Monday, July 29, 2013

Fightback...............In Partnership With God. 2

Why not ask God himself? He is alive! Why keep relying on religious middlemen who are specialists at being able to tell you all about God, without themselves knowing him firsthand. They obtained their positions not after successful God-searches but by virtue of being trained to market religious wares to a gullible public. Theology and dogma sets up hopeful people for this incarnations' failure. The imaginings peddled by priestcraft cannot beat the reality of firsthand experience of God. And, God's principal relationship with 'mankind' is not listening to prayers, then giving miracles, blessings and material things to the faithful, if he is pleased. We have been taught to look to miracles as the ideal kind of feedback experience that God gives to mankind. Most are looking for a master-magician in God, not a partner/Guru. God may not give us magic but he backs up his own in more important ways. While satan gives his power and earth's bounties to his small selves, God gives protection, guidance and knowledge to his troops. So religion for darksiders focuses us on 'sucking up' to God and getting materials and miracles in return. Focused thusly, we forget the existence of the 'Evil vs Good' war, the quest of the ‘good’ for salvation from the darkside, and of God’s real role. God is a simple non-darkside super-entity.  Religious Organisations and priestcraft try to figure him out but he does not go on record or manifest his presence easily. Religion suffers from a lack of real knowledge about God and is forced to make it up. Religion erected paradigms about God and expects him to conform to them. When God doesn't respond, the faithful flee from barren religions to another with a more presentable image, or give up on God altogether. The religion of money has already converted most of mankind. Darksiders want God to give them evidence of his existence and Godship. God must present himself so they can win their mental argument about his existence, forgetting that only God's own substance (soul) can perceive his existence. The darkside cannot know or detect God, except he comes to destroy them, as an Avatar. The good can detect God and know him, but even they cannot fully comprehend God's roles in creation. Receiving an idea and acting on it is a simple affair, until you get into where the idea came from, and if God is steering you…or who is steering? The point is that God is alive and questions should be put to him. Then, seek the answer. You are usually guided to the answer. It will turn up on the pathways of your search. Or, it could be by a chance detour, or by some method you cannot explain. You may have trouble recognizing the truth because of missing intermediate logic or argumentative steps, or info, whereby you can understand how it links to, or fits in with what you already know. Faith in truths that you cannot understand yet or verify, is not sufficient cause for accepting them, or for implementing them. You have to search for the truth, yet verify it before you include it in your overview. God either tells the truth via intuition or leads you to it, but you have to process it, until you fully comprehend it. Introspection and Meditation are doings in this direction. God exists outside of religion and beyond it. He is the partner of souls in the process of living the lifespan of the body.
Near-Death Experiences (NDEs..... that site plus this site is all you need for this aspect of research) are excursions into another world more real than this one. The things of this world fade out of significance as another, more profound, paradigm becomes operative. Those who survive tell of their amazing experiences during temporary death. Those who get this break from constant immersion in the system of things, return with notions that there is a grander purpose to living…a purpose that transcends their attachment to materialism. It takes a NDE to break the hypnotic hold that this civilization has on us, and set us straight. What a fast-forwarded lunge into sanity it will be if we could get there without such a drastic experience. Many who return are convinced of God’s bonafides, and of having a divine purpose to their lives. Civilisation tells us that our purpose is to earn/spend or buy/sell, according to the system of the elites. But, those who return from NDEs, do so mainly because their real work here is unfinished. The darksiders do not acknowledge that man is here to do work as ordained by the divine side of creation. Despite their wish to remain on the other side, the NDE-ers are forced to return, but with a new enlightenment. Their work for the good side continues with the firm knowledge that they are not alone in what they do: they have other humans (dead or alive) and God as partners. At another point in Earth’s evolution, if satan is defeated,  that work may be different. NDEs put the obsession with sense gratification, with constant tilltillation, with ego-building, and with accumulating material things, in its place of insignificance. It corrects our indulgences with ‘illusion’ and helps us discover the real purpose for our being born. Religion it is which prevented us from making a connection with the God who has been alive all these millennia. Religion makes us believe that one must pursue God according to their recipe, to be spiritual, at all. The NDEs tells us that being independent, strong and righteous is all that is needed to complete your work on earth. Yes, you have work, which is already in your lives, but does not include 'sucking up' to any god! The religious hierarchies even have elected representatives of God whom we are obliged to follow, if we want to pursue God. Its mockery that those who do not know God, represent him! God has been speaking to man all the while but we were told that we are sinners, with a bad legacy of the original sin which causes us to fall short of the glory of God. This meant that we were not fit to directly approach God. Those who reputedly wrote the Bible (or other Holy Book) from God-inspiration were not blocked from perceiving the voice of God by the blot of original sin they had! Religious Organisations, at present, are hypocrites and liars. Every soul can ‘hear’ the voice of God, and could have done so in every past minute of life on earth. Darksiders cannot perceive God, but souls can! It is there to be perceived. There is nothing like a NDE to wake up or convince those who have no grounding in the evil vs good war! That war is what matters most, not the life-plan given to us by the darkside elites and masses.

Cutting off darkside influences and pursuits breaks the bonds by which the darkside imprisons you, and frees you to pursue  the meaningful life wherein your own nature will govern the body, and become exhalted. The misery of subservience is stopped and replaced by the attributes of your own nature: satchitananda  (awareness, knowledge, bliss). satan devised this civilisation for himself and his little devils. God, sometimes,  wakes you up and feeds you (soul) so you stay awake and discover what you are, and recover your original nature. Soul's world is lived in the depths of silence which serves as the background atmosphere for the powerful awareness and its self-decided doings that comprise soul-building activity. In times of great evil, the soul focuses on fighting evil. When evil is not a problem, the soul can indulge in a deeper meditative God-connection within, and in the ongoing building of a soul-based civilisation. All the while, the war against the summonings from the bygone, and oncoming, lanes of materialism must be fought. There must be no recurrence, no new coups on soul-style living. All the activities in this evil civilisation, including ego-building using the social media, falls into the category of 'summonings'. Their way is barren for the soul, and leads to the enlivening of the dark side within. Civilisation provides the food for the nourishment and growth of the dark side. That paradigm is changed by your victory over the darkside, and the new paradigm precludes feeding of the dark side: it must focus on cutting it down in order to keep soul alive and aloft. People talk too much, desire too much, consume too much, entertain too much, and live too many false paradigms. They are led by the thoughts, hungers and concerns of the dark side which have been programmed to express by the economic culture, tradition, civilisation and society. The ongoing eternal journey of the soul is being suppressed because all the food is going to the darkside way of life. Only now has mankind discovered that the system has ulterior motives: the rulership of darkness, within and outside.

 The broad-based pyramid, with each level interconnected, and with every other level hierarchically connected, is the device used by the elites to control whole populations. Secret societies and arrangements proliferate at each level....manifesting the Elites wishes at that level, while directing the goings-on at lower levels. Inequality is therefore being created and institutionalised. The Elites have destroyed the reality of the equality of man in order to rule. The equality of man has been destroyed by the differing levels of worth as measured by wealth, and power over others. Inequality is no guide to, or measure of, merit. It does not indicate who has innate talents or  reflect who tries hardest for success. The system discriminates! The rich get richer. Those with lucrative niches get richer. The Elites are wholly darkside by birth, choice or conscious cultivation. Those at the base of the pyramid are forced to fight (compete is not the word) for a small size of pie, and because of this, powerful darkside natures are elicited and erected. satanic powers accrue to a variety of colors/tribes of darkside entities. The key power that causes darkside domination among the masses is each darksider is basically the same consciousness as the next. Souls are dealing with the same satanic force in a variety of bodies. The darkside is the same basic satanic consciousness regardless of the individual color or tribe. This creates a singularity of purpose and a joint effort to dominate earth. Their purpose is to dominate earth by elimination of other non-darkside species of consciousness. Souls, who own the bodies that the darkside wish to possess and use, are the natural enemies and victims of darksiders. Thus, Earth is traversed by one principal consciousness which is darkside. This consciousness is practically ubiquitous and gave rise to the concept of 'the all-seeing eye'.  The control that this consciousness has over the population of the world is such that unless one is darkside, or possesses the 'mark of the beast', one is economically marginalised, apart from being hunted, preyed upon and destroyed, just for being different. This is why soul/good people must develop their own paradigm for living. They must develop the ways and means to counter and defeat the prevailing darkside way of things. You cannot continue to do things the same old way and expect different results. Religion has presented God as the doer of most things in human lives. We have been led to believe that ' With God all things are possible'. So many things have gone wrong and remain uncorrected. We conclude that  the problem is God's inaction. We look to him for all things, not thinking for a moment that this is the wrong conception of God. We even come to the point of concluding that God does not exist! We have to examine God with fresh eyes, untainted by the inaccurate information supplied by religion or tradition. We have to get to the point of having that intuitive connection with God which allows him to have his own say.

