Friday, March 6, 2015

The Female Hive Is Evil. 2

The world is being engineered towards the purposes of the darksiders. As the elites, darksiders control the globe. As the darkside society, they control whole societies and neighborhoods. The darkside majority includes both men and women. Women, however, possess more satanic power than men. They control the evolution of societies, and the fact of the world being rock-bottom now must be placed squarely on their shoulders, and that of their multi-color hives, not forgetting their pimps. Darkside women imagine themselves to be goddesses and co-creators with God. The darkside within them gets not one iota of fightback from them. They are perfect channels for the Occult Hierarchy which directs information to them when they read their eyeballs. They accept everything they get from this source as gospel truth, as do other darksiders. The backup they have for executing the guidance from eyeball-reading is satanic power. They are at the center of sex-school because they are energy warriors and can spice up the lives of 'winning' males. When they link their darksides, they can manipulate people, stop people in their tracks, lead them to suicide or kill them with snake-power. Add this to their ubiquitous presence in the various occupations, and nobody who they don't like can survive. Among them are powerful shapeshifters who they initially use against the good guys but whom they eventually send to the sex school to be turned into prostitutes. It is the women who use their pleasure-giving mode to lure men and create material lives for themselves, or destroy them. They use love energy as a weapon but have no love in them, except for their darkside children. They assure the transference of inheritances to male and female darksiders in the family or society. Love, for them, is construed into a male's ability to pleasure them or please them. It is nothing more than sexual attachment. They do not give themselves via initial courtship, romance and love anymore. They put sex first, then love, if it comes at all. We know how successful that has been so far, from the state of the world. They do not observe any rules of morality or any laws of karma. Working for the female hive comes first. Some of them have become so arrogant now because they have good material lives, that they think they are goddesses who can do as they please. Their energy manipulations and their ability to lead men on pavlovian style, makes them feel supreme. When they encounter a soul person on whom their charms, lures and manipulations don't work, the destroy him. You have to become like a giggolo to be accepted by them. They belive that knowledge is not important. Their concerns and continued enjoyment of sex and materials is what is important. The recent destruction of their satanic power must be now leading them to rethink their modus operandi i.e. along with elite-created attacks they cannot say no to!

The darksiders have constructed their system with its operating protocols quite cunningly. They take the few good guys and target them for destruction by erecting them as opponents in their sundry games. The word 'opponents' is just to give the impression that there is a an ongoing contest between the good guys and the bad guys. It does not indicate that the playing field is overly stocked with swarms or hives of darksiders, and that the result of any 'contest' is a foregone conclusion. The words 'victims' or 'stooges' would be closer to the truth, than 'opponents'. Getting victories over good people is more like shooting fish in a barrel. The darkside system grants material rewards for whoever attacks and defeats a good guy/stooge. So, creating an 'opponent' of a good guy, is like a death sentence for the good guy because all the colors and hives attack him as the enemy. The 'numbered' darkside girls in the sex school do not simply get sexual lessons, get 'signed', and go about their lives: their plan is to ruin the life of the good guy/stooge, and they engage in all kinds of sex except 'vaginal' just to keep the game going, and by this,  giving the various hives the maximum time in which to attack and destroy the good guy. The darkside colors get rewards for various modes of attack: short-circuiting good-guy plans, causing his failures, discriminating against him when seeking benefits of the public or private sector, or simply for shouting him down. Even the darkside women require that a suitor victimise/defeat the good guy/stooge in order to have her. When one considers the many long lines of darksiders waiting to get intimate with the numbered girls before it is the turn of the good guy, the good guy's persecution and ruin is certain. The gender games were constructed for darksiders, so where will the good guy get the darkside energy or the knowledge of the darkside way to use or counter-punch with? Women like to be competed for. This is not related to any sure recipe for happiness but to the ego-building that is afforded by the darkside system. This system is for keeping the darkside's nature awake, and for providing the scope for maintaining and honing the darkside energies and powers. They view human bodies as just objects, not as homes for the indwelling soul. In fact, they are thieves of souls' bodies and justify their tyranny by saying 'the body is yours if you can rule it'. They even present their roles as God-created. Female darksiders are this superficial while claiming that they have love to give. You cannot put your body on the open market yet claim to be seeking love and happiness. It is, rather, an obedience to the darkside tenet of sex first, love next (if ever). So, the predatory Mamma's boys 'teach' the girls about physical love/sex in the sex school then pass them on to the good guys to get the non-physical love. This is their justification for the sex school. But why do Mamma's boys get to have such intimacy with them? Why not teach using video documentaries? Mamma's boys like the fact that their hives give them first crack at the virgins, and indeed, most virgins succumb by having sex with them, even in its more kinky versions. There is no good/evil competition in the sex school. It is all darkside hives  representatives in there. The good guys are kept at bay by snake-power, by convoluted changes in crew, in locations of 'cooking', and by poverty (darksiders don't let you have any resources with which to challenge them) etc. So, the darkside society's requirement that the good guy 'find her' is more for their entertainment than a serious challenge. The game is not competition. They good guy is there as a stooge or permission giver or captive audience. Even if he finds the girl, it is a setup he is walking into. You can't play and win in the darkside games. You would be better served to keep working on your health because the darkside takes away your health in order to reduce your immunity to them. The result is an accessible dark side which is amenable to darkside manipulation from the outside.

