Friday, October 26, 2012

Verified Truth is Knowledge.......Religious-like Belief is Guessing! 2

Religious-like belief is not confined to religion. There are 4 powerful disinfo agents that peddle untruth as if it were gospel: a) The mainstream Media (including cheap magazines at checkout counters everywhere), b) The Publishing and Educational alliance, c) The New Age Movement, and d) Modern Science. All of these sources exist with the blessing of the Elites. In fact, a goodly amount of the Alternative media is in the pockets of the elites. The Elites love to control both sides in any war. All kinds of spurious scenarios,  theories, propaganda, diagnoses,enlightenment, fiction or lies, false claims to revelation or insight, breakthroughs in research, new scientific findings etc etc litter the literary landscape looking for customers, disciples, believers, seekers, et al. They all want leverage over you or to claim your head. They all want you to add their resource to your life. All they want is for you to accept their word, even accompanied by their version of what is 'acceptable proof'. The literature or other media is usually laden with 'hidden persuaders' which are actually very cleverly conspired attacks on your resistance to garbage. All kinds of phony scenarios are painted and step by step, one is seduced into acceptance of the lie. Those who want something to cling to, something for ego-boosting, something for the Social media or something for every occasion, will find it and accept it without the customary use of discernment or the use of the Scientific method. " No! We don't need to check and verify that! It has to be correct"....... is the internal logic. The 'hidden persuaders' were built into the information package to override the basic common-sense doing one could undertake ie make sure it is the truth. Verify! The think-tanks employed by the Elites know their jobs! You have to know yours!

Those who have not developed their powers of discrimination or their critical faculties are the easiest prey for misinformation artists. In fact,  the system has succeeded in 'dumbing' them down. Yet, the methods of the system which are used to lie and make you believe it, are powerful in their own right. Fairly intelligent people are caught with the same ease as the dunce. Crooked thinking expertly dressed up, is the number one method used to brainwash people. Apart from flawed argumentation, half-truths and lies are key components of any brainwashing package. Only research and experimentation can go past these. Using powerful people or 'authority' or experts or highly qualified people is an oft used ruse. Your assumption that if the people who should know say so, it is true.....this easily disarms you and stills your doubts. Big mistake! Your duty is to verify all data as truth before accepting it as part of your knowledge. You don't 'believe' until you make sure that you are not believing a lie. Another trick used to 'convince' you before you go into the verification mode, is constant repetition. According to George Bush Jnr, this is called 'catapulting' the propaganda. We know that if a lie is repeated long enough, it becomes accepted as truth.The propagandists are counting on you being a lazy-assed person or a gullible guppy for the success of their weapons.

The basic technique of brainwashers and propaganda artists is to make you doubt your own intelligence and place your faith in theirs. They introduce and build their presentation very proficiently. By the time you reach the conclusion of the argumentation, you are hooked. They build false paradigms which extend the already accepted false paradigms you believe. They tell you that it is not necessary to dump the whole of what you believe and start afresh, with critical faculties on alert. No! They tell you that what is necessary is a little mental tweaking or readjustment...not a complete overhaul. Yes, strategic additions to your knowledge-scape is what is required, and don't forget to blend all  in with what you have already accepted from them! Nice and easy! In fact, they may insist that their false paradigm is the overhaul you need. The alternative media has its own propaganda artists. The recent great awakening of mankind is fraught with people who tout the 'awakened' state but all they show is old programming spiced with current content and wild guesses. They do not know that until you verify a piece of data it must be filed under PENDING! You cannot jump the gun! Much of what is passing for 'theorems of the awakened' are fanciful departures from sanity, flavored with anti-Elite or anti-NWO 'seasoning' and dressed up in celebratory tones.

Another basic technique of brainwashers is to ignore the intelligent indweller (the soul) completely and target the dark side within. In fact, the world ignores the soul's way of engaging in knowledge or indulges in it in a limited way in institutions of higher learning. The soul's way of knowledge differs from that of the dark side. Since souls who are victorious over their darkside are rare, the mechanism of soul's knowledge-life is not widely known. There are soul's who are awake but operate by a system of do's and don'ts which are enough to keep the dark side from building. These are usually re-incarnated souls, not new incarnations......their knowledge being carried over in seed form. There are a few souls who have developed knowledge mechanisms. The soul's intrinsic nature and qualities determines the kind of info it gravitates to. Souls go for deep intelligent content and would choose quiet if given the choice. Quiet is necessary for  maintaining the focus and continuity of consciousness. Contrast this to all the noise and activity of darksiders who revel in the temporary highs they get from material/physical indulgences. This is their constant consciousness. The media knows which entity within to target! They address their material to the dark side completely. They build the ego or appeal to vanity. They provoke insecurity and furnish their paradigm as the way to security. This is the MO of the Insurance Industry. Look at all the ego-bolstering angles such as 'Nationalism' and 'Defender of Freedom' which have been used to recruit soldiers to fight other people's wars. Anybody with enough discrimination, and who don't need the money, can see the inside/outside job that was 9/11.   

