Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sex As A Tool Of Control. 3

The darksiders approach to women is to make all of them darkside, and to give them a life's purpose of sex and reproduction. The females are pre-empted from being soul or from fighting the darkside to get there.The darksiders are cunning enough to confuse people as to the truth of the reality that is in progress in the sex school and allied games. The jargon that they have invented hides the factual reality of the evil that they do. The true impact of what they do is concealed by how they describe things done. The jargon effectively silences the alarm bells that chime when wrong things are being done. Conscience as a factor in evaluating action is effectively killed. It changes the way you think about sexual crimes and things like kidnapping....which is what really happens on the sex school 'movie' set or stage. What they call 'cooking' is taking a female body, ignoring her protests and forcefully building/programming the satan in the loins, until all that matters is sex. It is a denial of the freedom of females to grow up when, how they wish to, and with whom. The use of force and energy to 'teach' sex makes it wrong, as if God didn't do a good enough job, in the first place. It makes a sin and a joke of the free will that God gave to his sparks. The 'catch' in all this is the claim that God appointed the darksiders as the 'cooks' for the rest of mankind. God doesn't approve of what they're doing. This is part of his reason for creating Armageddon to reset Earth as a place of goodness. The sex school is nothing but an avenue wherein mamma's boys can prey to their leisure. The forced intimacy involves fellatio and varieties of sex. The fact that a girl can keep her virginity while indulging in other kinds of sex to placate horny predators, is supposed to make the darkside sex school a good thing. Non-human creation, reputedly of lesser cranial capacity, has no teaching of sex to the female species, and no pretend runs. Then again, they 'pass' a female around a good guy a few times, then they cook it for him, is not the way God planned it, or what good guys want. Used to be that there was attraction, courtship and marriage to take care of male/female relationships. But, the darksiders insert themselves as middlemen between good guys and things in creation, to make themselves necessary. In fact, the sexual focus really enables them to be in control, and allows them to destroy all that is good and holy in God's creation. God reputedly destroyed Sodom and Gommorah because they departed from goodness into the most vile corruption. Armageddon is now in the works.

'Cleaning' is just another word for mind-wiping or memory erasure. This is done to facilitate the long lines of predators waiting to share in forced intimacy. On her way to becoming hyper-sexualised, no lengthy or permanent relationship by the female, can be allowed to build. Every predator must get his share, so the memory of every hand that handles her must be erased. The female must take instructions, so she must be deprived of brain and memory which are the resources used in personal decision-making. This is called mind control. What the darkside society does is very similar to what the Elites do. Mind controlled females have lost all mental objections and obstructions to wanton sex by having daily forced intimate encounters that goes on for several years. They are forced to engage with all comers, and their preferences for intimate encounters shrivel away as the darkside society's various colors sate their desires, and have their share of that female pie. There is no love as is commonly understood, but there will be attachments developing. Alas, even this goes with the next induced 'break-up' and the next session of memory-wiping. The predators' various lines do get very long. To keep the lines moving, the darkside society cannot let the female develop relationships. If she does, these must be scrubbed away. Eventually all mamma's boys get their fun. The plot goes even wilder as the female gets stuck with the 'cooking' crew and cannot return to the good guy stooge, or to a life of freedom. Or, she may have several 'marriages' to go through before she sees the need to return. But then, she goes again. Its a convoluted process used to get women, hone the societal darkside powers and destroy the good stooges, all in one fell swoop. The darkside society mis-calls it 'cleaning' because what is really accomplished is the removing of obstacles to the complete installation of the pleasure mode of satan in the crotches of the females. They call the whole process 'teaching the girls the sexual how-to' but do not call it 'the making of prostitutes', or even 'mamma's boys pleasure circus'. Females are programmed to believe that their unfoldment must be along sexual lines. The hymen must therefore be looked at as an enemy impediment to their fulfilling of their destinies. Saving it for marriage is out, except in Eastern countries. The old method of a simple penile push by someone they like, is not good enough. You must have a school in which mamma's boys each get a taste. No total human development for them, not even soul development. Often, the sex school destroys whatever mental development that has taken place. The concentration on sex leaves no room for concentration on anything else. The mind control exerted on them destroys the intellect completely while giving birth to the sex player mentality! The physical body becomes the center of all pre-occupations, and the focus of all activity towards personal development and cultivation. This is the same physical body which is bought and sold like 'meat'....for predators to eat. It is this commodification of women that has overflowed into female trafficking for slavery and prostitution. The darkside society (including parents) had good training in the sex school for the flesh trade. 

