Friday, January 18, 2013

The Darkside/Bacteria Combo Is Waging Inter-species Warfare On Souls.

The body is a bacteria/human hybrid. Writers are now calling the body 'an ecosystem'. This is all wrong. The body was made to be a stand-alone fleshy robot. It has all that is required to survive on this planet without other residents. Mankind has been blindsided by the Elites into grieving about original sin while humans with souls became victims of other species. Had human beings known, they would have invented the kind of warfare necessary to cleanse themselves of invading entities, and attack them into powerlessness. The Bible it is that put blinders on people by claiming that God gave man dominion over lesser creation. As it is, the more visible creatures in creation suffer from the threat of extinction while those invisible to the naked eyes threaten man with extinction. It seems that we see only threats like the flu and cancer but you would be considered loony if you stated that the invisible dark side and bacteria were colonising your body. Yet, that is exactly what is taking place. We have been deceived into thinking that all the bacteria/germs that we need to pay attention to lie outside of us. And, this is easily taken care of by washing hands, showering and by sanitising surfaces and utensils with bleach. Hello! The bacteria are already IN the body. They outnumber human cells by ten to one, though they represent less mass because of their small size. While the human body has only 22,000 genes, the bacterial invaders have 8 million genes. And with favorable living conditions, the bacterial population can double every 20 minutes. This is an alarming situation. Warfare is being levied against the Soul by a dark side which wants to steal the body, and which pretends that it is a more deserving 'owner'. Warfare is generated against the Soul by the bacteria, viruses and fungi all looking for food, and a host to conquer. Souls/human beings pay attention to all kinds of priorities but disbelieve the threat from the darkside/bacteria combo. We have been blindsided to miss one of the most important truths about life: that it is an inter-species war. We miss the fact that that the darkside/bacteria combo is making war on souls. We miss the fact that these predators and colonisers war on us from within, and from the bodies they have already defeated, and amassed to their cause. We have been programmed to give all our awareness to things on the outside, but none to the goings-ons within.

Who, of us, keeps diaries and logs of the goings-ons in our bodies, and in our heads? How else can you detect the enemy at work, and learn him to defeat him? Why has no-one taught us that we are Souls who can self-decide (barring certain automated bodily processes) all things consciously? Nothing should happen without the souls express complicity, and conscious decisions. We have been deceived into the acceptance of happenings and experiences within as all belonging to soul. All the moods, feelings, urges, habits, even powers....we assume that all these belong to the soul. Everytime we 'feel' likes and aversions within, we own the 'feeling' rather than question the source of the feeling. "I feel to eat this or that" taken to mean that the Soul desires this or that! We have been bred to be 'strawmen' by the Elites, the media, education and by society: we have been programmed to believe that  a human being is 'one being in a body.' We have been programmed that satan or the dark side does not exist. God does not exist either....because he does not rescue us, take away the pain, and give us miracles, or money! In the case of bacteria, we are told that most of them are friendly helpful guys whom we have to learn to live with. They do great things for us! Trojan horses abound in this realm! Yet we are told that the same bacteria can become enemies in a changed body environment. Then we are told that each bacteria can replicate the functions of another specie. If so, then bad bacteria can be good bacteria, and vice versa! There could be a time when all of them are on the bad side! The minute size of bacteria allows them to go anywhere they want. They have mechanisms for getting what they want...mechanisms that have not been studied by Science because this kind of research is new. Bacteria can live in the immune cells called 'phagocytes'. They can modulate the body's fightback mechanism (the immune system) for their benefit. If threatened, these bacteria can create hell within. Antibiotics kills selectively and  the survivors (not balanced by rival bacteria)  run amok. This is why obesity is such a problem, and is easily cured by supplementing with other bacteria. What about not-conscious attacks on bacteria? GMO products reputedly keep producing pesticides in the intestines. Would the bacteria not sense an attack and go into the fightback mode? Bacteria communicate among themselves, and with other species. 

