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Sex As A Tool of Control. 5

Success in this incarnation cannot accrue from ventures for material gain. Materials cease to be of use when you exit the body. Your living relatives and bloodlines will get the usage of the fortune acquired, whether it is big or small. A materialist purpose is, however, fraught with error. Survival of the body does not require the adoption of a purpose that throws the living of a soul-based life out the window. The materialist system tempts you to excel materially, and to engage fully in the material illusion. This prompts greed, desire and ego-building which are all expressions of a darkside in bloom. The body comes to serve the darkside/bacteria combo. This is ROOT CAUSE of the suffering and suppression that the soul experiences in every incarnation. Learning or acquiring knowledge, and knowing thyself becomes substituted by acquiring, accumulating and becoming somebody(wannabe-ism). The result is a wasted life. That we have to die changes everything. That the soul lives on beyond death changes everything. The 'strawman' identity that the Elites created to be representative of you or me lasts only until death of the body. Your body is to be used for their purposes. You, the soul or spirit, do not exist, according to them. And, that 'strawman' identity has no life beyond death. If it is true that we are being traded on the Stock Exchange, that stops at death. Then, we no longer exist. This is formalised in statements that claim that "You have only one life to live" or " When you're dead, you're done". The Christian religion supports the One Life theory.  So, for them, we exist only between a birth certificate and a death certificate. For them, too, we are just one physical being identical with the body. There are many stories which support reincarnation. Near-death experiences tell us that the soul or spirit exists and can have experiences without and beyond the body. That 'strawman' identity is fake. There is not one consciousness in the body, but at least two. The onus is on the soul to investigate and see the truth. Then, one has to confront that second consciousness within, find out how it manages to possess and use the body for expressing its own nature and purposes. It won't willingly give back the body it is attempting to colonise, or has already colonised. So one has to beat it out of competition with arguments that it cannot respond to. This is what the real purpose of life has to become. This is the knowledge that one has to acquire in this life. This is when soul begins to live. One has to learn about creation to get this job done effectively because the tools and science one must use is located in secret places everywhere, in diverse nooks and crannies. Only full frontal war against the darkside/bacteria combo can win the body back for soul use. Success in recovering the body, for soul use, is the beginning of living the purpose souls have in this incarnation. Most souls are not using their bodies for living their natural lifestyles: the darkside/bacteria combo has comandeered those bodies. It's a wasted incarnation if soul does not live out its nature on earth, using its body. Presently, soul is simply giving life to it's body so the darkside can use it. Soul is asleep. Soul must be roused by enlightening it. It must be given basic tips by those who have verified the existence of the darkside/bacteria combo. Soul can hear the truth, but that combo will deny that truth, and turn the soul away from self-realisation, confrontation and combat. They do war by deception. Enlightenment, steadfastness and methods that work defeat deception, and other methods the combo employs.

There is a WHO that is at the root of all the problems that mankind has gone through, is going through, and will go through. The supreme evil entity is the devil. The supreme good entity is God. Both of them have hierarchies via which their powers and natures are stepped down until we get to the souls and darksides of everyday life. We have been taught that the good God is all powerful. Our experiences on earth do not confirm that. There is a gap between belief or dogma and experience. The Hindu theory of Yugas tries to make us forget that that gap between theory and reality exists, by explaining why all this evil is happening, and why God allows it. Basically it states that we are experiencing all this evil because this is the Age of Kali, an Age given to the supremacy of evil. Good people have their time in Satya Yuga. Between the Ages for the good and for evil, there are the intermediate Ages of Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, when good or evil tapers or increases to make way for the next age. We are told that God uses evil for his purposes, but he remains in charge. According to this theory, evil cannot do anything that God does not want. There have been many criticisms of the Theory of Yugas. This theory was revealed in the Kali Age, and its inventors have not verified the existence of the other ages for us. It certainly is not from the realms of their experience. Swami Yukteshwar, like a few others have questioned the calculations about the lengths of the Yugas. He thinks that the Kali Age is over. 432,000 years is a very long time and considering the human lifespan now, this theory is simply an excuse for the unending torture that souls must endure, without learning anything except how to be good victims. This theory hands to evil, the perfect excuse to continue to destroy goodness, while enhancing their rule. Evil is following its own agenda and purposes, it appears. So, they seem to have engineered the perfect theory to secure freedom to do what they want, without fightback from good people. No-one can verify the truth of this theory. It makes sense to fightback now and to wait for God to let us know, in a more straightforward manner, that the theory is correct. Blind faith in religion is no solution. What awaits us in the future is Armageddon, reputedly scripted by God. If he is engineering the destruction of evil, shouldn't souls fight back too? The upper echelons of God's hierarchy is fighting back by pouring good energy on us, having already removed the 'tension' energy that pervaded the world in years gone by. So, the hell with religious theories. Use the flood of good energy to stage a fightback against the darkside.