Religious-like belief is how the dark side operates : accepting info because it suits its purposes and without verification before acceptance. The soul has a brain as an interface between the subtle dimension or heaven it comes from and the gross world of matter and the dark side. The brain enables info to be transferred from the Causal world of ideas to text we can understand. The soul functions in the causal world which is a web of inter-linked ideas. The soul takes a subject, locks it in its attention, and matches it up to the Causal web of knowledge. The brains mental faculties, built into the attention, intercepts the related ideas, converts them into language and then downloads them as electronic impressions into the rote memory or into expressed ideas. For those with access, the causal web is always available and storage of ideas seen is automatic. Full storage of earthly audio-visuals is also possible there.  Meditation is a flow of ideas on a subject. This is actually how the soul operates not just an exercise for those seeking salvation. Soul verifies a bit of info as truth if it slots home in the causal web of knowledge when offered for matching. Usually a feeling of joy accompanies like meeting a long-time friend, as the puzzle of life is one step closer to solution. External research is needed where the subject is not too familiar or the jargon makes understanding difficult. At other times, there is some reshuffling in the way something is understood. By matching a series of ideas up to the causal web, one can easily detect fabrications as the web changes from fertile to barren. This happens for the concocted  disciplines like Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science etc. Most other disciplines eg Geography, Geology etc show up as mostly fabricated! WE were dumbed-down deliberately!

 The dark side lives for its enjoying, accumulation, playing itself (having a 'party', having its parades or 'dancing'), achieving superiority and predatory purposes. This nature is built into its substance. It has rote memory to work with.  It's nature and 'rote' memory are its 'brain'. The dark side is a predator with an MO of 'cunning'. This involves the use of tricks, strategies and recipes for completing successful 'hunts'. The knowledge it finds useful relates to the 'hunt', enjoyment and pleasures, accumulation of all things including power and all avenues wherein it can play itself. Rote memory memorises but cannot discriminate since it is only about data storage. The dark side's nature/substance selects which of its programming is the appropriate 'knowledge' or 'how-to' to be used for the situation it creates or responds to. Perched atop the senses, the dark side grabs at what is perceived by the senses and launches a quick action.....usually too quick for the soul to intercept. Now you know why darksiders insist on the merit of 'speed'. The soul's 'look before you leap' is no speed match for 'Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread'! Mind-reading or darksiders reading of their eyeballs is the source of much info that the dark side finds useful...spying and gossiping, as well as going through your garbage, also turns up useful info for them!Preying needs a lot of research on others. That is the knowledge the dark side is interested in.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Verified Truth is Knowledge...... Religious-like Belief is Guessing. 1

Religious belief is the acceptance of some bit of info or data by placing faith on it in the absence of supporting evidence. Religion makes 'belief' a requirement for serious members. Religious belief is different from other kinds of belief in that we are told that such and such is how it is, period. Priestcraft tells us to believe in sermons, using holy books as their authority. Priestcraft did not themselves do any research or experimentation to verify it. They are just parroting what they were taught during their training to become priests. They are not priests by virtue of having attained any spiritual state. They are not experts by virtue of having walked that road themselves..... and found salvation. Since the salvation they parrot to us come after death only, they, being alive, are not true and proper witnesses. To date, no-one, except Christ allegedly, has come back from the dead to proclaim the truth or lie about salvation after death. So, salvation after death is a rumor, not verified truth. And, priestcraft is a bunch of hypocrites peddling a product conspired to deceive. Now that the Elites have decided to do away with the different religious cults/groups, we find that the truths about priestcraft's sexuality, about wealth (accumulated in devious ways and spent just as deviously) and about Religion's links with the shadowy underworld, coming to the fore in the mainstream media. People are leaving Religion in droves. They now feel security in the God called money. But, the truth about Religion was there to be seen all along. Marching in step with BELIEF, we just did not notice! Now, religious loyalty is calling us to defend religion. Evidence has been supplied by the NWO to wake us up so we will dump God along with religion.....and accept their alternative.  

