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Fighting Back With Nutrition......Introduction.

God's help via intuition is the only way to defeat the darkside world. There are no 'Fightback For Dummies' courses or handbooks, and crucial guidance and directions for travel must be obtained otherwise. Physical Gurus have proven to be lame guides. Intuited guidance is what must be sought after you stumble through the known and end up still needing solutions to work with. Intuited guidance is what you get after having done the research, then cleaned up your consciousness by the Writing technique. It is those ideas which land on your consciousness like snowflakes or feathers, that are the ones to follow. It takes a very still and quiet awareness to detect them. One has to create this quiet consciousness or you won't be able to pick up on these bits of divine help. Sometimes, the help might come as a sudden burst of inspiration which when followed through on, solves things. At other times,one might be making moves, dictated by some superior power which uses you like an instrument, which works out. Then, one becomes convinced of the invisible helping hand. (There are many invisible hurting hands). This is how soul people know that they are not working alone. There is some good invisible power that exists, whether we believe that it is God, God's hierarchy, or just plain good people living on Earth. One comes to value a partnership with good helping forces. When you cannot crack a problem or understand something, help is there, if you are able to receive the communication. The darkside/bacteria combo is resident in your eyeballs and it tries to overshadow the intuitive guide and pre-empt brain-processed knowledge, and decisions for action based on knowledge. The denizens in your eyeballs see the world along with the soul. They lock into their choiciest material world excursions and keep heading there at every opportunity. They create fixations and obsessions by their locking into things. It is not easy for the soul to change focus or to change habits until these denizens are destroyed, and their concerns are destroyed. Only then can the soul be free of that blocking innfluence and be able to implement its own pursiuts and activities. Detachment is available if you reduce or destroy the attaching entity. Will power will not destroy it. It is not a contest of wills, and any gain made by will power will be lost when the soul 'unblocks' in reverting to pure awareness! The dark side within, by its very presence, binds the soul to blocking it. Souls will, however, always choose to go into the freedom of living its own nature. The untrameled dark side will keep acting up until the soul gets fed up and seek out the means whereby it can end the dark side's treachery.

One must do research in order to discover that which can produce the changes required in one's life, and in one's internal living environment. No research means no suggested solutions become available for use. One has to dig deeper than watching TV or having conversations. The answers are there but one has to seek to find them. The answers that find you are not trustworthy. Chances are that they are red herrings put there to catch you and waste your time. You have to engage your power of understanding. This world is not the product of evolution by chance. Everything in nature and the human world is subject to cause and effect. You have to search these out, along with the processes and mechanisms which accompany them. There are blinders everywhere which seek to intercept the seeker's attention, lock him in, and create another deceived adherent of the system. The system ensures that you patronise it, as if chasing the fiat money it makes is not enough patronage. Eventually, with trial and error, one discovers the errors. You discover that the food you eat does not give the cells or the mitochondria what they need for optimum performance. You discover that your race or tradition, and the market system is more interested in their own welfare, and will not shift to nutrition that creates health. You will discover that there is an alternative system that is focused on the truth about nutrition, is actively engaged in research, and is putting out products and information that actually help you understand, and help you return to health. You will discover that folk medicine, which has been evolving for centuries, has finally come of age as medical doctors come to discover and propagate the truth. Doctors get seriously sick too and when conventional medicine fails, they look outside of the box for solutions. This Doctor was sick with multiple sclerosis and found the solution in proper cellular nutrition. Now she is propagating her protocol. She gave up synthetic vitamins for the original food sources. It is now known that certain medications are toxic to mitochondria function. Truth is obtained not only from double-blind studies but from the researched solutions, and their practical use by the afflicted. Folk medicine is alive and well, though it has modernised itself. It has the services of medical doctors who bring in their knowledge, skills and technology from allopathic medicine. Most of those who abandoned allopathic medicine to join the field of alternative medicine are dedicated to the science of health and have abandoned pharmaceutical-based methods.Their kind of science enriches the field of health. Folk medicine now has acceptable science to back it up. What's more, the requirement of clinical trials is met. Even so, the testimonies of protocol users and supplement users attest to the usefulness of alternative medicine in inducing wellness among seekers of good health. With the internet, users discuss their health strategies on forums like Curezone and Earth Clinic.

