Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Female Hive Is Evil. 3

The world we live in is populated by a darkside majority and a minority of good people. The majority have organised themselves into a system that synchronises and unfolds their predatory natures. They expect everyone to act and react within the parameters and options presented by their system. The system is blue-printed and overseen by the Occult elites and discarnate satanic forces. We find that the functionally illiterate masses have fallen lock, stock and barrel for the wiles of the darkside/satan within. They have become satan conspiring to have comfort zones, pleasures and governance over others. To advance in the system set up by the elites takes education. The masses have either gathered qualifications, resorted to job seniority or simply conspired to acquire wealth, comfort zones and authority over others. The darksiders receive their operating plans and orders, or directions for action, via the process of eyeball reading, and by darkside to darkside communication. A darksider is a darkside force plus the bacteria in the body, working together. The soul is usually present as an overwhelmed and asleep giver of life to the body. Only an awakened soul will present a different behavioral paradigm to the world. The darksiders view this different paradigm as dissent or rebellion, when in fact it is the natural behavior of the soul. They will try to either destroy the body or completely marginalise such a soul, making its life to be just a witness to a passing parade, and without the option of having any influence with which to fuel the cause of souls. Another option they exercise is to try to overturn the rule of the soul by giving fuel to the inner darkside's growth. They can also increase the population of the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other kinds of life-forms by bio-warfare, to tilt the scale in favor of the darkside. Darksiders automatically know who is soul and who is darkside because they are 'one' with the inner darksides in every body. They want a colonising victory in every soul's body. The rigid darkside system is meant to eliminate the possibility of any souls rising up to rule their bodies. The darkside/bacteria combo configures the human landscape for their rule, and their proliferation.

Darksiders (men and women) aggressively relate to good people. The typical pattern of such relating to good people can be summarised by the words/phrases destroy, control, dominate, reduce, retard, disable, inflict/afflict, pauperise, kill, set-up, deceive, harm, deprive, out-do, entrap, harass, give less or none, take from, prey on, interefere, pull and tie attention, enslave, collude against, stooge-ify, etc. It is never to ignore or promote the welfare of the good guys. The lives of good people are darksiders' principal business and focus. The female hive blesses and supports all the evil that the darkside colors inflict on the good guys. They destroy the lives of their enemies (good people or less powerful colors) then apply cunning to create faults in their victims by rewriting of the history of events. These alleged faults legitimise the attacks of darksiders on good people. satan corrects the imaginary sins of the good guys while viewing their own sins as meritorious action. They shift the blame for failure of others from themselves to their victims, while secretly celebrating their prowess in creating and implementing 'winning' moves. No guilt is felt, and certainly no remorse....until they are brought to justice, if ever. If their victims survive, they talk about paying them. They still insist that certain endgame moves in the sex games be implemented by the good guys/stooges, and never admit that the modus operandi of their paradigm fulfils their purposes, not anybody else's. They still pretend that they are fulfilling God's mandate for them, and that they are doing the work laid out for them by him. How they treat good people is in stark contrast to how they treat themselves and their own kind: enhance, enable, tolerate, promote, build ego, accumulate, cooperate, validate, be considerate, help go forward, give more, help sin and let sin, etc. Their priorities on the hierarchy of human needs are the accumulation of material things and opportunities, the control of the distribution of wealth, control of the access to the wealth and pleasures of earth, and rigid censorship of who gets the power to influence or manage others . They have erected their own darkside rites of passage so that 'signing' virgins, or supporting the female hive, brings material plenty. The societal hierarchy is constructed based on who can give good sex, and attendant entertainment, to the female hive. All other talents and behavior that others possess do not matter. Snake-power backed by female control of institutions and agencies guarantee that the wishes of the female hive are always enforced. Sodom and Gommorah is recreated on an ongoing basis by the female hive. Mankind is doomed, one way or another.

