Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Is It All Really Lost? Or, Should You Prepare To Face Disaster? 1

In previous posts I have made available the SSRF's predictions concerning WW3. They say that its a light vs darkness battle. In a recent post, the SSRF has laid out a WW3 aftermath scenario. Key predictions for 2018 are that half the world's population will die from war and its aftermath or from natural disasters. They claim that 70% of the world's infrastructure will be destroyed. Most of the cities will be completely destroyed. Everything will be contaminated by nuclear fallout. Food will be scarce for 10 years, as will be gasoline and electricity. There will be a breakdown of law and order. Crime, looting and fighting for survival will be prevalent. There will be all kinds of sicknesses and disease. Emergency services and Government will not be able to cope, if they exist at all. The impact of the war will be felt for 30 years and the rebuilding will take 100 years. They have predicted that Pakistan will have a devastating earthquake in 2016. They also predicted that in 2017 the countries of the Middle East will be destroyed by bombs. They had predicted that WW3 would begin in 2015. There was a definite trend to war in 2015. Many commentators agree that WW3 has already begun.. See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Others predict that war is definitely very close. See here, here, here, and here. War is definitely on the horizonThis site ( and this) gives you an idea of the political build up to WW3. Both Russia and America are preparing for war. The USA is preparing for a cyber strike on Russia. The US has claimed to have done it. Russia is building fallout shelters. Russia has told its citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are. President Obama has threatened Russia with war while NATO and the UK is bolstering it's forces on the Russian border. In fact, NATO has put 300,000 troops on high alert. The Russian mood is that there will be war. Russia is deploying it's entire Northern Fleet to Syria. Sooner or later, the South China Sea situation might deteriorate, leading to war. US Army bases form an arc on the Russia border from Scandinavia all the way to Japan. This juxtaposition of Russian and US forces will lead to war provocations sooner or later. Who wins the US Presidential Elections in 2016 might be a factor in this though Mike Adams sees the coming collapse of Western Civilization.

Anyway Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Elections garnering the most Electoral Votes (306 to Hillary's 232). Some sites award Hillary the popular vote while others cite the latest numbers and give the popular vote to Trump. Soon after he won, calls for his assassination, protests and riots erupted. It is believed that George Soros is sponsoring this Purple Revolution. Putin congratulated him and expressed his desire to work with Trump for peace. President-elect Trump has to be officially elected by the Electoral College, then sworn in on January 20, 2017. That means Barack Obama is in office for another 2 months. It is, therefore, too early to say if there is a likelihood of WW3 erupting or escalating in 2017 or thereafter. Some have claimed that Trump's victory has pre-empted it! Also see here. Others predict a market crash in 2017 calculated to destroy Trump. Some say that ELECTIONS are a war between rival masonic factions! See here and here. Other bloggers are sceptical about Trump. He seems to have a lot of baggage! Here is a historical background to his clan. Make of it what you will! Some say that he is there as President-elect because the elites want it so! Trump's ties to Evangelicals is being questioned! His confidence is being traced to one of his mentors: Norman Vincent Peale! Others are saying that Trump is a zionist puppet! A Russian spokeswoman alleged that it was Jewish money which caused Trump's win. Another blog asks "Have Americans been Neo-conned"? Another blogger questions whether Trump is an 'anti-globalist' or a 'con man'. Trump's past sexual exploits has received much attention and speculation. For the American voters, however, Trump represents hope! Good Trump or bad Trump, time will tell, though John Kaminski thinks that the NEW BOSS is the same as the OLD BOSS. Others question Trump's sincerity, noting his stance on 9/11 and his friendship with Rudy Giuliani. Henry Makow opines that Trump is about 'making Israel great again'. Paul Craig Roberts is quite correct, though, that Trump should be given a chance because there are no people other than insiders to appoint to his Cabinet! The USA is divided over Trump's victory: some protest and riot while others celebrate. News-sites like www.whatreallyhappened.com and www.rense.com share the good news about President-elect Donald Trump. Considering Trump's background, his election promises, his Cabinet appointees and his burgeoning popularity, bloggers are cautiously optimistic. Trump seems to be the ultimate foil to the NWO and the answer to what's wrong with the USA, and perhaps the western world. Western Europe, however, is in dire distress with an influx of Moslem and African refugees. The gates of hell seems to have been opened there. God help the earth if the SSRF's predictions come true, or if civilisation collapses!


