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Fightback.....................In Partnership With God. 5

So, you were born to fulfill some purpose that requires a body. That is why a body is important. The ancient sages invented spiritual practices to pursue Liberation from the need to take more bodies. Their reason was that bodies entail suffering. So they invented a different purpose. Taking bodies now is not a problem because sickness can be cured. Physical suffering plagued the societies of old because they lacked viable treatments. Now, even with viable treatments, illness is still a problem. Alternative medicine, which can get the job done, is being outlawed and suppressed by the Elites. In its place, we are being given allopathic medicine backed by pharmaceuticals and other spurious methodologies. Current medicine is working for the Eugenics agenda. The other main cause of suffering is poverty. The ancients probably saw God at work, not the rulers. Now, the money-printers and bankers are using money, and the lack of it, to gain total control of the planet. Suffering should not be the reason why one should seek to escape the wheel of reincarnation. Earth does not have to continue to be a place of suffering. The ancient sages erred in thinking that suffering is a hallmark of earthly existence and that one should engage in a life of God-focused spiritual practice to get Liberation, to escape the need to return here. The proper response to the existence of suffering is to research who or what is causing it, and to confront the cause. The sages chose to run from the status quo. Besides, salvation by that method never happens! There is a good reason for being born and reborn: one has to get full knowledge of creation while being an instrument of God, doing your work in helping to sculpt the kind of world God wants. God needs instruments to work with! The sages said that God needs no help because he is all-powerful! The real problem is satan and his band of darksiders who want the world for themselves. Why seek to run and leave it all for them, in addition to leaving the song of the soul unsung? You have to fight back using the best medicines for maintaining health. If you are truly healthy, no darkside/bacteria combo can occupy your body substance, much less have a controlling interest in it. This must be achieved, even as you ponder how to survive the coming conflagration called Armageddon. Do not believe religious doctrines, not at the current time. Do not search for some exotic explanation for earth being in the throes of destruction. Do not seek exotic solutions.

Commonsense and intelligence is what is called for! The darkside is the reason the world is so messed up. Your purpose here must be related to that fact, in this phase of world history. One can forget about Liberation after death and seek liberation from what ails you on earth while alive. Unless one acquires total knowledge of creation, one cannot be liberated from the need to reincarnate anyway. Even the focus solely on God is a kind of setup. Discovering what the world is like and finding your purpose towards changing it, is where the focus must be. God  needs foot soldiers. satan uses the vast majority of bodies. Most bodies have sleeping souls: souls whose eyes never saw the light of day. Waking up and becoming enlightened then living your discovered purpose, is what it is all about. Don't bother looking for God. He is already everywhere. Practice your rememberance of that fact. God is broadcasting to everyone but the sleeping are not on his channel. satan within and outside is blocking out God's frequency. Once you get attuned to God, everything else becomes plainer to see. Your physical life is up to you. If you cannot access your basic needs because of darksider policy, you will suffer. God does not control the distribution of material things. The market system and the darksiders do! So, this lifetime is for acquiring knowledge or truth about earth and its contents (the matrix) and using it to fight the darkside, within and outside. The concept of liberation we have from religion is one fabricated for the strawman identity. That is useless. There is a possessing darkside within, which is boss now, because it is fed by the darkside majority in the world. It is keeping you enslaved and suppressed. Liberate yourself from the dark side, then you will have the clarity of soul vision to help you assess what the rest of the journey should be. The soul is not the sinning entity…..the dark side is! There are 2 natures within, each will reproduce its nature on Earth, if given the chance. There is no escape from their real natures. Soul cannot become the darkside, and darkside cannot become soul. In a human body, the only switch that can be made is from darkside control to soul control. Switching to soul is the primary fightback mode at first. Fighting the darkside as a soul is the next step!Only research and guidance can supply the enlightenment that enables this fightback.