satan is a demon and he spawns lesser demons. They are all his own substance, with variations here and there. Some of them belonging to the invisible realms have the power to clothe themselves with human bodies. Angels are reputedly able to generate bodies as necessary. Shape-shifters have fixed human bodies but can configure them to resemble any other body, including animals as the stories say. Everyday life is enacted by bodies in which both divine and demonic entities exist. The majority of bodies on earth are piloted by the darkside/bacteria combo. A small minority is animated by their soul-owners. In some bodies there is no clear victor and some aspects of behavior are controlled by the darkside, while others are controlled by the soul. The majority of bodies are controlled by the darkside, whether they are described as the Elites or as the darkside masses. The darkside occupation and colonisation of bodies is fostered by the Elites, using their system as the medium for creating that condition. The darkside Elites are at the top of  the Occult Hierarchy which uses darkside-to-darkside transference of ideas, powers, energy, plots etc to control the lesser darkside forces resident in the masses. The satanic entity itself lives out its basic nature from within bodies,while serving the Occultists. The satanic spirit is rebellious by nature and will not be trammeled by laws, rules, regulations and coercion. Occult controllers can and do steer the smaller darksiders. Both the Elites and the darkside masses are the same satan living satan's life in different bodies, and with differing levels of satanic power and material wealth. The only people outside these groups are the good guys or soul people who get hit by both. Darksiders hate soul people with with extreme passion and total disdain. This is the nature of the darkside force. It even hates its own kind, when found in other tribes or colors. The hate leveled against soul people, however, is related to the nature of the soul, its intelligence and its talents. What is hated too, when a darksider encounters a soul person, is the fact that it is not another darksider looking out from soul's body. That situation cannot be tolerated and every effort is made to restore the affected darkside to its 'rightful' place. If not, the body has to go. This is the work being done by the clonal darkside masses. Every body must have the beast in charge! The Elites benefit in that no upstarts from the masses can rise up to challenge them. They themselves have destroyed that other source of upstarts: the middle class. So, while the darkside must rule every human body from within, the Elites must rule over all the human bodies. With the darkside masses sex-based system in full swing, the population of the masses-to-be-governed has exploded. satan loves sex! Consequently, eugenic strategies are also operational and are in full swing!
