Monday, December 21, 2015

Fighting Back Against The Darkside/Bacteria Combo In A Nutshell. 1

Human bodies are 10% human cells and 90% bacterial cells. Read more here and here. These bacteria extrude from the skin and orifices to create a bacterial cloud which moves with us like an aura. While we cannot see the bacterial cloud without magnification, the truth of its existence is undeniable. Read more about bacterial clouds here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The bacteria are multiplying inside and are being transmitted to others by being shed from the body. The gut biome is boosted by contact with others! You have to be careful about interacting with the bacterial cloud which accompanies everyone!  Those who are aware of the darkside/bacteria combo's efforts to colonise and run the body for its purposes will see that the real challenge is to secure salvation from the darkside/bacteria combo, and not from the perils of original sin or from the decadence that allegedly ensues from a life of  little devotion to God, or from a dearth of spiritual practice. Unless spiritual practice impacts on the strength of the darkside/bacteria combo, it is useless. The challenge is to become more soul and less of the darkside/bacteria combo. The challenge is not to become more spiritual by dubious religious observances or practices (prayer, worship, etc) but by giving the soul more freedom from the wiles of the darkside/bacteria combo within and outside. Efforts must take place in the now, leading to results in the now, and focusing on stratagems that purport to give salvation after death are a waste of one's life time. The war is on for who will cause the behavior of the body: the soul or the darkside/bacteria combo. That war cannot be sidelined in order to fight other invented wars given to us by religion, by the darkside/bacteria combo itself, or created out of economic necessity. The challenge is to reduce the bacterial cells to below 90% of the total cells in the body. This is done by eliminating bad bacteria and by curtailing its reproduction. Probiotics, anti-bacterial substances and starving the bad bacteria are footsteps on the way forward.

The way forward also involves staying away from sources of additional bad bacteria, and from activities which boost one's bacterial population. Religions which stress ethics, morality, fidelity in marriage etc point in the right direction but it's not enough! One has to not feed the bacteria by staying away from sugars, carbs and meat. Kissing, unprotected sex and smoking add bad bacteria to your stock within. One has to become alkaline by limiting acidic foods, and by emphasizing alkaline foods. One has to use therapeutic substances which support the immune system by killing bacteria or by limiting their numbers. One has to build the immune system, or free it, so it can itself destroy bacteria. GcMAF reputedly frees the macrophages from the constrains of nagalase, by activating them. It is the darkside/bacteria combo within which is the enemy standing in our way to happy living. Apart from making nagalase, they do all kinds of wickedness both within and from within. They know how to engineer the soul to do their bidding by creating an exaggerated feeling of incompleteness within. That incompleteness is theirs, and it signifies what is lacking in their lives, on the road they want to travel. They take this deep incomplete feeling and overpower you with it, while pushing you to the action that will give them what they want. Their problems are turned into your problems. That perpetual state of fabricated incompleteness is used by the darkside/bacteria combo to send us hither and thither doing things to satisfy them. The life being lived is theirs, not soul's. They rest when sated. You get a break from their demands. The incompleteness stops, but only until they come up with other demands they need fulfilled. The systems built by the elites and the masses are there to help the darkside/bacteria combo, not the soul. The key deception is that the soul mistakes the urges and feelings created by the darkside/bacteria combo to be its own. "It comes from within my body so it must be me doing it", is the lie that souls believe. So, whether it is the generation of hate, anger and violence for the purpose of hurting and conquering others, or whether it's vanity or 'wannabe-ism' being generated, or greed or emotions, it's the darkside/bacteria combo at work doing what gives it it's version of 'completeness'. It is only when you reduce the bacterial load, and you reform your diet to begin really feeding your cells, that you realise that the completeness returns, and the harmony re-establishes! Of course, the techniques of fighting the darkside itself are inseparable from those used to fight that 90% of bacterial cells within.   

