Friday, November 23, 2012

The Deceptions in Religion!

One has to un-learn much of what is called living. Most of it is a lie for the Soul illusion that is lived by the majority. The saints and sages of old knew of the power of this illusive living and fled to the forests and caves to be free of it, and to pursue a more relevant lifestyle. In the modern era, those who pursue religion and spiritual life principally, leave the world of MAYA or illusive living and go where they can focus without distraction, temptation or life-wasting. For many, this is just another blind alley because to learn the theology of religion or spirituality is another exercise in programming. Thus, priests and pundits return to flocks, properly indoctrinated, but no closer to God. They lecture flocks on a God whom they know nothing about, never having pursued God with success. They prescribe pathways to heaven and God that have no track record of success. They are hypocrites, though some are well intentioned, who preach as they were trained to, not from personal experience of verification of those pathways. Thus, they wear the apparel and have the outer accoutrements of spiritual experts, complete with the appearances of piousness and holiness, but they know not God. Maya is interpreted by many as the illusion of names and forms (and substances) that differentiates creation's forms. They say, that God permeates all of this creation, so we are all actually one people. To realise this we are supposed to transcend the matrix of physical reality. That, however, is mis-stating the problem and its solution. No mental gymnastics or achievement of 'cosmic consciousness' will cause us to see the unity amidst diversity. That unity doesn't exist. That is a teaching that targets the straw-people. The soul and dark side are the invisible animators of the body and there is no way that both are the same! God exists within as a soul but the dark side is there too. The idea that we are all parts of the divine alone is the illusion! We are all not one 'people'.

 Thus religious mankind is stuck in the rituals of prayer, worship or devotion to a God who has no use for these kinds of relationships. The religious organisations, over time, constructed a God in their own image and likeness.... a God so high compared to the lowly masses that the only relationship possible is that of beggar to big boss! Placate, elevate, build God's ego, brown-nose, beg, beseech, and generally suck up to God so he may throw a 'bone' or a boon to you! And, the only real experts on God must be long dead ones who cannot reappear to confirm what is said about them or to speak for themselves. Religious hierarchies put God so high that only their touted messengers, prophets, saviours and gurus could know God. It doesn't stop there since we should worship these prophets, saviours and gurus and consider them to be God. Though long dead, they can still relate to us and help us. All the while, the Original God himself must be asking....but what about ME? Since the time of those foundation members of each religion, it appears that God became dormant or dead. Or, it could be that no soul people who could be related to by God ever existed since then. So, the masses want to saved through the intervention of old prophets and by God himself, but not through their own efforts. Doing your own thing could be interpreted as rebellion or heresy, and you could be ex-communicated.

 The problem for religion with having members straying is that some might discover the truth within, and so discover the falsehoods propagated by religion .....and tell others! The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1, for example, has Christ telling you that satan is within. He proceeds to tell you how to get rid of that satan, according to the knowledge of the 1st century AD. Emperor Constantine commissioned the bible in AD 325, long after Christ had died. The Bhagavad Gita teaches you to beat the dark side within, but doesn't tell you that it is the dark side entity within that you are fighting. It mentions the 'mind' which is another name for the dark side in the mental mode. In Yoga, it is the not-self which is the enemy but it is not clearly stated that this is indeed a possession by dark side entities. So, the truth about the invisible animators of human bodies has been hidden from us. What has been given center stage in religion is the one-being-in-a-body theory. Religion now tells the straw-people that it is the original sin of Adam and Eve, or Maya or some other shortcoming like poverty (pilgrimages, Kumbha Melas, feasts, rituals and worship sessions etc cost a lot, and poverty is considered to be a lack of blessing from God or bad karma from past lives) is responsible for our downtrodden state and our lack of closeness to God. We failed to join the exclusive club of the annointed Saints and Gurus. So, locked into the falsehoods of religion, the masses fail to seek the truth. Finding is therefore, is out of the question.

