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Of Plots, Plotters, Predictions and War. 2

Social Credit is the answer to human beings funding their basic needs and other 'needs. One, however, must dump current economic philosophy along with the private money printers and usury. One cannot use mainstream economics to judge concepts of social credit.
The real purposes of living have been preempted by the use of predatory Economics using competition, competitive advantage, concepts of marginal utility, market forces, supply and demand etc. That blend is the 'voodoo' economics we all want to avoid.
Man is a spiritual being and he needs to get his basic needs easily so he can focus on his spirituality. The current paradigm makes you spend lifetimes chasing basic needs and beyond. You never get the chance to be any except economic beings.
Those who excel in this competitive system have the competitive advantage by being among the founders and operators of the system. God does not own any banks and there is no earthly reason to keep an economic system that empowers evil tribes and people, while preventing people from living lives in the spirit.
There is no need for a philosophy in Social Credit. Since ALL money that is invented is absolutely devoid of intrinsic worth, all worth ascribed is by popular consent. Gold and silver have better uses in health and technology! Everybody deserves all the things they need in life. There is no reason why they should not get it. Of course, personal greed and other evil traits will have to be trammeled! Personal accumulations will have to revert to the general pool on death. Children won't need it because they have their own credit to draw on.
Everything can be devised to maximize the human spiritual experience. So, goodbye to the Bankers and the chosen money-printers. Their gambit for Global rulership will run into a tiny obstacle called God!
- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/social_credit.html#sthash.0YNd0Zxd.dpuf
Today in the world, bodies are being manufactured at an alarming pace....thanks to the darkside society and their focus on sex and allied games. These bodies come to be used by satan in the unfolding of his nature, and in directly maintaining and expanding the materialist system. Now, the marketed and unmarketed products from the system are leading to the demise of the participating bodies. You pay for your own demise. So what of the 'noble' purposes for which we were born? New incarnations and re-incarnations are merely serving satan: his economic system and his lordship. Is that all there is to being alive? God could not be the author of a system that is ushering bodies onwards towards death, without the soul ever having a chance to live. Why is the system gifting us only with wasted lives? There must be more in life than suffering, ruin, disease and poverty. No wonder many Indians pursue lives as SANNYASIS to escape this life of Maya and Samsara! The struggle to make money and pay bills is taking all our time (our most precious asset), leaving little for contemplation of God and the wonders of his creation. Indeed, even creation is being despoiled in various ways eg chemtrail spraying, geo-engineering, Oil Spills (theGulf of Mexico), Nuclear accidents (Fukushima), the mysterious deaths of flora and fauna etc. It seems that the further one is from the printers of money, in terms of occupational niches or secure money inflows, the more woes one experiences. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer! God has no part to play in this plot, except to tune in all day to the litany of woes that we pray about. There is no morality and no past karmic merit in evidence. The system is for itself, and for its creators and helpers. We could have, theoretically, any system to live under. Why this one? What is possible does not have to be any of the -isms and -ocracies as defined by Elite think-tanks. The concept of Social Credit is long past due. If those at the top would concede that God intended the bounties of Earth for all of his creation, and not for the best plotters and grabbers, we could have a civilisation in which nobody has to be deprived, so others could have too much. Thankfully, God cannot be conquered by satan and his minions who now rule Earth. This was the same situation before the Mahabharat War. This was the same situation some 2000 years ago when Christ lived. Krishna led the good forces to victory. Christ defeated satan and taught us how to do it individually. But, the situation has gone even beyond that. According to the Bible, Armageddon is what is necessary to resolve the fact of who is the boss and owner of Earth. We have pleaded with and begged the darksiders to stop. They do not heed our cries, thinking that all this plotting and cunning will win out. It is good to know that God operates from a paradigm that is beyond the darkside to intercept and destroy.

