Thursday, July 5, 2018

Darkside law runs the world, not the law of karma. 9

Most people need a life RESET. There is definitely a need for a reset of the way material things are distributed. The elites and the darkside society have engineered systems that work for their benefit. If you help maintain or can expand such systems, you have a sure recipe to the good life. If you are peripheral to these systems, you take what you can get or suffer. The elite-created, urban-focused market system needs you to join in in order to share in its fruits. If you have nothing marketable to offer, or if you are a threat to the system, you suffer. If you chase after products and services, like darksiders, you are welcome. If you are detached or un-obsessed, like souls, you are not welcome. The elites are aware of the need for a reset, and have planned it. You can check out an excellent analysis here. Any reset that leaves the elites in control solves nothing, even though Universal Basic Income will help the poor. This world of suffering, crimes and chaos was created by social engineering. The world cannot be changed unless its operating systems are discarded, and new ones instated. The people must fight for the reset they want, not accept a reset from those who caused the problems in the first place. Keep waking up and retracting your head from the fake news and fake knowledge/paradigms which are being catapulted at you from mainstream sources. Resetting the world will take time and unceasing effort. In the face of increasing chaos and suffering, reset your own mental computers frequently to renew yourself. Embark on programs of nutritional therapies and supplements to escape elitist eugenic strategies, and to chase away death by natural causes. Remove all the malware and mind-control programs resident in your consciousness. Rid yourself of the microscopic inhabitants of your body. Cut down that darkside 'hacker' which lives in your body. This 'hacker' advances its control over the soul, if you don't learn how to reset your head. Daily you go about with your eyes being at eye level or beneath that. This focus keeps you attending to business, but you become more and more worldly, as you increasingly depart from soul consciousness. To reset your consciousness, you have to periodically discard business as usual and revisit soul consciousness. You have to undo the inroads that the darkside has made into soul consciousness. You have to restore your operating system to basic or factory settings. The only way to do this is to change the 'level' your eyes customarily focus at. You have to lift your gaze away from the world and worldly concerns. You could look at the sky and moon. It's better to sit comfortably, relax your body by closing your eyes, and mentally suggesting that the tension-filled areas of your body relax. Start from your feet and move up to the head. Then you lift your eyeballs to gaze as far upwards as it can go, with eyes closed. Inhale through one nostril slowly, and exhale through the other, alternately. Fill the lungs from the diaphragm, moving upwards, then release the air through the other nostril. Use your fingers to pinch one nostril shut while the other is open. Keep the eyeballs gazing upwards, into the nothingness of the void. In this kind of meditation, the soul's attention separates from the darkside's, and from the cares of the world, and dwells on itself. Soul's attention gets focused, strengthened and energised from the void or vacuum. A half hour is enough. You feel refreshed afterwards. The darkside most likely will respond with chatter and distractions but it will stop: it cannot follow the soul into the void. This is how to reset your head/computer by a refocus into soul's home base. It is an antidote to rampant darkside growth into materialism, and reduces its grip on the soul's attention. A variant of this method is to gently press on each eyelid with an index finger, at the same time. Keep looking at the lights that you see in each eye. Remove your fingers to return to normal. A couple minutes is enough. You can also stare into the flame of a candle, the flame of an oil lamp or into a bonfire. It restores harmony in the eyes and head. Light does defeat darkness! While working on resetting the world, reset your consciousness so it is not overwhelmed by that of the dark side.
Unable to reset the world by themselves, many try to get God to do it for them. But though they send forth so many messages via prayers, ritual and worship, no responses are obtained. Wrong choice of methods! In  order to 'hear' God, you have to first stop the darkside operating system which blocks soul-God communication. The darkside is the obstacle that prevents the soul from becoming functional. You must stop all the mental noises, all the internal urges to action, the endless distractions, and  the incessant soul-conquering ploys the darkside engages in. That 'hacker' into soul's consciousness must be outed or quarantined. The bacterial 'bridges' or interfaces to soul's consciousness must be destroyed. Self-images must be destroyed by insisting that you are not described by anything more than I AM. This gives you the freedom from self-limiting descriptions. The programming in your consciousness has to be destroyed by updates of truth. Discard social and mainstream media influence, the influence of race or tribe, the influence of culture,......discard all influences that are not allied to truth. Wipe your hard drive and install a new operating system based on truth. In the quiet that ensues, God's messages can then be noticed, and understood. Messages can be sent to him by the soul using the same channel, with or without words. This is communication not religious prayer. Soul must use its consciousness to direct its seeking. The body only carries the consciousness from place to place. In the seeking it is, that you find. Research for solutions to your problems, and for answers to your questions. If you find none, keep searching while expanding and adjusting the parameters of the search, as you go along. There may be something where the (darkside) mind does not want you to go. It blocks you from even considering going there by dimming your attention, by inducing forgetfulness, or by deflecting your attention into something else. The dark side does not want you to discover the truth. The elites create clever phrases/language to discourage you from considering certain ideas. So we got the phrase 'Conspiracy Theory'. The darkside elites created a world full of problems that steal your life's time, minute by minute. If the good had scripted this world, life would have been different. A global reset is necessary to evade the decadence the world has become. You have to defeat the problem-creators in order to achieve a reset. God will help in his own way but you have to do what is necessary. You are God's hands and feet on earth, so talk to him. Flowery language and rosy sentiments are for the cunning. Be simple, direct, and to the point. No fluff.....he already knows! The language you use is for effective conveyance of the message, not for establishing that God is the holiest of holies, or that you are a pious or devout believer. Leave that kind of make-believe for the religious actors. God has no need for the prayers/worship, rituals and other practices of religion. He has created the blueprints which manifest the articles used in rituals. He already owns everything. There is nothing you can give him that is your own to offer, except yourself. This is what must be offered! If evil makes pacts with the devil, why can't souls offer to work for God in this life, in return for help, guidance and protection? You do not need to remember or recite to God, any quotes of fabricated knowledge from holy books, no matter how lofty the topic. God is very simple, though possessing vast or interminable knowledge. His guidance is relevant to the real matrix you live in. Religion, on the other hand, gave us nothing relevant (or true) about of the real drama that is taking place in our lives. They did not say anything about the darkside/bacteria combo within, and the war it is making on souls by hijacking their bodies. They gave you nothing which helps you fights the darkside within. Reset yourself, then help reset the world.

Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita give us some practices which help tame the dark side but these do not target the darkside frontally. Pranayam (breathing exercises) and Hatha Yoga are great tools for health but they do not focus on the elimination of the darkside/bacteria combo. Nutrition (and nutritional supplements ) can reduce the darkside/bacteria combo but religion pays it no real attention. Christ (in the Essene Gospel of Peace Bk 1) informs that the darkside or satan is within and gives some rudimentary methods for cutting it down. There are better methods existing today for getting that job done. The religions do not explain why there is a darkside/satan-inspired script/blueprint to which the darksiders are attuned, and which targets good people using force. The darkside is the ultimate cause of human suffering, but religion pays it no attention. The darkside gets its information from satan and conducts its behavior based on this, and on its intrinsic evil nature. Darksiders alone can read what is 'written' for the good, but they do not see any scripted blueprint for themselves, as if they are god's chosen, already-free and already-evolved people, working with the motto... 'Do as thou wilt'. It is as if satan tells his sparks that no script is necessary for them because they are already perfect, and they are, therefore, free to do as they please. satan's sparks thus become the default teachers and instructors of the rest of mankind. Darksiders take what they want, and are free to do what they want because they can use superior force. Everyone else have to live by the darkside's rules which they make up as they go. To get a reset, the darkside within and outside has to be defeated. The darksiders are giving satan full expression on earth, while ensuring that God gets no bodies to use as his tools. has become hell!

There is time enough when you die to live without a body, and to learn how to navigate that new environment then. Attend to what ails you while you are alive. This is commonsense reasoning. Hinduism, however, teaches that earthly life is full of suffering and Maya (illusion), and you have to flee from the cycle of births and deaths, otherwise you keep coming back into this suffering. They want you to forget about solving suffering in the now, and instead focus on Moksha (liberation) after death. They deem that it is better to spend time on pursuing Moksha, even though though that fruit will not be forthcoming while alive. To believe religion you have to eliminate all logic and common-sense from your life. When the upper class, who do not suffer materially, tell you to opt for not returning to earth because of the suffering here, you have to wonder! Historically, life has shown that when you get rid of the causes of your suffering, life becomes a joyful thing, as the soul unfolds its qualities, and as creation responds with good fruits as intelligent causes are put in. Creation was built with wondrous knowledge. Cause and effect can be intelligently manipulated to produce blessings instead of suffering. History proves this. Human beings know, and accept, that death comes eventually. They have learnt to live with the life cycle. Pain and suffering on a daily basis can be conquered if the root causes are neutralised. We must understand the processes and mechanisms that are at work, and tweak things to obtain good results. This world is very real (not Maya) and we have to pay attention to the welfare of the planet. The elites are destroying it. We cannot just ignore it by naming it 'Maya'. We have to appreciate nature and the living beings on the planet. This is our world, not that of the elites or religious propagandists. The earthly landscape is not comprised of  objects for exploitation. It is a home that  sustains life. Moksha is the real illusion, fabricated by those who have no idea of what happens after death. Attending to the requirements of after-death Moksha is a waste of one's lifetime. What counts is the life we live and the results we strive for before death. The soul has no fear of what takes place after death because it lives out it's nature of goodness. It is not attachment but an appreciation of the challenge to live and explore this creation. Creation is a testimonial to the majesty of the creator. We don't know it at birth. We learn it as we grow. Then religion and others step in to programme us. We cannot look at life as some kind of punishment heaped on us because in past lives we did not escape by making no karma, or, we did not fashion lives of material plenty by making good karma. Religion is lying. The darkside sees the world as a set of objects, as resources to exploit, as preying fields or as acquisitions-to-be. The soul looks on the world as a mystery to be explored, studied and understood. The darkside is the obstacle that is preventing the soul from living it's way.