There is no liberation for soul except that it be liberation from the dark side’s tyranny. This is the only liberation that is applicable in this life. Death eliminates Earth's matrix, and one is liberated from this kind of prison then. It is the prison that must be fought while alive! That is the purpose of being born at this time. One incarnates until one has total knowledge of creation….and it doesn’t have to be reincarnations on this planet!  What is known is that the body is vacated on its death.  Most likely, each kind of entity will return to whence it came. Yet, even this is not the total truth because the darkside clings to earth as its heaven….waiting on bodies to pounce on, as directed by the Occult hierarchy. Souls are visitors to this planet and the visit ends on death of the body. Why go irretrievably into such things as ownership of the surface of earth, or seeing how much of the ‘processed’ surface we can accumulate, or gathering unto oneself as much pleasures as the darkside's heaven requires, when you have to head off into unknown dimensions on death, leaving it all behind. Were we born to grab as much of earths booty as we could, then leave it for the bloodlines to use, when we lose our bodies? Were we meant to ‘sign’ as many women as possible, use them to secure material needs vis a vis other colors or tribes, and keep this pattern going till we die? One will never be a permanent resident of this planet, why not take up a temporary visa and live accordingly…till the body dies! Instead of taking programming from religion and Elite think-tanks, attend to the world you know exists in front of you, and within you. Use cause and effect analysis to locate the problems and solutions. Once you locate the problem and the correct solution, change will ensue as the old condition is obliterated. This is how one must deal with things on this visit to earth. Groups can have agendas that apply to race, business, conquest etc and can ensure a continuity of these agendas for millenia of lifetimes. Bloodlines and Corporations do this. That is all their problem, once they don’t expect you to share their madness. Considering that Earth is a risky place to be in at this time, one must now fight within and outside for the freedoms and rights that came with birth. God will not deny you rights and freedoms, why should any lesser force be allowed to do it? Fight back!

Religion has lied to people about karma and how it accrues, about how God deals with your karma, and about the existence of a judgement day. Judgement Day is pure fiction. There is no track record of there ever being a Judgement Day, though the Holy Books have much about God delivering judgement in various times and places (eg Sodom and Gomorrah). People remember Judgement Day as a future day of reckoning, when their karmic balance sheet will be finally summed up and judgement delivered. It is all a lie. The karmic resolution takes place at the moment of doing the karma, or not doing it. Good or evil action boosts and reinforces the entity responsible for it. The proposed time of Judgement Day is after Christ's return like a thief in the night, or around Armageddon when most people will be dead. It isn't now, so the believers sin freely while playing the trump card of forgiveness to negate the pile-up of bad karma, or to feel 'clean'. This is a perfect methodology for the darkside strawman's life. But, there is no one-being-in-the-body which produces both bad and good karma. Each of soul or darkside produces its own kind of action. That good and bad actions come from bodies arise from the fact that at times the soul is on top, and at other times the darkside is on top. The dark side is a 'player'. It stages so-called good action because it can....and it needs the applause for being good during ego-building. The strategic doing of 'good' things is a by-product of cunning, and you can bet that there is some kind of payback down the road. For the darkside, a strategic performance creates the necessary impression which will further a hidden agenda. Politicians use this technique all the time. So the fact is every action counts, and each action has its accruing fruits as it is done, to the 'doing' entity. God judges nobody. God has nothing to do with the commission of your karma unless he guides you.  If the dark side does the action with satan's guidance, they are responsible. The satanic nature is reinforced. Unless the law punishes the darksider, he goes free. In punishment, sometimes the dark side runs and hides, leaving the soul to face the music. Do not let the devil make you do it! Souls do only righteous actions or makes mistakes. The dark side does unrighteous things, and pretends to be good. Souls take the 'suggestions' of the dark side and allow unrighteous action to be committed by the body. That is a 'mistake'! The hold of the dark side grows stronger with every 'mistake' committed. Every mistake is used to blackmail the soul into suppression. If you let the darkside go unfettered, it grows to be the behavior-producer of the body. Good actions immediately build the soul and suppress the darkside. Religion lied about the liberation that comes after death. Why must your 'deservedness' be judged only after death as a lump-sum, and not be experienced as a progression if you get it right, and as a regression if you flounder? They look at life as being judged only after your earthly innings is closed but the reality is that there is no final 'judgement'. It conflicts with the reality of good karma building the soul while being evidence of the soul being in charge, and bad karma being evidence of the darkside being in charge and getting more fuel for its growth and ascendancy. 