The darkside idea of staging gender games to distribute annual 'crops' of virgins is a diabolical scheme. The sex school is really a device for keeping the darkside nature strong, their powers well-honed, and for perpetuating their governance of society by perpetuating their numerical superiority. It is meant to install darksiders in positions of material adequacy, and of excess, while assuring that only darksiders who pamper to the sexual- and other desire-driven indulgences of the female hive's agenda make it in life. Without the backing of the female hive, the lives of differently-behaved males become torturous or terminated early. Why do the virgins show up at this darkside party? Maybe they want to know sex. Maybe they are society's captives. Most likely, they are darksiders themselves, blindly following the darkside script or movie. They cannot seriously believe that they need training for sex, unlike the rest of female creation. They cannot seriously believe that the sex school will cultivate them into womanhood, with the possibility of love and happiness. The female hive is all about breaking out the young girls into a life of sex, which is to be used to ride piggy back on males, as their route to material acquisitions. Maybe, too, they just accept the darkside's society overwhelming force, and, in fear, look on the experience as simply what girls have to go through in life. And, they discover that no parents or other family will save them from this fate. Young males are expected to follow the pattern laid down by the female hive (giving females shares of their material resources and give females good sex on demand regardless of morality or love) or lose all and live barren lives. Falling in love with a single female, getting married and living in fidelity is out of the question. You have to share yourself around in order to make it, or make it big. Then, not all males make it. If the numbered girls and shapeshifters involve good guys in their game, it is for ruin and destruction not success. The numbered girls get their opportunity to have as many men as they can handle, get to feel that they are the best and most desirable in society, and that they are the stars in life above all lesser females. As back-up, they have their greater snake-power (like queen bees) and the rest of their darkside hives. The female hive is busy playing God and does select who will succeed and who will fail. Families engage in the buying and selling of their daughter's 'meat' when the various crews have finished making them sex-ready! In the process, rights, freedoms, free will and living according to God's tenets are completely discarded.

 Darksiders point to their material plenty or to their numbers and powers (eg mind-reading) as proof of their greater worthiness and superiority. Females, assured of their beauty, their pleasure-giving ability or desirability, or their energy-powers feel superior enough to males as to play God for them. They know that they can make or break males. Darksider males, however, are wont to point to their hard-working natures (as opposed to the lazy natures of the good guys) as their justification for having more. Hustle and bustle and physical sweat is easy to detect. Brain-sweat cannot be detected at all, and it is the hardest kind of work to do. The evidence of lots of 'brain-sweat' is the knowledge one has. Even parrot-like knowledge takes tremendous effort...imagine what it takes for cutting-edge knowledge to be acquired. But then, for souls, it is not hard since every footstep placed on the frontier of knowledge is a joyful one. Darksiders have cunning and get information but they are not generally functionally, or otherwise, literate. Souls research knowledge for understanding the world. Darksiders research to enhance their cunning, and their ability to prey successfully. They hate the knowlege that souls can produce and which makes them look like second-raters. All the more reason why darksiders hate and destroy good or soul people. They do not like soul people to have any influence among others, and so they give soul people no opportunities to be in such positions. They carefully hide all the plots, corruption and conspiracies they are engaged in, and which produce their wealth, authority and comfort zones. That they are 'hardworking' is the excuse used to justify transference of wealth, opportunities and inheritances to only darksiders. It is all a lie because their lives are a series of deals and corrupt works. They hide the fact of being favored by the female hive. Darksiders are busy because the darkside cannot leave spaces in its behavioral repertoire for the soul to activate, sneak some behavior beyond darkside detection, or get access to help.  The soul already owns the body and its nature is not conditioned by any colonising impetus. They research their needs, and then make decisions in the direction of fulfilling them. There is no desire, greed, cunning or ambition involved. The soul comes with its good feeling or esteem and needs no hierarchical mobility, ego-building or desire-fulfillment to experience it. They are not attached to the fruits of action because they know that the female hive or male darksiders can give failure for actions done. The low-life darkside uses plain hatred of souls fueled by emotions like anger and jealousy as motivation for wiping the smile of the faces of good people, for giving them sour lives, or for killing them off with physical or energy- force.

