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Plotting The Future? 1

Here I present Documents which point to the fact that the future (and present) is being conspired from behind the scenes by those who wield that power. The usual rebuttal is that these documents are forgeries. The counter to this charge is that these documents are too prophetic to be counterfeits, and that they describe ongoing reality too accurately to be discounted as fake. When all the devices and stratagems that produce the current goings-on in the matrix are collated, it is obvious that there is an ongoing conspiracy to shape the world. The events and experiences we go through are definitely not random. So while the documents can be called 'fake', the experiences we have while trekking through life are not. Only when the bad experiences stop and the efforts we make to have a better world bear good fruit, can we say that there is no elite superstructure with their hands in till, and their fingers on the trigger!    

Albert Pike's 1871 Plan For The Three World Wars

In 1871 Albert Pike envisioned three World Wars to be followed by an unparalleled economic disaster.   Pike's plans have come to fruition, shockingly 'on target'.  Who is Pike and perhaps more importantly who backed Pike?

Albert Pike's letter to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871:

  • "The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions."
  • "The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."
  • "The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."                                                                         o0o

    The Protocols of Zion

    The basic premise of the protocols is that the end justifies the means. Here is a one page summary…

    Book Cover of Spanish EditionGoyim are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly.  For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government.  This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause.  Here’s what we’ll need to do:
    • Place our agents and helpers everywhere
    • Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans
    • Start fights between different races, classes and religions
    • Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way
    • Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials
    • Appeal to successful people’s egos
    • Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail
    • Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism
    • Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us
    • Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary
    • Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism
    • Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect
    • Rewrite history to our benefit
    • Create entertaining distractions
    • Corrupt minds with filth and perversion
    • Encourage people to spy on one another
    • Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor
    • Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold
    • Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.
    • Introduce a progressive tax on wealth
    • Replace sound investment with speculation
    • Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments
    • Give bad advice to governments and everyone else
    Eventually the Goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over.  We will then appoint a descendant of David to be King of the World, and the remaining Goyim will bow down and sing his praises.  Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.


    1. What We Believe
    2. Economic Wars
    3. Methods of Conquest
    4. Materialism to Replace Religion
    5. Despotism and Modern Progress
    6. Take-Over Technique
    7. World-Wide Wars
    8. Provisional Government
    9. Re-education
    10. Preparing for Power
    11. The Totalitarian State
    12. Control of the Media
    13. Distractions
    14. Assault on Religion
    15. Ruthless Suppression
    16. Brainwashing
    17. Abuse of Authority
    18. Arrest of Opponents
    19. Rulers and People
    20. Financial Program
    21. Loans and Credit
    22. Power of Gold
    23. Instilling Obedience
    24. Qualities of the Ruler

Friday, February 22, 2013

Preparing For The Evolving Present.

The present world is without precedent. It is the most evil world that we have seen, so far. The ranks of the Good have been decimated and evil is poised to go to the next level of dominance. The era of plenty is long gone. The changes happened suddenly, one after the other. People still haven't come to terms with the after-effects of 9/11. Countries of the Middle-East have been invaded, destabilised, conquered and ruined as geopolitical and resource wars escalate. Countries are being ruined by debt, high unemployment, high food prices and food shortages, hints of martial law or civil war, unprecedented mass surveillance, loss of liberties etc. Too many people do not seem to notice what is going on around them. People are not living in the now and facing the challenges of the now. They mostly do not research to find out what is going on in the world. Even if they know what's up, changing is hard for most people. Their marriages to survival keeps them on a very short leash. They do not want to give up what currently works for them. Some want more of the good things in life and will upgrade to better ways of getting more. The reality of a recession has not hit everyone equally. If you are an 'aware' person familiar with the devices and stranglehold of the darksiders, then you aim just for survival. You inform yourself and proceed on your path knowing that 'you gotta  do, what you gotta do'. Preppers are doing the intelligent thing but it is the unintelligent who will loot and riot in conditions of scarcity. The darkside masses are so engulfed in their conspiracy and fixated  on their games that nothing else matters. They want the status quo to stay that way. They like it so! They will not believe that Eugenics is underway! For the more intelligent of the species, there is such a thing as reality which must be faced on an ongoing basis. The idea of 'facing your clay' doesn't cross too many mental screens or pervade their life-plans. Instead of facing the eventual reality of death, now, and catering for it, many choose to go down the path of free-wheeling 'giddy-headedness'. Focusing on and savoring the fleeting 'temporary' so occupies us that that which is permanent is passed over,  unattended to. We refuse to come to terms with the ongoing realities in our world, and face them.  Steeped in fun and enjoyment, we have no time for depressing issues or pursuits that do nothing to keep us on a 'high'. Steeped ,too, in  consumer culture and social mobility, alternate lifestyles do not occur to us or at most have only nuisance appeal. For many people, it will not be until they collect unemployment checks or depend on food stamps that the new reality will sink home. This new reality includes a cashless society, complete surveillance using drones and sundry technology, possible martial law, greater recessionary conditions (higher unemployment, food shortages etc), One World Government, One World Currency etc.

 This world,  measured by man-made inventions like clocks, prices, balances, market values and statistics, is one great illusion or make believe.  They do not evaluate the real you, the soul. This world has been fashioned by evil for evil. This is why souls don't feel at home here anymore. Those simple pieces of fiat paper that give worth to our lives week by week, do not do justice to us. When the top 5% of the population controls more wealth and property than the other 95% combined, this is not justice. We must begin to contemplate the life we live and entertain alternative paths or lifestyles. We were not meant to be cogs in the wheel of the money pirates. We are soul, our own paths to define and live. We must change, but not in a willy-nilly fashion. We must put the permanent before the temporary, just to ensure that when we die , we are not on unfamiliar territory or that we were unprepared for that aspect of creation's agenda. As we shed our mortal coils, the change must not so frighten us that we remain wedded to the earth plane, drawn to the things and people we could not transcend or get over. Seek to be the soul because the alternative is doomed for extinction. Pursue the permanent for that is the only real choice you have as you give up the 'borrowed clothes' of the earthly plane. Don't be caught in accumulation to the detriment of soul- building. Your beneficiaries will be happy but how will you be? Trim your desires, build up a little treasure trove if you can. If the predictions are correct, we will need those little troves. Pursue the unfoldment of the soul that you are so that if the elimination of 'useless eaters' takes place, you will be prepared for the next scene.

What we see of the lives being lived on Earth at this time is not karma unfolding within the grand design of re-incarnation. WE were taught too, that God is the controller and nothing can happen against his will. But then we discover that most of mankind is held captive by the rich elites of the world who belong to this or that secret society. Then we discover that the majority of the 99% are clones of the 1%, and actually serve the 1%. This is not karmic unfoldment but forcefully created karma...created by those who run things, globally and locally. Past karmic unfoldment implies an infringement of free will, until the karmas being purged are completed. Today, we have the increasing loss of free will in a scenario of enslavement to the money system. This is contrary to expectation. Bad karma must have an free will must be restored! But, this is not happening! Christianity teaches that free will is the tool God gave us to mediate action. So whether the scene of this action is satan showing us  the kingdoms on Earth ( or a few wads of currency) and expressing a willingness to trade them for a 'bow' from us, or throwing some temptations our way, we are supposed to be free to refuse. But then, those who are professional tresspassers do not take no for an answer. This has given rise to a 'if you can't beat them, join them' kind of decision-making. Tresspassing is easily excused by the 'no pain no gain' rebuttal. Those whose lives are based on trespassing and hurting seem to have a green light for doing so.  Hinduism has clues about the  'field of action' we are living in. This world it is said is the 'leela' or play of God. Evil reaps havoc, then God appears as an Avatar and destroys evil himself, or leads the Good in that doing.The Mahabharat and the Ramayan both show the good and evil camps as distinct kinds of people with separate kinds of conduct. That does not obtain today. The darksiders proliferate and the good are like 'islands'. In scriptural days, the Good were very organized and not as helpless, as we are today.  Evil escalated their population/ power since the time  of Krishna. Today, our free will exists only in a few areas of life. Only when the people and systems which take our free will away are put out of business, will the free will given to us by God be re-established.