The soul comes with love built into the substance of its consciousness. Call it joy, bliss or harmony, this love infiltrates all that the soul is, and does. There is nothing to manufacture or fabricate. You deal with a soul person and it is there for you. Darksiders have their own version of love which you fall in, give, or make. It is really a passion/intoxication of darkside for darkside. Females use love energy to produce the feeling in men. Most often, that love-feeling is an attachment created by fear of loss of the other, or jealousy, or pleasure. The competition for women in the gender games creates the darkside awakening in males, with darkside 'love' emotion being evoked. You can feel the love in the chest or stomach area or rising as a feeling or emotion, but its a product of the darkside. Defeat your darkside and this emotion disappears, just like anger, hate or jealousy. There is not much real love in this darkside-led world. The darkside society dictates the pairing of the males and females. It is a 'sex first love after' plot. Most females accept it, and live it. Those who do not comply have force used against them. Mama's boys need their boy-toys and the females need willing males. The colors and tribes get to control people like pimps do! Those who want freedom and love first, with everything else coming after, get destroyed by the-powers-that-be. The real love is gentle and exudes from the soul. It is a quality of the soul. This love has nothing to do with making love, or making babies. It exists without a cause, and without the need for another person's presence in order to manifest. The soul does not need to focus on a target, for that love to exist. This is more like a universal love. It is amplified when a personal love with another soul of the opposite gender is found. This love is built into the fabric of the soul's consciousness, together with qualities/values  like morals, conscience, virtues, compassion, empathy and understanding. The real love stands in the way of mama's boys having their fun. So, it is destroyed wherever found. Soul people should avoid personal relationships with darkside others. Soul's nature is to survive, while living out it's nature, and as guided by God. Souls do not isolate themselves from the rest of mankind under the pretense of focusing on God, as the religious do. Souls live in society as builders, nurturers and healers. Souls fight the good fight. Souls are complete beings except for basic needs. The darkside attacks the soul's ability to provide it's basic needs in order to control or destroy it. The darkside controls society's resources for distribution to their own. This includes the women in the society. This is why darksiders are in the majority. Hell is here because souls cannot propagate their way of life.

Soul is God's spark. Hinduism with all its holy books and analyses of God and man confuses normal human beings. It is troublesome for seekers to remember all that religion says. Yet, believers can parrot scripture by chapter and verse as if memorising scripture to win arguments, also confers a halo! Religion created a one-being-in-a-body, who actually doesn't exist, and prescribed all kinds of practices and required knowledge for him. Religious theology of any kind is programming that blocks God out. It is what Christ calls 'dead scripture'. The net result is confused seekers trapped in a web of words and practices, but who cannot lift their noses above water to grab a breathful of the real sermon from the living God himself! Believers cannot critically analyse the teachings of religion because they are mental prisoners to cleverly crafted lyrics. For instance, Duryodhan, that evil Kaurava, was seen in heaven! Imagine the shock of serious seekers who do Karma Yoga, their spiritual sadhana, their devotion and rituals at being told that the vilest Kaurava went to heaven! It is impossible to mentally process this information. Where then is the merit in living a righteous life? But then, Hinduism excuses the evil of great demons, including Ravana, by saying that they were cursed to perform those roles. They say that the world is for the leelas or 'plays' of God. They make it appear that God's entertainment via his appearances on earth in his 'leelas' or shows is most important to him. They have created a virtual reality that is at odds with the reality that we face in this matrix. The lie about Duryodhan is just too much. And his body was seen! After death, it is invisible souls and invisible darksides which move on, not bodies. So much for that mythical story called 'The Mahabharat'. The dimension for souls is often referred to as 'heaven' because only that caliber of entity can function there. One has to ask too, how come Hinduism just leaves out the fact of the darkside vs soul war within, for the soul's body? Why didn't the Hindu avatars not mention ways of cutting down the darkside within? Did they not know of the fact that 90% of the body's cells were bacterial, including viruses? Did they not know that it was victorious darkside/bacterial combinations which create evil people, and not curses? Did they not know that the tribes and colors that inhabit earth are simply darkside clones? Did they not know that apart from the rulers, it was these darkside tribes and colors that were making the world such a difficult place to live in? Did they not know that the methods of the Brahmins (prayer, rituals and worship) do not work?  But.... Hindu holy books actually have the Gods supporting and taking part in these rituals!  

Soul/good people are not predatory assailants. They do not initiate evil actions and trespasses. They do not attract the attention of others to boost their egos or hunt them. They are builders, helpers, healers and nurturers, and will initiate actions in these areas. When under darkside attack, they will run, defend or counter-punch as the circumstances dictate. They will not hit first. They will take time, after being attacked, to understand the whys and wherefores, and to decide a course of action. Once decided, the course decided on will be methodically lived out. It will be designed to stop future similar transgressions. Today, good people have become as sheep. Part of the reason is that the darkside elite has cleverly deceived them into believing that to be compassionate  means to forgive and forget: no counter-punching, no retaliation and no revenge/justice. The complete evil-isation of the world was set in train by this programming. Law Enforcement was supposed to trammel evil by giving bad consequences for evil action but they insisted on enforcing criminal law. Civil law was left to rot. Evil-doing, not defined by criminal law, is not corrected. There developed 'grey' areas of law which darksiders take advantage of. Their victims cannot seek redress in courts of law because these transgressions are not designated as crimes, and personal action will bring trouble. Of course, wealth and influence can assure freedom from prosecution. Religion contributed by insisting that the 'law of karma'  is/was automatically enforced. So what happened was that good men did nothing, and evil  received a clear path to do more evil. Part of the problem, too, was that good people had second thoughts about the desirability of retaliation. People thought of the unnecessary trouble with law enforcement, and about what will happen to their families and children if they got into trouble. The problem on earth is that putting two opposite kinds of entities (darkside and soul) created a war zone in which only the darkside portion loves war. It could have been that God set up a working system with satan doling out the rewards for sin and good karma. satan, having the power to make or break man, rebelled. He is now in the drivers seat. But, he forgot the super power of God. 

Other explanatory scenarios can be posited for the presence of evil predators on earth, e.g. an alien darkside invasion. It could be that earth was visited by different kinds of aliens. The good aliens created all that was good about this planet, and evil aliens messed it up by injecting species that were predatory in nature. The darkside possessions, and the predatory among insects, animals, birds, fishes and reptiles are not consistent with the creating done by a good God. The darkside possession is the greatest single cause of suffering on earth. It comes from a dimension that breeds and houses darksiders. That dimension is a veritable hell, and is both the source and the eventual destination of darksiders. That must be faced. The soul is the agent of God on earth, with the ability to recreate the heaven it came from, here on earth. Heaven (for lack of a better word) is both the source and eventual destination of souls. There can be no deviation from that schema: souls cannot go to hell and darksiders cannot go to heaven. Bodies are just like carriages, conveying both forces from birth to death on this planet, and acting out the actions initiated by soul or darkside. The two invisible pilots of the body are engaged in a war in which the darkside is the assailant/aggressor. The soul needs to wake up and fight back against the darkside entity itself, not just the body it controls. What has happened so far on earth is directly due to the war being made on the soul/good people, not because of any law of karma. If that law operated, the evil people would have been suffering! The darksiders would have been decimated as soon as they transgressed. Heaven (soul) and hell (darkside) are now facing off on earth. Souls must wake up and face this. This life is not about chasing happiness, and it is not about the 'school-career-family-retirement' format that the elites have popularised. It is not just about earning, accumulating for the bloodline, spending, paying taxes, voting, and consuming. Reality has to be faced. Fighting the darkside for the freedom to live without interference matters most!

The soul is naturally detached from things that do not concern the expression of its nature and is attached to the things related to its basic needs. This is normal. In practice, both detachment and concern re material things and relationships are necessary. Hinduism feels that detachment across the board, as evidenced by renunciation, is ideal. But, the renunciant or Sannyasin with the physical trimmings of detachment is not the ideal human, except in the eyes of religion. It is necessary to take care of the human body, and to acquire such things as are necessary to adequately feed, clothe and shelter it. One has to also take care of dependents. Beggars/Sannyasins are not well-placed to maintain the health and safety of the body. There is no nutritional adequacy when you live on alms, or if you live in an institution which pays minimum attention to nutritious foods and supplements. Spending time as member of a cult, and doing 'cult' things is not the same as living in freedom and obeying the guidance given by God. You need the resources with which to acquire the supplements and foods with which to fight back against the dark side. You need the mental space, free from cult/religious influence, in order to do research or pursue truth. What you need in order to live as soul cannot be dismissed by denouncing them as 'attachments'. You cannot dismiss the need for material things as mere worldliness. In life, you do research to pursue knowledge or the truth about the world. Then, you keep what that truth says about what materials are essential for a healthy body and an awakened soul. You use what is good for you, and stay away from what is bad for you. It is about what is useful to you, and what is not. It is not about attachment and detachment. The soul is naturally detached from things, yet flows with the knowledge of what is good for it. The darkside is naturally attached to materials, and is always engaged in acquiring resources, or in using them to consume more. So, this religious message of attachment/detachment cannot help the darkside or the soul since they both live out their intrinsic natures, no matter what religion says.