The role that religion has created for man is that he must worship, pray and do rituals in devotion of, or in propitiation of God. Religion has invented religious rites that bring to the fore, the idea of the smallness of man vs the bigness of God. Why is the idea of hierarchy, so important to predators, foremost in the determination of how man should relate to God? The soul is the same substance as God. The soul can become one with God, pending knowledge and enlightenment. In fact, God uses intuition to flow the knowledge of creation, and guidance, to his own spark. When good people meet, what is shared is not determined by who is big or who is small. Like vibrates with like, and this is what frames the interaction. Souls base their interaction on the fact of similar substance, not on differences. Why should the relationship with God be focused differently? Clearly no soul people were present when the methods of relating to God were being invented! Religion has invented a God with a fictitious nature. We are forced to accept what is said because what we are given was reputedly crafted by 'saints and sages' or inspired people who penned God's dictation. So, we treat with this fictitious nature but expect real results. Not getting results leads to an abandonment of God, instead of abandoning the sayings of the saints and sages or the inspired. We have equated God with religion, so that if religion lies and proves barren, we also abandon the God that is touted by them, as barren. Religion has failed to deliver.

It does appear that religion is the 'opiate of the masses'....a gateway to partial 'completion' of the incompleteness left by no wealth. Wealth, health and material happiness are the principal blessings lobbied or applied for by prayer and worship. Religion is one of the prime media of social cohesion: members of the race or tribe are kept loyal, under control and safe from the grabbing power of other races or religions. Congregations are programmed or 'guided' by trained and programmed priests and pundits who belong to Religious Organisations, and which are supported by the wealthy and well-to-do from the fold. They have become the gateways to God, or the middlemen. They have conspired a reality in which the Gods of the saints and sages, and the 'inspired writers', from way back in history, reign as THE Gods, and the God of NOW is relegated to the dustbin. It is as if, God went dumb after he 'spoke' to these ancestral holy people. If one pursues God independently, one will be inspired by the God of NOW to dump those constructs of the saints, sages and inspired writers of long ago. Those long-time saints and sages were not as holy or as intelligent as any other people, then or now. They were part of the system then, and worked for it. Which is why their paradigms and constructs survive and keep proliferating. Religion is still an arm of the system and has no real hook-up with the original God. So God is being confronted by so many people who think that he is so-and-so, and God cannot penetrate their consciousness to tell them that it is all a lie. So many do not search honestly for answers to their questions. How can you get answers if you do not dig deep for them? The answers that can be easily found, are placed there to intercept, mislead and detain those who depend on easy ways to get truth. Thieves of your TIME hurt you the most! It is serious research of the truth that begins the process that culminates in the flow of intuition. Before intuition flows, it is more a case of  'garbage in, garbage out'.

Belief in God is a teaching for kindergarten-level spirituality. One must grow up and live by moral principles or righteousness. Morality is a gateway to the fullness of soul-building and soul evolution. Morality is the prime defense against the darkside's growth! Any evil committed from the body is wrongfully blamed on the soul, and the soul is blackmailed with this evidence by the darkside (within and outside) seeking to have its way! But, there must be more than morality: One must know that God exists, and live in partnership with him. The common type of relating to God fostered by religion are those of devotee, worshipper or some relationship borrowed from human living...such as friend, lover etc as the Bhakti Yogis do. One cannot create God in one's own image or likeness. God is God, and one cannot create a 'human' God like you want, then worship your creation. God lies in the realm of the unknown, despite the best logic and argumentation one can use to define him. We do not know God. Take that as the starting point. Then, relate to him and learn who/what he is like in the living of life. God, supposedly, is there to help. satan helps his own, so why should God not help? As satan's own walk with him and become his instruments, should souls not try the same method with God?  Depending on the teamwork experienced, we can then verify God's existence and help. Notice, we are not going into any emotional Bhakti or devotion, and we are not expecting material blessings......this is the darkside's mode and doing. We are not going beyond what we know or can verify. We are not postulating that God is like this or that. We are using the clue that God gives guidance. The next step is to have a communication link set up and working. We are dealing with a non-human invisible being. So, expect invisible communication ie no burning bush or visions. To get access to intuition, one must fight the dark side within, and reduce it so that it cannot populate/block the awareness with its thoughts, hallucinations, desires and all other gimmicks that take away our clarity, or push us to actions that build it. Get rid of the dark side's noise which constantly clouds the awareness and makes it impossible to detect the incoming communication or intuition from God. The darkside constantly beats its drum (within or outside) so we cannot hear God in all that noise. The soul's awareness is calm, focused, empty and harmonious, such that the idea-content of intuition can be perceived, as they touch the awareness as lightly as a snowflake. The darkside's constant 'banging' on the awareness makes us aware of it, and we lose sight of our ability to detect incoming intuition. Meditation and other methods help us regain that calm poise of pure awareness, unfettered by darkside input.

Your teamwork with God, and closeness with him, comes from the basic fact of how much of this charade (the Yogis call it MAYA or illusion) that people call living you can discover in your life, and terminate them so they cannot waste your life away. To terminate them, you have to first find out what they are. You have to undergo a period of self-monitoring. You have to write down everything that comes to your awareness in diaries, for a period of time until you learn to be self-aware. You let your programming and internal influences come up to the surface, note them and by so doing you dis-empower them. After a while, you see repeated patterns coming to the fore. They lose their sting, their power to trouble you, or to move you into doing. This is the cleansing or emptying process that precedes the peace that 'surpasseth all understanding'. You inculcate new ways of dealing with health and with the world, which work towards cutting down the darkside, and towards building the soul. A new paradigm, a new Operating system, a new life...these are the goals. And, it all begins with the truth about what your world is like and how it operates. The soul must give up the illusion of one entity in a body, discover the second entity, fight it and beat it. The reason good people are having such a hard time is because God has very very few instruments to use as his 'good people' support group. satan has a very active and forceful recruitment strategy and he can claim the majority of bodies as his instruments. They require 'the mark of the beast' before they help! God has no forceful recruitment going on. God has no stock of riches to dole out in order to gain adherents and recruits. Those who are souls or good people, are usually born in that elevated state, and life becomes suffering for them as satan targets them as enemies. satanic entities within subdue souls from childhood itself. If at this stage there is fightback, chances are that there will be more souls. But, that isn't happening. Children's darksides must be trammeled by parental and societal discipline. This power has been taken from parents and labeled 'abuse'. Meanwhile, all is being done to give children's darksides the freedom to grow. For Corporations to make money, they are being turned into consumers. Their darksides are being given the power to play itself by the social media, and by new trends in education. They are being dumbed down in schools (not by home-schooling), and are being sexualised too early. They are being given foods and vaccines that take their health away and give the darkside/bacterial combo a joyride. They are being sickened and are developing diseases. They are being destroyed physically and spiritually. Their ability to fight the darkside is negated by turning them into darksiders. With all these Elite-inspired programs going on, it is crucial that good people create or expand their support group to take care of their own. If not, who will take take care of them. God guides and helps, but the physical work has to be done by bodies governed by souls.

It is the discovery of the truth by self-effort that releases the joy of the soul from the handcuffs placed on it by the darkside and the illusory life it lives. The truth becomes your guide and seeking it becomes the reason for living. The more you seek it, and find it, the happier you become (as compared to the happiness of materialism which needs regular doses of sense-indulgence before it puts in an regular indulgence gives you regular doses of misery), as the pall of darkness or ignorance lifts and disappears. It is because the soul is incompetent in truth/knowledge that the darkness can capitalise on ignorance. Armed with truth, and methods of fighting the darkside generated from truth, the soul is not sheepish or fearful: it has tools or methods to defend itself with, or fight back. As you read and research, the new truth announces itself by that little more joy you feel, as you are released from one more clutch that the darkside held you by. The more you seek the truth by research, the more you reach out to God for understanding and answers, and the more he communicates with you via intuition. The calmer and more peaceful you are, the more you can receive. The more you seek, the more you will find. God wants to help you but not with truths that you find convenient. He wants you to know about the hell you are living in, with darksiders dominating the population numbers. He wants to give you ways of surviving, of being safe, and of fighting back. satan is reproducing hell on Earth. God wants to reproduce the heaven of soul here but he cannot do it with your darkside running the body. Using intuition, he guides you away from that, and helps you, the soul, to become boss of your own body, and his instrument. God reaches out to you all the time, it is you who cannot pick up on his communications. God reaches out to you, and guides you to the bits of enlightenment that others have downloaded, hoping that you can use your critical faculties to sift and understand. The thirst for truth is increased with every new truth you discover. This truth fits nicely into your overview of life, which is now under self-construction. Gradually, this overview expands and every new piece of congruent truth-data slots into it, integrating with everything else there. Enlightenment releases the soul's capabilities, including the blissful experience!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fightback............ In Partnership with God. 1

To more fully understand this series of posts, one should read my previous posts titled THE DECEPTIONS IN RELIGION and MORE DECEPTIONS IN RELIGION. For your own edification, you should read God Without Religion by Sankara Saranam. Sankara makes quite a few good observations.