Like male darksiders, the female hive does not know, or care about, soul people. They are abusers and stressers, causing all manner of maladies to afflict their victims. All they see in soul is competition which will upstage them in the external world. They have to show who is the boss. The inner darkside (the same force ruling female bodies) is on a path of destroying or sabotaging the body it rules. The soul does not settle for that, once it gets an inkling of what is really going on. Souls challenge them for the ownership of the bodies which they own but which the darkside/bacteria combo possesses. The thief steals the house and will not let the owner retake it. The female hive fights the soul to reduce him in order to help his inner dark side. They will not let the soul-owner retake his house. Thus, the suppressed soul can never develop or unfold to fully control its body. The darksiders (male and female) build the dark side within others by treating bodies as if they are darkside-owned. Thus, darksiders treat souls as if soul is just another dark side. Good acts, acts of compassion and charity, and righteous acts, are deemed by darksiders to be mere masks worn by soul people to 'play' with because darksiders operate like that. They want the dark side in you to grow, and they give it all the help and support it's needs while denying the soul its opportunities for unfolding its nature, or of becoming self-sufficient materially. They deny the soul its status and validate the dark side within. They give the souls that resist only barren wasted lives. Males who make religion the prime motivator in their lives are extremely at risk for sorrow in their lives, while darkside males can laugh their way through life. The religious thrust of being good, doing good deeds and helping others is not allowed to overshadow the female hive's thrust of 'please us with sex and materials, or else'.

Souls cannot live like darksiders do, without their dark sides taking over. You cannot eat the food they eat or indulge in the activities they do, or try to live like them. You cannot pursue desire and sexual pleasure without boosting your dark side into rulership. A soul must live like an island in a sea of darksiders, fighting to stay afloat. The ubiquitous fuel for the growth of the darkside nature is desire, which expresses as greed, ambition and all the low-life qualities evinced by darksiders. Civilisation is based on bodies embracing and fulfilling desire. Desire, not knowledge-based decisions, is the prime causation for the actions of the majority. The dark side's successful colonisation of the victim's body is achieved by the spontaneous generation of desire and its urgent fulfillment by action. Successful dark side action boosts the ego, while tiltillating the feel-good energy of the darkside/bacteria combo. This self-validates the darkside/bacteria combo as the most worthy controller of the body. This validation lies in the boosting of the dark side's consciousness and power vis a vis the soul, once the action is done faster than soul can intercept and block. When a darksider attacks a soul person, this same modus operandi is followed. When the soul person cannot react with like speed, he gets suppressed, and his dark side gets a boost. This is experienced by the soul as a painful 'cut' to his consciousness. Of course, the soul person does not live in the shallow world of darksiders. This darkside victory by 'cutting' is immaterial in the more profound world of the soul. All this tells the soul is that he must cure the pain of the 'cut', discover how the 'cutting' mechanism works, and he must institute measures for preventing the dark side within from being built by darkside attacks. The soul knows that darksiders are going nowhere very quickly.

The female hive projects that the greatest quality or talent a male has is his penis, and if he has that in sufficient quantity or knows how to give females pleasure with it, or shares it among females in need, then his life will be a joyride. For them, it doesn't matter if you are righteous, spiritually evolved or talented. They can use their collective snake-power to reduce you to nought if you don't comply with their paradigm. And you have to go with the females that they select and send to you. Nothing happens by accident. If you find that you don't get any girls or material success, they tell you that it is not your time. They tell you that you are asleep, and must wake up. They tell you that the lines are long and that you are at the back...dead last. They give girls and wealth to their sons and preferred males first, and whatever dregs remain, souls can try them. The numbered girls book good males as their last preferences, to be tethered on leashes until they are ready. And then again when you meet girls, you must go directly to the sex act to qualify for benefits. If you don't rush the 'cherry' you will not get a second chance. The same girls will even turn against you. Speed of 'signing' is more important to them than any 'getting to know you', relationship-building, or romantic interludes. Even sizing up issues of compatibility has no top priority. Have sex as fast as possible or lose out, is their policy. By having societies operate by this paradigm, the female hive ties consciousness to the darkside's animal instincts and so prevents any human evolution in terms of spirit or consciousness. This paradigm secures for the female hive their prime role in the controlling and directing of the courses and outcomes of human lives. The female hive plays God for the human race. Even God allows humans the right of free will, so he doesn't interfere or plan their lives for them. This fact is taken advantage of by the darkside females as they replace God! The female hive protects the survival of their paradigm by doing evil acts, or by blessing and cooperating with other darksiders in the commission of evil acts, against those who knowingly or unknowingly operate outside of their paradigm. All the 'laundry', washing and cleaning committed against good people to convert them into darksiders is instigated by the female hive. However, the female hive cannot stop  the persevering soul which expands its own nature of knowledge, awareness and bliss/harmony as its cornerstones of  fightback. The soul must place material things and experiences in their rightful places: learning to live with little while using knowledge to restore its immunity to the slings and tortures levied by the darksiders. In the process, the soul learns that to live according to mainstream, but darkside, traditions is to actually abet the growth of the dark side within. They learn, too, that the guidance and protection of God is crucial to staying alive and surviving.