Religion wants us to live our lives their way based, not on sure truth, but on a guess. In fact, it is not even an 'innocent' guess. It is more likely that it is a cunning recipe the Papacy created to keep humanity away from discovering the real truth. The real truth is that Souls do not need spiritual salvation because they have the nature of the supersoul and can only return to it. They have no original sin because they can commit no sin. It is the dark side thief of the body which does the sinning. This little satan returns to the big satan on death. Religion doesn't not admit that the dark side exists IN us. Religion is for the dark side alone....they are so busy sinning during life that there is no time for salvation until after death. The soul needs another kind of salvation that is freedom from the hegemony of, and enslavement by, the dark sides on Earth. That's all it is. satan rules over souls with an iron fist and excuses that role as him and his lieges teaching and testing souls. Testing what, I cannot say. They do not know anything about souls or the divine path. They have no morality. How can they be our teachers when we know more than them on every topic except on being evil. In fact, the dark side views souls in their own image and likeness....which is why they fail against souls. They use snake power to rear us in captivity and fear. When snake power is defeated or fails, their plans fail. This is such a time! Those who 'believe' that satan or evil teaches and tests us with the approval of God have been lied to. We believed without question. If one approaches satan's technique of snake power and mind-reading scientifically (research, hypothesis,experimentation, conclusions), snake power is very beatable. evil needs not be feared! Religious-like belief usually has a conspirator at one end and a fool at the other!

   In ordinary non-religious life, some 'see' to believe while others 'hear' and believe. In the culinary world, tasting is believing. There is some kind of qualifying ritual before one believes in most things in this life. This is a basic type of 'proving'. Proving usually includes some actual experience, or the experience of some trustworthy person, with the phenomena. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, goes that instructive sagely advice.Belief in non-religious things starts with  'believability' and goes a step further into assaying the evidence. Some people require convincing evidence while others will believe a rumor because their best friends or the mainstream media catapulted that 'propaganda' very convincingly. Even this basic type of common-sense goes to sleep in the religious world. Churches and Religions ask you to take their word for it. Priestcraft put on their holiest looks and don super-pious decorum to lend credibility to the lie. This is not to reduce the impact of regal vestments, awesome buildings and ostentatious displays of working for God. Then there is the impact of numbers! Millions of believers just can't be wrong, we say. But, that's the catch! They are wrong. The civilisation scam is all conducted for satan. The Religions don't fight the dark side but build the strawman/dark side. The dark side remains alive and well to be built further by the Elite Occult Brotherhoods. They get to revel in hoarding, accumulation, fun and enjoyments as provided by the Economic system. The masses, which is dominated by the dark side, have their own control system based on freemasonry, sex, wealth and power. So nobody in control in this current system is giving food to souls or fighting the dark side when they should be doing that since it enslaves people, and because it is anti-God! 

Those who live by the scientific method do more stringent  processing of the data which is put on their plate for 'belief'. When all the evidence for the 'truth' content of the data is weighed against the evidence for it being false, a conclusion can be made as to the truth of the data. But, it is not all so simple. Orthodoxy is filled with lies. We have to think outside of 'the box' to ascertain truth. This, however, implies that in other things, we think 'inside' the box. What is required is that we must live anchored outside of the box. This can only happen when the sum total of what we consider to be fundamental truth lies outside of the box. When you awaken to the 'civilisation' scam and discover the truth about the schemes, plots and deceptions intrinsic to this system of things, you get an inkling of what should be. That is your new knowledge database and homebase. That is the abandonment of orthodoxy and the striking out on the road less traveled that is called ENLIGHTENMENT. The olden Gurus told us that it (enlightenment) could be done by an energy awakening of the 2 uppermost chakras. That was a lie. Enlightenment can be seeded by a Guru in the form of  basic or strategic truth but the disciple has to self-realize Knowledge. You cannot open a special eye to knowledge or pour it into someone's consciousness like some liquid unless the basic seed-bed of knowledge has been formed or framed! Enlightenment without VERIFICATION counts just as Religious belief! Without personal research, experimentation and meditation, any Enlightenment is not the bona fide stuff unless it is made YOURS! 

