Monday, August 19, 2013

Fightback................In Partnership with God. 4

There are several streams of thinking when it comes to God. 1) There are those who feel that there is no God. Some of these people live by principles but the majority flow with the dictates of the dark side within, or the theory that they are just 'strawmen'. Some accept the world as is and live according to prevailing customs. Others accept the theory of evolution which satisfies their curiosity about the origins of man and the world. These people reject the ideas of God's and satan's existence, even as they accept and use their satanic powers. Powers, they deem to be part of their continuing evolution. These people do not consider Creation Theory to be fact, and cite God's lack of interference in earthly affairs as proof of his non-existence.
                                                                                                   2) There are those who think that there is an all-powerful God who planned this world to be like this. satan and his darksiders are considered to be God's children who are helping God do his work for the evolution of the human race. No matter what is happening, God is in charge and he will implement changes as he sees fit. We are all to accept what is happening as his will without complaint.
                                                                                                    3) There are those who believe in an all-powerful God but see the existence of satan and his darksiders. They consider satan to be a rebel who is trying to steal Earth and its population away from God. They cannot understand why God does not act to destroy satan and his evil minions. They are placated by the likelihood that this is going to happen during Armageddon.
                                                                                                     4) There are those who think that the idea of an all-powerful God is just religious propaganda. They aver that the universe exists, and that it is better to just accept it, and not try to explain it. They agree that evil vs good is what is taking place on earth, and that this is how the universe is divided. Earth has been conquered by evil which has implemented plans for the killing of 90% of earth's population. They have built underground cities where they will wait until the nuclear toxicities on the surface has been dealt with. As such, if good forces (aliens or God and his divine hierarchy) do not come to the planet's rescue, the evil Elites will create their NWO. Help from an omnipotent God has not yet manifested. The Gods of religion were probably powerful super-intelligent alien visitors in the past. Earth's flora and fauna could be the results of their scientific experiments, including genetic engineering.

When one considers that most religion is about ancient history and ancestor worship, religion does not have any proof of an all powerful God. Religion is just another feeding trough for the darksiders who control it and they do not seem to act in fear of that omnipotent God whom they peddle. Ordinary men fear an all powerful God (and so avoid sinning), so it is the perfect idea by which to elicit control over them. Only now, the fear of God is being blunted by the power of money. The new God is money! Those who have it, have all the salvation that they could want. They can even use money to better do their prayers, devotion and rituals (including charity-giving) and assure themselves places in heaven, when it is all over. But then, these are most likely darkside people, not people who have confirmation that some greater-than-normal power, on the side of the good, exists. Neither are they good people unless they have fought their darksides and defeated them. Some view the NDEs of people who claim God-experience to be lies, or at least some kind of illusion. Journeying through tunnels of light and meeting up with dead relatives could be unexplained 'brain' phenomena or complete hallucinations. Yet, one cannot help but wonder when a NDE experience by a Doctor verifies all that one is prone to doubt! It seems that religion has peddled a mish-mash of teachings that it has not investigated, and it tries to use the holiness and authority it doesn't have, to fool you into believing. God, goodness and the divine hierarchy are there to be explored in order to get your own verifications. I write from my own NDE verifications. My NDEs do not resemble those I have read. I was saved from death by the overturning of the physical laws we depend on everyday. I am convinced that a superior entity, or his hierarchy, who can negate those laws, exists. I have seen the films that flash across your vision before death. Since those times, I have suffered tremendously at the hands of darksiders. That God-force never  changed things for me. I remember those NDEs and I need no more proof of a God's existence.

What religion did wrong was to focus us almost entirely on a do-it-all God who could take care of all our needs. While good people focused there, they did not focus on the teamwork with other good people. We trusted the lords of the system. In reality, the darksiders were employing teamwork/collusion/conspiracies to inflict war on the good. Teamwork is easier for the darksiders because of the natural communication links between darkside substance and darkside substance. Souls, even though they are the same substance, do not have this potential for instant and continuous communication, like the darksiders do. Being soul substance is does mean that communication is possible. The usage of the brain is the direction of progress for souls, and not all souls are at the same level of progression. The only same-page for them is in being good. Otherwise, each soul is an individual. Souls grow by going deeper within while darksiders grow by external power-expansion.  If the good guys had cooperated to reply against the darksiders' war on them, evil would not be our conquerors now. The darkside cannot use the brain in the bodies they control. What they know is their programming, tied in with their natures and their evil powers. They have a single satanic substance that links up automatically with other satanic substances. So, while the good focused on God for deliverance, the darksiders focused on teamwork to wage war against the good. Divided, the good guys were decimated. The darkside helps each other, and the good guys look to God for certain kinds of help that he is not delivering! The communication link called INTUITION still exists for God-Soul help, but this is useless for basic needs which are managed mostly by darksiders in the matrix. Good people can hardly find other good people in positions in the matrix to access help. And, they don't possess the 'mark of the beast' requirement for material help. The Occult Elites programmed the darkside masses to destroy the good, but they are now being destroyed via Eugenics. Unless Armageddon strikes all evil down, there is little hope for goodness. We still must have belief/faith and hope in a supreme God. Faith/belief, however, is no match for KNOWING that God exists. This 'knowing' can come because of NDEs, but it also comes when one verifies that a good intelligent Being resides on the other side of the door of intuition. Good people now, live like islands surrounded by darkside territory. The God relationship/partnership sustains and protects these 'islands'. The darkside territory do all they can to attack and integrate these 'islands' into their global network. They hope to get this work done by building the darkside possessions. The 'islands' must fight back to resist and survive. The number of good people has been reduced to a few 'islands'. The good would have done better had they helped each other, and created a team. Souls, however, are true individuals, and this is a strength   