One just has to look at the top 5% of elites in every country, and see who owns how much. Wealth is transferred down through the generations. It is no secret that both Elites and masses are boosting the wealth of their bloodlines. The masses give their souls and their health to pass down more and more wealth to those who survive them. The Elites not only enrich their bloodlines, they school their successors to take the reins after they pass on. This is how the Elites assure themselves of continuity in their conspiracy.  If you have no inheritance or 'money' with which to make more, you are consigned to the poverty of the masses. If you have no niche from which to collect fiat money, your poverty is assured. In every country wealth is decribed by a pyramidal structure: the few extremely rich at the peak, and the many poor at the broad base of the pyramid. In the USA, the top 3000,000 individuals own more than half the population combined. This kind of inequality exists in almost all the countries on earth. Further, if you get into the natures of the materially blessed, you realize that there are few good people there, if any. Does karma influence the divvying up of the national 'pie'? The meek, the dis-possessed and the peacemakers do not seem to figure prominently in the 'good books' of karma. It is a topsy-turvy world when the corrupt and wicked control. While societies endorse their own plans for their organization, continuance and supremacy, and enforce these.... there is little room for Divine control. What is transpiring seems to be the enforcement of a centuries old  plan for control of humanity by progressive enslavement. When one looks at the GAMES that are sanctioned by, and actively participated in, by society, there is little room for even God to get in. Everything is ruled by the heavy hand of the darkside society. Who gets inheritances and who gets money-making niches are all approved by them. They use accidents, setups and snake-power to create this world as they want it to be. Snake-power is always a winning argument since it kills by natural means eg heart attacks and stroke. There is no merit involved in the darkside's games. You are free, and you prosper, if you are darkside. They do not subject their own to their 'lessons' and 'tests'. The only things good people deserve, in darkside societies, is conversion or death. Societal games are played by predators for the elevation of predators. Good people are mere victims and onlookers. What else can they do? Any new consciousness that evolves to tackle the current and evolving paradigms must include the art of defeating the snake-power weapon. It is defeatable.

In a proper state of consciousness, one should be walking straight or living righteously in this life. This caters for the karma generated in the now and prepares for the coming of bodiless existence. The consciousness while alive continues into the consciousness when dead, with a minimum of grieving about what is left behind. The fact that it is impossible to take material possessions, or their enjoyment, across death's threshold should infuse all of the daily existence. If this kills the joys we experience from 'things', much work on consciousness is needed. For one, we need to attach utilitarian value to the material world. For another, the bliss of the soul which forms the joyous backdrop for all of living, is absent and needs to be freed from its suppression. A clear quiet consciousness is required to pick up on incoming communication from the invisible sources of guidance. This fact has escaped those who urge constant mental pre-occupation such as happens in mantra recitation.  Usually, the darkside within is the thinker and noise-maker which blocks our ability to receive or decipher guidance. Constant mental preoccupation with things and experiences that constitute dark side activity or with the fulfillment of requirements for survival in the system, blocks our ability to apprehend incoming communication. To detect ripples in a pond, the pond must firstly be calm, and feature-less. There are different kinds of ripples. Attuning to intuition is like detecting the effect of the faintest beeze on the surface of the water. If preoccupied with the ripples caused by satan throwing rocks in the pool, one misses all the dainty stuff. Often, intuition is the only saving grace in one's decision-making life.

It matters whether we see ourselves as needing to be saved or as capable of saving ourselves. In the first instant, we leave our salvation to God, to Gurus, to messengers and to saviors. This comes from the belief that salvation is the grace of God or somebody else. We feel that we are sinners who are limited in our ability to row our own boat. Blame that on religion which also hogties us with the 'original' sin of Adam and Eve. By downplaying our ability to do-it-yourself, religion created for themselves, a secure place in God's hierarchy. Two kinds of scriptural teaching are which extols the benefits of 3 or more people gathering for worship, and one where Christ recommends complete secrecy and privacy for prayer, meditation and fasting! The best way is to be mindful of God's presence every minute of the day, and conducting all aspects of our life with that foreknowledge. Walking straight is the easiest path to follow. God cannot walk straight for us. Too many depend on God to save them, all the while walking the crooked paths available. After all, they say, we are sinners who do not judge but practise forgiveness. So, they are busy committing sins and trespasses, while expecting not to be judged, while expecting forgiveness...and salvation, all in the same breath. Religion did that to them. What originally were tips on living this life for good folks, became the path to afterlife salvation. God already gave us a brain to compute answers for us. The Soul is a 'spark' of God himself, which is capable of connecting to the 'fire' itself, and giving us advanced guidance. It is all a do-it-yourself journey. If saviors appear, so much the better!

Many people are programmed nightmares. Their consciousness consists of separate programmed cubicles or compartments. Each compartment deals with specific kinds of situations, and operates by its unique set of rules. There is no communication between compartments and so each preserves its exclusive set of rules. Were the walls of the compartments to be dissolved, the content of each compartment would collide with that of others. The result would be an ironing out of differences and double standards. Hypocrites would then cease to be. But, compartments can be created to exist in isolation, and when in one compartment, the awareness is ignorant of others. Mind controlled people who engage in gruesome acts seem not to have memory of what they did. They have handlers and seem to carry out assignments on hearing or seeing previously programmed codes. This is an extreme form of the state that occurs naturally for darksiders. They do not have a brain to integrate their compartmentalised programs that are created by the various topics they encounter. Church, for instance, occupies one compartment and has nothing to do with the sexual life or money-making compartments. What's more, each compartment only accepts more of the same in terms of operational rules or content. Many friendships are made in this process. It also explains why darksiders become more and more evil. It is better to free of programming. Write and discover the dark side's blueprint for behavior. Then face situations and problems in a freestyle way. Approach the new situation as if you have no experience or familiarity with it. Examine it, gather information and do analyses. The truth of the situation will guide the answers or responses you come up with.

Religion makse us feel that good people/souls stopped being born after the death of the avatar, messenger or savior. They pin us to the consciousness of scripture-writers who lived millenia ago. Its as if that was the most spiritually brilliant of times, and everything since then has been in decline. They make us believe that God was alive at the lifetimes of the prophets and saviors, but became very quiet or dead since. We must keep referring to the messages from long ago but not try to contact God ourselves and receive a current or updated message. God did not die! Good people continue to be born. It is that religion has no use for modern good people who deal with an ongoing living God. The recent scandals involving the Vatican (Banks and Sex) tells us that Christianity has been very profitable.  
Hinduism has profited no less!
Religion has failed to stem the tide of evil that is now completely engulfing the world. In fact, they seem to have fallen victim to satan and his hordes. This only tells us that organised religion is irrelevant to spiritual evolution. After-death salvation and ancestor worship is not defeating satan. Human beings need salvation while alive....and it is not from deficiencies in prayer, rituals and worship. Deliverance is needed from satan in human bodies, and  from his plots. satan has taken up the role of being 'the corrector of sin', whether from among the darkside masses, or from within the cults and churches that tout God! Commonsense needs to be the arbiter of theories, paths and methodologies. Living life morally, attuned to God, or simply being soul, is  what life is all about.