Behaviors can be credited to one of two forces, soul or darkside. One has to be aware of all those behaviors (diaries and logs give us this evidence), subtract those that were soul-decided, then one would know which are the darkside's. Only consciously made decisions belong to the soul. If the soul did not decide certain behaviors in the outside world or in the body, who or what did? Resilient souls know the secret of how the darkness within operates, and fight it. F.E.A.R., which stands for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL, is how the darkside/bacteria combo within deceives the soul into acquiescence, in order to perpetrate its' behavior and agenda. The FEAR that we know is only one instance of FALSE EVIDENCE that the darkness presents to pre-empt any soul response. The darkside/bacteria combo creates sensations within the body (moods, feelings, hungers, thirsts, desires, urges, incompleteness, forgetfulness etc) and allows the soul to believe that these are produced by the soul itself. The soul says that, “ Since this is me feeling like this within, the behavior suggested is okay“. In this deceived state, the soul lets the darkside/bacteria combo continue onwards to produce the behavior or non-response it desires. Nobody has informed the soul that it must evolve its own method since the darkside/bacteria combo is doing all of this.  This is how the cunning, deceptive darkside usurps the government of the body from the soul. The darkside within uses other elements in this complete deception. The attention of the soul is assaulted by darkside-generated thoughts, suggestions, images, hallucinations, memories, promises of fulfillment, false notions ( happiness), likes and dislikes, attractions or revulsions etc etc. The darkside uses the bacteria to get its agenda accomplished. The darkside prepares the internal platform for action, then actually does the action.

If the soul is alone in the body, only its decisions, willed experiences and wishes should be experienced. This is not the case. A quiet, placid and serene consciousness will detect a lot of interferences in the form of not-willed thoughts, urges, feelings and moods. This has to be explained. If the soul is not doing it, who or what is? It is jingoism to create a 'lower self' for the soul, as if the soul is self-hating. The soul is a consistent substance. The dark side is also a consistent substance. Each will behave and do according to their own natures. The dark side will flip the script and pretend goodness, but that is just another predatory application of cunning. By way of explanation, one can infer the influence of hyper-dimensional beings or point to technology that can make people hear voices or manipulate and steer people. Mind-controlled people are steered to do things and they have external handlers or pimps. One can even blame the remote psychic workers located all over the place or the darkside masses manipulating everyone to enhance their domination, and fighting for bigger slices of the societal pie. The two known possessors and colonisers of the body are the dark side and bacteria/fungi/viruses.Only the dark side within and the bacteria/fungi/viruses combo are with you all the time. They affect you all the time. Very few will admit the possibility of being steered because nobody likes to feel that they are a puppet. Current research is only now discovering what bacteria are capable of. Those who use alternative health therapies always knew that most internal bacteria are up to no good and products were created to deal with the threat of colonising bacteria. Raymond Rife invented technology to see the bacteria alive and to kill them using frequencies. The powers that be did not let his original inventions benefit people. They allowed versions of dubious effectiveness to survive. Cancer, of course, is caused by bacteria and is the last lap of their victory over souls and their bodies. 
Bacteria do not have full activity until their numbers are high. It is in their interest to keep their population high and growing. They steer you into things that either give them their choice foods for population growth or to take in more bacteria. we experience these as desires and hungers or urges within. They also steer you away from that which will be detrimental to them (with help from the dark side) inducing forgetfullness, by putting a damper on certain decisions you made (eg giving you bad vibes on a course that threatens them or no vibes at all), by taking away all enthusiasm from certain actions, by inducing postponements after highlighting the difficulty in doing something or the liklihood of failure etc. It is their survival they care about not the soul's. They favor all that will do them good and look with disfavor or denial on those things that will hamper them.

The dark side in the body is only a consciousness. It doesn't have a body and strives to make the soul's body it's own. Bacteria are both consciousness and body. The invisible substance of the dark side is more advanced than the 'spiritual' bodies of bacteria. These bacteria have a 'pack' mentality and when this pack is controlled and directed by the dark side, both get what they want, and the soul remains a suppressed life-giver to the body. The dark side overpowers the simple consciousness of bacteria and makes them do as it wants. The dark side can overpower and control any lesser consciousness and act through their bodies. This phenomena is easily observable in nice well-behaved pets who suddenly go beserk and do malicious things. The dark side and bacteria cooperate to successfully possess the human body. Both are possessors, predators and colonisers who put the expression of their natures, their agenda, their needs and their modus operandi, first and  foremost. They don't care that the soul is the owner of the body and has its own nature, needs and agenda. For them, its a stop-me-if-you-can policy. They don't care if the human body/soul benefits from their production of neuro-transmitters. Humans are telling us that the bacteria within are good for you mainly because humans need some of the substances they produce, or because these bacteria can help correct certain maladies. There are so many nutritional supplements, herbs and foods available nowadays, why should a person not use these instead of waiting for bacteria to get things done? And, all the help is given only if you let them stay or cede more body-territory to them! If bacterial colonies can double every 20 minutes, tolerating them is tantamount to giving them the whole body! This has happened! The masses, defeated by the darkside/bacteria combo, have become the enemy.

