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The Female Hive Is Evil. 4

The darkside majority in society is mirrored in the composition of families. Families are also dominated by darksiders. This spells ruination and destruction for good guys in families, especially if a just father is absent, and if the females therein serve the female hive. The darksiders in a family usually band together against good family member(s) while simultaneously playing for their individual hives or colors. The wishes of the various darkside hives come to bear against the good guy minority in the families. The darkside society acts against the good guy, and their representatives in the family use the fact of blood relation, to have easy access to good guys for aiding and abetting the plans of the darkside society. Family members of a good guy are usually enemies pretending to be true family. They enforce suppression and evil acts against the good guy while enacting dramas and propaganda which essentially amount to 'blame the victim'. In such situations, good guys cannot do anything right and fail to progress materially because they're too lazy, have only bad qualities, and have no redeeming qualities. What goes down as 'family relations' is nothing more than pure hate, victimisation and discrimination in action. The darkside society chooses who will get the family wealth and inheritances, get social recognition, become the family spokesmen and 'stars', get employment and sundry advancement opportunities, and the darkside family members enforce those choices. They then replace truth by 'blame-the-victim' propaganda. They lie and fabricate to give onlookers the impression that they are fully justified in not caring about the 'failing' good guy, but hide the facts of their evil actions against him. They hide their roles in his victimisation. There will be condemnation but no help from the darkside family. The game is uppermost in the activities of the darkside elements of the family. It is not just competition being enacted, but enmity. The virgins are sold out to darkside 'Mamma' and her boys, instead of being nurtured, shielded or supported until they choose their own mates. The good guys are sabotaged so that no success can be reaped. The society's darkside government rivals the elites in their application of cruelty. The brutalised also become brutal, as many sex school graduates turn into man-hating feminists. The good guys in families usually find themselves being preyed on or destroyed by their own blood relations. Inheritances are usually earmarked for darksiders not the good guys, and if not, there are plots to steal whatever little the good guys get.

The family members enable other darksiders to mount attacks and operations on the good guy, while assuring that he does not retaliate against them. The good guy is not allowed to fight back. The darksiders/family rewrite the history of events to present the good guy as a troublemaker, especially if he fights back. They insist that his attackers are innocent, and cast aspersions on the mental state of the good guy. They even join the darkside chorus of voices which accuse the good guy of being racist, if fightback takes place against attacks mounted by other races. Of what use is blood family, in this case? They only serve themselves. The plots of the darkside society are also their plots. Their behavioral manner will be....'I control you', 'Nothing for you', I don't care about you', You cannot do anything right', 'You are to be constantly blamed for everything', 'You cannot call any shots of any kind', ' You cannot become a manager or a supervisor on our watch', etc. Darkside family members will sabotage the good guy's life, and projects, to create failure, and consequent dependence on them. In fact, in some cultures, they conduct secret bio-chemical warfare and sorcery on the good guy family member, infiltrating vaginal germs and occult substances into his food and drink. The end result is a feeble good guy who is very susceptible to darkside energy and voices attack. Those bacteria are very receptive to external stimuli like sound, images, energy and pressure. They produce a suppressed , always worried feeling: one of being stifled, and one of being very vulnerable to the invasions of the external darksiders. The bad bacteria/darkside combo is the link through which the darksiders can attack the body, and interface their evil nature with the soul consciousness. Destroy those bacteria, and the problem goes away. That's how you test the veracity of this information.

The female hive doles out misfortunes to good guys within families. They use their snake-power and their stations in life to that effect. This is based on the fact that they can, and they generate a constant stream of propaganda justifying such action. They enable darkside family members, but retard and destroy good guys. They work with family members to stage the sex-school and gender games, so the darkside family members can win. They work with the powerful girls (with numbers) to cause the ruination and destruction of the good guy family members. The good guy encounters the girls with numbers who are being contested for in the gender games, starting with the #1. Each girl pulls and ties the good guy's dark side, or so they think. The good guy is supposed to zero in on having sex with her in the shortest possible time. The script each girl operates by does not accommodate that. She must have mamma's boys working on her, and give flesh to the activities of the sex school. She has to operate like a big queen bee....bigger than the girls of less power. She shows her 'bigness' by stealing the boyfriends of lesser girls, and by having all desirable males contest for her. Her enormous energies are for the use of who controls her at any given moment. Any effort of the good guy, to get close to her or 'sign' her, is an opening for a set-up or accident to take place. The good guy is dealing with a 'snake with power', and he will be 'cut' or hit with energy. There can be no being 'forward' or taking liberties with her. This is the prerogative of mamma's boys only. With mamma and her boys in control, the good guy will be under snake-power attack while being told by the darkside voice-attackers that 'pressure bursts pipes'. The expectation is that the good guy will likely die of stroke or heart-attack. If not, the myriad of other attacks or economic discrimination will likely send him mad, or drive him to suicide. Of course, any acts of desperation will be punished severely.