Darkside females take their cues from the occult hierarchy (both physically manifested evil and the various invisible regions of hellish influences), from their pimps, their handlers or from the female hive. They accept, design and project their existences as being hinged on a sexual modus operandi, as being society's rulers and controllers, and as warriors of energy and 'psychic' workers.  The female hive has evolved philosophies and lifestyles for making it in a world of predatory men, while affording them the scope and opportunities for the expression of their own predatory brand, along with their darkside powers. Darkside women are feared for their energies and powers. They are the purveyors of the FORCE which mankind has to bow to if they want to live and survive. There is nothing DIVINE about this force! At the root of the problem are the powerful women who become the 'trophies' to be won in the gender games. These are the 'snakes' which the hives or colors compete for to shore up their arsenal. Like other darksiders, females use their eyeball-reading and mind-reading powers to source satanic guidance, directives and secret info to help them prey or fight. They do not question the source of their info, or the content. They are the instruments of evil but consider their data access and powers as divine justice. They believe that their powers and capacities were given to offset their physical frailty. Cunning is evident in their preying, and this is a defining characteristic of evil. Too bad if good guys devoid of the preying instinct exist in this world: they will be made an example of, to send a message to other males. Taking advantage of good guys is instinctive to the darkside females, and such actions are merely part of the initial rites provoking the sex school crews and allied 'kitchen and laundry' operators into action.   Sex has been infiltrated into normal human transactions and interactions as a priority angle for consideration. The dress, visible body parts, the body language and interactive methodology conveys this. Being gender-conscious, female or feminist is the casus belli for war on men, which is levied in the course of daily interactions. They dote on their body as special, of the genders, with special processes and mechanisms. They do not view their bodies as just another kind of  body, like the females of other species. To focus one's life on one's body parts that are considered to be one's best physical assets because male darksiders have preferences for one or the other (or for the way the whole package looks), and to leverage these assets in one's life's conduct to attain the socio-economic and other of life's goodies to the utter disregard of brain development or soul evolution, is to waste a life. To rebut this by saying that this is the only route to individual female survival is deception. The collective power of the female hive means that they can have it any way they want. Instead, they fall for the same devil that controls all darksiders and play the role he/it programs in their heads. They could align with all things good and noble but they opt for the easy way. To fight back against the darkside/bacteria combo requires leaving the hive and fighting back. The hive members do not have any enlightenment or any mental prowess or fortitude.