The real purposes of living have been preempted by the use of predatory Economics using competition, competitive advantage, concepts of marginal utility, market forces, supply and demand etc. That blend is the 'voodoo' economics we all want to avoid. Man is a spiritual being and he needs to get his basic needs easily so he can focus on his spirituality. The current paradigm makes you spend lifetimes chasing basic needs, and beyond. You never get the chance to be any except economic beings.Those who excel in this competitive system have the competitive advantage by being among the founders and operators of the system. They have the advantage of 'insider' knowledge of what is, and of what-is-to-come. Supply and demand were presented as the innocent natural forces which fashioned the landscape and fortunes of the market system. But, the Elites built 'big' Corporations with 'big' factories and 'big' stores. It was the only way that they could force an 'oversupply' into the laps of unwitting consumers. Prices, credit availability, shopping schemes and advertising were manipulated to get rid of the constant stock of 'oversupply'. Being a consumer slipped from a state of natural need-fulfilling to an obssession. To pay for over-consumption, required over-indulgence in the system to garner supplies of credit and fiat currency. Consumers became slaves to the system, leaving the old label of 'children of God' behind. The Bankers used usury to leverage themselves into positions of insane wealth and power, and to enslave mankind by debt. God was forgotten in this....as the darkside Elites planned! God does not own any banks and if the bulk of mankind is hurting (the top 20% controls 85% of the world's wealth), there is no earthly reason to keep an economic system that empowers evil tribes and people. The economic system is preventing people from living lives in the spirit. The system is based on building desire until it becomes untramel-able. Spirituality is based on the trameling of desire unto the point of detachment. A system of Social Credit will obviate all the suffering and spiritual dislocation that this system of advantage-taking causes in the guise of innocent competition. All money ever invented is absolutely devoid of intrinsic worth: all worth ascribed is by popular acceptance and popular consent. Gold and silver have better uses in health and technology! Everybody deserves all the things they need in life. There is no reason why they should not get it. Scarcity of resources was just another lie used to make predatory economics acceptable to those who had little! That much is known, now that countries are being invaded for their unexploited resources and large reserves of known resources. Under a system of Social Credit, personal greed and other evil traits will be trammeled! Personal accumulations will have to revert to the general pool on death. Children won't need inheritances because they have their own credit to draw on .Everything can be devised to maximize the human spiritual experience while giving real equality to human beings. No more  greedy filthy rich people, and no more malnourished underlings! If dreams could only become real!

It is true that the Elites have plotted away to get mankind on all continents in a stranglehold. In this neck-lock, mankind will not be able to fight back, and will surrender to a New World Order. The ownership of Central Banking by the Elites seems to be the strong point of the Elites. The Elites (most countries have Central Banks affiliated to the Rothschilds) on every continent have plotted to get extreme control of the societies they govern. Certain Elites have been busier in the field of global control than others. The 20th century saw the breakup of large empires. The era of European empires is gone. In its place came a period of nation-building and relative peace. Along with national colors, national emblems, national flags and national heroes, the idea of 'nationalism' itself took deep root. Meanwhile, in the background, the system of the Elites entrenched itself and it was, and  is, being manipulated to the detriment of the citizenry. To get to this crisis state from the wellbeing of the 20th century, did not take long. Silently, the lifestyles, heritages and practical customs of people were being changed. The system with its priorities, lucrative niches and ways of doing things took over. Money-making, career-building, family, education, religion etc lost the old flavors, and have been changed forever. The occupations of people changed from rural to urban because that was where the money was deliberately put. Agriculture by peasants or small holdings became unprofitable unless it migrated into monoculture abetted by expensive infusions of fertilisers, pesticides and machinery. The money-making niches created by the Elites raked in the big bucks and too many couldn't get in because of the expense involved (Elite educational institutions were too expensive). The ranks of the Elites became fortified because they alone could afford it. The masses had to settle for being underlings in this new scheme of things...unless you got a scholarship.The changes in the human experience, and in the landscape, tell of how the Banking Oligarchy re-fashioned the matrix in their image and likeness. Detroit is on its way to being a derelict city, like so many American towns. There are few 'mom and pop' stores, few family farms, few self-employed small businesses, few labor-intensive factories etc etc. One sees 'big' written everywhere, from shopping malls and department stores to Office buildings and parking lots. 'Big' is the essence of the Economics sold to us. We forgot that 'big' reflected increasing greed. Nobody took on the contents of the book by Schumacher....SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. 'Big' business increases the rate of financial drainage from local economies. More taxes do the same thing. Other manipulation by 'big' has hurt western economies. The offshoring of jobs has caused the ranks of the jobless and homeless to swell. The job-receiving Eastern Countries are growing richer, but the Corporations can pull a stunt on them too. The growing threat of bankruptcy in Western Countries who do not follow the Icelandic Model, is swelling the ranks of the have-nots.