"While the world seems getting to the point of making its last gasps, the Elites and darkside masses are doing business as usual. You still have to face toxicities in practically every material thing you use or interact with. You still have to face the system of the darkside masses, with its sex school and their stranglehold over the societies and communities. The systems in place are not going to evaporate because the world seems to be coming to an end. It is understandable that Armageddon-frenzy can confine one's research to escape or survival. One still has to pay attention to the present life, and examine the matrix with a view to changing it to resemble something moral and good: something which will give your life what it does not currently have. Anxiety must not be allowed to reign. If death comes, it comes. If you lack the wherewithal to remove yourself from the rapidly closing jaws of destruction, it will not be that you didn't try. Maybe you don't believe the signs and portents which convey the sad ending, and believe that something will happen to stop all this. Fine! Hope is an ally. But do not classify those signs and portents as the negativity of people who should know better. Continue to trust the systems you live under, if that grants you relief. Some people research to get convenient truths. Some want to know what the current reality is, so that they can accept the things they can't change, while changing the things that they can. Those who have discovered purpose do not live willy-nilly: they become the change that they want! You have to know what to fight back against as you live from day to day. You also have to prepare to face the onset of war and the dislocations that it will entail. During war, there is societal breakdown. Your judgement of people will be your next best skill. Study people and see what they are, in order to be able assess their future potentials. Movies with zombies, robots, drones, UFOs etc give us added dimensions to our prognostications. What will you eat? How will you live? What will you do between now and the 'then' that will unfold? More importantly, if you survive Armageddon, will you be part of re-creating the world as you knew it, with all its plots and unhappiness? You must see how things work in the present in order to know what to change, and what to keep. Any world that operates as badly as this one, will end the same way: another Armageddon in the making!

Confidence in God doing personal salvage and rescue is at an all-time low. We are told that God is using Armageddon to destroy evil, and restore goodness throughout the Earth. He is probably acting in the interests of  the whole rather than on a person to person basis. So looking for help or rescue for yourself from the Divine Hierarchy, is probably going to end in disappointment. There is no good team to fight for, or to expect help from, if one considers the spiritual leaning of the masses. The majority are darksiders, living and doing things the darkside way. satan has installed himself in most human bodies, and manages the bounties of Earth for his own ongoing benefit, and continued rulership. So, there is no help in your personal lives, coming from any source. The Divine hierarchy is sending good energy to us. This is cancelling out satan's energy. But, the physical infrastructure on Earth is still in the hands of the darksiders. You can get some knowledge and guidance if you develop a partnership with God. But, it seems that that is all the help you can get. It is an awakening when you discover that nobody really cares. Your life is up to your efforts despite the knock-downs from the darksiders. Good people hardly ever reap the fruits of their efforts. The Bhagavad Gita urges you to do the action but do not be attached to the fruits thereof. This means that the fruits of action can be denied. You don't want to be hurt when such denial is experienced. In a world where there is a preponderance of bodies ruled by the dark side, physical fightback is to court a quick death. It is plain suicide. One must fight back against the invisible dark side entities. One has to ignore the innumerable bodies and see that it is all one invisible darkside force that governs them. You have to defend yourself from the spiritual warfare that this force levies on you. It tries to suppress you, the soul, and feed the darkness within you so it can assume control of your body. The body is yours, but you have to fight to retain ownership and use of it. That you try to do so, draws the ire of the darkside society. The system of the darkside masses is a device used to convert you into a darksider. They call the whole process a 'game'. Don't play the game. Use techniques which render the force and coercion they use to 'catch' you, ineffectual. Turn life into a defense against the war being made against your spirit.This is the soul's fightback to survive. Physical survival must also be crafted.