Your cells are always busy working. See them working here, here, here, here, and here.  Cells depend on molecules of nutrients derived from food and drink. You can read up on The Molecules Of Life here and here. According to this article, molecules are involved in the processes that result in energy production, in the formation of the structure of the body's cells and in the coordination of cellular activities. Such molecules consist of macromolecules (eg proteins, polysaccharides and DNA) and small molecules (eg fatty acids, vitamins, water and inorganic ions). Small molecules make up 75%-80% of the body by weight. Cells can obtain small organic molecules, ions and water by importing it into the cell  or by making or altering them. Cells obtain macromolecules by making them from small molecules. According to the article, "Their (macromolecule) synthesis entails linking together a specific set of small molecules (monomers) to form polymers through repetition of a single type of chemical-linkage reaction". The food you eat supplies both small molecules and macromolecules. These are processed by the digestive system then transported to the cells which re-assemble  them into the molecular forms required for use. It follows that if you do not supply the basic nutrients, the cells will not be able to perform optimally. With inferior nutrition, you get inferior quality cells and a reduction in the quality of cellular activity. The body begins to starve and malfunction. Read about the consequences of a poor diet here, here, here, here, here, and here. You lose your feeling of harmony. You live in a state of unwellness created by malnutrition. The body develops diseases. The consciousness cannot flourish since the brain is not having the necessary food with which to operate optimally.

A consciousness that is submerged in stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension etc, and which has a nutritionally-deprived brain to use, is just what the darkside/bacteria combo needs to make an easy conquest. The consciousness feels that something is missing. It feels incomplete, and in need of a solution. This is the natural incompleteness that exists within, which is capitalised on by the darkside/bacteria combo as it assaults a weakened consciousness with their created powerful feeling of incompleteness.The deceived soul just follows the leader. With brain-power being low, compounded by anxiety, illness and fatigue, soul will hardly ever figure out the truth of its body serving the needs of the darkside/bacteria combo. Soul does not even know itself or its real needs. It has never lived a life of consciously deciding what its needs are, then working out strategies to get those. Deceived soul automatically obeys what erupts or happens in its awareness, and is not a believer in the 'taking charge' way of life. It does not know the path of breaking away from the society to become an individual. It has no knowledge to rely on because research is the last thing that any darkside/bacteria combo will urge it to do. In its sickened state, soul does not know that nutrition is the problem, especially with pharmaceutical medicine popularising the notion that if one is sick, one needs medication. So, the darkside/bacteria combo within becomes powerful enough to use its techniques to deceive the soul, and prod it into unquestionably accepting the mechanism which gives it it's leadership and dominance. It produces urges, thirsts, revulsions, and other influences like mental pictures and hallucinations, or memories of past happy tastings, to steer the soul into consuming what the darkside suggests. When such consumption choices become habitual, the soul has become like one of Pavlov's dogs! It sticks to the suggested menus and does not know that it is being governed by the darkside/bacteria combo. The incompleteness felt by the cells is compounded by another incomplete feeling created by the darkside (Here is a flippant look at the darkside/bacteria combo within as it manipulates the soul) as it suggests the menus which will remove that incompleteness, and replace it with happiness. When the darkside/bacteria combo gets what it wants, it subsides and all bad feelings disappear. But, eating and drinking is not the only aspects of behavior that is dominated by the darkside/bacteria combo. The systems created by the elites and masses is meant for the blossoming of the darkside/bacterial combo. Those systems do not thrive on the straight and narrow paths, and people who walk these paths are destroyed by those systems. "You must be like us, and do it like us or be marginalised and die", their modus operandi proclaim. So you find that the darkside/bacteria combo has its room for expression of its innate drives and evil qualities. It gives a character to the identity of the body by living out its own qualities: it attracts attention, builds its ego, seeks control and authority over others; seeks to conquer others; seeks fun, pleasures and enjoyments; accumulates money, property and power by any means necessary; expresses its emotions and evil qualities (greed, jealousy, hate, anger, mercilessness, wannabe-ism, violence etc), except where PR becomes a priority; readily trespasses to get what it wants; likes to be 'respected' by its victims etc etc. The soul's own modus operandi for living and its innate qualities never show up, except as PR. Sitting still and shutting the mouth, while engaging the brain in ideas hardly shows up, if ever. To stop the usurpation taking place in the body requires detection first. Then the hegemony of the darkside/bacteria combo within must be stopped and reversed. One has to consciously abandon the darkside/bacteria combo's 'eat, drink and be merry' philosophy. Bad bacterial colonies must be killed off. Good bacterial allies must be installed within. To top that off, the cellular level must be made 'complete' by giving the cells exactly what they need for health.

