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Fighting Back With Nutrition..... Why Nutrition? (1)

You must fight back after deciding which wars, or battles you face, are most winnable. Choose your battles to engage in. You have to identify the 'root' causes or enemies. Enemies can be living breathing enemies or they can be arrangements built into earth's functioning, and which are like the bars of a prison. The law often does not interdict malicious people, or arrangements, but allows their incursions into your life. The law focuses on legal crimes, and much of what the darksiders do is not legislated against. The 'grey' areas of law and winning by intimidation is fully utilised by them. Criminal law only accepts certain kinds of pain and grievances as being illegal. Guilt is ascertained by a Court, and as determined by the relative strength of the legal argumentations. The mind-control done to females in the sex school is not legislated against, and even the upholders of the law participate in it. The marginalisation and torture of the good guys/stooges in society's sex-games destroys lives and people, but it is not legislated against. The darkside society uses snake-power to kill the good guys and to conquer their victims, but it is not legislated against. When the victims suffer heart-attacks, strokes, death, poverty, deprivation, sexual slavery to mamma's boys, lifetimes of injustice and discrimination....the society offers no redress. The victim just had no back-up to help stop these crimes from being inflicted on him/her. Ultimately, it is the various darkside hives which determine justice, or the lack of it. It is as if the society must be forced to give you a life, and justice, by the size of the hive's big stick. If you do not have the backing of a tribal hive, expect the worst. In that case, you are advised not to burn your 'bridges' because you may need them down the road. The darkside 'hives' do not like their victims to remember who hurt them, or in which ways. They like you to forget the past and be nice, so that they can throw you a 'bone' later on. The darkside majority goes about its business as if what they do is right. They will give you a myriad of 'blame yourself' justifications to cover up the fact of their causal input into your life. They will even tell you 'hard luck' or 'no pain, no gain'. You don't have to accept that these darksiders are the lords of creation. They are simply hiding the scientific linkage of cause and effect in the production of your sufferings. You have to pursue the deciphering of causes, and effects, in the process of understanding the unfolding of your life. The methods of defeating the darkside are there: you just haven't researched them. You don't know how to fight back against them and win! Knowledge is the problem. Those who have survived to tell the story have the knowledge. Much of the answer has to do with nutrition. You don't have to give in to your fear of death, or fear of material deprivation. You don't have to fear the 'beast' or embrace it. The body belongs to the soul, and if you can fight back and reclaim it, yours shall be the victory! You can safely fight back against the dark side/bacteria combo within because no law protects it, or can protect them. No-one can stop you from putting curses on the darksiders for the advantage they have taken on you. They want no good-guy bosses! They want no good-guy competition! The bad karma which they do not remember (because they do not believe in carrying 'load', and they believe in the power of apologies to give absolution) assures the fructification of the punishment that you define in your curse. Karma is a real bitch!

So, you have to fight back against evil. The devil, satan, lucifer or the evil-causing force known by different names in different cultures, serves itself, and works for itself. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR GOD. Its nature is opposed, and opposite, to God and soul. Rebel is perhaps a good description; enemy is definitely a better one. The world is like this because of their successful plotting, not because God is using them to teach the world. What can you be teaching the world by taking it over, and by stealing all the human bodies for your use? The Health Ranger doesn't see the darkside elites or masses as having a causal role in producing the Armageddon that is expected. He blames mankind. It's an interesting article nonetheless! Its all predicted in the Bible, he says in another article. You have to fight back without any backing or back-up, or fellow-soldiers on your side. That fact limits which battles you can engage in. Perhaps, the invisible good forces are your only allies. In a material world where you are deprived of the basics because that is the darksiders favorite mode of attack, invisible help is often irrelevant to your real needs. Then again, the war is bigger: one in which all the darksiders are arrayed against you, not as individuals but as darkside tribes within a darkside hive-mind. The separate colors or tribes have the basic darkside potencies, but with variations that produce the separate tribes. These darksiders are death-dealing and they naturally use predatory methods for which there are no laws, courts or possible justice. They all prey! Their satanic or snake power is used to kill you by 'natural' causes. Fear can cause your death in accidents or by suicide. They set traps that endanger your well-being. Many people seek relief by indulging in drugs or alcoholism. Sometimes, that is the only recipe for getting some sleep or for getting relief from non-stop psychic attacks. In all cases, drugs and alcohol makes things worse because of the negative health effects, and because they perpetuate the acid condition of your body. Then, as if the darkside colors, that make up the society, do not produce enough satanic tribulations, one has to deal with the elites and their own brands of warfare that toxify, enslave, reduce and sicken you, in everything you do, and in every place you do it. The principal war you fight is against death of the body. The darksiders want the bodies for their use. Whether they get it or not, the body will die. At birth, the contract said that you must die. Your war on earth is against the causes of death, so that you can survive as long as possible. Your soul dies in enslavement.

