Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The masses are not good righteous 'people'. 1

The masses are all those who are not considered among the Elites who rule the world. The middle class is divided in terms of consciousness, hence affiliation, between the Elites and the masses. What is basically an economic sub-division does not carry over into an automatic separation of Elites as evil, and masses as good .....as some writers would have us believe! The vast majority of mankind is evil or dark side. The Elites, by virtue of their wicked domination, can all be lumped  in the evil or darkside category. By their actions, you know them. The masses,  mostly evil by virtue of one-ness with the darkness within and being puppets of the Occult Elites, and so evincing evil lifestyles, do govern the local levels in the same way that the elites govern the world. That way includes cunning schemes; snake-power; killing those who are not dark side; creation and execution of accidents and set-ups' mind control; building the dark side in good people and using it to suppress the soul; stealing the (life)time of good people by creating delays and setbacks for them; rearing good people in situations of captivity and enslavement; including good people in their games and punishing them when they break rules they know nothing about, or when they lose the games they were not even playing; expecting good/soul people to know the dark side games and the current state or progress of those games, and so expecting them to have the ability to make the 'right' move or any move(and calling good people ASLEEP because, not being dark side, there is no way that they can know about the games' progress, in absentia); launching attacks on good people using sight and sound to build their dark sides (hence support for the popularity of sunglasses and earphones); using force of all kinds to get good people out of their way so they can 'dance' and have their 'parade' with no-one to 'rain' on it; using their stranglehold on employment in State or private institutions to discriminate against, and deny, good people; depriving good people of normal lives by treating them like stray dogs and denying them relationships with the opposite gender or sabotaging such relationships etc etc etc. Dark side people do not want good people to reproduce and possibly increase the ranks of good people. Thus, good people are deliberately paired with dark side people. Unfortunately for the darksiders, good people can be born in any family, and parental DNA has no power to determine if a good child will come!
While the Elites use their enormous fortunes to control the world, the darkside masses use their superior numbers to control all societies and neighborhoods. They are the puppets of the Occult Elites and comprise the All-Seeing-Eye of Illuminati fame. To enable this, the darkside masses are horizontally integrated or interconnected, consciousness-wise, across the surface of the Earth. Good/soul people have no such interconnection: their integration or connection being with the big Soul or God.....vertical integration.There is an inter-connectivity between darksiders that do not exist among souls. Darksiders are like sensors. Their attention is totally focused externally and so can inter-mesh. Soul's attention is anchored within and accesses the external via the senses. The dark side has no internal life, so only external engaging is possible. Souls, with the interface of the brain, can stay at home within and engage as necessary, with the external world. The dark side 'psychic' net  involves communication (darkside entities have the same consciousness and can access each other at will....darkside consciousness can only 'vibrate', resonate or hook up with darkside consciousness.....like vibrates with like), powers (energies and aptitudes) and decision-making.  The dark side has superior numbers because it is the easy route in life. The majority easily accepts the voice of satan within as their own. No particular effort is required as satan gives himself, his powers and material lives freely to himself within bodies. He tempts and forces others. He is also awake within from birth, surrounded by other satans in a satanic society. He gets the acidic diets which everyone else consumes. Thus, the dark side nature of the world is self-perpetuating. This factor, added to the continuing war by the Elites on the health of the masses, and the increasing 'darksided-ness' of the darkside masses, puts satan more and more in charge of the world. The Elites do not have to install satan as king of this world.....he is already that!

