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Reading, Writing, Pondering: That Is How To Meditate. 1

The soul uses its brain to interface with this world, and learn about it. Having done this, the soul uses its brain to ponder on how best to live out its nature on the earth, and translate this into daily behavior. Using the brain interface to find out, or decide, how best to live the soul life is MEDITATION. The alternative for the soul is to follow paradigms it meets on earth, and enact them. Most of these enacted  paradigms are false, including 'how to meditate'. They are false because they target the 'strawman' or the dark side within, and are useless for souls. The darksiders must be fought because a) they prevent you from foraging for truth with your brain, b) they force you to accept what you meet on earth, and c) they force you to live their way. God did not set up civilisation, and his directives or mechanisms do not animate it. Those with the wealth, the armies and the plots started, maintained and refined, or updated, the systems we live under. They wish us to think that God had/has a role in the creation and perpetration of this system. Religion is used to integrate the system with the search for God, spirituality or salvation. Religion does not disapprove of the system but encourages us to work within it, while praying to God to make the adjustments we need or to save us. They never point us to the darkside elites and masses as being the causes of our woes. In living, the soul's duty of using its brain to evaluate the earthly environment and then formulating strategies for dealing with earthly conditions, is hidden from him. The evaluation is already done for you, and behavioral prescriptions are already made for you, and you are not encouraged to re-travel that road and revise them. You are being told, this is what it is, and this is what you have to do. This is the crux of the MAYA or ILLUSION that the soul has to face when it is born. This is the root of the illusion. It is only the use of the brain to get the truth or the knowledge of the earthly environment and prescriptions for how best to live out its nature, that will create the illusion-busting path for the soul. That path is the path of the Soul's salvation. After years of doing it their way, the soul will get around to wanting more or seeking further for the happiness and freedom it cannot find in the MAYA it faces. It will look for that path to the unfolding of the triple facets of its nature: Knowledge, Awareness and Bliss. The path to more happiness and freedom initially begins with the path of religion. It is what is available, and found, when people who do not find fulfillment from the system, look for more. But that path of blind faith, prayer, worship, fasting and compassion proves to be a blind alley. Eastern religion and spirituality with blind faith (surrender), prayer, devotion, rituals, mysticism, ascetism, physical culture (hatha Yoga), Yoga and meditation promises more, and delivers more. But, these paths were what was met here at birth. If they could offer more, the system would have disappeared them, as it does with all threats. If they could transform people, the world would not be like this. The religious and spiritual archives were composed by people of mostly dubious veracity. They were not arrived at by the soul's own seeking through using its brain to decipher the earthly environment, and coming up with prescriptions. They have failed because efforts to implement their methodologies do not bring the expected goals. Then, the Gurus insist that you blame yourself instead of questioning the veracities of the given methodologies. The glorious rewards and experiences of meditation as prescribed by the Gurus, old and new, do not bring the unfoldings of soul, though there is more harmony. The goal of enlightened knowledge, which is the promise of meditation, does not accrue. The theory and practice of meditation was all wrong, to start with. Using the methods devised by the revered 'saints and sages' or the modern gurus do not lead to the replication of their claimed experiences. The COSMIC Consciousness experiences of Yogananda cannot be replicated. Of course, their rebuttal is that we are not blessed by Guru or Mother Kali. The spiritual search has the pursuit for basic material survival as its prime competition. This need not be so, but it is. It is in the material search that we definitely can get MORE, as promised. And, the material focus of the life wins out! Hunger, material incompleteness and the loss of control over one's life redirects our energies into the search for material 'more', as the fightback method. This accomodates the 'ready and willing' dark side, while starving the soul into slumber.