The girls with numbers manage their scripts to achieve the ruination and destruction of the good guy. They are there to become the emotional focus of the good guys, and they pretend to care secretively. They have the powers, energies and lures with which to build the good guy's dark side, so it runs the life of the good guy from an emotional platform. Innocent good guys are looking for love but the girls are looking for sex....and a color to work for! So, they will pretend to care and set up the good guy but it is mamma's boys who can get intimate with her. Good guys are no fools, and they will respond to evidence of being jilted! By the emotional focus, and if the pulling and tying has been successful, no other, except the numbered girls, will be considered by the good guy. Good guys understand the emotional trap only after the trap is deciphered. Besides, lesser girls do not come forward when they're acting in solidarity with the script of the female darkside hive, or when they're too busy with mamma's boys. It is the non-numbered girls who are the real targets of the darkside society because they have less power, and correspondingly are more soul than the numbered darkside females. The darkside society focuses on the numbered girls to create a kind of 'tunnel-vision', so no-one will look at what's happening with the lesser girls. Mamma's boys use the sex school to have their fun and usually win the sex school games, even though they are preparing the numbered girls to be excellent traps for catching the good guys. Good males and females are thusly targeted. A hyper-sexualised female has the mentality of a prostitute. The whole concept of the 'house chores' is used as justification what goes on  in the sex-school. There is terminology like 'cooking', 'cleaning', 'washing', 'laundry', etc, but these are nothing more than mind-control operations being effected by the darkside majority. The numbered girls are nothing more than willing sex-slaves, with mamma's boys as their handlers. No good guy will voluntarily commit to a relationship with them because of that karmic baggage. This is why they try 'cooking' and 'washing' on the good guy himself, using sleep-deprivation, energy (including EMF radiation), etc, in an attempt to force the numbered-girl-with-good-guy result. They want a docile compliant good guy, with a body that is run by the dark side within. They also economically marginalise or pauperise the good guy and present the numbered sex school graduates as the only way out available to material enough. No good guy will be so desperate as to agree to that deal. So we find that the sinful darksiders pretending to righteousness by presenting that their mind-control and other engineering of society, to be a 'cleaning' of some sort. This is the deception propagated by darksiders in the furtherance of their agenda.

The life of good guys ends up being just a passing parade. By the time the procession of the numbered girls is over, decades have gone by and even his old age is no reason for the darksiders to stop the ongoing games and accompanying attacks on him. Each generation lives their own 'eat, drink, be merry, get rich and have fun' lives, and as they get older they pass on the sex-school mantle to the next generation. The numbered girls each get their ego-building opportunities in the games. They get to have as many boyfriends as they want, from the long lines waiting to get intimate with them. They even steal the boyfriends from the un-numbered girls because they can. So, the good guy is only one of male possibilities for them. They play the field, and the good guy was brought into the fray just to be the losing opponent. If he dies from snake-power shots or from set-ups and accidents, or if he ends up caught in a relationship with a mind-controlled sex-slave, he loses. The script of the numbered girls does not include any non-sex-school plots. They pull and tie the good guy then let themselves be caught and worked on by the 'kitchen and laundry' crews of the darkside society. The good guy is just a stooge whose presence provides excuses and permissions for all the doings of the sex-school. They posit that the good guy enables or grants permission for all that takes place, by the fact of him not stopping it. What they don't say is that nobody listens to him anyway. Good guys need bigger snake-power to stop anything. Being souls, they do not have that. Each numbered girl ensures that she pushes away or sets up the good guy, so he is ready to entertain the possibility of the next numbered girl. The female hive and mamma's boys ensure that the good guy/stooge gets to know or encounter all the numbered girls. This takes decades and by the time his generation of mamma's boys finish their cooking and washing, both the good guy and the older numbered girls are old and beat-up. This is how the darkside society achieves the ruin of the good guy. The numbered girls may or may not become 'signed'. If they are signed, they make a big show of not being so, at least for the good guy. The longer they remain unsigned, the longer will all the hives attack, persecute and attempt to destroy the good guy, so they can win the game. The colors or hives do not want the good guy, if he survives, to get the numbered girls, or any girl who belongs to their hive, or any particular girl(s) that they fancy. After sated with all the intimacy, ego-building and corresponding persecution and suppression of the good guy, and goal achievement, the darksiders may give the good guy a sex-school graduate as proof that they really did all of that for him. After being attacked and persecuted, forced to go to run to other places or rendered destitute, the good guy is expected to keep on playing the game and cooperating with the various colors, even by 'sharing' girls with them.. Some good guys may jump at the chance at getting a way out of suffering and poverty, and lacking other roads to economic viability, they may take the sex-school graduate as their ticket out of suffering. All the colors or hives 'play' by attacking the good guy at the same time. This is the reason why the good guys finish last, die, suffer complete ruination, or has a life of nothing. If God and his hierarchy does not step in and guide or teach the good guy, his end is sure. There is no good-guy support group to help the good guy to meet his basic needs. Even the economic safety net and opportunities of the State are in the hands of darksiders. The inheritances and family resources go to the darksiders, so from where will deliverance come? God does not seem to deal in material support for his people. Darksiders control the economic pie and not God but satan controls them.

