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Monday, November 1, 2021

Un-learn/re-learn. Re-calibrate. Reset yourself. Take care of yourself. Fight back! 4

It seems that I have moved from one 'fire' into another 'fire'! They are everywhere! Mitigation is necessary but I am too poor! Would really appreciate a gift of a powerful BLUSHIELD DEVICE
There is no true spiritual path in this civilisation. How can there be, when soul is already a kin/spark of God? There is no heaven and hell to aspire to. Souls will go back to their own spiritual dimension when the body dies! Religion and spirituality have given us fake guidelines filled with deceptions as to how to come out of the rut we find ourselves in. They then tie you to those deceptions by insisting on discipline and stick-to-it-iveness, positive attitude etc, in performing their prescribed activities or special practices to achieve their fictitious destinations. They are all dead-end routes which do not examine the real debacle that soul faces, and so cannot give proper prescriptions re how to get out of it. Yogananda, Rampa, Castaneda and all the schools of philosophy are jokes played on mankind by the elites. Ying/yang philosophy and Buddhism, are too.! Soul is already all that it can be: a spark of God. Becoming a fullly un-suppressed soul is the goal. To remove the hacker/suppressor/disease called the darkside is the path to becoming soul. Then, soul re-establishes links with God and walks with him. His intuition re-establishes itself. Life becomes living the soul nature while walking with God. All that a soul which has freed itself from bondage under the darkside needs to do, is to live its own nature and grow from there. There is no sacrificing of your time and effort to do religious and spiritual practices which take you nowhere near to the salvation of the soul from the darkside. That's all that has to be done, and none of their prescriptions target the destruction of the darkside/bacteria combo. You have not fallen because of original sin or because you have been caught in the claws of Maya. You (soul) are being suppressed within by the darkside/bacteria combo, and externally by the elites and the darkside society. The darkside is who you have to actually make war against because it is warring against you!  Except for Christ in the Essene Gospel of Peace Bk 1, who clearly states what the problem is, and a few useful tips from the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga, it is all a set of fictional routes created for the 'one being in the body' who does not exist! The salvation of the soul is always a self-done activity which shows results in your lifetime, not after you die. The religions and schools of spirituality proposed the lie that salvation comes only after you die. The 'middlemen' (religionists and spiritualists) cannot lead you to God because they do not know him themselves. They made themselves necessary to soul's salvation in order to derail the search for God. Besides, they focused on people gathering in places of worship, and a crowd gives more donations than single individuals. The Vatican and some older Hindu temples have more wealth now than ever before! They convinced souls that the 'one being in the body' theory is true. Souls imagine that they are alone in the body when they are not, and so the darkside within gets free access to behavior. This enables the automatic login of the darkside into soul consciousness. This is what happens when the soul is misled to believe the programming that it is alone in the body. To rectify things, the soul must insist on the login credentials of any other force it detects is giving interferences to its body and consciousness. Soul must detect and come to know that there is another entity or a 'hacker' force in its body. Soul must learn that if it didn't consciously initiate anything in the body, it should not be there. If it is there means that there is an interloper on board. Then he has to erect awareness blocks so no one or nothing gets past his will! The deception-enabled login of  the darkside must be countered by having a no-login mode backed by conscious will power!

What is the spiritual problem that the religions and schools of spirituality seek to solve, as compared to the real problem that seeks an answer? Consider this: What exists to inform or advise us in God-matters is that which is blessed by the elites because it misdirects humanity into fruitless blind alleys and cul-de-sacs. It keeps you busy trying in vain, while you try to figure out why there are no fruits while you are alive. Blame yourself is their answer, not the con-job they present. Salvation after death was not an accidental invention. So, what is the problem that needs to be solved? It certainly is not 'original' sin or being hijacked by MAYA. These problems have been fabricated. What can you do about original sin and Maya anyway? Oh Yes! You have to follow their prescriptions to find out. And, you must add in the development of qualities like discipline, regular practice, steadfastness etc. And if you don't derive any noticeable benefit while alive, just remember benefits only accrue after death. If you say that the problem that religion and spirituality seeks to solve is man's fallen state wherein he has lost touch with God, and even his own real self, you might be correct. To correct this, spirituality insists on you going into altered states of consciousness eg the super-conscious state. They insist that you do special practices (eg kundalini Yoga) to gain special powers, as religion insists that more powers accrue the closer to God you get! It all fails because the basic darkside problem has not been solved. And you regress to the darkside state, even after doing all the Yoga  and Meditation. Special practices like Yoga can make you more harmonious and calm, but the darkside fights its way back, and removes your gains. Wrong technique! Mankind is suffering tremendously but it is not because he lost touch with God who is viewed as the distributor of all the comforts and good things in life. Religion lied! God is not the is the elites! Blame your suffering on them, not God. Religion and spirituality have steered you away from the truth about the darkside/bacteria combo within your body which has hacked into your consciousness to exert varying degrees of control over you and your body. The darkside is the cleverest engineer you must battle within. The darkside within creates and implements all the dramas, mind control, hallucinations, interferences, emotions etc, which keep you wasting your life engaging in or fighting those. The darkside outside (the elites and the darkside masses) are involved in creating sufferings, accidents, setups and enslavement for you. To get back to normal, soul has to fight and defeat the darkside/bacteria combo within, and the darksiders on the outside. It is the darkside which trespasses against you from within and outside. Soul must defeat them to be free of them. They took away your God-given right to be free from them, and that right will not return until they can no longer take it away. So, instead of fighting back against the darkside, within and outside, to be free and return to the state of calm, harmony and equanimity, the religions and spiritualities of this world have you fighting Original sin and Maya.....fake opponents. While, you do this, the real opponent, the darkside, remains free to roam!

 The darkside is a disease which infects and takes over human bodies from the soul-owners. It afflicts everyone. Most bodies on earth are run by darksides. We were not forewarned, and, in fact, we were ambushed by the possessing darksides before we could develop any knowledge or competency. The materialist civilisation was made to cater to, and boost, the darkside nature. Having, owning and controlling are the key darkside ways of expressing. The good/soul people are hated by darksiders because we fight back to prevent them from taking/using our bodies. The darkside elites and the darkside society are so afflicted that they have become the disease. They are bent on taking over all bodies, and the earth itself, while keeping God and souls unable to do anything about it. They know that God needs foot soldiers on earth, so they steal the bodies to prevent that. The souls in those stolen bodies are asleep/suppressed/enslaved, and unless they can be stimulated somehow into the state of awake, they are beyond salvage. Once the soul has been suppressed, the operating system of the civilisation, and of the darkside society, and of the darkside within, ensures that it stays suppressed. If you fight back they come at you from all sides to destroy you by heart attack, setups, accidents, or by building your darkside. The darkside disease is bent on propagating itself to the point where it exclusively controls bodies and the planet. It uses force, deception, satanic powers, materialism, control of who reproduces, and 'dumbing-down' of souls etc. to achieve this. One does not need any special enhancements of soul consciousness to beat the disease/malware. All you need to do is get rid of the bacteria(viruses, parasites, fungi etc). You will have a weaker darkside to demolish. That is not difficult, though you will be coming up against satan, and the Occult hierarchy of the elites! The soul already has the talents/enhancements but it has been hacked/intruded into and suppressed. Push the disease and its tendrils of control back, and the soul automatically knows what to do. Concentration, attention span, memory, and intuition returns. Clarity of consciousness returns! Soul has to push back while withdrawing from all that builds the darkside. That is the only path available. The real problem might be that souls want to cross the ocean but cannot because they cling to the shore! There is help available from research. For instances, soul is helped by using earth frequencies, harmonious music, humming etc. The soul has to assert its nature and way of living instead of compromising its principles, and giving in to darksiders, and to the darkside within. God, the father of souls, is the only backing needed to get the job done. If the good guys were to come together, it could be done much faster!

Internal monitoring for darkside interferences, and for God's input, requires removal of distractions and excessive concerns. The ability is already there, you just have to clean up to reset your attention. Reduce the darkside/bacteria combo and you get enough freedom to live as soul! You have to reduce life to the basics....the opposite is encouraged by this money-centered civilisation. Go for the simple life and experience the 'lightness' of less! Every object you acquire takes a piece of your attention. It is another thing in your world, and it must share your attention with all that you already have. Why do we buy/acquire things we don't really need, as evidenced by all that occupies our storage spaces, and end up being disposed of in 'yard' and 'garage' sales? Every acquisition requires a ray of attention to accomodate it! The darkside just acquires because it is an accumulator (no doubt it can boast of how much of what it has) and it is easily swayed by 'eye-candy'. Western civilisation offers you some tools for living, but it is mostly about eye-candy! What else can result in a civilisation where 'have money' and 'spend money' is the prevailing pattern of acceptable behavior. One's life must have tools to get the job of living done. One should stick to acquisitions that help you solve your problems, and execute the tasks of the present. This is the functional approach. Another aspect of the mental cluttering of your awareness is the darkside's chatterings and interferences that cloud the awareness. Much of this can be removed by destroying the bacteria (including viruses, parasites, fungi etc). Colloidal silver makes good eye-drops! Your feeling of peace returns, and the feeling of being swamped dissipates. This civilisation has used science and technology to extend the boundaries of the market system. Our lives have changed from simple living to being proud owners and users of products created by the purposeful exploitation of earth using science and technology. In the old days lives were not impacted by television radio and phones etc. But then, they became available and everyone got them. Nobody told us that these devices were being used for the nefarious purposes of brainwashing, and programming us with lies. Then they made mobile versions which we could take everywhere with us. With every update, or upgrade, our attention to our devices becomes more intense, and we became more addicted or tied to them. They religiously steal our time! This can be easily seen when we look at those addicted to cellphones. So, all day we can be surrounded by the culture/programming/news/lies that the elites want to spread among us. Mainstream and social media pulls you, and then ties you tighter and tighter (an ever--burgeoning tie that gobbles up more and more of your time) to their content and deceptions! Now they can sate the insatiable darkside appetite for entertainment, while building it (satanic music, satanic beats etc), and keep it tethered all day, not leaving room for soul to get some sunlight. The soul has to suppress the darkside. A must-do way of getting this done is to limit one's engagements within this civilisation. This means that one has too limit one's dealing with things, technology, people and places etc. One has to limit one's activities to only what is functionally necessary. The 'lightness' of less' is no joke. Getting busier and busier is to become giddy-headed while losing one's soul calmness and harmony. Soul has the ability to deal, in a non-obsessive way, with the world, while retaining its harmonious centered-ness within.   

