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Reading, Writing, Pondering: That Is How To Meditate. 3

The dark side does not like intellectual pursuits because it does not have a competent information-processing mechanism and the brain-hardware that is necessary for it. The nature present in the darkside substance runs wild, not needing or wanting advanced information-processing for accomplishing its predatory drives. Its attention naturally runs entirely into the external world and does not stay within its substance, to dwell on information and its in-depth processing. Desire, cunning and speedy supportive action are all it needs. It memorises extremely well but cannot critically assay or process what it memorises. It is locked out of higher knowledge. It cannot climb that high! It is confined to the 'down' or materialistic things like food, its pockets and sex. Its activities are guided by its nature not by knowledge of what is good for body or soul. The flesh it occupies has no brain-access for it to make use of. The 'Up' things or brain-processed activities are a no-no because it automatically goes to sleep once it leaves its customary nature. If the dark side gets pulled away from the expression of its own nature, it becomes suppressed as soul takes over with its own nature. The soul must search out its own knowledge-base or reasonings that act as the raison d' etre for its actions or behavior. The dark side pre-empts the soul from doing that by speedily executing items in its behavioral agenda while detering the soul from embracing its own agenda. The goal is to keep the soul in the 'down' zone and prevent it from escaping. The system of the Elites and the sex school/other games of the darkside masses forces this. The darkside has configured the world's civilisation to enable it to stay in its 'awake' zone so it can live out its nature or lifestyle. Ruling the world makes this possible. Brain-usage is not in the darksides' world, and its policy is to pre-empt this doing. The soul's use of a brain is a threat to its modus operandi.

Propaganda, lies and disinfo are being proliferated in intellectual circles. Science serves the system of the Elites. The dark side within is easily built, and nourished, in those who live thinking that civilisation is bona fide. The souls in the majority of bodies are suppressed by the darksides within, as intended by the darkside civilisation. Using the brain to process information is a difficult point to get to. False information, mind control techniques and compromised brain apparatus (caused by things like fluoride, aspartame, aluminum and other toxins, and by lack of proper brain nutrition and detoxification strategies) etc give the soul very little to work with. So many brain diseases have been invented, and they are treated by medication and other allopathic techniques that never solve the problem. Very few locate improper or deficient nutrition, or the absence of wholesome therapies, as being at the root of problems in consciousness. Very few look to the toxic intruders, found everywhere and in everything, as being the causes of poor health. Under dark side rulership within bodies, souls are trammeled. Its easier to go along with the majority and think, and live, within the box. Eat, drink, enjoy and have fun is still the popular style of living. That is, until calamity strikes. Short attention spans and low concentration are the norm. The dark side within cripples efforts to move away from its control. It does not intend to lose its war for control of the behavior of the body. Its stratagems cause soul to struggle to focus when reading. It creates boredom and presents engagement in distraction as the best alternative. The persistent soul is influenced to scan quickly through the book or article while looking for keywords that would hit your attention, and tell you that there is something there worth pursuing. You want to flip over your research until you get to the exciting juicy parts. Most likely the dark side hints that there is nothing there worth pursuing. It says that there are no answers there for you, or gives the feeling that the answer lies in some writing that is entirely new, with new solutions. It likes 'new'. Research is no longer assaying of ideas but word-scanning for convenient truths, or for hitherto unknown ideas and solutions. Instead of reading, one just looks at the header and keeps if headers can really summarise hundreds or thousands of ideas. You can speed-read words but you cannot speed-construct or speed-decipher ideas. Reading is useful only when its done the long way. The short way is a dark side stratagem. To read effectively, one has to retrieve the health of one's brain. The materials and strategies used will cut down the dark side which stays aloft of the soul by the fact of poor brain health. As the soul gets brain-freedom, the darkside's cloud evaporates. Only then will the soul's mental powers become available to it. The soul must self-generate this enlightenment or someone has to power past the dark side's cloud and give guidance to the soul.