The language used by the darkside society to describe their exploits in the sex school and allied games describes lies, not the reality of the facts taking place. It hides the commission of their crimes against women, and against the good guys. If these girls could get lawyers to take their cases, mamma's boys would be in for serious jail time for sexual offences, including rape. But, the darkside society doesn't allow these things. Despite the legal age of consent, you can hardly find a virgin beyond the teen years. Why are the 'signing' males not jailed? Great sex crimes are being perpetrated by the society in the guise of the sex school yet the mainstream media decries a few glaring ones while not even noticing those committed with the blessings of the darkside society. It is a crime to call the female victims of predator crews by a number, by the word 'it', or refer to them as 'food' which must be eaten. The females are called 'cigarette', and the cooking crew 'smokes' them. They are also referred to as 'lunch' and 'dinner', and the darksiders in the waiting lines 'order' them, as if from a restaurant. The cooked girls are called 'meat' and they are bought and sold, often very cheaply. So much for females being human beings made in the image and likeness of God. So much for the theory that they are citizens of a country having certain inalienable rights and freedoms. The predatory society turns them into soul-less food, deprived of the protections contained in the Constitution. It is as if God made women imperfect and appointed the predators to correct that oversight. At least that is what the predators want us to believe. They will not say that the rest of the human race is their prey, and that the sex school is their mechanism which facilitates their need to maraud/feed. They will not say that they are evil, and that the sex school is part of their warring modus operandi for getting rid of soul and goodness from earth. Their use of language hides the reality of what they are really doing, by presenting it as a game or as necessary interference with the completed work of God. The language they use helps their sins and crimes go past the filter of conscience, and become acceptable.

The good people are not fooled. They know what's up. They could not fight back because the darksiders had too much power. The devil swarmed mankind from the 1970's and took over most of the bodies. The darksiders built their sex games around the force of tension energy. The dark side builds to a greater degree in females, so to get them and use them for their power, the darksiders created these sex games. The most powerful women are the desirable women, in the darksiders eyes. The shape-shifting women have the most power. But, it is satanic power! So, the darkside society plays and wins these powerful women (and if you get one, you get that whole female darkside tribe to use), and launches them against their enemies. They use them, sexually and for energy, then 'kills' them and cooks them for good guy stooges. Good guy stooges never asked for shape-shifters. They know its a trap to catch them. The shape-shifting women tried to pull and tie the attentions of the good guys as part of the overall darkside war machine. All females, however, look forward to getting a color (by signature) to serve, and to live and die for. It is how the darkside consciousness works. The females give good energy to their color, and bad energy to the good people, usually as pimped or commanded to. Now, their power is mostly gone, though the Occult hierarchy still controls the info they get from eyeball-reading. Now, God's hierarchy is pouring out the good energy. Without a powerful satan guiding them, the darkside majority will probably turn into zombies. At least, Hollywood gave us the warning!

The darkside society used tension energy to kill, control or suppress its enemies. Snake-power is the energy used to create tension in another. When they had full power, they would link up their consciousness and blanket the target with it. In their energy/consciousness field, the targets would experience the intents of the darksiders, mostly voices and energy. In some cases, there is no actual transmission of energy. The darkside/bacteria combo falling within the darkside field can be commanded by the darksiders to generate this tension from within. This can be corroborated by the fact that changing the cellular matrix by introducing alkalinity, reduces the experience of tension. This tension feels like an extreme hangover, complete with racing pulse, thumping heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, and a mental state of panic or paranoia. The ability to think is compromised. Predators make use of snake-power to take the females they want, after hitting them with energy and rendering them unable to resist or say no. Conquered, they must follow the leader. This is actually rape! People hit repeatedly with tension energy get heart attacks and strokes. It freezes people and reduces their ability to make the moves that represent living life. When good guys are hit, they cannot show up for appointments and lose opportunities. What can you do if you are feeling unwell? The soul which revels in an atmosphere of harmony, becomes suppressed while the darkside/bacteria combo is elevated and empowered. What happens is that the body has become too acidic, and the darkside/bacteria combo grows to the point where it can be accessed by the darksiders outside. This combo either receives and transmits the energy to the cells or manufactures tension energy as directed by the darksiders. In the process, tension in the body grows choking off the breath and closing down the sinuses. The body feels tense and tight and the consciousness is full of fright. Freezing good people or 'cutting' them is a ploy used by darksiders to win against the good guys. In interactions or in the divvying up of the opportunities in life, the darksiders use the good guys lack of response, 'bad' response( the darksiders interpret what is good or bad) or 'no show' to claim victory or the right to persecute the 'frozen'. If one restores one's alkalinity (using magnesium bicarbonate) cellular harmony is restored. One cannot afford to be acidic in this world. It is because of acidic diets with a dearth of necessary minerals that the dark side have managed to grow into complete rulership. Acidic diets with starches and meat must be replaced by alkaline food, and health-building fruits and veggies. Alkalinity reduces the bacterial load. The darksiders then only shoots blanks!       