You need Salvation while you are alive because then it is valuable to you. After death, of what use is salvation from the ills of earthly life when you have no body that can be tortured, deprived, victimised, diseased or otherwise treated to make you regret that you were ever born. If life is materially blessed (like Buddha’s), one can recover from the drunkenness of plenty by curbing desire, as Buddha did. For those who live in lavish excess, desirelessness or detachment might be their salvation, or what is needed. But, for those who are troubled by too little materials or too much adversity, desire is not the problem. Everyone deserves what is necessary for the proper care and maintenance of their bodies. Too much and too little are causes for concern about the system that creates these conditions. The ‘rich get richer’ and the ‘poor get poorer’ economic system becomes the problem. Buddha did not propagate that! So, the salvation one needs is manufactured by conditions one becomes aware of while one is alive. The proper solutions will be effected while one is alive, for that salvation to make some sense. One’s whole environment switches after death, to ethereal. This environment is fraught with unknowns. I have previously stated that the different invisible entities in a body will go to their own kind of place or dimension. That does not mean that souls or darksides will not hang around Earth. Materials are heaven for the darkside and their attachment will keep many of them on Earth. One can see souls sticking around Earth to help out good people. When one thinks of the vastness of Universe/Multiverse, souls and darksides may reincarnate to other places or dimensions.This may require taking other kinds of bodies or not.

 We simply do not know the Cosmic arrangements at all. The creations or inventions of religious organizations and priestcraft cannot be trusted. Earth cannot be the only inhabited place, and cannot be the most important place in the universe. So that being born, believing, praying, dying, getting salvation on Judgement Day(or name written in book of life), and going to hell or heaven forever….this progression does not ring true! There is no way to verify any of it by direct or reported experience. It does not happen that way. Even if it did, it makes no difference to the quality of living during life. It does not stop the world from growing more and more evil. The darksiders are becoming more and more powerful conquerors. Why should good people come here, live ghastly lives, and opt not to change that but choose to endure, and get salvation after death from fictitious problems, but not from the real problems that make their earthly existences miserable? Being born in creation does not make much sense according to that protocol. Religion does not make any sense. Commonsense observation tells us that our consciousness has been deliberately limited to what people up to 2000 years ago knew, and is being kept there. We know that there are intelligent life-forms in the Universe. After all, much advancement in military technology is due to reverse engineering of systems from crashed UFO’s, and who knows from what other arrangements with the aliens. There is enough evidence of alien visitors and non-earth civilizations. 2000 years ago, not much was known beyond what was visible to the eye. Today, we have big pictures of some parts of this universe. We know that the possibility of other life-forms is extremely high. This is not an earth-centered universe or an earth-centered creation. We are probably located in some remote quadrant of the universe, which explains why we are so retarded, and which explains why more intelligent species have not bothered to show up here. The least of our problems is if we get saved after we die. Being saved from our darkside conquerors while alive is what is on the front burner! 
So we have no idea what the big picture is, and we are given a very small picture, with earth as the center of the world. We are given the idea that we are a body-entity having one life to live. We are kept tethered, and it is our ability to get repeated doses of money to survive that keeps us afloat. We are enslaved by the Bankers and the darkside society. We are given one 'picture' to live by, while what is hidden from us, or the truth, keeps us enslaved. The Elites have confirmed their goals of a New World Order with satan as king of the Earth. It seems that cunning, force and lies are working together to keep us from knowing the truth…truth which will make a difference to the way we live, and the goals we set ourselves. That this is the Age of Kali, encourages us to give a free pass to evil to do as they wish, because ‘God’ planned it so. Did he really do that? I doubt it! The thing is that we really don’t know, but they tell us that they know. The Elites and societal darksiders are using the darkside possessions to keep us pre-occupied with materials, sex, emotions and other things that creates a ‘lifestyle’ for us to live, while engineering the continuation of that kind of lifestyle and not allowing changes that would jeopardise the occurrence of that lifestyle. We are not allowed to jump off the bandwagon and become creative. Were we to ignore that Elite or darkside-created lifestyle, and push to discover what lives we really should be living in tune with the BIG picture of the universe, we will then become familiar with, and work against, the darkside plot to make earth as a complete prison.