Bad nutrition is the prime cause of dark side empowerment within. We eat without regard to the nutritional substances that our cells need. Ethnic diets, traditional diets, cookbook diets, eating place diets, commercial dietary protocols and processed-food diets do not offer proper nutrition to the cells. Eventually, the cell membranes and the mitochondria deteriorate. Then we are struck down by illness and we are pointed to pharmaceuticals for symptom alleviation. But symptoms are just warning signs. How can we attain wellness by removing the symptoms of an underlying disease? The symptom is not the disease. In illness, it is cell function that has deteriorated. Toxins and pollutants clog the cells and suppress its functionality. Food and well-chosen supplements must be used to reactivate the functionality of cells. Energy production must be restored. If not, the dark side energy will be exhalted. This is where the human race is at right now. Starches, sugars, meats, processed foods, dairy products etc which are the most popular foods cause cells to deteriorate because these do not have the accompanying antioxidants to clean up the debris created by ATP production processes. There are other deficiencies that that kind of nutrition is guilty of. There is no focus on supplying the basics of cellular nutrition with the result that key requirements for optimum cellular function are completely left out. Unless diets contain amino acids, fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamins (synthetic vitamins are not the same as natural vitamins), macro-minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, phyto-nutrients, glyco-nutrients and therapeutic substances, cells will experience either deficiencies or starvation. There will be mutation or seriously impeded function. Fasting for more than a day or two is out of the question. The job of providing proper cellular nutrition must be self-done. One cannot be too busy for this task. Making money and paying others to do this (think Delis, Food Courts, Restaurants, Chefs, Grocery Stores etc) is not good enough. They have no clue as to what your cells need for optimum function. Eating for the taste buds, for the full stomach feeling, for the experience of sampling chefs creations etc are not good enough. Eating the food of your race, the food that is readily available to busy people, the food that is delicious or the food that is cooked for you is not good enough. You have to research what your cells need, which foods or supplements that they are in and get them in your house for consumption. You have to research what you can use with what because not all nutritional substances can be safely combined. If you use medications, you have to watch what foods you can use. This is where you need to consult with your medical doctor or your trained nutritionist. You have to research what you can consume and what you can't. The research, for instance, shows that genetically engineered plants and products are detrimental to your health. The articles from which the above information was gleaned will be linked in forthcoming posts.

When the soul is in charge, the body does the action that was meditatively decided by the consciousness. The brain is the organ that is credited with information processing. More correctly, it is the consciousness that uses the brain to selectively acquire and process information. The brain does not do this on its own. Science does not admit the existence of soul and pretends that consciousness is a brain function instead of being separate in its existence. I have maintained that the brain is an interface the soul uses to process earthly data in order to live its life here. Science, however, has given the brain the starring role while disappearing the soul from existence. They have gone so far as to divide 'humans' into right-brained and left-brained entities who react differently to similar situations. They insist that the right and left brain hemispheres must be 'synced' in order to act as one unit. These conclusions were the results of experiments in which the Corpus Callosum which joins both hemispheres were severed and the behavioral modes of each hemisphere investigated. Erwin Lausch has examined this research quite competently. The fact is that, in normal human beings, the corpus callosum is intact and there is nothing to prevent both hemispheres from functioning as a whole unit. In searching for a model to explain behavioral differences, science has created a lie. Behavioral differences are explained in this blog by which entity among the soul or dark side is ascendant in the body. There is doubt as to the importance of the brain itself in controlling behavior vis a vis the soul, the dark side and the different consciousness' that they represent. A very peculiar case drives this point home. This case can be read here.  A 44-year old man with a 50% - 75% reduction in brain tissue functions normally. The space is filled with fluid. The man who is married with 2 children works as a civil servant and is not considered mentally retarded or disabled. He functions with a thin slice of brain tissue. In another case discussed here, a 25-year old man is completely missing his right brain hemisphere. He graduated from high school and studied graphic design at the California Art Institute. The brain's plasticity is credited with creating the adaptation necessary for living a normal life. Nobody really knows what consciousness does and what the brain does, or how the soul harnesses the brain as a tool. It is not that the brain works and the soul is subject to it. The brain is just a control tower in which the soul lives. There is a discussion of half-a-brain-ism here and here.

