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Fighting Back With Nutrition....Why Nutrition? 2

This world is not the best of all possible worlds. God did not set up this system of things and he did not hire the elites, or the darksiders, to run it for him in the interests of human evolution, or give them domination of others as a blessing. Faith in the system has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with one's own gullibility. In a world wherein most things are about money, what is not about money or obstructs its transactions, or is incapable of enabling its transactions, dies, is suppressed, or is skewed into sundry non-threatening directions. Morality and the sanctity of human life are the two best examples of the system's collateral damage. The brain has been gradually reshaped to zero in on, and to contemplate, monetary and materialist things, and eventually to give way to the triumph of the dark side within's cunning, as the soul finds its nature's expression diminished. Only souls which are fully functional, despite it all, retain their brain usage and their knowledge-gathering and information-processing abilities that keep it aloft. To fight back, you may just have to retrieve the viability of your brain first, and retrieve your will to act. Thankfully, borax detoxes fluoride from the body. You can chelate aluminum and heavy metals with liquid zeolite, sodium thiosulfate, chorella or cilantro, among other things. The earth is now filled with chaos, suffering, death and destruction. The end of the world as we know it beckons as 'the war to end all wars' looms on the horizon. Lyndon Larouche is more 'positive' about the world's future. Paul Craig Roberts and others see WW3 on the horizon. John Kaminski has his own interpretation of things, and his posts are intriguing. Benjamin Fulford gives you the good news, and the bad, created in the struggle between the White Dragon Society and the Western Cabal. Fulford is looked upon as an 'endearing crank' by bloggers like Henry Makow. The darkside elites and the darkside society are fully responsible for creating ruination on the planet, not 'mankind' as a whole. The change from an evil world to a good world looks only remotely possible now, despite all the covert and overt efforts to that end. The coming Armageddon threatens to bring total destruction. If the predictions are to be believed, billions will die. This is detailed in my previous posts on Armageddon. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, righteousness will be re-established in the aftermath of WW3, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes

One theory of the global elites is that they are unified bunch; united in controlling the world's peoples, and in seeking a reduced global population through eugenics. Nuclear war is a quick method of achieving that end. The elites have hideaways to be safely ensconced in, while the earth's surface perishes. That theory further states that all those elites who oppose the creation of a One World Government, or New World Order, are simply playing their puppet-roles in that eugenics drama. There is another school of thought, based on current geo-politics, which points to the reality of two rival camps of elites: BRICS and the Western Elites. The western elites are plotting towards a New World Order while the BRICS nations support a multi-polar world. BRICS is made up of some 178 countries led by Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa. The Western Elites are now on a course of conquest despite the efforts of the mainstream media to paint it as an anti-terrorist drive which replicates democracy and freedom in other lands. Those who want no part of the Western Elites, see BRICS as a saviour. The Western Elites are aggressively seeking war, and are relentless in their propaganda. The BRICS countries, among others, are the targets. The people in the western nations are themselves the targets of their elites, and they have great obstacles to overthrowing these elites(constitutionally or otherwise) and thereby resetting their way of life. For these people, the BRICS Alliance is their only hope. Russia is being targeted currently (even assassination is cool to darkside people), but its leader is adamant in defence. Some say that its Russian resources they're after! The propaganda and provocations in the engineering of WW3 continue unabated. The 'awake' do not want WW3 because it will cause too much suffering, death and destruction. Who can survive the nuclear shockwave or its winter? Anyone who keeps doing the research, or keeps on being informed, knows about 'prepping'. The idea of impending doom is very difficult to face. The noose is tightening around the necks of the collective masses in such a way that the choices given amounts to death, or slavery then death. The eventual 'causers' of the deaths of animals, birds, and aquatic life-forms will not stop until they are sated. Then its off to their underground hideouts! This Doctor has some good information, if you can overlook his wilder claims!