Religion has promoted the rites and rituals associated with 'stages' in life as having the greatest influence towards salvation after death. Baptism, Confirmation and Last Rites are inventions of man. Hindus have a more elaborate set of rites and rituals that are just as useless. They cannot be shown to work. Religion says that these rites and rituals can grant salvation without regard to morality, irregardless of righteousness, and fighting back against the dark sidegets no mention. Righteousness in all aspects of life is not a requirement for religious Salvation! Religion does not stand against evil. In fact it recommends no judgement or casting of 'first stones'.  We are all sinners because of Eve! This is all good news for the darkside believers. They can go on with being darksiders and still be welcomed in religion's open arms.  It is not even necessary to have one set of standards for the religious life and another for the layman's life. The corruption can be carried across the board! The pursuit of money eliminates the usage of conscience, truth, honesty and all the virtues that one dumps in order to make it in this world. Religion has its own requirements and the loss of morality and virtue do not disqualify people from participating in religion. Belief is necessary, and belief is displayed by your showing up at the church or temple and taking part in the rites and rituals or other activity. Donations grease the hinges of the heavenly doors, while securing the respect of all and sundry. Making money and going to heaven at the same time! It is all an illusion being lived by 'straw-people'. The dark side within takes up the life of the body because the suppressed soul accepts the way things are done to make life comfortable, and it never asserts the necessity of living by truth, morality and virtue! Spirituality in a church or temple is an illusion because it does not involve tethering or fighting back against the darkness, within or outside. It does not involve depriving the dark side of its nourishment. It does not address the war within, and the un-fought dark side is free to take charge. Religion gives us social events. People no longer look at their bad actions, condemn them, and turn from them, because they call it 'necessary' action, and they will apologise for it! So it is possible to still be on good terms with God, according to religion, while trespassing here, there and everywhere. In fact, whatever you do as worship or rituals supposedly takes care of those sins and trespasses for you. If not, the victims have been programmed to forgive. You can sin and get away. Sin and let sin, is in vogue.  So, you do not have to stop sinning to get religious salvation. You do not need to have any conscience or morality. You can be a stranger to truth and get saved! Just become a believer!

Apart from the wars, the 20th century was good for soulbuilding. The darksiders stepped up their plots and attacks in the last few decades. Money has become the object of living. This is the key reason why the world has been overrun by evil. Morals and the search for truth to live by, detract from the maximisation of the pursuit of money. Its easier to pursue money and let religion supply the truth and look after spiritual affairs for you. Having your own overview of the world and searching for truth with which to construct it, does not appeal to many. Why research when TV and the mainstream media can bring you both the news that matter, and the breaking knowledge items. The Elites rely on people being mentally lazy for a market for their programming. The Elites supply the food for the darkside strawman, and religion ensures that there is no fightback against the darkside in its menu. The darkside masses assure that sex is the focus of people's lives. The elites back them up by supplying the authority of Darwin, Freud, Kinsey, Maslow and a host of think-tank experts. Nobody fights their own darkside or the darkside empire. Good people could do nothing to defend themselves. Not fighting back is the result of not knowing how to, and the fact of being out-numbered and out-powered. Heavy propaganda on topics such as forgiveness etc by the darksiders leave good people unwilling to fight back. Why fight evil when they are just doing God's work? There is no literature on fighting back so people remain ignorant. Eastern holy men never mention it! The good people probably think that it is better to be alive in slavery, as opposed to dead because of fighting back! "We want no trouble" is what they have said, to excuse their lack of fightback. The good people never understood that by fighting within, you can beat the darkness on the outside. The Bhagavad Gita was delivered on the battlefield to a warrior, Arjuna, who refused to fight. The Gita is not a guide to physical war as is SUN TZU's The Art Of War. It is a guide to a spiritual war. In this kind of war, the soul's will has to be freed before the real battle. The physical war is part of a bigger war that the divine hierarchy engages in. Krishna suggests that you fight as an instrument of god while surrendering the fruits to God. Krishna had declared that evil was destined to lose the war: all the good had to do was just fight. So said, so done! Though the good guys won that war, they did not continue to rule. Materialism set in. Now, the worldly paradigm insists that life is for education, wealth, family and material happiness. Evil has no qualms about fighting the good out of existence so they can grab all the 'materials' for themselves. The darksiders insist that this is their 'party' and the good have no right to be here! Christ knew that true spirituality involves going against the grain of civilisation and bypassing participation in the darksider-created system. There are simply too many beasts to deal with! He knew the intent of the darksiders and cautioned people to pray and fast in secrecy. He recommended the putting away of swords. He was concerned about safety from the darksiders. They had hunted for him at his birth. They eventually cornered him through betrayal....a common thing in the lives of good people. Christ also said that he had no place to lay his head, unlike the birds and animals. Today, the homeless are people who have been displaced or marginalised by the darkside system. The people who yelled for him to be crucified vastly outnumbered his supporters. Why are good people never free to live their own lives, though they bother nobody? It is the same pattern recurring throughout history. Shouldn't God give good people their 'time' too? Armageddon is said to be the device for achieving that! 