If it is truth, then those who live by truth accept it into their consciousness to be part of them. New truths are new links that are added to the interlinked web of truths called knowledge which exists as a capacity or a quality of consciousness, and as a reservoir or database of truth . Satsangha or company of the 'wise' is where truth is sifted and adjusted to produce the highest truth of that group. The field of Yoga has remained truth for a very long time because no-one can come up with another set of protocols that more accurately quells the lower nature of man. They do mention the not-self but do not state that it is the dark side! One's knowledge database was under construction since birth and is the core program or overview  to which reference is made when one's judgement or response is required.This is how it is for the soul. The dark side develops programming as to various items of a lifespan....things, places, people, events etc. It is like a series of how-to's linked with what, when, where and who that are congruent with dark side motives (why) and nature. Being predators, the dark side uses its cunning to devise working strategies in preying on others. What works and what works best, in line with controlling bodies and Earth, is what their 'knowledge' is all about. They  do not have brains and cannot use a brain....their database is within their substance/ consciousness. They use their access to the soul's optic nerve, the limbic system and the rote memory to spy on the soul and to influence and control it. They are about grabbing the material world and enjoying it. They are about hierarchies and control. They are about using force to subdue their enemies so they can shine. They are about living their dark side natures which includes hoarding, ego-building, expressing emotions (bliss or love is a soul quality not an emotion), drama, violence, intoxication etc. In short, they are about eat, drink and be merry otherwise prey on Earth and its good people.

Soul needs a brain in order to interface with this world. The soul is a very subtle or light or dainty substance. It has the capacity to live amidst of, intercept and transmit very very subtle or dainty kinds of mental waves. The causal world is composed of such waves. The soul actually lives in the Shiva or witness state but must come down to earth. The causal world of ideas is one such step-down from the witness state. Instead of just being in the VOID, the soul is now witnessing IDEAS. These ideas exist in a web of knowledge. The relevant knowledge comes up based on the idea that is held by the internal attention. All this takes place beyond language and ability to express what is perceived. Education used to be able to awake the mental faculties used in 'seeing' the ideas and in giving the skills to successfully assay these ideas ie perceive them and put them in a form that could be communicated. Once this happens, the ideas are changed from subtle waves to electronic impressions. These usually go into the rote memory for storage. Since the dark side controls the rote memory, retrieval of stored info can be hit with a wipe-out. So, it is best to assay ideas and write them down as they flit by. What can be read by the dark side within is not the subtle mental waves but the electronic impressions stored in the rote memory or as they are concretised by attaching language. This is the basis of the mind-reading power of the dark side. So, one can have privacy and secrets if one learns to stay above converting ideas into electronic impressions. That's how to defeat mind-reading. These things do not depend on belief....the spiritual investigator will discover the mechanism of how-it-works. The lazy-assed ego-builders and posturers won't.  

Soul can use a brain except in cases where souls are not given the chance to learn to do that.....which is almost the rule! The education system dumbs children down by killing the mental faculties especially those to do with logic and reason. Useless knowledge and propaganda is being fed to them. The development of intelligence and comprehension skills has been railroaded. More seriously, rote memory is encouraged for parroting back what is taught while absolutely no reliance is placed on meditative insight or intuition. People's capacity to use a brain has been stultified. In addition to the absence of cultivation of the capacity to use a brain, there is another more insidious process going on within that prevents the development of the mental faculties of the soul, and restricts its ability to bring down knowledge from its Causal world homebase. the dark side straddles the eyeballs and other senses, intercepting working information from the external world and manipulates its chosen response to the fore by distracting the soul, with inner pressures and urges, with hallucinations and selected visions of how completeness can be achieved if only the dark side's response is allowed. But, it is more a command than a request. It is more deception and cunning than an enlightened or weighed response. The sense of urgency levied on the soul, along with the idea that "Hey Soul, it is actually you wanting to do it like this"....enables the dark side to run the life of the body. It is all sleight-of-hand and trickery! Instead of being able to be guided by knowledge, the soul is steered by trickery. These truths can be verified by those who 'believe' they don't have a dark side!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Learn the dark defeat them. (2)