Soul must have a clear idea of the things, activities, ideas and concerns, that make up the soul-building or body-cultivating ingredients, that it wants in its life. This list can be updated or extended, but the new inclusions must be congruent with what is already there. If the incoming prompt/interference or influence-to-action to the consciousness, is not in sync with what is already on your list of life ingredients, it must be blocked and researched. All the darkside interferences can be stopped this way, Be firm because any vacillation will be capitalised on by the darkside. In the last post you were given a lists of the qualities that define the natures of the soul, and the darkside. Any interference or influence that is not congruent with the nature of the soul must be completely disallowed. You must also assess the direction (towards soul or towards darkside) that the interference or influence is taking you, and delete or edit them accordingly. There are some interferences that conscience is doubtful about! Knowing the natures of the darkside and soul, you intercept and block all darkside-originated interferences. Do not follow such interferences. Just watch it and do nothing. After intercepting a darkside interference, you can tell it...Not this time bitch! The darkside does talk for you, and to you. This is a fitting warlike response! The civilisation has made it habitual that people create self-images, which they seek to engineer, nourish and enhance, as life goes on. Virtue-signaling is one of the key tools in the darkside arsenal. It pretends to have virtue to increase its self-esteem. To be soul, you cannot engage in this kind of ego-building. It is fake and its goal is to create self-importance. In describing yourself , you must stop at I AM. Do not add extensions to this because then your mental faculties will become busy and cluttered, as they stretch themselves to manifesting those extensions that you add, all the time. What's more you lose that spontaneity wherein every moment is new, and wherein God's guidance can be detected. It is the garbage (including beliefs) which block you from being in the state of calm repose wherein you can detect God's guidance. The darkside it is which needs the garbage! There is, however, another war being made on humanity by the darkside elites. This has been described as the 'great reset'. This involves the destruction of the present civilsation and the introduction of another closer to the ideal in the minds of the elites. Soul and darkside will no longer be the controller of the bodies of people. People will become an 'internet of bodies' run by nanotech inserted into bodies, and powered and directed through the agency of wifi and computers. Read about this development here and here!  They want to completely sever mankind's spiritual connection. This invasive physical interference will change us into zombies!

Self-monitoring is not difficult. One has to clear the eyes of bacteria. This reduces the interception of data, and its interpretation, that is sent to you. Use a candle flame to clear and relax the eyes, or maybe a deya or oil lamp, or bonfire. Escape from the human world and go into nature. Stare at the landscape or trees. This helps you to free your head from the concerns and connotations that arise with staring at people and man-made civilisation all day. These are just emergency measures for restoring the calmness and harmony of your consciousness by doing things that stop the cluttering. The best method of uncluttering is meditation. Simply close the eyes and look upward with the eyeballs, leaving that horizontal gaze with which we mostly look at the world, behind. You don't have nothing to do except stare, though commanding the limbs and body to relax helps. Just look. The silence will envelop you, and the longer you stay like this, the more peaceful and energised in the head you will feel. Time does not really exist, and at times you will find that you just stayed a moment in meditation but the clock showed it to be a much longer time. Some think that you have to hold an image like a candle flame in your vision for developing one-pointedness. That takes effort and is not necessary. An easier way to meditate is to go into research and study with concentration, searching for truth. The effects are there in the growth of knowledge and understanding. We do not necessarily put meditation for energy as higher than meditation for knowledge. The energy and other qualities of the soul dimension will bathe you anyway. These special practices leave you with the rest of your day to live. Your attention will become scattered if you have to deal with a myriad of things. The best way to function out in the world is in a state of focus and concentration. You get your tasks done while feeling energised and more harmonious. You will also wonder where the time went. Know this.... The soul takes care of itself but the darkside takes care of its self image, its construction and enhancement. The darkside is a disease that afflicts the soul and its body. One has to rid oneself of the disease to become whole again!

 In a broad sense, anything that builds and supports the darkside within is malware. Anything that reduces the health of the body, and suppresses the soul, is malware. Malware are toxicities that impinge on the soul and its body, and this comes from multiple sources. On this planet, the darkside is the source of the major toxicities/malware that we have to face, whether it be the elites, the deep state, the darkside masses or other things. This civilisation is riddled with toxicities, especially toxic beliefs and info.. Where darkside-possessed human bodies are concerned, we have been shackled by religious teachings which proclaim that fighting back is due to hatred, not due to the right of self defense, or because of just cause. They don't tell you that there is a war  being made by evil on the good, and that in war you must fight or be destroyed by the enemy. The elites wrote the darkside's escape plan into what they called 'T'he Lord's Prayer'. In this the praying person implores God to...'forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation'. Itinerant preachers or presbyters wrote the Bible on the orders of Emperor Constantine in AD 325. God and soul are not involved in temptation at all. It is the darkside and satan who use temptation as a methodology. It is the darkside which responds to temptation not soul. The darkside it is who tempts. Religion treats trespassing as inevitable with the only way out being forgiving each other, and getting God to forgive us. Trespassing is inevitable for the darkside because that is its nature: to prey on others and invading the privacy of others. Souls give others their right to be free, and does not trespass. To help others is not really trespassing. The darkside in this prayer is given the right to sin and let sin. Any guilt is to be assuaged by God's forgiveness or forgiveness from their victims. Theoretically, only God knows how to forgive/delete/un-write/edit karma because he ought to have that knowledge as creator. But, we do not know for a fact that he actually responds to prayers for this! This religion-propagated  prayer is ascribed to Christ but was fabricated by the presbyters. Since it is the darkside that trespasses and sins, why would God forgive the possession/invader/hijacker of human bodies? The 'one-being-in-the-body' theory is being propagated by religion, so we count soul and darkside as being the same being.. Can the darkside, which is a habitual sinner, forgive sin? Can the soul forgive sin? Not likely! Hot air about forgiveness does not make it effective. Then there is that nonsense about Christ dying as a measure to take away the sins of the world. So, the implication is that Christ already paid for your sins, so go ahead and sin anyway. What about self control and use of will power to stop your urge to trespass and sin? They couldn't have that because it would activate the soul. So, the toxicities/malware in the form of all kinds of trespasses keeps coming from the darkside, and is creating hell on earth with sinning/trespassing becoming rampant, and religious people are indulging in forgiveness theory and not in fightback. Make no mistake about it, it is only the darksides, and the darksiders, which jump into action to prey, trespass and sin. They are habitual un-reformable trespassers, and  the source of earthly woes. Get rid of the darksides, and earth will become a veritable heaven. Until technology is created to exorcise it, one has to put curses on them everytime they trespass. The realisation by the darkside that it can't get away with its trespasses is its cue to back off! It is the only way to give the sleeping/suppressed soul in those bodies a chance to breathe again. It is the only way to assure that the darkside will be gotten rid of one day!

Implement solutions for all the malware/interferences that tries to get in. Your daily schedule must include your search for solutions, and the implementation of those solutions. The darkside within, and the darkside outside, never sleeps! The darkside installs it controls over the soul consciousness directly from the flesh it lives in. Important conduits for its control are the principal blood vessels, the alimentary system, nerves, nadis or energy channels, eyes and ears. The organs of perception are used by the soul to gather information from the world. The darkside/bacteria combo is there too, and from there it detects what is incoming, and uses the information to compromise the soul's perception of the incoming data, and to interfere with the response that soul can create. The darkside/bacteria combo is your greatest weakness because it uses its group consciousness to share your secrets with it's fellow darksiders, and because it is a receiver it is used by darksiders to initiate attacks on soul. It gives access to your body to others. Mind-reading depends on data recorded by your darkside (often fake or created by the darkside itself, incomplete or fabricated). This data is then read by other darksiders. Energy, voices, feelings etc are sent to compromise/hurt the soul and its body, and to feed/build the darkside within. Music, such as resonant singing or lilting melodies, generates vibrations within, and is quite adequate in canceling the interference-vibrations, energy and moods generated by the darkside. Detoxification techniques are anti-malware tools. The darkside uses body toxicity and congestion to grow. It uses depleted oxygen conditions, intrinsic to congestion, to build and overshadow the soul. In fact, the darksiders lock their windows all the time in order to 'stifle' (deplete oxygen levels) and build their darkside powers. That has much to do with with fostering anerobic bacteria and candida. Clearing out the toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, congestions etc. reduces the power of the darkside/bacteria combo. Ill-health gives a boost to the darkside consciousness. Healing illness, and generally boosting health, cuts the darkside down while boosting the soul. Exercises like Hatha Yoga, swimming, jogging, rebounding etc. all work against the darkside/bacteria combo. Seeking and finding knowledge, or truth, and including these in your life, is the best weapon of the soul. This conquers the darkside's cunning used to manipulate the soul. The more knowledge you have the less the darkside can fool you. One has to live in sight of the truth in order to keep your mental stability or sanity, while creating health for the body. These are DIY tasks which you have to consciously include in your daily schedule of things to do. Do not be distracted by this civilisation's addiction to entertainment, pleasures, leisures, and enjoyments. The feel-good thrusts are from the darkside. Once you are fit, and free of the tyranny of the darkside within, you will be sober enough to fight back efficiently, and effectively, against the darkside world with full force. Walking with God helps you walk through this present churning sea of chaos by giving you your best shot.