For change to be experienced, the 'talk' of fightback must become a walk or journey. Whatever you focus on as the core pursuits of life becomes your 'walk'. Other pursuits become dimmed in importance. The system emphasises everything material and focuses life on physical need-satisfaction. Heading the list of needs is the need for money which facilitates the satisfaction of other needs. Money is worshipped because it's possession confers power and authority. The majority do not have 'enough' money, and life for them becomes earning to consume. Who earns the most can consume the most, quantitatively and qualitatively. Even human relationships are physicalised: love becomes a 'making' or 'demonstrating' thing. The system backs this up by having sales on special days, and on ordinary days. No matter your state of being, you are judged by the gifts you give and the money you spend on others. The system has pulled and tied the dark side's attention to itself. The dark side obeys the system and implements the pattern of life spelled out to it. The dark side is easily hooked, being programmed by repetition, by promises of delivery from incompleteness and by the other lures and techniques of advertising, by demonstration effects (monkey see, monkey do) and by the requirements of successful playing or preying. The system uses people's dark sides maintain itself, and to expand. The Elites cannot afford to have soul people around partly because they're not good for business. The other reason is that the Elites do not want God or his sparks to interfere with their parade, and their plots. If perchance souls suppressed by the dark side within could get some enlightenment, and fight back and win, this could snowball into complete system failure. The system's mechanism for economic and physical control could falter and crash. The Elites used the darkside masses to destroy the ranks of the good. But, now that their system is too well-known and has been found to be fraudulent, the Elites are crashing their own system and replacing it with another in which control is more direct and forced. The New World Order is upon us with ingredients such as the dissolution of Nation States, the setting up of Blocs for easy governance, micro-chipping of bodies, a single world currency or bloc currencies, martial law, extreme surveillance etc etc. The obstacle to all this happening is the existence of another power-bloc of Elites called BRICS. The global game of Monopoly or Chess needs a winner before the NWO can manifest. Armageddon will be the war addressing this. So, the path to individual freedom is clear. One must retract the dark side's attention from the grasp of the system. This can only be done by weakening the dark side within, while asserting the soul's attention and consciousness as the boss in the body. One has to wrest away one's will from domination by the dark side. Soul must learn to create its own life-script  to live by. If not, one is living by the life-script created by the Elites for the darkside strawman. You cannot be free if you continue to let the dark side be moulded by the system.  

The dark side is programmed into the beliefs, the values, the pursuits, the activities, the world view, the how-to, and into the general components of a life by the system. Even God is profiled by the system and is given too much importance as a focal point in your life. God does not need your unfaltering or constant attention. Your central focus should be living the life you have righteously (to avoid dark side input), from where you're at, while unfolding your own soul nature. A new life-script must be constructed with this in mind. Building the soul is achieved by nurturing your knowledge capacity, doing a system restore on your awareness, and by suppressing the dark side's nature of incompleteness which restores your own blissful nature. You have to get rid of the competition from within. The darkness within is a mole, a traitor and your biggest weakness. It steals your life away, supported by its friends on the outside. You have to become aware of it and know what to do to beat it. The use of awareness and knowledge is the soul's nature being employed to save itself. Awareness of the dark side leads to a separation of soul's will-power, attention and total existence from that of the darkside entity within. What used to be perceived as a single existence within becomes two. Anchored in soul consciousness, the dark side's obstructing and asserting activity, its tricks of deception and attempts to manipulate the soul, can be detected and over-ridden. The potency of the dark side must be decreased by things like nutritional adjustments (including fasting), detoxification, Hatha Yoga etc. Then, soul's consciousness becomes quiet and peaceful. The search for the knowledge for configuring a soul life-script begins in earnest.

