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The Importance of Diet and Detoxification.

The Soul is owner of the body and no amount of possessions in there can change that. The responsibility for the care of the body lies with the soul only. What constitutes 'caring for the body' has to be consciously determined by the soul. The dark side has its own conception of what 'caring' means. Beauty, grooming, ideal physiques and comportment are pluses in the darkside's preying, enjoying and ego-building. The systems of the Elites and Society conveniently places a priority on these for their continuance and edification. The market economy and the society's games thrive from the vanity associated with beauty and appearances. They build the illusions of vanity, and reward 'good' looks and physiques. Icons and divas earn a lot because they are in demand by both the peddlers and the consumers of 'looks'. While other talents in the system's niches are important, 'looks' are a must-have. Thus, one finds that beauty and physique-manufacturing industry has exploded in the last couple decades. Nose-jobs, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair-styling, tanning salons, liposuction, implants for various body parts, clothes (particularly sexy clothes), jewellery and body decorations, piercings and tattoos, etc etc are more in demand now, than at any other time in history. It is now possible for plain Joes' and Janes' to get in the spotlight of other people's attentions. SEE

Not all the trends are vanity oriented. There is much good to say about aerobics and other systems of body cultivation ( weights and other gadgets, karate, Yoga, juicing, low-impact exercise etc). Still, one has research until one has distilled the approaches to care of the body into its core essentials, and practicalise these into daily living. One has to go beyond ego and vanity, beyond looks and beauty, beyond the harvesting of others' attentions and admiration, and beyond the trends and fashions that keep the masses hypnotised. One has to go beyond the false reasons for living from moment to moment, and from day to day. One has to go beyond consuming the raw materials and artifacts of 'looks' and appearances. One has to 'consume' what keeps the body inside the skin healthy. Then, even appearances will be taken care health radiates outwards from it. All bodies come with a dark side (usually comprised of several entities) in it.That happening cannot be helped.  One has to research the conditions which empower the darkness within. How does the dark side sustain its hegemony within, is a question that must be probed, and answered. Therein lies the key to disabling the possession and possibly getting rid of it. Diet is the chief factor in the empowerment of darkside possessions in bodies. If one corrects one's diet, all the support given by darksiders outside will be to no avail. 

No-one knows why we have only acidic diets among all races and cultures. Why are starches (mainly grains and tubers), meat, fish and dairy products, at the core of all diets on the planet? It is probable that all races are the results of genetic manipulation, conducted in their principal hearthlands. It is also possible that the racial creations were meant to serve alien 'creators' by slaving for them. As such, the food that was 'created' for them was more 'fuel' for work, instead of 'medicine' for health. Today, we still measure that fuel as 'calories' instead of whether they supply the needs of cells or not. Over the centuries, the cultivation and distribution of the same acidic food-types improved. Alkaline grains received no attention until recently. Even vegetables were cooked to death, and only recently has raw food diets become popular. In every culture, food combinations called 'dishes' are standard fare. They are invariably acidic food. Most people have had this kind of food from womb to now. The dark side loves tasty acidic food. As the food acidifies the system, and the body goes into the throes of getting calcium from all sources to maintain an alkaline pH, the dark side's attention on the outside world grows more intense. The dark side itself gets more power from acidic food. The small invisible germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses get food, and they reproduce many times over. These denizens are used by the dark side against the consciousness of the soul. Chronic acidity leads to cellular degradation, especially if essential minerals like magnesium are lacking in sufficient quantities. Calcium piles up everywhere. The cellular distribution system for nutrients and wastes breaks down. Anaerobic organisms proliferate.....they use fermentation as their method of energy generation. The stage is now set for the ultimate destroyer of the body (cancer), to step in.

With the slowdown of the body’s distribution system and the compromise of the other systems and processes, the nervous system loses its vitality. Nerves are made up of cells, too. The Nadis or Meridians begin to function very imperfectly in choked-up or congested bodies. Poor energy distribution is a situation ripe with prospects for the dark side as it builds and asserts its own energy system. This being of energy takes over as the energy system of the body. This situation is capitalised on by the darkside society which sends energy in to boost up the dark side. There is a support system for the dark side within in the games society plays, and in their sex-for-a-life requirement. The gender games are played for women who are called 'energy'. When a female is 'signed' or her 'cherry' taken, she gets a color to live and die for. One of her principal roles is to mediate the energy of the signatory's dark side. She becomes the key for the activation of the dark side's energy. She gives energy to the dark side or recalibrates it. She cannot mediate the soul's energy…only the soul can do this in meditation. Thus, it is really the dark side which is responsive to the energies and like influences from external sources. The technology that was designed by the Elites for mind control on the masses, needs the dark side to have any effect. To beat the mind control technology or the darksiders among the masses (they cause the same mind control effect ) one has to disable the dark side. The soul is beyond their ability to affect directly. So basically, the soul must kickstart its body's own energy mechanism. The single most important mineral for this is magnesium chloride.

So, one can jump into being soul by reversing the pollution and congestion of bodies. Acidity must go. This is dealt with by different food and food supplements. It is a food's ability to supply the requirements of the body's cells that is important.....not Calories, not if it is traditional to race or culture, and certainly not its taste. Then, with the dark side’s home base flooded with health, one has to work on edifying the consciousness of the soul. Research, the company of good people, meditation and concentration etc can put the soul in its own world or forte. Like vibrates with like! To live surrounded by darksiders or living like they do, will only elicit the growth of one's dark side. The soul has to build its own repertoire and secure its own accoutrements. Darksiders food, clothing, customs, behavior, habitation etc serve the dark side. In darksiders homes, you will find very poor air quality, especially in winter. They lock all the fresh air out so that they can 'stifle' and build the darkside within. You will find EMFs there because the darkside gets energy from it. Souls need negatively ionised air and thrive in EMF-free places.

Acidic foods generate free radicals and use up the body's antioxidant supply. In alkalinity, the body has a surplus of antioxidants. The principal problems with alkalinity are that the body loses some of its 'get-up-and-go' and slower mental processes. Dr Mark Sircus's protocol of Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Iodine, Sulfur, etc works to pre-empt these. (SEE 
 Fish oils and Omega 3 is effective for memory-related issues. There is much info on foods we should be using on the internet. Two popular sites are   and

Detoxing has grown into a complicated issue because of the sheer number of sources of toxicity. GMO foods, food additives, mercury fillings, pesticides, insecticides, toxins from items we are exposed to everywhere we are, toxins in medications and flu shots, toxins from chemtrails......the list is endless!
Calcium needs to be where it is most useful, not clogging up cells. Magnesium Chloride 'disciplines' calcium. Sodium Thiosulphate gets rid of it. Sodium EDTA is used to chelate it from the body. Serrapeptase is said to dissolve arterial plaque. Other toxins (Heavy metals, pesticides etc) can be handled by Chlorella, Zeolite, Cilantro, Montmorrillonite Clay and other natural supplements.
 There is no end to the toxification of bodies. Fasting helps to stop the process, but then one has to give the cells their needs......and let the toxins in!

