Friday, October 25, 2013

Sex As A Tool Of Control. 2

 While the world seems getting to the point of making its last gasps, the Elites and darkside masses are doing business as usual. You still have to face toxicities in practically every material thing you use or interact with. You still have to face the system of the darkside masses, with its sex school and their stranglehold over the societies and communities. The systems in place are not going to evaporate because the world seems to be coming to an end. It is understandable that Armageddon-frenzy can confine one's research to escape or survival. One still has to pay attention to the present life, and examine the matrix with a view to changing it to resemble something moral and good: something which will give your life what it does not currently have. Anxiety must not be allowed to reign. If death comes, it comes. If you lack the wherewithal to remove yourself from the rapidly closing jaws of destruction, it will not be that you didn't try. Maybe you don't believe the signs and portents which convey the sad ending, and believe that something will happen to stop all this. Fine! Hope is an ally. But do not classify those signs and portents as the negativity of people who should know better. Continue to trust the systems you live under, if that grants you relief. Some people research to get convenient truths. Some want to know what the current reality is, so that they can accept the things they can't change, while changing the things that they can. Those who have discovered purpose do not live willy-nilly: they become the change that they want! You have to know what to fight back against as you live from day to day. You also have to prepare to face the onset of war and the dislocations that it will entail. During war, there is societal breakdown. Your judgement of people will be your next best skill. Study people and see what they are, in order to be able assess their future potentials. Movies with zombies, robots, drones, UFOs etc give us added dimensions to our prognostications. What will you eat? How will you live? What will you do between now and the 'then' that will unfold? More importantly, if you survive Armageddon, will you be part of re-creating the world as you knew it, with all its plots and unhappiness? You must see how things work in the present in order to know what to change, and what to keep. Any world that operates as badly as this one, will end the same way: another Armageddon in the making!

Confidence in God doing personal salvage and rescue is at an all-time low. We are told that God is using Armageddon to destroy evil, and restore goodness throughout the Earth. He is probably acting in the interests of  the whole rather than on a person to person basis. So looking for help or rescue for yourself from the Divine Hierarchy, is probably going to end in disappointment. There is no good team to fight for, or to expect help from, if one considers the spiritual leaning of the masses. The majority are darksiders, living and doing things the darkside way. satan has installed himself in most human bodies, and manages the bounties of Earth for his own ongoing benefit, and continued rulership. So, there is no help in your personal lives, coming from any source. The Divine hierarchy is sending good energy to us. This is cancelling out satan's energy. But, the physical infrastructure on Earth is still in the hands of the darksiders. You can get some knowledge and guidance if you develop a partnership with God. But, it seems that that is all the help you can get. It is an awakening when you discover that nobody really cares. Your life is up to your efforts despite the knock-downs from the darksiders. Good people hardly ever reap the fruits of their efforts. The Bhagavad Gita urges you to do the action but do not be attached to the fruits thereof. This means that the fruits of action can be denied. You don't want to be hurt when such denial is experienced. In a world where there is a preponderance of bodies ruled by the dark side, physical fightback is to court a quick death. It is plain suicide. One must fight back against the invisible dark side entities. One has to ignore the innumerable bodies and see that it is all one invisible darkside force that governs them. You have to defend yourself from the spiritual warfare that this force levies on you. It tries to suppress you, the soul, and feed the darkness within you so it can assume control of your body. The body is yours, but you have to fight to retain ownership and use of it. That you try to do so, draws the ire of the darkside society. The system of the darkside masses is a device used to convert you into a darksider. They call the whole process a 'game'. Don't play the game. Use techniques which render the force and coercion they use to 'catch' you, ineffectual. Turn life into a defense against the war being made against your spirit.This is the soul's fightback to survive. Physical survival must also be crafted.