It is soul consciousness which is important. What happens to that consciousness affects the integrity of the body and brain. A soul consciousness which cannot develop or express its inner nature freely eventually becomes suppressed. The dark side, with all the nourishment provided by civilisation, takes over. This suppression feeds back to the brain. The soul cannot use it properly with all the obstacles and denials it faces in life. Brain potentials remain unexplored and undiscovered. The dark side within and outside want souls to accept their right to prey without any opposition or fightback. They rationalise this stance as the prerogative of their superior numbers, superior powers, almost total control of societies and world, greater wealth and their ability to give you pain, suffering and death. You have to be 'nice' with them to survive or prosper. You cannot complain, as if their deeds are beyond reproach, and as if might is always right. In most cases, the soul learns play the games that the dark side majority enforces. Both the elites and darkside masses use mind control to put souls to sleep. They catch them and conquer them. Only freedom from darkside hegemony that comes from having more soul nutrition can solve this. The soul cannot flourish under conditions of incarceration by darkside predators. It will become suppressed or go to sleep. Both soul and brains grow rusty. Only a soul which gets to the knowledge of how to fight back in conditions of suppression will survive. The brain will be intact but is not able to give optimal support. Those aware enough to detect the dark side, within and outside, will know what to fight back against instead of getting lost in quixotic battles against chimeras that the world presents as the real enemies. Soul can use consciousness methods of fighting back against the dark side, with some measure of success. These I will present later. But, there will always be barriers to a total victory. Soul has to search out the root causes that generate such barriers and eliminate them. This is where it discovers that the food civilisation uses is the key problem. People do not feed the brain, and the body generally, with what is required for their proper functioning. This is the key enlightenment that souls must embrace. One has to let food be the medicine. To get to the point of accepting and implementing this in practice, is going to be a battle. The dark side insists on its own way of doing things. It throws up obstacles in the way of fighting it back using nutrition. It will create disbelief in this method. It will aver that the answer is too simplistic, and will carry on probing for a 'real' answer. If soul manages to dis-associate it's consciousness from that of the dark side, this and other aspects of its inner tyranny will be discovered. Soul cannot take responsibility for things it did not initiate simply because such things happen in its body.

Poor nutrition is the root cause in the process of dark side ascendancy in the body. Those waiting and searching for an answer that will give salvation or freedom to the soul must embrace this basic truth, and act on it. A suppressed brain must be rescued by the soul which uses it. It is difficult to recognise brain suppression, and come out of it, while in it. The enlightenment that suppression is the problem must hit home. Too many accept the nutritional modes of society and race without really probing what the brain and body need, and providing these at meal-times. The brain is a unique organ requiring its own array of nutritional substances, though what you consume feeds the whole body. There is excellent information on brain nutrition here and here. Too few are aware of the toxins they imbibe, and their sources, and how to detox effectively. Too many view wellness as a product of allopathic medicine and not as the result of proper nutrition and other strategies of folk and alternative medicine. The brain must be freed from malnutrition as a priority because its services are required to get the rest of the job done. Proper nutrition requires a lot of extra self-done research and practical effort. The results will astound you.

Here is an excerpt from an excellent article on the brain. Follow the link given to read the whole article.

"We may spend a lot of time thinking about the health of our hearts, bones, skin, and even our intestines — with good cause. They are critical to our general health and wellbeing. But how often do you think about how to nourish our body's most important organ — the human brain? The brain is the seat of our consciousness. It governs our capacity to think, learn, reason, and remember; it’s also the control center for virtually every other bodily process that we have. And, not surprisingly, it’s an organ that requires excellent nutrition to function at top capacity.
Most of us probably spend more time thinking about whether our food contains enough fiber for our GI tracts than we do about whether we’re getting enough B vitamins for our brain cells.
There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what we do for the brain now can have a big impact on how it functions in the years – and decades – to come.
Keeping the brain healthy and well-nourished is a task that should be high on our to-do list. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what we do for the brain now can have a big impact on how it functions in the years – and decades – to come. Eating well in the present, along with other healthy lifestyle choices we make today, can keep the brain hopping along well now and stave off age-related problems in the future, like cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.
When you feel mentally sluggish, foggy, unable to concentrate, and just plain tired, there is a good chance that what you have or haven't eaten is to blame. It is all too easy to be deficient in some of the nutrients the brain needs to work at top capacity, especially if we are dieting, or under stress, or eating on the go. These deficiencies can affect us mentally, leading to a number of cognitive problems and even to states like anxiety and depression.
So it's a good idea to become familiar with the brain-friendly nutrition provided by omega-3 fatty acids, the B family of vitamins, vitamin D, and the now-famous phytochemicals, which are plant-derived compounds that often act as antioxidants. These compounds provide a laundry list of health benefits to the body and brain.(1) In particular, we’ll discuss two types of phytochemical. One is the flavonoid family, which includes compounds found in berries and fruits. The other is a compound you may not have heard of – curcumin, which is found in a common Indian spice and offers major protection to the aging brain.

The Omegas' Brain-Boosting Powers
The healthy fats, omega-3s and omega-6s, are excellent – and necessary – for brain health. Fatty acids play a big part in cardiovascular health. What many people don’t know is that they also play several essential roles in brain function.
These deficiencies can affect us mentally, leading to a number of cognitive problems and even to states like anxiety and depression.
The two chief omega-3 fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and an essential omega-6 is linoleic acid (LA). Omega fatty acids are essential building blocks for the cell membrane of brain cells.(2) They can affect the permeability of the cell membrane at the synapse, the point where brain cells – or neurons – interact with one another and exchange neurotransmitters. The synapse is the heart of neural communication, and, very likely, human thought. When omega-3s and -6s enhance permeability at the synapse (so that compounds are more easily transferred from brain cell to brain cell), they can have a big effect on cognition.(2)"

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