Darksiders' powers and behavior are not only to be explained in terms of the needs and potencies of the colonies of 'colonising' bad bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. The darkside itself is infused with powers, energy and directions for action. Powerful darksiders serve as power plants and tactical commanders for lesser darksides. There are queen bees and 'avatars of the night' cropping up at various times in sundry places. In every region there is a darksider who is 'bigger' than the rest. That powerful male darksider is referred to as 'the man', and darksiders follow his overlordship. Queen bees are females with tremendous powers and energy, and they boost their hives or gender with significant power. They can usually shift the shape of their bodies to resemble others. The problem with darksiders is that their power rises and falls according to the status of who feeds them. Their powers waxes and wanes with moon changes. When their leaders lose their power, they lose theirs. It is not God who is fueling them, though they claim this at the pinnacle of power. They still hate good people when they lose their power but can't understand what caused their loss of ability to affect them. They will still do what they can to destroy good people. The eventual source of demonic power is the invisible satanic hierarchy. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, the status of the evil vs good war on earth is determined by the state of the battle in the subtle dimensions between the satanic hierarchy and God's hierarchy. They say that there are invisible hellish and heavenly dimensions populated by un-incarnated beings. These dimensions are arrayed in hierarchies according to the degree of evolution of the respective inhabitants. Both groups send forth their kinds of energies to earth, in war. This time around, it seems that the hellish regions caught the good invisible hierarchy napping. Evil people were cultivated or fed with all kinds of energies, powers, influences and potencies. The good guys on earth were relentlessly pummeled by evil energies and works. The SRF believes that the good guys outnumber the bad guys by 70% to 30 %. I do not have faith in those figures. My firsthand estimate is that it is evil which controls 70% of the population. The last quarter of the 20th century saw a heightening of the rule of evil on earth. The only fightback came from righteous earthlings, including the 'Paratpar Guru', and this only from 1993 according to the SRF. Ten years later, earth-based evil-fighters numbered 35. Certain heavenly forces started to fight back in the subtle dimensions in 2004 but gave up in 2008, in failure. Two spiritual beings from 'Maharlok' joined the battle in 2009, while 2 more from 'Janalok' joined in in 2014. By 2017 there will be 10 beings from up to the more evolved 'Tapolok' engaged in fighting, and in the restoration of goodness. This figure will go up to 25 by 2019. The importance of this information is that it explains why the powers and potencies of the rampaging darksiders waned and evaporated, to be replaced by a deepening harmony and good energy in the air around us. Others notice the great 'awakening' and posit polar reversal or some other explanation for the difference experienced in the consciousness, and even in physical health. I can say that the waning and evaporation of darkside 'tension' energy roughly approximates the 'alleged' entry into the subtle war, in 2009 and 2013, of those 4 beings from the higher worlds in the universe. From the way it feels, the positive energy will get even more intense as WW3 goes through its course. The darksiders, including the evil female hive, will have only physical and coercive force to rule with. Their managerial positions in the society will be used to full effect but it will be in vain. Armageddon will not spare the darksiders. Who is not destroyed will be shunned by those who survive. God is BOSS, not woman.

