Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sex As A Tool Of Control. 1

It is a common conclusion that the Elites must be fought back against whether they are called Zionists, Bankers, Corporations or by any other kind of designation. By their actions they are known. And, they are evil. One can find the plots and sins of the Elites widely discussed on the worldwide web.The Elites are responsible for the system we live under, and for the kind of civilisation we must endure. Our rulers are not doing things for the benefit of the masses but for themselves alone. They want earth configured according to their plans and goals. The Georgia Guidestones recommends a maximum earth population of 500 millions. The Elites seem to be doing everything to depopulate the earth, whether it be by wars or by increasing the level of death-giving substances and agents everywhere, and in everything. To complement this, they are outlawing or blocking the access to traditional medicines. The kind of medicine that they are pushing is leading to accelerated death. Who can fight the Elites? Their wealth, planning, resources, technology, power,  ubiquitous organisations and inter-linkages make them practically invulnerable. While some think that popular uprising, revolts and revolution can get the job done, this may not be realistic. The Elites have already created subterranean hideaways to retreat to in the event of revolution, or as places for strategic withdrawal to, if and when they are ready to completely destroy mankind. Chemtrail spraying has been going on unimpeded for a long time. It is not unthinkable that they can load up with chemical and biological weapons and erase everyone else in a short time. Scalar weapons, Geo-engineering and alleged secret weapons in orbit, can make short work of the non-elites who can run but cannot hide. This is probably what will happen if they think they will lose. They have the WMDs to get the job done. Ever wonder why all those microbiologists and scientists were dying under mysterious circumstances? Also here. So, good luck to those who go down the road of violent revolution.

I believe that the Elites have thought of all the angles. Yet, who knows! If the predictions of the Spiritual Research Foundation (see my last post) are to be believed, Armageddon will be the end of the conspiracy of the Elites. According to them, the surviving people will forget politicians and go to the Saints for help. It is Elites, who command the firepower of their Nations, who will be fighting Elites from other Nations. Predators make alliances but they prey on each other too! There will be 2 major alliances who will fight each other, and suffer great population losses in the process. Though Armageddon will be a war for the restoration of goodness, the SRF does not say which national Elites will fight on the side of the good, or the side of evil. Some bloggers are of the view that all the world leaders are united in the plot for a New World Order. So that the disagreements and animosities being played out by them is just a script being followed. If that is true, all is indeed lost! The SRF does not mention any great alliance of the masses who will be fighting the Elites. One can understand that the sleeping majority will wake up only when the reality of their destruction dawns. It may turn out that the war will utilise drones not humans. For those who have woken up, you have to fight the weapons that are directed at you in order to dodge or cancel their effect, and stay alive. Prepare for any plausible scenario that can unfold. Though we will all die sooner or later anyway, fight back to postpone that happening.

The Elites are not the only destroyers and controllers on the planet. The darkside masses control the society and neighborhoods, and they have practically eliminated all good people and morality as a lifestyle. Evil rules at the top, the middle and underneath. It is the same invisible satanic force that governs as the Elites, which governs as the darkside masses. Those who see 'people' as human bodies can only suggest war against bodies, leaving the satanic root cause of behavior unfought, and free to continue its governance, unchecked. It is the satanic entity which governs bodies, suppresses souls and keeps them enslaved. That entity must be fought whether found in Elite bodies or those of the masses. Some bloggers, however, paint the masses in tones of total victimhood and not as the perpetrators of evil that they are. That is utter hypocrisy. The masses are one inter-connected satanic force, though divided into various colors or tribes of darksides. They control the society in every way, and they micro-manage their victims' lives. They are the ones directly destroying society, with social-engineering help from the Elites. They script lives to build the dark side to be the presiding force in every human body. They divvy up and apportion the materials and opportunities in life, so that their own kind are the beneficiaries. They eliminate the good or moral people or do mind-control on them to suppress the soul and elevate the dark side within. Each color or darkside tribe has their own arrangements for launching their young females into lifetimes of sex. Yet, they have their sex-school wherein they compete for the more powerful females, or use it to create mind-controlled hyper-sexualised females for the pleasure of 'mamma's boys'. The whole crop of virgin females is not put on the market. The good-guy stooges, drawn into the games as 'opponents' to 'mamma's boys', never get to see the good girls or the well-to-do ones. The beautiful ones are definitely out of the question because they are reserved for 'mamma's boys'. Good guys never get to court or fall in love naturally, except in the East where religion and tradition still has influence. Good guys get to see the dregs of the opposite gender including the ugly, the obese, those with cavities, those already 'signed' and those who are powerful enough to set them up for ruin or destruction. The females in the sex games are also darkside, and they team up with mamma's boys to teach good guys a lesson: the real intent of the society's sex-school script. In reality, what they do is try to build the dark side within the good guy by action sequences which elicit the emotions of the dark side. The enamoured dark side is then used to draw in and set up the good guy to land in trouble. The sex school is the device of the darkside masses for destroying those who truly follow Christ or cling to goodness and righteousness.