Females, like males, are governed by a soul or a darkside/bacteria combo. When you look on a body, whether it is male or female, you may see a soul in there along with the darkside/bacteria combo. You just have to look for signs that the 90% bacteria/darkside combo has completely 'colonised' the body, and rules it.  All human beings having souls, and regardless of the gender of the body, are subject to the rule of moral principles and righteous conduct, as arbitrated by conscience. To depart from this and operate by ego or by a sexually-flavored modus operandi is to live out the programming as engineered by the occult hierarchy, by the elites, and by the darkside society. The conscience is easily stifled or put to sleep by the unrighteous approach to action. The role of the sex school is quite clear: the creation of hyper-sexualised females ready, and needing, male/female interactions. Female darkside clones are created by the darkside society and its sex school, by destroying the potential and the ability to be individual, with one's own schedule and rationale for actions. The collective satanic female 'hive' is a shadow government designed to prevent, and pre-empt, female soul-growth, and designed to use female bodies as instruments for satanic rule. If brain development were the focus of the darkside female hive, another kind of female evolution would result. If moral principles were the focus, then souls would be the beneficiary of action, not the darkside. As it is, it is the darkside/bacteria combo in the body which gets exhalted as mind control and cooking techniques programme them, makes them more amenable to external control and influence, and enhances their ability to direct actions from within. The focus of life's systems should be the elimination of the governance of the darkside/bacteria combo, not its enhancement. Isn't it curious that the female hive and the darkside society are pretty much sharing the same agenda? The sex school is hyper-sexualising the dark side in human bodies while the social engineers and the education system are doling out sexual programming, while sexualising children in the guise of education. Henry Makow has some revealing articles on the real agenda of sex education. See here, here, here, and here. Interesting reading on the subject of sex can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here. While it is true that the elites are engineering society to be more immoral and that they are destroying the family as the ideal social unit, few are willing to admit that the darkside society, and especially women, are the foot soldiers of the elites in the creation of Sodom and the here and now.  

The female hive opts for the sexual approach to getting their share of the material pie. It is darkside men who are the rulers and sugar-daddies of earth. The sex-school prepares women for their interactive gender-journey which lies both inside and outside the gates of the sex school. Darkside females see the hymen as an obstacle which should be gotten rid of as early as possible, so they can get on with the roles of being women. Both female bodies and its power-potencies are in high demand by the darkside colors or hives.Women have a comparative advantage vis a vis males, in the expanded powers of the darkside they 'naturally' possess and cultivate. They do not fight these powers generated by the darkside/bacteria combo. They do not accept that these powers are demonic, not divine. They accept these powers as a legacy of their feminine nature and use it to dominate and control the rest of humanity, in the same way that the elites use their wealth, occult powers and other attributes to achieve the same. At the same time, darkside females serve their darkside males or pimps (who 'sign' or control them) because they accept this programmed role. They manipulate male sexual desire to satisfy their own, while achieving the goals of the female hive. They love the behavioral repertoire of darkside males, and conspire to change all males to be darkside. The reason for this is simple: the darkside is very mind-readable, influenceable and controllable while souls are not. When they cannot convert good people into darksiders, they destroy the 'stubborn' good guys whose philosophy transcend sex and materialism. Darkside females do not see salvation as self-transformation, and they usually resort to religion's scheme for salvation via prayers, rituals and worship. These do not require an examination of whether soul or darkside is in charge within. This does not require a look at one's karmic baggage, one's motivations in life's transactions, or one's righteousness. They do not see the need for morals or righteousness as they work for their colors, and the female hive, while alive. These principles are powerless when compared to the potencies of their energy-powers and occult-derived influences. They do not see the need for fighting the darkside/bacteria combo. Most may not know themselves as different from that combo. Most may not have gone past the ego of the dark side to see what else lies within. Most of them promote the darkside/bacteria combo in men so that they can easily command and engineer men through it. They do mind-read the wishes of the darksides in men and react to those, if they wish interaction. They are more powerful than men because their bacteria-producing orifices boost, or add to, the 90% average figure of bacterial cells in human bodies. Such bacterial production is not found in men. For darksiders generally,  it is dietary content (lots of meat, sugar, GMO ingredients etc) and the non-use of protocols for the elimination of bacteria/viruses/fungi etc that create their unique darkside/bacterial explosion. Darksiders do not object to or see any problems with the darkside or bacteria in human bodies because that combo does not find anything wrong with itself.