In reading or doing research, one can sit erect, prop your chin, knit your eyebrows, relax the body, be silent and read.  Just begin and the concentration will build from there. Not all material is suitable for reading...but then that is a matter of focus, interest, principle, righteousness or need. One may not be ready for certain kinds of writing or lines of thinking, and one may have to await the dawn of other understanding in order to appreciate what is presently viewed as irrelevant material. It usually is that some intermediary knowledge or realizations, or experiences, are lacking in you and until one has these, one will not appreciate the importance of certain writings. This is very true in the selection of health supplements: one leaves out a crucial supplement only to discover its basic importance much later. Some reading material can be judged as pure nonsense from the outset, and is discarded: one wastes no time with those. Over time, one learns to get into the 'mindset' of the writer, and can tell very quickly whether a writer is faking it, mis-informing or trying honestly to relate a genuine flow of ideas. After a few paragraphs of solid reading, one can judge how close to one's core knowledge-interests the material under scrutiny is. It is this perceived closeness, too, that determines whether we 'scan', read and 'skip', take notes or photocopies, bookmark or save a link. Difficult language is a turn-off but a dictionary helps one climb to the next level. Its nice if you discover your prime motivation in reading. Seeking knowledge and truth is a good open-ended purpose that lets you go where knowledge leads you. Some people, no doubt, like to get in on reading that which is trending highly on the internet or social media. Others, enlightened about the NWO want to seek out ways of escape or fightback. Some want to keep abreast of the NWO plots with prepping in mind. This is just one among the many pet research projects that people pursue in their reading. Unknown to most, the consciousness is busy assembling its world view by building outwards from the periphery of the known. There are truths everywhere to be garnered once one can escape think-tank-created theories and deception. All writing has ideas which can act to free or imprison one's consciousness. What one reads does affect you, one way or another: either soul or dark side is built. Some books are called 'bad' books because mere reading them can cause one to be possessed by evil spirits. All writing is like 'software'.... some steal your time by being dead-ends, some are malware and some are like anti-virus. Some again, do enlighten. One has to travel through these on the way to knowledge! Its the books that are anti-malware or anti-virus, and those that enlighten that do you (soul) the most good: they remove errant ideas and flesh out your overview-in-progress in the direction of truth-completion.The darkside, within and outside, are the sources of malware, viruses and lies that affect, and imprison, the consciousness of the soul.

Reading must be on the schedule of every being wishing to build himself (soul) since it is the gateway to knowledge, which soul can use to unfold its nature and way of life. Knowledge removes the ignorance that limits the soul's potentials and potencies. Knowledge fills up the emptiness that exists when the road-less-traveled is still unknown. Knowledge, awareness and bliss are the three basic qualities of the soul. These qualities are inter-linked such that any evolution in one affects the others. Awareness is the tapestry on which the information that is the world, outside and within, impacts. Our mental faculties mediate what the information is and how it is processed. Information does slip past the conscious awareness to lodge in the consciousness of the dark side. In mind control, the dark side is deliberately fed information that builds it, or predisposes it to manipulation. Freeing the awareness from the clutches of the dark side, and expanding it, is therefore the principal task of the soul. Soul must disengage its attention from fusion with the darkside's. Soul must act on the enlightenment that comes its way, from intuition or others, in order to get this task done. If one is not told the enlightenment, one must get it from reading. Reading deals with deciphering and assaying ideas expressed via the medium of writing. Pictures, tables, graphs, equations and all manner of data representation supplement writing as modes of conveying ideas to others. Reading is the best way to retract and internalise one's attention. The dark side it is which interfaces with the soul's attention at the optic nerve, and keeps it bound to its own attention which is locked into the external world. Reading is simply taking charge of one's attention by re-deploying it into an activity from which it cannot easily be extracted or hijacked. Reading provides tools which enable a soul-focus to displace a darkside-focus in behavior. In fact, the darksiders cannot pull and tie the attentions of avid readers. These people are usually introspect and their attentions are not available to be lured or tempted. Readers do not have their attentions constantly scanning the world horizontally from eye level, looking for things of interest to hook up to, and are more focused on 'purpose of being outdoors' rather than 'what's out there in the world to interest me'. Reading helps you to keep your attention for your own use, beyond the reach of the attention-butchers and like manipulators lurking everywhere. Reading does much more than internalise your attention: it develops your mental faculties or intellectual tools, to the point of versatility. As one reads, one's attention becomes detached from beliefs and programmed modes of thought and becomes free to be easily thrown wherever one wants to cast it. Reading detaches your consciousness from the customary lanes and byways of thought, from customary things to do, and from habitual engaging with, or identification with, darkside thoughts and influences. Of course, it also depends on the variety of books one reads. Books which exhalt and magnify darkside concerns, will amplify the power of the dark side within. It all becomes much easier if one can cut the dark side down directly, and get the freedom to go straight into knowledge-gathering without the bother of reading with your 'handbrakes' up! Reading lengthens your attention span assuring that you can stay on the same topic and explore it deeper, without experiencing that dimming of awareness and interest that seems to naturally occur. The darkside does not like monotony, which is why one has to read interesting or challenging material. If not, the dark side will use the 'boredom' attack, to get you to give up or become engaged in distractions, and so win. The 'dimming' is actually the interference of the dark side wishing to assert its own focus, and pre-occupations.