The darkside has the consciousness of a predatory creature, though it knows how to get along and how to act normal. Their true selves can be seen, however, in their unguarded moments, in their greedy accumulation and consumption, in their corruptions, in their ego-building, in their anger/hatred/brutality ,and in the cunning/force/mercilessness of their preying operations. They reveal it in their shameless stealing of souls' bodies, and in installing themselves as its' emperors. By their practices (adrenochrome drinking, child sex trafficking, murder etc) they assure that there will be no other emperor! They reveal themselves when they estimate that they got you, or have you defeated (as the elites are doing now). There is nothing in the darkside consciousness that can resonate with the divine soul consciousness, so there can be no killing them with love or goodness. Besides, they think that souls are merely putting on a goody-goody show. The only resonance to the soul, when facing them in the bodies they control, can only come from the suppressed souls in the darkside-led bodies! There are souls in those bodies but they do not know that they have been deceived or enslaved. They do not know that they have a problem. They do not know if, or how, to fight back in that state of sleep. Those souls do not know that they must assert control or authority over the creature, based on the fact that the soul owns the body. Those souls do not know that they must separate the creature's actions  from their own, and that they must disclaim the creatures actions, instead of owning them. The guilt of owning the behavior of the darkside (behavior that the soul usually cannot explain) usually suppresses the soul.... and the darksiders harp on the sins done by the 'body', just to suppress the soul who thinks he is alone in there! The soul does not know that it must fend off the creature's attacks, whether it comes in the form of temptations, psychological blocks, attempts at suppression, negative messages and vibes, or consciousness disruptions. Soul does not know how to flow its own nature, which it must do to assert ownership of the body. The trouble is that there are so many creatures driving around in bodies, that they elicit the creature in everyone else they meet. How else can you deal with creatures if you are not behaving like them, which is the normal mode in this civilisation. These creatures are the beast, no other 'mark' exists. Any soul who defeats its indwelling creature stands out, and is attacked by the beasts to suppress, ruin or destroy him, and give the reins of control to his creature. Self control is not the proper terminology for the method of fending off or defeating the darkside. There is no single self in the body that needs to control itself. Yet, this terminology has led people to disallow certain darkside influences within. The soul must take things into its own hands and assert control over the creature, disallowing every interference or influence or assertion that the creature sends forth. The soul needs to end the hacking of it's consciousness!

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Un-learn/re-learn. Re-calibrate. Reset yourself. Take care of yourself. Fight back! 3

It seems that I have moved from one 'fire' into another 'fire'! They are everywhere! Mitigation is necessary but I am too poor! Would really appreciate a gift of a powerful BLUSHIELD DEVICE

"The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be! Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with an unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at Politics and Terror. True terror will arrive at these people's door, and they will cry, scream and beg for mercy...... but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone". (Source)

The above quote (in italics) is very impressive. In the context of this blog, the Men who wanted to be left alone can only be good/soul people, not darksiders. They wanted to live normal lives, and don't wamnt it to change. So they don't unleash any fightback because they prefer peace. But, when interference in their lives become too much, they erupt and destroy the 'interferers'. That's the basic storyline. It is about good guys because darksiders are too busy preying on others that they are not too concerned by 'play-actors'. They are on the same side. Some soul people do not have to fight much because they have always been ahead of the darkside within! For others, going ahead of the darkside must be by fightback. Then the old you is a darksider and the new you is a victorious soul. The quote seems to mourn the loss of the old self. How about if a soul in bondage to darkside tyranny fights and breaks free? Isn't that a better new 'you' than was there before? Souls do not have hate in their nature as fuel for fighting back, but they do develop 'abhorrence' and 'loathing' for evil scumbags that the darksiders are. Fighting back is a process of transformation from an undesirable situation to another....defeat preserves the old situation, and probably makes it worse. The fighter has no choice but to go all in to get victory. While the old good guy complied because he wanted peace, the discovery that the darkside is after your body (to use it or to kill it) is a threat that requires a response. Soul does have 'just cause' and it's yet-to-be-asserted rights. Assertion of those rights will lead to direct confrontation. The quote speaks of another kind of fight with play-actors.... the fight on this blog is against the darkside within and outside! The fightback against the darkside entity within removes the internal problem, and the soul becomes free of it. There is only loss! The one who fights back is a new self  in the process of staking it's claim. The darkside (within and outside) never recognises your right to be free of them. You have to seize that right by installing it in your life, and living life mindful of its presence. Then will come the clashes, confrontations and fightback, as the darkside exercises its customary arrogant rulership with impunity. The external darksiders (the darkside society and the darkside elites) are quite another problem! They are the play-actors who spend their whole lives in a succession of preying operations. To get you to approve or comply with their plans, they manufacture your consent with concocted  narratives, while they constantly flip-flop on the logic or science involved. They also stage scenarios, setups and false flags for this purpose. The sex school is justified by their claims that this is their appointed work, and the girls want to know about sex. The fact is that being the majority, and having energy powers, they do it because they can. They were not fought back against previously because of their huge majority, and because they had great 'killing' snake power. Besides, the minority of good guys lacked the power and numbers with which to oppose. Compliance is another name for the inability to fight back, or acceding because of brainwashing. Fighting back must be done, now that so many have awakened, because darksiders no longer have much energy-power, and because enough has become enough! The darkside claims that their every operation is for your benefit, not theirs! Why then, are you the only ones hurt? True freedom is having the right to be free from the darkside. You can have it fully at the victory end of the fightback!                                 

There is the natural intelligence of living things and the artificial intelligence of computers, phones and an array of electronic devices. Devices with artificial intelligence can be hacked into, and we are forced to take measures (anti-virus, anti-malware, etc) to stop it, and preserve our data and info. Or, at least to clean up the malware, and repair the damage. Soul intelligence has no idea that it can be hacked. In fact, the hacking has already been done, and what we have to deal with, in everyday life, is a bunch of darkside hackers parading as human beings. There is a soul computer and a darkside computer. There is no such thing as a human computer because the behavior and output changes with a change in who runs the body! The darkside computer gives you evil output and the soul computer gives you a good output. There is no way to combine these two into a single computer and call it a human computer. A hacked computer always behaves differently from the original. Note that it is the intelligence native to the consciousness (darkside or soul) that creates the computer not the brain. So there is a soul computer located in its consciousness which becomes hijacked by a darkside computer located in the darkside consciousness. The consciousness of these invisible entities that control the body are different and the kind of intelligence is also different. Soul intelligence and the soul operating system was designed for human bodies because they have a causal connection to those bodies. The darkside, however, possessed those bodies and have hacked into the soul's operating system, and issues commands which direct the body's behavior to be evil.  Darkside intelligence is both the hacker and the malware attached to soul computers by fleshly interface. Darkside computers have operating systems that are connected to satan's internet, and to each other. That operating system focuses preying on others (using cunning), accumulating, ego-building, sensual pleasures, spying/minding people's business, consumption, enslaving/controlling others, etc! A small darksider's intelligence is easily hacked by the more evil/senior darksiders. They are easily hacked because of their tendency to believe without verification. They are easily programmed and mind-controlled.  Awake souls cannot be easily hacked and controlled. Conscience is the firewall that protects it. Most souls do not notice the hacker or their 'hacked' consciousness because after being hacked, the hackers have become the presiding consciousness. The darkside will reject notions that a hacking/hijacking has taken place, and will reject that assertion as 'nonsense'. The soul in a hijacked body has fallen asleep or is suppressed, while the darkside hijacker is awake. The soul is not awake, so how can it notice the calamity that has befallen it, or even suspect that it needs to have anti-malware to fight off a darkside hacker? How can souls be warned to expect that hacking will take place when this hacking takes place even before it could become aware of itself? It takes good and skillful parenting to help young souls. The work of souls in waking up sleeping/suppressed souls, and giving them the information and tools to 'hack' the hacker and kick him out, must be taken up by all the awakened!

Souls have been put to sleep by the darkside civilisation in which we live. It proclaimed that there is only 'one being in the body', and that the presiding being is the legitimate being. This civilisation was built for darksiders not for souls who are 'complete' and 'detached'. The market economy and the concept of 'money' requires beings who love accumulating stuff, and love the power of money! It requires beings who always want more. Not detachment or functional autonomy but greed fuels this civilisation. The predominance of darkside beings on earth clues us in as to the purpose of this civilisation. They treat their fellow darksides-within as the legitimate 'beings' as named in the ID cards! If a soul is winning, darksiders gang up to attack the soul, and to build the 'beast' within! The asleep soul assumes  that what comes out as behavior from its body is done by 'itself' because there is only 'one-being-in-the-body'. The soul does not know that it's body is also home to a darkside possession which has hacked into its consciousness, and  ends up controlling the body. It does not know that the darkside hijacker has usurped its behavioral functions, and so can move the body, speak for him, and can execute other body functions. The soul does not know that his consciousness has been compromised and suppressed so that the body's behavior is different from how soul would do things. This kind of behavioral change is also exhibited by AI computers! In this civilisation, the being that sets the behavioral standards is the ubiquitous darkside. Souls have to regain their ascendancy in their bodies, and then develop their own abilities to detect/deal with interferences coming from their bodies to their consciousness. Their awareness has the power to scan the consciousness for malware interference, and detect interferences as they happen. Souls have to develop tools to deal with the darkside malware on an ongoing basis. There are shortcuts! If you fight back against the bacterial colonies within, and neutralise them, the malware attacks experienced within are either reduced or stopped. Interference diminishes, and the soul can breathe more freely. 

When you walk with God and live by the (non-religious) book, he becomes your anti-malware agent/guide, alerting you and helping you to safety. It is the soul, however, who must be doing vigilant monitoring to pick up the darkside interferences, as it stretches its tentacles to hijack and control all facets of life. Soul, with its connection to its own world, and to God, does have that device called conscience, which arbitrates action, and which makes what is 'good' and what is 'evil' very distinct, even in times of doubt. Conscience does 'beat' when a wrong action is about to be done. Its like an alarm! Apart from that, soul has what is called critical thinking and analysis (or the powers of discernment and discrimination) which subjects incoming data to tests for truthfulness. It is used in processing decisions. A tranquil/placid and harmonious consciousness is the proper back-drop for detecting changes and happenings within. When the soul did not itself initiate any changes or happenings, it means that those departures from quietude have a different initiator! An awake soul does not 'own' things that it did not initiate in the body and consciousness. The suppressed soul, in a darkside-run body, usually has made that mistake of owning all the influences generated within, and trusts the 'one being in a body' theory  implicitly, which is why the darkside possession easily took over that body. This is the deception that makes most of the darkside hijackings possible. Such changes/influences' are often categorised as feelings. 'I feel to do this or that', is how they describe succumbing to darkside influences. Soul must wake up and realise that it is in a war with a satanic hijacker located within, and his attacks never stop. It is soul's job to isolate and monitor the darkside interloper, and to grow weapons to fight him, until he is no longer a problem.

