahmins  told the other classes that there was a justice system implemented by God, in operation. The claimed to be the 'purest' among men, and so occupied the topmost caste in the Indian system of things. They basically told people to blame or praise your past karma and current action for the life you have, depending on which end of the spectrum you found yourself. We must remember that the Aryan invaders gained the right to rule, and lecture to others about God, by virtue of being successful invaders. To the victors went the spoils. The Brahmins set themselves up as the holy middlemen between God and man, and you had to approach God through them, and according to their methodology. Their literacy, caste designation and their kinship with the rulers assured them of no powerful critics or opposition.The Brahmin class remained in charge of religion through the centuries, and still governs religion today. There are now several schools of thought or philosophy, many religious/spiritual institutions, each touting their specialty or preferred philosophical or practical variation. These Ashrams, temples and schools can be seen all over India, especially in holy places like Rishikesh!

Ancient rulers used religion as a tool for governing their own people, and for securing loyalty by the conversion/programming of conquered peoples. To the victors went the spoils. The victors took the physical things: lands, wealth, women and of course the men and children, as the spoils of conquest. Governance by martial rule was cumbersome. Religion was used to control the minds of the people by making them preoccupied with it, and when they were under control, the armies were freed for other tasks and deployments. Creating a new stratified society, loyal to the rulers was necessary so that they could easily transition into, and hold on to, power. Bringing the 'conquered' under control ensured the availability of the human resources with which to solidify the conquest, and to protect it. Rulers worldwide often claimed 'kingship by divine right' or tried to make it appear that they were spiritually superior, spiritually connected or spiritually chosen. This is very true in the western and middle-eastern world. There are many readings online which confirm religion to be a tool of rule dressed up as God-worship or as a path to salvation. People were kept busy in 'behaving' themselves by working their way to God, and not in contemplation of rebellion or sedition. Religious ritual, culture and celebrations were injected into the daily lives of people to buttress religious teaching. These keep the faithful active in buttressing the religion, and assures loyalty throughout the year. This is very evident today with so many national religious holidays and traditional religious celebrations.You can safely dispel the notion that the rulers cared about the people's relationship with God or their spiritual salvation. Priestcraft and rulers were mutually supportive, to the point of collusion. Online writings support the thesis that rulers used religion for their purposes e.g. this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this. Religion was never about telling the truth because you had a truth to share, or because you cared about the people.

In India, the Aryan invaders used the existing Vedas to create and validate a Caste system that has perpetuated itself to this day. Aryan priestcraft (the Brahmins or Brahmans) used a dubious analysis of creation's nature derived from the Vedas (the theory of the gunas) to justify the caste stratification of society, with them at the top. Isn't it strange that the 'Gunas' interpenetrate all of creation in differing amounts, but when you look at matter all you find are atoms, molecules, electrons, protons, neutrons, spaces and energy? How can something exist which evades all our present technology, in addition to our consciousness'? It was  fabricated! The Brahmins claimed themselves to be Sattwic or pure, the military rulers to be Rajasic (passionate and tied to activity), while the merchants and peasants were Tamasic or impure. There is nothing in the Brahmins' body, energy, consciousness and knowledge to support the Brahmins' claim of purity. There is nothing from God on how close he is to the Brahmins. They created a fake paradigm about God for humans, and forced/convinced people to live it. We usually forget that they were primitive peoples whose knowledge-seeking and knowledge-finding abilities were undeveloped. Their technological level attests to their lack of mental development. What we have today as Hinduism is the result of cumulative additions to their initial guesswork/fabricated paradigms. Hinduism is a cumulatively expanded initial lie. The truth which lies within escaped them, or perhaps this truth was ignored deliberately. It is no secret now that souls are born with their bodies but darkside possessions take control of those bodies, even before the soul has a chance to know what is going on. The darkside has been possessing and using human bodies from the beginning of creation. This is how the earthly world was made. Like other religions, Hinduism saw only one being per human body. That 'one being' with a higher and lower nature doesn't exist, and their prescriptions for that 'one being' do not work. We did not know that bacterial cells are 90% of the human body, or that bacterial colonies are capable of doing mind control on their hosts, until recently (see my previous posts on the subject). In primitive times, without antibiotics and sanitary habits, the body's bacterial level was probably higher. Sorcerers served the ruling classes, and together with Brahmin advisors, musicians and astrologers etc, held respected positions in the Courts of royalty. Sorcery techniques are found in the Vedas, and the Brahmins have never had a problem with it. In some countries, Hindu pundits are also sorcerers. The Brahmins never recognised the existence of the dark side within, much less evolve methods to fight it. In fact, they were very condescending towards demonic entities like the asuras and the goddess Kali. Their lack of knowledge is shown up in the fact that they used God as a convenient explanation, and cause, for every phenomena! The Brahmins must have been darksiders because darksides which are unfought always govern the body, unless one is blessed by circumstances which do the fighting automatically. Even Yogis do not know that the dark side is the enemy.

The Brahmin (or Brahman) caste is the topmost in the 4-caste system that exists in India. There are innumerable divisions and sub-divisions in each caste. The Brahmins are considered to be the spiritually purest among all of the castes, and they are the ones who do religious rituals and rites. Apart from being priests, they are also religious intellectuals, Government advisors, farmers and even rulers. The Brahmins have propagated what is now known as Hinduism since the Aryan invasion. The law of karma is one of the key religious teaching which has influenced how India, and possibly the world, has evolved. The law of karma indicates the existence of a justice system, the mechanism of which was set up by God. Basically what that law says is that people's actions in their past and present lives are responsible for their present condition. Though Hinduism does admit the direct interference of God himself in the lives of man, it basically said blame or praise yourself for your station in life. The belief in the existence of a divinely-created justice system has lead people to rely on it rather than pursue justice on their own. It blocked peoples' brainwaves when it came to the idea of extracting justice themselves. It blocked research into who might be complicit in causing the bad experiences in their lives since the implication was always: "You did it to yourself''. God is often blamed for ongoing hardship since people believe that he has the authorship of all the events on earth for his intents and purposes. Hindus believe that God created the world so that he can 'play' his 'leelas' or shows for his own entertainment. Yet, religion insists that we have to blame ourselves because we do not understand how God works, as if they do! Not everyone was successfully programmed by this Brahmin teaching. Over the millenia, India has had numerous dacoits, freedom fighters and revolutionaries who did not accept the status quo, or their programming, or their tyranny. Substantial numbers indulge in Sorcery or the Tantrik arts (as opposed to brahminic rituals) which can be traced to the Yajur Veda. In fact, Kali, who is a demonic aspect of Shakti, is considered to be a Goddess. Hinduism does not consider life to be evil vs good, except in the Bhagavad Gita. They do not consider that evil is organised, or that they plot for global control. They claim that demons in the 'Ramayana' and the 'Mahabharat' were cursed to perform on the stage of life so God could make guest appearances to straighten things out! Even Duryodhan, the arch-villain of the Mahabharat, was seen in heaven after the war had ended. The moral of those stories being probably that past karma is at work, so don't resent villainy! In the 21st century, however, we stick with the dictum that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck! Those who were programmed to believe in the eminence of the law of karma as earth's operating system were pre-empted from searching for the true causes of their suffering, and from taking their own action against those causes. Thus, those human causes were allowed the freedom to keep doing what they did, unopposed and unfought. The result is that today, who used to be fledgling rulers in ancient India have become too big to handle. They have remained mostly hidden throughout Indian history but in this modern era, they can no longer hide.

