Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Masses are not good righteous people! 2

So, the Occult branches of the Elites ensure that the masses become and remain darksiders. This is done by assuring that bodies are possessed by dark side entities (and by giving them powers) and by giving these externally-focused entities, the goods and services they require to satisfy their needs for consumption, so they can build and remain ascendant in the body. Their victuals are the common fare of tasty acidic foods, including starches, sugars, meats and dairy products. The dark side masses, being predators, rule the society so as to give themselves all the scope for living their natures, and opportunities for the furtherance of their domination and control. The darksiders are a captive market because of their natures. The food supply  rigidly caters to a dark side market. The catch in all this is that the enhancement of the dark side entities is leads to deleterious effects on the bodies.Bodies age and get sick quickly. The Elites have their own kind of MEDICINE which further sickens the body (pharmaceuticals, vaccines, X-rays,.chemotherapy etc).

 To make matters worse, toxins and poisons are deliberately inserted into foods and products to make people sick, as part of a Eugenics programs. Thus, we have fluoridated water, aspartame, sucralose, msg, food coloring, preservatives etc. Foods, fruits and vegetables are irradiated, sprayed with pesticides and insecticides, grown with NPK fertilisers, and eaten after killed with microwaves etc. Then, we have Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs, which further reduce physical health. These include papaya, tomato, seedless fruits that once had seeds, cotton, beetroot, potatoes, corn, squash, rice etc etc. Most of the products for homes and personal use toxify the body or cause it to deteriorate. For example, household cleaners are all toxic(except for natural alternatives), all the technology and electrical wiring give off EMFs, or various kinds of waves that cause cells to deteriorate and become cancerous. Cellphones, TV sets, cellphone towers, Ipods and Ipads, computers, washing machines, electric blankets, microwaves, electrical vehicles, etc etc are all emitters of damaging radiation. Polyester and other artificial fabrics suck up your energy and make you weak. These are especially debilitating when worn directly on the skin eg jacket linings, shirts. The 'guts' of comforters are usually of artificial materials and they generate lots of static electricity. As if this is not enough, we have daily chemtrail spraying which releases toxic particles which are absorbed by our bodies via inhalation and skin contact. So, what is happening is that even kids are being affected by strokes, decreased mental function, obesity and heart attacks. Accelerating aging is taking place.

 The masses are being systematically sickened and killed. The irony is that they pay for the products that are sending them to their graves. The dark side nature is the weak link in the body's survival. Since they will not desist from their natures, and are caught in their continuing games for societal governance, it is for the souls in those bodies to wake up, take over and save those bodies. There is a brain waiting for souls to begin using. The discovery of some truth is enough reason to wake up, as it provides enough enlightenment to catalyse an internal shift from body-governance by dark side to body-governance by soul. It is too bad for darksiders with their own bodies. What goes around must come around. There are many 'confused' among the masses who never found sparks of truth to light their way. Many eyes will be opened for the first time.This era will see much destruction and enlightenment at the same time. Mankind will be shocked out of their comfort zones and 'business as usual' lives. This is the Elites' endgame. They are ready for a NWO. They have kept up the deceptions for a long time but the truth is very clear now. The lives that were lived with, by and for, the system for so long were a big lie, and a charade. It was all about the dark side Elites conspiring to have it all. They made a world in which satan was put in bodies to play himself, and to pre-empt soul use of those bodies. Now, they want a world with much fewer bodies. It was satan ruling the world all the time. 

The darksiders spend their lives divvying up the economic pie by playing games with rules that are made up as they go. They cooperate in rule-making. Of course, they satisfy their own criteria all the time and get to dominate and control society, and say who gets what. They run the sex school so they can corral each 'crop' of females for themselves...with each darkside tribe or color aiming to get the most females . Not only that, they each want the most powerful females they can get. Females are falsely considered to be 'Shakti' or Energy Goddesses (in reality they are super dark side entities). They are used as energy and psychic warriors against other darkside tribes or colors, and against the good. Having most female warriors wins the game for any tribe and assures them of a prime slice of the economic pie. This tribe gets its material rewards eg more employment in prime categories and other spoils that accrue from a victory, or a good showing. Acquisition of the females come by taking their virginity. The individual and the tribe gets the prize which is material promotion, energy  and psychic bolstering. The 'signers' or tribe getting the cherries get to own and pimp their conquests. The females know the games and look forward to getting a color to live or die for (ie losing their virginity). Their youth is spent in preparing for this and they get to satisfy their curiosity for sex and sexual desire. Common weapons used by darksiders in the games include snake power, energy, building of others' dark sides (using energy, sight sound, voices etc) , creating accidents and setups, and using discrimination as a force against others in the games ( e.g. using the leverage of one's job to give to one's 'own' and to deny others). Each color fights dirty to win but cooperate against the good or against colors they don't like. 