You have to examine the system of the darkside masses to understand how they use it to install the dark side as ruler of the body. In the process you will see that every move is scripted towards the satanic way of living. Goodness, morality and commonsense is outlawed while darkside natures, powers and ego reign supreme. The individual is turned into a cog in the darkside god-machine, and all goodness and freedom is stripped away. People are converted into sexual objects using coercion, darkside collusion, and powers. Darksiders ensure that everyone is on the same page: theirs! There is no room for free will and individual choice. There is no room for righteousness. There is no room for God or for following Christ. I have been included against my will into several sex-school and allied 'games' as a 'stooge. I was told that I followed Christ too closely. The darksiders, especially female, used all their schemes and powers against me. I didn't die, as they hoped. But, I was pauperised and ruined. I have nothing, and I am nothing. I have gotten old by starting afresh everytime they knocked me down. This world is darkside territory, and no different consciousness is tolerated. If you have no major game-playing color or darkside tribe to back you up as you live, you will end up dead or ruined. Even worse, your life is constituted of torture as you suffer in the crossfire created by the major colors. The people engaged in the sex-school and allied games are all 'eyeball-readers'. They are all on the same page, and with the same intent, as expounded by those who deliver instructions and corrupt data to their 'eyeballs'. They do not take no for an answer, and do not stop their war on you, in leniency or defeat. They keep insisting on denying you a material life, and in 'cleaning' and 'cooking' you. These are the techniques that they use cause your death, kill your soul, and convert your body to darkside rule. Presently, the darksiders have lost most of their satanic powers. They have, however, learnt to substitute with EMFs. They persevere in this kind of attack on me, destroying my body bit by bit. They attack boldly because no-one will move to stop it, no matter how much I protest. All the colors take part in this, and other methods of suppression. All the dieting and health protocols are useless in the face of this kind of attack. They deny the destructive nature of Wifi and EMFs, even in the face of research that substantiates it, and collude to keep me as a victim. They scream that I am a racist, so they can distract attention away from the evil they do, or as if they will attack me and escape unscathed. The Elites are not doing this to me. It is the darkside masses who have stolen my life from me. I have put curses on them already, and I keep doing it as they attack me. For me, the fightback is against them. There is no defense against the pulsed microwaves that is Wifi. If you see the darkside masses in terms of the halos of victimhood, and really feel to fight the Elites, there are internet blogs which cater to that kind of reading audience. The darkside masses are more than a handful. It is the same satan that you are fighting, anyway.
One has to carefully study the sex-school script. It seems to have been replicated in a movie I once saw. The sex school system assumes that the way to people's hearts (aka love)  is via the medium of their sexual organs. The darksiders claim that their role is at the sexual end of things. No doubt they will also claim that God gave them this role. History, however, exposes them as frauds. They use the sex school system to boost their own numbers and reproduction rates. There is no way that the good guys can catch up numerically. This system too, makes it impossible for good guys to reproduce. It is part of the stupidity of darksiders when they assume that good people are created from the DNA in good guys' semen. Soul people can born in any family. In preparing the girl for sex (as if what they do in preparation is not sex), the head must be rendered empty and malleable, incapable of resisting sexual energy, seduction or the darkside's wish for sex. The darkside society is using sexual school/games to make women their sexual slaves, to convert them to darksiders, and to suppress them. All this in the guise of preparing them for sexual lives. Let them tell the birds and animals that they need sex schools too! People's sexual lives and loves are none of their business. Which is why they use force! But then, their powers have gone! It is all a scam! The sex school is a device for scrubbing out the soul's inputs into the behavior of its body. It is a scam to bring every human body under their control:in servitude. These schools/games keeps the dark side in control, and in charge. In the Theory Of Evolution, the human brain sets it aside from the more primitive versions of man. In the sex school, the brain is eliminated as a source of input into behavior. Human beings are thereby regressed into primitive man, and other brainless species. The brainless species are not just 'meat' and have reproductive methods that they do not need a school for, in order to know. Human beings do not need a sex school. It is a darkside tactic for fighting the evil vs good war, and winning. If there are no good people, the war is won. The darkside claim that they are the teachers of the good in an allied scam, with the intent of winning the war by deception. The darksiders have re-created the societies of Sodom and Gommorah. Bodies are seen as objects that serve the god of pleasure, not as repositories of the Divine soul in service of the good God. They kill the 'head' because the soul dwells there. They want satan to flow his wishes, and his control of the body's activities without any interference from the soul whatsoever. They focus on enlivening and entraining (programming) the flesh because satan dwells there. The sex school is a device for making its victims completely satanic. The darkside society is satan serving satan. Their claims of working for God is just another plot to fool people into accepting their corruption and their evil. The good God and his righteous people cannot be deceived. They do not accept the darkside as teachers or overlords. God himself is not deceived and has approved of Armageddon as the way back to a good Earth. God's children are not fooled either. They have the counsel of the prophet Isaaih, which distinguishes good from evil, and which warns against the substitution of one for the other! 