If your awareness is unfree i.e. it is inter-woven with the dark side's attention, one is caught in the system's fable of happiness now (eat, drink and be merry, become somebody or go-for-it propaganda, or enjoy) and ever after (accumulate and accumulate and happiness will accrue sometime). Sense gratifications and the managing of a bloodline empire is all that can accrue from a material-based happiness search. Unfortunately, the plug has been pulled and non-elite bloodline empires are collapsing. Sense gratification is now leading to disease and death. Happiness never after, is the real offering of the system. To begin the freedom trek, one has to realise that one's natural power of detachment has been compromised by the thirsts of the 'incomplete' dark side. One's health requires the re-installation of detachment, and the use of discrimination to selectively consume and do. Soul cannot afford to have its attention dragged along by the dark side within as it tries to complete itself, and live out its nature. Cutting the power of the darkside/bacteria combo makes it easy for the soul to re-establish its own Operating System. The soul does not lock into the external world and stay there for any length of time. This is done only when there are tasks that need to be completed there. The soul's attention remains un-pulled and untied, and goes wherever soul puts it. Soul's attention will assay or take in the outside world but it will not become inextricably glued to it. Soul looks out from its eyes on the world with a 'knowing' of what's there. One sees the matrix at work, being configured and reconfigured by the interactions of its components. Soul is not easily caught by greed, and seeks only its basic needs from the world. Soul has a limited number of engagements with the external world, and leaves it the moment the feeling of suffocation sets in. Attention is like a mental tentacle which the soul extends or retracts as needed. In the retracted state, attention is poised. Going within, is when attention is engaged in the brain or when it is focused back on itself as in meditation. The challenge really is to block the dark side's attention from being pulled and tied, and dragging the soul's attention in the process. This is what the system and its components are designed to do!

Only the dark side has an ego, and it spends its time building and maintaining it by creating endless engagements in the outside world. The social media is an ego tool. The majority out there are darksiders. One cannot pretend not to know this and go innocently into the world hoping to find that collection of people, events, places and things which will further the cause of happiness. Work is engagement enough. Too much time in the world will be accompanied by stirrings of the dark side within. The darksiders are always working on people: helping their own and attacking the good guys. It takes time and hard knocks to discover the world out there. Save excursions into the outside world for must-do journeys. One can help oneself by researching what others have found, bearing in mind the great amount of disinfo that darksiders have created and posted. Err on the side of caution. Walk with your bag of tricks which contains things that will un-flip you, should you come under darkside attack. If you can put the world in its proper place and you have constructed your own life-script to serve your own soul-agenda, life becomes easier. In this script, you have lined up your decisions about tasks, pursuits and doings. These are selected to maximise physical health, maximise harmony, enable knowledge searching, help the world, cutting down of the dark side, building the soul, optimising the use of available time etc. The soul is never bored when it designs and configures its own daily schedule. Being busy in action while going nowhere is the most boring kind of living and it increases the extent of incompleteness. Intelligently created to-do lists makes life easy and reduces reliance on the dark side-controlled rote memory. External engagements must be necessary ones and must be clinically executed. Winning friends and influencing people or advancing in the realms of the social media work for the ego-building of the dark side within. Vanity and ego-building complicates life for the soul. This is not cynicism but the reality of darkside indulgences.

So, one must evolve a life in which the focus given by the system is overturned and replaced by a schedule or life-script that is designed to create and maximise the life of the soul. Cutting down the dark side within and the building of the soul by working on awareness, knowledge and harmony becomes the new foci of life. Working on health is one of the principal methods of beating the dark side. The search for things, methods and pursuits to be included in one's life-script is a daunting task on the road less traveled. You must travel that road. Somewhere down the line, you will no doubt experience that you have a partner inspiring and guiding you to ideas and sources of information. This is the kind of relationship that God cultivates with you: a partner or teammate. He is a helper, but in specific ways. All the nonsense invented by religion about God being mother, father, brother, sister, lover etc cultivate emotional posturing by the dark side or puts God in a role that he doesn't perform, or does so very selectively. God as a friend, guide, protector or teacher is more or less how he is experienced. Lover? That is just pure ego. God does not want your ego-love. He does not want anything from you but that you become free of satan, and for you to become yourself (soul), discovering your real nature as his spark, and as his instrument. The relationship of teamwork guarantees that you will never lose his company and get satan's. Having tasted this relationship guarantees that you will never settle for less. Besides, satan steers his own towards destroying you, and you need a superior Guru to help you beat him! 

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