The Bible gave mankind dominion over lesser creation. This has blinded us to the threat from the microscopic life-forms that are everywhere around us......and IN us. 90% of the human body is made up of bacterial cells, not human cells. SEE
There are 'good' bacteria that help the body and 'bad' bacteria that make the body sick. When the balance is upset by things like diet and pharmaceuticals, then the body becomes unwell. This is further complicated by things like vaccines, toxins and heavy metals. Viruses and fungi add to the enemy agents within. These have to be neutralised. The dark side within uses these microscopic enemies within against the soul consciousness. So, the soul has its allies within, just like the dark side. One has to reduce the microscopic enemies from within. They must be starved by not giving them food for growth. An alkaline environment within will reduce their numbers. Technology like zappers and Rife machines help. Fasting helps. Supplements like zeolite, colloidal silver, ozonated water, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen help get rid of them. It is only when the 'bad' denizens of the body are defeated, that the body and soul flourishes....and the bliss flows!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is The Vast Majority Of Human Bodies Really Possessed? Part 2

 So, if one examines the behavior exhibited by human bodies and explores the sources of such behavior, one will observe soul behavior in a few, and dark side behavior in the rest. The real test of behavior is which entity produces it. If the majority of bodies have souls then the dark side in them are possessions. The dark side can be born with their own bodies, and they are more powerful than if found in a soul's body. Usually a body has several dark side possessions, the additional one's entering mostly through the orifices. Any attempt by a dark side to just jump into the body is resisted by those already there. Usually, this is done during sleep and one experiences the attack as a nightmare with stifling sensations and soundless screams. The resident dark side will make a commotion and wake the soul up. Exceptionally powerful or malevolent darkside forces can enter an already-possessed body, and give the body a whole new personality, much different from the original dark side which has already been programmed and socialised. This is often taken to be a case of initial possession, which it is not. It is only when one compares soul behavior to that of 'normal' people that one sees that the 'normal' people are possessed, and the possession is in charge. Where souls are in charge, it is to their credit that they have found ways to fight back against the darkness within, suppress it, and live the soul life.

Souls are sparks of God and enter this world by being born in bodies. They may also exist as angels or other names, but experience of them is not widespread. The dark side vastly outnumbers the population of human bodies on Earth. The following link gives one estimate of the bodiless dark side population on Earth.
They are everywhere, weaving spiritual wickedness on mankind. Having been poked, kicked, slapped, spoken to, and influenced by them, I know they exist. I remember the story of a young lady who went to a sorcerer for help. The sorcerer said that she slept with layers of clothes on. A demon would materialise every night, strip her naked and cohabit with her. The following link yields an interesting discussion of possessions in Malaysia.......

Apart from this blog, the only other that insists that mankind is satanically possessed is Henry Makow's blog. He does not elaborate on the mechanisms of possession beyond mentioning black magic, blood rituals, satanic worship etc. He sees possession as evil influences produced by the Elites taking greater and greater hold over humanity, replacing the no-longer-fed good things that are being destroyed. I reiterate that it is the dark side within which is the from-birth possession in most of us. This dark side can be related to by other darksiders. As such, others can use it to affect us. It is the only weakness that the soul has: a triator and spy. If a soul can conquer and control his dark side, no one can use it against the soul.  Here are a few articles from his website that hints of occult or satanic possession.

 The Essene Gospel of Peace (Book 1) which dates back to the 1st century AD (Emperor Constantine's Bible came from the 4th century AD), and which purportedly quotes Christ, has him repeatedly telling his listeners that satan lies within their bodies. Here are a few extracts:

 "For I tell you truly, evils and dangers innumerable lie in wait for the Sons of Men. Beelzebub, the prince of all devils, the source of every evil, lies in wait in the body of all the Sons of Men".

  "I tell you truly, when the Son of Man resists the Satan that dwells in him and does not his will, in the same hour are found the Mother's angels there, that they may serve him with all their power and free utterly the Son of Man from the power of Satan".

 "Renew yourselves and fast. For I tell you truly, that Satan and his plagues may only be cast out by -fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no man. The living God shall see it and great shall be your reward. And fast till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother come and serve you. For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan".

 "I tell you truly, even so did Satan enter your bodies which are the habitation of God. And he took in his power all that he wished to steal: your breath, your blood, your bone, your flesh, your bowels, your eyes, and your ears. But by your fasting and your prayer, you have called back the lord of your body and his angels. And now Satan sees that the true lord of your body returns, and that it is the end of his power. Wherefore, in his wrath he gathers his strength once again, that he may destroy your bodies before the coming of the lord".

This gospel has Christ teaching his listeners to use nature's air, sunlight, water and earth to cleanse and heal themselves, and to cast out satan from within. The greats of religion did not want to set up cults around themselves. They gave us tips on how to live and how to fight evil within. Religion short-circuited the real messages by inventing and propagating their own versions and accentuations. Christ and Krishna gave us their wisdom for the times they lived. They showed us the pathway. We have come a long way since then. Much has changed. We cannot cleanse ourselves using nature, like Christ did. Most of Earth is polluted, in one way or another, including our food and air. While enemas worked in Christ's day, they will not remove satan from within today: the darkness within is much too programmed, and too 'well fed' to be so easily ejected. In fact, both the Elites and the masses cultivate the dark side within people. We have a better understanding of things now, than before. And, we have much better tools for conquering satan within and forcing him to leave. Too, pollution is more potent and toxic now, than before. The support the darkness within now has, is at an all-time maximum. The people have become so satanic-led or confused that they accept or reject ideas without first checking into them. Question is: Are you possessed? If so, what will you do about it?
 For more from the Essene Gospel of Peace, follow the link below.....