Do not go into paradigms that draw you away from your central consciousness and locks you in there. This is what has happened to the bulk of mankind. The economic man leapt off the pages of the economic texts and became real people, at the behest of the Elites and the masses. You don't have to do what others do or accept all that you read, see or hear. That is called programming. Economic man is a fake paradigm brewed in the laboratory of economists' minds, and is not a description of what obtained in the matrix at the time of the classical economists.. Be a truth miner, an information miner....not a memoriser who becomes stuck in programming. If you understand.... that comes with its own memory. Reading and trying to understand is meditation. Having accumulated programming, one should reverse the process and express the programming by writing it down. This tells us what the dark side has as its behavioral resources. In addition, one has to detect and write down what tricks the dark side uses. This is necessary for disempowering the dark side. Intercepting the darkside's gimmicks then telling it Don't try that, tells the dark side that its jig is up. If you can't fix the world, at least fix yours. Live the simple life. Resist the urge to greed and insecurity that the system feeds you with. People schooled in extroversion are taught that internalisation is a sign of dysfunction. Of course, they are looking out from their perches within the system....and they do not think that normal people will not feel like them. Yet, there is a RESET switch waiting for everyone to use. You switch off your consciousness from its worldy participation. So, one isolates oneself, one internalises, one fasts, one practices silence, and generally take a holiday from the world. This gives you back your sense of reality as you pull away from all programming and go back into neutral. The soul strives to reassert itself into the life of its body, We must be awake to the signs and messages! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Engineering Of Mankind To Be Darkside. 2

 Of all the kinds of engineering done by the Elites, their work in spiritually engineering humanity in their own image and likeness (ie of satan) is at the heart of their conspiracy. They have created a world not of individuals but of 'packs' of darksiders in human bodies. Several packs, equivalent to the various darkside tribes or colors are more easily controlled than billions of individuals. Each pack must grow and maintain its numbers to avoid being absorbed by the rest. (This has been the basis of racism). Each member of the 'pack' is kept in control and is bound by the actions of the rest. In fact, individuality comes if one is able to break out of the pack (using enlightenment) or if one is able to resist the attacks of the 'packs' who want to convert, kill or rear the individual in slavery. Control is easy because all colors or tribes are dark side, and they live by what comes down the Occult chute, and can be read by eyeball reading, or can be communicated from Occult substance to darkside substance in the masses. Besides, the darkside alone can be manipulated and  from outside because they have  life only in the external world: control and manipulate that world and you have them by the pelotas. Souls are naturally detached, and apart from basic needs, do not care inordinately about externalities, unless life is threatened.  Souls are individuals, and they are bad news to the packs and pack- leaders. To think for oneself is to move away from the pack mentality. Souls are likely to be leaders themselves, and are apt to question the pack-leaders. The darkside masses, being natural enemies of souls/good guys, will eradicate them. So, the Elites are first and foremost, spiritual engineers. All the other kinds of engineering support this. They have created a civilisation of satans in charge of human bodies. The natural state of living of these satans is like 'crabs in a barrel'. Those at the top are controlled by the Elites, and each tier in turn controls those underneath. This is the way the hierarchy works. Upward mobility is the fuel for continued existence of each tier. The hierarchy exercises control over the whole of the masses. Direct control by the Elites is achieved by a continuous slew of laws, regulations, programs and policies.  Everyone is kept tied down and busy with problems, dramas and pursuits. The darkside nature is allowed to flourish but is controlled by the money available and by selective access to privilege. Eat, drink and be merry keeps most of them contented.

 Without the darkside, there would be nobody to consume the level of goods and services offered by the Elites. The system thrives because of attachments and desires. So, the key in fighting the Dr Frankenstein's of this world, is to break up the pack mentalities, current among the masses. This can only be done by feeding the suppressed souls and building building them. The Elites have put a complete block on soul development by the false knowledge and lies they concocted and made mainstream. The methodology of acquiring knowledge has been sabotaged. According to the Elites, the truth they give is there....all one has to do is BELIEVE. The plaque on the refridgerator reads...."All things are possible, if you believe"! The ad at the center of town reads...."The Town that BELIEVES"!Research and verification of data, before acceptance, does not figure in this equation. Religion requires belief to unfold its mystical reality. In ordinary life, truth is what one is prepared to believe, as if only the objective experts can posit what that truth could be. These truths are made available to you via the mainstream media. Thanks to the Alternative Media, the research and verification that is necessary before one can conclude as to what is truth and what is lie, is located, or executed, and brought to us. Individually, one has to swim upstream to beat those blocks and cul de sacs created to dumb us down.  The Elites have deliberately starved souls out of the competition, and in the process kept God out of the equation: One is either an instrument of God or of the devil! God must be brought back into the equation because He alone can defeat the Elites or the Masses. Only He has the power and knowledge to re-create the world in a proper way. That the world is so completely darkside tells of the enslavement and destruction of the good guys. God does not have many 'instruments' to use!

The darkside lifestyle is one of preying. To prey, one has to trespass. The system allows the darkside to trespass because there are no laws to prevent or punish such acts. Trespass is not considered unless there is physical injury (assault, battery, false imprisonment).  Even if such laws are there, those who enforce it are most likely part of the darkside masses. Religion does not look unfavorably upon trespassing. In fact, the Lord's prayer does not sanction begs God to forgive trespass and empowers people to forgive the trespass of others. This is a 'sin and let sin' kind of protocol. To top it off, the darksiders do not take kindly to being held responsible for their sins, or having their sins brought to their attention. 'Judge not, lest ye be judged' is their prime defense. 'Lest ye be judged'? Souls do not fear that! It is the darkside which fears judgement. It is the darkside which celebrates its cunning in the commission of sins and expects not to be censured! Their tenet is... "Pay only if you are caught"! Darksiders always know who to talk to in order to escape punishment. If you have a single darkside entity in hundreds of millions of bodies, will that entity punish itself if it occupies the body of both Judge and criminal? It is because of this 'himself to himself' situation that discrimination takes place. It is why there can be no real law enforcement. What happens when all the darkside tribes or colors collude? The net effect of untrammeled evil expression is that the problems and situations generated by wanton darkside trespassing stabilises the society in a world of evil from which it cannot evolve. Though we use the faculty of judgement in various as pects of human action, when it comes to trespasses, basic commonsense or brain usage is interdicted. Here is a scriptural opinion that favors judging! SEE  Here's another view from a practical Christian. SEE What's more we are being asked to accept trespasses as the the darkside art of 'testing and teaching' us. A more convoluted darkside escape route from the consequences of their action has not yet been invented! What's more after being trespassed on, we are told things like " You have to learn RESPECT" or "We taught you a LESSON".The same religion that espouses 'as you sow you reap' as a spiritual law does not seek its enforcement.Giving others problems takes their time and attention away from other important things. So, the dark side society keeps the good guys down simply because they wish to have untrammeled expression of their evil natures. Its tribes and colors are the perfect divide-and-rule instruments. They easily accept social engineering trends, like feminism, which further the cause the moral breakdown of societal institutions like marriage. Henry Makow's blog discusses this in detail.

Little chance exists for souls to awaken or build. The systems of the Elites and Masses use the same methodology. They extract your dark side's attention and pin it to the multiplicity of people, places, things, events and The Elites even set up the sex school and allied games by which society lives on a day to day basis. This sharpens the powers of the darkside clones by the constant reliance on, and usage of them. The satanic flag keeps flying 24/7 and no lulls are allowed to set in. All the colors and tribes are naturally included and represented in these games. They all want to win and become the powers-that-be in society. No opportunity must be given for the souls in some of the masses' bodies to awaken. If the games are not enough, pleasure, fun, ego-building, the pursuit of wealth and careers and a whole long list of to-dos for the darkside to be occupied with, exists. experiences in the outside world. The soul's attention interfaces with the darkside's attention at the senses, and it becomes stuck wherever the dakside's is caught. So attachment to the world is not really the soul's doing. The Elites have carefully scripted a darkside civilisation or party, and souls are forced to tag along! Detachment is part of soul's nature. Souls are being detained away from their natures by the willing-to-attach dark side. To get back to detachment does not call for will power to stay away from stuff. There is no lasting answer there. The darkside attachments must be curtailed by fighting and defeating the attachment-prone darkside/bacteria combo.