So, Monks and Sannyasins are not well placed to fight back against the dark side. Without fighting back against the darkside, you remain a darksider. Social media is now attesting to this. Isolating themselves from humankind to better pursue God is just a barren ill-informed path. In human living, there are  concerns that one has to pay attention to regularly, concerns that come up for attention infrequently, and concerns that can be entirely ignored. You do not attach/detach from these concerns but pay attention to them as they arise. Living as a soul on earth is not about attachment and detachment. It is darksiders who have a problem of being attached to things to the point of addiction or obsession. It is the darkside's nature to cling to things. Living as soul is about looking after the health of the body, fighting back against the dark side to control the body, and to explore its own nature. Using materials to get these done is not a fault. Staying away from materials in the name of detachment is a very stupid thing to do. Giving up the material world to pursue God more fully is such a lie. How can a beggar improve his knowledge without research. How can he read and understand if his alms-given diet does not support body or brain health? How can he afford health supplements? Hinduism's religious concoctions may have served the ruling elite well by keeping the population busy with God (and not with revolution) and by making poverty a meritorious thing. But it didn't do the ruled any good. Why did the rulers not become Sannyasins themselves? When the ruling class recommends detachment but does not itself practise it, is prime grounds for suspicion. Saying that detachment is the method by which you free yourself from making karma, and so enabling you to become free of the cycle of reincarnation, is a spurious teaching when you do not practise it yourself. It is the darkside which has the desire nature that creates attachments. This doesn't apply to the soul. The soul operates functionally, using stuff for the purpose. This is how to engage in a life reset, not the darkside way by chasing wealth and materials, and not the religious way by outing materials in the name of detachment. For the soul, to want stuff is not to desire them, but to need them!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Darkside law runs the world, not the law of karma. 8

The evil elites have conspired this world which feeds the dark side and starves the soul. They have used religion to put blinders on us so that the truth is blocked out. They blame the victims for their failures and  suffering. We blame God when he does not give us our miracles, or respond to our pleas and supplications. The truth is that God created earth but darksiders have created the misery. The elites and darkside masses want it all, with no equals! The elites evolved the darkside society to engineer the creation of darksiders, and to completely eliminate souls and goodness from the face of the earth. The darkside masses are also captives of the elites, but they enjoy their prisons. They love being  instruments of their god: satan. There is no justice except for the law enforcement agencies who only interdict the more brutal expressions of the darkside nature, and only if these are legislated against. The only way that soul/good people will get justice for the evils wreaked upon them by the darksiders, is if they themselves seek to accomplish it. The darkside has already done the evil acts for which they must be punished. God can help you punish them only if you want that to be. Otherwise  he has no  role in this, though he is 'watching'. This is why the elites are spending so much money and time to convince us that forgive and forget, non-revenge and inaction against evil is the route that God blesses! The day that people wake up to that ruse in religion and social media, and start making the darksiders pay for all their sins....that will be the day of salvation. It is the darkside elites who will be unleashing Armageddon. No Hindu avatar will be coming on a white horse to save us. There will be no ascension, and no rapture. You are a complete prisoner here, and a very dumbed-down one, like the rest of us! Without a method of fighting back and winning, the world is, and will be, what the plotters want. Evil's victims have the right to extract justice, if they can get past the propaganda about forgiveness, and about justice-getting making you just as evil as the perpetrators. The Pandavas sought justice and got it, in that story. Today, it would be foolhardy to try it that way, with law enforcement waiting on the sidelines. Souls abhor violence, but will fight that way if there is no choice. There are fightback methods that can grant victory, if only one can shed the beliefs that keep you a prisoner.

Real knowledge has to be applied by good people in fighting back. God did not create this drama for evil to be the torturers and enslavers of his sparks, without end. The roots of the problem must be cut in order to eliminate the problem. The problem is an invading evil consciousness. A Consciousness fightback is required by the soul. This is the method by which victory is possible. Souls need to wake up to the realisation of how the darkside within operates to hijack the body to subdue soul consciousness, and how it acts as an enemy agent of the darkside society. If you cannot become aware of this activity within, what are you going to fight? The darkside/bacteria combo must be starved of food for growth. It must not be allowed to express. The soul must be willing to curb all manner of expressions in order to catch the darkside attempting to hijack the body. The darkside can also move the body, so the body must be put on lock-down, and all manner of behavior monitored and selectively implemented. The question to ask is...If the soul is the one monitoring and paying attention, who is it that is generating or engineering impulses within? Unless soul is consciously doing the engineering, it is not responsible. The only other entity present within is the darkside. That will have to be verified by actual experience. Whatever is not-soul generated has to be disobeyed, and disallowed. Other ways of internal fightback will be discussed later. The invisible darkside /bacteria combo within is the target of any counter-attack. Each darkside is basically the same as the other darksides. If you cut down the darkside within to be free of its machinations, the darksiders on the outside will get cut down too. It works like that. Freedom within translates into freedom outside. Soul will be free to live according to its nature, when the darkside within is not free to live its own. The dark side within is what is blocking the soul. If you do not cut the dark side within down, it will inject itself into your life, and your fightback, doing it its way. Adrenaline, anger, hate, greed, lust, gluttony, trespass, bad energy, preying, using cunning, etc, power darkside action. Fighting is second nature for darksiders, and they generally have short 'fuses'. Souls usually make deliberate conscious decisions to fight. You don't want to fight like a darksider because the darksiders have a comparative advantage in that mode. Soul has its own ways of fighting. It might be running away or standing firm; it might be active or passive resistance; it might be fighting within or fighting externally; it might be tit for tat or it might be ignoring the attacks. Only the soul knows how it will fight as the circumstances are weighed. God helps from within using the window to him that the soul is. Souls usually fight alone because they have no 'pack' mentality. Unless souls wake up now and destroy the darkness within, hence externally, we will continue to be prisoners. The existence of others like the 'white hats' can be fake news, but there is evidence that other people are fighting the NWO/Cabal/Illuminati/et al group. Light the light and curse the darkness. The current awakening taking place happened because we rejected 'expertism', lies, beliefs, theories, fake news, fake knowledge and programming. De-program, discard, remake, rethink, question. Do not allow yourselves to be the victims in the games played by the darksiders for their entertainment.

Religion has indulged in divide and rule for the purpose of upper class control of the masses. The HAVES had God's blessings but the have-nots didn't! Look at how the Caste system divided the people into separate classes and sub-groups, each having a different social status/wealth/opportunity level. Look at the division of  people into believers and non-believers. The believers are pure and rightfully placed but the non-believers are called pagans, infidels or some other derogatory name. Religion then proclaim themselves to be the saviour of these non-believers by conducting programmes of conversion eg the Crusades. The elites must know that the dark side within grabs at causes to fight for, and it supplies them with causes in abundance. The elites want people to be busy in attending to distractions, and too busy to get on the same page and deal with elite conspiracy facts. The dumbed-down do not have the mental resources with which to question and go beyond their programming. Having seen it on television is often reason enough to believe. So we have a litany of causes just waiting for the darkside to attach to: race, color of skin, language, religion, gender, political loyalty, favorite sports team, favorite celebrities and entertainers, favorite automobiles, nationality, age group, caste or economic class, positivism, love, etc etc. The elites enable the darkside masses to share the governance of the earth after dividing them into 'opposing' camps or colors or tribes, according to minor differences in the darkside possessions. The darkside society is kept busy in-fighting for supremacy among themselves, playing their games day and night, year after year.  Perfect divide and rule technique! They ally themselves to fight the good but never ally against the creators of this prison planet. 

It seems that only soul people (the good guys) are detached enough from all those distractions to see the truth. But, they have no large grouping or resources with which to hit back against the elites. The good guys have no choice but to keep waking up the masses to the truth. It seems that there are good guys with the ability to fight the elites at various levels. Benjamin Fulford keeps writing about the 'white hats' who are fighting the evil elites everywhere. Most of us are happy when the 'white hats' claim that near-victory is here. When we see the results, we will believe. The Trump administration has not arrested its enemies yet! We cannot tell fake news from real news unless we look for results on the ground. So nothing has really changed. The elites are at the top of the hierarchy of power, with the darkside society forming the base. The elites are to be feared most, not only because of their wealth and resources, or their secret weapons, or their new and ongoing eugenics programs, or their occult power, but also because they have no group above them to control them. The elites have a greater potential for random and extreme behaviors because there is no-one above them to prosecute them, or to hold them to any law. That is, except God! We certainly need God's help to dismantle the rule of the elites before they bring on their new visions for the world. It seems that most of mankind will be eliminated, and the survivors will be totally enslaved if the New World Order, or the Old World Order 2, comes into being. The following agendas are well advanced in implementation: genetically modified food, driver-less vehicles, AI robots for work and war, underground bunkers and hideaways, unstoppable hypersonic weapons, vaccines, drones for all purposes, chemical and biologic weapons, energy weapons, chemtrails, crops sprayed with glyphosate poison, etc. The elites can destroy us all in the blink of an eye, if they wish. A physical war with them cannot be won, in spite of the brace resistance who would dare to face off. The problem in fighting back is how to defeat the elites. Once this is negotiated, creating a heaven here is easily negotiated. Just as the elites teach their children to take over, we have to train ours to fight back when we are gone.

Life is about finding out what's really going on within you, and in the world outside of you. You will find out that you are not alone in the body: you have bad company with you in there. Souls have the capacity to evaluate the truth about this life. The darksiders are not interested in truth: they are interested in getting information on others for the purpose of preying on them, for controlling them, and for enslaving them further. So, they spy on everyone. Apart from using technology, they have access to the darkside in people for spying on them. The darksiders use the dark side in a soul's body to facilitate attacks on both body and soul, especially with snake power. This is the weakness that is used when darksiders use them for  'target practice'. Souls were not given any super powers to use on earth. They cannot fight back in the darkside mode. The darkside would love for the fight back to take place in their mode, because with their comparative advantage, they would slaughter the good. The good, even with God's guidance, cannot win a physical war in these times. Why would God put the soul and darkside in a evil vs good war knowing that the predators will always be victors? They are not evenly matched. satan actively gives power and energy to his own, but God has not yet done this! There must be more to this soul/darkside 'contest' that we do not know. Did God set  up the darksiders by having them make bad karma with souls? If so, there must be a way to get justice, while teaching the darkside a lesson. The darksiders have so far programmed their victims not to hit back, by any method. No eye for an eye, and no tit for tat. This reveals a darkside fear of being hit back. This is the key clue as to what souls need to do: hit back. So, the knowledge the soul needs is how to fight and beat the darkside in a non-physical way (Sun Tzu calls this 'winning by not fighting').