Reading frees the awareness so it can go from micro to macro idea-scenarios, from detail to overview, and gives it the ability to switch from idea to idea, or topic to topic. It gives you the ability to inter-connect things, to compare and contrast and see similarities and differences, to generally assay and troubleshoot ideas. It confers the ability to assort and analyse information. As you proceed, different mental files and folders are created and stored in your mental library. For the soul, thought becomes a trip to your mental library not the incessant chatter or influences of the dark side within. One becomes awake to the existence of invisible idea-forms in your mental vision or third eye. These forms exist in the causal world which the third eye is focused on. The third eye can distinguish idea from idea, without the use of language or forms of expression. These ideas can be described using language, and brought 'down' from that world to this. It is these ideas that are used to construct arguments and systems of thought which are then used to debate the truth of things. The war between good and evil is evident here too: evil people cut and splice ideas to deceive or manipulate (by cutting and splicing language) while harping on certain 'truisms' and platitudes, in order to create effect or impress. The use of 'Love' and other platitudes, especially in advertising, is testimony to the danger of incompletely understood ideas substituting for truth. It is reading that facilitates the development of one's mental faculties, allows one to intuit and assay ideas, convert them into accurate language, and express them or communicate them to others.

Reading involves a retraction of attention from the outside world and focusing it on the information presented in the writing. The outside world keeps existing but only at the periphery of your awareness. What is simply a physical object with lines of text switches into a series of visible ideas that interlink to create a real world in our inner or mental vision. We decipher the text and weave the idea-world being communicated by the writer. Any reader of Louis L'Amour or Robert Ludlum knows that experience well. After reading, the physical world resumes amidst lingering traces of that mental world that was just explored. All the attachments and concerns of the physical world temporarily stopped. The dark side had to take a forced vacation as the soul was engaging in living its true life and nature. Depending on the content, readers are generally soul people. Porn and 'how to be a better strawman' kind of literature do have their reading fan club as well. Reading prevents the development of untoward attachments or obsessions with the objects and activities populating the outer physical world. Money destroys people because it is power in the external world. The dark side loves more power over others and accumulating money is an easy pathway to it. Money grows the dark side, not the soul. It makes people mean, profit-and-loss darksiders. From birth, one is programmed into accepting and living the money-centered elite-created paradigm which currently enslaves us. It was not God who produced the movie called Reality! Very few can see the bars of their prison much less see the need to free themselves. Looking after basic needs is to limit the growth of the greedy dark side. It cannot go fully into the 'money-brings-happiness' or 'money-is-why-we're-here' illusions. Money, and what it can do, must be put in its proper place. Darkside living revolves around money and the power it gives to have, to do, or to become. The soul cannot let itself become submerged in this, to the detriment of living its own way. If it does, it will only be setting itself up to be suppressed by the darkness within. Instead of being a cooperator with the material illusion, you have to become your own person, participating in it to get your basic needs, while being a spectator to the rest. The soul must adopt a 'traveling through' approach to living rather than a 'this is my home' kind of outlook, and model its modus operandi accordingly. It would be nice to run on nice sandy beaches, see the world's sights, experience other cultures and even have your own empire, but look at the cost on your own self: the soul. To read is to engage in a soul-building activity that removes one from the 'materials-is-why-we-are-here' mindset that the dark side embraces. This reality is not IT because death ushers in a different state of existence: one that necessitates a long-run kind of life-plan.