Sex is only one of the ways in which the darkside/bacteria combo builds itself. The pleasure, the orgasmic energy and the bacteria that are interchanged, feed the combo. Giving in to the dietary urges presented by the darkside/bacteria combo builds it. In winter, darksiders nourish the darkside/bacteria combo by depriving the body of oxygen-laden air. They 'stifle' themselves with sealed windows and by re-breathing the same polluted stale air. The anaerobic bacteria multiply and fermentation replaces energy production by healthy cells. The darkside itself asserts its own energies in bodies incapable of maintaining optimum levels of energy. Darkside women pay undue attention to their physical looks (hair, figure, nails, sexy clothes etc) as their bodies must look the best to be marketable. This is how they keep renewing their marketability, once they lose their hymens. Only if they really knew what they are doing to themselves. Even the beauticians are not spared! The true cost of beauty is the loss of health, and of one's soul consciousness. They also spend lots of time in staring into mirrors. This creates a kind of witches vision or scrying. It is a kind of 'unfocused' concentration which enables the darkside bacteria/combo, especially from the eyeballs, to more easily communicate with their awareness. The eyeballs is where the bacteria that are communication 'antenna' or 'receivers' for the output of the occult hierarchy, or other influential entities, are resident. Darksiders are stuck in the eyeball-reading and mind-reading modes. They can be seen doing these with such aplomb and surety as if God is 'talking' truth to them. These processes give them the wishes of the darkside/bacteria combo and of the occult hierarchy. These darkside plans, they mistake for God's truth.

Key to the destruction of good people are darkside notions of how good people's lives must be, who is for who and what is for who. Darksiders know every detail of how a good guy's life-course should be, every day of every year of his life. They know what he should have, when, where and how. They know whats good for him and what's not. More than that, they know of their roles in attacking/shaping the life or opportunities by denial or delaying of the good guy's material efforts, every day of every year. And, they feel no pangs of conscience, or of remorse, or of anything a sane thinking person would experience. Their kind is not subject to the limitations and prison-like conditionalities and regulations they impose on good people. There are no laws or limits for them. There is no wrong they can do for everything they do is right, and all their wants, needs and desires are legitimate. They have no such past-life karma and sins to pay for: a condition they attribute only to good people. They can interfere with you, brutalise you, hurt you, take from you etc, and you must not complain or retaliate. Good people's time to thrive and do well never arrives in a darkside-ruled world. Every effort at betterment is rudely dismantled and is followed by the advice to 'take your time'! At the same time as they are destroying good people, darksiders foster their own kind, and do not subject them to the same conditionalities, regulations, persecutions and death as the good guys are subjected to. In the commission of their hypocrisies, they reveal that they do what they do, not by virtue of being commissioned by God, or by virtue of rational argument but by virtue of 'We Can'. They use all kinds of FORCE to rule the earth. Force is what evil uses to ruin the lives of good people, and to create a more evil world with every passing day! Life has become for the transmission of inheritances and opportunities from darkside society to hive, from hive to hive members, and from family heads to darkside beneficiaries. The female darkside hive is the key element in this transference: they kill or destroy any good people who might likely oppose or out-do their own. Good people whom they perceive as standing in their way are destroyed. They ensure that male darksiders get the wealth so that they can play and win the gender games, secure their status and material embellishments, and pass these on to darksiders in the  bloodline or other darkside successor.