 The freeing of one's attention is the first step to freedom or salvation while alive. The Elites and their servants (the darkside masses) are in power today because they can hijack and manipulate the attention of souls, even though it is indirect or by proxy. The darkside can only beat the soul by proxy....which is no real victory! In the sex-school games, the good guy is given a look at a dark side girl whom the darksiders whisk away to 'cook' for him. In the years of 'cooking', the darkside boys beat the good guy/owner of the girl by their own song and dance routine. Then, they feel sorry and return the girl to the good guy. It is only then that the darksiders realise that they were only fooling themselves. They won nothing. In fact they stole the years of a good guy's life while discriminating against him, and trying to kill him. Souls do have their own methodology for relationships and no amount of darkside lessons will change the methodology that they subscribe to, and trust. So, the dark side keeps our attention locked-in, on the outside, away from our strength and intuitional resources in our homebase, within. Materialism is not our homebase and there always seems to be something missing, even in the best of materialistic times. So they build your externally-focused dark side, sabotage you with colonising bacteria (which are similarly concerned), deny you opportunities on the outside (so you worry about that) attack you (so you keep on watching on the outside for other attacks), your 'alarms' get erected so you can detect and counter external incursions, they give you a girl and then enact all the dramas of the sex school......all is done to get soul to become completely extrovert, instead of being extrovert only as is necessary for procuring what is needed from the external world. Even the extroversion that one gets locked into, by fighting back against incursions, is unnatural to the soul. Soul needs its homebase to be itself. Being locked away from it deprives soul of the knowledge, awareness and bliss that is its own nature.Keeping the darkside tethered to the outside life and making that level of engagement necessary for living and survival is the trap set by the Elites, and Masses who work for them.

Many bloggers hold out hope for 'mankind'. They feel that shouting from the rooftops about the engineering being done by the Elites, and proclaiming that the more people that accept it means the greater the level of awakening. They ignore the fact that the Elites feed both sides in any war, and control both sides. The Elites actually want the masses to know of their misdeeds, in this last round. It is a matter of speculation as to which of the popular figures in the alternative media are on the Elite's payroll, or take orders from them. Many bloggers hold out hope because they feel that LOVE (as opposed to the Elites' hate) will win out in the end. Some even extend love to the Elites in one breath, while extolling their sins in another. Somehow, it is felt that the sleeping masses can be coaxed into waking up and joining the battle by 'love', by pointing out the sins of the Elites and by 'educating' them. The current unjust and oppressive legislation and trends are viewed as the herald of impending Martial Law. The Constitution expects, and supports, a fightback against perceived tyranny. It is a credit to bloggers that more and more people are becoming aware of the workings of the Elites and their systems. Therein lie the truths that will awaken people. It must not be forgotten that the Elites have the masses in their grip, by the Occult connection, and by media-led programming. It must be remembered, too, that there is no single force in any human body. There is both soul and darkside. For the majority, the darkside is deeply, and irremovably, ensconced in power. The darkside is already awake to its own nature and concerns....which is why so many are 'asleep'. You cannot change a darkside into anything else. It cannot be changed into a soul by giving it love and knowledge. It will be awake to a new cause to fight for, but it will need to know what's in it for him. Darksiders love the status quo for it gives them all the room for the expression of their natures and satisfaction of their desires. The Elites engineered the darkside masses to pay attention to their wallets and their games. Fighting the Elites would mean a loss of everything they hold dear. It is the Elites who hold out the 'carrot' of happiness to the masses for their guaranteed participation in, and preservation of, the system.

So, there is no real way to 'change' the darkside masses to a state of awakening. Changing the darkside masses by enlightenment is impossible. Waging any winnable war against them is impossible....unless it is the Elites doing so. The only course left open is for the souls to be given help and support to wage war on the dark side within. Souls who are immune to the stratagems and ploys of the tribes of darksiders, offer a glimmer of hope. The eventual result may be the same: population reduction and the devastation of the Earth's surface by war. Having more awake souls would mean more involvement of God in earth's affairs, even if it just means guidance for survival. It is the souls that need to be awakened by giving them the enlightenment they need to steer out of their suppression and oppression. As the Soul builds, the dark side must retreat. The darkside exists for its own fulfillment, and aggrandisement. While some darksiders live by a code of honor, most have no honor. I do not waste concern on darksiders. They feel that their sizeable 'backing' (the numbers of bodies that support each other) is enough to pre-empt any catastrophe to the tribe. So, it is a darkside/soul equation one is faced with...not the one-entity-in-a-body delusion. Changing that equation to empower souls, alone increases the numbers of those fighting back. The masses help the Elites
It is the Occult Elites and Media programmers who have to be defeated to free the 'captive' masses. The masses are the 'willing' prisoners of the Occult Elites. They think that they are free because they do not see the bars of their prisons. The truth about how awakened the masses are, is brought home by the vast numbers who turn out to vote for the 2 major political parties despite the knowledge that both are flip sides of the same Elite coin. In fact, it is the Occult Elites who have the power over the darkside masses, and they can get the masses to elect whom they want, despite accusations of back-door vote manipulation! The Elites created the darkside masses to work for them in keeping God and souls out of influence on earth. Now, that the Elites wish for another more comfortable paradigm for themselves, one that excludes so many bodies, the masses cannot be awakened to their dire straits. Only a few, relatively speaking, can see the writing on the wall.

The conspiracy was simple: use money, whether precious metals or their IOU's, to become the wealthiest on the planet. Use politicians and rulers to get power over people. Take away the means of support of the masses and make them dependent on you. Set up your business at  focal points and get the masses to come there for your offerings. Attract them by higher wages or the glitzy life. Devalue their lifestyles by painting yours as a rosier picture. Thus, every country has experienced phenomenal rural-urban migration in the past, and continuing into the present. Manipulate the niches that could be profitable so that yours stand out and prosper, while that of others will dry up and disappear. One must go big in everything! No corner shops will must have big Corporations and Monopolies. Factories must be big. Farms must be big. Ruralites in economic trouble will gladly sell. Teach large-scale monoculture in all the schools. The factors of production must be bought from you, whether seeds, fertilisers, weedicides, insecticides or machinery. The old ways of agriculture will be replaced by your way. With yourself as the principal entity in city-life or villages, the people are in your control. Gone will be the days of barter and self-sufficiency. People will move by your clock, not theirs. The people will own nothing that you cannot get your hands on. Contract the circulation of money and you can have their homes. Ship the jobs overseas and you will have them on the bread-line. It is not that money is important to the Elites and their Corporations. Money is just the tool used to assure that human beings expend the time of their lives, living in vain. Money was the tool used to tempt everyone to give up their land and lifestyles for city life and wealth. Now, the masses own nothing. When they cannot afford to pay their bills and Social Security runs out, the crunch will set in. What's more the masses don't believe that the Elite threat exists ('Conspiracy Theory' was a very clever rebuttal). It is not souls but the Elites who pose THE real threat to their existences. No! They will not believe it! But, they will believe that the souls, those who do not belong to the 'packs', those who are different, are their enemies.  What is more clever than this: making mankind live and die for bits of paper! If St Peter is real, what account are we going to give when asked what we did in the days of our lives. If one thinks that what one is doing now is the best use of our time, one should visit places that are now dying as human habitations. Go through and look at what humans did that they thought was so important then. None of it matters that the candles in the wind have burnt out! Why can't people see that the systems that are operating now only serve the interests of the darkside Elites and their servants, the masses?

"We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy." Chris Hedges

The engineering of the darkside consciousness as triumphant in human bodies, is the chief plot of the Elites. Somewhere along the line, the Elites seem to have gotten disenchanted. The darkside reproductive steam-roller, fueled by the sex-school games, seems to threaten the status of the Elites. It could be,too, that the plot has peaked and the Elites are ready with another paradigm, for the rest of time. So, while the original engineering of creating darksiders is still operative, other kinds of engineering are coming to the fore. Now, the very life of the darksiders bodies are being targeted. This is called the Eugenics program. Lives are being shortened and snuffed out by the onset of various sicknesses and wars. Food, both genetically altered and toxified, is the chief agent of population reduction. The traditional fare of foods work slowly but surely to sicken people. Acidic foods create the groundwork for the acidic diseases eg heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis etc. The medicines used to treat illnesses are ineffective and help the victims to go more speedily to their graves. Vaccines seem to accomplish this very effectively. The approach of allopathic medicine is to alleviate symptoms not cure the disease. Diseases are viewed as localised not systemic conditions. Prevention is shelved in favor of Crisis Medicine and surgery. Besides, war is being made on traditional alternative medicine eg vitamins, herbs and raw milk. The air is toxified by automobile emissions, and by chemtrail spraying. Homes spew toxins (eg paints, carpets, EMFs). Even clothes are being made of polyester and artificial fabrics. These compromise the energy of the body. The net result is the increase in the occurrence of a variety of cancers. The conventional treatments for this, expedites the onset of death. To these, one should add the various geo-engineered weather events, and events like earthquakes. Somehow, the flora and fauna of Earth are being decimated, some mysteriously. In some States, there are loud mysterious noises.... these probably indicate underground city construction. To the existing calamities, one can add increased drug-running and associated crimes, human trafficking, the increase in gang activity, the increasing break-up of the nuclear family etc etc. Undeclared wars, invasions and rumors of wars are now the norm. Religion is increasingly being hit by scandals, and lacks the cohesive force they once had. Whats more is that there are no counter-balancing good forces at work at the physical level. Despite heavy UFO reporting, there is no evidence that the aliens are benign. Perhaps, it is all up to God now. The darkside masses have played themselves very well: they have practically eliminated all the good guys who could have helped!  