Those who avidly promote LOVE and HEART are not 'awakened' people. They are programmed. The bliss/love of the SOUL from the HEAD is what they should be recommending. The HEART is just a blood-pump, and like other organs of the body, is possessed by the dark side. This is clearly bourne out by some of the post-operation heart transplant experiences: the dark sides in the heart were also transplanted, and it carried over its 'personalities' to the transplant recipients!—started-craving-beer-Kentucky-Fried-Chicken-My-daughter-said-I-walked-like-man.html

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Is the vast majority of human bodies really possessed? Part 1

Is the vast majority of human bodies really possessed? Apart from darksiders with their own bodies (call them shape-shifters, reptilians or other name), everyone else is possessed.Most will not believe this! The idea is repulsive. Part of the reason for this is that Hollywood has stereotyped what possession should be like. Powerful demons have to take over the body and perform strange antics and gruesome deeds a la The Exorcist, for this to be true. The other people in this genre of films are 'normal' and not 'possessed', is the idea conveyed. Such glaring examples of possession do occur. Yet, its the so-called 'normal' people who are the general kind of possession. It is not the great personality changes and the weird demonic behavior that makes it a possession. Being possessed by satan or malevolent ETs that 'fell' from 'heaven' and threaten Earthlings, is a much much tamer affair but no less dastardly. Then again, people want 'convenient' truths not just 'truth'. Their general participation in the systems of the Elites, and of society, is the benchmark or yardstick for what is normal and abnormal. Everybody behaves the same, how could everyone be possessed, they ask. Yet, those systems build the dark side and nourish it. So, it works out to be that the majority are darkside....and possessed! Those who feverishly participate in religion view themselves as exempt from the fact of possession. They say that their bodies are so full of light that darkness has no opportunity to enter into them, or room to build its nest. Their participation in religious rituals, worship and other activities convinces them that they are so close to God that no evil dare trespass. some view their eloquent and emotional mouthings aka prayers as the ultimate armor of God....which no evil can penetrate. And, they are happy in their self-made permutations of ego, as if God is not omniscient and with poor memory (so he has to be constantly reminded).

The truth is that the majority are wrong. They are possessed and it is the possession which is in charge, and is rejecting all notions of its existence and presence. 'Normal', like everybody else, is being possessed. Even soul people are possessed....but they know it! For them, life is a constant struggle to find the ways and means out of that quandary, especially when the darksiders are busy striking down soul people, and building up the dark sides in bodies. Movies, too, make the possession of a body an EVENT that denotes a change from 'normal' to a state where the possessing demon is in charge. The fact is that the possession of bodies takes place in infancy. Other satanic forces may enter the body later and dominate all others, and produce weird behavior. These forces are everywhere on earth, doing what they do best. So it is not that 'people' have any say in the matter of possession i.e. whether they are impregnable to dark forces, or can fight it. By the time the bodies reach adulthood, the possessions have already been socialised, and have learnt to live like 'normal' people. This fact of possession is very clearly seen in the activities of the darkside society. For example, we can see them engaging in psychic mob-rule, using snake-power or force to shape things according to their image and likeness, in mind-reading and eyeball reading, in using their powers to influence others rather than leaving others alone, in their vendetta against all good people who are reared in captivity (and are hunted and killed), in their total lack of practical morality yet they aver that they're the 'teachers' of the good (the how-to-sell-your-soul course, or the if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them course, or the be-a-good-victim-and-don't-complain course), and in the progressive evil-isation of all societies with them as the tin-god rulers.

What are the characteristics of possession by the dark side? Soul people can easily compare their own natures to the nature of that disruptive, disharmony-creating, troublemaker that rises within and tries to dominate or suppress them. They are familiar with the two different natures that their awareness picks up on. Those who are dark side or governed internally by it have nothing to compare with. A completely dominated soul just gives life to the body. It is so overwhelmed by the possessing occupant that nothing can get through to it.....not even enlightenment. How can enlightenment shine through when the dark side intercepts such nonsense and insists that its own beliefs and programming are quite correct, and in order? We have been advised that 'by their actions you will know them'. Yes, you will see them building their egos at every turn. You will see them preying and hunting. You will see them exuding and exhibiting all the emotions that exist in the dark side's repertoire. You will see them in their 'dances', in their 'parades' and in the act of playing themselves, complete with drama and solicitation of others attentions. You will experience their satanic powers, only they will call it spiritual advancement or kundalini shakti. You will see them lording it over others, as their powers will allow....whether its their innate satanic powers or the power of being management (a prime goal of their intrinsic nature). You will see them making their footprints in the sands of time with their material accumulations (hoardings), their achievements, their earthly power, and their appearances. When the body goes, they leave their material legacies to their bloodlines to carry on the 'dance'. You will see them greedily hunting for fun and enjoyments (especially sex) and feel that they are normal because that tin-god called Abraham Maslow justified this by inventing a permissive hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy somehow overtook all the do's and dont's of religion, in practical importance. 

But, that is not all! You will witness all the tribes and colors playing their games, and involved in the activities of the sex school. You will wonder how it is possible that the identical consciousness can be located in millions of bodies, and share the same 'pack' mentality. Indians will point out that Lord Krishna divided himself so each Gopi (maiden) will have one of him. But they will conveniently forget that Krishna was the teacher in the Bhagavad Gita who frowned upon such games, and choreographed the deaths of the games' practitioners, when the immoral Kauravas went too far! You will notice that there is no real difference between all the colors of dark side tribes. They behave the same, are interested in the same things, are all predators, accept the games as the way to live (instead of by morals and intelligence), are allies in the divvying up of the societal pie, each speak with the authority, backing and power of millions of like entities in millions of bodies, etc etc. They all speak like tin-gods, casting their voices of authority over others they view as sheep, in their directing of the affairs of society, instead of letting people live by the free will that God gave to them. You will see each darksider defer to a more powerful darksider, and this reveals the basis for the hierarchies that exist in society. 'Men are equal' cannot be a viable maxim on earth while darksiders rule.

 Even the sex school is hierarchically arranged: those with less power have to make way for the more powerful, and their share of the spoils is less. The girls who are the most powerful, are the top prizes, and are the most 'expensive' (yes, they are bought and sold in the games like any commodity) and most sought after! In this fashion, life is reduced to money and matter...nothing more! The girls are 'cleaned', 'seasoned', 'fingered', 'cooked' and fitted with new 'engines' (mind-control practised by society is accepted as normal) as if they were meat. The concept of a 'human being' and 'child of God' was thrown out of the societal window. The darkside society has even invented a language to describe what they do in societal games, and in the sex school, so that you would think that what is actually happening is not attempted rape, sexual harassment, fornication and mind-control think that it is kitchen engineers at work! The purpose of that created vocabulary is to evade the truth about what they are doing: the devaluation of human beings, the taking away of all constitutional rights, the reduction of human beings to just bodies (the leaving out completely of the reality of soul except to include good guys as opponents who will be set up or killed), the hyper-sexualisation of females who become ready and willing boy-toys or prostitutes, nymphos and feminists etc etc. And to top it all off....the girls know this and gladly play their roles! They like it so! Then the darkside society mourns for the growing number of ills therein, when they created it in the first place! And, those who champion the rights and freedoms of human beings or those who count themselves as among the faithful in religion cannot understand that they are HYPOCRITES! They cannot understand that they are possessed! They cannot see that the games they enact as avenues by which the darkside possession in them can live its predatory nature!