Good or soul people are hated by both the Elites and the darkside masses. Instead of one barrel, the darkside gun has two. To see only the Elites as the enemy to be fought back against is, therefore, a mistake. Good people, though they live among the masses, are not part of the darkside masses. This becomes quite clear when the good are hunted, persecuted, marginalised, discriminated against, set up and plotted against. It becomes quite clear when the various colors use the sex-school as a device for suppressing and destroying good stooges. The sex school is a darkside finishing-school. Females and good-guy stooges are cleaned and cooked until their darksides take over fully. Both Elites and Darkside masses mean for darkside entities to rule all bodies. But you live among the darkside masses, and they control all aspects of life not directly controlled by the Elites. They control your material lives and block any possibility of souls taking back their own bodies for their use. They use snake-power to coerce and kill. They plot darkside 'operations' to destroy you one way or another. They deny you a material life regardless of your talents, qualifications or skills. If you don't take 'cherries' you get no material life! The females are darksiders and ensure that you get no cherries you want. Good people have to defend against aggression and sundry tricks from both the systems of the darkside society, and the masses. That in itself is a tall order. The consciousness of the majority is evil and they are about replicating their own consciousness, not soulbuilding. You have to fight them if you want to become, or continue to be, soul, because they are fighting you. Thankfully, God's hierarchy is cancelling out their satanic powers and replacing their 'tension' energy with good energy. But, being evil, these darksiders will use other kinds of energy to inflict tension and disharmony on you. Electricity and all the technology that use it have been weaponised to create maximum damage. Computer routers, appliances, cellphone towers, smart meters, cell phones, and all manner of electronic equipment is reaping havoc on flesh while energising the dark side. Electronics enable spying which gathers information that could be used against you.

Who is guiding or inspiring the leading colors or darkside tribes? God won't involve himself in that kind of nonsense. Is it not the Occult Elites who is directing manipulated data/info to the darksiders eyeballs, to be read and obeyed? Are the masses, therefore, instruments of the darkside and not of God? The involvement of the good people in their nonsense, as opponents and permission-giving stooges, are for the complete destruction of goodness. Involvement in the game gives the darksiders their rationale for setting the good guys up, giving them accidents, stealing away their resources or denying them their basic needs, and even killing them. They can't conquer or destroy you if they leave you alone! So they invent god-given roles for themselves, which supposedly legitimises their tresspasses on all and sundry. The make sure that you stay poor! Poverty creates soul suppression as cognitive ability diminishes. The darkside builds! The good guys are included in the games without their consent or knowledge. They discover that they 'are' in the games. Their quest for righteousness does not allow them to play satan's games, and being souls, they do not have the darkside powers and tribal back-up necessary for playing the games. In addition, the methodology of good guys when it comes to female relationships is based on free will, courtship and whatever comes after. It is based on love first, and all else after. The darkside males and females go for sex first, then no love after. Love after sex does not occur because complete trust is always lacking. The concept of sexual experience creating happy couples is a total lie! Buying and selling human bodies as meat cannot ever replace courtship as the pathway to happy couples. All it creates is pimps and whores in a flesh market! It also creates a society almost devoid of good people. Those who survive the darkside masses war machine, in the guise of the sex school and its administrators and crews, are told that they WON. Having the best years of life stolen, spent in suffering and survival, facing maltreatment and discrimination, expecting death at any time and living in grueling poverty.... these are signs of torture and war, not signs of a contest. That ruse is just to give credibility to the lie that it was all a game. Can they return all the years that they took from you while forcing you to defend your life from their attacks, setups etc? Can the gift of a mind-controlled piece of whorish 'meat' repay you for your years lost? As if this is not just another final gambit to 'catch' you! The idea of saying you WON is intended to fool you that it was only a game, and so all the wrongs and sins committed against you will henceforth be counted as null and void. They even apologise profusely, as if they stepped on your toes by accident. But stolen time from your life, and having your years deflected from living your life to living the life they forced you to live, cannot be repaid. They were living their natures and did not let soul live its own, by design. The Biblical Psalms contains the affirmations of those who experienced the destruction, the suffering and the torments of the early years of Christianity. It contains not only the grief and the 'licking' of wounds, it also has the facts of curses being placed on the darksiders. Curses are now even more necessary because now we have Constitutions and Bill Of Rights which guarantees freedom from such persecution. Both the Elites and the darkside masses ignore the Constitutional rights of others to a life of freedom. We are slaves because the darkside Elites and masses are micro-managing all aspects of our lives. Human beings are the highest consciousness on the planet and they need a sex school, but the birds, fishes and animals don't! Who do they think they are fooling? It is their plot to control the world! They have replaced God: they don't trust him to do things solely in their interest, so they do it themselves! They have replaced God.