The 20th century saw the promoting of nationhood and nationalism. At the same time, the United Nations was being expanded and made to play an increasing role in the affairs of those nations, especially in the areas of economy, health and food.. The IMF became the chief  Elite weapon for running countries aground by creating indebtedness, and by granting loans and aid in return for 'austerity' measures which cause great hardship. Of course, the Elites used 'Economic Hitmen' to enrich themselves. Nations were forced to go to the IMF and other Lending or Aid Agencies. The Advanced World marketed their pattern of Economic Development as the ideal: to be embraced by all those Nations caught in primary production or wanting to increase low GNP figures. Industrialisation was the panacea for economic growth...much of it to be done by advanced country Multinationals. Industrialisation by Invitation! The Dependent Economies all wanted self-sustained growth and becoming indebted to Banker Organisations was the sacrifice that was necessary. Now, in this period of global recession, where is the self-sustained growth? Even the former Advanced Countries are in recession, and are, of course, having problems with DEBT! The Bankers and Transnational Corporations win! Presently, the trend is to assemble nations into blocs like the European Union. Blocs will diminish many national leaders and replace them with bloc leaders. Blocs can then merge to form a single Global Government. To remove national leaders involves getting rid of the old leaders, putting puppets who will support mergence with other nations into a 'bloc', and mergence of individual institutions into group institutions eg a single bank or a single currency. There is a move towards a cashless society. This will make a single global currency much easier to implement and obviate the need for separate 'bloc' currencies. Presently, the idea of 'nationalism' is being shredded in favor of 'bloc-ism' which paves the way for globalism. Divide and rule is destroying social cohesion. Things like feminism and immigration are being used to eliminate any grand cohesiveness that could result in a united stand against the Elites. The increasing poverty of the masses has resulted in a greater inability to fight back.The American Empire is now less economic and more military.  Independent countries now use Democracy (Government selection by majority vote) as their form of Government. In the 20th century, Independence, Democracy and Nationalism was cultivated by the Elites as their plot for Global governance using the United Nations as the umbrella organisation. Revolution and internal dissension was fomented to cause the breakup of the Soviet Empire. The same approach is being used in the Muslim countries to get rid of 'dictators' (some of them friends and allies) and leaders who support 'terrorists'. 'Spreading Democracy' and 'fighting terrorism'  are now being used as the best excuses for invasions and geopolitical wars against Russia and China. The Muslim countries are being targeted because of their resources, geopolitical location, governmental Central Banks, alleged terrorist support, and for simply standing in the way of others ambitions.
Money is indeed at the root of the problem. In fact, paper (as books by experts, as deeds and mortgages, as money) was used as the medium of conquest…far from being the convenient medium of exchange for goods and services. Individual production to meet their basic needs was forcefully replaced by working for others, getting wages, then moving indirectly to get one’s basic needs. Work and career demanded so much from workers that the Elites peddled time-saving and anti-drudgery products and mechanisms to help us out! In fact, the system was expanded to do everything for us….things that we would be better off doing for ourselves. Baby-sitters, schooling, manicurists, beauticians etc etc were invented to take care of what we should have been doing in the first place. Now, the money that fueled the system is being made scarce either by contraction of the money supply, by off-shoring of jobs, by busts in the housing market, by Banks retrieving their loans/credit etc. So, the ride is practically over. The set-up is complete. We have been dispossessed. Those who still sleep will eventually lose their comfort zones….when the Elites are ready for the switch to be made.The challenge now is to live without the system’s offerings. The system pulled us in, took away all our prerogatives, and is dumping us now….beat and broke. But….there is hope! The system propagates the dark side because it is used to control us. Manipulation of the attention of the dark side within is what causes consumerism. Use the time to beat your dark side completely…. then the whole ballgame changes! While bodies led by dark sides are easy to manipulate, the soul is quite another matter!