There is a state of consciousness wherein the intelligent can stay informed yet be able to blink the world away, just as one does to get sleep at night. The same consciousness transformation is operative in the face of death or destruction: a pulling away of the awareness from things people, places and events in the outside world. One 'resets' by simply nullifying the meanings/importance/significance one customarily gives to creation's contents. When all non-basic attachments caused by darkside activity vanishes, the soul can sing its customary song once more: I AM. That's the soul's statement whenever material concerns dissipate, and whenever the dark side within is beaten and it's ego has collapsed. The onset of death or destruction leads to the collapse of the ego and it's attachments because what builds the ego is not that important anymore: physical survival alone comes to matter. All the distractions and ego-building which give rise to 'I WANT' and 'I AM GREAT', and which fuel the games and dramas, cease to be important. The darkside nature melts away as the new consciousness espousing 'I WANT TO SURVIVE' and 'I AM' take over. From birth, the soul experiences the world of things, people, places, events and the customary dramas enacted in relation to these. These take root in him as life proceeds. Those roots wither and get destroyed in the face of death or destruction. Along with those roots, goes the dark side within. This process generates detachment which is a natural soul quality. Soul people have no problem with properly relating to material things and do not need destruction to help them detach, or get sober. The soul discriminates away the 'chaff' and utilises the 'wheat' in a functional way. The process of detachment cultivation is what 'prepping' is really about. One has to mentally and physically take leave of the things that are core to materialist living, and embrace those things that aid survival. Stand and fight is not an option for city-dwellers. Those who don't have materials or intelligence will take what they want from others. Food and water are crucial for the continued existence of the body. One has to make some kind of preparations in these directions. Basic needs are not attachments. The more material things you hold on to, makes you a target for unscrupulous people. So, 'prepping' really involves learning skills which will keep you safe while enabling you to forage for a living, if it comes to that. If you have to flee your surroundings, you need to carefully select things that you can take with you. Everything else gets left behind.

If you want to prevent the occurrence of a survival scenario, who or what will you fight in the external world? Consider this: it is the contents of the earthly matrix that creates 'what is'. It is the 'contents' of the matrix that makes the world more and more evil. You have to look there for answers as to why the earth is experiencing ruination and destruction. God has no 'keep-it-as-kali-age' device or plan that prevents this evil world from becoming good. There are no planetary configurations that are working to produce death, destruction and Armageddon. Evil or darkside people are just not being fought back against. They are completely hijacking the world for their own ends and purposes. You have to point your finger at the real causes of evil things happening on earth: the darkside forces. One has to fight back against the darksiders, both elites and masses, to ensure that they cannot hijack and use your body for their agenda. You have to fight evil people not planetary configurations or other imaginary causes of earth's continuous descent into evil and ruination. You can't readily fight the elites who do not share your neigborhoods, while having armies to call on. You can't fight the darkside masses physically because they are more numerous. You have to fight their attacking strategies, their poisons, their propaganda and their psychic weapons. You fight by getting the knowledge, and by living that knowledge in your daily schedule. You have to save yourself. Hoping that some saviour appears whether it is God, aliens or some earth-based power is to accept your powerlessness. One thing is sure: you have to fight your own dark side which lusts after, and grieves for, the contents of the world. Your dark side within is the traitor that sells you out, and makes you accessible to the darksiders. If you have to run and hide, your own darkside implant will reveal your location and movements. No need for micro-chipping really! Only your immediate and eventual survival matters in these end-times. Your accumulations will be a hindrance to your plans for escape. If you are well-to-do, it's easy to skip town. The poorer classes will have to stand and fight or make a run for it when the time comes. Did you reduce your possessions so as to be able to exit quickly? Did you stock up on must-haves for the survival environment? Can you navigate amidst sub-human people? Can you live off the land? Can you survive the cold? Can you dissolve the decades of greed, craving and desires implanted in your head/darkside? These will either slow you down or send you off course. Can you face a world which will give you grief when it destroys the things, people, places and events you appreciate or like? Prepping for the coming destruction is more complicated than others make it out to be. Becoming soul, and  living out its qualities while utilising its potentials, is crucial. It is the only way to make yourself ready for the guidance that will help your chances of survival.