The Elites give the darkside masses the tools for living their own natures. Entertainment (TV, radio, movies, songs and music, sports, magazines etc) is filled with programming by which the masses are steered. Steering also takes place from the 'eyeballs' and via Occult transmission to the substance of the dark sides. Thus, even election outcomes can be engineered (notwithstanding the rigging of the voting machines). The whole intent is to destroy society by pre-empting it being run by intelligence, and by destroying its moral fabric through propagating immorality. Thus, feminism, homosexuality and the darkside-run 'sex-school' has almost completely created chaos and unrighteousness in the social matrix.The sex-school is the single most destructive factor ever. It is the dark side masses way of re-creating itself in a stronger way, with darkside stranglehold over societies increasing after every game. Of course, being a dark side event, it is also a trap to set up and destroy whatever good males and females that exist.

The dark side has 2 states of consciousness: UP into cunning and DOWN into sex. Enjoying by preying, by hoarding, by playing oneself (ego-building) and  by consuming, are other dark side tendencies. The society 'freezes' the genitals of each crop of virgins until it is their time to be 'cooked' and sexualized by mamma's boys/male predators. Various male crews (for different phases of physical body-work and mind control operations) are selected from each of the colors or dark side tribes to make the females familiar with sex, and to teach them how to lose their virginity. In the process, the females learn how to manufacture beauty which is to be used to keep themselves marketable and desirable, after virginity is gone and they are no longer pursued for that reason. The girls in the UP state play their roles as cunning bitchy females who set males up for heartbreak. This is society's cue to send out their snake power to humble such girls. Then comes the various crews who do seasoning, exercising, cooking, fingering, masturbating (of the females), non-vaginal sex etc. An elaborate system of places, vehicles, daily time-tables for the different males in each crew etc is in operation. Darksiders of the different tribes are busy all year 'seeing' (by accessing other dark sides in the game) the moves being played out and calculating their 'winning' moves so they can enter each game and score a 'gold', ie get the cherry. Girls who keep their virginity, have long lines of darksiders who they can be awarded to. Most often, the crew members get the cherries.

 The sex school is the prime event the darksiders engage in for the reason that it keeps their psychic net up all the time, and their dark side powers well-honed, and in action, all year. Soul/good people are used as permission-givers for the various moves by the tribes in the game. Being in the 'wrong' place, for example, is automatic permission for some color to grab the girl who they say is 'owned' by the soul person. Soul people are involved in the game because the darksiders say it is so, and not because involvement is voluntary. Soul people are considered by darksiders to be  like them, and are expected to have remote sensing ability and to know the right move to make as a 'player'. They are expected to know which color of dark side tribe exists in the different bodies encountered, and to fight or cooperate accordingly. Of course, what darksiders don't say is that it is all a cock and bull story. They will do as they please and justify it anyhow. Soul people are put into the game to be permission-givers for the evil that is being done. No permission-giving is actually solicited or given. The darksiders use their rules and cock and bull stories to claim permission was given. Soul people are included in the games as 'opponents'. The females set it up by inveigling soul people into giving them conversation or attention. Then they use setups or ploys to try and get soul people in some kind of trouble. The dark side girls accept the role of the sex school. Their reason for setting up a good guy for inclusion in the game is that they must experience both kinds of LOVE. They view having many males 'dating' them at one time, and all being focused on sex and sexual activity, as one kind of LOVE. They take pride in counting how many want them, or have had them. This is definite proof of the dark side ego. They view being with a good guy as a 'flip side' LOVE to the predator kind of love they initially get. This is the LOVE that actually gives much more happiness than predatory lust could. All the girls have to do is learn their lesson and CHANGE when sex school classes are over. This is what the continuous sexual bombardment and the mind control that 'kills' the UP state, does.

So, the darkside crews begin their operation aiming for a complete make-over of the dark side female. She knows she will be changed from a bitch in the UP state to a boy-toy in the DOWN state. Society performs mind control to change girls into hyper-sexualised boy-toys, so mamma's boys can have ample opportunities for fun, during the games, and afterwards. In this context, mind control simply changes the dark side from 'bitchy' to 'sexy'. Giving another darkside entity (or the same one) another focus to live by does not alter the darkside ascendancy within. Soul never gets a chance to live and breathe. Only a soul person can activate the soul in another body. The good girls do not have much darkside power but good guys never get a chance at them. While the bitchy females catch and hold the attention of the good guys, the male predators are busy 'catching' good girls who are often beaten into submission by snake power. So the bad guys take the good girls and the good guys, if they survive snake power and setups, are put with darkside boy-toys. Righteousness, goodness and soul living dies a natural death.

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