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Engineering Of Mankind To Be Darkside! 1

The darkside is comprised of evil entities which possess and use human bodies for their own lifestyles and agendas. These bodies are home for the trillions of microscopic organisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) which colonise them. The darkside/bacteria combo suppresses and replaces the souls in those bodies as the initiators and executers of behavior. Some of the bodies are owned by the darkside, and so are soul-less. Where souls are present, they exist only for the purpose of giving life to their bodies. They exist in a state of slavery, unable to take charge of their bodies or to live out their own natures. Much of what is called civilisation perpetuates the enslavement of souls after their bodies are stolen. The plot against souls has grown exponentially over the centuries. There are documents that point to a conspiracy by the Elites to completely own the earth, and to make satan its God. This conspiracy is in its final stages. The Elites plan the elimination of most of the human bodies, leaving only 500 millions. This is being done by all kinds of methods, both fast-acting  and slow-acting. There is evidence of underground shelters in which the Elites and their chosen employees will hide out while the Earth's surface is cataclysmically cleansed. ( SEE Seeds have been stored in underground fortress in Norway. The geopolitical stage for cataclysm has already been set, and there are two opposing territorial camps already formed. One camp is involved in wars of aggression, using anti-terrorism rationale, for the conquest of land and resources that belong to others. The other camp presently exists only as a counter-weight. There is another war looming on the horizon. There is every indication that it will end up as a nuclear war. Some writers think that devastation of Earth is already decided, and that the (geopolitical) Global Elites are simply engaged in the drama of getting us there, secure in the knowledge that they have their escape hatches in place.

It is now, in the endtimes, that many are being awakened and enlightened to the mental chains that they have been bound by. Many are waking up to the plots, plans and deceptions of the Elites. They are discovering that civilisation is based on lies. These lies were created by Elite think-tanks for the purpose of diverting the attention of the populace while their hidden agenda of global rule was being actualised. Now, that the Elites are close to their goals, they don't care if the the truth of their conspiracy leaks out. Perhaps, they get a kick out of being the star of the show. Perhaps, the diligent work of the 'conspiracy theorists' has shed light where before, there was only darkness. We do know that most of what passed for 'fact' and 'knowledge, in centuries previous, is no more than propaganda and downright lies. For instance, the ongoing banker bailouts tell us that it is not market forces that determine economic success and failure. There are other factors (SEE .... Corporate Assassins determine World Order). The 'hidden hand' of economics has turned out to be the bankers and politicians. 'Too big to fail' is not an accepted economic argument.  As in Economics, so in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. Lies, and more lies! Today, these specialist fields of so-called knowledge are involved in the creation of longer and longer lists of mental diseases for which medication must be taken. The big pharmaceutical companies make money while the Elites eugenics program gets a fillip. Perfectly normal people get labeled 'mad'.
Research Materials (The History of the Money Changers) (Psychiatry: An Industry of Death) (The Marketing of Madness)

The Elite's engineers have enslaved mankind by their lies and deceptions. They used their think-tanks to create false knowledge which they presented to an unsuspecting public as the enlightened truth of specialist fields of study. The creation of 'specialist' disciplines was a smart move: students in one field hardly knew what was going on in the other 'specialist' fields. Thus, nobody could construct a total overview of the separate fields of knowledge. There was no grand picture. Reality exists as a unified field and a true understanding of it occurs when one can see both the particular and the general. More importantly, one should be able to see how the particular fits into the grand scheme of things. It was only when critics did some digging that the flaws in accepted knowledge came to light. The flood of improvements in information technology made this so much easier. So, what was considered sacrosanct ground because it was tread by objective experts gradually came to be recognised as lies and propaganda. Objectivity was shown to be nothing but personal preference for paradigms or schools of thought (ideology). The experts were shown to be people serving the Globalist agenda, and were invariably from certain ethnic groups. The Elites having composed the bases of false knowledge, secured the brightest brains in the world to work for them, either in the think-tanks or as disseminators of false knowledge in their own countries. Mostly, these recruits were put to play roles in erecting and maintaining of the edifice of civilisation that sprouted from the false knowledge, in their own Economists, Health Workers, Lawyers etc. The brightest brains were recruited by and local. When you don't have the brains or manpower yourself, you recruit it! The financial and status rewards, plus the admiration of the world, created lifetime careers for so many who could not have done better otherwise. They programmed themselves so completely with think-tank originated 'knowledge' that they became creative, and invented similar knowledge themselves. What a joy it was to get published by big name journals and periodicals and to be glowingly reviewed by one's peers, and by the experts! The initial lies got updated! To have any kind of material life, you had to pass the exams in these specialist disciplines, whether it was in High School, or in schools of higher learning. What a way to send Earth's populace into sleep, wherein what you 'learned' by memorisation/programming alone mattered. It did not matter if one was engaged in the search for truth,or not. It did not matter if one knew how to think for himself, or not. One got locked into theories without the ability to measure these against what existed in the matrix. In fact, you were constantly told what the matrix was like, without the requirement that you see for yourself. You measured theory against theory, always looking for a better theory, but never matching theory against reality. It's as if the underlying assumption was that reality could not be known by direct investigation. What a perfect method to blind earth to the reality of a hidden agenda, until now: the endtimes.

" lluminati and the faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings and recommend them for special training in internationalism. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by the Illuminatists. That gives you an idea what a "Rhodes scholarship" means. It means indoctrination into accepting the idea that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife. That's how the United Nations was sold to the American people. One of the most notable Rhodes scholars we have in our country is Senator William J. Fulbright, sometimes referred to as half-bright. His entire voting record spells Illuminati. All such scholars were to be first persuaded and then convinced that men of special talent and brains have the right to rule those less gifted on the ground that the masses don't know what is best for them fiscally, mentally, and spiritually.

In addition to the Rhodes and similar scholarships, today there are three special Illuminati schools located in Gordonstown in Scotland, Salem in Germany, and Annavrighta in Greece. These three are known ones, but there are others that are kept undercover. Prince Philip, the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, was educated at Gordonstown at the instigation of Lord Louis Mountbatten, his uncle, a Rothschild relative, who became Britain's Admiral of the Fleet after World War II ended.