Money has been propagandised as necessary as a means of exchange. Exchange is not the ideal or best or prime transaction between human beings. Exchange is is poor raison d' etat for living; individual self-sufficiency is. You exchange by barter what you feel to, or you give away....whether your production is excess or not. Though you are short of flour, you may want to help another by giving a free gift....not by exchanging (live by the 'market' or by compassion). The theory of specialisation and exchange was proliferated because it made you dependent on money...and on the Bankers and the money-printers for coinage with which to exchange. The jack-of-all-trades self-sufficient person was outlawed as an institution. Now, people do not produce their own needs and are forced to be dependent on others....not on neighbours but on the Elites who took over production. The lure was difficult to resist. There was more money available in none-do-it-yourself employment. Thus, people began to grab at opportunities for securing niches in the system. Education and training became the sure bets for having all the money you needed. Now that the Elites system has taken over completely, the disadvantages of working for others and becoming subject to their plots, whims and fancies are obvious. In an unexpected move, jobs were shipped overseas. And, those dependent on them have nothing....not even a home-base. The 'others' who produce a person's needs have not turned out to be his neighbors and friends but new people in the form of the Elites, bankers and their friends. The theory of specialisation of production has not resulted in efficiency but in creating room in the lives of the previously self-sufficient for new corporations and businesses to come in, and find a market for their products. This is how the old system was destroyed and the new one governed by monopolies and corporations took over. Self-sufficiency cannot be dismissed by saying that it necessitates a duplication of productive effort and resources. Every man taking care of his needs directly is the ideal. He went to others only when his own efforts to take care of his needs fell short. In this system, man is always short since he produces nothing of what he needs. He minds or supports the system, then gets money from it with which to obtain his needs. The 'new' system based on getting the Bankers money first, caught people in a form of dependent slavery. The old lifestyle of self-sufficiency was maligned to introduce specialisation and the need for exchange....and the dependence on money with which to purchase one's needs. What the system has said is that man has no comparative advantage in directly producing his own needs. The truth is he has no comparative advantage at all in the system peddled by the Elites. Only the Elites have all the comparative advantages, and man should feel thankful that he can find a niche in the system as a wage-earner and as a consumer! So, it has turned out that the economic system was the device for the Elites taking away the production of basic needs from the citizens by inventing Factories and Corporations to do this. All the propaganda about comparative advantage, the benefits of specialisation and economies of scale etc was meant to usurp the 'basic needs' production function of people and make them enslaved to the Elites' productive enterprises. Creating cities was the method of conveniently assembling 'demand' for the Elites' productive enterprises. The benefits of urbanisation is still being sung!
The ECONOMY is not your economy. You are merely a participating spectator if you have secured a niche in the system or a connection to it, so you can get your doses of fiat cheaply-printed money. They (the niched people) have surpluses while we have deficiencies and are trying to to get to the point of having surpluses. If you have no niches then you have to suffer. Your fortunes are related to the distance between you and the money-printers/bankers and their prize niches. If you are not a Banker, CEO, financier or anyone who deals with money, poor hopes for you. If you do not belong to the Elites or the wealthy families who protect and increase their inheritances from generation to generation, poor hopes for you. Theirs is the good monetary karma. Those with no good monetary karma have to go through garbage dumps, beg or panhandle or resort to things like prostitution and organ selling, to get some money. This is especially so in countries with no social safety net. Located between the rich and poor, are the well-off who keep the system running and do not have any financial hiccups in life.The ECONOMY never really existed except in a vague and general way. It was unsupervised and free until Governments took charge. They generally do the bidding of the Bankers and Corporations. Their style was to keep making laws and collecting taxes and money for all kinds of things....micro-managing people until they became totally controlled and dependent. Politicians took their cues about their duties in office from the think tanks. The Politicians took power over all things and the Elites took power over all politicians. Remember this quote? "Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” (Baron M.A. Rothschild). So, the Elites gained control over the lives of everyone. The welfare of people are directly related to the work of politicians and lobby groups....mostly owned by the elites. The ownership of resources is in the hands of elites...as such man is caught always trying to keep up with his basic needs. He never really gets there because he is distracted into spending on non-basic needs. The point of satisfaction of wants cannot be reached after all his efforts where he can rest and pursue his spiritual life. The dark side entity does not obey the law of diminishing marginal utility! Man as a Soul or a dark side does not exist in the books of law. The system has him as a physical strawman, not an invisible pilot of the body. The Elites hid the existence of the possessing darkside entity, and their usage of it so they could create a market out of the world. The soul cannot be controlled or legislated for, so it was completely erased from existence. Soul has nothing which can be exchanged, and it has a comparative advantage in being itself. The Elites cannot supply or control things about which soul is. The system is a conspired evil world which is not choreographed by god. It is not run by him. God is permanently locked out of the equation, they hope! The Elites took over by hiding the true intentions of their think tank produced economic theory. They hid people's true nature from them and built their system around the nature of the manipulate-able dark side!

An ECONOMY doesn't really exist because the major players, the Bankers and the Corporations, do not belong to the geographic confines of the economic region. The fact of an 'Economy' exists only in the minds and theology of the national book-keepers. Try getting a real GNP (Gross National Product) figure by minusing all the non-national Corporations who have offshored from Company headquarters to stashes of loot! The Bankers and Corporations do not have the interests of nationals within the economy at heart.....only their own! The Bankers ( the bailout money in the USA found its way to Banks in diverse countries) and Corporations belong anywhere and everywhere. Transnational Corporations play in the global economy, using local economies for profit, and for hidden agendas. Corporations have no loyalty or sense of nationalism, or any kind of dedication to the Economy. They are distinct and independent entities which scuttle hither and thither to make more profits, and to take over economies by keeping the populace exploited and dependent. Corporations enslave economies because they have the wealth and lobby-power to configure countries and economies in their image and likeness. And, they are all on the same page because of interlocking directorates. Corporations do not die. People do! The Corporation is a device whereby the Elites, generation after generation, can continue exist after death, and become the immortal conquerors of the globe. By using this strategy the current Elites, their children and their children's children ad infinitum, can keep parasitical control over mankind. The Economics in THE WEALTH OF NATIONS created by Adam Smith has achieved the enslavement of the world, though there is doubt about Smith's membership of that group. He was certainly affiliated with them. The application of Economics and its widespread acceptance as a modus operandi of States, gave rise to today's Corporations and Monopolies, as plotted. Monopoly-creation is a stated goal of the Protocols of Zion. The Elites used colonial conquest as their medium for infiltrating their fiat money Banks ( regardless of the Gold Standard), their Companies and their niche-occupations into their colonial lands. With these tools in place, Independence was given or won. Today, those tools have got the job done! "The present-day successor to the Order of the Illuminati is the Committee of 300, an outgrowth of the British East India Company, which today is the central coordinating organization of the New World Order."  SEE(http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/beating_the_new_world_order.htm)