There are few left on this earth to do battle with evil. The Masses fighting against the Elites is simply CLASS warfare, caused by economic dualism. The rich did get richer and they now threaten to wipe out the masses, via Eugenics, and take it all. The poor did get poorer. Both Masses and Elites are evil or darkside, by overwhelming majority. The Elites created the masses as their darkside clones. The 'good guys' is a third group who continue to exist despite all efforts to destroy them, by the darkside masses and the elites. Good and evil are not simply judgements on behavior or behavioral profiling. There is 'good' spiritual substance and 'evil' spiritual substance. Each substance exudes and exhibits its own intrinsic nature. These substances are invisible and are each linked to their origin: God or satan. Souls are given bodies to operate within this material dimension. Darksiders can have their own bodies, but in the majority of cases they possess and steal souls bodies. They then proceed to live out their own natures. The body is an illusionary being...the actual pilot is whichever substance controls the behavior that the body enacts. It is not a contest, or a test, but a war that is being made on souls for their bodies. Most souls are not awake to this fact. The un-level playing field has been structured for the stealing of bodies, the enslavement of souls, and the death of the bodies of resisting souls. The weapons and systems of both the darkside elites and the masses, are trained on soul/good people. Souls must fight back but there is something intrinsically wrong in only fighting back against the elites. Who are the masses, and what do they do? The masses are the poorer satanic clonal versions of the elites. They both war against good people, but while one is local the other works nationally and globally. Each group works symbiotically with the other, being fellow 'satans'. Those who destroy societies and peoples by wars, toxic products and economic manipulation are the same substance as those who destroy good people by snake power, or who destroy society generally by unleashing male predators to create mind-controlled hyper-sexualised females, and focus human existence on this doing.

So, who is really fighting evil? The majority do not fight back against evil..... they are evil! Is fightback against evil a losing cause, even before you fight back? Soul has no choice but to fight back: the body is yours! The world is just fine for those who run things, and the only change they want is more of the same! Darksiders love DEMOCRACY (the rule of the majority) because they would be nothing in a MERITOCRACY! The power of numbers is the only merit that the various darkside colors or tribes can come up with. Wherever individual talent is detected, a soul being is suspected....and the darkside stalking begins. They maintain that this is the best of all possible worlds, with them in charge. Constitutions, Bill of Rights etc cannot be allowed to dictate things. They created the current system as the vehicle for giving them their kind of fulfillment. Complain at your own risk. Once they get what they want out of life by any means necessary, to hell with the grumbling of the dissatisfied....and to hell with those who moralise and call them evil. Yet, there is substantial dissatisfaction with the way things are going, and the 'awake' see the coming of a grim inevitable reality that must be faced. Many have chosen voluntary blindness caused by the constricting of their awareness (or tunnel-vision) to only 'positive' things. So, how will they know the sad truth? They avoid 'negative' people, and 'negative' news. These detract from their ability to sustain the intensity of their joyrides. Who will fight evil in a time when everyone seems to want to preserve their comfort zones, while ignoring any moral/social responsibility that might raise its head because of system-caused collateral damage? The system's programming dovetails with darkside desire. They know how the their world really works but hide their roles with false constructs like 'Life is what you make it'. The system perpetuates the lie that LUCK determines the fortunes of life, as if the world is one big casino. It seems that we are governed by the god of chance whose blessings makes us winners. And life is about win/lose....not win/win! If things go bad, the system will admonish you with 'Blame Yourself', or console you with 'Hard Luck'. The scientific method of observation, experimentation and conclusion has not yet dawned on these people. The presence of causes which transmute into effects via certain detectable processes which are reproducible, have not found root in the awareness of these programmed people. Then again, being darkside means that you do not have a brain to use. So, darksiders go from programming to newer programming as their 'cunning' database allows. It is speed of response that makes them beat the soul in the fight for the behavior of the body. Thinking takes time, which slows response-time. Its easier to flow with what your inner nature dictates. The elites plotted the present outcome quite successfully, and the darkside masses supported them, loyally.

Religion supports attitudes which say that whatever happens happens because God allows it. Whatever takes place, they say, is with God's full knowledge and permission. Evil people, therefore, are only doing God's will. If God didn't want evil people to do what they're doing, he would have stopped them. They say that evil and good are equally God's children and whatever evil does is for the good of the world. I guess they need to read the message of the Prophet Isiaah re the distinct differences between 'good' and 'evil' acts. So, if you're suffering, its your own fault. It (pain) is for your own gain They say that if necessary, and when God is ready, he will change whatever needs to be changed, and human help is not needed. Your role is to pray and be religious. Essentially, your role is to be dumb and to allow the middlemen between man and god to programme you. Religious policy does not encourage firsthand observation, ignores cause/effect analysis and discourages the using of one's brain to gather the evidence to deduce who the real culprits are in the human story. Fightback against the darkside culprits is not ostensibly recommended. You are prayer- and worship-deficient, and you can change your luck by remedying these deficiencies. What we are told by religion goes against every grain of commonsense that we have. The fact is everyone alive is either an agent/instrument of God or of the devil. This is reflected in which of the darkside within or the soul, is in charge of the body. Despite the behavior caused by 'strawman' programming, one can clearly distinguish good and evil natures. By their actions you can know them. satan is busy taking bodies for his  use, not for God's use, because he has rebelled against God and wants to replace him. satan was originally given this kind of interfacing power for the purpose of karmic payback. Now, the rebel empowers himself in bodies, and gives himself materials which he consumes or uses in the unfolding of his nature, and in the building of his life as boss. It is satan who is in charge of this materialist empire he created for himself using the bodies of the darkside elites and masses. God does not own any banks, neither does he control the distribution of money or of life's 'goodies'. It was religion who insinuated God's role in giving people money, things, experiences, healings, rain, earthquakes etc. God set up the physical world but he did not create the matrix that evolved on/in it. The darksiders, among the Elites and masses, are the one's responsible for that. So, those with niches in life that bring material blessings, are blessed by those who created the system...not by God.

The Spiritual Research Foundation estimates that the proportion of evil to good people on Earth is 70% to 30%. The current figure for 'good people' is probably much lower. Some say that there is nothing wrong with this figure because this is the Age of Kali. Evil is normal. One should expect such a figure, skewed to a predominance of evil. Yet, the existence of the different Ages (Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga) with their ridiculously super-long time-periods were discovered and popularised in this Kali Age itself. Using astrology as the basis for such calculations is fraught with error! The idea that God has scripted a Grand Design for the unfolding of this world is the BIG LIE being propagated. Even if God does have a master plan, it is doubtful that this is it! There is no-one who knows for sure that these Ages exist at all. There are those who contest the manner in which these ages were calculated (eg Sri Yukteswar). They were not calculated by God. One can call the person who named the Ages, and calculated their lengths, a SEER, and say that God revealed this knowledge to him, but there is no verification that it is indeed so. Nobody knows God that well! Until God himself tells us that it is so, the theory of the Yugas (Spiritual Ages) remains just a theory. What is happening is that religious THEORY is becoming the backbone reason for the continuation of the way things are going at present. We do not fight to change anything because Priestcraft and Holy Books tell us that this is how God wants it. Christianity tells us to 'put away your swords', to render to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and to wait for the moment of Christ's return. You do not rebel, and you don't ever take things into your own hands! It seems that religion gleefully reduces humans to powerless pawns. Salvation is a gift from God, proclaim the televangelists. So, try whatever you want, if God doesn't like you enough, you are doomed! Religion invented the fable that Christ's defeat of satan makes salvation a done deal, for everybody since then. They aver that there is nothing more they have to do to get salvation. Does this world look like satan is defeated? Do the people who inherit the benefit of satan's defeat behave as if they are saved or holy?  Religion doesn't even want you to fight satan because they say it is not necessary. The unfought satan, not surprisingly, has almost overtaken the entire human race. Religion presents salvation as an after-death happening which involves the raising up of the physical body, and its constituent atoms re-assembling from wherever they dispersed to. So, they tell you that there is no salvation while alive, and that all the problems you hoped to solve by joining the organisation, must be solved by God, as a response to your prayer. So even though it is the darkside elites and masses causing your problems, you are sidetracked from solving those problems by fighting back against the real culprits. Religion points to the 'fact' that if your name is not written in 'The Book of Life' by God, no matter what you do, salvation cannot be yours. With privy to such insider knowledge, one would think that the religious hierarchies and priestcraft would have their names written in that book. But the existence of that Book is a lie! And, priestcraft and religious organisations have been caught in too many sexual and financial scandals, so we know that they can no longer be believed. If salvation from the problems you suffer from does not happen while you are alive, or you die trying, your life is in vain. You have fallen under the spell of the darksiders and have failed to use your brain, and commonsense. Ultimately, you are responsible for the outcomes of this incarnation.

There is a religious conspiracy resulting in the faithful not fighting satan, but engaging in activities that leave satan free of challenge, and free to take control of earth (who would have guessed this!). Prayer, worship, devotion, rituals, pilgrimages etc etc do not impinge on the darkside in any way. In fact, it is the darkside which performs these roles most of the time! satan has been given the freedom, and the room, to execute his plan of taking over the world. The proof is that he is very much in charge, with control of over 70% of the bodies! So Religion tells us to do nothing but pray, worship and do rituals (including penance) and God will do the rest! It is God who gives you salvation and material blessings, they insist! And, we cannot re-define salvation to mean freedom from the governing darksiders! Religious lies gave the darksiders an unobstructed pathway in the commission of their crimes. If trespasses and crimes were committed by the darksiders, no worry.....forgiveness wipes the slate clean! They claim God's permission for what they do since God appointed them to be the Teachers of mankind. This authorisation, as phony as it is, is all they harp on when attacking, torturing and decimating the ranks of good people. Usually, good people flee from attacks because they don't know how to beat it. Fleeing from trouble is good, but the darksiders usually win out because they wear you down with sustained and prolonged attacks. Good people are told to not fight the darksiders because God contracted them to do what they are doing, and that God will change things when he is ready. In addition, this is the time for evil, and evil people, we are told! And, when the Yugas change, good people will get their chance! All that is required is patience, and faith! So, even though we don't know that that scenario to be truth, we accept it because we cannot answer back! Those with discernment can see that the darksiders have been using methods for increasing the number of evil people on Earth. They are creating more and more instruments of satan using deception, lures, force, darkside powers, the sex school and materialism. The system is creating darkside-controlled bodies. This is what the elites are doing because their material empire depends, for its continued existence, on the untrammeled desire of the darkside! The darkside masses are creating more of their own, as each color or tribe tries to out-populate the rest. satan has a viable system for stealing/owning the most bodies. Who is in charge of creating soul-led bodies? God does not have a comparable system for creating 'instruments' for himself. Religion does not do this, though we thought that that is what they were about. Religion has proved to be just another arm of the Elite's system. The evil vs good war on Earth is a very one-sided war. Unless people redefine salvation to mean 'saved from evil' and proceed to fight back against the dark side, it will be too late when they discover the deceptions that keep them giving evil a free pass. The soul does not need any after-death salvation. Those who create bondage and problems for us, while we are alive, are the real enemies we face. And, we must face these enemies, but not stupidly!