The sex-school, with the doings of the various kinds of 'crews', has a very long 'work' schedule. The longer the darkside line for the 'food', the longer the schedule. All of mamma's boys need to get their 'chance'. They usually take 7 years to 'cook' and give a powerful darkside female a complete make-over. This translates into a lot of years lost by the good guy stooge, who has to wait in line or until the 'work' is done. The 'food' must be 'cleaned' (memory wiping) after being handled by each predatory hand. The various colors attack the good guy to catapult themselves into positions of advantage in the sex-school game. The 'game' thus goes on and on, and on. The good guy was put into the game for no other reason  than to be a stooge or a permission-giver or as an opponent from whom opportunities in the sex-school are colluded. The colors just attack him, and the darkside society grants them their wishes. The girls in the sex games require such attacks before they give themselves to the darksiders or mamma's boys. Considering that the colors or darkside tribes control employment in the society, the good guy will find that he is considered an enemy by all and sundry, and denied employment and most everything else. So, the sex-school and allied games is a device for depriving good guys of all their rights, just so that the darkside tribes can enhance their chances of winning. It is an excuse to do mind-control on him, to convert him into a darksider. It is the way darksiders render the good side impotent and unable to stand up and fight back. Considering that there are only a few good guys/stooges, each is involved in simultaneous 'games' on an ongoing basis, without any back-up. The female darksiders show up, involve these stooges in their games by the pulling and tying method, and so ensure that each stooge will be attacked by all the darkside colors. Good guys do not have a clue about those games and do not have the power to know what's going on. So, every move made by the good guy is the wrong move, especially since the darksiders make up the rules as they go along. They use the games as reason for depriving him of a life simply because he can win no game and 'sign' no female. The stooges' lives are spent in the struggle to survive mode. Their lives are stolen by the sex-school plots. Their search for self-determined lives ends up being only passing parades. The system of the darkside masses targets good and moral people for destruction. The Elites do the same thing to good guys, while abetting the doings of the darkside masses by social engineering (feminism etc) and other policy. Everyone uses the optic nerve and eyes in reaching out for knowledge and inspiration. The darksiders get no further than eyeball reading. The Occult Elites transmit to the eyeballs, and so control the darksiders with information read there. Good guys are attacked from the eyeballs (lies, negative reinforcement, hallucinations etc) and they unconciously pull back their attention away from the eyeballs (hence that faraway look) and put it in the third eye region. Thus, the good guys bring their brain into play, and they have access to intuition. The darksiders are anchored in mind-reading and eyeball reading and use these to play the game. The good guys cannot do these not-soul actions and remain clue-less about the progress of the games. They are, however, guided by intuition which steers them away from immorality and evil deeds. The darksiders just want to win, and care not about the nature of their actions.
What is hardly found on the internet is the complementary activity of the darkside masses in abetting the destruction of all things good at the societal level. No one is writing about the various darkside tribes, the sex school and allied games, and the preying and use of 'force' by the darkside tribes, as they eliminate the good guys, and divvy up the local economic and 'female' pies. I guess that most writers and bloggers belong to the colors or darkside tribes, and they accept this corruption at the societal level, even as they lambast the elites for evil-doing. What utter hypocrisy it is when writers who belong to the game-playing colors or darkside tribes condemn the Elites and point out the millions of ways they are destroying creation, while at the same time they themselves are purveyors of the destruction of people, and all for winning the 'game', dancing or having their 'parade'. The Elites are guilty of wrecking the world for profit and rulership. The darkside masses are doing this too! The darkside tribes and the Elites are predators, preying on creation. Is it a surprise that 'cooked' females are bought and sold like just so much dead 'meat'? Living things are just objects to predators. Is it any surprise that the females are described as 'food' and they get 'eaten'? Devouring of their prey is what predators do. These same females are the mind-conrolled hands that rock the cradle. These are the same ones who are nothing but 'food' to be eaten, then pimped. It is gross hypocrisy to forget the sexual games, and to look for the causation of the current Sodom and Gommorah  elsewhere. Writers from the leading 'colors' are part of the satanic mould and they look to quaint explanations for the existence of the broken-down society, just so as to hide their own complicity in societal destruction. Sociology textbooks are a godsend for them because it gives them the opportunity to study the phenomena of societal breakdown in their mental laboratories, and not have to look within for the truth. As for the leading darkside tribes or colors, their winning at the societal level probably gives them ambitions against their biggest rivals: the Elites. This probably accounts for some of the anti-Elite thrust on the worldwide web. If the darkside Elites are fought and replaced by the most powerful darkside tribe or color, it will be a substitution of evil for evil. The colors or darkside tribes were created by the Elites as part of the program to have satan rule the world from the location of human bodies. The Occult Elites it is who direct the activities of the darkside by the information sent to the darkside substance or to the transmitters in the eyeballs. So there is a continuity, a complementarity and a congruence between the satanic work of the darkside Elites and that of the darkside masses. What seems to be happening now is that the Elites want no rivals. Darksiders by nature prey on each other, except when they agree to cooperate for mutual benefit. It seems that the Elites are disposing of the competition by their Eugenics Program.