Soul, on the other hand, uses its power of judgement (conscience), its innate morality, its evaluation of what it needs from the outside world, its knowledge of the matrix and of what is required for it to obtain what it needs from the outside world without selling itsef, and living by the 'book' (to pre-empt and obviate complications).... to get what it needs from the world while minimising karma, while minimising bad karma and and while living its own nature. Soul has no need for the darkside system and it is sheer torture to exist in it. Soul has no undue desire for excessive material possessions, constant validation, attracting the attention of others, name and fame, wealth, power, friends and relationships, or continuous external interactions. It does not have a tribe or color to live and die for, except if it be the 'good guys'. The societal system and its games are seen for what they are: the kingdom of the darksiders who do not let free will dictate how life will proceed. They erect themselves as the gods of things and experiences on earth, and give to their own kind while denying soul people of their 'rights'. One has to live in the system, and by the system, to have easy transitions from birth to death. One must have the beast within as the body's ruler, if one is to get the wherewithal, and more, for living comfortably. Soul does not care for the products from the sex school because such an utter devaluation of what a human being is, is unappealing. Besides, the reconfiguration of a female dark side from 'bitchy' to 'boy-toy' is mere mind control....not any kind of engineering that promotes the soul. Besides, the society of dark side tribes keep using all kinds of pressure, powers and discrimination against souls to force them to conform to the system, and to give up their body's internal hegemony to the darkness within. They society wants to ensure that all possessions in bodies become the rulers of those bodies. Everything is provided for successful possession, and nothing for soul growth. The soul is struck down repeatedly by all kinds of tricks, techniques and lawless actions. In the process, souls' lives are wasted away or terminated.  


Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Overview Of The Fightback.

A lifetime is equivalent to a 'blink' in the eternity of time. What we consider to be long lives is only so because of the time dilation created by inordinate attention the dark side within pays to the material world. The system depends on its locked-in attention to maintain and grow. In the name of civilisation and progress our attention is being married to more and more things, and more and more details. The system constantly devises new and more efficient ways of 'pulling and tying' the dark side's attention. It is not enough to remember our list of current and future material excursions, we have chronometers and daily planners to help maximise our daily doings. It is the dark side which gains a life by all this externalisation. For it, time is long and must be filled up with appointments or life gets boring and it loses steam (no opportunity to build ego and no predatory fuel): in times of lull, the soul has the chance of rising. The idea of time being long is only experienced by the darkside consciousness. The soul has a timeless demeanour. Anchored in the background of the change-less, the mundane changes and transfers that most beings get submerged in, and by, bounces off the soul, like water on duck's back. Where a soul must participate in that world, the application of concentration makes the time 'fly'. A retraction of attention, sends soul back into that timeless world. This point is made clearly by the experience of meditation. One takes leave of time once the senses are shut down and the body relaxed. Then, pure awareness dwells on itself, even by focusing on an image of something. On coming out of that state, the first thing one notices is the deepening of the feeling of peace and harmony. The second thing is how quickly so much time went by.

If the soul is eternal, why is the human race so caught up in the things which are short-lived or transient? Do the needs of the body have to be all that life is about? What about soul things? If it is right to spend a lot of time on body-related pre-occupations, wouldn't it be more right to spend even more time on that part of you that survives death, and continues into the unknown? So, what are the soul 'things' one can spend time on? One can spend time on building one's nature and living it. The dark side by its multiplicity of material excursions and its use of chronometers and schedules to facilitate those, is living its nature. The dark side's nature is one of being totally incomplete. So, it goes about life doing things which give it the feeling of completeness. For the dark side, life is an exercise in becoming complete.... a task which always fails to create any permanent satiation. The dark side keeps recycling the same old desires and agendas ad infinitum. From morning, it starts out building its ego. Then it goes about preying, using cunning, to give it superiority over others. It spends a lot of time gathering, accumulating and hoarding. It spends a lot of time having fun and enjoying. It has no internal life, and only external interaction allows it to live out its nature as a predator. Only external life lets it build up its worth or ego. Only external life enables it to use its satanic energies and powers. Preying, enjoying and hoarding are full-time occupations. The system caters to the nature of the dark side by supplying things that 'fill' a need, and by creating needs to be filled. The Insurance industry, for example, has created many financial needs, all based on insecurity.

 The soul's nature is three-fold: Awareness, Knowledge and Bliss. This is always there in the background and has to be reclaimed by fighting back and removing the suppressor from his power of domination. All the devices and strategies of domination have to be discovered, countered and defeated. How is the 'dominator' holding you down? Discover that and take away his power to do so.You are a soul spark of the most powerful being in existence. You have the power to defeat an inferior enemy. Read, research and enlighten. Intuit! When you remove the dark side from its domineering position, you are free. Your nature comes to the fore, effortlessly. Yet, by giving food to your inner nature, you grow to surpass the darkness within. Building the soul is fighting back against the dark side! The system gives no food to the soul's nature. You must devise the ways and means of building Awareness, Knowledge and Bliss.

The soul's awareness is interfaced with the dark side's at the sense organs, especially the optic nerve and eyes. The dark side carries the soul's attention with its own, everytime it externalises. Thus, the soul might find itself just looking at shapely females all day. The females have the power to pull the dark side's attention to their bodies! TV sets have that power too! If you go through the senses, you will see what objects or situations the dark side habitually reaches out to. Then, soul has to say NO! Whether it is constant chattering, listening to gossip, eating tasty but acidic foods, staring at the female form, etc, the soul must fight the hijacking of its attention by refusing to comply. This might turn out to be too laborious and not too successful if the dark side is powerful. Then one has to go directly to attacking the dark side to weaken it. This is done by changing the state of the body i.e. by alkalising the body; by using magnesium chloride to ramp up the body's own energy production; by killing the germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses within; by using supplements which clean and detox the cells, tissues and organs of the body; by doing hatha yoga which removes the energy-kinks in the body and pulls, stretches and massages the contents of the body; and by doing meditation for peace, harmony and increased energy.