All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists so they would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would in the long run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world conspiracy and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve." SEE

"The fact that Rhodes used near-slave labor in mining diamonds is compatible with those members of The Pilgrims on both sides of the Atlantic whose ancestors profited from the African slave trade. Rhodes was on track with his plans---get rich, and recruit allies to join the Secret Society patterned after the Jesuit Order he meant to form. It was informally founded, as we saw, early in 1891. On pages 551-552 Stead tells us that Rhodes “won for himself the reputation of being a dangerous man.” Yes, members of The Pilgrims, to the reverse of what they would say of themselves, are dangerous men! In its essence their mentality is all wealth to themselves---poverty and feudal serfdom to everyone else. There is embedded in their genes the “I want that man killed! Bring that woman to me!” mentality. This is amply proved by their actions on the world scene, causing over one hundred million violent wartime and purge-related deaths as means to gain their ends."
(link not working)

The Elites have used their Occult power to possess the mass of humanity. They know how to put satan in bodies and how to activate and maintain it! The possessions are pieces of satan, just like souls are pieces or sparks of the Oversoul. The Elites have practically wiped out any god-connection souls may have had. The system provides very very little food for the soul. The Elites' satanic clones (the masses) destroys souls/good  people. satan has become the god of this world, and his all-seeing eyes reside everywhere that darkside humans are found. 'All-seeing eye' is a conceptual lie because satan cannot see 'all', neither can he be everywhere in order to see all. Even sattelites cannot see all for the satanic Elites. It is an attempt by the ruling satanic Elites to present themselves as having the omniscient and omnipresent nature of  God. They don't! The darkside masses keep their 'psychic' connection with satan alive by 'eyeball-reading'. There are denizens in the eyeball which have the power to transmit and receive data and images directly from the satanic Occult controllers. This is how the darksiders access the power, the will (or plans) and the instructions of satan. This is how the masses get their information or knowledge. All that is required is that they have no power to think for themselves or to pursue other methods of gathering info and knowledge. Being a dunce is a qualification. It can be fun seeing how darksiders read the electronic impressions that a darkside within can access.....including the deliberately planted info that souls set them up with. These are the people who have no knowledge except that which enhances they preying ability. They are not interested in any other genre of knowledge. These are the people who could not bring themselves to study zealously in school. These are the people could not think for themselves and could not understand the think-tank processed information they were fed with. They could not see any sense in becoming functionally literate and denounced the 'book sense' that was being placed on their plates. Those who could memorise their lessons moved up because that was what was required. (The latter remained darkside!). Think, question or deviate from the coursework, and the teacher would give low marks. In societies where qualifications was the path to earning, the memorisers moved up but those who had no talents with which to script a life, relied heavily on the talents they had i.e. cunning, mind-reading and eyeball-reading. Only those who learned to think for themselves could escape the enslaving of their consciousness by the darkside within, and its Occult hook-up.

 The Elites, apart from books, schools  and the satanic 'psychic hook-up, have used the media to propagate lies and half-truths to the masses. Whether it is television, magazines at the check-out counter, greeting cards, mementos and wall-plaques with 'high' thoughts, the aim is to engineer your consciousness. You are made to believe that the real crimes are being committed by evil people who rape and rob in your neighbourhoods. Television weaves you into a state of sorriness for the victims. The real big criminals never make it to the TV channel. Their events are not televised. We are left with no idea of what the Elites are like, or what they do 24/7. We reach inwards for information about them and finding a blank, conclude that they must be nice people. To be told of their misdeeds, however, is to be rebuked with 'conspiracy theorist' accusations. After all, we didn't see it on TV. If it was true, TV would certainly bring it. In various ways, the mindscape of the masses is sculpted by the Elites and their organisations to be fake and non-threatening. We trust Medical doctors and the pills they give us! We must increase the War on Terror because we cannot let those bad Muslims who did 9/11 get away with it. The Media is how consent is manufactured for war and other items of policy. Very few people think for themselves or go to the lengths of doing research to get to the truth of things. Thinking for oneself is not easy, which is why few people do so. Between work and the constant mental engagement in the games that society plays, between having fun and pleasure and being a consumer, between building the ego or socialising......where will the time and required effort come from? When it comes to a choice of chasing truth vs chasing fiat money, the latter wins all the time! Thus, the masses believe what the Elites want them to believe!

The Elites have created clones of themselves in the masses. The difference is that the masses have too little resources while the Elites have too much. But, the satanic consciousness is the same. They both want to get rid of God, and of good people. And, they have mostly succeeded. They have the human bodies which they can activate against the bodies of the good guys. They have the darkside within the good guys' bodies to use for attack, and to build! The darkside masses believe that the enemy is the soul/good people and they are given the info and powers that help them wage war against the good guys. With the dark side within in charge, the masses do not really have the ability to do different. Waking up to the reality of a different real enemy is beyond them. Even if they wake up to the threat of the Elites, they still remain victims of their darkside natures. They, therefore, still engage in their immoral tribal/color games while claiming the higher ground of being awakened. They cannot see that their dark sides are simply adding a new cause to its already long list of 'causes' to live or die for. At most, it is not 'awakening' but another opportunity for ego-building. Their dark sides will highlight the threat posed to their own kind by the 'alive' soul, in the soul's body. With the soul above its dark side, the latter becomes suppressed. Since, all darksiders share the same consciousness, this is a direct blow to them. So, they hunt and destroy the good guys. Then, they are made to feel like second-raters when souls exhibit their talents. The superiority of brain-usage over programming puts them in the shade. They are put to shame and cannot go past their dark side's jealousy, envy and  hate. They strike back! Money is at the same time, a mace, a fence and armor for those who have it. The dark side attacks and destroys soul people, to keep them chained and dependent, and without the money/success necessary to go beyond the parameters set down for them by the darkside society. The darkside masses views with alarm, all practical applications of morality by souls. In their daily living, darksiders do not see any but their own corrupt 'by-any-means-necessary' predatory behavior. The only place they usually see morality executed is on the screen.  The darkside masses view morality as  'acted' because it is beyond their nature to produce naturally. For choosing the moral way, souls are asked if they think that they are special or big. Darksiders want everyone to get down and dirty! No exceptions! No indvidualistic self-determination! In the masses, the Elites have put in place an automatic mechanism whereby 'goodness' is destroyed and whatever 'threat' to evil that might arise from God-guided people are taken care of as they arise, at the base of the pyramid.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Darksiders Are Only Making War.....And Winning!

The darksiders are making war on the rest of Earth. Both Elites and Masses are dominated by them. Agents of the Elites dominate and control the Masses via various organisational setups, and via direct Occult control. Together they have looted the Earth by undeclared war, often disguised as games. They have pretty good excuses for doing what they do despite the evidence on the ground, of their misdeeds. They have no internal states of consciousness that gives them access to the 'being' mode. Trying the 'being' mode results in boredom, for darksiders.  Thus, they have no internal life. Their world is all on the outside, and this world must by hunted and conquered, by any means necessary. They compete to see how aggressive they can be in acting out their inner nature. They speak with power and behave authoritatively, even to the wise and intelligent. Cunning replaces morality as the mediator of actions, and their moral dysfunction is supported by their abilities of 'eyeball' reading and mind-reading. These talents they demonstrate with impudence. Souls are the good guys. They have been completely vanquished so far. Part of the reason for this is that they have been programmed with false knowledge. They are still stuck in forgiveness and will not fight back. Though the good guys have the advantage of being able to use a brain (darksiders cannot use the brain in the bodies they possess), most of them don't. They do not question everything. They do not see this war of 'natures' taking place, even when their normal serene, understanding and moral natures are threatened, and suppressed. They do not see that those with only an outer life are making the world a place where there can be no inner life. Their attention is being locked into the outside world depriving them of inner home-base edification. In this outside world, the darksiders are the stars, movers and shakers. They love to have spectators to their artistry in taking and controlling the world. The dark side creates this world according to its own predatory nature. So, lacking an inner life (obeying its programming, taking cues from the Occult Elites and mind-reading.... is as inner as life gets for the dark side), the dark side lives only for the external world. All their attention and concern is directed there, and they have created systems that force others to be like them, for survival. Being predators, they are focused on preying on all things. They are, therefore, constantly in the state of cunning collusion ie collecting data and making schemes about all people and things that they are 'hunting'. Data is obtained by all means: e.g. gossiping, spying, mind-reading, geological surveys, archaeology and the social media. The Occult Elites manipulate the masses by programming or influencing them appropriately, via 'eyeball' reading or the various media. Darksiders often excuse their torture of good people by pretending that they can read past karma and justify it by painting themselves as karmic tax collectors.They excuse their plot, too, by pretending to be able to read the actual future.....not just their own 'druthers'. Any good survivors of their tortures and attempts on their lives, are claimed to have been 'made' by them. Of course, 'we do this for your good' is the prime excuse.