The leading darkside 'colors' or tribes are having their sexualisation work (the sex school, sex games etc) being corroborated by the Elites via the school system. So all excuses for the fornication and debauchery that the 'colors' like to give (eg the girls need to be trained to have sex) are nothing more than fabrications. satan loves sex and it is not only the pleasure of the 'eating' but the transmission of bacteria/fungi which he uses, that is achieved by the sexual focus of this world. Not only that, some darksiders use the sex act to install more darksides into female bodies. This is why they reserve the good girls for themselves: converting them! Corrupted females can then be used to entrap innocent good guys. The darksiders like the female bodies young. The Elites and darkside tribes both work for satan. The kidnapping of Sita by Rawan, the attempted disrobing of one of Krishna's devotees by the Kauravas and the exploits of satan in the Garden of Eden reveal the basic darkside MO: go for the pussy! A darksider tried to tell me that I don't understand the intricacies of 'racial evolutionary dynamics' by my condemnation of the society's sexual games! The basis of society's division into darkside tribes or colors is not based on race but on specie of darkside possession. When the Occult Elites are programming the darkside masses to play out the sexual ploy, and the Elites themselves embark on the sexualisation of the masses into all kinds of deviance(by education and social engineering etc), the darkside colors are not the deciders or the choosers: Elites and masses are satanic instruments not independent purveyors of their own agendas.

All the darkside tribes or colors cooperate to inflict the sex school and gender games on the world while vying for control to pimp the most female warriors, to get the most baby factories and to create enough boy-toys to keep the pleasurable experiences at a maximum. At the same time, the minority of good guys are included in the games as stooges who act as permission givers for all that take place in these games. It is the one sure way to create 'good' losers, while getting the opportunity to set them up for destruction and failure. The 'knowing' requirements of the game are not within the abilities of the soul, so soul people are like fishes out of water in this darkside contest. Soul abilities are redundant in the games. The kind of knowing that is required is all of the darkside genre. The games are the vehicle for maintaining and honing the darkside powers, which is why the whole darkside society participates in it, season after season.  The sex school and attendant games is the greatest factor in the perpetuation of the darkside nature of society, and of darkside rule. It is solely responsible for the breakdown of the family and all those social breakdowns that others attribute to elitist social engineering. The Elites add fuel to the fire (eg Feminism) but the fire is controlled by the darkside masses. The gender games are based on physical doing, so why are we surprised at the number of single parent familes, the low rate for marriages, the high rates of divorce, burgeoning sexual deviance etc. Making love replaced being in love. Sex first love after  never produces love. Getting along is not love. The purpose of the game is perpetuation of darkside nature and rule. It is all focused on money. The well-to-do excel in the sexual games. "Signing' a female is a rite of passage to a material life. The poor are too tied to survival to take part in the games, even as opponents/stooges. The girls do not consider them worthy. Note how people use the colors of their apparel, cars etc to display the changing status of the game. The economy thrives when the game is in full swing. Note too that the girls are bought and sold as meat! Reminescent of slavery? The same 'meat' rocks the cradle! Are the Elites to be blamed for this?

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