So the process of fightback goes like this: 1) Defeat your darkside within. 2) Regain your leadership of the body. 3) Regain your immunity to the darkside. 4) Put a schedule in place so the darkside within cannot ever regain power. 5) Research to find ways to defeat the elites/darkside society. Research must be about finding ways to remove the darkside society and the elites from having power over mankind, and replacing their systems of control by systems which give freedom, and which do not hold mankind to ransom by controlling the resources of earth. Souls are about bringing heaven to earth. Darksiders are about cultivating future generations of darksiders to promulgate the control systems they now have in place. Darksiders are about controlling the resources of earth and highlighting those which can be used to give them control of humanity. This civilisation is how darksiders seek to complete themselves. All that the darkside elites and masses do is about completing themselves. They are so lacking in esteem that they are super-active in building their external worth. They measure their worth in quantities, in their level of control over the planet, in how many of their schemes they can implement, and in how much preying and consuming they can do. Souls have no such hallucinations or delusions: they are already complete except for their basic needs. When you defeat your own darkside, your are free from it, for the first time in your life. Only in the state of freedom can you pursue the real knowledge without the darkside obscuring your view or derailing your connection. From here onwards, you have an open and direct connection with God. You are a soul, a being that religion does not know or cater for. Soul has no lower side, and belongs to heaven already. Religion cannot target the darkside either, because they came from hell, and no matter what you teach them, they cannot change their natures. They will return to hell. Religion, therefore, cannot do a thing for either the soul or the darkside. It does enrich its creators and propagators. The shackles of all kinds of religions, including a future 'one world religion' must be broken, and garbaged. It is not salvation to exchange religions like this guy.

So, what can you do to help yourself if you abandon religion. There is no law of karma to help you. in creating amenable material conditions or darkside-free living, internally or in the world. Darksiders roam the earth in large tribal 'packs' or colors. They prey on the good and innocent, and on their own kind. You have to be prepared to fight them, or evade them. Live very far from them, if you can. Live your life as a soul who comes with his own armor or shield. If you are vulnerable, the darkside/bacteria combo within has grown too much. Soul must include 'fighting-the-darkside' measures in its daily life to prevent its overthrow. The darkside within blocks you from discovering it using disbelief, among other things. Decide consciously not to create thoughts, urges and desires within. You are now just a watcher. The thoughts, urges and desires will still come to your awareness. If you are just the watcher, who is it that is manufacturing these thoughts, desires and urges, and sending them to you? It is not you. Disown and disobey all these non-soul generated messages. Its not yours. "Get thee hence," does not work. Lomatium Dissectum extract and Monolaurin does! In the Tropics, we find that mosquitoes, like vaccines, are the main sources of viruses that add to power of the Darkside/Bacteria combo. They may not produce Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya or Dengue symptoms but their agents are there in the body. Papaya leaf juice has been found to be an effective treatment. Food, drink and supplements are necessary, as are soul-building protocols. Living as soul takes a lifestyle, not a few quick-fixes here and there.  As soul consciousness, you are complete, except for physical needs. Basic needs are all that your forays into the darkside society should be for! Don't seek to build an encyclopedia of knowledge about God within your head. That's one of the biggest obstacles to being the soul. Even Christ spoke about dead scripture! Let God be the mystery that he is. When you abandon the lies and fake news about him that religion gives, life becomes much simpler to live, and your head gets clearer with all the garbage removed. There's you and the omnipresent God, and the simple and free communication between you two. You are free from the burden of learning, and remembering, the fake scenarios and expectations that religion narrates about God. The only truth you know about God is that HE IS. The only truth soul uses to describe itself is : I AM. Do not follow social media in the building of self-images. Beyond that, there is the real world out there (not a hologram or Maya). You face the real world manufactured by the elites, and the darkside masses. You face the systems and the organisations created by the elites and the darkside society. You face darksiders, their methodologies and their governments, elected or secret. To navigate this hellish matrix requires knowledge of it. So you do research. You need help and guidance. Seek to find. Its up to you. God's  help is always his option. He helps by leading you or steering you. Sometimes he helps by ideas you intuit, and sometimes by letting you come to your own conclusions. Fight back to help build a heaven here by getting rid of this hell.  

Religion targets the 'strawman' or the fabricated/concocted self: the 'one being in a body'. You are soul and it is not you that they are talking about. You have no lower self. You have to take back the time you waste on religion without feeling guilty that you are betraying God or yourself. That time is better spent in doing things which are vital to your real interests but which you neglected due to programming from mainstream sources that put you to sleep. You have to step into the world of really caring for yourself by a renewed attention to body and soul maintenance. The longer you live, the more time you get to learn, evolve and fight. You cannot go into the life of giving life to self images you manufacture in an ongoing fashion. Self-image creation is a darkside preoccupation. You cannot go into that grand ego-building spree that social media has in mind for you. It is all life-wasting. Just like spending your life playing candy crush! The darkside within is locked into the outer world, and to the inner link with satan, which are its sources of life-building. The soul must rend these connections asunder in order to open the gate to its life-building: God's communication. In other words, the soul must put a ban on the life-building sources for the dark side in order to get access to God-sponsored life-building. Soul must also carefully select its nutritional substances, anti-darkside therapies (eg alkalinity), and physical activities so as to become healthy, and not give food for growth to the darkside within. Religion's 'one-being-in-a-body' formulations cannot help the soul which came from heaven and has no problems in returning there! So you have to focus within, to the internal battlefield. It is from within that the darkside is getting its leeway to build. 

Yes, it is freedom that we need. Not freedom from our past life karma or from the cycle of reincarnation. We need freedom from the dark side. We need freedom from the falsehoods that have been propagated by the elites to keep souls in the dark about their true selves and their power. One of these falsehoods propagated is that a person is a single being in a body. That being is called by a name and has a birth certificate. That is a convenient truth which suits the purposes of the elites and their earthly controlling/operating systems. Perhaps it serves the purposes of writers, and composers of all kinds of literature about humans, eg law makers. It is a lie used to enslave people. It is a deliberate lie that prevents people from knowing themselves.You look at a human body and say 'that's him'. That's the lie! You need to look closer. You need to observe bodies and behavior for some time, to find out the truth. You can guage the truth by observing yourself. The majority of bodies are ruled by the darkside within, so chances are this is the being you know. Good people are different. Observation also confirms that. There is one soul in a body but there may be more than one dark sides in there, some less brutal than others. Having a separate body does not mean that an individual lives in there: a single being who is free, independent and unique. The fact is that all darkside-ruled bodies in the world are controlled by about a dozen species of darksides. So, there are millions of bodies that is controlled by the same darkside, and it is known to others by the 'color ' or 'tribe' that they belong to. When you encounter one of them, it is actually a large group you are dealing with, with absent others being the 'backing' that he has. Those millions of bodies belong to a 'herd' or a 'pack'. Only souls who are in charge of their bodies are true individuals. Each soul is unique in the strength of the connection with God, in the qualities that are highlighted, and in the accuracy and focus of their knowledge. Dealing with another 'human' is really a very tricky thing. You have to sense which entity is on top, and use that knowing to guide your transactions/dealings. If you are a soul, know that being around darksiders causes your own darkside to resonate in response. It gets food for growth in that kind of company. Soul people supply food for growth to  souls only. In this world of a darkside majority, you will encounter a host of self-images propagated to you as being the 'individual' or person. You will have to look past the array presented to you composed of manners, political correctness, values, efforts to get your attention, personal public relations and self-marketing, body language etc to evaluate the nature of the being that you are interacting with. Soul has no created self- image, being content to say 'I am'. The darkside/bacteria combo creates a self image, enhances it, and markets/propagates it. It lives the self-image. A successful self image fills its ego with joy and vibrancy. The darkside needs this, together with successful preying, ego building, power over others, delicious consumption etc to feel good, since as a thief of the body, any natural good feeling, or esteem, is absent. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Darkside law runs the world, not the law of karma. 7

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The law of karma does not work on earth because there is no single entity doing karma from a body. Each of soul or dark side will live out its nature as it gets control. A 'person' seems bad at one time, and is good at another, as the entity in charge within, changes. The good comes from the soul and the evil comes from the darkside. Each cannot help its nature and there is no punishment or reward for exhibiting its own nature, from God or his laws. God, we assume, created both entities, and knows fully what each is about. We have been taught that God is good. Why then would he create the evil dark side? Why would he give them the nature, and the powers, to prey on the good, and on each other? Did he create satan to serve him but satan rebelled and decided to rule earth himself? Could there be an evil creator of satan managing earth alongside a good God? Did God create both good and evil so that a purpose for life can exist i.e. for souls to solve the puzzle by becoming aware of satan within the body, and fighting him, win back the lordship of the body? Is the God scenario we have been taught by religion, all wrong? Could there be more civilisations/places in other galaxies which are the real foci of creation, while Earth is a very minor bit of creation, and not worth the bother for him to personally supervise? Could we be the genetic experiments of more advanced beings from other worlds who know how to create matter and imbue them with different kinds of consciousness? Is earth being ruled by invisible evil aliens colluding with the earthly elites in the matter of possessing human bodies with their consciousness which can override the soul, thereby giving darkside aliens a conquered planet? There is so much truth that we do not know because the elites have lied to us through religion, given us fake world histories, dumbed us down via the education system, and mind-controlled us using other aspects of their system like books and the media. The darkside is not allowing the soul to be free to control its body, by possessing it, by hijacking the soul's control system (ie consciousness and the senses), by being hyper-active so that soul cannot input or conduct its own behavior, and by having a support network in the outside world which comes to its aid if soul should ever challenge its rulership. The darkside eliminates the bodies of troublesome souls! As it stands, souls must fight back and defeat the dark side at all levels of engagement. To do this it must recognise erroneous thought patterns and fake convictions/beliefs which have edited its behavior to exclude fightback. 