The dark side works by its programming, and by being steered by the influence from other dark sides and from the Occult hierarchy. The dark side gets its orders via the eyeballs in the process of 'eyeball reading'. The dark side pretends that it is spiritually evolved, kundalini-style and gives us the evidence as its energy powers. Mind-reading is used to impress good people but it is all dark side accessing dark side data via eyeball reading. The soul uses the third eye for hooking up with the supersoul. The difference in the ‘intuited’ is that the soul gets 'ideas' while the dark side gets info that helps its predatory nature. While ideas must be assayed and translated from a very refined wavelength or frequency to language, the info from mind-reading is ready for expression.The dark side gets the plans of the big darksides for its victims, relayed to it via eyeball reading..Of course, the dark side spies on others and gossips to acquire info for its predatory thrusts.. These things, the soul has no use for and opts for research and meditation for knowledge. The soul has no designs on other 'people' as daily things to do. Living intelligently, within its nature, matters most because it uses understanding and caring as an MO when others are a factor in life....not preying!
d) The dark side comes with no feeling of worth which is its thief’s legacy. It spends all day building that ego by seeking acceptance and recognition …..often by daring, impressive or bold exploits, and by attacks on good people. But, the worth thus created vanishes overnight, and there is more ego building the next day. All day you can hear and see the various ploys to grab attention, to increase one's reputation, to impress by repeating the latest buzz-words and phrases, in doing the latest of in vogue body-language probably gleaned from SOAPS or popular icon, in dressing like the stars, in shopping like the stars etc etc.
The dark side makes a beeline for power through money and possessions or rank in some hierarchy. This assures its recognition and ‘respect’ by others, without which it would become suppressed. Without money, some people would be totally dumb. The soul has its own worth within and has to do nothing to acquire it. Soul, in its own body, has nothing to is not a thief or usurper. Fightback against the dark side for its body is engaged in because it is self-defense!
e) The dark side uses its predatory nature in various ways, cruel or loving, to keep souls suppressed so they can’t fight back and take back control of their body. Big predators keep smaller predators in line. Both the Elites and masses do this. The Elites are making the world more and more dark side friendly so satan can rule from within bodies and present an all-seeing eye. The satanic net that was in existence for decades is now crumbling for lack of energy to keep it afloat. This net hunted soul people relentlessly and killed them by death from natural causes eg heart attack, strokes, etc. Positive energy aka snake power was used like a weapon to do away with soul people and to silence dissent. Snake power was used for everything eg getting women, employment, preferential treatment, destroying rivals etc. The victims of the leading dark side tribes met the same result everywhere: failure in every material pursuit. The dark side pretends to be 'of the light' in order to build itself, to infiltrate  movements for good etc.
LOVE is one area to which the dark side runs for acceptance. The dark side kind of love is based on dark side resonating with dark side. It is a kind of hunger or passion they experience. This is more like dependent relationships for pleasure and ego-building. There are many rituals involved in keeping this kind of relationship going. Since both are predators, one cannot afford to be conquered by the there are ploys like playing hard to get, following the soap opera MO (flowers, wines, chocolates etc),  the 'talk and back-talk' kind of interaction, spending on gifts to show you care (birthdays, anniversaries, christmas etc), keeping the grass greener on this side of the fence, etc. The dark side seeks ownership and acceptance by love relationships. Whenever it is sure of either, it begins to a true predator having a victory! Love is something totally different for soul people. The love already exists....all that needs to be done is for the understanding and caring to be shared. Each soul is already bathed in its own bliss/love. There is no incompleteness without each other. Instead, there is teamwork with total honesty and knowledge of what the deal of life is about. The emotional roller-coaster is absent. 'True' love is the hardest thing to find because soul people are hard to find.

 As souls, we have to fight back against evil  within and outside to survive. Where they come from is immaterial. They have already conquered the world. There is nothing to lose. Souls are above all this commotion when on top of things in their bodies. Souls are perfectly detached and happy. Their natures are complete. On death, they go straight to heaven….a dimension. Though they do no wrong, they can be suppressed and misled into sinning. A sin is anything that gives life to the dark side, that is committed in ignorance or error. Hence, the need for enlightenment. Souls cannot be defeated by any organism in creation, being a spark of the supersoul. Research for truth and retake your body. Its that simple.Many want to claim the high moral ground by saying ..."Do not pay attention to the dark side, that is negative. Instead, focus on the soul." These people are darksiders aligning with a credible 'strawman' principle. "Learn them to defeat them" the actual steering principle

Learn the dark defeat them. (1)

There are beings in creation we don't know much about. This could be because the Government and priestcraft have covered up or hidden the knowledge. Anyone who is aware can detect the dark side within. All one has to do is starve the senses, and an other-created opposition is experienced. If one decides to live by  decision-making and implements only consciously decided action/inaction, there is resistance and opposition. These beings do not have material bodies to use….and use ours. There are dark side entities with their own bodies. Led by these and other darksides with successful body-occupations work on other bodies to further the darkside control of bodies and earthly living. The Elites and the masses are overwhelmingly dark side or evil. The systems they live and propagate at the global and local levels further the control of the dark side entities. The dark side is composed of tribes of entities. They live by a system of games against each other...and all join together against soul/good people. They use colors to work with ....and to advertise their loyalties with, in the games. God is given token and strategic recognition but the systems they live and run things with do not have any pervading Divine flavor.