The majority of the world's population is darkside. They (Elites and masses) have their evil systems to rule by. They even posit that they themselves are the teachers and guides of human spirituality. It is a topsy-turvy world and the good guys do see them for what they are: runaway evil. The darksiders can in no way teach or guide the 'spiritual' development of souls. Despite claims to the opposite by darksiders, what they do is victimise good people to keep them down and eliminate them from challenging the rulership, the dance (or parade) and the stardom of the dark side. It is about killing good people with snake-power, accidents and set-ups, or destroying their lives. It is about keeping good people down from their vantage point of socio-economic and other power. It is about creating victims then telling them that this is God's design, and he wants things to be like this. It is about each darksider serving the Occult Hierarchy by obeying whatever is funneled to them in the act of 'eyeball' reading, or going by their wishes decided at their 'panchayat' type of collective consciousness meetings. It is about destroying goodness but calling it a game. The darkside's repertoire includes deception, pretense, temptation, the brazen use of force, enslavement, entrapment, suppression, killing, lying, stealing, and all things corrupt. The darksiders are evil rulers, nothing more. They cannot put souls on the path to growth or teach them anything, except how to be better victims. The darksiders slow you down with problems they create for you, retard your progress, destroy your life and stop you by accidents, setups or death. You are kept in a state of solving problems, picking up the pieces, licking your wounds and getting rid of worry, so you cannot experience that natural harmony that souls are born with. You just cannot get to that point of being free from them and the headaches they create for you, so you can implement your own modus operandi. Soul/good people are being told that they are reaping bad past karma, by people who get their flow straight from satan, via the eyeballs. And they posit their superiority over you because they can mind-read and read their eyeballs, and you can't! They brandish their energy weapons to remind you of who is boss. Blame the past life, which nobody can really know, but not the present ongoing darkside plot coming from all four corners of the earth. So they deflect from your life's purpose; they catch you in living lives irrelevant to your nature; they steal your life's time; they deceive you about what life really is and of how to live it; they mess up the karma you make by involving you in their devaluation-of-mankind modus operandi, they inflict possessions on everyones' bodies so as to steal it from them; the elites are soft-killing people with toxins, vaccines, viruses, bacteria, GMOs, radiation etc; and, they are very evil elites and masses who rule us and make us rue the day we were born. They rule us because they have set up systems to govern us by, and the force to keep it status quo, while infiltrating into it, an increasing level of excruciation. They ensure that the numbers of the good do not increase. The sex school is a big part of that plot. They rule us because they deceive us, and by the time we figure things out, they are too many victories ahead, and there are too many things to fight, with no time left. They rule us because they can kill our bodies, and they do so blatantly to stimulate fear, and to remind us of who's the boss. The good news is that their snake-power is gone, the bad news is that they have too many ways to and slow. So, do not be confused by the darksiders alleged god-given evil role towards good people. We are not all one family under God, and they have no such role. Soul development can only be done by the soul itself. Any guidance necessary will not come from the eyeball reading of a darksider, but from the third eye of the soul person. Its a completely different guidance mechanism. The darkside does not know what soul is about, and cannot initiate any soulbuilding programs because it is clueless. The darkside can only build the darkside. That is the big clue towards understanding how they can affect us with satanic powers. The darkside does not have the knowledge-base from which it can teach lessons to non-darksiders. What they do is build the darkside in the soul's body to overthrow the soul as the behavior-manufacturer of the body. What they do is use your darkside/bacteria combo as their communication, transmitting and infiltrating device. What they do is completely invalidate soul nature as being inferior, in order to justify their interference in your life.