Souls are already close to God because they are the sparks of the creator. The real problem is that souls' bodies are invaded by possessing dark sides from birth. The ongoing problem is that the darksides, when they are unfought, keep on running the human body for its purposes and uses. Souls are deceived that this way of things is normal, and lack the enlightenment as to who they are, and what to do to re-establish themselves. Their only knowledge on the subject comes from religion, and, pegged to the religious script,  they keep living asleep till they die. They do not trust their own observations that call the religious script into question. They do not want to abandon the only crutch available. Religious truths are fabricated for the mythical one-being-in-a-body. Religion has nothing to offer the soul which is suppressed by a dark side within, which also has stolen his body. Disbarring natural phenomena, the dark side is the cause of all the problems on earth, and within the human body. Religion failed to address this. Yet their primitive cunning could fabricate enemies like 'original sin' and 'maya'! The simple truth is that the rulers are the biggest problems of the masses. The religious bigwigs have always colluded with the rulers and they have never betrayed their own. Religion must be recognised as fake because of the lies they have perpetrated. People must be taught that , in principle or in practise, there is no provable after-death salvation, and that the only salvation that matters for the problems of the present, lie in the present. Any true spiritual paradigm has to give souls the strategies and methods for fighting back against the dark side to regain total control of its consciousness and body. That is the solution to the real problem. Societies have to be organised so that souls engage in activities that target the destruction of the dark side within, instead of engaging in building the darkside, as takes place in the current systems of the elites and darkside masses. This is the soul's right because it owns the body. The darkside, within and outside, claim that it is your body only if you can take control of it. The elites and masses are organised to prevent this occurrence. This is the pupose of vaccines, gmos, toxins, emfs, and the 'sex school' along with mind control etc. Religion, education and the media keeps you dumbed down, and unable to get the truth with which to build.

Religion gives free reign to the dark side by completely ignoring it in its holy books, in its teachings, and in its practices taught to its followers. This enables the dark side to continue on its merry way, unnoticed and un-fought. It can even declare: "Hey, I am following the only way to salvation that is available". The 'religious' are darksiders because they are ruled by unfought darksides! In fact, they are the darkside! Only those who are in religion because of morality or righteousness are exceptions since these put limits on darkside behavior. The religious leaders pretend to piousness, holiness and purity for easy acceptance by their followers. It is a big mistake to allow oneself to be conned by them. They use religion to establish and maintain control over people for their own benefit, and for that of the the ruling classes. Religion also provides guaranteed employment and political influence to them. They have access to unimaginable wealth (see here and here)! They have managed to keep their hidden agendas and secret lives from getting to the attention of the faithful. But, in the 21st century, this is not anymore possible. Read about the criminal history of the Papacy: part 1, part 2 and part 3. The Pope has been found guilty of terrible crimes by the International Criminal Court located in the Netherlands. Of course, the Papacy supports its foot soldiers who keep doing criminal things themselves (see here). Hindu Godmen are no better! You can read about the origins and evolution of the Brahmans/Brahmins here. The Brahmins have caused much suffering by the practices they created directly or indirectly. The Caste system, created by the Brahmins, is the greatest spiritual corruption ever. When the Bhagvad Gita threatened their supremacy, they fought back and derailed it. The Brahmins have always been first in corruption. Here's a list of scandals they have engaged in.

The Hindus claim that past life karma is an unavoidable pay-back, but that you can seek God's intercession or perform actions designed to exhaust or ameliorate it. Skilled hindu practitioners pretend that they can read the past, and they concoct past life scenarios for people using astrology, numerology, palmistry and various books including the 'Nadis' (eg the Shukra Nadi). They claim that their rituals and other techniques ( poojas, yajnas, fasting, religious observations, spiritual sadhana etc) such as found in the 'Karma Kanda' can actually change or nullify the bad effects of past and present karma, and grant material blessings. They give you things to do for your  salvation: material (Karma Kanda) and spiritual (Jnana Kanda). These either do not work or work only for the upper castes! I suspect that since such practitioners are clones of the various tribes and colors, whatever results you get as a customer is due to works executed by these tribes and colors on your behalf. This keeps the illusion going that their diagnoses and solutions work, and that God responds to proper methodology! The modus operandi of these practitioners evolved from ancient times, while allied to the Courts of royalty and noblemen. Writers, teachers, musicians, dancers, alchemists, sorcerers, herbalists, astrologers, policy and military advisors... they all evolved at the royal Courts. Literacy and the arts were present in the Royal households but were mostly absent everywhere else! The royal bloodlines stayed on top of things because they had the resources to do so. The children were trained to be royalty, and to carry on the bloodline! Good past karma as an explanation for material plenty was just  brahmin propaganda, not a fact!  Were the wealthy, the nobility and royalty good in their past lives when goodness was absent in their current lives?