Meditation for knowledge is the real builder of soul's awareness. It is awareness working to build itself. This is the practice of reading ideas and instrospecting on them. Ideas have invisible forms which we know how to differentiate with our mental faculties or the third eye. With continuous research and visualising of these ideas, we build up a stock of ideas which are easily accessible for reference and argumentation. At some point of enormous research, the ideas begin to cohere and relate to other ideas. Our wold view or overview is under construction! We introspectively size up each idea by matching them up to others. Hypocritical ideas and lies are thrown out, while those which can integrate with others and have the connection of 'truth' are retained. In this way, our overview gets built, our awareness is in the right place (within) and not frittered away in the changeable and transient, and we build our knowledge database. This knowledge will be a partial probe into the idea-content of the causal world. It takes a lot of research across the spectrum, idea-assembly, writing or emptying out of this database before we crack completely through the progressively deepening layers of knowledge, and have the causal world of ideas itself as our reference library. Our trips to the causal world are timeless explorations, and we feel alive while on these journeys. In this kind of meditation, it is not necessary to relax the body: the body does what it is supposed to do i.e. write, type, see, stay erect etc.

The darksiders have their own kind of 'knowledge' mechanism. Knowing it means you can stop it from happening. Soul's interest in knowledge is to understand this world, and what it can, of the next. This knowledge is also functional in that it provides a database which can be referenced in living the daily life. Soul's 'look' before they leap. The dark side's interest in knowledge is how to 'prey' successfully. Preying is a 'by any means necessary' affair. What counts for them is the hunt and the fruits of victory. Souls are concerned about what conscience (the judgement faculty of the soul) permits and disallows. Souls are concerned about keeping their modus operandi clean. The dark side does not have to labor to get access to the 'knowledge' it needs about its prey. Mind-reading connects the darksider with any dark side within....and he has the ability to download the contents of its rote memory. So, the darksider can tell you some of your secrets.....but only those that the inner dark side could read and those which left electronic impressions. You can visit the causal world and assay ideas there all day and the dark side will not be able to read a thing. Even mundane ideas, of special interest to the darksider, can be handled in the causal world and no darksider is wiser. Knowing how mind-reading works, one can deceive the deceiver by scripting readable contents in the rote memory for the spies to steal. The kind of meditation done by darksiders is to attune to the interface of invisible organisms in the eyeballs (vaccines anyone?) and to receive via that interface, the messages from the the Occult bigwigs. These messages usually relate to the soul person or prey and will include personal info of the past and future. These are simply satan's lies and plans fed to his slave/self to keep him on the job. In many cases, where the darksider has his own body, the accessing of satan's inspiration is done much like in introspection.

Before one can get into meditation and developed awareness, one has to erase the dark side's hold on the soul's awareness. The dark side's programming and internal modus operandi must be cleaned out and dismantled, respectively.This is done by noticing what mental and other influences occur within. These are to be written down and so brought to the conscious attention of the soul. The internal activity of the dark side soon gets familiar as its limited programming and behavioral modes come under the microscope. The writer uses the argument that nothing should take place within unless the soul wills it or decides it. There should be nothing without will or decision. Anything that disturbs the existence of nothingness, therefore, is produced by the dark side and should be noted, discarded and rebelled against. 'Not in my body' should be the war cry! In time, the internal atmosphere should be more placid and without dark side interference. Meditation too can produce this peaceful empty void state. Meditation is the soul living life its way, above the crazy materialistic din of dark side living. The dark side cannot follow when the soul's attention is focused on itself. It has to back down and wait until the soul externalises to resume the attack. But then, it is weakened.

Bliss is a harmonious quality that exists in the substance of the soul. Physical health and the unimpeded flows of energy in the nadis or meridians is a precondition for the experience of bliss. If not, pain and dislocation will be in the awareness. This is why hatha yoga is necessary to harmonise the body, and to return sensitivity to all its parts. Dark side rule is often accompanied by lowered soul awareness of certain parts of the body. Freedom from dark side mental attacks usually jumpstarts the flow of bliss in the consciousness. In fact, much of the attacks of darksiders is to 'wipe the smile off your face', to sour your life and to make you unhappy. Their sex school conspiracy is to make relationships all about sex and orgasm and not about love and happiness. They tell good guys....No love for you! But they err in their ignorance. The bliss within is the true love. The soul was made with it and it cannot be added from the outside or deliberately manufactured from within. It cannot be given to anyone and cannot belong to anyone who is the focus of attention. The love that is touted as the 'answer' is a dark side conception. They deal with 'love' energies experienced in the blood-pump. This feeling can be instigated by female energy use or be produced by the dark side itself in its cunning manipulations. A kind of 'love' madness is experienced by the dark side whose attention has been pulled and tied by a female....who promptly disses the guy. His 'broken heart' is a dark side feeling due to attachment and betrayal. There is another kind of 'love' that darksiders feel for each other that is a kind of fierce animal attraction or passion. Nothing this darkside world conjures up as love can replace the love of the soul (which is complete) and so does not need any love energy from outside. Its own bliss is enough energy to feel 'high' on. It relates to a beloved with total goodness, truth and understanding, and no tricks!  Darkside females deliberately get close to good guys, then break their 'hearts' and destroy them. It is the surest way of building the dark side within so it overshadows the soul.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Souls Can Reclaim Their Lives!

The soul lives in the head, nestled in the ‘inner sanctum’. The soul is only the size of a thumb (Swami Sivananda). The soul relates to the world by using the brain and nervous system. Awareness thus becomes attention and is directed through the operation of the senses. Intuition is a sixth sense and connects soul to super-soul. All other senses are focused outwards into the material world. The dark side (or satan within) is a parasite which possesses the bodies that belongs to souls. The aim is to use those bodies for their pleasures, predatory agendas, their lifestyles and their kind. They intercept the soul’s ability to express in the material world by blockading the senses and controlling them. Of course, the dark side cannot blockade intuition and this faculty becomes the fortress of souls…. it is the only place of privacy, in a body with a dark side lurking. Intuition hooks up with the Causal world of ideas….a world which the dark side cannot enter.