The Elites have been successful primarily because of their Economic plotting. This success is due to them being The Money Masters, and to their Ring Of Power. Here are America's Money Masters! Though their plots are multi-pronged, the ECONOMIC plot is the basis of their success. They rule primarily because of the wealth of their Banks and Corporations. They invented the 'ECONOMY' which operates like a big Corporation. The Economy has been declared a Ponzi Scheme. They maintain that all banks are insolvent right now, as are most countries. The writers declare that "...our economic system is, at its base, a giant Ponzi scheme, dependent on ever more people producing and consuming ever more stuff". They aver that "In a nutshell, the problem is this: lower fertility rates mean older, less innovative and productive workforces. More importantly to the Ponzi economic order, older, stable or declining populations consume less. So growth requires either importing people, or exporting stuff, or a combination of the two. Orthodox economics simply can’t cope otherwise". They offer hope if...."we can cut out the middlemen in the banking and political realms … and prosper".The monetary system is run by The Federal Reserve which is a privately owned entity. The money is fiat or forced, and it is backed by nothing...so it is intrinsically worthless, unless it is 'laundered' through the Economic System. If fiat currency had value, the Elite would simply print as much as they wanted and keep it...no need for all the additional work like forming and carrying on Corporations, hijacking economies etc. The valueless fiat dollar gets value when it is earned by labor. The FED lends fiat money to the Government at interest. Work for the Government, and Federal funding, sees these funds entering the general economy. Money is also generated by business and is distributed by wages and profits. It is the operations of the Federal Reserve and the Banks which are causing the economic hardship. David Stockman insists that the FED is a serial bubble machine for the top 1% and that we've been robbed by the FED. Mike Mayo noted that “Come back as a corporate director, you get fired one out of three thousand times, you get paid a lot of money. A lot of times it is very incestuous. It is a country club sort of attitude. Everybody is looking after each other. That is not what we need, especially among banks, which have been some of the worst long-term performers.” The salaries of CEOs like Lloyd Blankfein are especially outrageous.Yves Smith noted that the FED argues that mortgage abuses are 'trade secrets' meaning institutionalized fraud. Having private banking cartels, with their personal agendas, controlling the supply money for the citizenry everywhere, is the worst choice of Governments. Here is a Christian view of the FED. Other informative posts on the FED are here and here and here. Here is more on the current economic conspiracy. Social Credit is one answer to the problem of human beings funding their basic and other 'needs. One, however, must dump current economic philosophy, along with the private money printers and their usury.

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Of Plots, Plotters, Predictions and War. 1

The predictions made by the Spiritual Research Foundation are the 'best' I have found on the internet. They have presented meditative corroboration for a very plausible extrapolation of present trends in the matrix. These results were seen in meditation, and are unlike so many others which claim visions and special sight as proof of their veracity. Here are the prophecies of Nostradamus which the SRF chose as the basis for their predictions. Their explanations, and rationalisations for the phenomena 'seen', must be critically examined. They present the world as an ongoing battle between good and evil, taking place mostly, in the subtle regions. Earth is experiencing the spillover from that battle between the forces of hell and the heavenly worlds. The SRF maintains that the 'good' forces are more powerful and will win, thus stopping the excesses we have witnessed so far. The participation of earth-bound residents in this war are minimal, they claim. The destruction to come represents the influence of evil from the nether regions. The SRF did not say whether any groups using weapons of mass destruction will be 'good' forces. So, it could be elites going after rival elites in a contest of power, with mass destruction being an inevitable consequence. Western Elites are certainly going after global governance! The heavenly forces are fighting by sending out increasingly powerful divine particles which smash the hellish influences. The destruction can be seen as the last 'hurrah' of evil as they do what evil does best. Given the timeline erected by the SRF, we can see that the dates are current, and knowing if the predictions are all correct is just a matter of a total of 7 years from now!

 Who is causing all the problems on earth? It is satan using human bodies. Those bodies are found in the ranks of the Elites and the masses. So, it is satan in bodies, working for satan. References to 'elites' and 'masses' plotting and working for satan are just tricks of language...a language that is deficient in the ways of describing truth. satan's best move was to possess the bodies of the elites. Using elite wealth and power he could make plans and plots to ensure that he could continue to make plans and plots....and execute them as he went along. he could make secret plots and train generation after generation to work them, and to innovate them towards the goal of earth's conquest. satan didn't stop there. he found out how he could inflict himself on all other classes and take charge of their bodies, in order to push his agenda for global conquest. Without wealth , he could still work for his own power and glory while blocking out God and souls from earthly life. Incessant abuse, brutal acts, war and bloodshed celebrate and edify satan's substance. It is satan doing what he likes best. Everyone is a tool or instrument of satan or God. Its the invisible 'pieces' of God or devil within, which bear responsibility for piloting human bodies. All straw-people names and ethnic groups are merely cosmetic and hide the true authorship of actions on the planet. The New World Order is simply the final stage in satan's plot to completely own and control the Earth, with himself as the king. The Protocols of Zion is only one plot by one group of satanic elites. They have scripted the material world to welcome and grow satan, and to make him feel at home. satan loves power over others...money is power! Darksiders just love to chase money-power. It enables them to increase wealth and become small or big bosses (or capitalists) in an externalised darkside heaven, which is to be lived in with human bodies. The systems of control of both elites and masses, grow the darkness within and configure the satanic fields in which human bodies are just tools of motion. The result is that unbearable darkside-created adversity and ruination has spread across the globe. The lowest 80% own only 15% of the Earth's wealth. The system is proliferating extreme material inequality. Science and laws are being used to perpetrate soft kill or slow kill.  Mike Adams from Natural News........