Each entity (soul or dark side) becomes more satanic or more divine by being able to govern the body for long periods. This is how their evolution proceeds. Yogis and gurus would have you believe that if you dedicate yourself to doing 'spiritual' practices for long periods of time, you will evolve into some kind of super-being whom you are not right now. Or perhaps, you might get Nirvana, Mukti or Liberation from enemies and conditions they identify! This is all fake spirituality, notwithstanding being able to have superhuman powers and abilities via such practices. The YOU that is being cultivated by such spiritual practices is the dark side! True spirituality already exists in the soul's nature. A soul is already a spark of God. The process of converting that spark of God into a fire begins with the necessary first step of reducing or destroying the suppressing darkside/bacteria combo. This alone will wake the soul up and keep it free enough for it to embark on self-discovery or self-realisation. For the soul, the process is to RECOVER then DISCOVER. What needs to be done for the soul is to awaken it from the sleep and suppression which the dark side has placed it in. The freedom or liberation sought is actually from the thralldom of the darkside entity within, from the darkside elites, and from the darkside masses. When soul is freed from the darkside prison, it immediately begins to walk its own path, guided from within by God. Spirituality thus becomes an exercise in self-realisation. The natures of the entities in the body are extended and deepened by the  expression of those natures. Practice makes perfect! A sleeping soul will tend to keep on sleeping because it has no practice at being awake! The darkside as 'boss' will keep on being the 'boss', unless it is stopped! Presently, the darksiders are the ones busy punishing souls for just being 'in their way'. And, you get in their way by being owner of a body that you refuse to surrender to them for their use, or by refusing to give your dark side the room to live out its nature. Being in their way gets you sidelined or eliminated! As it is, the darkside rules most bodies on earth, as was plotted. It is not God's plan. There is no God-created Age of Kali. It is not past karma doing the scripting or formatting either. Darksiders are drawing on their satanic information/guidance network to rule the planet as instruments of satan. It is an ongoing plot not God's laws at work. The darkside elites and masses dedicate themselves to materialism, to governing the earth, to obedience to satan, and to promoting the darkside way of life. They are preying on earth and its other inhabitants. Its all about hunting, acquiring, having, consuming, controlling, pleasures, fun, and the application of brutal force to get what they want. Even the females in the sex school are hunted, cooked and eaten! They are bought and sold like dead meat! Preying is etched into society's pastimes! Much more hidden from public view are the practices of pedophilia, people trafficking, satanic ceremonies involving human sacrifice, organ trafficking etc. The elites' materialist systems forcibly includes the masses to abet, sustain and expand those systems. You do it to get your bodily sustenance, or face the consequences.

The enlightenment soul needs to wake up, fight back and retake their bodies is sadly lacking. The good suffer tremendously under the yoke of the elites and the darkside society, and most do not understand why. They do not understand why their Gods do not take care of them. Even the good guys network has stalled. Soul has no help forthcoming, except from the direct communication link that exists between soul and God. The darkside takes care of its own. The darksides have their direct functional link to satan. What the world, and life, is about is given definition by the darkside, with no input from soul/good people. Thanks to religion, very few know the world of goodness/soul. Darksiders see the good as being sheep, too timid to do the actions which darksiders fling themselves into. But, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. The good look before they leap! They have learnt to 'measure twice but cut once'. Souls live lives that are fueled by conscience. This produces moral or righteous action, empathy, understanding and compassion. Darksiders are fueled by the predatory instinct. Morality or righteousness is built into the operating system of souls/good people. Darksiders think that this is a deceptive ploy, timidity, a lack of daring or audacity, or lack of some kind of killer instinct. You must remember that the darkside does not have a streak of decency or remorse in it's consciousness, dedicated as it is to preying. It steals the body from a soul and deprives that soul of a life. It sets the rules and systems in the outside world so the soul does not get a life. They have stolen bodies, and the world at large. They get so busy and involved in ruling both, that they forget that God owns the earth, and souls own the bodies. They forget that souls are sparks of God who conduct themselves in ways congruent to their nature, and in ways which are pleasing to God. Such that, darksiders are very stupid to expect that darkside natures, darkside moves and darkside powers will ever be exhibited by souls. Soul's failure to manifest darkside expectations are used to denounce soul people, and to declare them as losers! Souls are a special kind of invisible entity which live by empathy, and all other good qualities. They are not driven to do, to become, or to have. They are not constantly and feverishly pushing one agenda or another, or looking to exploit or rip off anyone. They do not habitually trespass into the lives of others, or engage in attracting the attention of others only to butcher it subsequently. They do not wear 'goodness' as a mask like the darksiders do. They are for real. The darksiders are destructive and though they have constructed a world, it is a prison. Souls are nurturers of life. The ways of the soul are not weaknesses. Being sparks of God, they exhibit some of what God is. If only they come to realise that it is fear of fighting back and a lack of proper enlightenment which is perpetrating their suppression!

You must understand that darksiders are instruments of satan, and souls are instruments of God. Soul's nature gives an idea of what the nature of the good God is like. The darkside nature gives you an idea of what satan or the evil God is like. To fully understand these you need to rid yourself of the images programmed into you of what God and satan are like, by religion and by the movies. God is not that holy character that they portray him to be, approachable only by the pious. God puts pieces or sparks of himself in all manner of human and non-human creation. Holiness or purity is not a factor with God. Religion has it that God can be worshiped or approached properly only by 'pure' Brahmins, and the hierarchy of priests. Reality has it that they are not really pure at all. Evil is portrayed in the movies as monsters doing horrible things. In reality the dark side is in everyone, and while engaged in preying, it does not have to engage in dramatic evil deeds. One must remember that the systems we live in today are those created by the darkside elites and masses for enslaving and dumbing down the masses. The systems allow the darkside to do horrible evil deeds and get away. These darkside systems are permeated with evil values and evil purposes. The sparks of God have been dominated so far but they do have their own natures, values and purposes. Living the lives created for them by the elites and darkside society forces them out of control of their bodies, unless they can adapt. If the good God is the supreme God, why should his sparks be taken advantage of, as has happened? The systems of the darksiders are configured to weed out soul/good people. It has deceived them into not fighting back. They can no longer say that they do not want trouble because trouble has come to meet them. They can no longer say that evil has its God-given role, and that nothing will take place that God does not want. It is clear now that not God, but the NWO, is sitting in the earthly director's chair! All the programming has to be dispensed with. The sparks of God must now reflect their relationship with the Supreme creator of the universe. They have to take up the role of instruments of God. The good people have to become the judge and jury against the invisible darkside, and punish it for its evils since time began. In God's court there is no need for evidence or witnesses. It is all known and recorded by God. Most of it is in the consciousness of both perpetrators and victims. The present state of the world is all the evidence one needs. Just ask God to destroy the invisible dark side. If some bodies need to go too, so be it. This is the only important prayer that there is, at this time in history. Or, one can go into the idea world and configure the destruction of the dark side on one's own by creating that blueprint. It the same as prayer, but with a more direct and effective technique! . If enough good people were to do this, the dark side will crash. Names and faces are only necessary where victims seek personal justice.Otherwise, a mental understanding of what the invisible darkside is will suffice.

The darksiders create self-images from childhood. These become their personalities by which they are known, and by which they operate. These 'images' come from everywhere and consist of things to do, ways to be, what to eat,  and what to drink and wear, among other things. These images are like operating systems focusing on beliefs, likes and dislikes etc. They become the masks worn for public relations purposes, while their real darkside natures are expressed in secret lives. Sometimes these self-images are just collections of 'druthers' darksiders operate by. These self-images are the structures of the ego or vanity which darksiders spend their lives building and enhancing, as if it is the real person. Without the self-image, the ego will run out of expression, or of ways to behave. It will run out of ways to attract praise, and the admiration and attention of others. Darksiders behave along lines created and set down in their self-image. This self-image reflects the darkside nature and darkside activities. The well-to-do can afford to create grand images of themselves because they have the resources to create any enhancement they wish. The poorer darksiders build their images from social media, soap operas, television and from their own culture. Daily boosting of this self image/ego is necessary to get it back up since sleep reduces its power. Though the Brahmins belong to tribes and colors fighting for power and wealth, they ignored this and portrayed a self-image of being middlemen between God and man. They just chose to overlook their real lives and projected a religious mask to the world in the interest of establishing religious control over the people. They portrayed wealth as a state of having good karma. They had stories written and propagated about God-kings. People who saw that a God-king was wealthy thought that he deserves that because he is God, and so cannot be born poor to reflect bad karma. Three incarnations of God (or avatars) were born as kings or princes. The Hindus developed reverence for the wealthy, and self-pitied themselves for having done wrong in their past lives. The stories of crimes by the wealthy were hidden. Today, we can read about the crimes of the recent elites in books and on the internet. The people are not as easily fooled anymore. The rich of the past were probably just as crooked as the elites of now. Religious elites protected their status by misdirecting people as to who or what was causing their suffering. So they put God as the architect of human situations thereby obscuring the true cause, who is themselves. The time for rebelling successfully against the upper classes has long gone. The upper castes played their cards just right by creating organised religion! Religion encourages you to depend on God for everything, and gives you methods for eliciting God's action by showing how much you like him. The poor go to God because there is no one left to go to. One goes to God when personal action is just not enough.When human beings have to turn to a divine spiritual source for help with material concerns, it means that the present form of human organisation has flopped. Or, a place with resources has been hijacked by the leaders for their purposes, while leaving others in a state of want and deprivation. The only option which is left then is to rebel, and reorganise things at the top.