When the consciousness cannot get the enlightenment on nutrition in its weakened state; when it consumes according to ethnic traditions; when it consumes like the majority in that country do; when it is too busy to compose its own diet and so relies on fast foods or foods from restaurants, delis and supermarkets; when its knowledge on nutrition comes from TV, magazines and allopathic medicine; when soul depends on the 'vibes' from the darkside/bacteria combo for its behavioral prompts; and when taste dictates what it consumes, the darkside/bacteria combo is dominant, and ill health usually results. 

Soul cannot institute any changes to its life by the business-as-usual approach to living. The darkside/bacteria combo will not let changes to its rulership take place just so. Soul has to realise that a crisis exists and make drastic moves eg fasting on smoothies and vegetable juices. Foodstuffs must be personally selected and prepared. Kitchens must be made over to reflect the new thrust. Aluminum pots and pans must go. Microwave ovens must go. A good juicer (auger type), and a blender, must decorate the countertop. Water filters must be installed. Processed food, and food inconsistent with the new menus, must be dumped. The visual change must complement the new understanding of what the cells need, and how feeding should be done.

So, there is a basic incomplete condition at the cellular level when cells are unable to get what they need to carry out their various operations. They make do with what they have, and they function as far as their supply of nutrients allows them to. Deficiencies in amino acids causes the body to access supplies from muscles leading to muscle wasting. Nutritional deficiency results in all kinds of physical problems. Something is wrong and almost unconsciously the body seeks out an answer. This basic incompleteness and search for an answer is amplified by the dark side within, and it rushes to its preferred foods, without the soul having a chance to study the problem and correct it with nutritional knowledge. The dark side within derails the body's search for answers to its condition by its own fabricated feeling of incompleteness, and by running to its preferred foods. It settles for tasty solutions or those that give you a full feeling! So, human bodies are generally malnourished. This nutritional deficiency translates into cellular incompleteness. The darkside/bacteria combo uses and amplifies this 'something is missing' syndrome ( bacteria are about conquest by colony expansion, so the hungers it initiates are for successful colonisation) to direct the soul into things and activities that solves its incompleteness but does nothing for cellular incompleteness. Continuing cellular incompleteness puts the soul in an ongoing search for that harmony of the complete state. For the soul, life becomes an unconscious search for that solution or mix of doings, or things, which will satisfy that longing. The systems of the elites, and of the masses, parade their offerings but one can eat, drink, buy, experience, enjoy, have sex or whatever doing yet the lasting removal of incompleteness never comes. In its place, one gets satisfactions, enjoyments, pleasures, ego-building, wealth, property, power, name and fame etc in variable doses. These solve the fabricated incompleteness of the darkside/bacteria combo but do nothing to remove cellular incompleteness. The systems of the elites and masses were designed for the blossoming of the darkside/bacteria combo, not for the soul. When the darkside/bacteria is ready, it generates another set of hyper-incomplete feelings to get what it wants. That is how it lives as ruler of the body. If perchance, the soul awakes or some nutritional enlightenment dawns, and the cells get the right nutritional mix, the body's own electrical energy system amplifies and displaces that of the darkside within. Darkside/bacteria energy and communication stranglehold over the soul ceases when soul's energy and consciousness thrives. Harmony ensues. Of course, soul has to stick to that nutritional mix in order to keep the harmony flowing. If one slips back to the nutritional 'fare' of the darkside/bacteria combo, one relapses into cellular incompleteness and darkside dominance. One has to give oneself a nutritional education in order to remove the domination of the darkside/bacteria combo and free oneself (the soul) to pursue life without unwanted interference. To remove the darkside/bacteria combo's interference in your life, you have to verify that it does exist, then launch a war against it to remove its presence and influence. If you decimate the inner darkside/bacteria combo, the external darksiders cannot use it against you, even by sorcery. Most of the mental methods of fighting the darkside, within and outside, have been detailed in my blog... // You have to discover the war that is being waged on you by the darkside/bacteria combo and fight back. When you fight back, you discover that something is fighting you back. You discover that it is all real. Changing your food and drink is the most difficult war to win. But, you can if you do it smart. Do some fasting using only green vegetable juices at first.