The usurpation of the control of the senses by the dark side leads to use and abuse of the senses. The dark side is a different substance from soul and has its wishes and desires in its substance. It cannot use a brain and has no brain. It has the ability to record things or accept programming. The dark side can also generate all kinds of feelings, urges, moods, likes and dislikes etc which it uses to push past the soul in producing behavior. Most times, the soul cannot detect the treachery and accepts the argument, and desired course of behavior, of the dark side. The dark side is quick and its speed pre-empts the soul from having the time it needs to look or leap. The dark side is also insistent and powers up its ‘urges’ so that it always gets its way. The dark side using its control of the flesh, actually physically moves the body to its desired behavior, giving the soul no chance to cancel the desired move. It is a multi-pronged simultaneous attack by the dark side that gives it its way, everytime. The combination of feelings of incompleteness, the temptation of the joy that is promised by the action (complete with mental videos of past similar joy or anticipated joy), the sense of pressure and urgency it generates within, subliminal urging to get the action done (the dark side will even talk to you), the prioritisation of this action above all others ( all other things-to-do are magically forgotten), and the actual taking of the physical steps to get the action is this combined attack which is used to lord it over the soul from day to day.

 To extricate oneself from this bind is most difficult. Very few are convinced that they need to fight a war within. Most are darksiders themselves or have lost the battle comprehensively. The temptations of material wellbeing, psychic and energy powers, and being part of the government of society do not leave room for the soul to enlighten and activate. Life is easy for those with the beast in charge. The same dark side consciousness shares the many bodies of that particular dark side tribe or color. Any individual in a tribe moves with the backing of the whole tribe, and including other dark side tribes as well. The path of success keeps feeding the dark side within as its ego builds, and expresses as the name of the body. Even those who are not wealthy are dark side because of their attachment to money. Most do not have the levels of literacy and awareness which are necessary in the detection and fighting of the dark side. The system has created this fictitious identity called I and ME for its purposes. Practically everyone is a strawman with the single being self-image. The system has convinced most that their bodies have one being within, with a higher and a lower nature. They do the 'bad' things because this 'being' is weak. One is primed to overlook the truth of the darkness within. In any event, people are so programmed into being straw-people that any idea suggesting that their bodies might be possessed by an evil force sounds ridiculous. After all, they are not different from so many others. They do the same deeds and eat the same food. Yet, if one tries some of the self-disciplinary techniques of Yoga, one is bound to encounter the dark side generated resistance to change. This is the trick the dark side uses to keep itself in the driver's seat or if temporarily curtailed, it fights its way back. Most who try Yoga fail to defeat the dark side either because the dark side fights back and gives reversals or because it adapts and manifests an alternate modus operandi. The ego aspect of the dark side shows up in different ways.

Basic to any curtailment of the dark side is retraining of the body and living a new lifestyle. Yogis are renowned for their ability to fast for long periods and to even go without food. This is stupid! The senses have to be starved to take the darkside's mechanism of control apart. Without its preferred kind of food, drink, actions, friends etc the dark side loses its control of the body. It loses its clutch on the head and senses and falls back into the intestines. The senses are used by the dark side to feed itself and to masquerade as the owner of the body. The senses have to be closed down. At first, no food is allowed. When the dark side's urgings become useless and it gets quiet, selected foods must be introduced eg raw foods, fruits, superfoods, selected health supplements, herbs etc. These foods give it no help, and indeed keeps it weak. One must put a lid on the lips by practicing MOUNA or silence. Yes, the dark side does too much talking! Even certain visual experiences must be curtailed. Old habits must die because they are the dark side's. There is nothing like HATHA YOGA for health, for dicipline, for a new lifestyle and for giving one the ability to control the body for oneself. This is how the soul takes charge. Instead of the dark side planning the events of the day for its own lifestyle, the soul hits back and takes control. Meditation is for concentration and energising. Many have been wanting too much from meditation eg astral travel, divine experiences. Don't believe all you hear. Meditation for knowledge is quite another matter. This is the real meditation for knowledge. This kind of meditation is done while you are reading, researching and introspecting. The denizens of the eyeball gives you astral experiences and dreams. they are all fake! Meditation is best done in the early morning after, Hatha Yoga. Every effort should be made to experience the deep silence: This what boosts your peace, detachment and poise, both necessary in living in the world. Thus, the world goes on its own way, and you go on yours. The world no longer lives in you. You dare not miss your meditation and exercise sessions because you (soul) need your food. You have successfully discarded the society and system that only feeds the darksiders. You cannot go back to it! You become aware that the body is just a vessel with you in it. You become pure awareness. The dark side and its usurpation is over!

Then, one can decide how to relate with which aspects of life one chooses. Research about the world must be done to learn about it. The dark side has been left behind along with its ego so its kind of relating to the world is over. New purposes must be devised. The soul has its compassionate nature and wishes to help the world. Knowledge of what is what on Earth helps the soul steer its actions in a functional and appropriate way, beyond popular panaceas and mantras. It was the dark side which was married to the world, in the first place. It hooked its attention on everything in the external world to assure itself of having just so many roads to run in, and so many avenues to play itself. The systems of the elites and society depend on those 'hooks' of attention being there to have control over people, and for those systems to remain operational. Detachment is just the severing of these hooks or lifelines of the dark side. Pure awareness infused with the knowledge from research (and possibly from intuition) guides the functional approach to life. There being no input from the dark side within, everything has to be self-decided. There will be a reduction in commitments undertaken because soul likes to stay calm and focused and frittering away one's mental energy in too many directions is not liked. It is the dark side which latches onto various kinds of CAUSES to live and die for. It is the perfect 'bandwagoneer'. Soul has none of that! There is no desire to put one's footprints on the sands of time. The fact of life and death, the fact of a body to take care of, the fact of earning to take care of needs, the fact of keeping one's spiritual practices and research going, the fact of helping those who can be helped, the fact of a few friends and relations....these matter most. The activities of the world and society cannot elicit the attention of the soul.....unless it decides to be part of those.

The pure awareness of the soul has no boring moments. The soul is complete. All the incompleteness felt before was the deception of the dark side. It was the dark side which was incomplete. Its running to this or that was its way of maintaining its life and hegemony within. It had no internal life, if all it had is that incomplete, miserable, greedy, inferiority-complexed and predatory nature. The soul has no such axe to grind. The bliss within infuses the awareness so that every moment is new. The quiet within enables full attention to be on the 'void' to capture every guidance or influence that comes through. This is the friend that the soul now has. No other is needed. The darkside psychic net cannot affect the soul, neither can the popular 'preying' techniques of winning by intimidation and audio-visual attack. The so-called 'armor of God' is within the substance of the soul itself. The soul has its new stock of willpower while its naturally detached state cannot be bridged by the darksiders because there is no functional darkness within to use. In fact, because the darksiders come to bother the soul, a private reclusive life, as far as possible, gives more joy. It is also the best way to avoid the accidents and setups that are conspired by the darksiders. The soul has a powerful attention and deep concentration. Every activity it chooses to engage in is geared for success. Work is easily accomplished, especially if intuition is flowing. This, of course, will generate jealousy among the darksiders.