Usually women are thought of as being innocent 'Eves' but not as being evil. The physically brutal or harsh deserve that description not the dainty, beautiful, child-loving, pleasure-giving, physically frail females! There are more darkside women than men, and they are the deadlier of the species. It is a difficult task to find one good woman now because satan controls them very easily. Just check for their having and using satanic powers...eyeball-reading, mind-reading and energies for manipulating male darksides or for replicating society in their own image and likeness. They trespass and transgress with impunity because they can! They do kill off the independent-minded, detached or spiritual people who refuse to be cooked into satanic giggolos for their entertainment and pleasure. They do use snake-power, collectively or individually, to kill the enemies of their pimps, their colors or their hives. They do cooperate with the rest of the satanic or darkside presence in other human bodies. The sex school is a cooperative venture for producing a world in the darkside image and likeness. The majority of females want, and look forward to, that adventure. It is not desired because of any belief in the logic that sexual training leads to happy sexual lives. The darkside it is which seeks out the 'delicious' heaven of orgasm. Women it is who perform the scripted dramas which initiate their conversion into hypersexualised vaginas at the cost of free will, brain usage and moral principles. The darkside society spares no-one in their quest to install the beast in every human body as ruler. At the end of the sex school, if they are not signed, the females become experts in sex using alternative orifices and alternative acts. So, they gladly perform the dramas that result in the creation of the 'kitchen' crews of the darkside hives. They are darksides and do not believ/e/trust in the mode of love/ romance preceding love, which precedes sex and marriage. They do not believe in complete abstention until love and marriage. They view a hymen as an obstacle, not proof of spiritual/mental strength. They think they can get both the darkside and the soul versions of love, with their sex school karmas or darkside 'love' exploits just not mattering. They are willing participants who eventually come to run the sex school, and recreate themselves in other people. They become the arbiters of material plenty and happiness to those whom they favor, and giving hell to those whom are independent thinkers or self-directed individuals. Soul-evolved people are made to look like transgressors whose faults are being 'stubborn', being asleep, being cold (not sexually hot), wanting to go their own way, not wanting to engage in body-sharing, being 'up' in consciousness etc. The female hive punishes good guys for these transgressions by making them live 'sour' lives. Women are at the forefront of darkside control of the society. Though, presently, they have lost their snake power with which to destroy 'errant' good people, they are still arrogant in commanding good people.... as if they are the Gods of creation. They still have the numbers and influential positions with which to manipulate and force their collective darkside will on the society. They tell you what and who they will give to you. Their presence in various positions of power across the spectrum of occupations, assures that they can give to whom they want, and deny whom they want. They are still locked into their goddess mode as distributors of material goodies to whomever pleases them, or supports their sex-school paradigm and allied games. They still feel that they are the bosses despite God's hierarchy defeating their power-suppliers. Good people still find it hard to stand up to the female hive if they want to have a material life. Yet, it is the elites who must be feared the most because of their overriding destructive power emanating from all directions. The sex-commodity offered by the female hive, and the sexual 'sharing' or elevated level of indulgence which they use to award deservedness of the 'good' things in life is now the medium for conveyance and spread of emerging diseases and epidemics. The interaction with bodies and body-fluids is the key culprit in the spread of sexual diseases , in bacterial transference from person to person, and of newer pandemic-type infections like ebola. Their focus on sex is the weakness that will lead them to their demise! Such focus is not accidental! Once they get their bacteria into male bodies, they can control and manipulate those bacteria, and the males along with it. So, the sex-focus is not accidental: it is the perfect weapon for conquest of males and for the growth and enjoyments of their own darksides. They see those who limit their sexual lives (because of low desire or religious or moral principles etc) as their enemies, as people who don't want to 'share', and they use snake power and other cunning devices to destroy them. The elites have used the female weakness of sexual attachment as the medium for eugenics attacks!