Harmonious music, especially singing, provides a counter-vibration to all the vibrations the darkside uses within to hack into the soul's consciousness, and hijack the body! The darkside/bacteria combo  uses influences like vibrations, energies, feelings, passion, emotions, urges, thirsts etc as hacking tools. It also uses  programming, thoughts/suggestions/commands, images and ideas that are sent from within, but which can originate externally. The darkside controls, too, by sending messages to soul consciousness scheduling coming activities and indulgences including consumption, habit maintenance, people to like, people to hate, ideas to like and ideas to reject etc. The darkside censors all that can serve to build souls. As soul accepts various suggestions that will comprise the ongoing daily schedule, the darkside inputs ideas that will give it what it wants. Soul didn't make the schedule! It accepted the darkside's suggestions to be its own. The darkside/bacteria combo acts like a censor allowing in stuff that builds itself, and blocking out or misrepresenting things that build soul, so that soul rejects what is good for it.. It suppresses soul plans and energises it's own, and so delays soul or puts obstacles in it's way! An awake soul has to construct the anti-malware software in its consciousness. He has to observe the activity of the darkside malware, and design ideas/thoughts/affirmations/blocks, techniques of overriding darkside intrusions, behavioral patterns that eliminate opportunities for intrusions, preference-assertion techniques, internal alarms, awareness/monitoring, nutritional therapies and supplements to strengthen itself, and to weaken, block and reduce the darkside. Nature has given us the best anti-virus/anti-malware tools to use. Cistus Incanus tea and alcohol extract of Lomatium Dissectum destroy the bacterial apps used by the darkside, and frees the soul partially from darkside tyranny within. The rest has to be done by direct confrontation of the darkside. The body's integrity is enhanced by your use of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and health supplements. It is not only proper nutrition but detoxification which must be brought into the daily schedule. If soul does not consciously construct its daily schedule, the darkside will do it! General detoxing can be achieved with Sodium EDTA (if using this, a multi-mineral/multi-vitamin must be used subsequently), Liquid Zeolite and Serrapeptase. With these, dissolvable solids, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and nano-partcles can be escorted out of the body! This is a basic protocol. Do your own research on detoxification, and the suggested supplements to be used. One should also check websites like 'webmd' for guidance about dosages and side-effects! 

Since the darkside 'walks' with satan and the soul 'walks' with God. You cannot serve two masters, as those who believe that they are the 'one being in the body' are wont to do. Walking with God means walking through the range of scenarios that life presents to you in the full knowledge that God is a partner/observer in all you do. (Where is he not that you can hide and do things)? It means that you use all your mental faculties and abilities to comprehend the situations you encounter, and produce the best response you can produce, mindful of the fact that God is watching and helping you. You have to compute what the best/most righteous decision or course of action is, according to your best knowledge. Take time to research, and to understand if your response is what is called for. Always walk straight! This will eliminate a lot of programmed ways of doing things popular in society, in your race, in your culture, or among your peers. Understand situations before you act or not act. Copying how others do it is following programming. Every situation you face is unique by its appearance in that particular space and time. You can gain from experience of similar situations but you cannot be bound by similar conclusions or responses. Walking with God means that you do your part in evaluating or assessing situations and seeing what the conclusions are. You now leave it to God to update you in case you have used bad logic, or used incomplete information, or ignored facts, or made an improper assessment of the options available etc. Research will tell you if better options are available. Do your research as needed, and in the process you will get a clarity of understanding that you didn't have before. Having done your best, you pause while being vigilant, in order to detect the 'voice' of God in the form of incoming ideas that dawn lightly on your consciousness. Darksiders turn to satan for guidance and new information to help them prey on others. Soul must turn to God for the kind of inspiration they can get from no other source! The darkside has satan as its ally, soul/good people must use God as a partner because he gives the winning edge.

The darkside within is both the malware and the hacker at the same time. It (and darksiders from the outside) operates by using the bacterial colonies within. Killing the bacteria immediately stops some of the influences coming from the darkside/bacteria combo. More importantly, it gives you the space/freedom/poise to fight the darkside effectively. There is only one method of stopping the darkside hacker/malware in you. It is a self-done Guru can do it for you. The ranking of who is spiritual and who is not, in this world, is fake because it is not based on the degree to which the darkside/bacteria has been conquered, or by the degree that the soul nature has unfolded. This method involves directly facing up to and confronting/fighting the darkside in order to defeat it. It is a recognition/admission of the war that the darkside is making on soul, and deliberately making war against it. Remember that the soul is angelic and the darkside is a demonic creature with a 'do what thou wilt' nature. It never means anybody well, even among its own kind. By observing others, you can see what soul and darkside people express, and how they do that. The distinction is clear. Your consciousness has to get into the mode of seeing the darkside as a consciousness/force that is separate from you (soul), and which is an enemy.  You have to open your eyes, look inwards and see the war being made on you. Verify that fact yourself! You cannot fight blindly. You have to recalibrate/reset your consciousness and become only soul instead of a soul-darkside combination. Soul has to stop participating in the 'one-being-in-the-body' drama staged by this civilisation, and by religion. You have to destroy that assumption in you, so that it stops being a basis for behavior. The society lives according to that assumption, and a plethora of 'usernames' and 'passwords' are dominating our lives today creating the unreality that there is one spirit/person in the body. And, these darkside one-beings-in-the-body are now engaged in self-image construction (ego-building) as per the satanic theorem.  It is the darkside which likes to talk all the time on cellphones, and it owns the identity because it stays on top. Soul can own that identity too, but it must get on top, and stay on top. 

So a purposeful seeing of the differences, divide or separation between you (soul) and darkside must begin. That separation already exists, it is just that you have to recognise it so that you can prove to yourself that it is all real. Then, you can understand how the interfaces work to send interferences to you, and shut them down! Bacteria (bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds etc) are the interfaces used by the darkside, especially in the eyes where they have access to the optic nerve which gives open access to the soul which relies on the info it supplies! It is also real that soul has been duped to own or accept all that the darkside does within and outside. This owning/acceptance has to end for the separation, and the intended war, to commence. Then, you begin to look for interferences generated within (or from outside) the body. Soul awareness can pick it even if it is engaged in concentration on something else.  Internal monitoring is second nature for the soul. Monitoring is best when the soul shuts down all seeking and expression, in order to see what interferences/influences occur to restart seeking or expressing. The basic rule is that if soul does not deliberately or willfully decide a behavior, create an interference, or generate an influence within, it has to be the darkside doing it. There are no automatic mechanisms for behaviors. If it is not soul doing it, it must be the darkside! Until soul programs it's behavioral patterns conciously, the automatic mechanisms are being run by the darkside. That darkside operation or engine has to be shut down. Only if you know what to shut down, can you shut it down. Internal monitoring is necessary. Biological mechanisms are automatic but it is beyond the power of consciousness to shut down. So, until you decide or will something, it is not you/soul. When some interference is noticed, note it, but do not follow it. You do nothing, just watch. It will subside, and return later. With repitition, you see the interferences more clearly. You can even tell the darkside within (who talks to you, and for you).... 'Don't try that shit'! This is how you begin to intercept the weapons that the darkside within is flinging at you. You are your own anti-malware fighter! You have to remember that the darkside entity came in as a possession into the body to indulge in the world. It is a creature which can only indulge if it suppresses or deceives the soul. You have to look out for its influences like negative messages, meant to suppress the soul, or ego-building to boost itself. You have to watch out for the activities it schedules for you by planting them on your timeline of activity. It has a ravenous appetite for consumption and pleasures. It has a cunning and hateful nature so you have to look out for its schemes, guile, anger and hatred which it generates, and which appear to be naturally asserted within. When the soul opens its eyes and sees these things, it is truly awake. It is also awake when it can see the darkside operating from the bodies of the elites and the darkside masses. Once the soul consciousness is cleansed of the association with the darkside, soul becomes itself, and a clear view of the enemy darkside  is possible, un-influenced by blocks and assumptions perpetrated by this civilisation. Souls vision is now its own! The elites now have technology like the 'voice of God 'which speaks to you or can implant ideas into your head. They have duplicated darkside powers like mind reading, snakepower, voice attacks, etc.

Soul must have a clear idea of the things, ideas and concerns that make up the soul-building or body-cultivating ingredients, that it wants in its life. This list can be updated or extended but the new inclusions must be congruent with what is already there. If the incoming interference or influence is not in sync with what is already on the list of life ingredients, it must be blocked and researched. All the darkside interferences can be stopped this way, Be firm because any vacillation will be capitalised on by the darkside. In the last post you were given a lists of the qualities that define the natures of the soul and darkside. Any interference or influence that is not congruent with the nature of the soul must be completely disallowed. You must also assess the direction (towards soul or towards darkside) that the interference or influence is taking you and delete or edit them accordingly. There are some interferences that conscience is doubtful about! Knowing the natures of the darkside and soul, you intercept and block all darkside-originated interferences. Do not follow such interferences. Just watch it and do nothing. After intercepting a darkside interference, you can tell it...Not this time bitch! The darkside can talk for you, and to you. This is a fitting warlike response! There is, however, another war being made on humanity by the darkside elites. This has been described as the 'great reset'. This involves the destruction of the present civilisation, and the introduction of another which is closer to the ideal in the minds of the elites. Soul and darkside will no longer be the controller of the bodies of people. People will beccome an internet of bodies run by nanotech (vaccinated/inserted into bodies) and powered and directed through the agency of wifi and computers. Read about this development here,  They want to completely sever mankind's spiritual connection (also here). This invasive physical interference will change us into zombies! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Un-learn/re-learn. Re-calibrate. Reset yourself. Take care of yourself. Fight back! 2