Imagine that! The God who has created this and many other universes such that we do not know the extent of creation, can create his own hierarchy to manage things, but he himself micromanages earth. He waits on your love, your prayers and rituals, then he grants his favors to his chosen, or to those who please him. He micromanages the affairs of earth so that he giveth and taketh. Is earth the only place with life on it? Is earth the center of creation? Is earth God's pet world? The ancient writers and sages seems not to be aware of the vastness of creation, or of the possibility of life elsewhere in this universe, in this galaxy or other galaxies. If they were aware of aliens, that was carefully scrubbed from the literature. Does God do it the same way for aliens? What if there are more alien life-forms than human beings? Shouldn't the religions of these aliens (if they have any) be the ones to follow? How can the earthly religions speak for all of creation when we do not know the rest of creation? Hinduism is always shifting the cause of human suffering away from the elites. They invented astrology to explain the vagaries of the human condition. They assume that the planetary arrangement at the time of birth, determines the course of your life, with changes induced by planetary aspects. So the planets, in some mysterious way, script and structure your life, and keep on doing so. Is there some kind of radiation, or magnetic or other kind of field, that imprints its will for you in a blueprint of your life? Astrologers tell you the effects but cannot explain how the planets create those alleged effects. The world of science has not detected any such combined or single planetary influence that is bathing the earth. They are still considering whether Pluto is a planet or not, and are looking continuously for Planet X. Exploratory flights have been sent to various planets. Since any planetary influence would be subject to distance-decay, these craft have not picked up any intense radiation near those planets visited (eg Mars). It seems that the planets are incapable of having any effect whatsoever on earth. In fact, there is no basis for each planet having the ascribed astrological effect as claimed. Different kinds of planetary emissions reaching earth to influence the events in peoples lives would have been detected by our present technology. In fact, how would each type of emission from the different planets pass through the Van Allen radiation belt which shields earth? Yes, the earth has energy shields! If the astrologers claim that the planets act directly on people to create the 'what is' of everyday life, how do they execute the operational tasks of giving people money, sickness, accidents and obstacles along with saving graces and bounties? The planets cannot do it! The planets are being blamed for what the rulers, the religions, the bankers, the natural causes etc etc are responsible for! In fact the environment of earth (the matrix) is the single biggest influence on the lives of people. Religion has completely left out the effect of planet earth and its inhabitants in determining the condition of man. There is no place in birth charts for planet earth! People definitely get the full blast of effects from planet earth because we are sitting right on it! Of course, astrologers at first used the visible planets. How they could guage that a planet could have a particular effect, without technology, is beyond comprehension. The astrologers revised their original assertions and predictions with the discovery of every new planet. So, what they said before was just pure lies. If new planets are found, the present horoscopes will be proved all wrong when adjustments have to be made for these! Astrology and religion are such great deceptions! Astrology, sorcery, music etc have a strong place in the world because these practitioners were present in the Courts of Kings and Emperors. In fact, literacy, astronomy, science etc had their beginnings in the Kings Courts!

The path to becoming souls is dependent on people abandoning the groups they submit to, and going it alone, with God as a partner and guide. People do not consciously submit to the tribes and colors of the darkside society: the recruitment is automatic if one's body is governed by the darkside entity. Groups, like religious groups, are dangerous in that you are required to submit to an agenda, a way of life and a philosophy. The direction this takes you in, and the road to freedom, run opposite to each other. In the tribes and colors, there is a shared darkside consciousness which eliminates the soul from life's proceedings. Group involvement suppresses the soul. The soul needs some enlightenment to become awake, and to leave that group lifestyle behind. Even if you live in a group, you die alone. You face the afterlife alone. This might be enough to enlighten a soul. It then  begins to walk its own road, away from being controlled by the darkside and its concerns. The games people play for their share of the economic and other pies by belonging to competing groups, colors, and tribes, were created and implemented by the elites as part of their divide and rule policy. The game system requires the natures and powers of the dark side. The bonding agent in groups, tribes and colors is the darkside entity. Only the darkside can bond with another darkside because each darkside is a clone of the other. Souls cannot do that. Souls link to God, not to each other. The harmonious relationship between soul people (called Satsangh) takes place because they have similar natures. They cannot mix and merge because differential soul evolution/development creates individuals. Like vibrates with, or resonates with, like. So souls can celebrate brotherhood when they meet but they cannot fuse their consciousness together. Darksiders attention run or project externally, so linking up is easy. Soul's attention runs inwardly, back into soul substance, back to the portal to God, and back into its own consciousness. No consciousness-sharing with other souls is possible. This is why there is no soul-bonded team. The darkside system includes souls in their games as opponents because they need losers. It is a clever ploy to bring soul people into ridicule, and to keep them down while having 'good' reasons for doing so, citing their performances in the games. The darkside colors and tribes are repeated winners in those games, and 'sign/open' many women. The system promotes them because of these performances, and because of the backing they have. Soul people have the whole society of tribes and colors as opponents. How can they ever qualify for material blessings? Only super-predators can win these games! Souls can only qualify if they are caught in the setups and schemes laid out for them. This usually results in the death of the body, or in the suppression of the soul. The games also give darksiders opportunities to display their energy and other powers, and to display their superiority over soul people. When it's game time, soul people are put to the sword of snake-power. The games give darksiders the opportunity to hone their satanic powers, while getting rid of crops of young 'un-opened' or 'un-signed' girls, 'cooked' or mind-controlled into marketable 'meat'. The content of the lives of those called 'colors' or 'tribes' has traditionally been the same. They all indulge in these games, in these alliances, and in these roles for group and personal benefit. The game-players have no qualms of conscience about doing evil acts. Each color cannot afford to lose leverage vis a vis other colors. Yet, the darkside alone benefits as the conscience of the soul is progressively killed. Souls do not have or need a system like this because it kills them. The guidance of God turns them away from it. They do not indulge in unrighteous/immoral acts requiring the use of satanic powers, energy and consciousness. They can't! They do not commit crimes and sins for the benefit of others. They do not prey on others. Soul people lose and suffer because the elites intended this result.

Members of the colors and tribes cannot easily break away into freedom. The doings of the group build the darkside in the name of security and survival. The group mind builds the personal darkside mind. The soul it is which needs to find a way out of the group. It can only do so by facing and defeating the darkside within. This means fighting all the rest of darksiders in that color or tribe. Without the protection of the color or tribe, all the other colors and tribes begin war against him. No surprise there, the war was always evil vs good! Initially, the view of an independent road, less-traveled, is very unclear because the darkside resists any info re moves that compromise its power and welfare. There is very little knowledge on how to successfully exit a color or tribe successfully. It has hardly ever been done. The darkside society run a very tight ship! But, the times are changing. The NWO/Illuminati/Cabal/Zionists/et al have accelerated their thrust towards complete uni-polar global rule. All it takes is a successful false-flag operation to start WW3. The divide and rule strategy is accelerating the creation of divisions, and breaking up previous political and social structures. The nuclear family as the basic unit of human organisation is being totally wrecked. Think 'feminism' and 'gender is a choice'. The rule of the colors and tribes is being dismantled by elite-created programs. Immigration (refugees and illegals) are destroying nationalism. Most countries are now experiencing growing chaos. On a global scale, bad things are beginning to destroy whole societies: bombings, civil war, terrorism, the creation of large refugee populations, unleashing refugees in Europe, pedophilia, organ trafficking, slavery, abortions, arms and drugs peddling, drug addiction (both legal and illegal drugs), widespread corruption, murders, GMO foods, pesticides and toxic substances in food, diseases and illness, satanic worship among the elites; mysterious dying of birds, fishes, and wildlife (see here) etc etc. This means that groups, tribes and colors are in a process of disintegration. Gangs, guns, killings, diseases, poverty, social engineering, the great awakening etc are everywhere disrupting the functioning of the colors and tribes. Souls are waking up, even as chaos is growing. Souls are fighting back too, especially against elite-created injustice eg the crises created by refugees in Europe. Bloggers, like Benjamin Fulford, are saying that the revolt against the elites by the 'white hats' is nearing complete success. Some are saying that President Trump's recent signing of an agreement with North Korea is a sign of things to come. The time to fight back is now, before the Deep State/Cabal/Shadow Government/Illuminati/et al can begin WW3.     

Religion seems to be designed to block the natural relationship  between the soul and God. Only God and Soul are necessary components of this relationship which is conducted in silence (mostly), by direct communication, and as part of normal natural living. Religion stepped in to become middlemen in  this relationship. What they have succeeded in doing is giving us their version of how the relationship must be executed, thereby destroying the original method that works. They erected philosophical structures, created religious history, laid down the rules of engagement and set up the religious hierarchy and religious structures. Souls' engagement with God is not conducted along the free or natural modes anymore. Souls do not commune with God anymore because they have pursued doing that in the religious mode, and have become entrapped in barren cul-de-sacs! What was a simple one-on-one communication relationship has been eliminated by the introduction of complications and complexities. Religion thinks that it has to translate God for us, and by being translators, they have usurped the focus that belongs to God. Their books, their theologies and their methods have become  obstacles to having a relationship with God. The free and spontaneous talking to God in silence, in any place, at any time, without ceremonies, without fanfare, without magical formulas and without idols is hardly ever considered nowadays. Our efforts are religious efforts done according to religious prescriptions, and done with religious teaching in mind. Being thusly programmed, we cannot get on the wavelength that God is transmitting on. In religion, we block out and reject the God of the present but allow in the fictitious gods of the past who have no power to relate to us. We reject the inspiration and guidance of the God of the present towards salvation, in favor of a fictitious salvation after death. No-one got suspicious when religion proposed that you have to be dead to get salvation, though you will be working on it your whole life. Isn't that like cooking in the kitchen but not one iota of heat can be felt? The salvation people want is from the misery and pain of living on earth. Religion didn't focus there. No attention to solving the misery and pain in the now, for the now! They created a fake set of spiritual diseases and claimed that those were the real things to seek salvation from. The conditions of 'original sin' and the 'cycle of births and deaths' are allegedly so traumatising, that one has to get to work quickly and earnestly on escaping them. But, you can escape only after you die! They were not concerned about alleviating the misery and pain you lived with, and for which reason you turned to God in the first place! Past bad karma makes that suffering unavoidable, they theorise. History has shown us that there is salvation from the pain and misery of life. The scientific method enables that. 'Cause and effect' knowledge always comes to the rescue. Past karma has absolutely nothing to do with. The real problem has always been the rich criminals, allegedly with a surplus of good past karma, who used information control to mislead people. The real salvation  takes place while alive, when freedom from the evil elites is won. That is what we have awakened to. Wealth buys solutions to misery and pain. The elites want it all and feel that it is their prerogative to generate misery and pain. The power of money can give us material salvation while we are alive. Everyone can have enough. Fighting back against the darkside gives the soul its freedom to create another world which reflects its nature as a spark of God.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Darkside law runs the world, not the law of karma. 6

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.": Rudyard Kipling (1865--1936)

In this life, we do not see the law of karma (or God himself) giving punishment to the evil doers (the elites or the darkside society). Neither do we see the law giving relief from the atrocities levied on us by the darkside world. We have coped by repeating the responses we were programmed with (e.g. 'I will leave them in God's hands', or 'this is the Kali age', or 'karma is a bitch'), in the hope that darksiders will get their just desserts some day. But it never happens! How much evil must the elites and the dark side society do before God and the law of karma activate to punish them, or give us freedom from them? We have endured while longing for some kind of intercession from any capable source. Perhaps it is time to stop relying on God or his alleged laws and begin to do things that we should have done for ourselves in the first place. The darksiders know that there is no law of karma waiting to punish them. They do wrong with impunity, having programmed us into inaction, like good sheep. They create roles for themselves in the world and force humanity to accept these, while claiming a God-given mandate to do what they wish. They know that if their victims don't retaliate, they will not suffer any reprisal from any other source. They have convinced victims for millenia to not seek justice by calling it 'revenge'. 'Revenge' is a word that implies retaliation because of hate!  They get free rein to do all the evil they want by teaching us that it is a meritorious thing to not hit back. Forgive and forget! They have taken great efforts to perpetuate the 'have compassion' teaching of Christ and 'forgiveness' theory, whether the writing occurs in the holy books or in Facebook posts! They recommend that we leave the evildoers in God's hands! Why would God punish the doers of evil when he created them too? Why would God reward the good for being good, when he created them to be that way? God created both the soul and the darkside. He gave the soul its body while giving the darkside the power to possess it, and to hijack it's use away from the soul. God thus set up an evil vs good war, within the body itself, and extending into the outer world. Evil is making war on the good but have convinced them that there is no war: just plain living, or an exercise in spiritual evolution.