Meditation is a process in which we take ideas and assay them. Ideas can be seen and worked on in the inner vision. This vision is not mere imagination but has visualisation, computation, memory and other mental faculties accompanying it. It is with the inner vision alone that ideas can be seen. Rays of attention reach out and probe or assay the ideas that show up on the moving screen of the inner vision. The Causal World of ideas can only be seen here, in the third eye. The darkside uses pictures, hallucinations, feelings, likes and dislikes etc which are like simultaneous interlinked attacks in the flesh, zeroing  on the physical eyeballs and optic nerve, to implement its behavior-causation mechanism. These are not soul's self-willed happenings, must be detected as intrusions, and not followed-up on. The only safe path for the soul is to place reliance on the ideas consciously pondered, processed and decided upon in its inner vision. Even that doing gets compromised at the height of an attack, when several ideas get pushed for unfoldment as behavior, and the sources of these ideas or their implications are unclear. The darksiders want our bodies' behavior to be the result of their strategies, and not because of our own ideas assayed, processed, then selected from. They want their force, their propaganda, their darkside nature and programming to determine behavior, not the souls which use the brains that comes with those bodies. The Elites and darkside masses want all human bodies to be piloted by the darkside's urges, thirsts, desires, likes and dislikes etc. We have a civilisation based on these prods to action and behavior because of the governing position of the darksiders. To keep that status quo, the darkside suppresses or destroys the brain-using soul. It is not like this civilisation is based on the highest knowledge or motives. It is not like God has set it up this way. The plotting darksiders who created Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory, turned around and made it real. Now, human bodies will exhibit predatory or animalistic survival lifestyles rather than the cooperative, mutually uplifting lifestyles of the soul.

We describe this world using words and sentences. These are further assembled into paragraphs, chapters and books. In reading, we translate those words and sentences back into ideas. In writing, we convert ideas back into words and sentences.Meditation, pondering, study, computing, mentation, thinking or introspection involves dwelling on and assaying ideas in our inner vision. This vision is the place where ideas can be seen, built, interlinked, broken down, examined, compared, and generally processed. The brain is an interface between the world of soul and the world of matter. Ideas belong to the world of soul and language belongs to the world of matter. The soul uses both in order to learn this world. The brain enables the soul to gather info from the world (using human language) and process it it in order to understand(in ideas: its own language). From this, soul can create successful or effective behavior on earth, perfectly aligned to its non-earth nature. The idea world is real while the language world is a fabrication for understanding and communication purposes. It is natural for soul to look before it leaps. The darkside produces behavior, erupting directly from its nature, in an automatic unthinking way. Possessions cannot use a brain, which is a highly specialised organ. They cannot co-locate with soul. Indeed, they cannot locate in soul's dimension. They roam freely, however, in simple flesh, especially in the more polluted areas like the bowels and blood. The brain is an interface between the dimension of matter, the dimension of ideas and the dimension of pure soul. Only soul, which is an entity residing within the brain, can use it. The dark side encircles the brain and pushes its own behavioral manipulation directly to the optic nerve, to forestall soul's brain usage and input. The two points of influence that target the optic nerve are the eyeballs and the soul's inner vision. The darkside/bacterial combo pushes impulses to the optic nerve which the soul receives. The soul  thinks.... 'this idea is mine because I am alone in here'. This is how the darkside wins by deception. The darkside plot on earth is not to allow the brain to arbitrate or adjudicate the behavior of bodies. They have multiple ways of killing the brain's potency or of pre-empting it from being used. They put in a darkside possession which they build in many ways, including by building the bacterial side of the combo. Human cells are only 10% of the total number of cells in the body. Bacterial colonies gobble up their preferred food, enlarge their colonies by cloning themselves, then proceed to manage the body according to their wishes. They manipulate behavior to ensure their supply of their 'food', and pleasures, to keep the colonies 'status quo', and to enhance it. This behavior modification must be detected and stopped by researched strategies. One cannot be fooled by old notions that these microscopic life-forms have no intelligence or powers. They are big problems to handle when colonies are large enough. They are very potent and those who saved themselves by killing off these invaders will confirm their powers and abilities, especially when used by the darkside society. They are the ones with the  cravings and addictions. Alkalinise with magnesium bicarbonate. Alkalinity takes their power away, and kills them. The darkside possession  within hooks up with the predatory entities that are the invisible spirits of the bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. They have the same natures. This darkside/bacteria combo grows to occupy the flesh of the body, the blood vessels, and the face where the principal senses are located. They animate the senses and block the soul from having control over these. The brain is blocked out as the tool of the soul for controlling the senses, and as the body's decision-maker. The optic nerve is the site where this hijack takes place. Eyeball-reading is the mechanism whereby the Occult Hierarchy transmits info to the darkside/bacteria combo with access there, and the combo takes it and runs In such people, the soul's inner vision is clearly not developed enough to access divine intuition and flow it via the same optic nerve, to be detected and acted on by the soul itself. The soul has not developed its mental faculties so it can probe with its inner vision into the Causal World of ideas. The darkside ploy catches the soul with both ego and deception. The soul accepts that it is spiritually 'advanced' because it is getting this intuition-substitute! And, it goes happily back to sleep immediately. It does not know that it must develop its brain and its mental faculties by the meditation that involves reading, writing and pondering. That was probably too hard to do in school, in the first place. The darkside thinks that eyeball-reading is the MEDITATION. They also think that they are spiritually evolved....more than the souls and good guys, who are to reach their stage of evolution. satan's deception is a very serious thing! 