You have to examine the system of the darkside masses to understand how they use it to install the dark side as ruler of the body. In the process you will see that every move is scripted towards the satanic way of living. Goodness, morality and commonsense is outlawed while darkside natures, powers and ego reign supreme. The individual is turned into a cog in the darkside god-machine, and all goodness and freedom is stripped away. People are converted into sexual objects using coercion, darkside collusion, and powers. Darksiders ensure that everyone is on the same page: theirs! There is no room for free will and individual choice. There is no room for righteousness. There is no room for God or for following Christ. I have been included against my will into several sex-school and allied 'games' as a 'stooge. I was told that I followed Christ too closely. The darksiders, especially female, used all their schemes and powers against me. I didn't die, as they hoped. But, I was pauperised and ruined. I have nothing, and I am nothing. I have gotten old by starting afresh everytime they knocked me down. This world is darkside territory, and no different consciousness is tolerated. If you have no major game-playing color or darkside tribe to back you up as you live, you will end up dead or ruined. Even worse, your life becomes sheer torture as you suffer in the crossfire created by the major colors. The people engaged in the sex-school and allied games are all 'eyeball-readers'. They are all on the same page, and with the same intent, as those who deliver instructions and corrupt data to their 'eyeballs'. They do not take no for an answer, and do not stop their war on you, in leniency or defeat. They keep insisting on denying you a material life, and in 'cleaning' and 'cooking' you. These are the techniques that they use cause your death, kill your soul, and convert your body to darkside rule. Presently, the darksiders have lost most of their satanic powers. They have, however, learnt to substitute with EMFs."
(Extracted from my post SEX AS A TOOL OF CONTROL. 2)

"If you want to prevent the occurrence of a survival scenario, who or what will you fight in the external world? Consider this: it is the contents of the earthly matrix that creates 'what is'. It is the 'contents' of the matrix that makes the world more and more evil. You have to look there for answers as to why the earth is experiencing ruination and destruction. God has no 'keep-it-as-kali-age' device or plan that prevents this evil world from becoming good. There are no planetary configurations that are working to produce death, destruction and Armageddon. Evil or darkside people are just not being fought back against. They are completely hijacking the world for their own ends and purposes. You have to point your finger at the real causes of evil things happening on earth: the darkside forces. One has to fight back against the darksiders, both elites and masses, to ensure that they cannot hijack and use your body for their agenda. You have to fight evil people not planetary configurations or other imaginary causes of earth's continuous descent into evil and ruination. You can't readily fight the elites who do not share your neigborhoods, while having armies to call on. You can't fight the darkside masses physically because they are more numerous. You have to fight their attacking strategies, their poisons, their propaganda and their psychic weapons. You fight by getting the knowledge, and by living that knowledge in your daily schedule. You have to save yourself. Hoping that some saviour appears whether it is God, aliens or some earth-based power is to accept your powerlessness. One thing is sure: you have to fight your own dark side which lusts after, and grieves for, the contents of the world. Your dark side within is the traitor that sells you out, and makes you accessible to the darksiders. If you have to run and hide, your own darkside implant will reveal your location and movements. No need for micro-chipping really! Only your immediate and eventual survival matters in these end-times. Your accumulations will be a hindrance to your plans for escape. If you are well-to-do, it's easy to skip town. The poorer classes will have to stand and fight or make a run for it when the time comes. Did you reduce your possessions so as to be able to exit quickly? Did you stock up on must-haves for the survival environment? Can you navigate amidst sub-human people? Can you live off the land? Can you survive the cold? Can you dissolve the decades of greed, craving and desires implanted in your head/darkside? These will either slow you down or send you off course. Can you face a world which will give you grief when it destroys the things, people, places and events you appreciate or like? Prepping for the coming destruction is more complicated than others make it out to be. Becoming soul, and  living out its qualities while utilising its potentials, is crucial. It is the only way to make yourself ready for the guidance that will help your chances of survival."
(Extracted from my post: Fighting Back With Nutrition.....Why Nutrition? 2)