Worldly activities become the 'causes' the darkside attaches to. For them, Earth is to be hunted, conquered, acquired, used, exploited, enjoyed, hoarded etc. These are the external expressions of fulfillment of their inner natures. They steal the Earth by stealing bodies. This is the most potent way of reducing the opposition while bolstering their own numbers. They know, and practise, this much. Their propaganda, meanwhile, has  good people still disputing whether good and evil exists, or if these form a viable paradigm for understanding human history. The good vs evil that is depicted in the scriptures seems to have been shelved, along with the religions that own them. Even the films have stopped portraying the combat between good and evil. The common sense of fighting back based on the firsthand evidence of evil's atrocities in the matrix has been supplanted by paternalistic statements like "We are all God's Children". Too many people have become believers of the 'strawman' identity created by the Elites: you are one being in a body. The focus on extreme worldly involvement and the dictates of physical survival have drawn the soul away from its inner home-base into the waiting jaws of darkside predators. The soul's nature becomes suppressed, and oppressed, in trying to survive or 'make it'. The soul's normal nature is flavored with contentment and bliss. Just being alive, without grabbing a goodly portion of Earth for itself, is so full of intrinsic 'worth' that notions of global or societal domination do not arise. This leaves the Elites and Societal leaders free to carry on! Leaving footprints in the sands of time, has no appeal for the soul. For soul, there is no continuous feeling of incompleteness which must be constantly placated by some acquisition, some consumption, some predatory conquest, some drama, some 'parade' or playing of oneself or some plot to further concretise its grip on the external world. The soul IS, and it is content with the I AM state. When basic needs need attention, attention is given. The external world does not contain the lifeblood of the soul so no constant or untoward attention is wasted on it. In this duality of natures, of soul and dark side, lies the true cause of the outer reality being the way it is. The soul only takes what it needs from the world and is detached from all that it does not have to include in its life. The darksiders want to make the acquisition and control of the outside world the prime purpose for being alive. The dark side wants it all, including the control or the domination of 'objects' called 'human beings with souls' who have no developed dark side or mark of the beast. These are the humans they love to hunt, enslave, entrap, set up, and generally conquer. These are the humans that make the preying worthwhile: a challenge, a game, a vendetta, a life's purpose, a test of cunning and collusion. Soul doesn't know the dark side exists when immune. Pretty much everybody looks the same and talks the same! Then, it is a rude awakening when soul discovers that others are minding him, and his business, too closely. It is when soul discovers that there is a war on, against him, that he knows he has to fight back. Happiness or dwelling in its own nature must be postponed until the recurring problem of evil is dealt with. Faced with evil at the top and evil at the base of the pyramid, the soul has to fight the most immediate enemy i.e. the dark side within that is being used against him. The enemy within must be defeated first! The world has come to this because soul people never fought back.....or because they did not know how to stay alive.

Freedom and Human Rights are awarded to you in the documents. That is as good as it gets. You need a good lawyer to have and keep these rights.  At the societal level, nothing but the will of the darkside masses (ergo that of the Elites) exists, regardless of what is written in the laws. Every district and neighborhood is monitored and controlled. The 'all-seeing eye' of the darkside psychic net has all the information on everyone. Souls do survive in this 'net' if they have the knowledge, but also because the all-seeing-eye does not see all! Darkside vision cannot see what is in soul's vision unless it is decoded and recorded for later reading as electronic impressions. To get freedom, that darkside 'eye' has to be blinded. So, the darksiders are busy everyday in running their terrestrial jurisdictions. They plan what needs to be changed and what needs to be maintained. All the while, the goal is to become more powerful and to dominate more via enhancing their control. The various colors or tribes mediate their roles and, hence, their share of the societal pie. The size and potency of their individual backing determines the fortunes of each color or tribe. They cooperate yet vie with each other for further control. The cooperate to keep society run by the darkside family. They conspire to get good guys out of the competition. Cunning colludes in the creation of planned operations, accidents and setups, games etc. with which are to afflict and destroy good people. They get their best executers of those plans, call them 'professionals' and set them to work implementing their plots. All the darksiders are involved in the some way. Some just monitor the interests of their people. There are doers, seers, transportation people, back-up people, legal and policing people....all kinds of people chip in when a project is underway. Everything is done so that the target is acquired, the operation gets underway, there are no leaks, and there is mop-up or cover-up, as required. They ensure that the target(s) have no help or escape routes. Their people are in all kinds of places and occupations, waiting to be of use. For the targets, all kinds of support, including jobs or money will be hard to come by, especially when the usual snake-power attacks create desperation, fear and panic. The target is only wasting his time in going to Departments and Agencies which 'serve' citizens for help. Either there is no help or sabotage. Their customary successful hunting and conquering techniques are employed. These they tout as evidence of having 'brains'. Some of the major operations carried out are stalking, the sex school operations (called 'cleaning', 'cooking', 'washing', 'seasoning' etc), mind-control operations (commonly called 'cleaning' or 'washing'), getting the target to move from where they don't want him or to an area they want him (by 'pushing' him or 'pulling' him), etc. Minor operations includes the 'honey trap' wherein they pimp women to entrap males. The laws that were created to trammel evil do not bind them because of their control of the local superstructure. Thus, the theory of karma, of reaping as you sow, is replaced by 'who is going to make me pay'. Does nobody find it odd that human beings are not accorded merit based on functional use of their brains? After all, the basic tenet of evolution is the increasing size of the brain as man gets to the point of Homo Sapiens. Why is the 'hymen' and its rupturing so key to the award of material living? Why this 24/7 focus on the sex school? Could it be that the darkside tribes have erected a system which betrays they thirst for power, by the focus on acquisition of powerful females, to boost their own argument for a bigger slice of the societal pie? This is exactly what it is! So, religion cannot be tolerated because its teachings propagate another set of ideals. Souls cannot be tolerated because their lifestyles of practical morality threaten the darksiders scheme for continuation of their system. Alas, God took their powers away, so the psychic net will soon be the none-seeing-eye! 

Darksiders use their satanic powers to implement their operations. Where necessary physical force or capabilities are engaged. Thus in the sex school, the target is subdued by snake-power attacks. Then physical engagement takes place to hyper-sexualise her. All personal preferences about sexual partners and related matters are scrubbed and a humble, willing 'boy-toy' is created. Their 'eyeball reading' and 'mind-reading' powers give them info about what is happening in their victims, and outside, in the present and future. Sleep deprivation is used as a tool for successful mind control operations. Snake power, by its effect on the heart rate and by hypertension created, deprives the victim of sleep. They will use noise to keep their victims awake....and no law officer or landlord or relative will stop them, or intercede. That sleep deprivation can kill, is of no consequence to them. In fact, if a victim were to go for a walk, the darksiders will laugh and comment on the victim's dilemma. Their mirthless laughter and ha-ha-ha's are very intimidating. Of course, they do win by intimidation.A key element of darksider attacks is the assault by a million etheric voices. The darkside 'psychic network is the original creators and practitioners of this art. First the attention of the dark side within is extracted, then it is assailed by voices with news and programming which build its attention. It begins to want to participate in the events, especially if its emotions are awakened. The attention of the soul is party to all these goings-ons and despite all the cock-and-bull stories, it can be deceived into participating in the sex school or other games. It is hard to resist the cues and suggestions given by the voices, especially when it goes on 24/7 without break or if the soul had really liked the female target. Often, insomnia results. This weakens the soul. A usual error made is to use alcohol or other drugs to get sleep. These further weaken the soul. This is why so few ever emerge alive from such darkside attacks. Only when under attack will a victim come to realise the reality of evil, and of how the vast majority of human bodies are vessels for satan. Only then the true nature of the society one lives in become obvious. There are no real options for the darksiders victims. The first panic reaction is flight. That works if one can find a more psychically secure location. Victims resources are likely to be insufficient, if the darksiders did their homework. Finding a location where darksiders will not hunt you is likely to be a futile quest. Finding one where a normal life can be lived, is a dream. They are everywhere.... and they will know you and continue the hunt. All the darksiders have that invisible connection of consciousness wherein one of them will know what the others know.