All society's platitudes about freedom, equality (of opportunity etc)and justice do not exist for you, if you do not belong to the various hives or colors, or if you do not support or promote their system. Being a true individual with control over one's consciousness, and seeking out life according to one's own decision-making and talents, is a no-no. They will proceed to destroy you, as is correctly enunciated in the biblical 'mark of the beast' advisory. Seeking one's own destiny or taking one's life into one's own hands, by embracing the rights and freedoms assured by the laws of the State while ignoring their system of things, draws their ire, their collusion and their death-giving or mind-control 'operations'. The latter they cleverly disguise as 'laundry' or 'kitchen' operations involving cleaning, washing, cooking etc. They fool everyone by using language which is not descriptive of what is actually being done. For example, 'forced' signage of a virgin is actually rape but who will prosecute who, when law enforcement belongs to the darkside hives and are directly or indirectly involved in that charade. Darksiders possess the arrogance of superior numbers fueled by the prospect of even greater numbers as their sex-scool reproductive machinery is successful season after season, and year after year. They do not really need the satanic powers that gives them covert power. They control societies by their control of formal management, and by populating the general employment landscape. More specifically, they populate the agencies that provide private and public services on whom everyone depends. And, they take their personal agendas to work! This is how the 'beast' controls societies. Human rights and freedoms are of no concern to darksiders. The bodies we see, enact the agendas of the possessing darkside, and of the colonies of bacteria that make up 90% of those bodies. As such, there are few real human beings or soul-run bodies.

The darksiders have made society their hunting grounds for pleasure, and for female energy warriors with which the various colors can conduct their rivalry for the economic and other pies. Mamma's boys keep the good life going for themselves and their successors, by any means necessary. They pay attention to their immediate material welfare and to the sexual pathway to riches: just put your signature 'underneath' and you qualify. They do not consider karma. But, they will, now that God's hierarchy has defeated the satanic hierarchy, and their powers have dried up. Their bad karma will transmute into destruction by Armageddon. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, it is because of bad karma (unrighteousness) and the killing of good people that God is scripting destruction by Armageddon. So, they can describe their bad karmic activities in whatever meritorious terms that they can contrive, God is not fooled! The elites, too, frown on a system that they created but which has led to such a vast explosion in population, that they now have to kill or sterilise humans in order to limit or reduce population. They want a more easily manageable size of population, according to the Georgia Guidestones. Engineering population reduction by Nuclear war and Eugenics involves the creation of too much bad karma. If the elites cleaned up their act, there are other ways of stopping the sexual madness of the darkside colors or hives that the elites themselves created. The key focus should be how to destroy the darkside/bacteria combo which (for females) places beauty and physical assets ahead of being soul. A major reform would be completely dumping economic theory and institutions, and refocusing life on soul evolution instead of money and wealth. Any civilisation that has women focused on bodies instead of souls, and on the pleasuring of their bodies as a basis for distributing material well-being, has completely missed the point.

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