The right food and drink alone will not give good health. One has to do physical exercise in order to get the mitochondria using up what you consume, and to optimise the metabolism of the cells. When you establish a nutrition-to-energy consumption cycle, the appropriate molecules of food are used to produce energy. If not, those molecules get stored or excreted. Obesity is the result. Molecules of food are also used in cellular processes like maintenance and repair. Exercise sharpens these activities. Hatha Yoga and breathing exercises are perhaps among the best exercises for physical health. To these can be added Tai Chi, Chi Gung, rebounding and other soft-impact exercises.

One has to remove the accumulated toxins from the body. These congest the body and compromise the functioning of cells, organs and systems. The wellness of the body is compromised. One must remove the various toxins eg pesticides, food dyes, heavy metals, flame retardants, air pollutants, silver fillings, vaccines etc. Drinking pure water is necessary but will not get the job done. One has to stop toxic substances getting inside of you by going organic, drinking fluoride free water, avoiding vaccines, avoiding processed and factory-farmed food, removing mercury amalgams etc. One must use air cleaners at home, cut down on chemical usage, and replace with organic or natural substances. One has to get supplements which will physically remove the pollutants from where they are lodged in the body. There are various detox herbs (eg garlic, chorella, cilantro) and detoxifying substances ( like zeolite or sodium thiosulphate) which can get the job done. Fasting helps. Certain fruits and vegetables are cleansing. One of the principal elements involved in congestion of the body is calcium. Acidic diets cause the body to send out calcium from the bones and teeth to re-alkalise the body. The calcium does not return to the bones automatically. The body can only do this if it has adequate supplies of Vitamin K2. This must be used with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A to be effective. Good fats are needed to dissolve and transport these fat-soluble vitamins. There are other substances which remove calcium: EDTA, serrapeptase and sodium thiosulphate. Please research carefully and comprehensively. A doctor trained in nutrition is an invaluable resource.

The eating of meat, especially of farmed animals grown with GMO grains and antibiotics, and which have probably more than the 90% of bacterial cells that humans have, on a regular basis, is a big part of the nutritional problem. Meat dramatically increases the bacterial population, particularly in the large intestine. The 'gut feeling' actually derives from the darkside/bacteria combo which has its 'core' home in the gut. It's influences can be felt rising up the body. There are other important sources of bacterial intrusion into the body like cigarette smoking and sex. As much as 80 million bacteria are transmitted during a 10-second kiss! If this large figure is still obtained despite the level of dental hygiene practised, what will be the figure for unprotected sex? Your bacterial cloud travels with you! The vagina has ideal conditions for bacterial growth and reproduction. The location of the vagina next to the anus does not help at all. The bacteria live in the body without provoking the immune response. Apparently bacteria can interfere with and modulate immune-cell activity. There is the actual elimination of the bad bacteria (including viruses, fungi etc) by an immune system re-energised by GcMAF. One widely advertised source of GcMAF on the internet is BRAVO PROBIOTICS. There are other substances which help build the immune system like echinacea. There are also substances which themselves act to kill the bad bacteria. One must put in good bacteria to help the body get rid of the bad bacteria, and to help the body manufacture useful substances. It is generally recognised that fermented foods like kombucha, kefir (milk and water kefir) and sauerkraut are the best at this job. One can also use the encapsulated probiotics that are sold in health food stores. Good bacteria are friendly and help the body. One does not know what the current ratio of good to bad bacteria in the body is. Initially, getting rid of as much bacteria as you can, then repopulating the body with good bacteria is the best option. Oxygen helps the body to heal itself. Also see here.  Oxygen therapies are known to only kill out the bad bacteria while leaving the good aerobic bacteria alone. Ozonated water and 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide are the most popular of the oxygen therapies used for this purpose.