The reality on earth is created by good and evil, with evil being the aggressors. Souls are given human bodies with which to experience life on earth. If they were allowed to go about this, there would be heaven on earth. What stops this natural progression of things are the invisible darkside forces which possess human bodies. The invisible darksides hardly ever show up with their own bodies. They possess bodies owned by souls, and by using various influences/strategies of control and manipulation, manage to steal/control human bodies for their own use. They are predators with completely different natures and behavior, as compared to souls which own those bodies. They are not the rightful owners/ users of earth either, but see it as their own to possess, exploit and enjoy. Souls are not body-thieves or earth-exploiters. Because of the ambush-by-possession that is executed on souls bodies at the beginning of its life, souls have no breathing space wherein to grow, learn or to experience life on their own. Souls are suppressed and do not get the chance to be themselves because this civilisation blends perfectly with the darkside nature! Souls do not even know that they are captives of the darkside, or that it has been making war on them from birth. This civilisation rears souls in captivity, and holds them in captivity by dumbing them down, by deception, and by presenting the darkside way of things as the ideal of what a human being is supposed to be like. 'Force' or power is presented as the winning argument whether one belongs to the darkside elites or to the darkside masses. The elite-created sex school which is lived, and supported by the darkside masses, is the key element in the ruination and destruction of goodness on earth. It is the darkside consciousness which engages in it, and gets elevated in it. It is a forum for the expression of darkside powers. It accomodates the darkside-related division of society into tribes and colors. Daily life is now about the mating and other games between those colors and tribes. The sex school manufactures darkside females. Good guys are ruined or destroyed, every season. The darksiders catch, clean, wash, cook, eat and release to destroy goodness/soul, to build the darkside, and to lock it into programmed materialistic behavior by mind-control. Mama's boys need a large supply of willing hyper-sexualised boy-toys. Unfortunately, the sex school is a way of life that very few ever wake up from to see the larger realities of earthly existence. Winning 'games' is highly addictive when material benefits are at stake. Calling the sex school a 'game' is simply trivialising the deathly serious process by which they assure their numerical domination of the world. People's attentions have been pulled and tied to the darkside way of life. The freedom of attention required to look at current reality ( here, here, here, here, and here), get to the truth of it all, and create the will to fight back, simply does not exist. The future reality has been planned as well (and here). The powers that be are fully in charge! Or, maybe not! Another summation of this reality!  

Souls have a certain nature which steers them into doing things in ways that are totally different from how the darksiders do things. The darkside majority have collectively set themselves up as flag-bearers of what 'human beings' are about, and of how 'people' should live. Darksiders prey on others, and on nature. They need to do action all the time in order to stay in control of the bodies they hijack. Any gaps caused by a lack of action will give the soul a chance to rebound, and to retake the body. So, always being on the go is touted as an admirable trait in human conduct. Just do it! Once you are always on the go, the elites can step in to supply you with time- and labor-saving stuff, and the 'truth'. Souls, on the other hand, naturally look before they leap, and believe in making informed decisions. Not speed, audacity/assertiveness or force, but appropriateness (backed by knowledge), efficiency and righteousness counts in souls' actions. It is also about conscience, compassion, self control and self-determination. Souls' behaviors are totally unlike that of the darksiders. Darksiders come with satanic powers which abet their predatory natures and lifestyles. These powers enable them to use force to beat up, and take advantage of soul-people, or lesser others of the own kind! Simply 'being' is what souls naturally do, in the gaps between material seekings. Souls have nothing to prove, and no worth to accumulate from the fawning or admiration of others. Worth/self-esteem is built into their natures. They are complete, except for their material needs. As predators, darksiders scheme, collude, spy on (mind-reading?), trespass against, hunt/stalk, catch, cook and consume/control their prey.What kind of spirit will spend it's life concentrating on what goes on between people's legs, on the size of their wallets, on eating, drinking and having a good time, and on destroying good people? Indulging in pleasures and accumulating power, (in the sense of satanic powers, money, material property and possessions), is what they are about. This is how they build and fortify their egos/esteem. Souls can have their natural esteem or worth reduced by the suppression, tortures and abuse inflicted on them by the darksiders. Souls are being deliberately kept down! Only fightback and justice can restore this esteem. Souls basically want to live out their nature of knowledge-seeking, walking with god, nurturing life, helping others etc, but cannot because they are enveloped by lifestyles and experiences imposed on them by this darkside civilisation. They cannot be free enough to live out their natures because this world is about enabling darkside superiority and rulership, The moment a darkside is not staring back at them from a human body, the darksiders pounce! They rule with force. Souls come from the soul dimension pervaded by God. They are sparks of God who are born on a planet which is under darkside rule. They are being kept down, and are being hunted out of existence. Their world or dimension has little in common with this darkside materialistic civilisation. They do have their own blend of talents and powers which accrue by virtue of being sparks of God. The sparks of satan collectively hate souls and make war on them! Souls must accept that what is taking place is not 'life' but war! They must abandon business as usual, and fight.

The darkside pretends to be the world's policeman on all matters. Satan is very busy defining 'sin', and correcting it! They claim to be chosen/appointed by God for this role. They do lie like the wind! They do what they do because they have the numbers and the satanic powers. They steal the time in your life from you by diverting you into dealing with their bullshit, into licking your wounds, and into picking up the pieces of your life. But.....they are teaching and helping you! They are taking advantage of soul/good people because there is nothing souls can usually do about it, except to be cooperative or compliant. Darksiders are simply forcing, and enforcing, their will, not God's will, on good people. If you examine their modus operandi you will see that they are walking with satan, not God. They are just using their satanic natures to conquer good people. They exhibit no signs of soul activity. You can see the cunning with which they prey on whom they can. Their sex school clearly shows that they walk with satan. Souls do not have the satanic powers necessary for participation in the sex school. Souls walk with God. Walking with God is done in daily living, with the soul-God connection within flowing the guidance, protection, inspiration and help. Satan does the same for darksiders. Soul or darkside are steered, and are really instruments of God or satan respectively. Bodies are simply houses in which  sparks of God and satan live! The inner-linked God is your go-to, your ally, your resource or database, which helps you make decisions, judge right and wrong, and guide you as you walk through life. Soul has it's own warning/alarm system, in the form of conscience, to help steer it in the right direction. This device is 'dead' in darksiders. Not too many have a viable God-connection because it has been  superceded by the 'satan to darkside' connection, and they cannot become aware of this as fact, or know how to undo it. In a world where flowing from the satan/darkside connection is the popular method of human operation, how will one come to the knowledge that it is the wrong way to proceed, especially when it creates a successful material life? The sex school satanic ritual, with its economic and other material rewards, is the biggest medium for the enforcement and perpetuation of evil in the world at the level of the darkside masses. The tribes and colors in society collude in the conduct of the sex school, and ensure that the darkside way of doing things is perpetuated. The practices in the sex school is exactly what 'sexual grooming' and sex-trafficking is all about! Walking through life by the rules and activities of that game, pre-empts or displaces any notion that the path to follow is one of goodness and walking with God. The sex school, and religion, effectively abandons/hides that path. The use of force takes away the freedom of the good guys, and the females, to live according to their natures! The females are mind-controlled until they become completely darkside, are forced into relationships with darksiders, become boy-toys and reproduce for the darksiders. They get included in the darkside fighting forces as they embrace the colors of their 'signers'. This is the protocol that the darkside's psychic hotline lays out for them. Good guys are included in the games, and the darksiders launch their operations against them to build their darksides. These darksides are then used to lead the 'good guys' into their entrapment, ruination, and elimination. Society is run by darksiders attuned to each other, as in an all-seeing web.This assures that good guys are all hunted, caught and ruined/destroyed in the games. This is why these games exist! 

One must understand that the elites, and the darkside occult hierarchy, deliberately programmed the darkside entities with the rules and procedures of the sex school. These assure that the darkside consciousness is boosted and properly bonded to satan and the occult hierarchy. The enslaved soul cannot get a ray of sunshine which might enable it to grow and thereby counter the tyrannical hijacking of its body. The soul-God link is effectively blocked out. The darkside society is happy as it increases the size of its army, and can escalate its war on the good. The darkside within does not care about things such as pursuit of truth, or about doing things for the benefit of the earth and its peoples. Their consciousness have been easily pulled and tied, or programmed, by the status quo. They follow this programming which is constructed in congruence with their basic darkside nature. They think that the real reality of what is happening on the ground is in the news acted out on television. The sex school was constructed in congruence with their predatory natures i.e. with their egos' zeal for winning, with their love for enjoyments and pleasures, with their power of inter-communication, and with their colluding corrupt natures. The darkside is totally at home in the sex-school games, and at home in a corrupt cunning society. The sex school games allows full expression of the darkside nature and keeps the darkside engine revving all the time! It gives life to the darkside. It builds the darkside. Those involved in the sex school cannot build a good responsible society. In this game, darkside vices are extolled and rewarded, but the virtues (of goodness/soul) have no room for expression, or are suppressed by mind-control techniques. Soul has absolutely no playable role in these games, and good people are included only to be entrapped. No darkside abilities and powers means you lose! The 'game' is a totally corrupt 24/7 societal pre-occupation, so from where will come the fighters for goodness and justice? Satan flows his powers to them, including the power of evil. God and souls have the power of goodness. Darksiders see goodness as just another ploy or scheme employed by 'others' who are basically like them. They think that everyone is an actor just playing roles, in a role-playing world.  They simply cannot understand or fathom souls, nor do they try to because their hate for souls rises to top regardless. Darksiders cannot be good. They do and 'think' according to their nature. They cannot escape from the blueprint of their consciousness. Souls and darksiders cannot change their essences! They do not have the will, or the power to do that. Souls cannot change their nature's blueprint. Evil actions coming from a soul/good person simply means that their darkside has taken over. Change in the nature of action means that there is change in the governance of the body. So, you will find many cases of dualistic behavior wherein the soul takes over for certain things/actions, and at other times the darkside is in charge. The only things one can do is to try to wake the souls up, if asleep, or feed them until they overtake the darkside within.