"I'm not an opponent of genuine, humble science and the search for answers in our universe, but what we're seeing today is the mass poisoning of us all under the false label of "science."
In a special 10-part article series, I take a look at the top 10 "scientific" threats to our lives:
#1) GMOs http://www.naturalnews.com/039778_evidence-based_science_murdered_GMO.html
#2) Vaccines http://www.naturalnews.com/039777_vaccines_convulsions_death.html
#3) Fluoride http://www.naturalnews.com/039776_fluoride_hydrofluosilicic_acid_insecticide.html
#4) Pharmaceuticals http://www.naturalnews.com/039775_pharmaceuticals_side_effects_modern_medicine.html
#5) Food additives http://www.naturalnews.com/039774_food_additives_chemicals_artificial_sweeteners.html
#6) Pesticides http://www.naturalnews.com/039773_pesticides_Parkinsons_neurological_disorders.html
#7) Chemotherapy http://www.naturalnews.com/039772_chemotherapy_treatment_cancer_clinics.html
#8) Plastics http://www.naturalnews.com/039770_plastics_BPA_hormone_disruptors.html
#9) Cosmetics http://www.naturalnews.com/039769_cosmetics_skin_care_toxic_chemicals.html
#10) Radiation http://www.naturalnews.com/039768_nuclear_power_meltdown_radiation.html

 Researchers in the alternative media maintain that the Protocols of Zion is the plan of Zionist Jews for taking over the world. All Jews are not Zionists, and those who blame all Jews for that plot are ignorant. Ignorance is a far different charge from anti-semitism or hatred of the semitic specie of DNA. Some claim that Palestinians are also Semitic. Others insist that it is not Jews who are responsible but only the Khazar faction. Every race comes with its own genetic sub-species. For example, the Dravidians of Southern India are as much 'Indian' as their northerly neighbours. Even the accusation of 'anti-semitism' seems geared to stifle criticism rather than being true grounds for rejecting the views of those who find truth in the Protocols. Anti-semitism has been declared to be a trick. In this video, former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni says of 'antisemitism'..... "its a trick we always use it"! Calling Jews who are critical of Zionism 'self-hating Jews', seems to be another trick. Keeping the dialogue at a superficial level pre-empts the discussion from entering the contents of the Protocols to see if what is said there, actually obtains in the real world. If some things are found in the reality of the matrix, the next step is to conclude whether it is desirable or not. The consensus seems to be that global hegemony and the plotted mechanisms that work to produce that result, are undesirable. The next step in that discussion is 'how do we get rid of it'. But, the dialogue never gets past the superficial level of 'that document is a forgery'. Another cheap trick is the classifying of those who, from genuine concern for the people and the planet, point the finger at the plotters, as 'conspiracy theorists'. The Elites and their servants must really be bumbling idiots if they want us to believe that they are seriously attacking the problems facing the people and the planet, but are failing miserably in doing so. It is insanity to keep doing things the same old way and expect different results. If we examine what they're doing, we see direct links between what they are doing and the growing mountain of problems humanity as a whole faces. The levels of adversity and ruination being experienced demands a detour from the past. Anybody with an iota of commonsense and a pinch of genuine caring would have figured out what's wrong and solved it, decades ago. The world is deteriorating not in spite of their efforts, but because of their efforts. So, the hordes of satan want us to believe that they are genuine and that they work for our benefit. That is a hard sell. The names, faces and bodies do not really matter. satan is doing what he has been doing best for millenia: conquering the planet. If God would only do what He alone can do, the problem would be solved.