We have to remember that the present world of nation-states, with Governments and constitutions, are a recent historical happening. In the beginning there were many tribes engaging in tribal warfare. This was the only economic development strategy they had: steal to get rich and to grow the tribe! Tribal leaders used war and alliances to eventually become regional rulers having wealth, property, influence and power. They eventually proclaimed themselves to be Kings and Emperors. They determined who was nobility, and the caste system determined the rest. There were no industries, and wealth was generated by war or trade. (War has made a comeback as a wealth generator in the 21st century!)  Settlements were feudal with the wealthy being in charge. They provided protection and some employment but the rest of the populace lived in poverty and dependence. It is the rulers, philosophers, scribes, astrologers and sorcerers/priests who created the early structures of religion, not the masses. They created lifestyle contents (tradition, culture and social customs/celebrations) for the masses to live by. The latter is what keeps the masses loyal to the religion in every era, not the philosophy or success of the religious methodologies used! Holy-book knowledge by divine inspiration is a trick used by the brahmins and their favorites to get easy acceptance for their fabrications. Today's world is far more advanced than that of these primitive people who initiated religion.   Modern religion puts these primitive people on a pedestal, as if they were holier and wiser than subsequent generations. Today we do not have to credit God with being responsible for natural phenomena or for the personal phenomena in our lives. We know of the workings of nature, and of the elites and the darkside society. The ancient hindu theologians had no insight into the world of cause and effects, though they claim that the law of karma is about cause and effect. The rulers controlled their 'masses' and kept them loyal using an inseparable blend of tradition, culture and religion. They needed the loyalty of large numbers for stability, for defence, and for offence. This has not changed. The New World Order grouping is destroying the fabric of social cohesion at all levels in order to usher in One World Government. They are destroying religion in order to have their version of one world religion. Put your hopes directly on God and use the enlightenment available to bridge the chaos!

The Brahmins created prayer, worship, rituals, religious observances, certain 'spiritual' practices etc. as the way to an unprovable salvation after death, when people, in fact, wanted salvation from the suffering of this life. It is true that the masses in the olden days lived in a state of mutual dependence with the wealthy. They needed protection from invaders, and they needed the meager economic opportunities that were available in the settlements near to wealthy residences. The elites and the fledgling darkside society were probably not seen as a problem then. The Brahmins deceived people by erecting God as the 'Providence' that looked after people's welfare and interest. People, then and now, need the hope and confidence of having someone powerful in their corner looking out for them.Why did the the people choose to ignore what they saw with their own eyes on a daily basis? They knew that the parents and relatives of the young were in the role of Providence. They knew that people depended on the crumbs that fell from the plates of the rich and the royal households. Why fool people by saying that God or past karma was responsible for their deprivation or suffering? Today we see Governments in the role of Providence. Today we see inheritances in the role of Providence, along with work and careers. Darksiders in all eras know that the backing of their color or tribe is the Providence that they can depend on. Imagine how many have been disappointed over the centuries when religious rituals and methodology failed to elicit the 'Providence' response from God. Today, soul-people depend on God's guidance and the help they get from well-wishers to survive. They know that they do not have the backing of a color or tribe. They know that they are facing a darkside menace that controls the management of institutions responsible for employment and assistance. No back-up means denial and discrimination in everything. If you admit this fact and seek survival without moral compromise, you will discover that you have an ally who guides and inspires you. That ally does not help you with material opportunities because, you eventually realise, he does not own any banks or control any institution. Those that do are not on his side! God as Providence will probably help you materially through others' goodwill to you. But, in the present, there are comparatively few humans who are open to God's influence or have compassion. Too many directly serve the darkside overlords, knowingly or unknowingly. It is this mis-casting of God in the role of Providence by religion that has caused so many to reject God completely, and become atheists. God has failed to commit the actions necessary for proving that he is Providence. That is religion's fault! God has his ways of relating to soul people but religion put him as the cause of every happening when, in fact, creation was imbued with mechanisms of cause and effect! Religion deceived mankind by hiding the fact that earth is self-ruled! Though God is the ultimate boss, he does not micromanage! Besides,when you invent Gods, then worship these invented Gods, do you actually expect them to respond?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Has WW3 been pre-empted?

The evil elites are waging war against everybody else. Yet, even the elites are divided into factions. Trump is backed by the Gnostic Illuminati and freemasons who oppose Rothschild and his various plotting groups eg the Deep State, Cabal, NWO, Neocons etc. (For more background read this, this and this.) The darkside society wages war against good people. The ranks of the good have been decimated with the result that the fightback against evil, generally, has been lacking. Evil has proliferated. The elites and the darkside society control the wealth; positions of power; the institutions including the media and law enforcement; political, social and economic influence; the ownership of land; Corporations of all kinds etc etc. The good have fought back by protests; taking principled stands; realignment of their wants, needs and purchasing power; blog and social media activism; whistle-blowing; expanding research in key areas to wake people up and to counter mainstream lies; etc etc. Politically, in the USA, they have rallied behind third party candidates leading up to Republican Ron Paul. In 2016, Donald Trump defied the establishment, and the odds, and became President of the US. Everyone expected him to bow to the DEEP STATE, or be assassinated. One year in office, Trump is still alive, still himself, and we are now getting feedback that he has brought the Deep State or Cabal to its knees! Everyone is trying to ascertain if this is a hoax or, reality. If it is real, it means that a war is taking place against the customary hidden Government, and they are losing. We know that WW3 has been planned by the powers-that-be. The US-based Cabal or Deep State is part and parcel of the New World Order or the Illuminati. They are the warmongers who have unleashed the war-on-terror on humanity. The logic is that if they are neutralised, then who will continue the war on terror? Who will lead the thrust towards WW3? Presently, North Korea and Iran seem to be targets for wars that could escalate into WW3. Is it the Deep State who has targeted these two countries but having received this recent setback, cannot do anything more to initiate war there? Or, is President Trump likely to pursue war thereby initiating WW3? You can believe only what you can verify as the truth up to this point in time. Keep preparing, until you know better! Here I give you some of the resources that I have gone through. I personally cannot verify a single thing I've read or seen in these links below. I trust that some of the researchers/presenters are telling the truth, and that we are not being set up. You have to go through the links and see what the researchers are trying to say! Wait and see, is what is needed. Yet, if the reports are true and the warmongers have been checkmated, WW3 has been pre-empted. Hopefully, the darkside society will be the next to be disassembled.

News of mass arrests began one year ago, days before President Trump was sworn in. SEE here. We have not heard about the casualties from this. Nevertheless, at this point in time, things have grown very quiet in the USA. All the shootings and protests seem to have dried up. This could be a result too of the extreme cold weather that has gripped over 90% of the country. We do have ICE making mass arrests of illegals, especially criminals. Democrats (eg Clinton, her associates and her Foundation) are now being investigated afresh by the agencies! Basically, the present information on arrests comes from many sources. They are all saying that people have been arrested and/or sent to GITMO in Cuba. There are all kinds of details and corroborations. This cannot be dismissed as a hoax with no truth to it. Please go through the information and decide for yourself. I will be updating as I get more info!