Priestcraft assures their own viability by making material contributions to themselves, their churches and temples, compulsory or voluntary. The faithful are generous givers when it comes to God! Not surprisingly, religious organisations have become very wealthy, and can afford to sustain their catapulting of religious propaganda which keeps mankind under control. With the news of sexual, financial and other scandals coming to light, many people are seeing priestcraft and religion for what they are: LIARS. Other versions of the story of 'creator and created' are emerging. One such version says that God put you on Earth to gain knowledge of creation. The 'version' that life is a 'karmic expiation' event has run aground.  The darksiders cannot read past karma, or implement appropriate expiationary scenarios. The Occult Hierarchy knows how to send lies about the past karma of good people to the darkside/bacteria combo in the eyeballs of the darkside masses. 'Eyeball reading' by each darksider in contact with a good person, gives him this lie, and also gives the proposed life-plan of suffering to be executed. This gives the darksider his clue as to his role in the good person's life, and his cue or orders to attack. The same info from that satanic practice of 'eyeball reading' goes out to all the darksiders. So good people are being destroyed by darksiders because of the lies plotted by the Occult masters. We know that good people are good because they are soul (this is not the pretend kind of PR goodness), and so cannot have the kind of bad past karma that requires poverty, death or torture at the hands of 'people' who are beasts. The journey to goodness is usually a long one! That all good people have bad past karma is very very suspicious. Some good people have defences, so they escape the darkside net! That certain bad people we know have only good past karma (which accounts for them breezing through life) is very suspicious. Our darksider masters are only creating new bad karma for themselves by causing all this suffering. What goes around will come around, I am told! People are herded into 'corners' from which all they can do is create bad karmas to survive, or simply to get by. This is how the Elites arranged for the darkside to get the scope to grow: many poor, few rich! Possessing bodies with darkside entities, which are unfought, assures that only bad karma is made, and only satan can express in this world. The good and innocent, however, suffer most....this is a karmic inconsistency. If anything, good people should be enjoying the best karmas on Earth while the darksiders, who do so much evil, should be on the receiving end of suffering.

I suspect that satan was once in charge of karmic expiation because of his ability to possess bodies, and he could use that power to give them material hell or heaven. But, apparently he rebelled and plotted to take away all human bodies to be his own own vessels. So he gives his own all material things, and starves/persecutes God's own. Good people are stuck as satan's victims with an 'if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them' option. And, the religions which claim to look after the soul, do not suggest fightback (except the Bhagavad Gita). They only have room for your prayers, worship and ritual offerings. Do they know God that well? Does God really want your prayers, worship, ritual offerings and love? Will God give you grace, blessing and salvation because of your devotion and propitiation? If not, what does God really want you to do while alive? What do people do when they are not praying, worshipping or giving offerings? Is the presence of God acknowledged in all they do? Do they know that God is the omnipresent witness to all they do? If those who claim to be religious just consider the omnipresence of God and the fact that he is a witness to everything, there would be less hypocrites! Helping others cannot be criticised because of the yoke of the predatory banking system that we live under. Helping is healing! When not in church/temple, people are living the materialist system from their location within economic niches, or without niches! Chasing the dollar requires its own methodologies, and morality is not usually welcome in those. So, one finds that religious doing gives way to materialist doing. What is touted in religious practice adds nothing which fortifies the faithful for resisting the corruption endemic in material seeking. The money-changers are now welcomed and wooed, and not sent scurrying for their own safety! Christ fought back! Christ did say 'follow me'. How many are following him? Instead, people are following elite-controlled religious organisations and the elite-designed economic system which do not have morality as the focus of  living. One cannot stay on one's safe perch or comfort zone, and keep wooing God ( in fact it is 'sucking up' to a God created by the predators), to alleviate your problems (he already knows them!), to give you material boons, to give you salvation after death etc, while you yourself take no action against the root cause of all the problems. Thus, no problems get solved because God takes no action, in the ways suggested by religion! We confronted the wrong causer! God is the 'wrong' causer! Even if we wanted to contact God or catch his attention, we did it the wrong way. We have problems/deficiencies....we let God know. Everyone can do that! Most do not know how to be in order to receive the return answers/suggestions/guidance. Intuition is the communication link between God and man. It is the God-Man interface which is the same as the God-Soul interface. This interface is blocked by the darkside's activity and noise. Eliminate the darkside ascendancy and grow quiet within. In this silence, one can detect every God-sent idea, landing softly on the consciousness. This is how one relates to God, not the unsuccessful religious way! Its a Partnership that is not premised on who is greater/lesser  but on the alliance of the same substance. It is God the TEACHER and GUIDE, partnering with his own spark to combat the threat of total domination by another kind of substance.

Why not ask God, directly, how you should conduct your life, and to give you guidance so that you may get to the truth of things? Religion is wrong about what God wants of you, and about how God relates to you. It is you who have to live the life, with the living God, not the religious 'middlemen', as your support crew. God gave a wondrous brain for you to use to process your answers for yourself. The 'how-to-live' data supplied by the 'computers' of religious organisations are not as important as the data your own brain-computer produces. For souls, it is living by your own free-willed conscious decisions that count. You have to ignore what religious middlemen tell you about what God wants from you, and awake your intuition whereby God relates to you and guides you himself. It is in the seeking of that 'how-to-live' answer that the 'answer' is obtained. It may be that God wants you to extricate yourself completely from your ignorance/slumber induced by Elite-inspired programming. Religion wants you to cozy up to God now, for an after-death salvation, for grace, for blessings etc. God does not operate like a big predatory boss! God is there as a live partner for every soul which manages to unblock its intuition by cutting down the darkside within. God's partnership with soul is while soul is alive. God is not that absentee landlord or detached lord who only takes your propitiations, never relates to you, and who gives you salvation from life's problems when you're dead, and problems do not matter. Religion gave us a too big, too important, too aloof, and too inaccessible God. At least, those who tried it that way thought so then. Now, it is quite clear that the God-scenario that religion gave us was fake, and so could not produce any real fruits. The Intuition method of relating to God works. God teaches you the truth. He guides and protects you. God doesn't work with the Elites, their systems and their religions. God leads you to your awakening. Thereafter, it is the journey of fightback and passive resistance during life which gives you results during life. Death releases you from this doing. You have to walk on the earth wide awake, taking no Elite-created guidance. The Elites have their own axes to grind, and only God can be depended on not to have ulterior motives. Only God can be trusted to tell you which walk to walk, and how to walk it! It is in facing the circumstances of life that you really live. The path is usually discovered after shaky starts and mistakes, and after being 'burnt' many times. Trial and error gives experience, but it takes too long! Research is necessary to shorten the learning period. Websites such as this shorten the total time necessary for knowledge-gathering, and simplify the search for truth. There are false paradigms and protocols out there waiting to grab you and use up your time, before you realise that you don't have much time left. At this particular time in world happenings, one has to cut to the chase!

As soul, a spark of God, you have to do the walking. Nothing is already done for you, contrary to religious belief. Life is not to be lived completely according to protocols created by others, and which you believe but never take steps to verify. Your living must be done by you, using protocols and strategies tested and approved by you, with the use of brain to decide behaviors. If you love the way the world is presently, then either you are still asleep or God is pounding on your door and has not gotten any response from you. God is always pounding on the doors of soul. It is souls who are not hearing because the dark side is keeping them otherwise distracted or asleep. God is pounding on your door to wake you up and get you going on living your life, doing the work of this incarnation. God does not want your love. He built love into you, in the substance of yourself/soul. You cannot produce this love by  any formula or act of will. Empathy, altruism, understanding, caring, compassion, and all similar reaching out to others, are products of your soul nature. Darksiders cannot produce these, and do not experience these states of consciousness. The nature of their substance is quite the opposite. Their consciousness is filled with incompleteness, misery and disharmony. All the suffering they dole out to nature and to good people, is the result of living out of their evil natures. Soul people have the 'good' feeling called BLISS already in their consciousness. It cannot be added from the outside. If you don't feel the bliss within, you have to remove the darkside-created blockages that prevent that experience.