The powerful darkside female to be seasoned, cleaned and cooked ( the darksiders name their 'crews' doing these jobs after house areas eg kitchen, bedroom, toilet etc) behaves like a 'bitch', setting up certain males whom she ensnares. The darkside society then strikes back by 'shooting' her with snake-power, and unleashing a variety of 'crews' on her. A powerful darksider becomes 'leader of the pack'. He can 'shoot' her with energy, and become her 'leader'. Females in the sex school games look for and invite male 'leaders'. These guys have the power to conquer them. They then play life as 'follow the leader'. Any good guy 'stooge' cannot be a leader because he lacks the satanic powers. The sex games are really for darksiders only, but good guy stooges are included to be ridiculed, set up and ruined. The movie-roles to be played out are quite clear: the female must have energy powers, be headstrong and bitchy. She sets up males for a fall, playing the role of a feminist leader. The darkside society 'creates' or rears 'snakes' for this role. Their powers are deliberately built by the darkside masses, and the powerful girls are used by them to destroy good guys. After pulling and tying the good guy, the girl is 'beaten' up by the society, and her powers reduced as her 'cooking' and 'cleaning' begins. Her power is taken........ then even her will is taken, as she is 'killed' and converted into a piece of 'meat' who becomes intimate with many men. Her developing relationships with males, in the waiting lines for intimacy with her, are broken up when it is someone else's turn. Her memory is wiped clean (this is the cleaning), and she faces another relationship. This is mind-control. Males are expected to lead them, to command them, 'sign' them and pimp them. They are to be trained in the mould that the pimp wants. All the predators in the line USE her sexually. Some of the girls keep their virginity, so you can imagine what kinds of sex were invented to calm the horny applicants. The roles follow the movie-script and does not vaguely resemble that of citizens living their constitutional rights and freedoms. The darkside masses it is who killed the Constitution first! The girls expect to be commanded and trained to be your follower. That is the predatory way. If you think of them as equal beings and treat them as a Christian, and  as a human being, they tell you that you walk like a woman! They then turn on good guys who treat them as human beings by set-ups etc. The way of the soul has no chance in there!

The girls lick their chops in anticipation of seeing all the guys who want chances at them. Their dark sides are eager to get into the pleasures of sex, and into the additions and complications that becomes a female life. The ego in females are the same ego in the males, reconfigured to gender usage. Once on the sexual road, the females proudly count their scalps! Some might think that the sex school is about the taming of shrews and headstrong females, and making them more suitable for relationships. It is much more diabolical than that. It is a darkside finishing school where every bit of soul is suppressed, and every bit of darkside elevated. The darkside society manufactured those powerful bitchy females so that the sex school could go on, and on! The females who graduate (only after the horny darkside males are satisfied, and the lines are empty) come out of there as totally darkside, and they can begin to be perfect prostitutes or 'boy-toys'! They learn to prune and polish the physical to be their greatest asset or weapon. They learn how to make themselves marketable, and they learn how to market themselves. They need to market themselves because of the general programming they received in the sex school. Love is not 'being' love, but is 'making' love. Love gets equated with good sex. Permanent relationships are not attractive unless it regularises good sex. The blind 'fuck' is supremely enjoyable! All concepts, morals and principles that make one a 'one-man-woman' were wiped out by the prostitute-like schedule of the sex school. Despite retaining their virginity, some of them still have nothing to bargain with when it comes to the good guy they were allegedly 'cooked' for. Their moral track record is lousy and the fact of virginity cannot dispel that. Becoming sexy and alluring with their power to tempt and seduce complements the male dark side repertoire. Mamma's  boys trains these boy-toys for themselves. Sex for material improvement, is what they were trained for. All the colors would feast on her because she was cooked as 'food for the people'. This work was done like this because it was previously known that no good guy stooge wants a prostitute for a wife. So, its win/win for mamma's boys. The darksiders use force to suppress the good guy during the whole process so he cannot oppose the sex school or clarify his position. He never consented to all that nonsense, and he does not want any sex school graduate because there is no congruence in their philosophies or lifestyles. There is just too much bad karmic baggage. Besides, as the male predators wipe out the soul and completely install the dark side, in the sex games, all intelligence is lost. The sex school graduates are taught that conversation is talk and back-talk. They are taught to play! There is no such thing as intelligent conversation with them because brain usage is lacking! They talk like that because all their knowledge was cleaned away, with all other memory. The back-talk derives from the initial talk, and not from any pondering or deeply-held conviction. They are now dunce and dumb, with sex being their only area of competence and experience. Sorry for cradles that will be rocked!