The man-made material world was constructed to include you, to dominate you, to entice you, to make you  into a consumer, and to tie you, or keep you locked in as a consumer. That is the role most humans have been selected for: to grease the economic wheels of supply and demand. People are cogs in the working of the mechanisms and processes of supply and demand, keeping the system alive and growing, keeping the money circulating while getting into national or personal debt...and becoming indebted to the system and owned by the system. The time is long past when there was personal economic independence or self-sufficiency. The implementation of concocted Economic Theory has made people dependent on the Market System (created by the Elites for their total domination of mankind) for their needs, and for the purchasing power that supplies those needs. Any change in the market system or employment, and the cogs suffer. Supermarkets have been found to only have 3 days of stocks on their shelves. So, what happens when adversity prevents the shelves from being restocked? What happens when jobs dry up? When you discover that the Elites totally control your life, then perhaps, brain use will be found to be important and, necessary. The system is all an Illusion, or Maya, that has been fleshed out. Maya has no magical power over you, as Hinduism preaches. There are mechanisms (eg economic) that give it life and power over you. The darkside elites have deliberately built a world that prizes the externalisation of attention: the mode of the dark side. The opposite of this is the soul living within (internalised attention) even while providing for itself, from the world, by its own action. Externalisation means that people go outside of themselves, into the Elite's systems, for everything, and their attentions stays there, locked in. This is an Elite-built world completely based on what lies on the outside: built because what is on the outside can be easily controlled by them. Souls make bad customers because their awareness is focused inwards, and because they are naturally detached. Souls are complete and do not go about all day looking for ways to complete themselves. The darkside's awareness is totally on the outside world and they attach to things, aiming to possess or conquer them for self-completion. It is only by making the darkside control every human body that the empire of the Elites could be created, cultivated and controlled. Going within is not a popular behavioral trend. The simple life, devoid of greed and the tendency to accumulate material things, is not the popular way anymore. The soul knows that it is best to stay in homebase, and make trips outside only as necessary. This is true both in terms of awareness and actual actions. We have been programmed to 'keep up with the Joneses', to use labor-saving devices, to use seedless fruits because seeds are such a bother, to throw money at problems, to believe that life is earn and spend, to think that time is money so one should focus on earning, to believe that there is a possible material heaven if one has the wealth and if one knows how to consume right, to conclude that morality is not necessary for success and indeed it becomes a hindrance, to conclude that the inner unfulfilled feeling can be filled by spending and consumption etc., to believe that all worthwhile things can be bought and sold on the market and what is not found there is not worthwhile, etc. A personal life solely based on going out into the world, for it to be called 'living life', leaves the soul out of the loop because it is locked out of journeying to itself for guidance, or for going into the 'being' state. The comparison is the difference between the soul's I AM state vs the darkside's I HAVE or I WANNABE state. People schooled in extroversion (win friends and influence people) are taught that internalisation is a sign of dysfunction. They claim that such people are asleep and need help to overcome their inhibitions! They feel that people who are internalised and quiet should go out more often. Yet, the truth is within. If you don't go within, how will you know it? Meditation involves the suspension of external involvement, the withdrawal of body consciousness, the focusing of the awareness on homebase ie the head. Darksiders' homebase is the outside world. It is the fixed address of their attention. Soul people operate from the depths of consciousness within. Everything is filtered, silently but consciously, in the depths of awareness, before action is decided on. Darksiders take the outside world and react to it in fixed predatory modes, congruent with their externalised materialistic natures. They do not research anything using any database of knowledge. They do not judge it. They are very superficial in their processing of the external world. It is more like 'I see, I want' not 'Is it good for me'! Likes and dislikes, pleasures or enjoyments and status- or ego-building are usually reasons enough.