The destruction-to-come can be seen  as the last gambit of the Elites who think along lines of game theory! Here is more on game theory! Various cards in this game mysteriously predict the future! These 'games' have nothing to do with gambling, legitimate competition or 'passing the time away' sport. This is  the 'conquest by any means necessary' darkside's nature, conveniently labeled as 'games', so it will raise no alarms, so one will think kindly of what the word implies, and be easily deceived by it. In truth, the label 'games' defuses both anger and opposition. 'Let them play' is the likely response to that word. These are games played by darksiders for conquest of others and they make the rules up as they go, shedding old rules and inventing new ones in the quest for victory by any means necessary. Hunting and preying games belong to no nation or ethnic group. It is satan's M.O. 'They' play these vicious games to win, and to keep on winning. They effect that result by cunning plots on un-level playing fields according to their rules. They intimidate and sabotage their victims. The latter, they call 'opponents'. Lies and fabrications, cunning and collusion, force, torture, violence and brutal acts are their trademark modus operandi. Instead of doing their dastardly deeds and getting done with it, they like to convince others that they have good cause for their planned excursions. They present a quite believable demeanour when looking for support for pre-planned excursions against the innocent. They like to manufacture consent for these excursions. Often, false flag events are used to demonise their targets, along with manufactured evidence and a rewriting of case histories. Invasive hunting needs a good excuse! A hunting expedition without a good public relations thrust is to invite condemnation. Having generated an aura of 'good cause', the evidence of truth is kept tightly under wraps, until such a time that aspired victories have materialised, and the world has moved on to other concerns. The declassification of certain evidence reveals the truth....a truth already known by probers. In the light of revealed truth, confessions and apologies are made. But, the conquest has been made, and the way is paved for future consolidations, on the road to grander victories. The truth is too late! Even if truth were declared on time, the result would be no different. The WIN has to be, on the road to a final complete conquest. Absolute power over the world is the goal of satan and his minions. Destruction and suffering is as much modus operandi, as it is collateral damage. The darksiders aver that morality is for weaklings. For them, power is the best arbiter of who are winners and losers. So, the Elites and darkside masses are plowing onwards with their madness. They tell God and good people, or sundry challengers, 'stop me if you can' or that they are working for God, or that they are a necessary part of creation, with a God-given role! This is the kind of demonic consciousness that prompted Rama and Krishna (and Parsuram with the axe) to incarnate. The misdeeds of Rawan and other demons, and the Kauravas, were too much to bear. Rawan played a 'game' using a fake voice and a mystical golden deer to lure Sita and kidnap her. The Kauravas were more like the 'crews' of the societal sex school in playing with Pandava women. The methods of demons do not change with the millenia! Krishna himself freed thousands of captive women in one night! Ordinary people could not fight these demons, destroy their plotting or avenge the misdeeds against women.Yes, the new approach is the same as the old approach: ruin, suffering, death, disease. God has his work cut out for him. In light of the current global experience, we seem to have reached the end of the road whether we consider the future prospects to be global governance, population reduction or martial law and the surveillance society. The predictions made by the SRF are very worrisome. The enormity of the carnage-to-be is mind-numbing. And to think that the very tame label of 'games' will produce it. The SRF indicates that God is in charge, and that the events will rekindle spirituality. But, look at the cost!

Despite the doubts we have about God and His heavenly forces being in control of things, the SRF asserts that this is in fact so. The grand supremacy of the Elites that we have been fed by the internet is, therefore, a lie. The all-seeing eye is merely propaganda because 'it' cannot see all, especially their own mortal failings. Even with all the 'chemtrail' spraying and HAARP (and scalar weapons), the 'divine particle' methodology of the 'heavenly forces' are getting through to the various populations. For evil or darkside people, the result is a loss of energy and psychic power. For souls or good people, what is being experienced is a renewed harmony and sense of 'awakening'. The elevated tension level in the air, noticeable for the last 40 years or so has evaporated, even amidst the assault of EMFs, chemtrail sprays, cellphone towers and wifi. Over the years, the faith people had in God took a beating. Materialism, propelled by the Elites and their system, displaced religion, morality and faith in God. The system, too, seeks its own permanence and welfare. It made morality disappear by making 'by any means necessary' the modus operandi of those who depend on it completely. Religion, working with the Elites, embarassed themselves with revelations of sexual and financial improprieties. Who is responsible for hiring priestcraft anyway? Religion created false expectations of God in the heads of the people. God was blamed for every thing under the sun...including rainfall and weather, poverty, sickness and health, our lot in life, etc etc. It was the elites who propagated this notion using priestcraft. It was indeed very clever to heap suffering on mankind and have mankind blame God for it! Hinduism explains personal suffering as 'bad periods' in life. These must be pre-empted or ameliorated by rituals and propitiations to Gods and Goddesses. Astrology makes bad planetary aspects and conjunctions out to be the culprits in explaining what happens to us. One looks to horoscopes to tell what kind of day one is going to have, and what happenings will meet us this day. The baddies that govern the matrix at global, national or societal levels are not blamed for the ill winds that blow us hither and thither. This is how we were programmed to live. Instead of exploring the causation of human suffering with a scientific mindset, we ignore the actual components of the human matrix completely; we ignore the chain of cause and effect that can be proved to operate in the matrix, and look to the lies of propaganda for truth. Our ignorance of the truth gives us the feeling that it doesn't exist, and if we hear it, it must be a lie! All the injustices we saw that took place but couldn't do anything about, we blamed God for not caring enough to do something about them. All the while, the real 'causers' and processes of causation were hidden from us. We forgot that God owns no banks and sits on no Boards making actual decisions that impact on human welfare. satan, in human bodies, does all to continue with his plot, even disappearing from human perception, if it suits him. The devil excuses his plots and extreme abuse of human bodies and souls by pointing out that God cannot control his own creation. This is how he legitimises his doings! satanic bodies has had all the help they could get for a very long time. It is time that the shoe goes on the other foot. If God is more powerful than satan, and if the 'subtle' can slice through the gross like butter in hot sun, the future should not be too difficult for souls to manage!