The masses live according to the elite's system or paradigm that touts competition as the best, most desirable expression of human effort and behavior. The elites, however, are not subject to their own paradigm. They are free to collude or compete with each other but do not have to compete with the masses. The elites can conspire or stage a win as it becomes necessary. They are above the system, and aloof, like system administrators. They formulate the parameters of the system and let it work. They are in charge of changes, whether these are upgrades or regressive plot-enhancing ones. They back up their system with the authority of experts who expound the knowledge or ideologies that define and justify it. Over the years, experts have arisen from the masses, and they examine every nook and cranny of the system, and the human landscape it produces. They have detected the lies and deception in what the elites and their experts say. The experts from the masses have discovered that it is all a plot to control and take over the world completely. The elites' spokesmen do corroborate this in their speeches. But, there is a hidden dimension to this in that the plots also involve giving satan and his minions, or the darksiders, free passage and full support to control human bodies, and to rule the earth through its' manipulation. The elites want war and they shall have it, whether it's collusion or a uni-polar vs multi-polar issue. The masses can't stop that. Protests do not stop wars because solidarity changes nothing on the ground. Like the elites, the darkside masses have the goal of controlling earth too, but they are fighting goodness and the good guys to achieve this. They are busy with their sex-school system because it converts its participants to be completely darkside: satan's sparks in human bodies are instruments of satan. Those who have been schooled already need to keep the 'school' operational in order to keep their darkside powers well-honed. The lesser elites in the darkside society won't fight the big elites out of loyalty to their 'gravy train'. Some keep eternally busy playing the game to win, oblivious of, or asleep to, the graver reality of 'what is'. They don't fight the elites and won't even try, even as eugenic options are having debilitating effects on them. They live by the predatory chain: bigger fish eats smaller fish. The darkside masses will keep preying on the good people who are the smallest 'predators'. They will either collude with bigger predators or avoid them. So many of the darkside's plots against good guys fail because they have cast good guys as small 'predators'. They cast the world in their image and likeness. All the guesses and profiling goes wrong if the good guy knows how to proceed. Good guys are a different specie completely. So, who will fight the darkside majority in order to restore goodness as a way of life? Who will stop the darksiders from using the sex school, their games, their satanic powers, the force option, the elimination of the good guys, their numerical advantage etc. to destroy any moral fabric left in the society, in their quest to keep civilisation evil? The darksiders are keeping, and intensifying, their preferred kind of 'playing field', and are neutralising all efforts and people who come in their way. They use your dark side to compromise your efforts. Then they can go to the other hives or colors and quote your lack of effort as good reason for denying you a life. The only way to defeat the darkside on the outside is to become immune to them. Then they cannot compromise your efforts, and you can have a life despite their best efforts to deny you. The only way to achieve immunity is cutting your own darkside down so it cannot be used against you. This method causes the darksiders on the outside lose their powers and abilities. Darkside people build and strengthen darksides every chance they get. Good people have the weakest darksides, and this attracts all the darksiders. This is when the war against the good guy really begins. If the good guy defeats them, they lose their powers and abilities. Then they can only resort to the power of numbers, physical force or their managerial stranglehold. To stay alive as a soul you have to fight back intelligently, and righteously. You have to become immune to their attacks. Only nutrition engineering can give you that. Physical safety is not guaranteed, either from dangers in a world war or from the machinations of the darkside society. You have to change what you can change and hope to change the rest. You are not fighting alone, that is a bit of comfort! God's guidance makes a big difference!  

In the coming years, will the darkside society continue to propagate their control using the mechanisms they currently employ? Who will fight them? Will they be too depleted or too shell-shocked, in the aftermath of a nuclear war, that their system will crumble? Nuclear weapons do not discriminate between good and evil. Everyone in the kill zone of each warhead will die. Will the same darkside society emerge from a nuclear winter to proliferate their natures and their un-level playing fields? Will extra-terrestrials announce their presence in an indisputable way? Will God make his presence felt? There are so many questions in the face of the war to end all wars. What can humans do to save themselves? After all, only 11 countries in the world are free of conflict at present. The answers depend on your analysis of the situation. If you see the invisible satan in human bodies as the real enemy, then the fight is different from if you see human bodies as the enemies. If you see yourself and others as just animated human bodies, the fight becomes different. Though satan can be born with his/her own body, usually it possesses the bodies of others, and takes it over. If you are aware of this tyranny, you want to stop it from happening in you: you do not want satan to suppress you, the soul, and hijack your body. So, you probe the science of causes, effects, processes and mechanisms involved whereby the dark side can do this, and short-circuit them, thereby creating immunity from satanic or  darkside attacks. You will remove the key threat to your own soul consciousness if you fight back this way. Your own body, and the darkside within, are your weak links, not the soul itself. All the physical threats remain, but the soul attains a better position from which to handle these, even if death ensues. If there is an urgent physical threat involved, there is no choice but to fly or fight those threats. When you are not sure of the future scenario or can't do better than you are currently doing, then one has to start, and keep fighting the invisible enemy.  