The use of the brain is the doing that the elites and darkside masses are busy pre-empting in the systems they created and operate. They cannot afford for truth to be known so they create darkside possessed, and ruled, bodies who care about their own satanic modus operandi, not truth. Only soul cares about truth and if it is suppressed and cannot see the light of day, there's no other way to get any of the truth that can challenge the elites or masses. But, the elites took care of that sort of challenge by ensuring that their occult arm keeps the darkside in bodies dominant, while destroying good people using snake-power, other force or the sex-school setup. Give life to the dark side within, program it with the sex school game-plot, enable it with mind- and eyeball-reading powers and snake power, divide the human race into teams, and keep their consciousness in the game 24/7....when will the brain ever be used for thinking with the soul forced into suppression? With all heads immersed in the sex-school or in the quest for survival, from whence will come that freedom of consciousness necessary to the pursuit of research and the indulgence in philosophy about life's possibilities as yet unlived? Thinking and brain-use is the hardest thing to find on earth. It is pre-empted by the focus on sex school goings-on that obviates attention being placed elsewhere. The colors in the game want to WIN so badly! And even if you have the time and freedom to probe, you are blinded and cannot see your way forward. The darkside has fabricated a civilisation from well-spun lies. It is all for Elite ownership and exploitation of Earth. This is from the physical evidence on the ground. What facts and explanations, or reasons, there are, are simply propaganda that hides that basic fact. The Elites have dumbed down the rest of the planet. Corporations unleash incompetent writers on us to save money, and so they dumb us down. Social media encourages socialisation but not knowledge transference. They dumb us down. Television focuses on viewer numbers and consumer enticement, when it is not dumbing down people with their programming. The media serves the interests of their owners, especially that of profits and peddling their viewpoints and influence. The elites control education. Formal education is a dumbing down process, depriving the brain of truth and relevant data, while clogging it up full of useless rubbish and lies. Those who succeed and become qualified become peddlers of deception. Public education is a dumbing-down process. Multiple choice question fosters memorisation, guessing and it decreases creative expression. You can never have a profitable economic niche unless belong to the elite class, win the lottery or benefit from inheritances. Usually, your attention is held captive in economic seeking for survival, or in the sex school games, and not left free to roam the hallowed streams of knowledge and ideas. The rich minority gets richer and the poor get poorer. That is how the system was devised. The middle class could potentially have enough freedom from want to pursue philosophy and truth, but the elites don't want that. The good that came to the world in the 19th and 20th centuries was scripted by the middle class. This class was deliberately enfeebled and destroyed. So, the elites kept most of the world impoverished but leave ways out for the 'brain' people by giving you concocted knowledge to memorise, so you can become a cog in the system, while you dig yourself out from poverty.