God does not rule this Earth. Religious and spiritual people will ask you 'who is the boss', as proof that he does. This world is ruled by the FORCE of those physically around you, and by those who can use force to conquer, control or enslave others. The Elites, though physically removed from the immediate vicinity, do have their hierarchies and secret organisations in place. God would rule via leaving you to fashion your life by your FREE WILL. Doing things while under satanic domination of your body is not free will. Does God use evil people to do his bidding? Not likely! Human bodies are all instruments of either God or the devil. Each can use his own substance in human bodies. While God destroys evil, he does not hurt good people....because they are rightly placed. God helps, though it may only be in the form of guidance. Maybe, just maybe, soul people are not that powerless in the face of a superior enemy. Soul people have a brain to use. This is a far superior information processing tool than the cunning nature of darksiders. If it comes to physical force that cannot be turned aside, then death or injury results. Soul people know that aspect of the deal. But, there are no precedents in fighting back against the dark side for soul people to follow. Nobody has kept strong throughout their ordeals or kept their wits about them, or devised ways of blunting the attacking force or survived to tell the tale. Nobody has scientifically analysed the darkside problem and come up with ways of staying alive, despite it all, and of fighting back. As a result, the darkside has almost completely gotten rid of all the good guys and have all the time and space to play themselves. Good guys must start by using their brains instead of having it coralled behind think-tank propaganda. If the truth is already out there, why is the world marching on its path to complete evil? They must realise that all this about being icons and divas, happy consumer, lifetime careers, seeking happiness and financial security are just fake lifestyles meant to keep you away from discovering who you are and how to really live.....and to ignore the problem of evil completely. Souls have to realise that they came here to live this innings in a body that grows, ages, and dies. The best innings would be one which lets them live as soul...not as a darksider. A fighting innings, is therefore called for!

 That this is the Kali Age is just a red herring. We read in books about the Yugas, and how the pure goodness of the Satya Yuga deteriorated into the Kali hell we now have. Nobody alive has witnessed any other AGE, neither is the descent into the Kali Age well-documented.. The Cosmic Wheel Of Yugas was not created in a Divine age. We know that it exists from the Puranas and the Vedas. These pieces of literature have there origin at about 300 BC, though the Oldest Veda perhaps dates back to 1500 BC. So, we have the news of a Cosmic Cycle of Yugas that comes not from the time when mankind was at its purest, not from the age of Rama, not from the Age of Krishna but from the worst Age: the Kali Age. And, they were written by people who were interested in composing and re-composing epics. How do they know what they write is real? How do we know that their 'insights' were inspired by God? Calling them 'saints and sages' does not mean that they were attuned to God's knowledge! This kind of programming cannot be trusted. Rama and Krishna are historical but they are not separated by the kind of time that is claimed by the Cosmic Cycle of Yugas Theory. The TRETA Yuga was 1,296,000 years and the Dvapara Yuga was 864,000 years long. Yet, villages and other landmarks associated with the RAMA Avatar still exists. In fact, it has been claimed that the planetary alignments at Rama's birth took place in 5114 BC!
.Then again, evil and evil beings have reaped havoc in the Age of Rama and in the Age of Krishna. Same for this alleged Kali Age! So....what is the difference if evil is always starring or guest-starring? Could it be that history is marching onwards in a 'whatever' fashion rather than in a Cyclical or other geometrical pattern? Could it be that mankind will buy a God-derived pattern because it is an answer when none others are to be found? Could it be that evil has carefully crafted its ascendance well in advance? Could it be that evil managed to secure a stay of proceedings against them by the good guys, by claiming that the big boss gave them the okay to do what they are doing? Could it be that we accept the latter and in so doing, we let evil become our masters and persecuters? We know for a fact that segments of the 20th century were heavenly. We know that so far, the 21st century is hellish. Saying that this is the Kali Age does not explain or justify what is happening. We know that there are darksiders who have been plotting Global Government for centuries. We know of the existence of documents which accurately describe and forecast the past, current and future global scenarios, and of the manipulative processes at work. We know some of their tricks: Central Banking, Wars, Currency Manipulation, False Flags etc etc.That we never truly fought back has brought us to this. The evil Elites and the evil Masses have won their wars against the good guys. All that is left is for the Elites to destroy their 'franken-masses' in so many ways, as they probably have no more use for them. The souls or good guys are too few to make any difference now, to the outcome!

So those who only focus on the Elites as the enemy against the 99% do not see the masses working for the Elites. The most winnable, most important fight, is not against the Elites. It is against the masses who destroy  beings by installing satan in them as ruler. With this mark of the beast installed, they give you all material requirements for your survival, depending on the pecking order. It is the masses who ensure that there is a division and ruling of society by their tribal and color games which is akin to warfare. Only when darksiders unite against soul people do they have a united front. But, this costs the society its soul. All the good  moral people who could use their brains to lead a fightback against the Elites are killed out by the darkside society. And, the Elites plan their Eugenics Agenda against the masses. Now, who is to blame when it happens. What can a divided society do against the Elites? Where will the asleep society get its WILL to fight back, if their attention is otherwise distracted and they do not know that they are under threat? So, all the cries of 'wake up' are being shoved up the auditory canals of the masses, but the masses couldn't care less. The wake-up calls hit home among the brain-users who could not get the relevant info before this. The darkside masses have to stop working for the Elites by being the control mechanism that eliminates threats against the top of the pyramid. They have to stop implementing Elite-created agendas they obtain through 'eyeball' reading, or from the how-to programming of the darkside 'foundations'. The Elites draw on satan's power to rule, and to keep control of the masses. Any soul who comes into power is a direct threat to the Elites because if one can defeat satan within,satan on the outside becomes very defeatable. In the old days, the Elites used to know in advance, and kill the children at birth (here we're talking Christ and Krishna). Now, their clones in the masses do the hatchet-work! So, they take people's free will away....then tell souls that God appointed them to do that, or that it is for the souls own good, or that they are teaching souls. We have had enough of those lame excuses already. When the immoral claim partnership with God, you ask...Which God? What they can say is that they are part of the FORCE mechanism whereby the Elites run the world, and they do, what they do, because they can, and want to. But, the dark side changes not. The present goings-on will continue, the masses will be eugenicised, and the Elites will hole out in their underground cities while the terra firma is forcefully vacated, and made ready for re-colonisation. In the final analysis, Earth is going from hell to hell, in a linear progression. Anything that says that these hells are serving some divine purpose or Yuga sequence is scraping the barrel for an excuse to prolong the procession of hells.

Much has been said about  fighting back against the Elite 1%. It is not a contest in which the greater numbers can win, even if all the tribes in the masses unite as a team. The Elites are way ahead in terms of technology, resources, preparedness and tactics. The Elites are ahead of the game. Their warfare is assymetrical so one does not know exactly what to plan against! How can you win out against HAARP and Scalar weapons? Considering all things, now is a time to think about surviving for the longest that one can. And when the end comes, pray that it be painless. Being souls, and born with our bodies, we deserve to live unencumbered by any other rival force within. That should be the first priority. If not, we will not have lived! No darkside masses or Occult Elites should be given the chance to dominate your consciousness, in your body. Fighting back against the dark side within is a very winnable battle. A conquered dark side cannot act as an enemy within. The darksiders on the outside use the inner enemy against you. Your job is to keep that inner dark side down and out. You can do this easily if you kill the germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses within. This way, you deprive the dark side within of its troops. This way, no darksider can use them against you! There are other aspects to this fightback, previously mentioned. You can achieve this victory easily and cheaply. Then, whatever happens when you are soul, happens. Being soul means that at last, you are an individual. All that exists among the darkside masses are clones: each tribe or color is one force in millions of bodies. There are no individuals among them. They satisfy their need for individuality by having unique outer displays of demeanour, garments, tattoos, piercings, speech etc. When a soul defeats his own darkside possession, he is also defeating the millions of similar clones in other bodies. This is why the dark side wage endless war on souls: to prove that they are the superior way to exist and to pre-empt a loss! Each darkside color or tribe looks at its millions of bodies as its 'backing'. Having 'backing' counts in this material scheme of things: souls under attack usually cannot find one other body to back them up! Being a complete individual is the only way to live this life regardless of who says 'no man is an island'. "An individual with free will and human rights" is the battle, right in front of you, to fight. And if you need a gun, purchase one!