The religions mis-state the problem and the solution to that problem. Salvation or salvaging is required but not from original sin, maya ( creation's illusion), desire or other named foe. Salvation is needed by souls, and only from the tyranny and rulership of the dark side. If souls were not suppressed by the more numerous darksides, they would control their own bodies and exude the talents and capacities of souls. The fight is therefore, for souls to be able to live their own natures.The dark side cannot get salvation because they cannot change their natures. They cannot graduate into souls and they cannot change their wicked ways, their cunning natures and their predatory lifestyle. If they become suppressed within bodies, the souls which own those bodies come alive or awaken. The invisible entity which controls in the body is the one which gets its kind of physical and mental food. The soul thrives on alkaline foods while the dark side goes for the tasty acidic foods. The soul goes for truth and enlightenment while the dark side relishes  programmed cunning (for quick action) and winning moves. A pre-processed or programmed behavioral pattern leads to a quicker response than where one has to think before acting. The religious and economic elites operate symbiotically, being the same breed of people. One creates suppressed souls in need of  a solution out of poverty and suffering caused by the elites and their economic system. The other says that your ancestors sins are responsible, or not enough prayer or worship, or maybe your desires are responsible or that you have to wait until death for salvation. None of them gives the souls the enlightenment they need: the lordship of the dark side within and outside, and how to end that tyranny. None of them offers salvation that happens when it is needed ie while people are alive. And, smart people know that suffering must end at death not afterwards! Even their salvation after death paradigm is a lie. On death, souls leave their bodies and become functional again in their non-earthly dimension. Bodies are only for earthly experience. The dark side hangs around earth looking for new victims to be assigned to or they may return to their hellish dimensions. Heaven is the natural home of the soul. It can't help but be in heaven on death of the body. The 'heaven' painted for the straw-people is a where their earthly suffering no longer exists or is reversed, and which they can attain if they subscribe to that religion!

The religious branch of the Elites created a very 'high' God who is to be woo-ed and begged. Why do we not see God as a nice friendly guy who helps you sail through life? They present God as a BIG BOSS who must be pleased with the straw-peoples' efforts to get his attention. Then he may bless you, come to your aid or write your name in the Book of Life! If we are lucky, we will be saved after we die...not during our lifetime. If people are saved after they die, how come that news reached those who peddle that disinfo? See how they connected earthly suffering and God! They attribute to God almost every happening on the face of the Earth.So, it is a lack of God's blessing if you are poor and suffering or get no rain. This strategy cleverly deflects attention away from the real cause of human suffering: the ELITES. It is their system which generates suffering. There are other systems of human organisation that do not hinge on competition, profits, interest, win/lose, privileged consumption and enjoyment, and private control of the money supply.

The creators of that system push money to be the most important thing in life... more important than God. They guarantee themselves ENOUGH money because they print it. They set themselves up as the Elites because of enormous wealth, and parade their status in enjoying all privileges, in an hierarchy in which upward mobility is facilitated by having more and more money. To have the privileges demonstrated by the rich, the icons and the divas, one must get more money. Thus, it is not money alone being the root of all is the pursuit of more money for the enjoyment of more privileges. It is money which facilitates access to goods and services of an excellent 'top of the line' quality. It is money which enables the enjoyable experiences to be had, in both quantity and quality. All one has to do is to belong to the money-printing cliques to have most money or fit into the system's topmost niches. The poor fall foul of the economic system of the elites in that they could not find a niche that they could exploit. The Elites created an hierarchy of niches, with Bankers, Insurance, Corporations of all kinds, certain Lawyers, certain Scientists, Certain Doctors etc having  all the prime cuts. Cities were used to peddle the popularity of the system, so rural occupations and people, being peripheral, have little money. Those who succumbed to their desires and migrated to cities either have found niches, created their own niches or have ended up in the ghettos. Originally, employment in manufacturing, and in city jobs, was the route of the masses to money. Now, the Elites have short-circuited the a New World Order could manifest. So, the earthly suffering that religions propound after-death salvation for, is not caused by God, by any fault of the poor or suffering, or by any deficit in prayer or worship. So, why the need for being hooked on prayer and rituals? Does God not know your pains with his power of omniscience? Does he need a reminder? Or, is he behaving like the wealthy Lords of old who needed to be brown-nosed before they would share the wealth, privileges or favors?

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