The darkside consciousness is completely focused on the external world. The normal internal-to-consciousness processes of soul are pre-empted because of the absence of the use of a brain which can interface with higher dimensions of consciousness. The soul is resident in the brain and the darkside cannot coexist with it there. The darkside/bacteria combo occupies the sense organs, and processes information from these in their own substances. Each sense organ processes its own kind of info which is used by darkside cunning, or the soul's brain, to generate responses. The darkside, however, rushes into responding, thereby pre-empting the soul's more studied response. The darkside makes a beeline for enjoyment and pleasure which are components of preying. Females are 'eaten' in the same mode as predators consume their prey. 'Eat, drink and be merry' is the darkside's motto. The darkside can move the body in response to sense organ info. Though both souls and darksides use the senses, only vigilant souls are aware of the trespasser. Bacteria are conscious, and being microscopic, can enter and reside anywhere in the body, even within the cells that make up the immune system. The soul needs its house or brain to enable it to decipher the matrix it lives in, but also to explore its own nature, and expands or contracts there. Soul relies on the nervous system to be aware of, and to use, the body. The darkside/bacteria combo also lives in the flesh, and its 'brain' is in its substance. Things like chakras are of the darkside/bacteria combo, not the soul. Even gut feelings come from the combo. The soul can will the darkside/bacteria combo, chakras inclusive, to sleep by willing the body-parts to sleep, as is done in relaxation of the body prior to meditation. The meditation that involves reading and understanding, with introspection, usually achieves some loss of body consciousness, with the head alone really being awake. The darkside cannot meditate in the same manner, as do souls. They can use the eyes to hook up to the darksides in others (mind-reading), or to hook up to the Occult hierarchy which feeds them their version of 'intuition'. The soul operates in both internal and external modes as is described by the saying 'look before you leap'. The darkside operates directly from the contents of its nature and from its programming, while using info from the senses to construct behavior that is taken to be the living of a life. There is no sense of right and wrong to guide actions. The darkside has no conscience, and is perpetually engaging in esteem- or ego-building, not having an innate supply of esteem like the soul. It always preys on others, wanting to control others, conquer them or manage them. This is how it gets its esteem.The darkside/bacteria combo sees, hears, speaks, tastes, feels, moves and it is very programmable. The sex-school exists to give life to the darksides in female bodies, and to ensure that the darkside wins the war for the body. Girls get their sex-addiction from it. In the process, whatever chance they had of becoming souls is completely lost! The mammas' want their boys to have enough toys, just as they were toys when younger.

The female hive has taken one minor aspect of living i.e. their reproductive function (the others are: growth, respiration, movement, nutrition, excretion and irritability), and magnified the attention placed on it, and changed it into their dominant reason for being. They have become like a gigantic pleasure Corporation that legislates that who don't indulge in that vice have no right to be alive, or doing well. You get rewarded if you pander to them. If you don't cooperate with, or support their indulgences, you get killed, marginalised or ruined. That human beings come in several varieties counts for nought. That people are born because its their turn, and time to live, is totally ignored. That God, despite his power, does not assert himself over the lives of human beings, but gives them their right of free will, is not respected by these takers of free will who go about playing God. They create their own version of merit. You do not deserve a life for being a child of God: alive at present because God determined that this is your time to live. Your achievements, talents, track record of righteous action and service to others do not count. Their evaluation of you, based on your willing cooperation with them and their desire-filled superficial natures, is what counts most. They have derailed mankind's evolution in favor of their immediate carnal gratifications, thus effectively limiting mankind to satan's fold. They have no talent or special qualities, though they make such claims in order to justify their levying of oppression as the collateral damage of working for their hives and colors. Being able to 'push out a child' is such a great talent that males are excluded from greatness, and Godhood! Like other darksiders, they are forever trying to impress their victims about the genius of their cunning, about the supremacy of their mind-reading and predictive seer-ship, about the unbeatability of their numbers, about their absolute power to make or break their victims, about the 'rightness' of their cause, about their blessed good fortune vs victims losing cause, about their victims impotence and pitiful stations in life, about being able to indulge while living it up, about their bright futures, and about generally being bigger and better than their victims. As such they can do anything they want to their victims and there is nothing that their victims can do about it. Unless, of course, you accept servitude and do it their way. Such is the arrogance with which darksiders operate. More importantly, they reserve the right to allow their sons to do and have whatever they wish from generation to generation. Mamma loves her boys!

