Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Darkside/Bacteria Combo Revisited.

The dark side has its preference in tasty food while bacteria like food which give them energy and mass. For bacteria, mass is important since they reproduce by splitting in two, after they gorge themselves and get to twice their original size. It's all in the process of successful colonisation! Together, they account for the body's love of starches and sugars, meat, dairy products and stimulants. These do not give the body what it needs. While it is true that meat supplies complete protein ie both essential and non-essential amino acids, meat is the ideal food for bacterial growth. Whey, hempseed, peas, chia seeds, nopales, etc provide aminos without the bacterial threat. The usual rebuttal of the 'protein-is-necessary' argument is 'how much protein does a cow eat?'.Unlike cows, humans do not have two stomachs! We can safely say that humans need their amino acids because of the health problems that under-supply brings. Still, the darkside/bacteria combo insist on their meat: the dark side loves predator food and blood while bacteria get choice grazing and a boosting of their populations. That cooking kills most bacteria in food is a big lie. Bacteria are known for their versatility in adapting to extremes. Human cells are outnumbered 10 to 1 by bacterial cells. Animals we eat cannot devise ways of killing bacteria like we they are pumped full of antibiotics! Chances are that when we eat meat, we eat more bacterial than animal cells.  The dark side/bacteria combination love their glucose and fructose sources. Foods containing these sugars are hard to resist. The common argument is that the mitochondria needs glucose to output energy for the body. But fuel is for work and does not have what is required for the care, maintenance and repair of human cells. Dr Sebi (carrying on the legacy of a Mexican herbalist and Dr Edward Shook) created a product called Vegetation Cell Food. There is no similarity between that product and what most people have as food. Key to Dr Sebi's diet are things like Almonds, Sea Moss, alkaline fruits and veggies, and 'electric' herbs. His idea, like Dr Shook's, is to give the cells the organic compounds (eg Calcium Chloride) that they can use for processes like growth, respiration etc. The body experiences hungers for real cellular nutrition but the the dark side/bacteria combo recreates and redirects these urges to choices on their listing of favorite foods...and usually get them. Learn to calm the basic malnutrition-produced hunger you experience by using the appropriate classes of food, and by using supplements like seaweed, shilajit, iodine, organic sulphur and magnesium chloride. Then, the dark side/bacteria combo have no basic nutritional insufficiency to capitalise on.
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The dark side/bacterial combo keeps going for the same kind of useless acidic foods not because they are good for the body, or because those are the foods of the race/culture/tradition, but because those foods are good for them! The seeking soul, looking to do better, comes up with dietary suggestions and protocols which could reverse disease and light up his life. Elementary planning....fruits and veggies, blender and juicer, herbs and sprouts, superfoods and supplements. Saying goodbye to useless starches, meats, dairy products, sugars etc shouldn't be too hard! Feeding the cells is the answer! For a few days or weeks, the new diet works out. It's a new experience. But then, the old ways start reasserting. The enthusiasm dims. The willpower seems to waver. The enemy has begun to fight back. The inner urges, moods and feelings reassert. What has happened is that the willpower was not built first. This is done by fasting. Fasting kills the fightback of the darkside/bacteria combo. NO FOOD is the most effective block on the constant manipulation of the dark side/bacterial combo and their desires. When consciousness becomes serene with no pangs and hankerings, then its time for feeding the cells. Christ summed it up this way.....
"For I tell you truly, that Satan and his plagues may only be cast out by -fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no man. The living God shall see it and great shall be your reward. And fast till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother come and serve you. For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing. While you fast, eschew the Sons of Men and seek our Earthly Mother's angels, for he that seeks shall find." 
The 'Earthly Mother's Angels' are air, water, sunlight and Earth.

In this article, Dr Sircus laments the uselessness of popular food. He prescribes WILLPOWER as the path to successful change. Of course, knowledge too! Yet, if one does not cut down the inner enemy, how can one recoup one's willpower?  Though the soul causes the body to have life, and it powers the central nervous system, it doesn't power the body. The body has to power itself, and it does so using what it obtains from food. If the body does not get the substances and compounds it needs for health they deteriorate, and languish. Aging becomes accelerated. The cells lose their energy and vitality. Cell-stress affects the consciousness because the head is made up of cells too. The brain operates way below capacity, as does the rest of the body. The consciousness of the soul begins to be inundated by internal interference. Whatever is benefitting from the food must be thriving, and playing themselves! Bacteria (also yeasts, fungi and viruses) and the dark side are two of the known residents of the body. What else can account for the interference experienced? DNA?  If the immune cells cannot get rid of the invaders, then human cells are sitting ducks for the ploys of the darkside/bacteria combo. It is for the Soul to become aware of what is happening and to research out the best ways of taking care of the body's cells.