The various colors or 'hives' of darksiders overwhelmingly dominate the populations in every ethnic grouping, and their admixtures. Democracy or the will of the majority is therefore the will of the darksiders. There are governments of darksiders for darksiders. You cannot hope for political solutions to change anything that is, at root, a case of complete moral failure. The darkside has no morals within the consciousness of cunning to propel it. For them, the enactment of morals is just another gambit in the dramas they stage. The continuous feeding of the darkside nature, and the destruction of good people, induced the collapse of morality. Our role models have either been switched or have proved to be no models at all. Only a meritocracy will work to provide the population with the skilful/talented people needed to run the affairs of any State. Most politicians work for the elites, not the masses. Goodness has been practically destroyed as a way of life. Good people are being destroyed right, left and center while evil, as a way of life, is being cultivated. The utilisation of force and cunning as a methods of competing and winning in the pursuit of wealth, in the gathering of materials, and in the execution of material enjoyments, is ubiquitous. Competition to win by any means necessary is now established as the preferred behavioral mode. Competition is not of the fair kind, and it is a misnomer: being just an excuse the darkside needs for instituting cunning moves, and for conducting its nature-driven preying. They use attention-attracting sight and sound to execute impact-driven brain destabilisation on good people, while using the attracted attention of the dark side within to build it, or to convey shots of bad energy to the soul's body. External attacks using sight and sound are commonly used by darksiders because they are not crimes, and are not illegal. The purpose of these displays is to attract and catch the attention of your darkside. They work on you, and affect you, because your own dark side's attention is available to them. Like vibrates with like! Your own soul attention goes with it, so when they feed energy to your darkside or build it any way, you are there to filter everything so you do not follow into things that get you into trouble. There is increased tension in the body, and an overwhelming feeling of suppression, everytime they build the darkside. It hurts in the flesh when the dark side's attention is used to build it. You feel it expanding as it is built. They use the phrase 'cut' to indicate the wound created when the darkside is suddenly built. Soul becomes suppressed and is very 'out of sorts' when this happens. Others' rights properly end where your aura begins, but darksiders do not respect any boundaries. They use schemes, accidents, set-ups and even bureaucratic power, to afflict, delay and destroy good people. Preying is how darksiders live and behave, despite the platitudinous veneers of civilisation that they hide behind. They prey unabatedly despite the existence of Laws and Constitutions which give everyone their human rights, and the right to be free of being perpetrated against. Darksiders ignore these, and legitimise their stalking and preying on good/soul people by claiming that God chose them for the job of 'teaching' good people. They cannot prove God's role in any of that, and it is only the fact of wanting to stay alive in the face of superior force that zippers the lips, and restrains the hand of their good victims. Violence, too, does not readily erupt from the bodies of good people. A darksider's preying has more support in the society than the good guy seeking relief from preying. So, how can a soul person defeat the darksiders, singly or en masse? Darksiders cannot use a brain. They operate by programming, by the cunning intrinsic to darkside substance, and by the total sense of incompleteness (disguised as ambition) that all the evil they do tries to complete. Force or violence is their prime weapon. The ability to use a brain is the one tool that can defeat the darksiders. The soul uses it to gather the information, to understand the known, to propose solutions, to experiment and arrive at a workable solution, or to intuit further knowledge or get guidance towards a better solution. The brain must be brought into the equation totally. Knowledge and guidance must be part and parcel of every moment you live. Deep research must be alternated with uncluttered awareness. The brain has to be in top shape otherwise the dark side within will exert its malignancy. Soul wants to be pushing forward on its own consciousness treks, instead of being locked in battle with the consciousness of the dark side within, and so being unable to transcend it completely. Nutrition is the key factor in brain wellness. Harmonious music is another. Living a daily life created outside of the proverbial box, is testimony to the knowledge of truth that one is living. And if life ends despite your best efforts, as it eventually must, you did not waste it. You may not have reveled in the joy from within but you do have spiritual gains to go forward with.   