Over the centuries, a very interesting female sub-culture has developed, utilising the qualities of the dark side. When you consider that it all steered by eyeball reading, you know that its satan's way backed by satans truth, that is being lived out. The hymen is now an obstacle that is gotten rid of by making it the prize a hunter-predator gets as his success. She can now live having been 'made' into a woman. Sex first, love after promises this. When will the pleasure focus-shift, and the love-focus ensue? Or, will pleasure, and the love of the object of pleasure, present love and happiness as the next phase? Are good guys being set up to be the dupes who would teach love to the sex-school graduates, despite the blot of having been in compromising sexual situations with predators/ mamma's boys? And it is a blot because the soul has been killed in order to create a hyper-sexualised object! Whatever kind of love the graduates were being prepped for, it is not the kind that good people are interested in. The graduates have no mental development beyond that necessary to supply 'back-talk' in conversation, and in asserting what they want from among material things and situations. Success in love and marriage requires things like trust and loyalty which cannot come from females who have learnt to accept all kinds of men in sexual situations, in the course of a day. The females worship sharing, and marriages survive only if they can accomodate that element. The predators like to share among themselves....the females share their boyfriends and they share themselves. The women like the males, have a supply of girl-toys who circulate in the pool, marriage not necessarily eliminating the 'sharing' of bodies for sex. If you obey the law because you wish nothing with underage females, or if you wish to live life the Christian way, the darkside women who are the vast majority will kill you or turn you into a pauper, because you do not share yourself among them.Their eyeballs and their pimps tell them to collectively shoot the non-cooperative non-fornicating good guys with snake power so that they can die or be otherwise engaged, while the wolves catch the good girls/virgins.