You cannot jump for joy with the prospect of complete and final deliverance just yet. The Deep State's 'New World Order' machinations exist as works-in-progress. Their system of policies, programs and plots are currently destroying our lives and keeping us down, while raising the specter of WW3. There are TWO groups creating this fightback: 1) President Trump and his team who are fighting this fight, and 2) The Chinese White Dragon Society and their allies. We do not know if both of these groups are working together, though this is extremely probable . They both have international reach, as does the Deep State and the New World Order. Trump is fighting the Deep State while the White Dragon Society is fighting the New World Order/Zionists/Cabal. We need more info on this present evolving situation to get a clear understanding of what's going on. We need to know who among the elites have been indicted, arrested or imprisoned! Benjamin Fulford has given some names like Soros and the Bushes, as quoted above. The Rothschilds have been mentioned in tweets. The list of the NWO elites is very very long. The 'Deep State' numbers are surely bigger than the 10,000 sealed indictments revealed so far! This simply means that this fightback has just started. When we see the closure of the chemtrail program, the closure of Fema detention camps and the general cessation of things like vaccines, pharmaceutical poisons, GMO products, interferences in and invasions of foreign countries, spying on Americans etc, then we will know that this is definitely a fightback of good vs evil. Without a doubt, the news about the take-down of the evil Deep State has been the best news of my life! I hope it is the truth and not a psyop by the NWO to distract us while secretly getting ready for WW3!

PS.....Some of the people reportedly in GITMO have shown up in public life eg Soros. Some claim Soros is dead. There is much disinfo being spread, even on alternative news sites. Meanwhile NATO and European countries are preparing for war. Try to glean the truth as best you can.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Darkside law runs the world, not the law of karma! 3

From the links cited in my last post (here), most of the Upanishads came from unknown sources. The Brahmins and modern Hindu scholars elevate the bonafides of those texts by saying that they came from a source beyond man i.e they were inspired by God. Whether the authors are known or unknown, the holy-book-writers are generally referred to as 'saints' and 'sages'. The oldest Upanishads are about 3,000 years old. Initially, the word 'karma' referred to the rituals performed by the Brahman priests but the usage of the word expanded to mean all actions. Over time, 'karma' evolved into the 'law of karma' which explains the lives of human beings as being shaped by the consequences of past-life actions and present-life actions. Good fruits, they said, result from good actions, while bad fruits result from bad actions. Over time, Hindus grew to accept this, though with variations among the various Hindu sects. Now, the world seems to accept the law of karma. The Brahmins have devised rituals and other strategies for escaping bad karmic fruits, and for promoting good life-experiences. For example, the Brahmins created Gods you could worship for help for different problems in life, and for help in gaining Liberation or Mukti. Hanuman is said to give protection and courage, while Ganesha gives knowledge and removes obstacles. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma. Rama, Krishna and the Goddesses all have their blessings to give on being properly worshiped or propitiated. Indian astrology, numerology and palmistry aligns with the law of karma in interpreting present life setbacks by reference to their own knowledge-concoctions, and to past life karmas. They recommend rituals and other changes (eg tantras or talismans) as methods of remediation. Hinduism insists that karma can be edited/changed, whether its fruits derive from past lives or the present life. The Caste System is the social structure which hinduism invented, and in which it operates. The justification for the Caste System has been that it allocates humans into castes based on their 'gunas' or innate qualities.The Brahmins at the top are 'pure' while the military commanders/rulers are rajasic or less pure. The Vaishyas (merchants) and the rest of society are considered 'impure', hence the lowest classes. Past life karma determines which caste you are born into. Specialisation according to occupation also justifies the ordering of the castes. Hinduism prescribes different kinds of Yogas and rituals for the different castes for obtaining salvation, though the Brahmin-inspired ideal of renouncing the world and becoming 'Sannyasins' or mendicants has found popularity among peoples not having much to renounce.

Regardless of the origins of the law of karma, one has to evaluate it logically. The Ancients had no idea of logic or the scientific method. They were primitive people though Hinduism portrays them as spiritual geniuses. Hinduism has offered no evidence over the centuries that the law actually works. There are no samples of human populations studied. There are no observations, inferences and conclusions that would convince modern-day people. The Law of Karma, like other aspects of the religion, had to be accepted on the alleged authority of the Brahmins alone, and not because it was found to be true. There was no choice since the brahmins were in charge, and they were supported by the rulers. The modern propagators of the law of karma should know that the people of the present are way more literate than those in pre-literate India, wherefrom this law came. They should know that intelligent people won't believe anything just because the uppermost caste (the Brahmins) says so. They are holier than nobody else, even though they purport to be intermediaries between man and God. They propagate the saying that the saints and sages were INSPIRED, in order to justify their leadership status. As a Hindu, you are supposed to accept this law with blind faith, accept that the Law Of Karma was installed by God as the mechanism for ordering earth's populations, and bow to God's rulership. No doubt, millions of poor Hindus have been kicking themselves for being bad in their past lives, and flocking to Hindu priestcraft for help with methods for overturning the destinies of suffering laid out for them by alleged bad actions in past lives, and by the malefic planets. No doubt, they had misgivings about this law, but these were usually shelved whenever the latest Hindu emissary asserted that the Law is perfectly correct, and that it was fully operational. The lower castes questioned the preponderance of bad happenings in their lives but were no doubt placated with the retort that this is the Age of Kali. Of course,the subservient lower castes acquiesced to the power of the upper castes in the face of their high-handedness and power, and not because they believed that the latter had an alleged surplus of good upper-caste karma. It is as if Brahmin priests were covering up for Brahmin-supported rulers by putting God as the cause of material wealth and material poverty, and not the ruling class themselves!

Basically, Hindus say that you are born in a certain family in a certain environment because of your past karma. In this situation, you will be able to work out past karmas in terms of rewards, suffering and opportunities for spiritual growth. While alive you will commit karma by doing, inaction, intentions and by modes of thinking ie positive or negative. Their theory of present existence and future reincarnation is based on karma, and they say that the kind of life you are having now can only be explained in terms of past karma, and by new karma made in this life. Future lives will be explained the same way. But because life is full of suffering, the big enemy is the cycle of births and deaths, and it is karma which binds you to it. To escape it, one has to reduce one's karma, and there is no better way to reduce it than by dedicating the actions or its fruits to God, or by doing action in a state of surrender to God. One can also do karmas that target Moksha or salvation and so 'spiritualise' one's actions so they can become not-binding. This 'spiritualising' of one's life is taken to extremes in Hinduism. They give practices/rituals for every hour, for every day, for every week, for every month, and for every year of this life. Every activity has a prescribed ritual. And they give rituals to be performed by relatives for you at death, and in the years after your death. Being the performers of major rituals, the Brahmins made for themselves a necessary role in your life, even after you are dead!