The darkside/bacteria combo is the big blockage that you have to work on. God himself is bliss or love, just as  his spark is. He does not need any 'love' that you can feel for him. This is where religion has misdirected mankind. What kind of God is it who gives according to how much you show that you 'like' him? That kind of emotion belongs to the dark side. God is more serious and 'business-like' than that! Christ is noted as saying words to the effect that " You are Gods, and you can be greater than even me". Knowledge is the difference that exist between souls. You have to awake from the deceptions and illusions, then you can begin to build your 'truth overview' of the world. Christ was an AWAKE spark of God, while most souls now are slumbering sparks of God. Christ and other great teachers of mankind are different from normal souls in that they had knowledge of what goes down in creation, and of how to live to beat the darkside! God wants you to be awake, and to fight and beat the dark side! God wants your body to be his vehicle, not satan's tool. He wants his substance (soul) to take back control of its body. He wants you as a partner, so the life of the body can be jointly lived. God wants to use your body for his purposes, not let the darksiders use it for their purposes! God wants from you, all the attributes of teamwork: dedication or commitment, trust and loyalty, work on getting rid of the darkside menace (so he can get through to you), work on health of the body and generally taking care of it etc. All this he wants, but for your sake, your safety and your edification. You are in the body facing a world run by evil. God wants team-work in order to change the world. He can take the body of an Avatar, but we do not know God's plans. God knows and we don't, so the only way we can know is if we become familiar with the already 'known' and reach out into the unknown for corroboration, or for new truth. It is as if a piece of God is sleeping in the body, and God is dedicated to waking himself up. The soul-God communication link is Intuition. satan disables this link in order to keep you from God, to corner you alone, and to keep you cornered. Reduce the satan or darkside within, and the link with God is reinstated!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Freedom From Darkside Control Is What We (Souls) Seek. 2

 We have to be clear about what we seek freedom from. The truth lies within, and we have to ferret it out. It is not a truth that we keep scanning internet pages for, in the hope that someone will tell us. We may get bits of enlightenment here and there, but the truth is already there...we just have to learn how to see it or how to work it out. It is people who are creating and maintaining this outdoor prison on Earth. People are not just the bodies we see: people refer to the body/spirit combination. There are 2 kinds of spirit which animate or move bodies: the holy spirit (souls) and the darkside or evil spirit. Souls do not take prisoners....souls elevate others, not reduce or destroy them. So, it is the darkside/satanic or evil-ruled bodies which are the 'people' we need to be free from. Wealth increases the power-level of the darksiders. If we use socio-economic classes to differentiate the human population, we get the 2 principal groupings of Elites and Masses. Both groups are almost totally darkside. The Elites use wealth, political power, the economic and other systems they created, and technological weapons to achieve and maintain control. The masses use their numbers, their satanic powers, their socio-economic-political control over local societies, their system of games and the sex-school to stay in power. Both the Elites and the masses use 'force', 'deception' and war (disguised as games) to rule and run things! If one were to make a list of things and conditions one would like freedom from, it would probably include:
a) Private control of Central Banking, Income Taxes, Usury, Inflation, 'Booms and Busts' etc
b) Governance by people who do not adhere to the Constitution. Rule by Secret Societies
c) Toxic chemicals in the sea, soil, food, homes, air, water and in almost everything we encounter in daily living
d) Chemtrail spraying, Geo-engineering, Genetic Engineering of flora and fauna (food, fishes, animals, trees, humans), Weather Modification and other similar lame-brained excuses used to hide Elite plotting.
e) Radiation from all sources...EMFs, Cellphones and cellphone Towers, Microwaves, all kinds of electro-pollution
f) Allopathic Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines. Suppression of Natural Alternatives
g) Poverty, inequitable distribution of income and resources, unemployment, homelessness and other socio-economic maladies
h) The darkside control of the human race, and plotting to customise the darkside way of life on the planet. It is not incompetence but deliberate spread of darkside content which results in the unsavoury aspects of living. Some of these aspects are: satanic worship, spying, false flags, destruction of the nuclear family, feminism, human trafficking and kidnappings, the marginalisation and killing of good people, the trade in drugs and arms, wanton exploitation of resources and disposal of toxic waste, etc etc
i) Using pretexts for the invasion of or interference in the affairs of Independent Nations
j) The complete sense of powerlessness with which one views what is wrong with the world, nation, and your life

There are many many things wrong with this life, and hope of good change is dying by the minute. Some can flee to more hopeful scenarios, but the majority are stuck where they are. Some see waking up others as the course to follow, even as the majority still sleep. One has to fight back, but the question is how. I have tried to present information on the matrix, with its components and how they inter-relate to create the lives people live. This information is in the public domain and all one has to do is research it. In seeking the answers to life's debacles, one has to probe the matrix to understand it. If not, one will be stuck with answers given by think-tanks and disinformation artists who derive the answers from their mental laboratories. These 'laboratories' carefully eliminate real-world matrix components in order to fabricate their own paradigms and protocols for making life right again. They do this to give you a pre-digested answer for you to cling to. Usualy, if you have a pre-digested answer, you do not seek further, either for other answers or to validate the answer given. It could be laziness or it could be that we have been programmed to defer to 'experts'. In this blog, I present social, economic, political and other aspects of the matrix to help you understand how the soul or holy spirit is being suppressed and starved of proper nutrition. My focus is the fightback of the soul or the spiritual fightback. I seek the interest of good/soul people. Other bloggers and websites have their own focus. I do not offer political or physical fightback methods. As I see it, it is the satanic or darkside controller of bodies which is the problem. The bodies, per se, are not the problem. All races are dominated by the dark side. The SRF says that 70% of Earth's population is evil. The SRF further states that God's divine hierarchy is suffusing the Earth with divine energy, as a background to the oncoming Armageddon War. This war is for the destruction of evil and for the restoration of spirituality. The 'good' on Earth are few (less than 30%), and they are powerless to change things substantially. The 'good' invisible Divine Hierarchy, resident in the SUBTLE realms, including God, are fighting for us. The evil in satan's hierarchy are helping their own. My next post deals with the concept of PARTNERSHIP WITH GOD. satan has won out thus far, and so  he controls the most bodies. The darkside in those bodies work in partnership with satan. Only partnership with God will make us instruments of God. It is God who supplies the knowledge and guidance that makes a fightback possible. satan guides his own. Considering that all this will pass away, and all alive now will die, one has to ensure that soul does what is necessary to win back its body and fulfill its purpose for having this incarnation. Belief in God doesn't matter. One has to know, for sure, whether God exists or not. If he does exist, one has to ally with him. God is the fire of which soul is the spark. Argumentation cannot settle the issue of God's existence. One has to experience God or the divine side in your life. Near-death experiences in my lifetime has provided the proof I need.

There are several key facts about being alive that must be faced:
1) The mortality of the body
2) The immortality of the soul
3) The body, in most cases, belongs to the soul
4) A dark side invisible entity possesses the body. It is not the birthright of the dark side to control the body, so it being there is an invasion for the purpose of expressing its own nature and qualities.
5) The soul must wake up to its unfortunate condition and  retake control of its body so it can live out its nature, and its purposes for incarnating. Obeying the darkside/bacteria combo, or staying deceived into letting it rule the body and behavior, results in enslavement of the soul
6) Waking up involves getting access to enlightenment about what soul is and what darkside is, and how the darkside has taken over the earth. Knowledge of how to fight back is a crucial part of enlightenment.
7) The satanic entity inhabited the body long before the soul could develop. Soul is thus held in a prison, unable to rise up, unable to see its way of life as different from what is ongoing in body behavior and preferences, and unable to jump into a condition of competence. Civilisation keeps soul in life's illusions created by the Elites and societal darksides
8) There are weaknesses and conditions in the body that predispose it to permanent possession. The soul has incompetencies which make the dark side able to govern it, under slavery. Fightback involves retaking one's health and head.
9) Despite the power of the dark side, the soul is even more powerful, and if it applies itself to the task of  overthrowing the dark side within, it will triumph. The external darkside keeps the internal darkside in power. Defeat of the internal dark side grants immunity from the external darksiders.What happens in the freedom beyond, is unknown.
10) Soul has an unbeatable ally in God. When soul takes up the battle, God guides it to the methods whereby a victory over the dark side can be achieved.
11) Becoming unstuck from all kinds of programming is a key requirement for success. Religion has more handcuffs to offer than keys to freedom. The soul's way of doing things comes alive when you become soul.
12) Those who run the world are darksiders, whether they are the Elites or the societal masses. They rule by force, war and deception. What they keep in civilisation helps their rule and what they make war against, and eliminate, are the good and useful things in life.
13) Lesser life-forms, usually microscopic, are allies of the dark side within, making war on the body and soul. One cannot defeat the dark side possession if one does not destroy these microscopic invaders.  
14) To dismiss God from the equation is foolhardy. The darksiders have plotted this happening. One has to sustain 'belief' in God or have 'faith' when all seems lost. Hopefully, he will give you the proof of his existence. That God does not help you materially, is not enough reason to dump him. God does not control the systems for delivery of materials. He does, however, guide and give knowledge.
15) We have no choice but to keep on living until we die. The Elites it is who spun the fairytale of material happiness for us, lulling us into sleep while they moved on with their secret plots. We are mostly still programmed into that paradigm, even though they have made moves to destroy the achievability of that kind of happiness. We hope, like 'material' addicts, that we can resume our places on that gravy-train, when this gets resolved. But, that is just the darkside within talking. When you become soul, the view changes. We have to face the fact that we are souls, and that we are just visiting this planet. Another material-distribution paradigm that augments spiritual life, without becoming the main course on earthly visits, is necessary. If the SRF is correct, that paradigm could be available in just 7 years, when Armageddon is over (if their time-lines are correct). Even if the SRF is wrong, souls have to take care of now. The future will be known, one day at a time.  