By putting the good guys as opponents in the sex school games, the darksiders set them up so that all colors would launch against them, and try to destroy them to win. A good guy is forced to handle all that alone, and without allies. Giving the good guy a 'cooked' (hypersexualised) and 'cleaned' (mind-controlled) female, if he survives the darksiders' war on him, is just another method of 'catching' him and securing victory over him. For the good guy, inclusion in the game against his will and without his knowledge, turns out to be the onset of a nightmare of poverty, all kinds of attacks and ill-treatment, rampant discrimination against him, begging for a living, sickness etc. Though he discovers his enemies, he cannot make enemies of them or burn his bridges.He has to stay on his knees where they put him and not let them feel that he opposes them. He needs whatever table-scraps they let fall. He needs to accept their apologies and reasons for doing what they do. He cannot fault them because he needs their 'generosity' to have a life, if ever. But, it doesn't work out like that. Darksiders are not satisfied until your body is ruled from within by the beast, until you become perfectly mind-controlled or until you're dead. That realisation prompts the decision to fight back, to oppose and to want to destroy the darkside enemies. The mercilessness received prompts the transformation from the hidden silent passive resistance to open resistance. It prompts research to discover the methodologies in what they do, and how to defeat that science by a higher science. It prompts learning the darksiders to defeat them. Let the bridges burn! Let the table-scraps run out! Let whatever happen. The search for a way of living which  eliminates or pre-empts the weaknesses that the darksiders exploit, draws the alliance of God. He confers the strength to withstand their attacks and the knowledge with which to neutralise their attacking thrusts. Death is not to be feared, it must be postponed by the methods you can implement everyday. Let the darksiders have their party, their dances and their parades. When they try to attack and control, they are infringing on your rights, and they must be repulsed. The need for food can be minimised by fasting. Clothing made of natural fibers last a long time. So what if you wear the same clothes over and over? It is shelter that is most essential of your basic needs, and it is the weakest point. The location of your housing will juxtapose you with kinds of people you can do without. The electricity wiring, technology and radiation will affect you. The cost of having a roof over your head could be staying on your knees! Stay there if you have to but don't break the LAWS if you wish to defeat them. You get ample opportunity to hit back by breaking laws. The punishment for breaking laws spells defeat for you. They can break laws and escape. You won't escape! 

The darksiders have the confidence that they can use their snake-power, and wealth, to secure non-opposition and cooperation from the good guys. Even the less endowed darksiders deal with you from a superior attitude, and with an air of authority. When you look for intelligence and culture, there is none but they play God for you. They think they have the power to crush dissent or to defeat anybody, and so couldn't care less what you think. They cannot use the brain in the bodies they rule, so their only argument is ego foolhardiness. They think that their 'force' and power will remain constant and that their snake power will shut you up, and make you run in fear everytime. Their power is gone now, so they can waste their breath in trying to command you. If you understand how they can have access to you against your will, you can devise methods to destroy their ability to communicate with you, or affect you, by any method. They think of a good guy as just another predator who is just a harder nut to crack. Their methods work on other darksiders, which is why your darkside is the biggest weakness that you have. Soul people must control their own darksides so that others cannot access it and use it against them. On souls per se, darkside methods have no resonance. The more soul you become, the less will you be affected by darkside power. As you defeat your own darkside, the darksiders on the outside get weaker, until they can affect you no more. They don't know souls and cannot defeat them, which is why they resort to killing, ruining or pauperising them. They can only use your darkside and the fact that you have a body, in their war against you. Usually this gets the job done for them but not if the soul is learning them to beat them, and if it uses basic commonsense to survive. If God gives his guidance to the seeking soul, chances are that he will survive. The fightback can be won. Never having really lived your own soul way, or knowing what you're really like, is much too much punishment for the fact of being alive on earth.