The dark side exists as invisible evil entities. They possess, steer and affect human bodies. The soul exists too. Both forces enforce their natures as behavior emanating from bodies. Further, the dark side communicates with each other and collude to control all bodies, societies, and now, the world. Souls do not have this ability or master-plan. In fact, souls are starved for the truth about their true status and the necessity for fightback. The reality of the dark side controlling the world is more a result of souls being ignorant of the truth, and so becoming asleep, rather than as a result of dark side superiority. Souls did not come with the power and knowledge that would help them. The truth is not out there so how can they figure it out? The dark side answer is the school of 'hard knocks' and their teaching and testing of soul/good people. Without being ahead of souls on the divine path, how can the dark side TEACH the good? With no morality and an essentially 'sinful' or predatory nature, how can they tutor people to be angels? What exists, is the dark side rules good/soul people and rears them in captivity. The system is for their hegemony. And, they make up the rules as they go along!
The dark side has certain characteristics:
a) It is dense, heavy or gross. This is experienced as a ‘heavy’ consciousness in contrast to the soul’s ‘light’ consciousness. One's own demeanour reflects this duality. 'People' are not the same from hour to hour or from day to day. What you witness at one time may not be the same being at another time....despite interacting with the same body with the same name. And, it is not just a case of ONE being responding to the ups and downs of life. In fact, what appears to be a single coherent dark side within, is actually a series of entities occupying key areas in the body.......with each contributing to the usurpation. The dark side covers the whole body except for the 'inner sanctum', in which the soul dwells.
 b) The dark side is entirely externally oriented. Without external involvement, it becomes bored and suppressed...... and defeats the reason for the bodily invasion. To keep its stranglehold on the body it gets very busy with materials, people, places, things and  experiences. It keeps its ascendance over the soul by speed, which it uses to flit between engagements, so the soul has no room to get in. It keeps in ascendance by the deception it enforces to get the soul to sleep, and so get free passage to use the body. The soul is more laid back, having an internal life to run too when there is a lull in external duties.The soul is not overly concerned with the external reality. Its needs are few and it is untainted by the obssessions and excesses that the dark side insists on.
 The difference between soul and dark side is essentially a difference between I AM and I WANNABE. The soul cannot be accused of a lack of ambition. Ambition is usually applied to exploits in the material/external world and is measured by one's gains therefrom. Such gains are crucial to dark side ego-building. Soul only takes what is absolutely necessary from the world when 'more' would compromise its internal pre-occupations. Too much external involvement involves attention placement into the external world. This makes it harder for the soul to re-center itself! Thus the difference between soul and dark side is the difference between INTROVERSION with limited external forays and complete EXTROVERSION. It is the difference between total engagement with Social Media and communications technology, and total avoidance of social media with an uncluttered life!
c) The dark side does not have a brain and cannot use a brain It uses the programmable 'rote' memory, and has a home base in the LIMBIC SYSTEM. The other home base is in the intestines/ pelvis. The dark side has its nature, qualities, powers and database in its substance. The same applies to the soul. The brain is merely the interface that connects the world of soul to this world. The soul is an instrument of the supersoul just as the dark side is an instrument of satan. Knowledge/info flows from God and satan to their respective agents.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Behold the Strawman!

The world’s system is not constructed for the soul. It is constructed for the unfolding of the dark side or satan within. The system has created an imaginary personality generally called by a name, having a Birth Certificate and a Photo ID. This is the 'strawman'. The human body by itself is inert. Energy moves it. This energy, however, comes from TWO sources: Soul or Dark Side. These are different kinds of invisible substances having different natures. There is no single identity that can be applied to these 2 entities. If anything, the Soul owns the body and all identity references should really be intended for soul. But, if the dark side succeeds in suppressing the soul and goes about directing the behavior of the body, the soul's identity would be inaccurate. So, one can give a name to the body but one cannot dictate which of soul or dark side will be on top, or which will latch on to the name given. As it is, the dark side rushes to grab the name, and the body that goes with it. Throughout life, the dark side tries to be the PR rep of the body!