Souls retaking their bodies, and their lives, from the tyranny and suppression of the dark side, must begin their fightback by severing the attachments of the darkside entity to the MAYA or illusion which the elites created. Maya is the status quo paradigm or the system (money and materials) which dictates people's purposes or raison d'etre for living. Initially, they must use willpower to dump the illusion and to embrace a different in which the problems created by darkside ascendance within (by its nature, behavior and consumption preferences) are obviated. One has to fight the behavioral manipulation of the darkside/bacteria combo by replacing it with conscious knowledge-guided decisionmaking. The awareness must be used to detect and short-circuit the darkside's modus operandi of continual accessing of the material illusion. The illusion-creating systems of the darkside Elites and masses serve their natures alone, not that of soul/good people. Instead of being wedded to materialism, one has to become soul and its way or nature unfolds automatically. There is added incentive to transcend and dump the illusion now: materialism is proving itself to be part of the Eugenics thrust of Elites and their Corporations. This alone is sufficient reason to turn away from it, into the more fertile pro-life alternatives or modes of living. One must change to a different paradigm to live by: one which promotes health, cuts the dark side down, and one which promotes soul's way of life and the unfolding of its nature. To choose a soul lifestyle, one does not have to leave civilisation and run to the forests in order to seek salvation or to focus exclusively on God. There is no salvation that accrues that way. We need to be saved from what enslaves us or causes us to live the nature of the darkside. The enemy is within us, and within the matrix we live in. Leaving that enemy un-fought perpetuates their rule, and does not help our quest for salvation. Running from the enemy in the matrix simply allows that enemy to grow unchallenged. The net result is a bigger evil. Good people doing nothing helped evil to spread, and so dwindled the ranks of the good in the matrix. Whatever kind of onslaught is proffered by the darkside in the matrix can now be countered and defeated. The divine hierarchy is now helping with energy. The conditions which built the dark side can be changed. It is not a deficit of prayer, devotion or rituals which caused the enthronement of the darkside in the body, and these certainly cannot reverse the situation.

A kind of change is needed within the body...a change which makes both your body and consciousness immune and impregnable to the slings and arrows that the darkside utilises to enslave and control you. One keeps living in the society, but one does not let it run your life. You have to take charge of your life. Force and brutality will affect your body so you have to be aware and act appropriately. Become like a hermit in society and do not allow the system's offerings, situations and temptations to lure you away from your perch, into potential dangers. Living intelligently, being guided by God and truth, is what is called for. Ignorance, ego and vanity must be left behind. If you can defeat and reduce your own dark side within, you have defeated the darksiders outside too. This includes the Occult arm of the system which is the darkside's main mode of control or attack. The Occult is the darksiders Central Operations Department. It is occult control of the human race which makes other kinds of control possible. If the darkside within is not powered up by the Occult, the systems of the Elites and societal darksiders will collapse. Not only are blood from human sacrifices, powders, potions and graveyard dirt considered Occult substances, things like fluoride, msg, EMFs, GMOs, vaccines and all toxic agents of bio-chemical warfare get the Occult work of the Elites accomplished. If the soul is not suppressed by Occult and other means, the darksiders would be defeated in a flash. Somehow, the situation within the body becomes transcribed into an external reality: as it is within, so it becomes on the outside, eventually! What happens beyond that will be known when one gets there!

This blog gives you simple techniques whereby one can induce the changeover from darkside rule of the body to soul rulership. The changes will be experienced while alive with the surety that effect follows cause. One is fighting for salvation from real enemies, not from the enemies religion gave us. 'Original Sin' and the 'Cycle of Births and Deaths' are not the real problems....the dark side and satan are! Salvation from enemies who exist while you are alive, will only come if those enemies are defeated while you are alive. You keep trying and trying until trying becomes your lifestyle. If you succeed, even partially, the world of good people needs your recipes so they can keep the darksiders at bay! Any success that you get, hits the collective darkside, and every soul/good person becomes that much freer! It is while you are alive that such salvation is necessary and useful. When you lose your body, you cannot take active part in the affairs of the world. Your efforts against the darkside is what you must do in life so you can have your freedom.  The kind of matrix created by the Elites, is spewing the problems we do not want out at us. That is the fact. Original Sin isn't doing that, neither is the Hindu concept of the Cycle of Births and Deaths. The darkside systems at the global and local levels are suppressing us, killing us and using us. We are slaves who are kept distracted by enjoyment, suffering, careers, the money chase, being impotent onlookers etc while the darksiders play themselves. We are being forced to respond to darkside plotting and cunning, and cannot live out our happy natures until the darkside threat is over and done with. We may never benefit personally from our fightback against the dark side. The future generations of good people will benefit.  

The darksiders do everything to ensure that soul people remain at the level of inaction (especially re fightback), or fail at everything. 70% or more of Earth's population is evil, and each good person is on the radar of the warring darkside colors or tribes. Being good means that the influence of the darkness, from within or outside, can be resisted. This fact will attract the darksiders who will make war to defeat soul, and to install the resident darkside as ruler of the body. From within, the darkside creates blocks and resistance to the acceptance of new ideas, paradigms, and habits or ways of doing things. It will induce forgetfulness or mental confusion. It will keep you locked into diversions and distractions. It will pretend to be the conscience or the voice of reason, just to preserve the status quo within by militating against, and obviating, any action against itself. Often it will project failure as the eventual result of any proposed effort. It will compound arguments to oppose, and defeat, the reasons one wishes to change. It will cause you to do nothing in the direction of change. It will create moods and feelings to steer behavior away from what threatens it, and into areas that boosts its nature. Remember, there is always something useful in places the 'mind' does not want to go. Do not rely on rote memory: make to-do lists! With every successful experiment/venture, the darkside gets weakened, while the soul becomes empowered to the same extent. Then, one can move on to other experiments in order to amplify the change one experiences. It is like a puzzle that must be solved. Success in solving any bit of the human equation breeds more success. Change is secured at the cost of the dark side's retreat. The nature that emanates from the body changes. The soul's nature comes to the fore. In these freedom thrusts, one still lives under the physical rulership of the darkside masses and elites.It will be quite interesting to see what happens when enough souls defeat the dark side, and what happens when Armageddon deals with them physically.

The role of willpower must be understood. The soul has all the willpower in the world because that is part of its nature. When attention goes out to millions of objects, it loses power. There is no concentration, no restriction of focus to a few things, or any detachment being experienced. It is the darkside which does this to us. We have to assert our soul nature: its focus, its poise, its detachment and its intelligence. Soul decisions when soul is running its body, are the best that can be made, though success does not depend on the excellence of decision-making but on the nature of the matrix. One has to fight back to regain one's willpower which is lost under darkside suppression. As one uses effective fightback tools, soul gradually comes out from under the hell of the dark side. The recovery of one's willpower is gradual. It is a new freedom that one experiences, and a growing strength. A change in personality takes place, as one is no longer assaulted by the dark side to the degree previous. Things like distractions and addictions relapse into the background, to disappear eventually. One's clarity and mental prowess is reinstated. Only when the dark side contracts, does one realise that it was the big hindrance to a harmonious healthier life. It is the dark side which complicates things and gives souls those bothers and problems. A soul that retakes its life gets back the simple uncluttered life that it either lost, or always dreamed of. Detachment, awareness, knowledge, harmony, intelligence and all the good qualities go to the front, and living becomes straightforward. All the continuous pursuits, hankerings and incompleteness are left behind as soul wins its war!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom From Darkside Control Is What We(Souls) Seek! 1

Freedom is what souls are seeking every day of their lives. Earth has a copious supply of basic needs, and beyond, for everyone. It just doesn't flow freely like God, the supplier, meant it to. Just like the Kauravas plotted to take it all before the Mahabharat War, others have plotted to take it all before the Armageddon War. In both cases, God engineers war to destroy evil and to restore goodness. Freedom is the end of enslavement to the darkside. It is the ultimate justice. It is restititution. To be free means that the darkside, led by satan, cannot take your body for its own use. Freedom means that the darksiders cannot control, enslave or eliminate good people. Freedom, for many, means more wealth, more money, more success and synchronicity with the system, and more fame and iconic status. But this takes your freedom away, and locks you in with the darksiders, playing their games to keep what you have, and to get more. Slavery to money and wealth is the worst slavery of all: soul is put to bed permanently. When life becomes a greed-building quantitative war, one's enslavement is as complete as when it becomes a grueling search for the basic needs. It takes some doing to get over the power of money, just as it is a monumental task to turn one's back on satanic powers. Freedom is there to be claimed by those souls who can de-hypnotise themselves from the chains that bind them to the darkside way of life. God's help and guidance is available. Presently, the Divine hierarchy is destroying satanic energy with good harmonious energy. The foundation for salvation/freedom is being laid. From 2014, this energy feed will get stronger. Souls have to do their bit at the earthly end of things. They have to rise up and seize control of their own bodies. They have to use their brains to seek out the true knowledge, and apply it to their lives to become free. satan gave his power to the darksiders, and they seized control of the earth. God is now giving his power to the good guys, and it is for them to use this power to take their freedom. satan is not beaten yet: physical power is his last option. Armageddon will take care of FORCE as a useful gambit. For souls, the lost years, the grief and sufferings, the material hardships and agonies, cannot be compensated. It is justice enough that those experiences never recur, and that there is a karmic boomerang to the darksider criminals. 'What goes around, comes around' describes 'as you sow, you reap' in a cyclical way. That law has never really operated, thus far. The mechanism of 'the darkside majority' has worked for what the majority wants. What other mechanism is there for the implementation of that law? Only when the victims fight back and win, can that law fructify. God and his hierarchy are neutralising satanic powers, so fightback will be easier. The suffering and loss of lives of good people have not gone unnoticed.