The sex school, and the rest of what constitutes the 'foundations', is a monstrous scheme to keep the darkside/satan link dominant in human bodies, while suppressing the soul/God link. Make no mistake, the sex school is a coordinated international operation to suppress/destroy the soul, goodness, and the bodies of those who resist.  It is also a scheme to to secure female bodies for reproduction and pleasure. These darkside possessions that take over human bodies are not 'humans' or 'people': they are scheming, cunning, toxic invaders of human bodies! They include good guys in the 'game', pull and tie their darkside's attention to one of their females, then use that darkside to lure the good guy into traps and setups! That they just pass the female around the good guy a few times, then cook it for him, is a downright lie! The games boost the darkside and completes the hijacking process in bodies. Souls and their bodies become enslaved. Darksiders constantly link up to satan's data feed via the darkside's third eye. This is how they know what to do and how to do it. The darkside to satan hookup, and the darkside to darkside hookup, is boosted. This preempts the soul from ever becoming activated from the God end of the link. To have one set of links active, the other set must be suppressed. In this world, most bodies are controlled by the darkside to satan link. Those bodies become instruments of satan. The sex school is designed to increase the supply of bodies available to satan. That has happened, and he rules this world. It is the satan-darkside connection which is busy doing actions because if there is a lull or stoppage, the soul has a chance to step in and regain control. The actions of a body must be examined to determine which of soul/God or darkside/satan is in charge of that body. Soul is it's own kind of entity, and it is totally unlike the darkside. It has it's own kind of nature which generates it's own kind of modus operandi. Souls do not do things the way it is done in the sex school. Souls do not pull, tie, catch and sign females, or look upon them as 'food', or as objects to be mind-controlled or enslaved. Good women do not allow themselves to live shallow sex school-created lives. This is why the darkside uses its powers and coercion to force them to do it their way. Souls do not force people to bow to their wishes. They do not put females (or males) into prisons of any kind, and cook and wash them until they become compliant and un-resisting. Souls give people their freedom.

Souls do not approach females with a 'sex first and love after' pattern of behavior. For them, it is the other way around. Souls do not elicit society's help to force females into intimate relationships. Soul will not cooperate with a society of darksiders who collude to engage in the nefarious activities of the sex school. Souls have a general divine approach to life, not a satanic or demonic approach. Any society which divides itself into different darkside teams/colors/tribes, and then they gang up to sexually invade females, is living a satanic agenda. It is as if they are deliberately creating prostitutes! The fact of separate tribes and colors is a permanent divide and rule. Families are torn apart when the different members belong to different colors or tribes. The fact that they have the same darkside consciousness, though, explains their ganging up against the good. The sex school enables the darksiders of every color or tribe to get females to reproduce with, in order to cultivate broods of additional darksiders. This gives them a perpetual majority. Not having consciences, darksiders commit crimes and sins yet expect to escape consequences because of that majority. They hide the sins/crimes/transgressions taking place in the sex school by calling it a 'game', and by redefining what they do as 'cleaning', 'cooking', 'heating', 'signing' etc. Their victims can ensure that they do not escape. Souls are sparks of God. They have some of what God has, just as darksiders have some of satan's powers. If God can make the 'word' become 'flesh' in the process of creation, souls can make some things happen too. This is done by giving blessings to those who earn it, or need it. Souls can also put curses on the darksiders who have destroyed so many lives with impunity. Their guilt is there, as a 'landing page' for the curses. Their persistence in doing evil only fuels the power of the curses. Curses are necessary because there are no earthly forces available to counter them or punish them. The darkside entities, not the bodies or the souls, deserve to be destroyed by putting these curses on them. Souls have that power. So, darksides may win this battle, but they will lose the war at some point in time. 

The contest of powers on earth has so far been won by the dark side. They are cunning predators. They are aggressive and brutal. They trespass and transgress at will. They use their satanic powers to intimidate, manipulate, control and hurt others. They govern, in most interpretations of that word. Darksiders have succeeded in lording over souls/good people who do not know the dynamics of living here. Those who are awake know of the darkside/bacteria combo, and know how to reduce their power and fight them (as related in previous posts). They have experienced the freedom that comes when this fight against the darkside/bacteria combo is fought and won. Soul is from a completely different world. Its nature and powers are different. Souls are not warlike. They revel in peace and harmony. Souls are not predators or possessions like the darksides. They own their bodies, being causally linked to them. If the soul leaves, the body dies. If the darkside leaves, souls experience total freedom in their bodies. Souls  are the intended inhabitants of this planet. Souls were given the natures and qualities necessary for peaceful harmonious societies, run by knowledge and goodwill, not force. Souls have no ego to build. They have no  predatory instincts in them. They are not hungry for power. They do not seek to  control others. They do not want to build empires. They do not want to be the center of attention. They do not hunt/prey on others or chase material things and pleasures. Souls have no carnal desires. They are not shallow beings! Souls are simple travelers from a non-darkside dimension who have been born here. They know that they will lose their bodies. They want to live in happiness and freedom. They know that the world is being run by evil. They know they have a problem but do not know how to solve it once and for all. Souls have no built-in hatred for the darksides but will fight back when advantage is taken on them. They love knowledge and harmony but need to shelve their wishes for peace and happiness in order to fight this war being made on them. Living under darkside governance is painful now. Business as usual is out of the question. There is no choice but to solve the darkside problem first, then return to the quest for happiness. The darksiders are such relentless destroyers of soul people, that when their killing 'snake power' option does not work, they use other kinds of 'force'. These darkside possessions pretending to be 'human beings' can all be destroyed by the curses of the good/soul people. God, and the soul dimension, supports the soul. All soul has to do is WILL it to be so! Satan's support of the darkside cannot measure up! 

Souls are sparks of the good God. Darksides are sparks of satan. Souls own the bodies. The darkside possesses and steals those bodies for their own use. These two invisible entities who can operate the body, are completely different. They each have third-eyes which are locked into their own dimensions or worlds. God is in charge of the soul dimension, while satan is in charge of the darkside dimension  or the astral world. The causal world of ideas is part of the soul dimension.The darksides are predators who operate in packs, and have powers to help their agenda of stealing the bodies, and earth, from souls. These are some darkside powers: a) Darksides can communicate 'psychically' with other darksides. This makes conspiring and collusion very easy. Voice attacks by darksiders, however, need a transmitter/receiver. Apart from the darkside itself, this is the function that bacteria (viruses, bacteria, fungi etc) executes for them. Even energy attacks require bacterial 'receivers' to be effective. Destroy the bacteria and you become fairly immune to darkside attacks. b) Darksides can hook up to any darkside and extract information, once it is stored as electronic impressions. This is how they do mind-reading. They proclaim their findings both to induce fear from soul people, and to advertise a power that soul does not have to make souls feel inferior. c) Somehow, darksiders can read the futures of soul people. They are often wrong too! This power gives them the help they need in knowing exactly when and where to setup or sabotage souls, so they cannot ever achieve any success. The darkside creates the delays and setbacks. d) Darksiders have the power to ionise energy. They can hit you with bad energy (snake-power), or can make you feel euphoric. They can infuse emotions into energy to get you to feel any emotion they wish. Fear, confusion, forgetfulness, sadness and love etc might appear to be natural feelings but they can induce it in you! Know that the soul gets its energy from a different source. It  comes from the soul dimension and is especially strong in meditation. The other energy that matters for souls is that which comes from food and supplements. The sex school advertises the powerful females as 'suppliers' of energy. That energy cannot affect souls because it only works on the darkside possession. These darkside females cannot supply energy to a soul. Different substances completely! Darksiders can also 'freeze' you or 'heat' you up via your darkside. Darksiders can induce sexual or other desire in your body via the darkside. Darksiders can charm your darkside! None of them can directly liase with the soul substance. e) Darksiders have the power of being evil. They spread disharmony and suffering. This is an extensive topic but the qualities of the darkside are easy to figure out: greed, hate/anger, ego-building, virtue signaling, predator, colluder, spy, scheming/calculating, lying, deceiving, trespassing, hostile, violent/force, pleasure-seeking, accumulating, dunce, shallow, brutal, traitorous, duplicitous, power-hungry, brainless, cunning, etc etc. That a 'human being' is 'one-being-in-a-body', is the biggest lie perpetrated by this civilisation, and especially by religion. The behavior from the same body changes when soul fights back and reclaims it's body from the darkside, Do it!

The soul comes from the soul dimension/world which can only house a spirit substance with a nature  in which evil, war, competition and preying does not exist. It is a divine world, and souls are the sparks of God. Souls therefore do not have powers geared to war or preying. They do not have fighting powers like the darkside's, but fight they must. They do have mental powers including the ability to execute blessings and curses. They do have powers of the soul dimension, but not of the darkside dimension. The contrast between those two dimensions is akin to heaven and hell respectively, though those places do not exist! As sparks of God, souls are heir to all of God's powers. But, it is clear that God's total powers are unknown, and are unlike satanic powers. Soul lives in the brain while the darkside lives in the body, and especially in the intestines. Souls powers have most to do with mental matters, specifically knowledge. Soul's nature has been described as 'Satchitananda' which translates into 'consciousness, awareness and bliss'. All the darkside qualities, powers, incompleteness, and addiction to action is absent in souls. The addiction to materialism, and the brutal preying/trespassing nature of the darkside, is absent in souls. All the disharmony-creating thrusts and invasive trespassing of the darkside nature are missing in souls. Souls, being sparks of God, have some of what God has. Souls have the power to enforce the law of karma which has no automatic mechanism of operation. Souls are God's agents on earth for the dispensing of justice. This is done by blessings and curses. Soul's powers/qualities can be easily observed: good, compassionate, giving, helping, healing, nurturing, knowing power (not mind-reading), intelligence, critical analytic thinking, guidance from God, harmony-creating, peace-creating, self-control, natural detachment, patience, silence, austerity, self-directing, complete, loving (but in a non-carnal way), truth-seeking, high attention-span, etc. Perhaps the biggest power of the soul is that God himself backs the soul up! God is the source of guidance and teaching for souls, in a world dominated by satan. Walking with God, while satan is on the attack, is perilous at times, but don't lose hope! Bless your soul-people and curse the darksiders as they affect you. Forget the 'forgiveness' doctrine created to let the darkside off the hook, when they should be  paying for their crimes. In a war being made by the darkside on the good, you defend and attack, not forgive! They have the guilt and you are the victim with the suffering that results from the crimes they commit on you. You have just cause! The darkside possession is a career trespasser/transgressor/sinner/criminal, not someone just having a bad day! Today, it has come to this, this and this! The big darkside attack is here and now! They are destroying the masses by any means necessary! Religious hell and heaven are imaginary destinations and you don't lose heaven if you fight! There is no judgement day. Fighting for goodness and for the good of the world is not bad karma! What must be done for the benefit of goodness, and for mankind now, and in the future, must be done! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Un-learn/re-learn. Re-calibrate. Reset yourself. Take care of yourself. Fight back! 1

Help from unexpected sources enabled me to move.....but it was just from the 'fire' to the 'frying pan'. Hoping for better! There is technology called the 'Wave Rider' available, but it is beyond my reach. If this site gets taken down, please search for me with 'Fighting back against the darkside'. It may take a while, but I will continue this!  