So, the darksiders claim to be chosen by God to 'teach' while the good guys were chosen to learn. Learn what? Darksiders know nothing about goodness. Their primitive behavior does not enthrall or inspire their victims. They cannot teach what they don't know! They have no knowledge to share. So, they teach themselves, and their system, to other people. People fed up of the force and the abuse levied on them, often become like the perpetrators. That is the lesson taught: conversion to dark side courtesy of the 'hard knocks school'. The darksiders are not teaching anything for others' own benefit. They are teaching/forcing them to become darksiders. All the break-downs being currently experienced whether it is in law and order, or in family life or in whatever field....is entirely due to the progress that darksiders made in more fully controlling earth. Where are the really good people who should be teaching their own kind? Good people are few and far between. Good people desiring to become better, do not need any teachings unless it be from advanced members of the good or soul tribe. The teachings which are found in popular books and magazines at grocery checkout registers target the non-existent strawman identity, and are both misleading and useless. They ignore the reality of the good soul and the evil darkside! Darksiders do not know anything about goodness and their possession of superior pain-causing force alone silences their protesting victims. Darksiders want to live out their predatory natures with the cooperation of the soul/good people. This cooperation is not voluntary but results from force, fear and deception. And, the darksiders spend a lot of time fooling people about forgiveness, about their permission from the divine, about teaching lessons (?), and are generally trying to legitimise what they do. They do not serve God because they prey on others, using cunning and force. They have no inner life and have an extremely magnified focus on the external world. They are always minding other people's business, and are stalking and spying on them to get information for successful preying. They have spun the perfect fable which, when they are believed or when they have the energy-power, enables them to interfere with everybody else and not get blamed for it. They introduce hell into peoples' lives and want to be thanked for it. And because of their vast numbers, there is nary a dissenting voice. Being a beast is so vital to staying alive or having any kind of material life, that good people become either scarce or invisible. The darksiders claim that they do what they do as a divine assignment, being blessed by God-given favors and powers. Even human rights must defer to divine right, even though nothing divine emanates from them. Their brutality is quite the opposite of what one expects from humans with a God-affiliation. It is what one expects from satan, demons and evil-controlled human bodies. When will good people make it a 'my word against yours' issue? That can only happen if you use nutrition to restore your natural immunity to darkside powers, and stand up and speak your piece unequivocally.

Why would God choose evil, immoral people to work for him, and let moral people become their pupil-victims? If anything, God would choose good people to work for him. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds! The predators who afflict earth has configured religion to present themselves as bound for heaven too! Religion's scripts take your fighting instinct away from you. They tout forgiveness for your enemies. This negates the law of 'as you sow you reap'. It allows your enemy to have unfettered and continued access to you. It encourages the 'sin and let sin' mode of living. Forgiveness is a lying doctrine which gives to man a power that can only be executed by God. God knows how to forgive or dissolve karma, man doesn't. It is a teaching that targets that fictitious entity called the strawman. The 'strawman' is the elite's version of a human being: neither a soul nor a darksider. It seems that if you can take your enemies to court, you do not have to forgive. Religion also tells you to not to 'harden' your hearts. This strawman lesson gives a 'heart' to the heartless darksider! In effect, not hardening your heart translates to mean that you should not take any decision to stand up to the darksiders, or make any decisions against them, or proceed to fight back against them in any way. Religion seems to be cultivating 'sheep' as the ideal kind of human being. Standing up to darksiders, or fighting back against them, is construed to mean 'becoming' like them. This has spawned such ridiculous conclusions like you can't let them change you to be like them (soul cannot ever be darkside), or like fighting back creates two 'wrongs' which do not make a 'right'. The darksiders have erected an elaborate wall of programming and propaganda that deters their victims from getting even, from hitting back, or from seeking justice/vengeance. Religion presents the ideal human as one who forgives. They have many ploys. Darksiders destroy your life, then tell you that "you have won". They 'wash' their hands meaning that is the end of their involvement in the issue. They apologise for wrecking your life, and for trying to kill you. The tell you that the old law of 'an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth' was changed by Christ: you should not follow the old law! Their law for you is 'No Pain, No Gain'. They never allow you to give them pain. They also cannot tell you how it is that you gain from pain. They even say that their commission of evil does the world a lot of good. They do not recognise inter-personal boundaries. If they did, or if they restricted their preying to their own darkside hives, there would be peace. The result of their 'don't fight back' propaganda has directly removed the checks and balances to the growth of evil behavior. You pray while they prey! So, you have to fight back to restore your immunity to their attack modes. If Armageddon does not happen or does not solve the problem of evil, the good will have to find a solution. It's not because of a hardened heart. It's being brutalised that prompts the search for justice. Putting curses on them is the only way to balance the bad karma committed on you! But, only nutritional change can cut down your dark side so it has no 'attention' to offer its darkside colleagues, who wish to help it claim a victory within your body. When the traitor or weakness within is disabled, you become free of their unsolicited influences. Then, you can live your life fearlessly, rejoicing in your soul nature.

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