'One identity' relating to the body is given by the State but there are 2 kinds of 'personalities' within.. 2 kinds of behavior can be observed exuded by bodies: good and evil. The 'single identity strawman' created by the elites as part of their accounting for the human stock does not recognise 'soul'. No invisible 'drivers' of the robotic body are recognised. At most, religion recognises the soul but sees the dark side behavior as just 'lower tendencies'! Today, they are speaking of DNA as if it has an existence separate from the flesh, and as if it has the ability to determine not only physical characteristics....but mental or psychological conditions too! They are pretending that soul does not exist and so blind-siding the human race to the existence of soul. They would love for you to believe that you are nothing more than energy driven protoplasm. More seriously, the Elites want your attention away from soul and dark side, away from good and evil, and on the strawman concept they invented.

Having created the strawman, given it a legitimate existence and monetary value (YOUR birth certificates  are traded on the stock exchange...Jordan Maxwell), the rest of 'your' life is about fleshing out this strawman. From infancy, you are told what is the right thing and how you should be. In the old days, it used to be that the dark side was discouraged by punishment. Today, punishing 'kids' is fraught with danger. Mental indoctrination about how one should behave took place: manners were taught. The system indoctrinated you about how a life should be, college, work, marriage, kids, hoard, vacations, acquire, retire, get sick, die. The genders were indoctrinated into their roles. All the while, it was the dark side lapping up this programming. The soul is not programmable. It will always produce the noble questions, when it can: why, when, where, how, what, who. With education, the common breed dark side gets transformed into a well-to-do strawman/citizen of the system. The common breed remains just a poorer clone who is privy to lesser programming eg TV. So, we have 3 kinds of entities exhibited from the body. We are taught nothing about the soul and dark side. We are herded towards the strawman identity. The dark side is an actor in its life of preying. It loves being the strawman.

 The soul is the only entity with a legitimate claim to the body, unless a dark side has its own body (a rare thing). Soul is not recognised by the Elites. The system, in practice, views the soul as an enemy. Soul gets no food, no friendly faces and no fellow travelers. Soul is discriminated against and plotted against because it found itself in a darkside 'party', in a darkside parade or dance.

Yoga teaches us not to IDENTIFY with the I. Generally, this is in reference to ego-building. In fact, one should not identify with any single or collective name whether it is I, YOU, WE, THEY, PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS etc. There is no single entity in each body, as the strawman theory insists. In fact, there may be several dark side entities in a single body, getting in through different or same orifices and occupying various organs, channels or nerve ganglia. Meeting up with another is a complicated affair which is smoothed over by manners. Are you meeting dark side in charge, or is it soul? In knowing 'somebody', who is it that you know : Soul, darkside or strawman? There certainly are grave differences between soul and dark side....too many for accurate use of the words like ME, YOU, WE, PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS etc! How to be a Human Being is a STRAWMAN lesson! How to be a soul, is what the lesson should be!
The soul cannot be controlled by the elites because it is perfectly detached. Apart from its basic needs, soul has no need for the material excesses and the money chase. It is the strawmen and darksides who live for, and by, the system of money, who need the system. Money is power..... and power is what the darksiders want. The elites print the money and ensure that theirs get enough. Those occupations that comprise or support the system, get most. The evil society plays God in that by awarding opportunities and success, they determine that theirs get the most and best. The colors and tribes that comprise society do nothing but protect. extend and control theirs.

The problem is that societal organization is based on the darkside nature. The dark sides have hijacked control of the body from the soul. Original souls are very very very scarce on Earth. The darksiders want control of every human body, and destroys what they can’t control. The mark of the beast is simply the beast ruling a human body.

So the Elites created their system throughout the eons, for dark sides to rule bodies and to unfold with every change or innovation in the system. In this system, darksides thrive. But the Elites like their version of the dark side…the sophisticated strawman. They spend a lot on educating the strawman. Programming is put into the books printed by their monopoly of publishing. Their journals, quarterlies and periodicals from their reputable institutions educate the strawman. Their cheap magazines are there for females at check-out counters everywhere! Think-tanks are nurtured for the lies they can create!

The masses are programmed to chase money and spend it on the systems offerings. They make the system thrive. They are under direct occult control ie they obey satan's orders and plans as revealed by 'eyeball reading'. Reproduction is at the root of their system. Hence, the population explosion. The Elites want to destroy the masses, keeping only a minimum number. So, sickness and death creeps up on the masses from all their consumption…accelerated death. If one adds all the death-giving strategies already active, there is no need for any additions for the culling to take place. What happened? satan is god of the masses too! What does he want? Sex but no offspring? Well, GMO corn was created for doing just that!