This world has programmed us with what to see when you look at another human being. Some see race, color of skin, physical features and attire. Some see religion while others see opportunity. Some see good or bad based on pre-conceived notions or profiling. Very very few look past the body-vehicle to see which of the invisible entities (soul or darkside) is in charge. The presence or absence of manners or social etiquette, the use of virtue signaling, or of simple pretense, makes a true conclusion impossible. 'By their actions, you shall know them', still holds true. We have all been engineered into having erroneous views and beliefs, and to act on them. This world has not evolved randomly or arbitrarily. It has been steered and engineered to become what the darkside elites, and the darkside masses, want it to be. Yes, there have been  plots and plotters directing this charade called life, so it enhances their natures, their rulership, and their control over 'lesser' others. The darkside did not create this world but has succeeded in evolving it in their own image and likeness. To relate the truth about a conspiracy that exists is not indulgence in conspiracy theory. The latter phrase was conjured up to cast doubt on the truth about the conspiracies, and about the conspirators. The elite-owned mainstream media, and their publishing empire, are used as their propaganda arms to hide the truth, and deflect your consciousness away from it. They also help stage the narratives for the false flags, and other operations, conducted to manufacture consent, or to justify/excuse their various attacks. And, you are kept too busy with lifestyle maintenance and enhancement, with survival issues, or with problems generally, to research and dig for the truth. And the mainstream media is conveniently there, in the free time you have, to act out the lies and disinformation they planned for you, or to 'entertain' you. Yes, they are all actors colluding in the execution of a common agenda as these videos show (here, here, here, here, here, here, here). But, the elite's plans are revealed by insiders who are convinced that mankind outside of their circles have no hope of physical or other salvation. It appears though that mankind is on a different page or even a different book. The elites speak one truth on the World Economic Forum and another truth via the mainstream medla! Only the WEF reflects the reality on the ground.  Most of the masses float through life, until they die, unaware of evil's war against the good. They are not self-aware nor focused on this reality. They should read some of thisthis and this! They should understand that they are programmed! Life has become increasingly difficult to sustain, but not for the elites who are using their wealth and technology options to destroy humanity. It is no longer a war of evil vs good. The war now is the evil elites vs the rest of humanity. The job the masses must undertake is to find a method(s) of stopping the elites. How can they if their heads are immersed in the sex-school games, in the fafor the millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires! The evil elites have ramped up their attack, using all thke news of mainstream media, and are addicted to phones, social media and electronic games? Souls must wake up, see the problem at hand and devise fightback measures. The darkside nature of the society will not fall away until it is too late! So far, it seems that only President Putin has the weaponry necessary to stop the 'deep state'.  Indeed, he has. (Also here).

A fact of life is that the term 'human being', with personal references such as 'he' or 'she', refers to imaginary entities. They do not exist in a world where there are two diametrically opposite controlling forces per body. The language to describe the reality of 'human' existence has not evolved because the elites know it, and they never let the truth slip out. The darkside possession takes control early in life and people feel it is 'them' doing the living. They see it as behaving naturally. They think that they are spiritually evolved and are blessed by God with psychic powers and energy capabilities. They do not think that it is a possession with a link to satan that is causing these manifestations. They cannot see that 'powers' is a ruse to catch them, and keep them. They cannot see themselves as souls because the souls in those bodies are suppressed. 'Powers' is the greatest stumbling block to the making of efforts to become soul again. It seems that when you have a hammer, everyone else seems to be a nail. Hammering is addictive! In trespassing against others, and in sinning against them, the darksiders are guided by guile and cunning, by programming, and by the other facets of the darkside nature. There is no conscience in the darkside possession hence their propensity for brutal acts. Only soul has a conscience. The darkside, collectively or individually, believes in using force (powers and other kinds of violence) to beat down others in furtherance of its will and agendas. Of course, they pay lip service to Constitutions, Bill Of Rights and other documents that award rights and freedoms to individuals. The darkside society insists that they are the real Government, and have the right to rule as they see fit. Since their will is supreme, they do not like 'complainers' and people who 'cry' about the rough deals that they are getting. They insist that they are God's agents because their powers were given to them for being more evolved, and that it is their will that matters. When force backs up this claim, and God himself has no say in what they do, it is a nonsensical argument. Anyone who truly walks with God can see that he took away the darksiders' powers recently. This power flux is one indicator that they are linked to satan, not to God. In every locale, there is a darksider with superior powers. He is called 'the man'. All darksiders fear or respect him because he either controls them or can defeat them. 'The Man' has powerful cohorts, and especially women, on his team. He directs the sex school, and darkside people live according to his directions and will, because they are his army. The soul/good people are reduced or eliminated according to how much he sees them as threats.   

The darkside masses are fed powers and information by the same bad god or satan who feeds the darkside elites. The collective darkside crew also feeds the individual darkside. There is an occult hierarchy, with the elites commanding the biggest darksiders working with them. The collective darkside runs things on earth, and over the centuries, the society has evolved according to the norms and methodologies of the darkside nature. The darkside does things which give life, enjoyment and power to the darkside, singly or collectively. Earth has become a darkside 'depot', and this elite-created civilisation is the most effective/biggest darkside-building method/device/tool. The darkside is a possession that goes into the human body, hacks into soul consciousness via a suitable interface (optic nerve?), much like a computer virus/malware, and lives out its nature and agendas. It accomplishes this by deceiving the soul, and by the direct control it establishes over the body. It lives in the flesh and can control the flesh. The innocent soul believes that everything taking place in the body is its own doing. Nobody has enlightened them. Soul 'owns' the influences, manipulations and  behavior of the darkside because it thinks it alone is in the body. Soul feels that all that occurs in the body has its origin in itself. That's a lie, but this is how the human race has been programmed to think over the centuries. They think that there is one being in the body and this being has a birth certificate and ID. They have been programmed to think that this being is the body. In fact, the body is just a protoplasmic robot which can be controlled by whichever of soul or darkside is ascendant in the body. The one-being-in-the-body deception is propagated in all walks of life and especially in all literature, in the other methods of communication, and in law. References like 'human being', 'person', 'he', 'she', all imply a singular entity in a body. But, it is not the truth, Most 'people' never discover the deception. 

The darkside is a possession which gets into the body and hijacks it for its own use. It is a thief or parasite. Therein lies the reason why it seeks to prove that it is a better operator of the body than the soul is. In like manner, satan has taken over the earth and wants to prove that he is a better ruler than the creator/God. The darkside has, what can be called, an inferiority complex, and is always seeking to out-do, out-perform and catch peoples attention to aggrandize itself. Darksiders are stuck in a comparative/competitive world in which concepts like greater/lesser, bigger/smaller, more/less etc, become the lens through which the world is seen. Not surprisingly, this darkside-created civilisation has been built around competition. It is not competition resulting from the 'scarcity of resources' because earth's resources are limitless. Scarcity is the excuse for staging a rigged, competitive, darkside civilisation like this. The darksiders love competition and contests because with their numbers, inter-communication and powers, they always win. The elites are the top of the darkside hierarchy, and as the creators and engineers of  this system, they too always win. Souls have no food for growth in this system because they are nurturing and cooperative. They do not see 'competition' when they look at others. Besides, they are vastly outnumbered, and they usually lose in competitions/contests because they do not have the backing of a team. The darkside is focused on the external world. They are possessions looking to prey on the world, conquer it, and to own it. They view human bodies the same way: as objects. They have no inner-focused attention, like souls do. They may recall and reflect but have no real introspective power. They are too busy 'being busy' because this leaves no gaps in their attention that can be used by the soul to wake up. They are focused on speed/quickness, and in having full schedules of actions to keep the soul out of the running. The darkside goes into action without weighing the consequences of its actions. Speed of action effectively eliminates knowledge-backed effective or righteous action. And, darksiders think that they will escape consequences because no earth-based power has the operational networks to stop them, or bring them to justice! But.....they cannot escape the souls who can make their punishment 'happen'. You cannot 'sin to win' in God's creation. God's sparks have some of making 'the word' become 'flesh' in them. Sin is reinforcing to the darkside, while good deeds (not virtue-signaling) reinforces the soul. Darksides can only be darksides, and souls can only be be souls. This is creation's equation.The darkside possessions' are the problem on earth. God and soul have to engineer their demise. Curses by soul, on the darksiders, do work! Souls have no predatory agenda, and are not interested in stealing and keeping the earth, or other peoples bodies. They own their bodies, and they were meant to live on earth. They don't have to watch their backs because they have done nothing wrong. They have no inferiority complex. They have no reason to be speedy, or have more than others, or control others because this is not built into their natures. Justice is built into their natures. The desire for justice has been suppressed by religious 'forgiveness' theory, and by the propaganda that it is hate that fuels the desire for justice. Propaganda never distinguishes between someone having a bad day and a predatory darksider whose habit is to trespass and sin.  