The following things are known to kill bacteria, whether good or bad (Information on them are readily available on most internet search engines): (a) Colloidal silver (b) Coconut oil (c) Oil of Oregano (d) Garlic (e) Grapefruit seed extract (f) Lugol's Iodine (g) Borax (h) Methylene Blue (i) the use of substances which increase alkalinity eg Baking Soda, and here (j) Probiotics (capsules, milk or water kefir, other fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut etc) which are reputed to kill bad bacteria, promote beneficial gut flora or produce antibiotics in the body (k) Herbs like lomatium dissectum, chanca piedra and Pau d'arco (l) Using the appropriate frequencies of Rife Machines (m) Zappers like those of Hulda Clark or Robert Beck (n) A suggested therapy from Dr Mark Sircus about Nano-gel. Earth Clinic is a useful source of information for those who are actively researching various substances and therapies. is a very useful site which gives the uses, dosages and side effects of varous therapies. Research and seek advice from your doctor before you adopt any therapy that impacts your health. The use of pharmaceutical antibiotics kill off the good bacteria and the bad. The good bacteria is the body's control on the proliferation of Candida Albicans, a fungus. Candida is particularly difficult to get rid of. Dietary change is necessary. One should eliminate simple carbs, sugars, meat and things like coffee and alcohol. Suggested treatments found on the internet are baking soda, lufenuron, borax, methylene blue, oil of oregano, GSE, caprylic acid and nano-gel. There are websites which target the removal of Candida from the body using various therapies. For example, here.  First one would have to remove any gut problems like leaky gut and bacterial overgrowths which produce symptoms similar to psoriasis. It seems that fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut etc help eliminate both candida and bad bacteria.No protocol for reducing the power of the darkside/bacteria combo is complete without a method for destroying bacterial power to communicate with each other. It is this faculty which makes their colonies powerful. Cranberry extract does this. Not only will the bacteria lose their power to communicate by quorum sensing but darkside/bacteria combos on the outside will be unable to communicate with the weakened bacteria/darkside combo. This means energy and voice attacks will diminish in power. Thus, one can regain one's immunity!

Apart from smoking, kissing and sex, there are other sources of bacterial contamination. Vaccines supply bacteria and viruses which nourish themselves and multiply in the body of humans. If these are genetically altered, they can wreak havoc in the body. In some cultures females put vaginal wastes into food and drink so as to control the males. This is a very potent builder of the darkside/bacteria combo, and quickly makes the victim ill and pliable to darkside power. A darkside/bacterial combo has to be fed. It does not wait to be fed but asserts its needs and choices, and moves the body to acquire those. Repeated food desires and their fulfillment creates for the body, it's habitual menu choices. Darkside people are the darkside/bacteria combo in their bodies and they unquestionably follow their 'own' wishes!  Menu choices usually come from past consumption recorded in the memory, and from darkside/bacteria wishes. It is very difficult to eliminate the favorite foods of the darkside/bacteria combo, and they fight back vigorously if you ever try to stop eating the foods they love. They make fasting very difficult, but if you persist, you can starve them and they will stop being insistent.

It is bad bacteria, viruses and fungi which are really the problem. Most bacteria-killing therapies do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria.....they are killed across the board. GMO foods lead to an overgrowth of extremely pathogenic bacteria. Read more here, here and here. Killing all bacteria periodically is a must. You also have to avoid any food or drink that are GMO or which has GMO ingredients eg some processed foods. When that kind of war is over, one must go back the normal life of promoting and replenishing good bacteria within.  Good bacteria are allies of the soul and the body. If good bacteria are not present, bad bacteria will keep proliferating. Their specific names and sources of good bacteria are well known eg here. It is good bacteria which can undo the derailment of consciousness caused by the darkside/bacteria combo within. Oxygen therapies work well because they do not kill good bacteria.