Each darkside tribe of evil entities possesses all bodies it can possibly get, both male and female. Thus each 'color' or darkside tribe has both male and female bodies. The gender changes but the darkside entity remains the same. Gender difference does not change the fact that all members of each darkside tribe/color have the same consciousness (basically darkside but with a 'color' twist). Their basic consciousness is satanic, like the other colors. The female darksiders seek the welfare of the tribe, by being warriors and workmen. Female darksiders get their color to live and die for from the color of darksider doing the 'signing'. We have this basic behavioral code conflicting with the code of females working for their gender. Feminists are confused people who end up fighting good guys, and weaker males, in a gender war. 'Monkey knows which tree to climb'. Yet, as part of a color or darkside tribe, they push the welfare of the male bodies their consciousness is linked to. To have males as leaders or to lead men? That is their quandary! Their powers are being used by men to further the man-dominated scripting of society. Do they fight the male bodies within their color or darkside tribe? The existence of Feminists is a variation from the script played out by the sex school. The girls are supposed to graduate to be sex-loving, mind-controlled and pimp-able 'boy-toys'.. Why would graduates abhor or hate men? Social engineering by the Elites created this phenomenon, but there must be seeds of discontent resident in those graduates which create the fertile ground necessary for germination of the feminist idea. There has been the fact of female solidarity in a world that is led and run by men. Men were the head of households, controlling the purse strings. This gave enough impetus for a female push to become equal, or to be greater than men. In this, they were following their darkside ego but more importantly, they were responding to the subtle call of social engineering which targeted females as the new zone of demand- manipulation for the increasing of the total number of shoppers. The Elites wanted females to be the new earners and spenders, and the source of more profits. Kids and babies have been similarly targeted. Whether the girls entered the sex-school because it is their role or fate in the darkside society, because they wanted to know sex (darksiders claim this), because they were tempted, because they were forced to by snake-power and the collective darkside society whom could not be fought, because they were sold out by family or because they were passed around a good guy a few times and then had to be cooked for him.....the experience of the sex school is torture for many of the girls. They feel ashamed, powerless, unclean and worthless. Their utter hopelessness results from the fact that in their time of need, no-one showed up to help them, not even their families who were selling them like dead meat. They complain about what women have to go through. No doubt, many of them have become feminists for this reason. Even with the graduate and feminist experiences, they are still the property of their 'color' and nothing can be done without their permission. satan controls them from every angle!  If mamma's boys gave them a hard time, why beat up on the good guys? Darkside is what they are!

Women (ie darksiders) do not like their wishes flouted or to have males around who are immune to their cunning, their overtures and their energy tricks. So if they give you an erection, a warm fuzzy shot of energy in the heart area or extend an invitation by body language or other language, you are expected to cooperate. If you do not pick up on their 'move' or cooperate, they hate you for life, calling you stubborn or some word indicating masculine incompleteness or stupidity. They expect you to behave as a darkside predator would! In fact, they cater to the darkside in you, not the soul. They will go out of their way, after reading your mind, to give the wishes indicated therein. But, they can't read the wishes of the soul and if their appeals targeting the darkside fails, they will hate you for life...and that means their female affiliations and their darkside color affiliations. They will say that you walk like a woman or that you followed Christ too closely. Having failed to make you totally carnal or on their wavelength, they will collectively try to kill you, destroy your life or ruin you. You have to please them by engaging in lifelong fornication with whomsoever wishes that. To live for falling in love first, and sex or marriage after, with trust and faithfulness etc is not what the women want. They want their turn to play their role in the sex school, and on graduating to see the young ones treated just like they were, and to become just like they are. They want to win the game for their color. They want to succeed at the job they are pimped into doing. They want darkside rule based on the fact of their superior snake power and other energies. They actually believe that they are Shakti from that lying paradigm of male Shiva and a female Shakti. What actually exists is a male being with transcendental consciousness only if he is a soul. Then he better close up meditation and get his chores or work done to take care of his family. House chores is what this alleged Shakti did. Taking on the legends of religion, the darkside females with satanic power think that they are versions of the various goddesses. They  build their ego into that mould and actually talk to others with that kind of conceited authority. You bow to them or they will make you die or live miserably! You will only have failures. They told me to 'live sour'! Shakti is another word fora  female darksider with energy that men also have, but which is amplified and more diverse. Women are more completely darkside than men. Body strenght, especially neck strength, is a deterrent to darkside control of the body. Long hair disables scalp muscles, and helps the darkside pick up psychic Info. Crew-cuts and bald head shaves by men are attempts to cut out that weakening effect that hair gives. Haircuts give you that peaceful feeling without that niggling feeling of worry-clouds ever forming. The biggest reason for women being darkside is that their pelvis region are incubators for the most plentiful and harmful bacteria in human bodies. They transmit this to men via kissing and sex. They pick up from male sources too, and transmit to other males. They do not know how to sanitise themselves effectively because the system profits more from their ignorance. Things like herbs, colloidal silver and oxygenating products are not seen on TV. Alkalising the body is not recommended by popular medicine.The sex school is a darkside-gone-wild device for ruling the world by manifesting the satanic nature in human bodies.


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