The soul does not have the warring/preying nature of the darkside. The soul has no penchant for consuming, just for the pleasure. Being detached, soul has no lust for acquiring, for owning, for constant action, for control of others, for fake competitions to legitimise winning, for lying and deceiving, for ego-building etc, like the darkside has. Darksiders exist for preying, and for wars of conquest against souls. Darksiders are peeved that God didn't give them their own bodies. So, they have to resort to stealing or possessing souls' bodies, and use them for their conquest of earth. The darksiders have the predatory and combat powers for  rolling out their natures. They do all to sideline/keep down/suppress the souls in the bodies they possess. An enabled darkside effectively locks out the soul. Both adrenochrome and wifi/emf's build the darkside. This competitive civilisation offers little for the soul to grow with. There is simply no true knowledge on the subject. For darksiders, everything, including human bodies, are objects to be owned, controlled and used. They have no ability to bond with others, or with nature. Soul nature is quite different, even opposite to the darkside's. The soul is simple and innocent. It is healing, nurturing and compassionate. The soul does not sweat the fevers that inhabit the darkside consciousness, driving them to be destructive. Soul is a constructive being. It is not covetous, greedy, carnal, ruthless and brutal, deceptive etc, like the darkside. It does not have a comparative/competitive consciousness, or a hostile, trespassing and cunning nature. The soul is calm, friendly, blissful, and detached but compassionate, knowledge-seeking consciousness. Soul comes with the powers it needs to live out its nature. But, on a playing field designed and overrun by darksiders, they have no powers that can effectively counter the darkside's. The soul lives in the brain and the development of mental powers to back up the quest for truth or knowledge is a life's priority. Truth, collectively, is knowledge. Once the truth is obtained, one can live it. This makes for a successful life! But, there is no heaven on earth because souls cannot live out their natures, being suppressed by the darkside. The darkside elites commandeered the brains of the world to work for them while carefully directing which areas are to be researched. Those areas of research have helped the elites dominate earth. Soul development has not been one of those areas. Wealth-power trumps all powers of both the darkside and the soul.  

The darkside society runs things according to their own forceful natures, not according to what is legal, good or true. They  reward those who support their schemes and methodologies, and punish those who are different, who resist them, who do not have their qualities/nature, or those who are good. Unless you live like them, and  unless you are prepared to 'sin to win', you will not ever make it in this world. The 'mark of the beast' must reign supreme! They will discriminate against you, and keep you down, while trying to eliminate you. They will laugh at you, while they destroy whatever goodness that is left in society. They have a huge number advantage. They have the darkside 'psychic' inter-communication and messaging system. Though they function as separate tribes and colors, they collude and support each other because in effect, they are all darkside possessions in control of bodies they use, but do not own. Add the darkside female 'hive' to the equation, and their collective killing by snake power and control of the sex school, and it is a wonder that good people still exist. Not surprisingly, it is darksiders who control the management of local economies and supervise the distribution of wealth. So when you add economic control and numeric control to the force of  satanic energy and other powers, the darkside is formidable. They can devise and implement all the crooked customs and practices, call them games, and then 'sin to win'. With the support of the majority of bodies, they call it democracy. The fact of their rule being backed by force makes it a demonocracy! The sex school is their greatest tool in their war against goodness. As the game proceeds, both genders get to build their darksides, maintain and hone their darkside powers, get to advance economically, and win.

The good guys, included in the games as window dressing, are told..... 'You have not 'opened' any females, so nothing for you'. Mama's boys get first taste, economic uplift, and create mind-controlled boy-toys for their continued pleasure. The females are taught to become eye-candy and sex-candy. Yep, the darkside refers to cooked females as food!  In the sex school, they adhere to the methodology of the predators: hunt/chase, catch, kill, cook and eat. Thereby, the darkside lust for pleasure is satiated, as even orgasmic energy can be shared among themselves. The darksiders flipped the script on the good who promote 'love first and sex after'. Now it is sex first and love after. Only, the love never materialises because the darkside can experience attachment but never love. The females are bought and sold as if they are 'meat', or just another commodity. The number of crews working on the female every day, completely suppresses or destroys soul qualities like honesty, fidelity, trust and love. The darkside uses 'pulling' and 'tying' as their method of relating to others. This works on the darkside. The soul can smell the bs from a mile away! Meanwhile the mind-control executed on the females destroys the propensity for original thinking as the whole operation builds the darkside, and allows expression only in certain sex-related directions. The way to destroy society is to target and destroy good people materially, and by building the darkside in everyone, especially the women. (Of course, nukes and bioweapons can do it too!). The darkside has the numbers and powers to get that done. Even while they indulge in their darkside way of life, they assuage their guilt by going to religion for salvation.  There is no question about if they sin. They reward it. For instance, they reward the 'signing' of a virgin female who has been mind-controlled to not resist sexual overtures/attacks (the 'cooking' and 'washing' they do is mind-control), even though it is tantamount to rape. And if the darkside masses are involved in so much evil, the elites, whether local, national or international, are involved in even more evil because they have the wealth, power and authority to do whatever they want without fear of reprisal. The cases against Epstein and Maxwell has revealed some of this. Depravity increases with wealth!

The darksiders claim that the sex school exists because the teenage females want to know about sex. That is the justification they present for the pleasures enjoyed by mama's boys, and for the despoilation of the young women in every society. The 'sex school' is a cleverly constructed satanic, or satan-building ritual, which at the same time puts souls to sleep while destroying soul/good people. It is part of the darkside-created FOUNDATIONS protocol by which earth is governed. All the competition between the good and the darkside, as advertised, is fake because both the 'target female' and mama's boys are darkside. Yes, they are on the same side. They are in the plot together: on the same side. They combine to let the good guy know that he is a loser! Setups await too! Soul/good guys are included in the games as 'opposition', and learn of it after the fact! Then they see the target female making frequent appearances in their lives. This peaks their interest! Then, before they know it, she is 'stolen' and is on parade with mama's boys. This leads them to investigate. It's as if they was being set up! At the same time, the souls/good guys continue to be attacked on all fronts eg with snake power, by the darkside voice brigade, by their employers, by their co-workers, and even physically. Darkside inter-communication is a winner all the time. Management, which is darkside, cooperates in making them ruined and destitute. They are kept poor and suffering so that they will opt for a lesser female in the hope of getting out of that ruination. It seems that taking females as a wives means acquiring an ally who will lobby for them with the darkside society, so that they may get the means of survival. But, the supporters of the 'sex school' and the various tribes and colors do not let them forget who the 'target' female is, and what moves they should make to get with her! The choice is clear: wait on the target girl and be caught by the darkside, or take a substitute and be caught! The souls/good guys are kept at a level where they might compromise themselves in order to get their basic needs for survival. 

Soul and darkside are radically different from each other. Souls are sparks of God and darksides are bits of satan. Their natures are different. Their access to human bodies are different: souls come with the bodies and are causally attached to the bodies, while the darkside does not own but possesses the body, and hijacks it for its own use. Soul and darkside have opposite natures. Souls come from a good dimension and the darkside comes from an evil dimension. Souls are refined consciousness while darksides are gross consciousness. The darkside is addicted to the ownership and consumption of materials, while souls see themselves as tourists on this planet, and do not seek to build legacies and empires, as if they won't ever be leaving. The darkside is trammeled by it's nature and cannot depart from it, just as souls cannot depart from their own natures! Souls have God as a father while the darkside's father is satan. Darksides think that the preying and warring powers given to them by satan is the ultimate power simply because they can kill, reduce and conquer the good, without reply from soul or God. Yet, they cannot conceive of powers and energies that are more subtle and more effective than theirs. Do they think that it by sheer accident that the good God created the multi-verse when satan cannot create anything original? The satanic tribe can only alter what God created by genetics. God has his own modus operandi which satan and his darksiders cannot know! So, while darksiders think that their powers and energies are the highest, since soul people cannot block or defend from it, there are energies and powers that soul people, backed by God's power, do have. God created the universe from nothing. He initiated a blueprint that manifests to this day. Satan is a product of God's creation and he cannot be bigger than God. The powers touted by satan, and the darkside, are not the supreme powers. They can work against bodies dominated by the darkside/bacteria combo, but this combination can be defeated. All one has to do is destroy the bacteria within (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts etc) in order to be free from their control. One also has to become aware of the darkside within and fight him. 

Somehow, the sleeping souls, in the bodies ruled by the darkside, must be given the bits of knowledge that will help them awaken, and do their own fighting. Sleeping souls must be told that there are two beings within, and that they have to begin to rule the bodies that they own. What appears to be one being within, has to be separated to reveal the two beings that actually exist. The soul must disallow or ban the darkside from all actions that it can produce. Soul can see the darkside's actions, and its efforts to act unilaterally, and must utilise all its knowledge, logic, wits and mental abilities to defeat and reduce the darkside. It will be a kind of see-saw war but a soul on the warpath for total control of the body will grow in strength, and have a victory. It helps if you destroy the bacterial possessions which work with the darkside within. The darkside becomes more manageable then. Once the separation of the two different consciousness' occurs, life is not the same. What was a darkside war on soul becomes a soul war against the darkside within. Living the life of soul pre-empts the darkside from having familiar trails to revel in. The good nature must block out the evil nature completely. Once this war begins in earnest, God does step in to help. God is the ally we must walk with. The darkside walks with satan, and soul must completely remove the satan-darkside link by boosting the God-soul link. The internal battle is not difficult for the soul to fight and win. The battle with the darksiders on the outside is more difficult. Staying away from them is advisable. When the internal battle is won, there is little that the darkside society can do about it, or can do to you. When you walk with God, God walks with you! The darkside elites are another problem altogether. There is little that the masses can do beyond staging widespread rebellion. That,too, may not work. Consider that the elites have control of all the nukes, poisons, bio-weapons and more. But, all is not lost! Souls/good people can draw on their legacy of being sparks of God, and make justice happen. God created by making 'the word' become 'flesh'. Souls have some of that power too. Traditionally, spiritual people have lived by giving blessings for good deeds, and putting curses on the darksiders. The guilt for the evil they have done, makes the darksiders liable for punishment. No darkside can escape 'scott-free'. It is the only real weapon the soul has against the elites and the darkside society.