Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Poem: Deepavali- From Darkness to Light

Deepavali- From Darkness to Light

The deluded dead
Immortality scrubbed
Blinded to the plot
Salvation robbed

Lived the Elites' plan
Floundered on God's
Illusion, Delusion, Hallucination
The Systems are duds

'Tis how to live dearies
Lessons by example
Bigger grew the madding crowd
No enlightenment to sample

Gathered tribes
In games they met
Angels stalked
A game of death

Estrogenic armies
Sexual recruitment
Snake-powered warriors
Pimped arrangement

The divvied pie-slices
Who signed who
No angel signature
No life for you

The crooked movie script
Human lifetimes controlled
No entry to enlightenment
Satanic modes extolled

No God, No Reasoning
No right or wrong contested
Slumbering souls unroused
To fight as darksiders nested

One life to live
Eat, drink, be merry, have fun
No time for God and such
When you're dead you're done

Don't rock the boat
Better than you have come and gone
Change? Change what?
Water droplets in the sun

Sleep-inducing joy?
Sorrow must Awaken then
Illusions to shatter
Truth, Revelation, Enlightment

Honesty discovers truth
The dead bathed in lies
Living, talking heads
Dishonesty in disguise

Lying world
Courting with pleasure
The hidden plot discounted
Souls couldn't measure

Deception is truth?
For superficial awareness
Behind the scenes
Find truth, that dispeller of darkness

(Originally written by me in September 2009 under a different name, I present some lighter reading for the holidays.)

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