While the intents and purposes of the plot remain the same (complete domination of societies and the planet), the plot gets revised and updated as the decades roll by. They made everyone into darkside by occult means. They supplied the products, and the system, to make everyone darkside, and to build it. This is what the market/capitalist system and society's games are doing. Very few good people survive, so the Elites and darkside society have a victory there. Yet, the Elites are sowing ruin to the masses inextricably caught by the system or hooked to it. Science is being used to perpetrate slow or soft kill among the masses. Why are the darkside Elites destroying their own darkside clones in the masses? Financial ruin, toxic products, allopathic medicine, genetically engineered food and ingredients, unemployment, chemtrail spraying, engineering of 'natural' calamities etc etc is having a 'eugenics' effect. The Elites have control of societies everywhere, using their freemasons, spies and workers. Their (by way of superior influence or managerial powers) institutions and offices litter the landscape. The Corporations, Industries, Banks, Schools, Religious Institutions, Allopathic Hospitals and other agencies which proliferate their system, and their control, are found everywhere. Those who are deemed to be rivals or are of questionable loyalty are being driven out of business, or destroyed. Free Energy inventors, Cooperatives, Alternative medicine and Raw milk producers are prime examples. The ambitious, corrupt and heartless find ready positions in this scheme of things because they are either on the same page or offer no threat or opposition to the dominant scheme of things. Membership of the secret societies and Elite groupings confers special powers and privileges. The Elites therefore have little opposition to their agenda of making satan or lucifer the god of this world. It seems that the Elites are now switching from the darkside 'all-seeing eye' to technological eyes. The Elites now have the agency of technology working for them. Machines have been created to duplicate the abilities of the darkside masses eg mind-reading, snake-power etc. No wonder the darkside masses are being eliminated through Eugenics. They are now disposable. The Social Media, Televisions, cellphones and like devices, computers, cameras, etc (and drones) are now being used to gather data and spy on everyone. Controlling the opposition was achieved by infiltrating their people into all organisations whether that be in Churches or in the Alternative media. The tactical creation of opposition, by false-flag events, to be used conveniently is a popular ruse. The Elites have placed their agents, and agencies, in all the top positions of power. Voting machines, for instance, can work the political end of things because they are prone to 'backdoor' access and manipulation. The desired results of elections can be guaranteed. With the Elites so much in charge, why Eugenics? The Georgia Guidestones is proof of another plot itself! Why maintain humanity at a level of 500 millions? With a world population of 7,075 millions now, look at the vast numbers that would have to be killed for that plot to be fulfilled. This lends credence to the predictions of the SRF dealing with large losses of populations by various countries. Conflict is intrinsic to the darkside nature. Billions of darksiders waking up to the tyranny of the Elites must be a scary prospect for the Elites. So, they pre-emptively use Eugenics!

I believe it is OK to talk about things that have come out in the media, now that, according to the Spiritual Research Foundation, the writing is on the wall. We will be victims in this coming holocaust, either directly or by spillover effects. This is not negative or other popular mantraic type of thinking. It is about being realistic. Regardless of the time-line of destruction, war will happen. What exists now, in Iraq and Afghanistan, is not war but invasions based on lies and manufactured consent. The real thing, complete with real opposing armies, will take place. The Western alliances are being opposed by BRICS (with Iran, Indonesia , it is now being called BRIIICS). BRICS plans to launch a Global Bank (see here too) to bypass the World Bank and the IMF. This will cut into the domination of the Western Elites. Thus, like in the Mahabharat War, there are TWO opposing sides....one the aggressor, and one resisting. Some bloggers see the Rotschild-backed Elites as the supreme force in the world, and they aver that all other leaders are part of that song and dance. Some leaders like Ahmadinejad, Putin and the late Chavez were cited as perfect examples of a rigged opposition. Even their masonic/illuminati handshakes were used as proof of their oneness with the NWO. When Chavez died and claims of assassination by the ruling western Elites were made by Maduro, these bloggers still insisted that these 'opposing' leaders were Rothschild puppets. The truth is yet to be known! The Western Elites have made plans for surveillance societies and, possibly, Martial Law societies. Even US Senators are querying DHS purchases of weapons. The Elites seem to have prepared subterranean cities to hide out in. Not many will be 'chosen' to escape into these subterranean hideouts. Subterranean hideouts are now available to those who can afford them. It appears that we are all waiting to die, both in real life and in this Armageddon scenario. Most of the Masses are asleep...still locked into their sex- and money-based illusions. Some have become 'preppers', storing for the harder times or migrating to friendlier shores. Others can do nothing but face the music, and whatever tune is going to be played. Others have nothing left to lose, except for their lives! Fighting back is a necessity, not an option. While the fightback will depend on talents and resources, the spiritual fightback against the darkness within must take place. The darkness within is one's weak point ie it can be used by others to steer, manipulate or affect you. Defeating your dark side and rendering it powerless, is the way to increase your power, and immunity.