Land is called the SIALIC ( Silicon, Aluminum) layer of the Earth's crust while the sea floor is the SIMATIC ( Silicon, Magnesium) layer. It follows that land vegetation is magnesium-deficient while the sea, and sea vegetables, are magnesium-rich. Chlorophyll has magnesium (with the calcium co-factor) but supplementation with magnesium chloride is safer (pesticides, insecticides). Chances are too, that the fertilisers used are the NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) variety. Usually, calcium and magnesium are not given to crops. Few know how to fertilise with sea-water. If one uses magnesium chloride, transdermally and orally, the body regains its energy and vitality very quickly. It is only then that one notices a change in the body's well-being level. One will notice too, that the weakness, the weariness, the lethargy, the sense of same-old same-old, even the feelings of negativity and desperation, go away. Magnesium Chloride usage even dispels panic attacks and the 'winter blues'.The more aware person will notice a drop in mental chatter and a decrease in urges and thirsts that call for satiation. Foods that do not feed the cells, leave them starving. Until the cells are fed with what they need, the onslaught of desire for food and the feeling of incompleteness (or of missing something), will continue. The dark side will keep urging and thirsting for more of the same. The clue-less soul feels the plight of its cells and for it, every 'bacterial/dark side meal' is a search with hope, for an answer to that plight. The soul is willing to try this and that, going through the motions of hungers/urges and satiation. No good answer comes from this modus operandi, and the media's recommendations, friends and experts all get their input.....but no real solution is found. Not many are willing to research and experiment. Most conclude that this is how it's s'pozed to be!   The soul gets caught in seeking without ever finding a true answer/solution. Research and experimentation does pay off! I was lucky to discover the writings of Dr Mark Sircus on Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate. Experimentation verified what he said.  Seeking, trial and error, paid off!

Bacterial cells give the dark side, applications (apps) to work with. Their bodies are so small that they can go anywhere in the body.  They give the dark side a reach and a leverage that it doesn't have without them. Bacteria number over 100 trillions i.e. they outnumber human cells by 10:1. Yet, bacterial cells only weigh about 6 pounds in a 200-pound body. A bacterial population can double its size every 20 minutes! Bacteria are colonisers and when the population is sufficiently large, they begin to act for their benefit. They have the advantage over human cells in that they have consciousness while human cells don't. If one aggregates the total size of bacterial consciousness and darkside consciousness, the soul is vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Human cells have no consciousness and are protected by cellular mechanisms. So, it is what the Soul does for its body cells that counts. This depends on its knowledge of the threats posed by bacteria, and the knowledge of how to rescue its cells from the attacks of these 'colonisers'. If one believes the propaganda that the body is an ecosystem and the invading bacteria are there to help the cells, one will let the tyranny continue. Medical Scientists are using their consciousness in fixed ways by the styling of their experiments. Were they to achieve a clarity of consciousness that is characteristic of Soul, they could detect all the interferences that impinge on their own consciousness', and research the possible origins and causes of these. They could detect all the urges, thirsts, hungers, moods etc which assail consciousness and trace them to the source. Then we could understand how things and interferences, not willed by the soul, or decided by it, could manifest to the conscious awareness. Scientists are not known for their experimentation on self. 

Every bacterial type wishes to have more of them in the body. Large numbers make colonisation, offense and defence more successfull. They can boost their own population in two ways: 1) By having as much food as they like of the kind that favors their quick growth and splitting, and 2) By repeating the behavior that allowed them entry or build-up in the first place. Habits represent a steering of behavior to achieve a bacterial or dark side intent. Smoking addiction takes place only partly because of nicotine addiction (nicotine mimics the action of certain brain thinkers are addicted to it). Cigarettes contain a variety of bacteria and fungi deliberately put in there. The dark side/ bacteria combo create the craving that precedes smoking. For the dark side, any opportunity to enjoy is welcome.  For the bacteria, the craving becomes their SOS. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine alone. Were that all that was needed, everyone who tried electronic cigarettes would stay with it, and stop smoking tobacco. This is not happening. Experimenters are finding that electronic cigarettes are not satisfying the 'craving'. This leads us next to the question of 'who' is doing the craving!   Perhaps, the  combo operates the same way when it comes to sex and other bacteria-collecting behaviors. In the sexual 'cooking' process, the darkside society uses sleep deprivation to create a brain-less zombie. While the 'head' is 'killed', directed sexual energy cooks the loins of the mind control victims. For females, mamma's boys get to indulge physically in the process of hyper-sexualisation i.e in changing cunning 'bitches' into can't-say-no boy-toys. For cooking most males, remote use of sexual energy and physically present temptresses get the job done. In difficult cases,  the obstinate males are 'cooked' using sleep deprivation along with the remote use of sexual energy. The darkside/bacterial combo in the loins is the receiver of the sexual energy: they get hornier! If you destroy the bacteria, you will find the darksiders powerless, and they cannot achieve their 'cooking'......with the apps gone, there is no effect.