The darkside does not ask for permission to invade, overwhelm and use your consciousness and body. Your giving of such permission after the darkside implores 'Let Me In' is just so much disinfo. The darkside invades you, and does not take no for an answer. To stop their incursions, from outside and within, you have to self-navigate your consciousness and body. If not, they will navigate it for you. It will be done against your wishes, and you cannot stop them unless you know how to. Your main task in this life is to do research to find out how to keep them out of your consciousness. your body and your life. This is what life has become. You cannot live for happiness, or revel in your soul harmony, until you deal with the creators and dispensers of disharmony and suffering. Your research will clarify 'what is' and how best to deal with it. To keep your own consciousness and body intact and beyond disharmonious interference, the soul must defeat the darkside by using both consciousness (to get knowledge, or to make conscious decisions) and body ( to implement decisions made, especially regarding health). Surrendering your body to them will not save it, neither will it save you. Your best bet is to save the body from being destroyed by the darkside, within and outside, and keep it for soul use only. To accomplish this, you have to defeat your own darkside/bacteria combo within your body. If you defeat the traitor within, the darksiders on the outside will have nothing to use against you, except brute force. You will be spiritually immune to them. You cannot defeat eventual death, you can only postpone it. Your nutrition is your biggest achilles heel. It determines whether soul or darkside is more welcome in the body. In the current status quo of things, the foods that are generally consumed feed the dark side within. This is why the majority are darksiders.We know the dark side can take charge and evolve powers e.g. mindreading, eyeball-reading, hive-mind connections etc. What if the soul were in charge, won't it evolve its own powers and abilities? Consider that other options for change are not working: voting is not doing it because of results-manipulation, revolts and revolutions are being authored by the elites, NGOs do not really serve the interests of the victims, our leaders are conferred on us and serve their real masters, we are being diverted into little meaningless battles (March of Dimes etc) that solve nothing etc. With the kind of weaponry available to the powers that be, it's suicide to revolt. But then people have their freedom to act as they see fit. Ahimsa or non-violence is a Yogic tenet. Krishna in the Mahabharat epic tried to avoid war, and only permitted it when peace was impossible. He delivered the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita on the raging battlefield. Living as slaves amidst ongoing injustice was not an option that the Pandavas liked! Know that the dark side within is a receiver and transmitter for the gross darkside energies and influences. It is your greatest weakness. The elites have created technology which uses the dark side within to intercept and decipher your brainwaves, thoughts and memory. You can read about this here, here and here. The dark side/bacteria combo has its own energy system within. It also has access to ideas stored electronically, but not ideas that have not been downloaded from the realm of ideas or the causal world. Cutting down or shrinking the darkside/bacteria combo, within, effectively neutralises the reach of such technology. The dark side is gross and can be interfaced with by the gross mind-reading technology. The soul is the sublimest substance created, and nothing gross can vibrate with it, much less 'read' it. Besides, the soul has a blank screen as its normal brain poise. Nothing but past history of brain activity can be read, by which time the soul has moved on.