So Hinduism says that in this life, you reap the fruits of the karmas you did in your past life, and the fruits of karmas done in this life. It says that it is impossible not to do karma, and until all karmas, good and bad, are expired, you cannot gain salvation, which is your only escape from the cycle of births and deaths. Basically, the Brahmins are saying blame yourself if you are reaping good or bad karma.You did it to yourself. If you did nothing in this life to reap bad things (or good things), you must have done it in your past life. While the upper castes reveled in this justification for their wealth and power, the majority who were poor and suffering had no reason to rejoice. Throughout history, rulers have increased their wealth by conquering weaker tribes and kingdoms. This is being done now! The lower castes benefited least from these exploits because it was the Kshatriya or military caste which took part in these forays, and took the spoils of war. So, it was war not past or present good karma which made the upper classes wealthy. The Brahmins 'law of karma' hid the fact that there was little or no economic trickle-down to the lower castes from the upper castes. The rulers seemed to disavow any responsibility for them. The Brahmins also implied that the lower castes had failed in this life because they had not done any present good deeds for which good fruits were currently due. Suffering Indians with no prospects must have lived in a state of complete suppression. Imprisoned by the caste system, socio-economic mobility was impossible for the lower classes. Even today, with nothing or no-one to turn to, in many cases, there is no choice but to resort to sorcery, suicide, menial jobs, corruption, prostitution, crime, homelessness, female infanticide and other ways of coping. For many, the choice was to either be hopeless or worship God along the lines indicated by the Brahmins to attract God's blessings. Were it not for the coming of post-colonial Governments and the rise of development economics, India would have been stuck with Brahmin religious analysis, and not be able to move forward past that into things like the Green Revolution, Industrialisation and Technological development. The Indian Government accepted the responsibility for the development of the people (allbeit pervaded by favoritism): a task disowned by the previous millenia of rulers who prospered mostly by war but told the lower castes to blame themselves for their poverty. The truth is that the Brahmins lied. You are not the cause of your condition in this life because you are born in a matrix which is already owned and administered by others. The present economic status of any man has nothing to do with his past life. Nobody knows why a soul incarnates in a particular womb, in a particular family, and in a particular place. It is not good karma that causes birth in a rich family because the alleged 'goodness' that underlies 'good' karma is absolutely missing from the lives of the rich.

Religion uses psychological manipulation. What the religious bigwigs do is put people down by accusing them of original sin, of being fooled/seduced by MAYA, of not doing spiritual practice (whether it is rituals, worship, devotion, Yoga etc), and for having desires. You are programmed to accept a tarnished self-image, then you struggle to achieve that ideal image they claim is what you should be like. They want you to subscribe to their views of God, and to strive to be close to him using methodologies laid down by them. So even though they tell you that you are a spark of God with the qualities of Satchitananda (Knowledge, awareness and bliss), they insist that MAYA and bad karma has stolen this away. Then they tell you that you have to do worship/devotion, rituals and other spiritual practices to recover your soul status or connection with God, but give you no clues as to how to restore your Satchitananda qualities directly. If you do your religious duties but get no fruits, they say you're doing them imperfectly, or you do not have God's blessings, or any good luck. Of course, they advise that to get salvation, you must do action without attachment to the fruits because you have no control over the fruits. You should also dedicate it all to God. Millenia of worship and rituals have proved those methodologies to be barren. As the advice, so the results. The religious bigwigs give themselves their authority (God gave them no authority) by claims of purity. They used this claim to fabricate knowledge and program people with it, as if this is the knowledge God wants us to have. We cannot evade them because they are the upper class, colluding with the rulers. Are their various faulty diagnoses deliberate or just wild guesses? The ancient Brahmins did not bother to separate desires from needs and wants, like economics has done. They erred in making you feel that to need something is to desire it. The conclusion obviously is that needs are wrong. Human needs are must-have items, not simply desires to be controlled and curbed. Belief in, and faith in God, however, does give people hope. The feeling of having the most powerful being in the universe in your corner does give you hope and confidence. The deception lies in what you must do to attract God's help, and in the things they claim God does for people. The deception is that they hid the existence of the dark side within. They gave you nothing to fight it with since their methodologies cannot do this. So, you Satchitananda nature remains covered up by darkside consciousness. They hid the fact that the rulers have charge of the material condition of the ruled, not God. They hid the fact that the rulers felt no economic responsibility for the lower castes! How can God be the cause of material benefits, either directly or through any law he created to administer to man's material condition? God had no access to the ruler's coffers, the equivalent of the central banks of today.

There are many problems with the Hindu version of karma. It tells you that thoughts and intentions produce karma. Who produces thoughts and intentions within? It can either be the soul or the dark side. Yogis accept that it is the 'mind' that is noisy, and needs to be quieted down. That 'mind' is actually the dark side within. So who actually gets awarded the karma? Is it the soul or the dark side? Or, is it the non-existent 'one-being-in-a-body' entity that religion helped create and popularise? It must be the dark side since it produces those 'noises' that one calls thoughts, not the soul. The soul does 'thinking' too! Usually, there is some structure to that thinking in the form of inductive or deductive logic. The soul is deliberate in its thinking or introspection. Soul's thoughts do not happen, neither do they 'pester' it. There is a conscious decision to think. There is concentration, a certain level of transcendence of the physical, and perhaps a flow of information that is inspiration or intuition. There is a thread of logic that ends in conclusions. This is the essence of meditative introspection. Is it soul's 'thinking' that creates karma that is binding? How does one work out knowledge? Why then, did God give a brain for soul's use? If the intention is data processing, understanding something or simply decision-making, how could soul's thoughts be put in a negative light? Considering that it is the dark side which uses cunning to plot and prey, and thoughts are used to hoodwink the soul, the bad karmas belong to it. Evil is its nature. Will it be punished? How? The one-being-in-a-body does not exist, and so cannot produce any karma or reap any fruits, good or bad. So, even the self-images of past-life-sinner or seperated-from-God are lies. The problem with religion and its fabricated knowledge and laws is that when they are applied they are found to be barren lies, and they lead people who observe them to waste their lives. The desire for the fruit of one's actions is said to be 'binding' you to the wheel of births and deaths. So you are supposed to do actions but have a 'don't-care' attitude about the fruits. So why do things on earth if not for the fruits? Is eating for the fruit of health wrong? Is working for wages to provide for your needs, and that of your family, wrong? This concocted religious paradigm is basically telling the masses that you are sinking deeper by doing the right thing!