Evil fights good with all they've got, but the good are locked into an elite-created-and-propagated spirituality that convinces us to not hit back. The evil overtaking the world presently has progressed to this point because good people have not fought back, within or outside. Evil has organised itself to dominate earth by possessing human bodies belonging to souls. They have decimated the ranks of the good. This world has become chaos and suffering because the darkside wants it so. This is their kind of living environment. As the New World Order pursues their endgame, are you not concerned? Your society is being destroyed. The question now is: "Who will fight back to punish evil for their crimes, and restore the earth to a harmonious state"? This is war, not a happiness-quest, or a journey in spiritual evolution. Salvation is really freedom from the darkside while alive! Souls cannot be anything different from souls. They cannot evolve into something else. There is no spiritual salvation that matters which cannot be had during life. We have to do it ourselves. God helps you from within. What is left to be done begins with getting rid of the darkside millstone within our bodies, become familiar with our soul potencies, and strike back! The systems of the darksiders cultivate the dark side only. The economic paradigm invented by the banker-elites to enslave the world by, is not God's paradigm. God's paradigm will only exist when God's human instruments create it....just like satan's instruments created theirs! You can only become God's instrument by displacing satan's instrument within your body. You have to cut that satan-dark side communication link to activate the God-soul communication link within. Then, the fightback really begins. It spills over into the real world, as powerful souls confront the weakening dark side. They have lost their snake power. You no longer have to run like scared rabbits. 

Four of the Hindu avatars and Gods: Shiva, Krishna, Rama and Buddha, were either rulers or royalty.  The Brahmins insist that they were born royally wealthy because they had super 'deluxe' karma. The poor were told that they did not have good karma. The Brahmins themselves were well-to-do, or making it in life, allegedly because they were the 'cleanest' among men, having a prevalence of purity ('sattwa' guna),  compared to the 'raja' guna and 'tama' guna of lesser beings. Their own holy books testified to this, in evidence! Propaganda was elevated to replace fact! Hindus have accepted the 'fake' news that wealth and the good life indicates that past good karma is being reaped in the present. The Brahmin attitude is that... "You must blame your past karma for your present karma. Blame your lack of good deeds in the present life! Blame your sadhana (spiritual practice)! Blame the universe for giving you bad astrological conjunctions, aspects and periods! Blame yourself for not doing the prescribed rituals for undoing all the bad that life is throwing at you! The cause of your hardships is who and what we say they are. The Brahmins, the upper class and the rulers are not to be blamed for anything until we say so!" The current knowledge-level in the world, in the field of governance, bares the lies that Brahmins have foisted on gullible people over the centuries. Those lies have now been exposed, and religion cannot justify itself in these modern times. In the 20th century, India was one of the poorest countries in the world, with high poverty and malnutrition rates. Scholars , internationally, focused on the problems of development, and came up with the fact that India needed foreign aid in the form of expertise, financial aid, technology and investment. They implemented a 'green revolution', focusing on new varieties of rice and better infrastructure for growing it. The post-colonial Governments adopted development plans, notwithstanding endemic corruption. The Indian elites invested heavily in import-substitution industries. But, it was only the technological revolution, and the outsourcing of western jobs, that created the better standard of living that obtains today. It was the feudal economic system that was to be blamed for poverty. It was the self-seeking greedy elites who were to be blamed. Not God, or the law of karma!

God-kings are a creation of Brahmin literature. Ancient Indian kings indulged in stealing, looting, invasion and conquest, land appropriation and other evil deeds to extend their wealth and power. This is also the history of the elites in the west. Trading was very limited, and was the prerogative of the merchant caste. How else could the elites become wealthy? The Brahmin intellectuals hid the real histories of the various royalties. The four 'avatars' seem to have been good and honorable men, with Buddha and Krishna teaching something to help mankind. But, this does not qualify them to be God in human bodies. The great totality of the original God has been vastly underestimated! The so-called avatars or gods-in-the-flesh could have been more evolved sparks of God who gave a correcting influence to the civilisations of their times. But to say God came on earth and left it for evil to pillage subsequently, is to not to appreciate the glory and knowledge of God. The Brahmins (and the Buddhists whom they displaced) accused the poor, who couldn't satisfy even their basic needs and wants, of having desire, but the ruling families who had the means to satisfy every desire, and did so, were just having 'good past karma'! Then, they spun their religious paradigm so that the 'Sanyasins' (who renounced material life) would be viewed as the best in line for Moksha (or liberation) after death. This mind-game caused the poor to think of themselves favorably: they could feel that they were better off than the wealthy, by virtue of  being closer to the alleged real goal of human living: (Moksha). The poor could say: " Let the wealthy have the earth's blessings now, we will be reaping a greater blessing after death". The Brahmins thus turned poverty into the greatest blessing. Imagine that! God comes to India as rich Kings in four different forms, at four different times, and left the people there in poverty every time! Not even lessons in plant propagation, or in skill development, were given! God himself could have remade the world completely! Hinduism has been so catapulted into the lives of people, that it is nearly impossible to get rid of that millstone from around the necks of the people. In everything you do, and everywhere you turn, it is there parading as fact. The landscape has been configured with huge temples and physical reminders that say: 'this is Hindu country'. You begin and end the day with your head in the religious fabric. The Brahminic elites have totally programmed the people with BELIEF. Only capitalism with its focus on the power of money weans them away from this. One kind of darkside existence is replacing another!  

Religions tell you that you have a soul. They never tell you who is the 'You' that has a soul. That YOU should be the SOUL itself since it is the owner of the body. So, does the SOUL have a Soul? Can the imaginary 'one-being-in-a-body' have a soul? Can the dark side possession have a soul? They never tell you that you have a darkside possession within. You are kept unsure as to who or what you really are by the lack of clarity about your real identity. The darkside cannot have a soul because it is not the owner of the body. The darkside might take over control of the body but does that make it owner of the soul? Your understanding of who/what you really are makes all the difference to how you live your life. When you realise that you ARE the soul, and that you don't HAVE a soul, you research what a soul is. A soul is a piece or spark of God. If it is a spark of God, then how come all the bad behaviors arise? Religion will say your soul has a lower side. But if God does not have a lower side, why should his sparks have lower sides? So you begin to watch your lower side and discover that it is there alright, but it isn't you! The 'lower side' is not of the soul. You discover that you have bad company in the body. When you arrive at that point, it is time to make war against the darkness you have come to discover. Christ was teaching that satan is in your body ("Beelzebub, the prince of all devils, the source of every evil, lies in wait in the body of all the Sons of Men."), and  that you must use the 'angels' of the Earthly Mother (ie air, water, sunlight) to cleanse him out! Mainstream Christianity has left this out completely. Hinduism admits that you are an ATMA or spark of God. They say that you are a 'Jiva-atma' who separated from 'Paramatma' by reason of birth. They say that 'Jiva-atma' has lost the link with 'Param-atma' because of the spell cast over it by the power of 'Maya' or delusion. They say that you cannot go from 'Jiva-atma' back to 'Atma' until you do spiritual practice to somehow override or eliminate the delusive power and gravity of 'Maya', and, in so doing, gain liberation from the cycle of births and deaths or Moksha. In Moksha, you become one with God once again. They have fabricated a theory without evidence of this ever happening, either historically or in the present. At least show us people who are transitioning from 'deluded by Maya' to 'un-deluded by Maya'. The truth is that MAYA is a fabrication. Physical creation is real. It is not Maya that is deluding the Jiva-atma. It is the darkside within usurping the control and use of the soul's body, which is causing problems to the spark of God.. The soul is being suppressed and put to sleep by the darkside because of the the belief that the darkside operations within is soul's own doing. They do not tell you that the real problem in the world is the darkside: in you, in them, in the rulers, and in everyone. Religion is engaged in the propagation of that fake paradigm that there is ONE entity in a body, and they make their diagnoses and prescriptions based on that lie. The Law of Karma assumes one being to a human body. Their fake theory says that this 'being' had past lives, with deeds which are being reimbursed, accordingly, in this life.

 There is no 'one-being-in-a-body' in the world of human beings. There could be exceptions to this in the  'avatars' (incarnations) of God, or 'avatars' of the devil/night. We have no experience of these avatars in modern times, and we have no good reason to believe that they ever existed. Religious history of any kind is not to be trusted. It is said that Sai Baba was an 'avatar of the night'. He claimed that he was an avatar of Shiva and Shakti. The evidence from ex-devotees is that he was evil man who did some good things. Regular human beings are souls with suppressed darksides, or darksiders with suppressed souls. Darksiders exist as a 'pack' or group consciousness. This means one evil consciousness shared by millions of bodies. The bodies in the darkside tribes and colors have no un-shared individual consciousness in them. Religion is sending a message to the 'individual' who is 'one being in a body' about individual salvation, to a world of 'one being' in millions of bodies! The members of a particular 'color' or tribe must view this message with some kind of cognitive dissonance. They are getting single tickets for heaven when what they need are group tickets! Only souls have individual consciousness, in the sense of beings whose consciousness are not connected to that of others. Religion, however, has nothing to offer souls because they do not understand soul consciousness. Souls have their own intuited guidance from the original source who is God or his hierarchy. What's more is that this guidance from the original source is trusted and believed, while religious guidance is not! So religion, when applied to the actual population on earth, shows itself to be irrelevant to both darkside and soul people. Each has its own kind of inspiration or guidance via their own communication systems to their home bases. Religion is asking both souls and darksides to ignore their own internal guidance sources and follow them! Can religion snatch the darksiders from satan, or snatch the souls from God? Hardly likely!