You have to fight back in the field of nutrition or you will become very unwell, and unable to have the real you in charge within. Knowing what not to use is the first line of attack/defence. This will save you from painful physical deterioration, suffering, disease, and death. You have to clean up the mess and repair the damage done by the nutritional toxins you previously knew nothing about. Toxic food dominates the nutritional status quo. Then you have to feed the cell what it needs so the body can function or evolve correctly, and properly, for perhaps the first time in your life. A healthy body is known not by how it looks but by the menu you feed to your cells. A healthy body gives no welcoming conditions for growth to the dark side within, and has no weakness or potentials usable to the attacking hive-minded darkside society. If you eat like the majority, you will become like the majority. The current status quo of food has led the way in the creation of an evil majority in the world. It is grossly acidic, devoid of what the cells need, serves to grow the dark side within, and nourishes its bacterial/fungal/viral helpers resident within. It is nutritional deficiencies which create the right conditions for the growth of the darkside/bacteria combo. Cellular malfunction is what causes disease, according to Dr Mark Sircus. The body's cells do not get their requirements for proper functioning, and for the experience of wellness. The body's energy system falters, and the dark side asserts its own. There is always the feeling of something missing. There is always an incompleteness which the darkside/bacteria combo uses as its cue, to run after its preferred nutrition. The promised completeness never manifests from dark side nutritional indulgence, except as a full stomach and pleasured taste buds. That ongoing incompleteness, and feeling of bodily disharmony, goes on and on. Trying new 'food' from the nutritional status quo is a search for nutritional salvation, and the soul cooperates. But, there is no respite because the dark side leads that search into its preferred haunts. The soul, if it wasn't fooled into accepting the darkside's exploits as its own, would research what the cells need, and provide only those substances that are needed. Instead, the soul falls into the trap of doing it like the majority does: grocery shopping and regular fare chosen on the basis of ethnicity, tradition, culture, media promotion, taste etc. Hopefully, the high level of un-wellness and illness now being experienced (eg obesity, heart attacks, cancer etc) will lead people to question the nutrition and other substances that they put into their bodies. Medication, taken for nutrition-caused illness, will not attack the root cause. Pharmaceuticals cannot treat root causes because they mostly target symptoms. There are other good reasons why pharmaceuticals fail. In feeding the cells what they need, according to the best nutrition science available, the body can retrieve its wellness, and the soul can get its freedom from the dark side within!  

Fear of death, and persistent unwellness, pushes one to seek out that which will restore health. Research supplies the information which is to be implemented practically in daily living. Ideas from research are something somebody else came up with. One can try to verify that these ideas are 'truth' by checking the science and logic behind them, or by referring to the testimonials, and trials or studies. Yet, one has to ascertain whether it will work for you or not. This means that one has to go into experimentation or trial and error. It is learning by one's own experience. It is your duty to survive as long as possible by assuring that your 'house' is intact. You can choose to trust the elites who determine what is available as food. You can leave it to them to be meticulous in researching and making available the best in nutrition for you. You can accuse all those who question the veracity of the elites with the phrase 'conspiracy theorist'. That will not change the reality of food making you sick. Research will confirm this conclusion. Films like SUPER SIZE ME introduce you to the plague of obesity. There is more, providing you do the research. You will come across the dangers of acidic diets or of acid bodies increasing cancer risk. You will find many alkaline/acid food charts. There are dangers associated with over-cooking foods. 