Then they invent nonsense like having equanimity in the face of opposites, eg heat and cold. Man was put here to take care of his body, among other things. If it's too hot, your body conveys this to you. Since you cannot produce cooling from within, you get a fan or an air conditioner. If it is cold, you get a heater or other heat source. You have to adapt for survival, not produce equanimity of mind. The human body tolerates a range of temperatures, beyond which continued exposure gives death. So what equanimity must one have in the face of the opposites of heat and cold? What about the opposites of poverty and wealth? What balance or equanimity is possible when your brain cells are starving for nutrition? The primitive people who wrote these things into the lyrics of Krishna did not understand the crisis condition of human poverty, and thought that it was simply the opposite of wealth, and should be mentally balanced out! The Gita speaks of action but Krishna fails to attribute bad actions to the dark side within and righteous action to the soul. Here is one translation of a key verse from the Bhagavad Gita: 'You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction'. Today, there are so many actions that are done in which the fruits/outcomes are known, assured or expected, and if there are no fruits to come, the action simply won't be done. The soul is already detached. That is it's nature. The dark side it is which is helplessly attached. That is it's nature. Do they want the soul to ignore the body and its needs? Wouldn't it be more to the point to say that souls should pursue those fruits which knowledge says is good for it, and not pursue those fruits which are detrimental to itself or its body? As for the darkside, they are constantly seeking fruits and know how to prey and collude to get them. No teaching that is non-predatory makes sense to them. The writer of the Mahabharat was not a live witness or note-taker at the exposition of the Bhagavad Gita. He claimed divine vision and inspiration. It is strange how the God Krishna believes in the 'one-being-in-a-body' theory, and delivers all his enlightenment on the science of action for Salvation to that mythical being, taking the form of Arjuna. Would a God not know how he structured his creation?

The writer of the Bhagavad Gita clearly did not understand how actions on earth are 'causes' that produce fruits or consequences. The darksiders care for fruits, but do not care how they are obtained, or who they hurt. The good or soul people do actions but keep monitoring its' unfolding to ensure that no untoward consequences arise. Humans do agriculture for the produce that never fails to come, once the requirements for growth are met. Humans don't cultivate unless produce is expected! People work for wages, have sex for pleasure and children, travel to get from one place to another, eat for the nutrition that food contains, drink alcohol and use drugs to get high, shop for merchandise etc etc. In this world, fruits are assured for every action. These fruits are wanted or desired, and come without fail with intelligent action. The Gita says that the doer is not entitled to the fruits or has no control over the fruits. This is not true of our world. Living life here is not like gambling in which there is no surety about getting the fruits when the appropriate action is done. It is not like doing everything right for a desired goal and for some reason or another it fails to arrive. Why present consequences or effects in such an 'iffy' light? Is it to keep maintaining the mirage that God is in the fruit-giving business? Maybe they were covering up for the real scenario at the time: that the upper castes were the first choice for receiving fruits, and if there were no fruits left over, the lower castes had to do without any! No trickledown! Were they trying to say that your fruits could be snatched away by the darkside society (as is done now), even when intelligent logical action is properly executed? The teachings on karma from the Bhagavad Gita are useless to human beings in the present time, if at all. Medicines are taken so that one recovers from illness, or in order to prevent it. Food is eaten to maintain the health of the body. What is actually at work is the law of cause and effect, which is not the Hindu law of karma but actually the methodology of science and logic. Brahmin theories pushed on people as knowledge is based on authority not factual logic. Today you expect the fruits of action to accrue unless someone intercepts it, thereby preventing you from getting it. This is called stealing, and law enforcement deals with the culprits. In cases of gambling, risky investments, improper planning and plan execution, unforeseen or unexpected occurrences, the fruits anticipated may not forthcoming. Human beings in the 21st century know what risky actions and what safe actions are.

Hindu scholars, saints and sages lied while composing their tomes but pretended God-inspiration. Does past karma really determine the circumstances of one's birth? There is no evidence for that. Building a religion based on cumulative lies from the past does not obviate the proof requirement. No one really knows which souls come into which wombs, and why a particular womb is chosen by a soul, if it has a choice. Karma is a very neat explanation, but unless there are time travelers, there is no way of proving that it is true. It is a fabrication that pretends to be verified knowledge. The world has over 7 billion people. Are they being reincarnated according to past karma or are they newly incarnating souls? When were they last incarnated? Astrology gives convenient answers to support the past karma paradigm, but it is not truth. If there are new incarnations without past lives, how are they allocated to wombs? The Law of Karma is just a convenient truth for the benefit of the well-to-do or ruling families, who get to claim that they really did good deeds in their past lives. All the dynastic misdeeds in the accumulation of material plenty over the centuries remain swept under the carpet. Using the law of karma, elite superiority is not only monetary but spiritual as well! But people are not fooled since if you examine the spirituality of the wealthy, you will find a lot of public relations (Yajnas, feeding the poor etc) but very little that indicates that those are soul people and not darksiders! In fact, our rulers appear to be devoid of wisdom and virtue! The womb selection process, as already stated, is still unknown,despite what religion may say. People born into wealthy families are deliberately trained in elite culture. They receive the training for continuing the bloodline, and they acquire the family methodology and know-how for preserving the dynastic wealth, while extending it. Such people turn out to be very materialistic and lacking in human virtues. British India had the beginnings of a more fluid caste system, as education and business gave a way out of the limitations of caste. Not too long ago, the Corporations outsourced to India. Money is going to those who used education and training to get a niche in the expanding capitalist system. It is cause and effect being played out, with action in the face of opportunity bearing fruit. And, there is nothing wrong with seeking or expecting fruit which increases your chance of survival. In helping others to survive, the fruits come without asking: the joy comes in the helping, and in seeing a lessening of suffering. Doing good is a blow to your dark side because you deprive it of an opportunity to do evil.