Those who devised the discipline of Yoga gave us a sure path back to soul. Yet, we cannot just cling to this and forget all the other sources of illumination. Research is necessary. It takes a lot of persistent self-awareness to detect and fight the dark side within, mentally. One starts with writing down everything that transpires in one's head, in addition to keeping a diary of one's external life. All thoughts and ideas get emptied out....including one's programming. This sets up the flow of intuition. This is all the guidance one needs. Guidance from research is factored into intuition. As the knowledge from research gets introspected on and made relevant to one's life, one understands the body and the problem of evil within and outside. We have tricks to apply in this war, that the ancients didn't know. Thus, an alkaline body not only favors the soul, it is necessary for ridding oneself of acidic diseases. Magnesium chloride jumpstarts the energy system of the body itself.....the dark side is a being of energy too, and it thrives when the nadis or meridians don't function properly or when the cellular energy factories get clogged. We have a lot of health supplements and herbs for detoxing and nourishing. We also know that viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi comprise a large part of every human body. Most of these are destructive, and indeed, having invisible bodies, they are tools of dark side control over the soul. There are products which can nullify this threat. Research is necessary to find out about this life. There is much wrong about what gets into our bodies. Our job is keep those out, while cleaning up within. Cleanse yourself of the dark side and live!     

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Deceptions in religion!

Religion has mis-cast our purposes and roles on Earth. It has detoured our modus operandi into lanes that obfuscates and practically pre-empts any meaningful fightback against the dark side. Fighting back against the dark side has been taken off the script or relegated to 'token' status. We find ourselves alive on Earth, in families that belong to races in the countries of Earth. Our parents scripted our bodies, which we, the souls, occupied by some divine mechanism. Some say that it is karma and previous links that adjudicated who is born in which family, and in which location. The truth is we really do not know what the mechanism is. Karma, past links and reincarnation theory fits together quite nicely...but that does not mean that it is verified truth. While there is some proof of reincarnation, we do not know its mechanism. Being born, we are socialised and indoctrinated by family, friends, society, teachers etc.... and by our race, our religion, our traditions and culture, and by Government. We spend our time in family roles, societal roles, national roles, and religious roles. We can also add to this milieu, all the roles we give ourselves from day to day in expression of our freedom to live our own lives. Two of the major roles given to us are to seek God, and to seek a place for ourselves in the Economic System. These two roles have serious conflicts of methodology. The result is that the love of money has won out in most cases and the need for money has won, in others.

Many have given up the search for God, even to the point of denying God's existence. Of course, Charles Darwin presented a world dynamic that relies on chance, not God. This added more confusion to the heads of those perplexed about how to find God. The truth is God did not send us here so that we could find him.  Chances are, we will have more success at that before birth, while we are spirit. (Then again, religion promises that we will find him after death, even though we seek him while we are alive. Logic seems to have escaped the doctrine composers). It is logical that spirit (soul) can seek and become one with other spirit (God) more successfully than when our bodies get in the way. Our bodies are designed for life on Earth. We were born to live as souls with bodies. Our purpose is to learn this segment of our journey....this prepares us for doing better in the next segment or life. As souls, God is already with us. We are his children...sparks from a Divine fire. We do not have to spend our lives looking for him. We have to live as souls in our bodies, on Earth. God is always with us as guide and protector. Christ, Krishna and others were not here to create cults and religions. They were here to teach us how to live our lives on Earth. They gave us tips and principles to live by. They were SOULS teaching us how to live as souls... and how to keep on being souls. But, their messages either got corrupted or lost in the translation. Religion put God on a huge pedestal and then said climb up to him. Big lie! When one looks at Eastern religions, becoming a sannyasi or monk and pursuing God is acceptable living. Ashrams and temples have become refuges of the good people fleeing corrupt societies. Others are fleeing from failure in the Economic world but do not find God in the religious. In the process, the societies became depleted of the influences of good people.

So our purpose on Earth is to live as souls. The problems posed by the darkside were addressed by both Christ and Krishna. Basically, we curb the expression of the dark side from within, and live the soul life. That is the true modus operandi. This cannot be replaced by another greater role. We are not here to turn our niches into empires or to fortify our bloodlines with injections of wealth. We are not here to play society's games, or 'dance' or play ourselves. Soul has no problem in living strong and fearlessly. Problems exist because of the existence of the dark side in our bodies, and in the outer world. Souls are so innocent that they think that everybody else is like them. In innocence, there is no caution. There is no knowledge of the practical application of guile and cunning by darksiders against souls, and of how to fight them and beat them. Survival of the soul is a very harsh lesson to learn. It is not part of the schooling process designed by God. The garbage of Earth should not be dominating and ruling Earth. This lesson should not have to be learnt, at all. An innocent soul, helpless and wounded, if not dead, while not having a clue as to what is happening or of how to make things right again, is why God enters creation as a guide and protector. He never causes these situations, either by divine plan or divine will. The causation lies with the doers of the tortures that souls undergo. It is they who have to be fought but they have programmed us to accept them as our teachers and lords. They have no morality or soul nature, so what are they teaching us? These instruments of evil are teaching soul people how to be good victims. We must be taught to 'respect'(fear is the real word) them, acknowledge that they exist, at all, and that they rule us. They cannot promote us along the lines of our natures. We want to live like we want because there is much about soul nature and living that has not come out on Earth because they destroy soul people before they can blossom. And they have programmed us to thank them for that! Religion supplies back-up by saying that it is the Divine plan. So, all living on Earth now is by the evil script or template. How did this happen?