Centuries of perfection of darkside methods are hard to beat. There are no introductory primers on darkside methodology for newly born souls. Even the existence of the darkside or of a darkside agenda is kept secret. Souls are innocent to the world and think that everybody else is like them. It is a rude awakening when the darkside launches a deluge of attacks on them. It is the last thing they expect because righteousness and goodness do not see evil until it inflicts itself onto their lives. What evil should they expect when their actions are righteous? As you sow you reap is the lived belief. That Cosmic Law has failed to proliferate on the material plane. Only evil-doers are on the constant lookout for reprisals and punishment as responses to their evil deeds. It is not for bad deeds, or as teaching, that souls are tortured. It is for the fact of being a soul, and for controlling its own body. In this world only the darkside is allowed to control bodies. So they will attack the soul by completely cutting out its opportunities for expression and growth. Then they will give all opportunities to the darkness within to take the reins of the body. They will torture the soul so it becomes suppressed, and build the darkside and program it (a mind-control process called 'cleaning'). The darkside/bacteria combo are the transmitters used in the souls body for things like energy attacks and 'voices' attack. At the physical level the soul suffers deprivations, setups, accidents, discrimination, all kinds of persecutions and all kinds of attacks. The soul survives by virtue of God's guidance, by using some teachings of  Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita, by following the teachings of Christ in the Essene Gospel of Peace Bk 1 and by using the present advancements eg the scientific method, to solve problems encountered because of darkside warfare. Only a brain is required to beat  the darkside which uses programming but cannot use a brain. Some of the old teachings make sense but they need updating. They are not the highest truths, as religion makes out. This time is best for fighting back because of the high level of knowledge and resources available. Then again, the existence of soul and darkside, and their manner of operations is now known. Learn the darkside to defeat it. But first, satisfy yourself that the paradigm you adopt is accurate.

The shapeshifter keeps in sync with the FOUNDATIONS script, and so participates in the stealing of the years of good guy stooges, by her lengthy goings and mysterious comings. She is a darksider, and an enemy of the soul person. She relied on the manipulation of his darkside/bacteria combo for her leverage over him, and to pull him into the game as a stooge. She is another tool to be used to assist the process of his body's conversion to darkside rule. Or, if his darkside's attention is caught, his body can be lured into a setup or trap. The darkside society intends to win by any means necessary. It wants its darkside methodology to be used by all, thereby ensuring their conversion. They do not tolerate happiness that results when couples court, grow into true love and get married. They deal in 'pull and tie' lovelessness that usually results in divorce. The darkside is always about living its own nature. Cunning and obsession with pleasure rules, not any affiliation to happiness. The world has been transformed into a brothel. If the shapeshifter returns after graduating from the sex school, it means that the darkside society is using another gambit to catch the stooge. This means nothing else worked. The good guy stooge will hear un-solicited utterances from chance meetings with others. These range from 'Okay' to 'I will give it to you', though the stooge utters not a word. This just tells him where people's heads are: locked into the sleep of the game. In this game, you can't afford to have friends because they get a preferred crack at the shapeshifter. Many deliberately befriend the stooge for this reason. No matter who did what to him, the stooge cannot get angry with anybody (or burn bridges) because he needs those votes if he wants to get the shapeshifter. He needs whatever crumbs come from their plates. Just finding simple normal people is the rarest of experiences. Almost all the darkside tribes will cooperate in keeping him in a state of poverty and misfortune, so the option of taking a cooked shapeshifter and escaping poverty is a real temptation. The darkside society do not leave that choice to the will of the good guy stooge, so they embark on cooking and cleaning him so as to force their will on him. The expected result is that two completely mind-controlled and hyper-sexualised darkside beings will meet and bring that particular game to a conclusion. So they get to have their parade, do all their nonsense and escape, with such an ending. A good guy stooge who gets the guidance of God cannot be defeated. So, the darksiders who launched against him and expected a victory are surprised when they cannot beat him. Their challenge that he should save himself by solving the problem can be faced, and won. The darksiders, however, do not expect to lose the gamble because nobody they target ever escapes. Even refusing to make deals with the darksiders takes a kind of steadfastness that comes from righteousness, knowledge and guidance. Suffering is a very heavy price to pay for not having 'the mark of the beast'. It is one's understanding of the soul's dilemma in a darkside-dominated world that obviates the need to bow to satan for any kingdom, or parts thereof. There is no single set of problems to solve: the whole darkside mechanism must be understood. The soul has to probe itself to know itself, so it can compare its own mechanism to the darkside's. Awareness development fueled by research about both the outer and the inner worlds is critical. It is an awareness war one is fighting: soul awareness against the darkside's. The soul must separate its own awareness from that of the inner darkside's. Soul has to see the machinations of the darkside/bacteria combo, and take steps to pre-empt or defeat them. In solving the equation presented by the dilemmas in earthly existence, victory over the darksiders is created. One has to learn them to defeat them. Even though victory comes after decades of dedication to the task, becoming yourself, soul, is the only course to follow. Fightback is not about starting the fight: it is about finishing it!