The more you engage in doing evil/egotistic acts, the more the dark side grows. Reinforcement with continuous righteous action grows the soul, and deprives the dark side of fuel. The more you deal in disharmony, the more darkside you the the more the darkside receives fuel for growth. Women are specialists in disharmony creation, just like other darksiders. They prey according to their abilities, physical and otherwise. They conduct living as a game, and adopt 'masks' suitable to their life situations. The problem is that they forget that they are pretending. Additionally, what is evident when they drop their masks is that the 'player' is totally darkside, and that the 'mask' represents a 'good person' and is only for public relations purposes. The female darksiders serve their leaders/pimps/sexual partners/hives/colors by giving them harmonising energy, by attacking their enemies with snake-power, by lobbying for material advancements for their owners, and by spicing up male lives with energy, bodies and accommodating behavior. It is all in the script for self-completion that the occult/hive-influenced darkside/bacteria combo lives out.  There is no morality or intelligence in what they do. Female darksiders live for ego-building and material plenty, just like other darksiders. The opportunity cost of giving into the darkside urgings for pleasures and ego-enhancement is the giving up of the heaven consciousness of the soul. Religion then steps in and says that this heaven cannot be experienced in the now, and that the time for heaven is after death. Darksiders seek happiness in freedom from incompleteness but their ideas of what makes them incomplete or complete are nothing short of insane or psychopathic. Experiencing incompleteness is a sign of darkside consciousness and the fact that it exists tells us how much the dark side within is in control of the body. The darkside tries to complete itself with more of materials and material experiences, with more control over others (especially over soul people) and with no competition for the starring roles on earth. Good people experience material incompleteness by virtue of the deprivations and persecutions levied on them by darksiders. This incompleteness is not innate, as is the case with darksiders. The talents and efforts of good people would assure them material adequacy, were earth a level playing field. For soul, it is the provision of the needs of the body, rather than designs for rulership and control, that matters.Soul works out its material needs but the darksiders keep this as limitless, being thoroughly obsessed and greedy. The darkside follows its nature and even if it were told the truth, it would ignore it and tell you that you must be crazy. They just can't get the point! That point can only be gotten by the sleeping soul which, unfortunately, is clueless about its quandary, or about how to get out of it. Sleeping souls go along with the deception that if your body urges this or that, it must be soul doing it. They have to be told to test this by saying no to those urges. The darkside basically rules and lives from within human bodies because the souls therein don't have a clue of how to take charge, and they follow the lead of the darkside as it lives. Souls do not fight back because they totally accept the darkside deception and their programmed overview of life without question. They lack the mental prowess and the enlightenment with which to grapple with the status quo system within. They are unable to use understanding to completely decipher and take the deception/programming apart. They do not know how to overthrow the reign of the dark side within, and to assume the reins of power. The ruling dark side within has a grub-stake in this materialist system which gives them some completeness, and they are dedicated to pursuing, preserving and extending it, without loss. Thus, to enlighten the sleeping soul, one has to get past the ruling dark side within. For the dark side within, getting more does not mean greater freedom from external striving to be used for reflection and introspection: it means a bigger arsenal with which to enhance success in the materialist power-chase. Greed, not philosophy, is enabled by more! Less produces the same response. The darkside nature is intrinsically greedy.