Believe it or not, reading is the soul actually building itself by engaging in its basic quality: knowledge. Money cannot do this for you. The elites rent the brains of others to refresh and extend their paradigm, but they themselves are welded to their own philosophy, and this 'borrowing' does not change them. There is only one way to get knowledge and that begins with reading. This is the hard way, and the only way. All those stories about Gurus mystically granting knowledge through a look or a touch are only stories. Vivekananda was an eloquent speaker, but he didn't have any special knowledge. He was Guru-awakened, as the legend goes! One cannot live life as a continuous response to others, or by continually responding to the outer world. One must develop or construct one's own way of life. One has to devise a daily schedule which includes getting the needs of the body (research is necessary to determine what these are), and the living of life as a soul. One must write down a TO DO List which includes all things to do for the day, or other time period. This list takes away one's dependence on short-term memory. The latter can be compromised by the dark side. With practice, the need for the list goes away as the schedule becomes habitual, and is automatically recalled. One must put Reading on the list because it is the only real Meditational method available. All the fancy Meditation methods and Meditation Schools have no technique to beat reading/research for achieving knowledge. Idea-visualisation, idea-assembly and deconstruction, pondering, reflection, introspection and all those mental operations that constitute Meditation are developed through reading, and any protocol that does not develop these cannot result in knowledge or enlightenment. There is no other path to knowledge. There is only one other meditation mode that is necessary, and that is for recharging one's battery with soul energy. This method also helps trim the 'attaching' that the dark side does and increases concentration. Any closure of the senses dims the grabbing power of the external world. This meditational method involves relaxing the body, adopting the erect lotus-like posture or the horizontal 'corpse' posture, and turning the eyeballs upwards with eyelids lightly closed. This is climbing above the materialist dark side's customary gaze, and it cannot follow to create any trouble. In fact, it gets suppressed as the head becomes filled with harmony and harmonious energy. Meditation for energy also works on the musculature of the face and head, rearranging them to naturally accomodate concentration and a focus on the third eye. The dark side causes another arrangement of facial and cranial musculature that fits its own pattern of attack on the optic nerve. Those who meditate will understand the difference. One's money-getting activities must also be on that list, for obvious reasons, as should one's daily chores. One has to configure that list so that it keeps the soul-building agenda going at all times. While commuting, one can be solving crossword puzzles to increase mental acuity. One must research for health supplements that take care of body and brain, as well as shop for non-processed alkaline food, herbs, fruits and veggies. The alternative is to go with traditional fare, or the unhealthy easily-available acidic options. One must also include exercise (eg Yoga) in one's to-do list. Basically, one is knitting together a life which suits the nature of the soul: one of knowledge, awareness and bliss. A healthy body enables that focus. One has to say goodbye to mind-reading, eyeball reading and all components of darkside lifestyles, thereby excluding incessant chatting, sense indulgences, ego-building, obsessions, drama, etc. When that placid but harmonious consciousness dawns, the stimulant-loving dark side is defeated. Two polar-opposite kinds of 'heavens' are experienced by the two entities in a body!

The darkside-ruled body is not interested in school or reading or knowledge. Indeed it cannot sit still for a moment and go through the processes involved in seeking knowledge because it has no mental faculties that power its cunning, except its rote memory. Its nature is to interact with the material world and by doing so, seal its role as leader of the body. It has its desires to fulfil, and its enjoyments and its predatory designs to give fuel to its war. Reading is boring and it feels itself suppressed. It must get into doing as quickly as possible, or the soul will activate and shut the dark side out. There are darksiders who manage to go through the schooling process(with the coming of multiple choice examinations) and succeed, but the focus was not on truth or knowledge but on getting the qualifications. These darksiders used 'cramming' or memorisation to impress the examiners that they knew the subject. Soul people use their mental faculties to understand the subject. In many cases, where certain diciplines were concocted, there is nothing to understand. The goals of the darksider going through the educational process is career, money, enjoyment and power. He gets into a better position to be a more successful predator than the unschooled darksider. Soul people go through the schooling process trying to understand the subjects studied. Qualifications matter too. The think-tank derived subject-matter is not easily understandable. This quest for truth and knowledge leads into the works of those past and present, who had the same difficulties, saw through the deceptions, tried to light up a better path, and posited alternative knowledge that made sense. How can knowledge make sense if it was contrived in a mental laboratory and has no grounding in the matrix that one lives in?