The plot to rule earth is old, since the diets which promote the life of the darkside, and suppress the soul, are what is generally available in all cultures. It is all acidic and promotes the darkside/bacteria combo. Wheat, for instance, cuts off blood flow to the frontal cortex, among its sins. Flesh of any kind , when eaten, provides the best fodder for bacterial reproduction. There are deliberate plots to dumb-down the brain or compromise its integrity. The ingredients in vaccines create numerous maladies of the brain and nervous system, along with the rest of the body. Aluminum (see this link too) which has been implicated in Alzheimers, is extremely popular in food preparation and storage: as pots and pans, as foil, and as a food additive. One can add the range of toxins, poisons or health-depleters in things like chemtrails, food and the environment: wifi and emfs, fluoride, aspartame, splenda, msg, pesticides, weed-killers, automobile smoke or tobacco smoke (with shocking ingredients and pathogenic bacteria), even household cleaning products etc. The dark side within loves the temporary highs of stimulants, drugs and excitotoxins. It produces the bad vibes we experience within, and easily cures these when it gets the high it wants! That's what chemical dependency is about! The system dutifully provides access to these addictive but health-destroying highs. 90% of cells that make up the human body are bacterial. Bacteria are certainly getting their food for quick reproduction (starches, sugars, dairy products, meat etc), and they get a body enfeebled by toxin-laden food, which targets all body systems, to colonise. The darkside exhalts in fresh power with every disabling of body systems. It then gets the chance to enhance its own system in defenceless flesh. It sticks to its addictions which give it its enjoyments, at the expense of a body deprived of what creates health. The soul is caught in this maelstrom of circumstances not having the wherewithal to rescue its body from the darkside juggernauth. That is, until the brain is used to seek out the enlighment that is both awakening and problem-solving. The result of the darkside's hogging of the body's behavior is the decline of brain usage and a reduction of health. The soul must overthrow the darkside's domination and retake its body by returning it to health. The brain must be used to devise ways and means to this end, against all odds! The dark side is the entity that is consumption-driven. The Elites deliberately foster the dark side because it, not soul, supports the economic edifice that was built as the means for gaining total control of the human race. The principal side-effect of consumerism now is getting soft-killed. So, the consumers are paying for their own demise. Only when one can transcend the notion of fantasy which is implied by the phrase 'conspiracy theory', and does the brain-work or research to verify the fact of eugenics, can the fightback begin.

So the plot is to create a world in which the superiority or the potency of the brain, and the brain-user, is  compromised, and wherein darksiders with cunning plots and plans can emerge as victors. The Elites hire brains to serve their cause. Their control of money, production, distribution and retail of goods has created a one-tracked world, with everyone depending on the money printers and their allies. The closer you are to the Elites, their system or their focus of operations (cities), the easier it is for you to succeed materially. You can have upward mobility if you serve the system, at all levels. You have to if you want the money that can get you your needs. The Elites rent the brains of those who can use it.

"Illuminati and the faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings and recommend them for special training in internationalism. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by the Illuminatists. That gives you an idea what a "Rhodes scholarship" means. It means indoctrination into accepting the idea that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife. That's how the United Nations was sold to the American people. One of the most notable Rhodes scholars we have in our country is Senator William J. Fulbright, sometimes referred to as half-bright. His entire voting record spells Illuminati. All such scholars were to be first persuaded and then convinced that men of special talent and brains have the right to rule those less gifted on the ground that the masses don't know what is best for them fiscally, mentally, and spiritually.

In addition to the Rhodes and similar scholarships, today there are three special Illuminati schools located in Gordonstown in Scotland, Salem in Germany, and Annavrighta in Greece. These three are known ones, but there are others that are kept undercover. Prince Philip, the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, was educated at Gordonstown at the instigation of Lord Louis Mountbatten, his uncle, a Rothschild relative, who became Britain's Admiral of the Fleet after World War II ended.

All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists so they would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would in the long run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world conspiracy and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve".(

Education or training for jobs in erecting, maintaining or upgrading the system of the Elites goes all the way down to the the retail clerks and cab drivers at the street level. That system is the creation of the Elites, not God. And, certainly not the 'people'. The education system is skewed towards creating a pool of rentable brains, or towards conditioning and training the population for life within the system. Educating people for their own independent goals and free exploration of knowledge is not the intent. Scholarships such as Rhodes are used by the elites to prune workers who maintain, upgrade and extend the system. Money, fame and comfortable lives are enough bribes. Hitching up to the Elite class is enough temptation. Then, when the Elites desire to change their strategy to accelerate into the end-times, the jobs are taken away, shipped to other areas or discontinued. Then, more suffering ensues because so many lives attached to the system, and dependent on it, become rudder-less castaways. Human beings are becoming redundant in the plans of the Elites. Expect the worst in these days of Armageddon. Be prepared for the worse. Use your brains on your jobs, if you still have one. Concentrate while on the job. Time will slip by very quickly. Use the brain mostly for getting the truth of this creation, and living live accordingly. The alternative is to live in willful blindness. It is impossible to survive without the system, unless you search for that path. Let your brain serve you: the soul. Take back your body by giving it health. The darkside masses and the Elites have their own plans for it! 