In becoming soul, one has to completely destroy the inner darkside's ability to take control of the body by whatever ploys it may devise. One has to distance oneself from the ubiquitous programming  that feeds the darkside's strawman image. You cannot fall for stereotyped roles or role-enhancing created by Elite think-tanks, by your race, religion or other influencing entity. The system cannot be allowed to force you to be the 'strawman' identity they created for you. The darkside masses cannot force you to give way to the beast's rulership. You have to live your soul nature, with self-decided action executed in freedom. You have to live the nature of soul backed by the science you discover in researching yourself. You cannot give up your freedom to be yourself, soul, and allow strange experiences and actions come into your life......things like emotions, drama, ego-building, obsessions like accumulation etc. When this happens, know that something is wrong within. Something within is living these experiences. You can fight back or continue to believe that soul is doing it.  Soul itself will manifest whatever is necessary to preserve your freedom from the clutches of the darkside world. Often, 'do nothing' works well against those who bait you to entrap you. As soul solves the basic puzzle of how to get free, it begins to live and take care of low power initially, but more completely as it progressively solves the puzzle. Such teachings as 'Curb your desires' or 'Detach yourself' are ridiculous because it is not you, the soul, which desires or attaches. You are addressing the wrong entity! If you reduce the darkside/bacteria entity which does these things, the desired experiences automatically accrue with the ascendance of soul. If not, life becomes a see-saw battle with willpower winning at times but the darkside eventually re-establishing. When you tackle the root cause, you succeed. If you try to use willpower to detach or become desireless, you fail. Depriving the darkside of its expression now, keeps it alive to re-establish later. The dark side is left untouched by willpower, and rebounds to rule again. The root problem is the darkside itself, not its expression: desire, attachment, emotions etc. So, telling soul to curb desires is nothing within its power. The darkside is the enemy, and if one fights that fight, one will be successful.  You have to cut the linkages between the inner dark side and its external kinfolk. This can only be done if you work on the darkside itself, learning it to take its power within. What the soul has to do is to change the body matrix which supports the dark side, into one which enfeebles it, and renders it unable to build. You cannot have this weak link in your body powered up and accessible to the darkside society. With your darkside under full control, no-one can use it against you. Soul can then live its self-decided life while not bowing to the darksiders. Happiness is the natural state of soul. The materialist system keeps you away from that. It ties happiness to acquisitions from the world, and to the propensity to enjoy. It focuses on pleasures and enjoyments as the content of 'happiness', and insists that a life in which there is a constant stream of enjoyments and pleasures is the happy life. Of course, the darkside elites and masses put themselves between you and those pleasures/enjoyments: they control access to pleasures and enjoyments by controlling the money and the women! They proliferate their version of happiness while destroying the soul's. Soul is happy because that is its nature. The darkside is unhappy because it has a miserable nature. Darksiders cannot ever be happy. Their substance is misery and evil rolled into one! This substance cannot be cultivated or nurtured to be soul-like. The only course of action is to enlighten the suppressed soul so it reclaims it's body!

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