There are dangers generated by the act of cooking. This leads on to the dangers of  processed food one finds on the supermarket shelves. The food processing industry seems to have dirty secrets. There are dangerous additives which make people sick, in many ways. Or, you might prefer this listing. Not only the processed foods, but the packaging is toxic. The normal foods you eat are dangerous whether these are too much carbohydrates and sugar, meat (including processed meats), milk and dairy products (or here or here), and non-organic produce. The most ubiquitous carbohydrate used is wheat. Unfortunately, wheat is not good for you according to greenmedinfo. There is more in this post. Sugar, whether glucose or fructose, is especially dangerous, moreso in its no-sugar incarnations like splenda, aspartame or advantame. Cooking oils are widely used whether for deep-frying, regular cooking or sauteeing. Canola oil is being touted as the best for high-heat cooking. There is one problem: it is from genetically modified rapeseed. When its not the GMO food itself that is the problem, it is the collateral damage it causes! There is sufficient research that hint at the dangers of foods or ingredients made with Genetically Modified Organisms. You can see them here, here, here, here, and don't forget the findings of the Seralini Study. Guess who is behind the whole nutritional mess we call food: its the Corporations! They rule! There is an ongoing corporate takeover of natural food. They have spread the top nutritional myths to sell their own stuff. So, you can't trust those who put food on the grocery shelves to be 'straight up' with you. Their meticulous caring is fake. Their deep consideration about your safety is fake, though they use this caring to withold nutritious food and health-giving supplements from you. You cannot afford to be caught in the division-of-labor paradigm which gives you the role as earner, and gives them the role of supplier of food items. They save you time by providing access to food but destroy your health because you are too busy to bother. You have to take your nutrition into your own hands, research and educate yourself on the subject, then meticulously source and gather your dietary ingredients. Its the only way to fight back and save your health and body.

The war is for the body! The soul owns the body and is causally connected to it. The body is lifeless if there is no soul to power it, except where a few darksiders own their bodies. The darkside is an invader and a thief. To fight back against the darkside, one has to strike at the root causes of its empowerment:FOOD. It is food which creates the acidic bacteria-laden cellular matrix that welcomes and nurtures the darkside/bacteria combo. The human body is 90% bacteria in terms of the number of cells. It is food that gives life to the dark side and its bacterial/fungal/viral allies. Fight back with your own soul food and the dark side will be starved. The stealer of the body, that false identity, and creator of darkside-inspired ideals and methods will lure you to your own demise if it is not conquered and rendered unable to infiltrate its ideals, ideas, and methodology to replace your own soul lifestyle. In other words, there is a traitor on board, and you cannot be sure of your path forward until you verify that it is indeed soul which is going forward. And, the lifetime that you save by putting attention on applied nutrition, you, soul, will not fritter away in accumulating materials of all kinds, or their enjoyments (enough trojan horses use enjoyments to gain entry to, and shorten your life), or for conferral to the bloodline which you leave behind, or for concretising your footprints on the sands of time. Soul in charge does things differently. It cannot be caught in this materialist paradigm enforced on earth through the ownership of the right to print and distribute value-less money, almost everywhere on earth. The difference between soul and darkside is one of nature-driven perspective. For the predatory dark side, earth's materials and experiences are the reasons for living in the matrix of this scheme of things. You just do it like the other natives do: prey by any means necessary! Soul intrinsically possesses filters for activity in the form of what is called moral principles. It is not action, per se, that one has to engage in, either for its own sake or for its fruits: It must be righteous action. For soul, there are no fruits of action that are so desirable that one can justifiably overlook one's moral principles or sense of right and wrong. As a thief of the body, the dark side is already on the wrong side of moral principles. Its nature revealed by its actions, confirms its evil-ness!