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Darkside law runs this world, not the law of karma. 2


First usage of the term Law Of Karma was in the Upanishads.
"But the oldest explicit mentions of the Law of Karma are from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, which is one of the oldest Upanishads because it is actually part of the Shatapatha Brahmana of the Yajur Veda.
Here is what Part 3, Chapter 12, Adhyaya 13 of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishads says (Nikhilananda's translation):
Then [sage Yajnavalkya and his student] went out and deliberated, and what they talked about was karma (work), and what they praised was karma: one becomes good through good karma and evil through evil karma.
Part 4, Chapter 4, Adhyaya 5 contains a similar statement:

According as [the self] acts and according as it behaves, so it becomes: by doing good it becomes good, and by doing evil it becomes evil. It becomes virtuous through virtuous action, and evil through evil action.... As is its desire, so is its resolution; and as is its resolution, so is its deed; and whatever deed it does, that it reaps." (source}
The authorship of the Upanishads.
"The authorship of most Upanishads is uncertain and unknown. Radhakrishnan states, "almost all the early literature of India was anonymous, we do not know the names of the authors of the Upanishads".[35] The ancient Upanishads are embedded in the Vedas, the oldest of Hinduism's religious scriptures, which some traditionally consider to be apauruá¹£eya, which means "not of a man, superhuman"[36] and "impersonal, authorless".[37][38][39] The Vedic texts themselves assert that they were skillfully created by Rishis (sages), after inspired creativity, just as a carpenter builds a chariot.[40]
The various philosophical theories in the early Upanishads have been attributed to famous sages such as YajnavalkyaUddalaka AruniShvetaketuShandilya, Aitareya, Balaki, Pippalada, and Sanatkumara.[35][41] Women, such as Maitreyi and Gargi participate in the dialogues and are also credited in the early Upanishads.[42]
There are exceptions to the anonymous tradition of the Upanishads and other Vedic literature. The Shvetashvatara Upanishad, for example, includes closing credits to sage Shvetashvatara, and he is considered the author of the Upanishad.[43] Scholars believe that early Upanishads, were interpolated[44] and expanded over time, because of the differences within manuscripts of the same Upanishad discovered in different parts of South Asia, differences in non-Sanskrit version of the texts that have survived, and differences within each text in terms of the meter,[45] the style, the grammar and the structure.[46][47] The texts as they exist now are believed to be the work of many authors.[48]" (source)
When were the Upanishads written?
"Scholars are uncertain about the exact centuries in which the Upanishads were composed.[49] The chronology of the early Upanishads is difficult to resolve, states philosopher and Sanskritist Stephen Phillips,[13] because all opinions rest on scanty evidence and analysis of archaism, style and repetitions across texts, and are driven by assumptions about likely evolution of ideas, and presumptions about which philosophy might have influenced which other Indian philosophies. Indologist Patrick Olivelle says that "in spite of claims made by some, in reality, any dating of these documents [early Upanishads] that attempts a precision closer than a few centuries is as stable as a house of cards".[16] Some scholars have sought to analyse similarities between Hindu Upanishads and Buddhist literature to establish chronology for the Upanishads.[17]
Patrick Olivelle gives the following chronology for the early Upanishads, also called the Principal Upanishads:[49][16]
  • The Brhadaranyaka and the Chandogya are the two earliest Upanishads. They are edited texts, some of whose sources are much older than others. The two texts are pre-Buddhist; they may be placed in the 7th to 6th centuries BCE, give or take a century or so.[50][17]
  • The three other early prose Upanisads—Taittiriya, Aitareya, and Kausitaki come next; all are probably pre-Buddhist and can be assigned to the 6th to 5th centuries BCE.
  • The Kena is the oldest of the verse Upanisads followed by probably the Katha, Isa, Svetasvatara, and Mundaka. All these Upanisads were composed probably in the last few centuries BCE.[51]
  • The two late prose Upanisads, the Prasna and the Mandukya, cannot be much older than the beginning of the common era.[49][16]
Stephen Phillips places the early Upanishads in the 800 to 300 BCE range. He summarizes the current Indological opinion to be that the Brhadaranyaka, Chandogya, Isha, Taittiriya, Aitareya, Kena, Katha, Mundaka, and Prasna Upanishads are all pre-Buddhist and pre-Jain, while Svetasvatara and Mandukya overlap with the earliest Buddhist and Jain literature.[13]
The later Upanishads numbering about 95, also called minor Upanishads, are dated from the late 1st-millennium BCE to mid 2nd-millennium CE.[18] Gavin Flood dates many of the twenty Yoga Upanishads to be probably from the 100 BCE to 300 CE period.[19] Patrick Olivelle and other scholars date seven of the twenty Sannyasa Upanishads to likely have been complete sometime between the last centuries of the 1st-millennium BCE to 300 CE.[18] About half of the Sannyasa Upanishads were likely composed in 14th- to 15th-century CE.[18](source)

The Buddhists/Hindus have gone deepest into the law of karma, applying it throughout life and death. Wikipedia also has a good background to karma and karmic law according to various Hindu sects. Here is a pro-Karmic-Theory discussion. Here is a blog post that refutes Karmic Theory. This is how the Theosophical Society evaluated Karmic Law many years ago.Here is a Buddhist commentary on the Law Of Karma. Read this excellent article on the evolution of the law of karma.

 This site expounds on the Hindu teachings regarding karma. It is necessary to present what they say, then critique it. These extracts from the article explain karmic law and how they say it works.

 "The main difference between the eastern and western religions is that in Islam and Christianity you commit sin against the law of God, where as in Hinduism and related religions, you commit sin against yourself by your own actions". 

"The law of karma is very much verifiable in real life. We all have seen in our own lives, and in nature too, that we reap what we sow. Our successes and failures are mostly products of our own thoughts and actions. If we think positively and act positively, very likely we will succeed. On the contrary if we think and act negatively, very likely we will bring negativity and suffering upon ourselves. Sometimes in spite of all the good work and sincere intentions, we may reap negative consequences. A student may prepare well for his exam, but may fail. A very evil and wicked person may earn the jackpot or become owner of a successful business venture. The theory of karma has a convincing explanation such situations. The current events in our lives need not necessarily be determined by our previous actions in this very life, but also by the actions we did in our previous lives. This explains why sometimes there is a disconnect between our actions and consequences, why bad people often seem to enjoy success and prosperity, while good people seem to suffer despite their best actions and intentions".   