Who is religion really for, if it cannot displace the guidance from satan, or from God? It must be for the darksiders who are persistently evil, and so are in need of forgiveness, of cleansing, and of post-mortem salvation. Darksiders are very programmable, and religious programming adds to that from other sources. They do not have the mental acuity, the attention span or the concentration necessary to challenge or debunk fake news! Darksiders trespass habitually, and any religion which teaches them to ask God to forgive them their trespasses finds easy acceptance. Any religion which does not require morality or righteousness as the basic requirement for salvation will gain easy acceptance. Any religion which requires the performance of rituals and worship to God as the principal requirement for salvation gets easy acceptance. Religion is easily accepted but it does not displace the original guidance of souls (God) or darksiders (satan). The darkside it is which clings to religion because it now has a way to get forgiveness for its evil deeds, and to get to heaven without changing its basic operating system. Sinning, trespassing, praying, going to confession, doing rituals etc, keep recurring in the lives of darksiders until they expire. They actually believe that they will be saved by the religious method. Their attunement to satan, and the natural unquestioning acting in accordance with, or obedience to satan's script, or blueprint, never stops. They must play the games for the benefit of their color or tribe. They must engage in games to get their share of the economic pie, and their share of  the women/energy warriors/baby factories. This is how they hope to out-number and out-power each other. The result is the creation of more darkside-controlled bodies who hate soul people vehemently. They do not consider what they do in the games, for their color or tribe, to be sinful. In any case, religion gives them shortcuts to heaven, while enabling them to retain their darkside operating systems. Even so, one must be careful of stereotyping people. There are many moral people who are involved in religion out of a healthy fear of God or respect for him. They join a God-focused group to avoid bad groups, and hope to be among peace-loving people. They may have a preference for righteous action, and the deteriorating morals of the society at large forces them into a religious refuge where they hope the conduct of people will brighten their lives. Many have been disappointed with religion, especially in light of the revelations of pedophilia, sexual abuse and corruption. The moneyed-classes always find ways to shine in the leadership of all kinds of organisations. There are many people, too, with darkside powers, who are good and honorable people. What happened is that they fulfilled the requirements of the darkside society re 'signing' of virgins etc, and so qualified to be empowered. They are different from regular darksiders in that they retain some aspects of conscience, honor and fairplay. By their actions you will know them!

The sparks of satan and the sparks of God are found at the same time in human bodies. God and satan guide and support their own. God can influence his people to help his own, but he does not have many in his service. satan's war against the soul has caused the decimation of the ranks of the good on earth. Dumbed-down people cannot resist or fight satan. So satan controls the earth and has erected systems which destroy the good, along with goodness. Darksiders know the importance of the 'backing' provided by the bloodlines, and by the darkside 'colors' and 'tribes'. The 'backing' of  allied colors counts too. It is unlikely that darksiders will ever leave that kind of secure existence for the role of 'enlightened individual' swimming against the current. Only serious enlightenment or some life-changing event/experience can lead one to dump satan's guidance completely, and become attuned to God. Then, satan comes after you. When God's guidance is not enough, soul people suffer or die! Their families fail them! Governments fail them. The elites and the darkside society only provide for their own! Unfortunately, God does not print or distribute money, or run the country as the elected or shadow government. The religious theologians did not examine how the world actually works and include such workings in their religious theories. They were not out to educate people. They were about establishing themselves in control by controlling the narrative. They propagated their God-kings as being the ultimate Providence. That was a lie! Were they providers while they were alive? Why worship their artist-created forms, now that they are dead? Is Hinduism just ancestor worship? Does the invisible God of the present answer to their names, and become Providence when they are worshipped? Were these historical kings actually Gods? If so, why did they tolerate the Caste system? God is in most human beings as the soul-spark but nobody worships the spark as a God. Do images and idols have sparks of God within? The brahmins were saying that their God-kings were the original Supersoul. How could they guage that? The original God probably comes in the flesh as a fire, not a spark, but nobody really knows. I don't know if God tells others when he does that. God's role is only known to himself. He guides and inspires, but what else does he do? He does not display the quality of Providence in everyday life. The deception says that the Brahmins are  just another arm of the upper class Aryan/Brahmin Government. They invented Gods to take the blame for the suffering and deprivations the lower castes have to put up with. They invented faith or loyalty to their 'created' Gods (shown by prayer, worship, rituals, devotion, taking part in the culture created by religion etc) as the means by which to unite people in loyalty to that religion, that race, that empire, or that collection of tribes. That unity was necessary for obtaining defense manpower, and armies for offense. Of course, such loyalty also created a captive pool of humans for exploitation. When dedication to God brought/brings no fruits, it is customary for them to blame the seekers or God, not the method. In fact, Hinduism discouraged the faithful from being attached to actions' fruits. The thieves of fruits must be having a grand time! Action is performed for the fruits, in real life. They said that God did this, and God did that, such that people kept looking to God for relief from every problem. When no relief came, the fault was either God's or the seekers', but never the earthly power which ruled over the seekers. In this way, the rulers remained hidden in the background, with the seekers in ignorance over the real cause of their problems. Thanks to science that causes which create effects via processes and mechanisms, were discovered.

The elites have created a world in their own image and likeness. This world is now a darkside-creating machine. The systems created, build and nurture the darkside. Worth is now measured by wealth and material possessions. Humans now compete instead of cooperating. Its sad that the competitions are won by those are most darkside, by the wealthiest, and by those with the biggest backing. The elite idea for the world is that their big Corporations and companies control the resources of earth, and that these Corporations use these resources for manufacturing products for sale to everyone. The buyers must work in the system for the money to buy with. If the money is absent, you get loans. The money itself has no value. Societies have been formatted so that the colors and tribes with the most darksiders get to control the societal economic and other kinds of pies. A color or tribe has millions of bodies with the same variety of darkside entity. What counts with these colors is the backing or actual numbers of bodies with satan in charge. This roughly indicates the level of fighting energy in each color or tribe. The fighting-energy factor determines the distribution of the good things in life in the society. This applies not only to goods, services and vacations but to the number of management positions, access to top jobs etc. It is in the interests of each color to continue playing this game, and to enhance their position with regard to future games. The sex school games is where they get the opportunity to acquire baby factories, do mind control on females to make them fully darkside, and create hyper-sexualised females. They create the kind of society that predators (including sexual predators) flourish in. Each color gets to boost their backing with energy warriors, greater numbers, and the wealth and privileges that accrue as prizes for participation in the games! The elites are happy with this arrangement in that more satanic bodies extends the all-seeing eye, in that their 'divide and rule' strategy works perfectly, in that their concepts of happiness via consumerism and fun is easily programmed into dumbed-down people, and in that the unsuspecting masses can be swayed this way or that as situational exigencies dictate. So the darkside elites and the darkside masses are happy with the status quo. But, the elites are now destroying the masses through soft-kill methods. The masses do not wake up to this because the tribes and colors operate in a 'business as usual' mode. The tribes and colors cannot afford to stop playing because they will lose out, and become dominated by other groups. Group members need the group's backing to promote and defend them. Cutting the darkside consciousness and becoming soul is a risk because without backing everyone attacks you, even your original color or tribe. As the world has it, you can exit the matrix of tribes and colors only if you go full-time into religion ie joining the priesthood, or living in a monastery or ashram. If not, you remain at the mercy of the tribes and colors. Good/soul people do exist, having divorced their tribes and colors for soul consciousness and a complete alliance with God.

No law of karma is waiting to punish darksiders for their crimes. They have programmed the world to let them sin and get away scotch free, to sin again, as is their nature to do. The world is evil today because good people and the victims, who have the power to inflict punishment, did nothing. They did not know that 'forgiveness' is a darkside conspiracy to sin, and escape, to sin later! Now that evil has overrun the planet, there is only one option left to the surviving good people and victims: Fight back and make evil pay for their sins. The sins of the elites and the darkside colors and tribes must be punished. What is being done by mama's boys and the darkside society is extreme evil. Mind-controlling females until they become mere 'meat', then 'signing' or having sex with them is rape! Freezing females, or shooting them with snake-power, then having sex with them is rape. What darksiders do to good people is torture and murder. Depriving good people of their basic needs and stealing the time from their lives are capital sins. Playing God for non-darksiders and scripting their lives is a sin. Wanton trespassing into people's lives is a sin. Destroying the lives of good people while claiming that it is just a game, or a God-mandated teaching of lessons, or the teaching of respect, is a sin. Good or soul people are a completely different kind of being from a darkside, and they do not live by darkside rules and systems. Good people live by guidance from God, or from the good hierarchy. Being righteous is never a good reason to interfere with them. The smiles on the faces of good people are not there for darksiders to wipe away. Darksiders who feel that it is their turn to 'dance' or to have a parade always attack and destroy good people first. The darkside conspiracy to rule the world and control it by force must be punished and destroyed. Darksiders who attack soul governance of the body by building the dark side within, by attacking them with energy or by depriving them of their bodily sustenance are sinners. Souls were put here by God for his purposes, not to be target-practice for darksiders, or to be preyed upon. Darksiders habitually sin without remorse, and they even celebrate their preying. Good people have to embrace the roles of fighters, and ensure that the darkside is punished. It is better to swim the deep blue sea with God, than to surrender to the devil! Souls cannot be destroyed but the darkside can! It is time to get on an eternal timeline and help create a heaven on earth by lighting the light in sleeping souls, and by cursing the darkness!