 The darkside masses are held together by the nature of their substance, their common hatred of souls and good people, and by their cooperation with each other so they can dominate the world. The Elites are also darkside and hate good people and souls with equal vehemence. They have constructed a system hinged on money and wealth generally. ('Force' is another factor used to maintain the system, ensuring that all challenges and disruptions to the Elites programs are dealt with). Money has immeasurably more seekers than God. The path to acquiring money (the socio-economic system) is brimming with circumstances that blot out the soul's nature while building the darkside's nature.Soul/good people generally see hard times because the system is skewed against them, and because both elites and masses conspire to wipe them out in various ways. Thus both Elites and masses are evil but the former has too much money and wealth but the latter has too little. There are those among the masses who have enough money and power. They generally have a great say in the societal system. Like other darksides, however, wealth is used for enjoyments, consumption and for 'playing' themselves. The Elites use the leverage of their wealth to devise methods for gaining more and more wealth from the masses, usually by nefarious and cunning means. The darkside masses use their cunning to get more from each other and from the system. The Elites keep the masses down, the masses keep the good people down, but the good have nobody left to keep down. Neither do they wish to!

The Elites print the money, so they can have as much as they want. That (money) is not what they are after. It is too easy for them to print for themselves. Money is not the goal of all the Elites' scrimmage for Earth's resources and their marketing of products to the masses through the use of Corporations and virtual monopolies. The money is a tool for controlling the masses. Fiat money is printed. The Elites ( mostly) need labor for the production and marketing processes. Labor is given this worthless 'paper' as wages. Calling this paper 'legal tender' assures its acceptance as value for services rendered. Then comes the spending of the money on goods and services produced by the Elites (mostly). The Elites collect back their expenses plus profit. What results is that only those uppermost in the hierarchy of wages can have as much consumption as they want, and extravagantly so, while still saving much of their money and growing richer. The lower end of the hierarchy of wages cannot do this. The result is that they are in a permanent state of deficit or live from paycheck to paycheck. Added to this, are the income collection prerogatives of the State. There are so many taxes, rates, charges etc, that those on tight budgets keep living only to keep food on the plate and a roof over their heads. Income taxes, Social security payments etc also stake a claim for a slice of every wage packet. Then, the situation gets worse when there is a family to care for. Thankfully, there is a social safety net which helps out. So, the problem is that most (if not all) of what is paid out is taken back. This is what rearing people in captivity is! But it doesn't end there. Money is borrowed to cover deficits, and interest is charged at high rates of interest. This leaves borrowers in a perpetual state of debt. When inflation and unemployment  is added to this stew, the economic slavery of the masses is complete. This is not quite the total individual indebtedness. When the National debt is divided among the total number of nationals, the per capita debt is another millstone around the neck of the broad base of the population pyramid. Money is totally a tool for the enslavement of the masses. But, they accept money wholeheartedly and to accuse the Elites of deliberately fashioning an economic system to enslave them would bring retorts of 'conspiracy theory'!

The dark side entities are boosted with power and energy by the Occult elites and by that portion of the Occult hierarchy which rises from the masses itself. The Occult hierarchy pulls the strings of the darkside puppets within bodies to affect, and effect, darkside behavior. Darksiders are predators who must consume to stay alive. If not they would be suppressed and asleep. Money enables consumption. Thus the dark side masses is a captive market for the Elites. It is the masses who both depend on the system to fullfil consumption, and who are the target for production. Mass production is for the masses. Souls have no innate compulsion to consume. They operate functionally. This means that beyond the basic needs and some allowance for curiosity purchases, they have no particular obssession with buying or consuming. They make lousy customers. Detachment is a curse to manufacturers. This is the reason why the Occult Elites do so much to afflict people with darkside possessions and to build these with energy and power. Without darkside entities in people, there is no way that the Elites could build such an economic system based on supply and demand, and money. The darkside want to enjoy, consume and play themselves. Money gives access to these. The dark side don't mind being obssessed with money, or its slave, because it enables darksiders to have a life. The alternative is a life of suppression or sleep. Apart from that fact, there is no end to the temptation and goading towards consumption. There is no end to the line of stars, icons and divas trotted out to influence the consumption habits of the masses. Advertising blares its messages from every quadrant of the compass. Goods and services are available and there are willing darksiders to patronise every product line ever invented. Supply meets demand, and via money, the darksiders on either side have a ball!

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