The energy feed from the Divine hierarchy is getting stronger. It feels like very strong orgone energy. If you do not feel it, you perhaps have too much bodily disharmony. Generally, transdermal applications of magnesium chloride will restore that harmony. Or, it could be that the body's bacterial load is blocking the experience. It is the SRF which first pointed out this work by the Divine hierarchy as a prelude to Armageddon. They expect the energy level to increase as more saints join the fight against evil, in 2014. According to the SRF, the energy being sent will be absorbed by the good guys. This energy will keep on coming though the good guys are well past their ability to absorb more. It is as if God and his hierarchy have their own way of dealing with the present scourge of evil on earth. According to the SRF, it will all be over within 7 years. The first 3 of those years will be a period of devastation by natural calamities, then comes the real war. They say that Earth will then be free of evil but at the cost of innumerable lives. Perhaps, there will be international and civil wars.....we already have civil wars in the Middle East. Armageddon is for the defeat of evil and for the re-establishment of spirituality on Earth. So, the good guys will empower themselves with energy and knowledge, and eventually become the saints to whom mankind will turn to for help, instead of them looking to politicians. So, joining the army or other fighting group are not the only ways of fighting in this war. If you don't fight in the physical war, you stand a good chance of being collateral damage. This is the kind of time we are now living in. Those asleep to international happenings will probably say that all this is just negative thinking. The truth is not that far off! Why should the SRF be believed? It is not a question of believing anybody. It is a matter of paying attention to what is going on in the world (has the energy in the world not changed recently?), and adjusting for survival. Life on Earth is what it is: not a blessing or a curse. Birth is a gateway to earthly life and death is a gateway out of it. Where we were before birth, and where we go after death is probably a vaster, more fulfilling experience than being a slave to money here. If Earth were our true home, we would never have to leave. We would never have to be so utterly disconnected from it at death, and have to relearn it everytime we are born. We put on these clothes for this visit and end up forgetting that we have to take them off, sooner or later. Darksiders do not think like this. They believe that the goal of life is to HAVE, BE GREAT, and ENJOY. For them, death of the body is final! They believe that they can cheat by taking it all, using it, then giving it to their dynasties/bloodlines, their races, their satanic god, their darkside colors/tribes or their deathless Corporations. But, the Earth has its own dynamics and no Elites or Empires will survive. All this will pass away, including us, and our problems. God has his own plans.

God seems to have a little game going on....he releases satan to cause chaos and make people suffer. Then he takes Avatar, or creates conditions whereby the good are saved/protected, and evil is defeated. This is what religion says, basically. Of course, satan could also be an inter-stellar invader who possesses bodies of earthlings to strut his stuff because he doesn't have a body of his own for this physical dimension. In the process, he teamed up with lesser local life-forms like bacteria, viruses and fungi whom he can dominate and use. So, the darkside/bacteria combo is causing all the strife to those who oppose satan's nature and behavior. Souls it is which own the majority of bodies, and they are satan's enemy because he wants those bodies for his use. If you do not willingly let him take your body or the planet, that is opposition! satan destroys what he cannot conquer. So, he kills good people. he tries to do it with cunning because he cares about his self-image, and his reputation. What would those people, whom he has fooled, say or do if they knew the truth? Yet, because he has been so successful (he controls more than 70% of human bodies), his ego makes him careless. So people know satan, even from the eras of the Holy Books. satan wants to make mankind completely forget the real God so that he can play god for us. That would work, except that the real God is alive, and has been so since the beginning. Religious middlemen make us rely on the purported messages of those who, they claim, knew God millenia ago. These messengers and messages have become our gateways to God. But, why are long-dead intermediaries and the don't-know-God religions necessary when the real alive God is himself available? And, according to the SRF, this God has his plans! So satan is making all this trouble because he wants to control all human bodies and earth. The bodies are not the problem: the invisible driver called satan is. Bodies of themselves are inert. One should be fighting the invisible satan in order to be free. he uses all his cunning and plots to take your body. If you submit, you may get a trouble-free life filled with the best materials this world has to offer. Christ taught us never to bow to satan. Look what they did to him. Ridicule and execution! They chose the CROSS to be Christ's symbol, letting us know in a 'read-between-the-lines' way, that this is what happens to those who oppose them. They gave us dead heroes to inspire yet warn us! They don't care! They attack you with snake power then laugh at you, while your heart is pounding, to bursting point, and the flight response, with adrenaline pumping, is writ clear in your strides. This attack becomes a memory, with time. The pain and fright are not there anymore! But the curses that were placed on them, shall only disappear when fulfilled, and they will prey no more!

There are so many people with problems today. Even darksiders are having problems as the rate of illness escalates. While a few cases of God's miracles on behalf of a few people are widely publicised, so many more point to God's dismal track record in their lives. It is as if God has plans for the collective humanity but he is very limited when it comes to personal help. We expect God to help. After all, doesn't satan help his own? We were programmed into believing in a God who blesses us with rain, health, fame and fortune. In the 21st century, we know that the rain has its own causal mechanism, that you have to take care of your own health, and that fame and fortune are man-made. We know too that it is the darksiders who lay obstacles in your path, who give you all kinds of attacks, setups, accidents, delays and troubles, and who are behind your unhappiness and lack of well-being. The darksiders operate the 'sex school' so that they vie for the energy-laden female warriors who will give them energy-wellness and the rights to big slices of the material pie. Good people do not have this resort. If anything, good people are set up to be 'stooges' in these gender games. They are put into the games by the darksiders, and do not join in of their own volition. They are there to 'grant' permissions for all that the darksiders do, and to lose. When good people play, they end up in despair, desolation or death. If they don't play, the result is the same. All the troubles that good people experience can be traced to 3 things: the activities of darksiders, the lack of knowledge and the lack of
back-up where and when it matters. You will be fortunate if you get help or justice, when in a bind. The darkside society will be busy in not-caring, or in covering up and protecting their own.The good guy will find out that everyone he goes to is playing the game, and what he gets is one of their winning moves. There are not enough good people around so that you can find one to help you...even by accident. Each darkside color or tribe is comprised of millions of bodies. Each color usually has a working arrangement with other colors. Collectively, the various colors divvy up the economic and female pies among themselves, so they do collude and cooperate. The various colors provide back-up for each other. satan himself does not have to enter the equation because his 'divided' selves support each other. satan directs and inspires his little selves. God also can direct and inspire good people. All one has to do is learn how to tune in to him. This is the kind of direct help that God gives. It is only because we have no good back-up crew that we look to God for all kinds of material help. On earth, now, it is all do-it-yourself, for good/soul people. God, and your research, gives the knowledge of how to row your boat, the best way you can. The ultimate solution is the end of the darkside domination of life. This is the reason for Armageddon. 

Darksiders will find all kinds of justifications for doing the evil they do, and for feeling righteous about it. They claim that their good victims haver many failings especially that they did not 'sign' anything, and had no respect. Other justifications have been given to excuse the evil that they do e.g. that by their evil deeds, evil is pushing good people to fulfill their karma. The assumption is that evil people can know the past karmas of good people, and are themselves obeying the law of karma. This is only deception. Neither do they know what is 'good' for good people. Darksiders keep good people down, deprive them of opportunities and successes, then claim that good people must wait their turn. They claim that the lines are very long, and good people are way to the back. Every failure given to good people have some smart-assed excuse like...'You should take your time' or 'When its your turn, then'. It was our turn when we were born! The only reason that we are at the back of the line, is that the line is facing the wrong way! Some will argue that the darkside deserves a time as boss of the body....even though it is stealing the body that it doesn't own. Such utter rubbish! The darksiders hunt/chase down good people and destroy them, often as an example to others, so others will not disobey them or fight back. Good people are killed, then made into heroes. These dead heroes remind good people about what happens to those who oppose. Christ was one example. Christ was not born to be killed for our sins. Nobody has that kind of vision of God's plans, or ability to read the past, so as to make that claim!. It is just religious disinfo. While wrecking good people's lives, torturing them and making them suffer, darksiders often talk about paying them, as if beating them then paying for injury, is the accepted way of doing things. It is a deception that allows them to continue in the same vein, while you wait expectantly and keep on being on good terms with them. You would also postpone any moves you may have to run away, and so give them the time needed to get the job done on you. They can compensate your failures that they conspired, and for the bullets that you dodged, but they cannot give you back your time....time that could have been spent doing it your way and without their illicit input. Do not fall for the 'We are all one family: the human family' type of propaganda that neutralises your defences against the darksiders, and turns off your alarms. If 7 out of 10 people are darksiders, I would stay away from crowds! Remember that those who are still in the kindergarten of material toys and satanic powers cannot teach or test those already on the highway of morality. It is indeed a topsy-turvy world! In fact, one method of fighting the darkside is to bring to the forefront of your awareness, all their sins against you for them to mind-read it. Though some of them will feel like the ‘star’ of your life, this approach puts them off and takes away their steam. The situation hurts, but only fightback puts you on the road to freedom.