Females take getting a color to live and work for, as the prime consideration in their lives. This is their purpose in life, they claim. All other purposes in human living are displaced into oblivion. Pursuing spiritual life is a no-no because it closes the door on their madness, and cuts down their ability to affect you. They want you to live in an ashram or monastery if you want to pursue spiritual life, denying that spirituality is the key factor in all human living. They present their satanic powers, their shape-shifting powers and their mind-reading as proof of them already being spiritual. They consider the backing of their color or hive as sufficient reason for the giving or taking of the material lives of others. They are determining the lives of humans, when even God does not assert this power or capacity. It is all darkside arrogance. It is all the satan in them doing these things. And, they don't want to know any better. Henry Makow has quite eloquently described the debacle that mankind faces today. He says that...."Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism). This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second". It is darksiders, and especially the female hive, who are the enforcers of that servitude. So, those of us who are good are kept from living lives of practical goodness and of reveling in the spirit. We are derailed from these pursuits into defending against lifelong attacks from darksiders, and into eking out a survival in enemy territory. Good guys never achieve the lives they strive for because darksiders spend their lives preying on them. No matter how much you try to live life, minding your own business while not trespassing on others, trouble and extraneous concerns come to meet you. Your life and concerns gets diverted into solving problems not of your own making. You get nowhere. And darksiders claims that 'it is not your turn', or admonishings that ' you must take your time', or other convenient concoction that legitimises their preying on you, rings hollower and hollower with every utterance. Its as if you can't go nowhere spiritually while living peacefully in this life. Its like death opens a door for living the lives you want to live but cannot live while alive. In another post, "Seeing death in a positive light", Makow states that..."We measure everything in terms of our material dimension. But the material dimension is holding us back. The collective obsession with money, sex and creature comforts enchains the soul. Perhaps death is liberation. Perhaps the real party is happening somewhere else and our "life" is a pale imitation of the real thing". This is a very sad state of things, and an indictment on the Elites and the various colors or hives which claim to govern Earth, and play God for it. Yet, God designed good people to live the lives that is guided by their natures. They were born to live from the day of birth, and not wait in a body until their turn comes. They already waited before taking birth. They are being trespassed against under a false seal of legitimacy. The only option that can bear good fruit is to fight back. One can try to defend against the visible slings and arrows while plugging up the loopholes which give the darkside unlimited access to you. They can affect you and manipulate you because you have a bit of them in you. You have to cut down, and take control of, that 'little bit of them' in you. This means cutting down the darkside/bacteria combo within you. That much is very possible. According to the SRF, the coming Armageddon will eliminate about 60% of the world's population within the next 8 years. Nuclear weapons kill the good, bad and ugly without discrimination. One should take steps to get out of the hot zones, and out of the line of fire!

Hopefully, those who are the good guys will send an unequivocal message to the Elites, the darkside society as a whole, the various colors or hives (including the female hive), and other satanic elements in creation to the effect that.....WE'RE BIG AND WE HAVE SENSE. YOUR TYRANNY IS OVER. WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF YOU. GOD HAS TAKEN YOUR POWER. ARMAGEDDON WILL HUMBLE YOU. IF NOT, OUR CURSES WILL. What passes as life, in too many cases, is in fact tyranny. Life is a series of tyrannies that one accepts in order to keep on living. There is the tyranny of the Elites, whether as prime conspirators or as the overlords of a system that kills the soul. They are the principal producers and suppliers of goods and services. They are the principal architects of all that is wrong about earthly life. They are the slow-killers, and the fast-killers, of the rest of creation. If you cannot become a cog in their economic machinery, your days are pretty much over. There is much online about the Elites and their satanic affiliations and practices. The masses, too, are afflicted with and controlled by satan. This is evidenced by their brutal use of energy-force, coercion-force and other force to control society. Force takes away the free will and self-determination prerogatives of others. Trespass of any kind is very wrong, even if one recites the Lord's Prayer fervently. They must stop trespassing PERIOD. They cannot trespass in an ongoing way then seek God's forgiveness or apologise. That gambit is over. The next time they trespass, put a curse on them! Evil-doers sit in judgement over their own selves, but don't know it yet! We're big and we have sense! Mamma and her boys have to be told that Armageddon is here for them. They have to be put in their places. You have to counter every aggression...even if it means running away until you get strong enough to face it! Don't worry about death. Death may be a gateway to a more just way of things. Death is a physical body that has been compromised. The soul lives forever! The prostitution games of the female hive have no place in any civilised society. Sodom and Gommorah must be crushed to make spiritual living possible. It is the secret masonic lodges which bridge the wishes of the elites to the functioning of the masses. Your cities and neighborhoods are governed by mostly evil people. Armageddon is coming for all evil. God's hierarchy of workers is getting very busy!

Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism.) This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second. - See more at:
The NWO uses our desires to enslave us. Our penury is spiritual. We are beggars always looking for the next handout, addicts craving the next hit. This is satanic possession. - See more at:
The NWO uses our desires to enslave us. Our penury is spiritual. We are beggars always looking for the next handout, addicts craving the next hit. This is satanic possession. - See more at:
Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism.) This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second.
- See more at:

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