Souls, alive in bodies, are too few but make an impact because of intelligence. Intelligence tells us that the Elites are in their endgame. The old order will crumble and a New World Order is coming. Concepts like the cashless society will be the future. The surface of the Earth will be destroyed as the elites cleanse the surface of the masses. The evidence for this destruction is already here. Do not grieve for the system. Use the knowledge to survive. The masses are evil. Let them go. Save yourself.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Civilisation is a scam!

Civilisation is a scam. We must get off that demonic ride, become ourselves again, and in a renewed way, face the thieves of our lifespans. To become the soul again, we must defeat the dark side within and retake the use of our bodies. We were ambushed by the dark side propagated and fed by the system. We lost our behavioral prerogatives to it. It is not souls being in charge in the bodies we see. For that to be, souls must wake up and discover the treachery that took place against them while innocent. War was declared but not advertised. It is by deception that the darkness within governs. It is by deception that the dark side lives with the system, promoting it.....and being nourished in return. Wake up and discover the treachery foisted on us by civilisation, by the elites and by the dark side among the masses.

Warriors must fight both in the battleground of the body and in the external battlefield. The triator within, long used by the occult elites to inveigle souls, must be faced head-on and defeated. That done, we are ready for the external war, if necessary. As it is, a victory within is also a victory without. But then, evil does not take NO for an answer.

So, the system that was built for the darkness within must be slighted: no food for the dark side’s growth. No movies, no TV, no time-wasting! Why spend time in a benumbed state watching sports and comedy? Why watch sleuths tackle and solve fictitious crimes when we have a ‘live’ crime taking place within? Shouldn’t we figure out how the darkness within has grown so powerful…and proceed to investigate and dethrone it? Should we not conquer the dark side’s obsession with pleasure, hoarding, ego-building, preying on others, attention-gathering etc? Should we not defuse the dark side’s constant internal chattering and throwing tantrum-urges, longings and thirsts to overpower us and get its way? These are not normal to soul. These are deceptions. These and other duties await us as we try to regain our freedom within.

In all this, we must remember that we are SOULS with a consciousness that is different from the darkness. We have no obsessions…not with careers, wealth, name, fame, authority etc. We like it when our natures unfold in terms of clear attention, blissful harmony and knowledge. Our consciousness is placid, quiet, harmonious, spontaneous, detached, intuitive, timeless and generally without spiritual flaw. Things like stealing, lying, coveting, drama, material ambition, noisiness, seeking happiness from outside etc are too much activity and baggage for us. We undertake only those commitments that are our DUTY! Our consciousness cannot be penetrated by the dark side or by technology. Like oil and water, soul and dark side vibrate at different frequencies. Which is why to get at souls', the system had to build our dark sides within then use it against us!

We were born to know and learn this portion of creation that we witness in our lifespans. This is evolution by reincarnation of souls. At another time, we witness another scenario or the same one, progressed. Evil is ensuring that we don’t learn anything. We are having our attentions pulled and tied to the ever-changing material things and events of life and are restricted from getting an overview that is truthful. We are being forced to ride pillion in our bodies as the dark side within is empowered and goes about fulfilling its purpose in the body. It wants to be a star, it wants pleasure, to accumulate, to have as many attentions as possible on it, it wants drama since this lets it build ego and prey successfully, ……. it wants the temporary! It wants all it can get as it plays itself in a body it has hijacked. It doesn’t care about soul and it doesn’t care about the permanent. It wants salvation but sees this as forgiveness of its crimes. It desires heaven but not at the cost of its nature and activities. It wants a bail-out!

The soul knows that this life is just part of an ongoing journey but usually does not know of its affliction by the dark side. It mistakes the internal activities of the dark side as its own unconscious doing. This is the trick played by the darkness……and the soul falls for it because it does not know better. The Gurus of orthodoxy do not teach this. Orthodoxy is the programming that keeps souls suppressed, and mind-controlled. Those who are willing to experiment do discover the truth. Shut the senses down…and see the dark side rebel against this. Then self-decide everything, and so lock it out completely. Salvation from the dark side is the only salvation there is. On death, souls go back to their dimension. The challenge while alive is for souls to use their bodies for their own way of living instead of letting the dark side commandeer the body and make this incarnation a wasted life!

The potencies of the SOUL are as yet unknown. We are not snakes so Kundalini power is not on our path. Miracles may happen but that is not intent but consequence. A victory over your dark side gives you commanding power over it, and its tribe. The Elites are darksiders and belong to the colors or tribes that play among the masses. Will they succumb if they are defeated by enough people….spiritually?