We experience certain phenomena within the body and in our consciousness. The Soul's stance is that he is boss in the body and that nothing, except body processes, should take place in there without his conscious decisions and active complicity. Things do take place outside of his will, beyond his will and often beyond his detection, or ability to intercept and cancel. All non-willed or not-decided behavior is interference or steering. The interference can be either generated from within or stimulated from the outside. It is possible to explain the production of the phenomena by reference to the known ie the dark side and bacteria within, and the darksiders on the outside. The bacteria have the numbers and the potential for manipulation, without dark side intervention. The darkside/bacteria combo have that singularity of purpose that makes them natural allies: successful colonisation of the host's body.  If one accepts this proposition and takes the next step of fighting back, the phenomena they create goes away. All the mental interference, the urges and unsolicited steering etc, goes away. Defeat the dark side by taking away its internal apps or tools, and the interference ceases. This tells us that our analysis was quite correct. Taking one's pH to 8.4 for a few days, then reducing it back to just above 7 destroys the bad bacteria and suppresses the dark side. One can also use bacteria destroyers like zeolite, hydrogen peroxide, ozonated water, silver products, iodine, probiotics, zapping and rife machines and experience the departure of all interference. Professional guidance is necessary when using these therapies. Only then will one know the truth that soul is being suppressed by those things that possess and inhabit its body: the dark side and bacteria working together. Other therapies have been mentioned in previous posts e.g fermented foods. Most of the body's bacterial population is anaerobic. They derive their energy from fermentation....a process enabled when cellular processes go awry. These are typically the bad bacteria, and oxygenation kills them. It is possible to use aerobic bacteria/good bacteria constructively within the body by supplementing with them (probiotics). One can supplement with organisms that dine on bad bacteria, fungi and viruses while thriving in an alkaline body. There are some products out there! The truth can only be known if one experiments. You know that something works when it induces the changes desired. The soul revels in its harmonious peaceful calm that ensues when the darkside/bacteria combo is defeated!

Scientists' consciousness devise tools for exploring reality, thinking that others using similar tools to replicate  results is what is important. The principal tool (of consciousness) is ignored. In spiritual things, consciousness is the workman and the tool. The conclusions of consciousness are valid, and in some cases can be replicated. But even consciousness can be manipulated, as we have seen from the post on Toxoplasma Gondii. There is such a thing as mind control that is being performed on the consciousness. That methodology includes suppression of the soul, the building of the dark side and its subsequent programming. Lies and confusion suppress the soul, while truth gives it life and freedom. In the case of the darkside/bacteria combo, the mind control is also being generated from within,....the last place one usually looks! This manipulation can take place as encouragement (getting an internal green light) to go down the wrong roads, or as discouragement or 'unwillingness' (the internally-generated red light) to look at certain topics. No one likes to think that they are being steered or manipulated. No one likes the feeling of being a puppet. If you are debating whether the darkside/bacteria combo can steer or manipulate you, the combo might respond 'NO WAY', and steer your attention into customary or other blind alleys. A major rule in the search for truth is that you might be missing something important if you don't look in places the 'mind' does not want to go. The 'mind' belongs to the dark side, and it could be that you are being steered away from the truth. Only experimentation will validate/invalidate any thesis. Research helps. Argumentation is limited because it is conducted from the known. How can an unknown question or answer be discovered if all we do is keep spinning versions of the 'known'?


  1. Great articulation on the subject matter although I disagree on your views of the Bible but nevertheless you are touching upon a core area where many of the human issues originate. There is a reason why the art of fasting was practiced.

    1. Seems like I anticipated the concern about fasting. I have already completed the next post( I may insert another post before that) in which I deal with dietary issues. I Quote Christ from THE ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE Bk1 on fasting, and I give some tips on what it accomplishes. I trust the Essene Gospels (critically read) more than Emperor Constantine's Bible. One principal reason being that the Gospels originate in the 1st century while the Bible was initiated in AD 325!

      Mankind has been given false trails in the pursuit of knowledge and refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes. I hope I can help others clear their vision.

  2. I agree although when I referred to the Bible I was thinking of Scripture and obviously the closer to the original teaching by Christ the less potential of it being tainted by corrupted minds of the pharisees and their offshoots in earthly empires.

  3. A guy named Tony Bushby wrote a book called THE BIBLE FRAUD. I don't agree with all he says but he details the circumstances of the Bible's writing quite efficiently. Here is a link which reviews that book...

    My view is that Christ, like Krishna, were teaching Souls the art of living amidst the ploys of evil...and of how to fight back and become immune. These teachings have been projected in a completely different light by Organisations which claim holiness.

    1. I was of that view that Christ is perhaps just another teacher like Krishna, Buddah and so on and held this view for quite some time while dabbling on everything goes philosophies from the new age, on top of it, it made reasonable sense to the intellect which to be honest only goes so far. However when you notice that there is a specific effort from the cabalists through various means to demote the Christ and his power and as is evident they do not care about Buddah, Krishna and others as they are never the target in their doubt engineering efforts, that was my first red flag to examine the evidence further. If you research NDEs and alien abductions for example you will realize that there is power in the Christ like no other teacher from our historical reference. Add to this our inability to understand the mystical experience with our intellect and it is easy to see how we can fall quite easily into that conclusive trap.