Once you decide to feed the cells with what they need, instead of letting the dark side run to its preferred kind of food, you have to be ruthless in gathering the herbs, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, fruits and supplements that complement the changeover. A reliable blender such as a Vitamix becomes a necessity. You have to get into this changeover fully because the dark side will fight back and assert its own feeding habits, if given half a chance. Until you get established in the dietary changeover, you will not sail smoothly from desired nutrition to desired nutrition. There will be hiccups that must be pre-empted by resolve or will-power. With every forced reversal of your intent, there must be a fightback to reinstate the desired nutritional patterns or content. That the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, becomes evident. It is very difficult to give up sugary foods and drinks, alcohol, starches, meats, dairy products etc. It is very difficult to avoid cooked foods, processed foods, delicious foods, ethnic foods, traditional foods, and other foods habitually consumed. Build conviction by looking at the popular causes of death in each state, how each cause is generated and strive to avoid that mechanism. The temptations to revert to the old way or to backslide must be resisted. Christ put it this way in the Essene Gospel of Peace (Book 1)

“For I tell you truly, evils and dangers innumerable lie in wait for the Sons of Men. Beelzebub, the prince of all devils, the source of every evil, lies in wait in the body of all the Sons of Men. He is death, the lord of every plague, and taking upon him a pleasing raiment, he tempts and entices the Sons of Men. Riches does he promise, and power, and splendid palaces, and garments of gold and silver, and a multitude of servants, all these; he promises renown and glory, fornication and lustfulness, gluttony and wine-bibbing, riotous living, and slothfulness and idle days. And he entices every one by that to which their heart is most inclined. And in the day that the Sons of Men have already become the slaves of all these vanities and abominations, then in payment thereof he snatches from the Sons of Men all those things which the Earthly Mother gave them so abundantly. He takes from them their breath, their blood, their bone, their flesh, their bowels, their eyes and their ears. And the breath of the Son of Man becomes short and stifled, full of pain and evil-smelling, like the breath of unclean beasts. And his blood becomes thick and evil-smelling, like the water of the swamps; it clots and blackens, like the night of death. And his bone becomes hard and knotted; it melts away within and breaks asunder, as a stone falling down upon a rock. And his flesh waxes fat and watery; it rots and putrefies, with scabs and boils that are an abomination. And his bowels become full with abominable filthiness, with oozing streams of decay; and multitudes of abominable worms have their habitation there. And his eyes grow dim, till dark night enshrouds them, and his ears become stopped, like the silence of the grave. And last of all shall the erring Son of Man lose life. For he kept not the laws of his Mother, and added sin to sin. Therefore, are taken from him all the gifts of the Earthly Mother: breath, blood, bone, flesh, bowels, eyes and ears, and after all else, life, with which the Earthly Mother crowned his body.
“But if the erring Son of Man be sorry for his sins and undo them, and return again to his Earthly Mother; and if he do his Earthly Mother’s laws and free himself from Satan’s clutches, resisting his temptations, then does the Earthly Mother receive again her erring Son with love and sends him her angels that they may serve him. I tell you truly, when the Son of Man resists the Satan that dwells in him and does not his will, in the same hour are found the Mother’s angels there, that they may serve him with all their power and free utterly the Son of Man from the power of Satan."

Taste and anticipated enjoyment must be countered by the knowledge of what to feed your cells. The darkside will obstruct change by harping on the 'loss' entailed by giving up the old food paradigm. The soul must counter with the successful outcomes experienced by those who have already made the dietary transition, with the removal of the physical/wellness setbacks that accompany the 'old' nutrition, with the enhancement of the quality of life, with the prospects of an extended lifespan, and with the scientific knowledge that says that this is the best move to make. The darkside/bacteria combo is not going to let you change things just because it suits your plans. And, if you don't accept that there is a darkside/bacteria combo within, you will when you try to adjust your diet to feed your cells. You have to keep moving onwards even when you back-slide. It is only the conquest of the dark side, within, that will free the soul and give it the chance to live out its nature and the possible existences that go with that. The alternative is to remain bound by the current status quo of civilisation and waste your life, with nothing to carry forward into future lives, or any opportunity to live as the soul that you are. It becomes an adventure into the future, leaving behind all that previously kept you back from unfolding your potential as a soul. The Elites, and the masses they created in their own image, but whom they now seek to destroy, have nothing to offer in this adventure. They will try to destroy you because it is intrinsic to their darkside or satanic natures. They have destroyed so many bodies and lives, and will not allow 'different' people, or those whom they perceive as threats, to continue to live, or to live