Fiction entertains while keeping interest aloft, yet it builds the causal world overview we possess. The matrix of creation is the same stage, as that on which non-fictional ideas are paraded. Fiction-reading involves evolving picturisation (wrongly classified as imagination) sequences, occurring in the matrix which includes the built world, nature, places, people and events. These sequences are constructed, and are made to transform or evolve until a climax is achieved. Science fiction takes these beyond the known world and introduces different conceptions of creation. The ability to picturise involves the conversion of words back to ideas and their re-assembly in the mind's eye. It is ideas we deal with, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Seeing ideas leads to their processing, and knowledge-building. Seeing the material world leads to activity in it. The world of ideas should guide your forays into the material world. If not, the lures and tricks intrinsic to the system will mediate your excursions into that world. The soul looks before it leaps. When the nature of the dark side is what relates to the material world, one is drawn into it, and hooked into it. The dark side's only 'mental' resources are the programming it has about the contents of the visible world, gleaned from the available sources of info such as the media, family and friends. The urges and desires generated in its own substance mediate what it will prey on, or consume. It plots its way to acquire, or prey on, the things, people, places and events in the external world. The soul has its library of ideas to fall back on, and the power of introspection with which to understand, and make decisions. Introspection is how the soul processes information. This is the real thinking process, and the dark side corrupts it with its influences: mostly by generating urges, corrupt 'thoughts' and pictures/hallucinations. Darksiders use 'voices' to negatively influence the behavior, ongoing introspection and clarity of soul consciousness. The soul does not have any kind of encyclopedic knowledge that clogs the attention. Knowledge is stored in its causal-world library that was built from its youth. Access to this library is the attention. Pick a topic, and the relevant book of ideas comes forth for the attention to assay. When this library is closed, the attention is empty or in the void (mind-readers get a blank screen here), until another topic comes up. Its the topic that elicits the relevant book of ideas. These ideas are inter-linked, and are deciphered during analysis and introspection. One's personally constructed Causal world has connections to, and is agitated by the real Causal world. Knowledge-seeking perfects your own self-created Causal world. More knowledge-seeking, and introspection pushes your Causal world to approximate the real Causal world. There is continuous inter-linking of ideas, the clarification of ideas, dumping of inaccurate ideas or collections of ideas etc......all done in the interest of arriving at the truth. What is done subconsciously meshes with what is done consciously, as the real causal world works on the one you create to bring it on par. Knowledge-seeking is not done until your privately created causal world blends in with the real Causal world.  Your Causal world will push you to seek the profounder truths of the real causal world. Research is thus a lifetime activity. It cannot be completed in one lifetime. Reincarnation is a necessary tool in creation. Geniuses are not accidentally born!

The darkside steers the soul into things detrimental to it, and away from things and activities which benefit it. You will find that the 'mind' will run into certain areas, and avoid certain areas or certain ideas. The mind is the consciousness of the dark side. It hooks up to the silent soul awareness via the interface of the flesh, especially the optic nerve. To stop the chatter, mental intrusions and noise, is to defeat the dark side, even temporarily. The darkside blocks you from intuited ideas, memories, recollections, or actions while promoting its own brand of life and behavior. You have to take notice of the dark side within, and of its strategies, if you want to successfully fight it. Forgetfulness or convenient recollection is just one of its strategies. You cannot afford to do unrighteous things because the dark side blackmails you with those memories in order to keep dominating you. Learn the darkside to beat it. You will have to make a note of moods (boredom, anger, enthusiasm etc), feelings (likes, dislikes, confusion etc), mental pictures and hallucinations, temptations, and other strategies used by the darkside to have its way, while steering soul towards or away from ideas, realisations, plans and doings. One has to be aware of what is taking place in the consciousness. The best way of doing this is to write all that takes place in your head and in your life, in can burn them after! Empty it all and keep nothing in there, not even knowledge. While writing, you get the habit of looking within. As soon as something comes up, you detect it and write it down. You will need the free time and writing accoutrements for this. While engaged in work or other activity, one has to discount those related ideas. All other ideas, together with happenings in the consciousness, should be documented. Doing this, you learn to judge the source of the idea-'input'. You also empty the consciousness, while becoming familiar with what you have stored in it. In this kind of awareness-poise of expectant monitoring, all that is intuited becomes detected. Eventually, you can easily pick up on new ideas being intuited. The dark side's interference also gets detected. Writing down the contents of consciousness is the best way to awaken the flow of intuition. Keep the conscious blank or empty and intuited ideas disturbs that peace, even though they land softly! Emptying your consciousness on paper is the ultimate spiritual practice. It is the only way to get to know both the dark side and soul. Then you can assert yourself (soul) and block out the dark side within. More will be written on this later. At bedtime, you can visually recall your day's activities and learn from them, plan how you can upgrade your future responses in similar situations, see who is trying what on you (eg taking away your harmony), and so steer your way to harmonious days. Taking care of your past like this, clears you of unsorted baggage and you can move forward with clarity of consciousness, and a new lightness of being. Make sure you look at everything because the dark side will try to hide its guilt or complicity in the production of phenomena that occurs within. The principle is that if soul is not doing or willing anything within, why is it there, and who/what is responsible. One can fight back using consciousness methods. Or, one can use substances which retrieve the flesh from darkside occupation. Using both kinds of techniques makes things easier, and victory is achieved faster. Reading, and writing diaries, cannot be bettered as spiritual practices!     


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