 One questions any society which bases itself on sex. Sex, via the exchange of body fluids, is recognised as one of the prime causes of infections and diseases. What then, is the intent of the darkside society and their fixation with sex? Bacteria are all about food, and feeding in, and on, the body is what bacteria do. The darkside society  is all about preying. Preying and feeding comes together in the 'sex school' and allied games. Females are considered to be 'food'. The sex school is used to 'wash', 'season', 'heat' and 'cook' food (girls). The emphasis on sex seems to say: Spread the sperms and get the germs. Contrast this to the Christian stand against fornication. Christ, in the Essene Gospel of Peace (Book 1), teaches the cleaning of the body by using the elements of nature, and techniques like enemas. Hinduism propagates the idea of celibacy or brahmacharya, in the young learning stage of life. Later, marriage (grihasta ashrama) and then renunciation (sannyasi ashram), respectively, follow. Society struck out in one direction while religion indicated another.  Today, society has defeated religion. Not only that, the system of the masses is responsible for the decay of the family. The 'sex school' is a blueprint for conduct in the family. Society propagates that kind of conduct and indicts those who won't join in because of morals. Recent media reports indicate widespread sexual crimes and misdemeanours on the part of the priestcraft in religion. So, even religion was shooting itself in the foot! Was it Kinsey and Freud who incited the masses?

 The systems of the Elites and Masses cater to the proliferation of these bacteria, and their hegemony over the soul. They all want the devil to be the god of this world so they give the darkside possessions all the bacterial troops they need, and whatever helps and feeds them. Dr Sebi says that if you go into a Grocery Store, the only useful thing you will find is coconut! One needs to see the bacteria, fungi and viruses they unleash on mankind in products, in vaccines, in chemtrails (Morgellons disease?), in testing unknown to the target populations, etc. One needs to see the ubiquitous food types that feeds these bacteria... the sugars, the starches, the meat (loved by bacteria for putrefaction and replenishment of its troops), the milk, the cream cheese and bagels, piped water, the cigarettes laden with bacteria and fungi, the sodas and sundry snacks. One needs to see all the kissing and wanton sex, the sex school, etc. One needs to see the women (in certain cultures) who know of the death-giving effect of traditional foods, and of the effect of bacterial contamination, using sex and their body-exudations as bio-chemical warfare keep the men under control. These warfare agents are sold in bioticas or drug stores ( and are described as 'love powder' or 'controlling powder' or other) keep their men docile and controlled so they will not wander, or become obstacles. Women do have an agenda of their own, though 'pimping' distorts this fact! A more docile man will then be dealing with a more empowered opponent. Obstinacy or uncooperativeness will result in more bacterial sabotage. They even know that the acidic foods kill slowly, and while urging their mates to eat a lot, they eat less....and outlive their mates to inherit all their property or wealth. They are the ones who ensure that the wealth stays with the dark side candidates for inheritance! In certain cultures, there is no love...only games!

 Everyone has the bacteria in their bloodlines. These are transmitted to the fetus from the mothers from generation to generation. Be careful of disinfo that tells you that infants are born sterile or that the reproductive tract is sterile, or even the blood is sterile. Infants not only get bacteria from their parents, they get all the drugs and toxins from the mothers body. This much has been discovered from examination of the placenta in one California study. More bacteria is acquired in the course of a lifetime. Killing bacteria within the body is not a widespread practice because everyone has been programmed to think that bacteria comes from outside of the body, and showering and washing hands or sanitising one's the way to stop bacteria from getting in. But, the bacteria is thriving within for lack of attention to within. Then again, the real methods of eliminating bacteria are either not known or are unavailable. Women (in certain cultures) ensure that their bacteria get into you. They still have control over them and use them to manipulate you. This is how the masses operate! No morals whatsoever! Biological warfare proliferates. Certain cultures do not let children brush their teeth until they get to be a certain age. In any event, darksiders outside have control of other people because of everyone having darksides, and because everyone has more or less similar strains of bacteria within....over which they have control too. The darkside masses rule by any means necessary. Their modus operandi, perfected down the ages, relies heavily on the darkside/bacterial combo within you to control you. They lure you into behaviors which will enhance their powers over you. If you resist the lures and temptations, they use their management positions to deny you and beat you down. They use force of all kinds to beat you down, not excluding accidents and setups. If you do not consent to your spiritual devaluation, to your own suppression and oppression, life will become a 'passing parade' for you. It has become that for me. Defeat the mechanism by which they rule, and you become immune. This is freedom. Selling out yourself (soul) for some food, clothing, shelter or money is not worth it. Selling out for the pleasures of Earth is not worth it because it boomerangs back on you. The Elites and Masses work together... believe it or not!


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