God did not design this world to be like this, as religion claims. The Elites who love the power of wealth and use money, conspiracies and force as instruments for controlling vast populations are the designers and operators of this system. The masses whom they created by the Occult method of inflicting possessions on them, and providing food for those possessions to grow and 'blossom', are just like the Elites in their control of global and local societies. They have put everything in place so that this world is about them, with them on center stage. Dark side society dominates the world of sex, with the idea that they can completely populate the Earth with demons if they control the women. Like father, like son....the saying goes. The dark side can send pieces of themselves into female bodies.  Hopefully, they see only dark sides being born. Hence, that concoction called the sex school, and allied gender games that they invented, and perpetuate. They get to be 'heroes' and (mon-) stars, while increasing the population of their own kind. But, no-one knows the mechanism whereby darksiders get their own bodies. It is generally assumed that the soul comes in the body to give it life, and the dark side enters later, to steal away control of that body. The point is that, despite the plans of the darksiders, there are mechanisms which they do not control. They fear the God that made those mechanisms which is why they 'seek' his permission, and ours, to enter our lives. Of course, that is mere formality because they don't take NO for an answer. Often, you give your permission by being an innocent bystander who is ignorant of proceedings. Their rebuttal...You have to know!  So, the people in charge now are 'in charge' because they have scripted it like that, and have instituted mechanisms in place to ensure that they remain 'in charge' in perpetuity. Presently, we see the stirrings of a New World Order i.e. the Old World Order enhanced. The world has seen eras where Kings told the people that they rule by Divine Right. The Elites in Religion, past and present, insist on the same! 

To live as souls, has become an impossibility. We search for that enlightenment that will erase this nightmare, and give us a 'heaven' in place. The heaven is is invisible because of all the noise, all the hustle and bustle (going nowhere very fast), all the activity, all the corruption and stink that exudes from the darksiders, within and outside the body. The dark side empire has its wheels turning everywhere. It has reached the point where dependence on the dark side and its creations is almost complete. The system controls practically everything and there is no survival without it. Those who live off the 'grid' do so with money and products from the system. The dark side has danced, paraded and played itself. They eliminated the good people who could potentially 'rain' on their parades. They have made war by deception and force. Now that the deception is wearing thinner, greater force lies ahead. Demonic people always operate the same way, in every alleged age of the Yuga Cycles. They don't need God's permission to play themselves. And, they want everyone else to be dark side like them. It is dark side nature to be like this. Souls do not resemble these demonic entities in any way. Souls live out their natures too. They can do so in the proper environments. The latter is impossible to find betwixt the darkside 'psychic' net. The darkside world gives all the 'food' for growth to the dark sides and have nothing to give that souls can use. Like vibrates with like. The overwhelming darkside majority in the world energises only darkside consciousness. Souls have no 'food' and no similars to help them, even with camaraderie or courage. Earth has become a darkside party or a festival and one has to dance their dances and sing their songs if one is alive. How can there be an unfoldment of the heaven from within under these conditions of torture? How can there be an unfoldment of the heaven from within without fighting back against the darkness within? How can we know the heaven that the soul creates (inasmuch as the darkside creates hell here) if we are unfree to become soul? You have to do it in spite of everything else! Soul is more powerful than the dark side. A darksider will belong to a tribe (or color) of people, of the same darkside consciousness. Each soul has a unique consciousness. But, we will never know the glory of the soul until souls are free of dark side attempts on their lives, free of the rearing of souls in captivity, free of the suppression and the torture, free of the deception and the lies.....and free of the rule of the dark side.    

All this about this is Kali age is just too convenient... a self-perpetuating justification for the continuance of this dark side rule on Earth. The cyclical procession of spiritual ages is mere speculation proposed in the quest to explain the present. That all the evils being experienced now, and thus far, have been divinely scripted is becoming sufficient argument for us to let it continue until the divine script flips to the next scene. For soul people, 432,000 years is a very long time to wait. And, if God intended it to be so, why fight it. This is how religion is promoting the darksiders and their rule over Earth. If one looks, one sees actual people who run things on Earth, the Elites. They are not good people. Neither are the bulk of the masses who are steered by these Elites. Did God choose these evil people to run this leg of the Kali marathon? Definitely not! They are not staying in power by virtue of Divine permission but by force, technology, schemes, cunning: the money systems, the market economy, the control of money printing, the hijacking of education, the pretense of elections, the stock market etc etc. God did not ordain this age neither did he choose anybody. But, somebody wants us to believe that!   

God has been alive and waiting to help and guide souls so they could wake up and help themselves out of the calamity that is earthly life. From the worship and veneration given to prophets, messengers and gurus, one would think that the real God has been dead over the centuries or is so 'high' that access can only be through the venerated prophets and messengers.The impression that only those who are deemed as SAINTS by the religious organisations, and get public acclaim and veneration, are the ones who really were GOOD, or top class God-lovers, or who knew God, is a first class deception. The living God has been there, unnoticed and un-heralded, guiding all those who were, and are, souls. Only the small soul can relate to the big Soul and vice versa.  They are of the same substance and the communication is from substance to substance, with the brain doing the decoding to bring it to earthly understanding. Darksiders cannot communicate with the GOOD God.....satan being like an evil god. There can be no substance to substance communication between good and evil or soul and dark side. The different substances cannot 'vibrate' or resonate or flow with each other. So, religion in this dark side era is catering for the crowd by saying that we are all sinners who must repent to go to heaven after death. There is no heaven for the dark side. The scriptures lie too! How could the evil Duryodhan be seen in heaven when the dark side substance cannot even get close to heaven? They presented heaven as a physical place to pre-empt that problem! Soul people do not have dark side behavior, which is sin. It is not within soul nature to behave like that. It is the darkness within which behaves its own way, after suppressing the soul. The soul is not guilty, and the body is not guilty. Yet, the deceiving darkness plots to further suppress the soul by accusing soul of committing sin, when the darkside initiated and concluded the behavior. The dark side blackmails the innocent soul so that it can keep doing all the wrong things it wants, without fightback.

Religion is governed by the Elites, just like most other things. It is becoming quite clear that religion has deliberately missed the point, and pointed us into blind alleys. Religion has become a tool of control and deception. We are here to live lives as soul but wind up with our body's dark side in charge. We have to discover the real causes of this 'switching' and correct it so we can fulfill our purpose here. We have all kinds of sources of info. Use them to help figure it out. Remember, being scripture does not make it truth. People long ago were our early explorers and most failed to get it right. Religion tries to say that these early explorations are the highest truths. Good for them! The Elites control the religions just like all the economics and politics. Nothing they have their hands in is fit for consumption. Truth lies ahead...beyond your research and experimentation. It comes after much imbibing of research. Then, one has to empty oneself of all these ideas by expressing them or bringing them down into the flesh as words. At some point of emptiness, a flow picks up from intuition and it is from here that the higher truths are obtained. More research and emptying gives you even deeper flows of truth from intuition. Those who write crap now can evolve into future truthtellers, with enough research and writing. It takes more than that, but that's enough!