well. Indeed, the invisible darkside forces which rule both elites and masses see all souls as threats because they want to see a darkside beast controlling all bodies. They fear the functional literacy and talents of the good guys or soul people. Furthermore, darksiders believe in aggressively pulling their weight. This is ,of course, the same role as ruling the 'good' sheep like gods. The attitudinal camoflage of being superior, and of being rulers, is still maintained now, even though their current lack of satanic power reveals that they have no weight to pull....except that of numerical superiority, managerial control of the local economies and institutions, and force or violence. God's hierarchy seems to have defeated the satanic hierarchy, as the energy in the 'air' is now harmonious. The darkside masses are not all dumb or poor. They are also in the local positions of authority and management which enable their ego-building, their plots, their accumulation, their greed, their pleasures, their fun and their enjoyments. Usually one will find them with diplomas but no functional literacy. How they got their jobs, is usually the pointed question. They usurped local management roles (by destruction of good people so there is no competition except from their own kind). This explains all the corruption and inefficiencies amidst their affluent lifestyles. The darksiders are also the local elites. Together with the rank and file, they dominate by destroying the competition or maginalising them. The rank and file accepts their more successful brethren because it is their own 'hives' in charge, and they will do things for them preferentially. The distribution of the local pie among the various hives is usually acceptable to all darksiders. Each hive has its local hierarchy, led by powerful darksiders, well-connected people or those who join masonic lodges for material success. The colors make deals with each other, and have understandings and arrangements that fashion their relationships. Yet, they are all darkside or satanic and have similar natures, abilities and ways of living. The local communities are their joint creation.  The darksiders use their lives for achieving happiness from experiences with things. Human bodies are just objects to them. They are the perfect target for the 10 Corporations that supply almost everything you buy.  Frosty Wooldridge calls it: 'Fleeting Pleasures - Manufactured Happiness' 

In fact, the hive-mind of each darkside tribe allows them to share their fleeting pleasures and 'manufactured happiness'. The experiences of one darksider is transferred to all others linked to him. All the colors have the same darkside nature, but with variations. Their focus on sex is just so that they can all share the pleasures and the energy boosts, which give renewal to the darkside/bacteria combos. The darkside masses have created their preferred kind of world at the local levels. All things good and holy are being thrown out, and a corrupt playing field of 'sin and let sin' is erected. The 'manufactured happiness' paradigm they live is elite-created food for the darkside masses, and it was crafted for that purpose by the elites. The masses remain very loyal to, and trusting of the elites. They live wasted lives in support of a money-centered system created by the elites. It is done because there will be more suffering otherwise. You give your life's hours until you retire, just to get enough worth-less printed paper with which to get your needs, indulgences, enjoyments and trinkets. Most of your 'needs' have been fabricated by the self-same elites, for you to indulge in them while expanding the reaches of their system. As you get past 50, the body starts to go it goes bad from the womb itself! Retirement is the beginning of the death walk. When did people live, if at all? Leaving your accumulations for the bloodline helps them, not you. The time and freedom to self-realise yourself was never there. You had to make that money. But, you never truly lived. Life was a staged drama: you looking for basic needs while the elites were plotting their global takeover! Yet, all is not lost. You have to devise ways to deal with the collateral damage ie poor health and no time for researched truths. You have to do what you have to do yet create collateral growth for the soul. Proper nutrition will reverse the steps in the death walk. You will get the time to spend in soul-building living, ceteris paribus. When you have the knowledge of the inner working of this world, outside and within, you have done what you should have done! In another place and lifetime, this knowledge will be within you, built into you. If good people are in charge then, the paper-money chase will not exist. Then, you, having the knowledge of that plot, can prevent history from repeating. Then again, you may find yourself in some existence where your developed consciousness will stand in your stead. You cannot come on earth, earn and consume while your soul sleeps and your brain gets rusty, and feel that you have truly lived. That is a wasted life you have lived. You are made to waste it as a debt slave and as a cog in supply or demand! The way life goes is that you initially fit into the world, and try to make it. You discover what the world is like late, by which time there is little you can do to recoup your life by living it right. Knowing about the darksiders and their plots and goals will no doubt irk you. Physical fightback is best left to those with that comparative advantage. We were either asleep or innocent at the time physical fightback was possible. Now, it is time to free the soul from the tyranny of the dark side within, and to see where that leads!

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