There is a group of darksiders who consider themselves to be PLAYERS. Their game is preying by playing. They claim that they take the dullness and monotony away from life by the dramas they create. They converse by talk/back talk, and behave by action/reaction. The dramas they enact or situations that they 'stage' give them the opportunity to assay their victims, as they interfere with, and subsequently prey on them. Every interaction is their 'showtime' to the world. In this, they display their winning moves in front of the entertainment-seeking jury or 'panchayat' of darkside tribes. This jury then awards their biased verdict based on whether the 'showman' is darkside or not. This is how the various colors or hives award themselves women and other material options. All the shows and 'false flags' are for manufacturing consent from their own kind. Good people will never support staged nonsense that evoke platitudinous reactions. Darksiders believe that they have unfettered access to everybody else despite the rights of others to live in freedom and, and with privacy. They just interfere with you and dare you to stop them. The law does not like its time wasted with petty not-crime incidents. The darksiders take advantage of this. The darkside do not know the fundamental difference between good and evil consciousness'. They think that 'goody-two-shoes' actions are just another kind of role, to be played for the effects it produces. All actions that creates success in preying or in materialist seeking is re-defined by them as good action. All actions that result in failure are bad ones. Darksiders are busy everyday updating their own stock of 'good' actions and 'unlearning' bad actions. They do not believe in the governance of the law of karma that says 'as you sow you reap'. They don't believe in the concept of 'sin' because they have a 'by any means necessary' philosophy of survival. Such is their justification for moral depravity. They do not believe that there is divine justice. They know human 'justice' can be beaten: You don't have to pay for successful crimes if you can buy off the justice system or otherwise stop it. They believe that actions are bad only if you get caught. Then, you do actions for damage control. They believe that life must be lived by taking up roles and dropping off roles as needed by the exigencies of the situation. Since God set up no  automatic reward or punishment at the time an action is committed, there must be no cause-effect consequences at all. If there were, consequences would manifest. God is not to be feared as a basis for curtailing evil action. Evil action is not wrong if it brings the rewards of applied cunning and force in successful preying. After successful preying, predators are known to say "Thank God for that". They will even rewrite the history of their actions to create merit for themselves and re-cast their actual doings in a more favorable light. The 'rapists' from the different darkside hives present themselves as heroes and as qualifiers for material plenty after they deceive/tempt/force virgins into having sex. The deception is in the girls feeling that virginity is a curse or an obstacle that must go before they can achieve womanhood, and that sexual experience is a pre-condition for happiness ever after (actually, being a virgin with no sexual experience will quicker keep a mate faithful). Catching a female after successful stalking and preying makes you an instant hero among darksiders. They are rapists because deception/temptation/force, in the face of mind-control work on females using things like sleep deprivation and starvation to remake the 'heads' of the females to be more pliant and compliant, is really playing with loaded dice or with aces up the sleeve. That females accept that, is a sign of their own complicity in the darkside nature. Females accept their darksides being built by society into big snakes with 'killing-by-natural-causes' power. They mostly accept the mechanism of the sex school in giving male predators license to get intimate with them in all ways. The women insist that they must have the predators kind of 'love' first, then the 'love' of the good guy. They insist that they must have it both ways, and they do get all the sexual intimacy they want. But not much else! They insist on the mental 're-make' or mind-control that corrects the 'bitchy' consequence of sexual 'freezing'. Becoming a prostitute seems to be no big thing for them who want to be desired, who want ego-building, and love-happiness too! Easily available boy-toys suit male predators, not good/soul people. The darksiders have imposed their way of life and preferences on the society. There is therefore no basis for happy harmonious family lives. Pimps and prostitutes is all the society touts and peddles.

So darksiders force others to convert to the dark side. They do not teach anybody but inflict themselves on others in their preying using force and cunning or wiles. They claim that good people use self-control, which is why the good can resist darkside indulgences. This is not totally true. Good/soul people are a different kind of invisible substance in the body, with different responses to material situations, compared to darksiders. Detachment and other spiritual qualities flow from soul nature, while evil qualities flow from darkside substance. Self control is used by good people to keep from letting the governance of the body drift into the arms of the darkside. This is done by resisting and overcoming temptation. Temptation is a bait used to entice and elicit the growth of the dark side within. The dark side WILL respond to the enticing lures. It will make a bee-line towards enjoyment. It will want to hit back when attacked too. In view of the trouble that comes as consequences, the soul restrains and controls the responses/behavior that the body does. The dark side within itself waves temptations to get the cooperation of the soul or to plunge ahead of the soul's ability to pick up on what's going on, or ahead of its ability to stop everything and say no! Creating giddy-headedness is one of its favorite modes of attack. Creating forgetfulness is another!

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