The dark side propagates that it is adjustments in attitude that will bring success eg having faith or being positive. They say this to hide their role in the causation of things, especially the bad things that happen to good people, and the good things for bad people. The 'Faith in God' mantra is meant for you to place God as the real causation in your successes, failures, and happiness or sorrow. God is not the decider or deliverer of material success. It is not a God-created system that you live in. God is not in charge of the system. In fact, God is trying to save you from the system, and one can place firm reliance on him for this kind of help. If you fail materially, it is not your attitude, or your faith in God, that needs review.....the darksiders are responsible. Forget the methodologies thought up by Elite think-tanks in their mental laboratories. Their recipes for success, like the law of positive attraction, carefully avoids the real Matrix, its components and their real inter-relationships. The human landscape is rendered featureless to reveal the existence of a law that only the inventors see. The real causes and effects, and the processes which link them, that exist in the matrix are ignored in favor of their newest concoction! Forget religion and its desire to get you liberation after you are dead, but cannot do anything for you while you are alive. Religion does not stick to morality which would give you change while alive! God expects you to to stand up and fight evil, insasmuch as they are making war on good people. Though you are expected to row your own boat materially, God offers to help you in your fight for your own freedom/salvation, while you are alive. Spending your time seeking liberation from the karmic wheel or original sin is useless, deflecting you from your role in fighting back for freedom from the real darkside enemy. All the lovey-dovey stuff called Bhakti-Yoga or worship gets you no place...that is very suited for a predator-like God. The good God has no ego and does not respond to this kind of nonsense. The world is becoming almost all evil, so we know the 'whys' and 'wherefores' of the feeble results that copious worship, prayer, devotion ,bhakti or rituals are having. It is insanity to keep doing things the same old way, and expect different results! You have to be strong and self-reliant because God does not distribute the materials, health, name and fame, success and other human conditions of this world. Your past karma has nothing to do with it. The rulership of the darksiders, both Elites and Masses, determines your present life. You have to grab the reins of control from them, and do it yourself! God does guide and help the soul...his spark within the body. So, it helps if the spark doesn't fall for the devices of the darksiders. It helps if the soul takes the lead in fighting for its own freedom/salvation on this planet.

The darksiders parade their hunting and preying as a divine right, and their prowess, cunning and darkside powers as proof of their superiority. They gloat because there is not one darn thing we can do about it. They do what they do because they can, and the good people of earth has to accept it without protest!. Such is the impunity and madness of the darksiders. It is as if this world is built around them, and for them, with good people and different people being mere inconveniences blocking their pathways. It is as if this world belongs to them, and who do not like it can leave! The darkside has erected itself as the gatekeepers of both  material and spiritual living. This they have done by virtue of force: energy power, number power, physical force and deception. They will not give this position up willingly. Only a complete re-scripting of the future to exclude them, will solve anything. Good guys cannot beat the rigged system, or live with it and survive. The rigging entities must be cursed out of existence, or at least out of power! The system we live has shattered our innocence, taken our hope and our will-power. It has subjugated us. It is  both an anti-soul and an anti-body campaign. It pushes a satanic or darkside methodology which is generally accepted because it is the one that was pushed on us from early in life, before we knew what was up in the world or before we could decide how to live. satan ambushed soul by giving power easily to his spark in the body. He guided the dark side within, though it is able to function on its own. The soul became suppressed because of the heightened activity of the dark side, buttressed by support from the societal darksiders. Soul, meanwhile, had no such help. It is in youth when you have no other support or methodology that the darkside within builds out of control. Those who are looking for purpose and something more from life, gravitate to religion. It is too late that one discovers that one is trapped in a new cul-de-sac, as the changes expected do not materialise. Eventually the truth dawns that all mainstream options, operating systems and paradigms are blind alleys, and traps. The darkside is in control of most things, and ‘purpose’ and ‘something more’ cannot come from them. This is the value of experience. The trouble with experience is that a goodly portion of your years must be wasted on observing, researching and trial and error experimentation. Yet, this is a plus because so many have lived and died not really knowing!

The greatest injustice done to the human race is that of money. God gave us the Earth free of charge, with all of the bounties necessary for the upkeep of our bodies. Now, it is not free. We cannot go directly to satisfying our basic needs anymore, by our own efforts in nature. We must all satisfy our needs indirectly by getting that intermediate requirement called money. We do not print money ourselves, so we must get it from where the money printers have placed it or caused it to be. To do this we have to do actions that are often unrelated directly to our basic needs. We must do actions which give us access to money. This is the rub... we do not determine what actions will give us money and which won't. Our actions must match those that are approved, such as work. It is as if the Elites own the world by owning the money. You have to get their money, their way, before you can return to your life's task of getting your basic needs. Who owns the money can have as much as they want, and you do not deserve, or have this privilege. Most of the problems with life on Earth begins with you not having the right to as much money as you need. The Elites say which actions or niches are more money-worthy than others. Souls are very introspective, and their probings into the nature of existence and of man's journeys through life, is the highest type of activity, using the most important organ in the body: the brain. This output is called Philosophy. Thinkers used to be respected and could support themselves by that kind of activity. In the 21st century, Philosophy is no longer a prized field. So, think as much as you want, it will not get you your basic still have to find the money to pay for your needs. The Elites prefer their contributions to thought via their control of the various media. Programming and lies cannot replace the truth that Philosophers delve in. Without lights to light up the way of better living, this world has come to domination via Elite plots, and Armageddon.

Good people are too few, by percentage of bodies. They have no back-up in society. They are poorly represented in the socio-economic and other institutions which good people must access to get their survival needs. They are individuals and do not have the 'linked' consciousness of the pack-like darkside tribes and colors. Nobody, except the rare 'fair' people, bats for the good people. The way things work in institutions is that you must have back-up in order to get anything. When those who are there do not do their jobs fairly, and conscientously, preferring to be back-up for their own, and discriminating for them, then only the access to legal representation, ensures that good people get their rights. God cannot give support if he has no 'instruments' to work with. Having no representation in institutions, is at the root of the injustices done to good people. Meanwhile, darksiders run the system, and its institutions, for their benefit. Women seem to proliferate in every occupation, except where heavy lifting is required, and they,(whether called players, feminists or just women) bat for women. The discrimination exists in the selective quotation of rules and protocols denying good people, by remaking of the rules or by plain refusal or denial. Thus, good people can be played, marginalised and discriminated against, and by such doing have their lives wrecked. Usually, there is no recourse, or no 'winnable' kind of fightback option. What's more, the history of incidents are re-written to villify and demonise good people, fabricating faults to explain their failure or lack of success. This is the classic 'blame-the-victim' approach the darkside uses. They portray themselves as competent and fair to their bosses. This is why it is hard to beat the darksiders at their own game. They out-voice you!

The system we live was started by the darkside Elites who kept steering it to their likeness, gradually weeding out the influences of others, and bringing it to this state where they dominate. Citizens cling to the power of Constitutions while the darkside Elites and Masses rely on their power to force their way of doing things on everybody else. The Bankers used their 'people' to script this world their way…and we thought that they were experts, and we had to believe them. They claimed that they were objective, and that in order to become objective too, we had to accept what they said. They lied. They used Empire to take control of the money system in far-flung places, and gave up Empire when this was done. Local Elites everywhere connected easily with the socio-economic system, having studied to access money-making niches. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, and sundry professionals were the elite-created super-niches. They chased the money, and encouraged others to chase it too. With the control of the money supply, the Elites easily took charge of many countries. At that time, the laws and Constitutions written, gave rights and freedoms to people. This was necessary to keep the stability in newly-independent nations. The Elites hoped that they would be able to disregard the laws and Constitutions down in the endgame, to actualise their hidden agendas. The people, however, cling to their Constitutional rights and freedoms. The Elites are not averse to using force, and disregard of the Constitutions, to complete their plans for global government. The darkside Elites took the awareness of the masses and poured in their best compositions, touting belief as the best axiom to follow. The masses could never go beyond them because their minds were cornered and programmed. So, the Elites were mostly un-opposed in the execution of their plots. Now, the endgame will play out. Will the Elites win out, or will God and his plans prevail?  Everyone is being herded into cities (even in China) where they will probably be fodder in nuclear war.  Who can fight them...and win? Only God can! The most that the good minority can do is to fight their way out of the millions of problems that beset them in the mires that their lives have become. One has to become soul, to become instruments of God. This is the only way to assure that God is influencing you, and not satan. satan's influence will lead you to your demise, sometimes like this! satanic influence can get this bad because of programming like this! As the ENDGAME proceeds, one will need to be ahead of the 'game' to survive! The intelligent are running from the expected war-zones in the northern hemisphere, becoming 'preppers' for when disaster comes, and are hoping that none of the bad times predicted happen. Freedom is possible, with God's help!