Is all really lost? ALL IS LOST is a movie starring Robert Redford. View the trailer here. Read the Wikipedia entry here. It is one of the truly symbolic yet relevant films. When someone tries all he can possibly try to handle his circumstances in life and cannot stem the onslaught of a an environment 'determined' to configure his demise, the tendency is to conclude at some point that 'All Is Lost'. In the film, Redford practically sees the writing on the wall as he sinks into the water in the closing stages of the movie. He had tried his best to help himself , and to attract help. The approaching flashlight, which signals the possibility of help, keeps coming closer, and does not veer away. With unexpected strength, he surfaces to meet a proffered hand, extended to rescue him. The message of the film probably is: Having done all you can, and though you know it's time to quit, don't give up! In real life, the challenge is to educate yourself and make winning moves based on truth. All other kinds of moves lose eventually. There is not much you can do in the event of nuclear war, economic meltdown or disease pandemics, though you can prepare for a worst case scenario. There is much information and advice, available online, about preparing or 'prepping' for disaster, and its aftermath. Here is something for new preppers. This site tells you why and how to prepare. The SSRF has issued a Survival Guide for the aftermath of WW3This site gives you an idea of conventional prepping but adds financial prepping to the list. The Natural News site gives good tips on prepping and for survival in the social chaos that is expected to erupt in America because of the 2016 Elections. Even the 1% is prepping for a calamitous future scenarioThis writer has even given instructions for home defense when social chaos erupts. Here is a site that deals with prepping for economic collapse. This site (see here also) gives you the foods to include in prepping. Here are instructions for building an emergency medical kit. Here are ideas on dealing with being shot! This site gives you info on skills necessary to survive disaster. Relocating out of the 'hot' zones and principal target areas may give you survival, depending on the degree of escalation. Why wait? In fact, the greatest threat might be the rampaging 'zombie' masses searching for food or other commodities. Being out of the urban areas then becomes necessary. Preppers who have stores of survival goods will be sure targets for marauders. Potential sites of mass destruction from things like natural disasters, viruses (whether real or concocted) and mass poisonings must be avoided if one wants to survive. The Georgia Guidestones and others tout a reduced population. Eugenics seems to be the method chosen by the elites to obtain this reduction. Human populations are controlled by both elites and the darkside masses everywhere.The control of the masses by the elites is probably effected by the agency of secret societies or freemasons. The darkside masses were created by the elites, and are used both for system-building and for it's preservation. The masses thus govern local societies in the mode designed by the elites. Keeping the masses busy with distractions seems to be the modus operandi of the elites. This is why untrammeled desire and consumerism shapes the lives of the masses. This is why having sex is the basis of the system of the masses.  Few can manage to free their attentions enough to discover the ruling elites and their methods of control. One outcome of the focus on sex and the sex school is accelerated population growth. For the darkside/bacteria combo this means more bodies to use in their cause of ruling the earth. Since the elites put that system in train, why would they want to destroy the masses by war and eugenics? Maybe it's because they can!

You must judge if you can survive or not, after evaluating the moves necessary for escape from whatever disaster scenarios you foresee. Keep preparing and changing yourself for whatever comes your way. The Health Ranger has set up information sites on pandemic preparedness, and on taking care of your brain. Make use of articles like these and resources like these. Your aim is to avoid dying, though it is inevitable. You have to accept your mortality but keep fighting against the enemies of life. You have to find out who or what those enemies are. Research is necessary. Those enemies you can see will be easier to defend against. Those you can't see like the dark side, bacteria and EMFs are more difficult to fight. You have to find out what those threats are that you do not already know. There are threats that you do not know because of the blind spots or gaps in your knowledge that prevent you from seeing them. Did you know that microwave energy can possibly be used to generate earthquakes? How can you prepare for natural disasters if you do not know where they will strike? You cannot see bacteria, dark side entities or dirty electricity. Does that mean that they do not exist? Or, if you know they exist, that they cannot hurt you? You have to do the research because that kind of information will not come and meet you. It will not be broadcasted on the mainstream media. There are significant threats to health which you need to become aware of. Do you drink unfiltered tap water because you figure that there's nothing wrong with it? Well, tap water is not safe! It contains too many contaminants. Even the air you breathe is very contaminated. Do you use toothpaste with fluoride because you feel that its manufacturers will never put anything in there that will hurt anybody? Do you believe that anybody who says fluoride is not good for your health is a conspiracy 'nut'? When doctors and researchers say that fluoride is a health risk, you have to become cautious. Fluoride causes hypothyroidism, weight gain and worse. When they say that GMO foods are a health risk, you have to become cautious. Do you still have faith in the silver amalgam in your teeth despite ongoing health concerns? You may not believe it but silver amalgam contains mercury which is a poison. What about your carpets and rugs? Well, they poison you too! Read more here. In real life, all is not lost if you research the health risks of things in your life and avoid anything with risks. You also have to undo the damage done so far. You have to dodge the bullets from the methods of slow-kill by avoidance. Escaping from the consequences of nuclear war is an almost impossible challenge! Avoidance of war is just as difficult as escape from it. The systems of the elites and of the darkside masses consume your time in ways acceptable to them. Deviation is frowned upon. Living as a soul and defending against all those things that shorten your life are roads less traveled. Yet, these are the roads that give you spiritual evolution and meaningful purpose while alive!


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