While some of the girls bow unwillingly to force because they have no support with which to fight back, other girls accept their roles because they are anxious to be converted into women. They are programmed to believe in sex first, love after. They want to have both predatory love-making and happiness by being in love. They don't see the first as pre-empting the second. So they plot to bring good guys into their melee to enable the being-in-love aspect. So they go through the predators paradigm, become totally dark side, and try to contrive soul type of love. This doesn't work because 'like vibrates with like'. But then, putting a darksider with a good guy after taking her powers (killing her) assures that there will be no counter-attacks on them. Being mind-controlled, she can be used to destroy the good guy. Using force to suppress a good guy, then give him a 'cooked' or mind-controlled female, is a recipe for disaster. Good guys don't want prostitutes, which is what a pimped, mind-controlled and hyper-sexualised female is. Darkside females or predators are the very last places one looks for love. They view people as objects. Does one expect real love when the majority of the world is darkside, male and female? What is ongoing is not love but the convenient teaming up, and break-up, in the name of living the darkside nature: it is all about the darkside joyride! It is all about their consuming and enjoying the physical. Those who are differently resolved do not get a chance to set any other kind of example, but must concede to the darkside system. Good guys can only get what they want from good girls, not shape-shifters. Which is why the darkside boys take the good girls on the sly. The darkside boys want first taste and the females are anxious to play their roles by being 'made' into women (their darksides want to get into sexual action at the earliest opportunity) . Female egos want many lovers first, then they want love. They must have both sides, they confess. Then they throw a switch and 'change', after the torture of too many lovers. That is the kind of work that mamma's boys want us to thank them for. The females want their prospectives to head straight to sex, sometimes just to beat the sex school trap! If you don't engineer sex in a few days, in steps the predator crews. No time for getting to know you, no time for courtship. Good guys are bad material prospects because darksiders equip mamma's boys with all the resources they need for the games and beyond. The girls have an eye out for those who can give them pleasure and material vanities. They like the bad boy image! Its all the darkside living its nature via pleasure and things! So, the females hope to get the best of both worlds and ends up very surprised. The sex school is very rough on them and many end up as man-haters! But, they cannot defeat mamma's boys. So, their revenge falls on the innocent good guys because they happen to be male!

The sex school games is perpetuated so the tribes can get each crop of females divided up among themselves. The women become warriors and energy sources for the ‘signing’ colors. 'Signature' gives the female her a color to live or die for. Females cooperate with the societal darksiders' sex-school plot. These females are darksiders who want to get into sexual action as quickly as possible....the dark side wants to play itself. Considering the type of life-pattern programmed into these female darksiders... life begins with sex! Female darksiders follow a different script from male darksiders, but the darkside is simply adjusting to a different kind of body. The males are locked into ego-building and sex, while the females are locked into vanity and sex. These are not hard and fast divisions, especially with the influences of feminism and homosexuality leading to role deviations. Like the males, the female darksiders feel great by having multiple intimate partners. The sex school gives this option to the females. The games exist to settle which tribe or color will sign and get to pimp each female. Women attack in all ways that they are pimped to do: energy, voices, sex, setups etc. They are particularly adept at configuring their voices to pull and tie the dark side within. They can make their voices alluring, moaning and groaning, commanding, authoritative, etc. They tell you what you should have done and what you should do. They tell you that you are a failure and that the tribes of the boys are the stars in the society. They give you all the news they can create to draw your darkside's concern, and its possible involvement using your body. They pretty much try all to pull and tie the dark side to their dramas and cock-and-bull stories. They are giving life to your dark side, drawing out its emotions to get it to produce behavior in their dramas. Suppress the soul and build the darkside is what they're about! In the process, everything meaningful in life gets shelved. The darkside society gets to replicate and strengthen itself. The darkside gets its sustenance and power-building exposure. The material world gets more dominated by darksiders. And, while involved in all this, the darkside society misses all the eugenics tricks unleashed on them by the elites. They try to destroy those who become aware of these plots because they are usually good guys, and use their brains. They don't like to be upstaged by brain-users. They pride their ability to collect info by eyeball-reading as proof of their superior evolution. They will walk blindly into the coming abyss and remain the enemies of good people even as they draw their last breaths. satan remains satan even unto death! Shriveled up souls cannot be salvaged!

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