 "Our successes and failures are mostly products of our own thoughts and actions. If we think positively and act positively, very likely we will succeed.On the contrary if we think and act negatively, very likely we will bring negativity and suffering upon ourselves"

 "..... (the law of karma) is a self-correcting mechanism, that it binds beings to the cycle of births and deaths, that it is caused by desires and the activities of the senses, that it is responsible for the evolution of beings from one stage to another and that it is possible to reverse the bondage caused by law of karma through various means".

"The traditional view of Hinduism has been that karma is a body of obligatory duties, rites and rituals, we are expected to perform as a part of our social, moral, family and personal responsibilities."
  • Nitya karma. These are the daily sacrifices, such as the morning, afternoon and evening prayers and the five kinds of sacrificial offering of food (ahuta, huta, prahuta, bali, brahmayuta, prasita). Technically, whatever duties that we are supposed to perform as human beings, come under this category such as bathing, eating, praying, sleeping and so on.
  • Naimittika karma. These are the duties that are to be performed on specific occasions, such as festivals, solar and lunar eclipses, the various samskaras such as upanayana, marriage, funeral rites and so on.
  • Kamyakarma. These are the optional duties that we perform in order to realize a particular goal or wish, such as going to a pilgrimage, educating one's children, buying some property, performing a sacrificial rite wishing to attain heavenly life and so on.
"Of these, the first two are obligatory in the sense that if we do not perform them we will incur sin. The third one is optional, that is there is no harm in neglecting them, but there can be some merit if we decide to pursue them in a right manner."

"Since no human being can escape the law of karma, it leaves us with anxiety, especially when we know that we cannot live without performing actions and our actions would result in consequences for ourselves and our future. When we know that the consequences of our actions may go beyond this life, we become even more concerned as we are not even sure how they are going to effect our future." 

"......we can reverse the consequences of our actions through the grace and intervention of God." 

After going through the various types of Yoga as a means of purifying action, exhausting karma and achieving God-realization, they conclude as follows: "Awareness of the law of karma is an important step in the religious life of any individual. Karma is responsible for our becoming and being. Our problems of existence and the law of karma becomes active only when we enter into the state of beingness. Through karma we perpetuate this state of beingness and create our own future existence. Karma is supposed to be a corrective mechanism, meant to refine us gradually through our own actions, but since we are not perfect masters, we do it rather clumsily, like blind people trying to carve a statue out of a stone. When we realize that our thoughts, intentions and actions lead to our bondage and suffering, we become more responsible in what we do and how we live. We aim to lead divine centered lives, in which our main objective would be to free ourselves from the consequences of our own actions, without escaping from our duties and responsibilities. The murma (secret) of karma (action) is to consecrate both our actions and their fruit to our personal God and cultivate purity (sattva), devotion (bhakti), equanimity and other divine qualities enumerated in the Bhagavadgita to become qualified for our liberation. The law of karma makes it abundantly clear that the solution to our liberation lies in our hands and how we go about it is left to ourselves." 

The above exposition is just gross disinformation, or lies. Before I examine what they wrote, you must divest yourself of certain religious traits like 'blind faith' and 'surrender'. These are obstacles to the awakening process in which the only guideline really is.....QUESTION EVERYTHING! You just cannot innocently believe anymore. That is a weakness which is dutifully exploited by predators, religionists and politicians alike. Religion is a virus! Religion is guilty of programming human computers with malware or fake paradigms which cause 'people' to waste their lives in barren activities. Your attention is diverted into blind alleys while the real causes of your misfortunes and other experiences in life go unexamined. The people do all to get in God's good books, and then blame him, not the rulers, when things fall apart. People do not benefit spiritually from them because their knowledge-seeking capacity has been blocked or seriously compromised. The only way out of this barren state is to climb out of it and launch into an awakened state. One has to dump the theories and practices of religion, free up your brain-computer and  free up your time. To do so one has to overcome the fear of betraying God and fear of the unknown. One has to also get rid of the urge to hang on to 'crutches' as one walks through life's environments and interactions. You have to create your own anti-virus and malware remover from the truths you know, or will know when you pursue it. Every bit of truth you discover removes a bit of malware within you. The more truth you discover, the more malware is removed. There is no higher pursuit in life than to remove all the malwares in your consciousness, so you, the soul, can get the fresh eyes to discover the ingredients required to take full charge of your body and your life. If you don't travel in this direction then you are traveling in directions dictated by your programmers and mind controllers. The time spent on prayer, worship, rituals and certain spiritual practices is the time that should be spent on ferreting out the truth from all possible search sources. This is what research is. Research is enquiry into the truth of the 'matrix' you live in. Research alone can give you an insight into 'what is' and 'what can be'.

Meditation cannot give you a flow of knowledge on a subject if you don't have the required basic knowledge on that subject. Meditation programs turn out to be barren exercises because of the accent on feeling good by stress relief and because its practitioners not being interested in acquiring knowledge by research. Any soul-centering exercise will energise the consciousness and produce harmony. Workers who concentrate notice this, and notice how quickly the time flies! The consciousness leaves its add-ons and extensions, which dilute its essence, and dwells on itself. Yet, that is just the beginning of the meditation highway. Meditation is the doorway to downloading knowledge from a source or dimension that has it, whether this be the Causal world of ideas, the Supersoul or God. Knowing the subject-matter of the field which you are going to meditate on is a pre-requisite. Non-knowledge meditation cannot be expected to result in a flow of ideas. But, it has its uses! Meditation by darksiders is nothing more than mental entertainment, complete with the hallucinations called 'astral travel'. Darksiders also say that they are meditating when their 'mental gazing' or 'eyeball-reading' involves live feeds from the collective darkside or satan. I have called this 'eyeball-reading' because the darkside/bacteria combo in the eyeballs transmit satan's 'inspiration'. Research on how to take care of the body is a good starting point for research. This knowledge, when practicalised, will give you the extra years you need to live as a soul, and to discover the maximum truth. You will learn how to defeat the biggest trojan/malware in your body: the darkside/ bacteria combination. This self-discovery is a necessary beginning in living life as a soul. The effect of fully becoming the soul can only be obtained if the causes of not being the soul are dealt with. This means fighting back against the dark side within and outside. They are both the same! There is no law of karma in operation which helps you or victimises you. You live in a world wherein darkside predators rule by force and deception. You live among darkside predators of different genders and potencies. What is called 'Civilisation' is just the evil vs good war with a modern flavor.