Given that the cunning darkside is all about the enslavement or destruction of soul existence, what can soul do for itself so as to evolve and face the darkside threat, and the challenge of winning while in defeat? This world has been made into one which is progressively evil. The good have been systematically eliminated from power and influence in the world, not that they ever ruled the earth in historical times. Evil has managed to corner and eliminate all good influences on mankind, and steer us into greater and greater suffering. There are no answers to be found in the MAINSTREAM of civilisation. Whatever solutions as exists have been corrupted or deleted from history. Raymond Rife had the answers to defeating bacteria, viruses and fungi using radio frequencies. He was very successful in killing the cancer virus. He was destroyed, along with the true frequencies for killing these microscopic organisms. What is sold today as Rife Machines are a big joke! Souls can use a brain to compute, study or analyse (this is the process of introspection or thinking). The dark side cannot use a brain, and have its prompts to action coming from its own nature(and preying based on spying and mind-read info), from its past programming and from being steered by the Occult Hierarchy who use eyeball residents, interfacing with the optic nerve, for that purpose. The only inner resource that trumps all of the darkside's is the brain. The brain is that fleshly interface between the soul's world, the idea or causal world and this material world. So, while the darkside is coralled by its nature and it's programming, and operates in a material-only mode, the soul can flit from the material to the world of ideas. It is in manifesting the influence of the world of ideas that one reads, writes, thinks and computes. It is not the limited words and programming used by the dark side that is superior: it is their force and killing power. If souls get the chance to use the idea or causal world in their fight against the dark side, souls will defeat them everytime. It is important to be free from  material pain and trauma; free from the deception, lies and darkside programming; and free from the 'we are all one' propaganda. Realise that the evil within is not just the soul's 'lower side', but is an entirely different entity made of satanic substance. Realise that that satanic substance is out to get you one way or another. Realise that we live in a situation of WAR. So that lifes' prescriptions such as 'harden not your hearts' or 'love is the answer' which are made for soul-based societies cannot work in darkside or satanic societies. In fact, these recipes are being used by darksiders to hide behind while they secretly do evil. The dark side or satanic entity cannot ever transform or convert to soul, so don't waste time in contemplating that fantasy. One has to use the brain in reading, writing and pondering (computing) in order to harness one's weapons for the fightback against the darkside. This is the true way of meditation. It is the only way to get the relevant knowledge for the situation the good guys are in now: suppression, enslavement and total elimination. Know that this darkside world touts action, speed and all things material. They do not push things like fore-thought and ideas because these are strangers in their world. The darkside cannot tolerate any gaps between action and reaction because it dims their resolve and suppresses them. They use cunning to plot their schemes according to the info they get from spying, mind-reading and eyeball reading. They like to be cocksure about everything, and the possibilism of the world of ideas renders them asleep! They don't want to know that they can be wrong, or that there is a better action waiting to be found. The darksiders had the help of powers from the devil, with which to attack and destroy good people. Being in the majority, and in control of the material world means that they could wield it against good people. God didn't give good people his powers. Survival in a material world without material blessings, led us to believe that the God himself doesn't know what's going on, or doesn't care. Those who survived the last onslaught have seen the disappearance of tension energy: proof of the involvement of God's hierarchy in this fight. So, the fight now is between Brain and Cunning, between large numbers of darksiders and the few good people, between God and devil, between science and programming, between good and evil,  and between the defeated and the rulers. Armageddon threatens to destroy everything so civilisation can be remade with goodness at its core. Only then will good people get value for their ideas, and get their fair allocation of materials. 

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