Death is the beginning of the rest of the journey of souls. Salvation is not part of that journey because it implies that the journey ends there! Who alive really knows what is on the after-death journey? The fear of death is being used as the factor creating compliance with darkside plans. Fighting back willy nilly results in your destruction, even if you break no laws, and even if you have a good lawyer. Fighting back against your own dark side is the perfect non-political option. And, you can hit back at the occult core of  darkside rule. satan can never become king on earth if ONE soul defeats him. That is the challenge. Like Christ, you cannot afford to bow to satan for any kingdom. It is a sad day when a soul bows in defeat to a darksider. They make you feel that you have no power. That is because you are using their measuring stick or you have been programmed into accepting victimhood. God is the most powerful being in the Universe, and soul is a spark of that God. We have power but don’t know it. Not too many have become souls completely, and left how-to's for us. Krishna's Bhagavad Gita and Christ's teachings are the beginnings of this journey of fightback. Begin, then walk the walk one step at a time! Our programmers have made us feel that by fighting back, we are committing the sin of becoming conspiracy theorists. They have programmed us to put narrow concerns ahead of what is truly important. For a soul in this time, only freedom to live as soul matters. That is the only salvation that matters…all other brands of salvation are dead-ends. All salvation quests end when you are dead. What remains is the continuing evolution of souls either on Earth or elsewhere in the universe. Then, the playing fields may be different, and questions of their being level or not may never occur! Then, the knowledge to be sought may change because of a different challenge!

At this juncture in world history, you have to forget about ‘loving’ people on an ongoing basis. The time is now for closing up up on the 'pursuit of happiness', and for opening up the 'fightback for survival' mode. The purpose of life now should be that of being a survivor. Fairy-tale 'love' happiness, career happiness and material happiness are dreams we were given to lull us into the sleep of awareness. In the interim, the darksiders pushed their agendas, without challenge. These kinds of happiness are possible for those wanting it, but not with the current realities. While darksiders rule the world at all levels, Paradise cannot fructify. When goodness rules, only then will happiness be possible. Learn to appreciate and care for those close to you who are genuine. There will be darkside traitors among friends and family. Teach children the 'art of  body survival' so that they can take care of themselves and last as long as possible. Teach them righteousness so that their souls can grow from the nutrition that mode produces. Teach them to be souls so that they can get the guidance from God instead of being instruments of satan. Face the fact of death everyday so that you won’t be devastated when a ‘loved’ one dies. Your job is to help embodied souls go through the embodied stage, just as you will receive similar help from God or teachers or others. We were misled about life by the Elites who seek lordship over Earth and its population. They convinced us that life on Earth is for material happiness and they gave us their blueprint for achieving it by education and careers( it was really to suck as in, and make us dependent on them). Souls do not revel in material plenty. They want what has functional use in their living. Now, the Elites have switched their ploy for the real thing: Global Governance or a New World Order. We can be happy without material excesses and indulgences. Those who have discovered the ‘lightness of less’, revel in that discovery. We were programmed to be materially greedy so that Corporations and Monopolies could have astronomical growth and control the world for their owners. The Elites used us to become our conquerors. They rule!

You, souls, cannot be happy or unfold any aspect of your real nature while the darkside dominates outside, or within. The systems of the Elites and Masses/darksiders configured life like this to pull you into the darkside world, to enslave and impoverish you, and to waste the time in your life while your body served the purposes of satan within. A life of education, earning and accumulating, and enjoying suits the darkness within but does nothing for the soul which gets no wherewithal to grow and evolve. Souls are a different substance with its own special needs and lifestyle. Your duty is to help souls win salvation against the darksiders. The darkside system can be eroded and destroyed, as more and more soul people topple the Occult Hierarchy, both visible and invisible. We were lied to….. this world is not our home…we are just visiting to learn what this is about. We may not have to return here unless God sends us here for his purposes. There are potentially innumerable places in the multiverse where we can  end up next. The multiverse is so big and vast that it would be stupidity to assume that Earth plays any vital role in it, or that Earth alone has life on it. Souls were born with happiness built into the fabric of their substance. Except for basic needs, each soul is complete. It was the Elites who programmed us with plentiful needs as  part of their darkside-building agenda. With war coming in the next 2 years, one has to get rid of excess baggage and be ready to travel lightly. Only those who are strong in intelligence, strong in health and strong in preparation will survive. This is the wake-up and fightback that will assure survival.

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