    2. Knowledge is power. Mystical power can be from darkside or soul origin. The groundwork for that kind of distinction is absent. Christ, Krishna, Buddha etc had CONSCIOUSNESS which transcended the reach of the darkside societies of those days. The darksiders could not catch them because they were immune. What is more, they were teaching others how to be immune. But, being SOUL is to access power from God himself. Once you are immune, you (soul) acquire the power of changing things by one's WILL. All great teachers could do this....and satan could not stop them. Krishna was the most powerful of the great Souls. Christ was powerful too, but his torture built the darkness in him until he doubted God's support, in the end. But, there is no competitiveness among the greats. It is only our own ego running rife.

      Then again....the messages from the greats are time bound ie limited by the constraints of the era they lived in. Krishna's message in the Gita is more all-encompassing than Christ's. Yet, when we can understand that Krishna was also Christ.....and that every enlightened soul is the same as another, then we understand. I may have the capacity to verbalise what others could not, but that does not make me greater. Great souls know the same thing! We judge them based on what they have transmitted to us, but that is not a true measure. That they are cognisant of the IDEAS in the CAUSAL world is what matters. To communicate at our level and help us, is their blessing on us.

    3. That all sounds reasonable to the logical mind what you just said but the reality is that there is virtually ZERO evidence that Krishna or Buddah have any power in this day and age of ridding the possessed of demonic infestation and yet there is plenty of evidence of believers in Jesus Christ who have been cleared at least until they start dabbling into the occult again or whatever caused the infestation in the first place. Same can be said for alien abductions which are nothing more than demonic phenomena of the new age kind.

      I do not discount Gita as a valuable text from the ancient times but it does not address the supernatural realm and the demonic domains at the level that the Bible does regardless if the latter has been corrupted. They can all be corrupted but the essence is still there for those that have the eyes to see and a sense to discern. Think about that.

    4. In this blog, I maintain that possession by the dark side is the norm. This is different from the kind of abnormal possession that happens when particularly malevolent entities jump in and possess people.....changing behavior to be observably abnormal. Normal possessions go for fun, consumption, pleasures, ego-building, accumulation, power, name and fame etc. What others call 'possession' is not the normal possession which has been programmed from birth to be like the rest of the darkside masses.

      I say that Krishna was more powerful because he demonstrated this in various ways in his timeless knowledge, statemanship, heroic feats (defeating demons, saving thousands of women in one night etc) etc. Krishna was the guidance for the good guys in the first global war on record. Yet, this is not to lower the status of Christ. These avatars were born in their milieu for the purpose of getting their jobs done. Once dead, they (presumably) returned to the Source. If so, where is the difference between Christ and Krishna? We see a difference, but do they see a difference. Their earthly forms having dropped off, they are one with the Source again!

      That Christ or Krishna project themselves from where they are to eliminate demonic possessions, is a dubious assumption. For one, I don't think that they retain the individuality we claim they have. Being one with the father, with no body getting in the way, is to be the father! The claims that Christ or Krishna came to the rescue (for possessions or other maladies) are reckless and without substantiation. In addition, certain demons seem to fear holy water and exorcists, but others don't. Some react to mantras and incantations but others don't. The 'abnormal' possessions get a lot of attention while the normal possessions don't....the normal possessions were the focus of both Christ and Krishna's teachings.

      The Gita does go into the demonic realm, even as part of the Mahabharat War. I do not see what the bible has that distinguishes it as anything outstanding. In fact, Hinduism admits the interference of possessions and ghosts etc which produce untowards symptoms. Hindu healing traditions are diverse and are quite correct in addressing the sources of maladies as ghosts etc. The following link gives diverse examples of ghostly interference. Read critically and explore the site. I once saw some videos of possession in there. They also give treatments they used to exorcise or cure. Healing the effects of ghosts and possessions is found in the fabric of daily Hindu life. I have been to many Hindu healers who use various techniques to cure spiritual afflictions. When the society was building up my dark side and using it against me, I went to them for help...and usually got relief. In this context, a powerful darksider can cure you of spiritual maladies because they can cut down or configure your own dark side, accordingly. Of course, they work for donations or money.....not the goodness of their heart. Hinduism does have a potent healing tradition, richer than anything the West has produced. And, calling Krishna to do the needfull is not necessary! Email me, and we can discuss this further! Thanks.


      Here's that link I promised!