Friday, February 1, 2013

The Darksiders Are Only Making War.....And Winning!

The darksiders are making war on the rest of Earth. Both Elites and Masses are dominated by them. Agents of the Elites dominate and control the Masses via various organisational setups, and via direct Occult control. Together they have looted the Earth by undeclared war, often disguised as games. They have pretty good excuses for doing what they do despite the evidence on the ground, of their misdeeds. They have no internal states of consciousness that gives them access to the 'being' mode. Trying the 'being' mode results in boredom, for darksiders.  Thus, they have no internal life. Their world is all on the outside, and this world must by hunted and conquered, by any means necessary. They compete to see how aggressive they can be in acting out their inner nature. They speak with power and behave authoritatively, even to the wise and intelligent. Cunning replaces morality as the mediator of actions, and their moral dysfunction is supported by their abilities of 'eyeball' reading and mind-reading. These talents they demonstrate with impudence. Souls are the good guys. They have been completely vanquished so far. Part of the reason for this is that they have been programmed with false knowledge. They are still stuck in forgiveness and will not fight back. Though the good guys have the advantage of being able to use a brain (darksiders cannot use the brain in the bodies they possess), most of them don't. They do not question everything. They do not see this war of 'natures' taking place, even when their normal serene, understanding and moral natures are threatened, and suppressed. They do not see that those with only an outer life are making the world a place where there can be no inner life. Their attention is being locked into the outside world depriving them of inner home-base edification. In this outside world, the darksiders are the stars, movers and shakers. They love to have spectators to their artistry in taking and controlling the world. The dark side creates this world according to its own predatory nature. So, lacking an inner life (obeying its programming, taking cues from the Occult Elites and mind-reading.... is as inner as life gets for the dark side), the dark side lives only for the external world. All their attention and concern is directed there, and they have created systems that force others to be like them, for survival. Being predators, they are focused on preying on all things. They are, therefore, constantly in the state of cunning collusion ie collecting data and making schemes about all people and things that they are 'hunting'. Data is obtained by all means: e.g. gossiping, spying, mind-reading, geological surveys, archaeology and the social media. The Occult Elites manipulate the masses by programming or influencing them appropriately, via 'eyeball' reading or the various media. Darksiders often excuse their torture of good people by pretending that they can read past karma and justify it by painting themselves as karmic tax collectors.They excuse their plot, too, by pretending to be able to read the actual future.....not just their own 'druthers'. Any good survivors of their tortures and attempts on their lives, are claimed to have been 'made' by them. Of course, 'we do this for your good' is the prime excuse.

Worldly activities become the 'causes' the darkside attaches to. For them, Earth is to be hunted, conquered, acquired, used, exploited, enjoyed, hoarded etc. These are the external expressions of fulfillment of their inner natures. They steal the Earth by stealing bodies. This is the most potent way of reducing the opposition while bolstering their own numbers. They know, and practise, this much. Their propaganda, meanwhile, has  good people still disputing whether good and evil exists, or if these form a viable paradigm for understanding human history. The good vs evil that is depicted in the scriptures seems to have been shelved, along with the religions that own them. Even the films have stopped portraying the combat between good and evil. The common sense of fighting back based on the firsthand evidence of evil's atrocities in the matrix has been supplanted by paternalistic statements like "We are all God's Children". Too many people have become believers of the 'strawman' identity created by the Elites: you are one being in a body. The focus on extreme worldly involvement and the dictates of physical survival have drawn the soul away from its inner home-base into the waiting jaws of darkside predators. The soul's nature becomes suppressed, and oppressed, in trying to survive or 'make it'. The soul's normal nature is flavored with contentment and bliss. Just being alive, without grabbing a goodly portion of Earth for itself, is so full of intrinsic 'worth' that notions of global or societal domination do not arise. This leaves the Elites and Societal leaders free to carry on! Leaving footprints in the sands of time, has no appeal for the soul. For soul, there is no continuous feeling of incompleteness which must be constantly placated by some acquisition, some consumption, some predatory conquest, some drama, some 'parade' or playing of oneself or some plot to further concretise its grip on the external world. The soul IS, and it is content with the I AM state. When basic needs need attention, attention is given. The external world does not contain the lifeblood of the soul so no constant or untoward attention is wasted on it. In this duality of natures, of soul and dark side, lies the true cause of the outer reality being the way it is. The soul only takes what it needs from the world and is detached from all that it does not have to include in its life. The darksiders want to make the acquisition and control of the outside world the prime purpose for being alive. The dark side wants it all, including the control or the domination of 'objects' called 'human beings with souls' who have no developed dark side or mark of the beast. These are the humans they love to hunt, enslave, entrap, set up, and generally conquer. These are the humans that make the preying worthwhile: a challenge, a game, a vendetta, a life's purpose, a test of cunning and collusion. Soul doesn't know the dark side exists when immune. Pretty much everybody looks the same and talks the same! Then, it is a rude awakening when soul discovers that others are minding him, and his business, too closely. It is when soul discovers that there is a war on, against him, that he knows he has to fight back. Happiness or dwelling in its own nature must be postponed until the recurring problem of evil is dealt with. Faced with evil at the top and evil at the base of the pyramid, the soul has to fight the most immediate enemy i.e. the dark side within that is being used against him. The enemy within must be defeated first! The world has come to this because soul people never fought back.....or because they did not know how to stay alive.

Freedom and Human Rights are awarded to you in the documents. That is as good as it gets. You need a good lawyer to have and keep these rights.  At the societal level, nothing but the will of the darkside masses (ergo that of the Elites) exists, regardless of what is written in the laws. Every district and neighborhood is monitored and controlled. The 'all-seeing eye' of the darkside psychic net has all the information on everyone. Souls do survive in this 'net' if they have the knowledge, but also because the all-seeing-eye does not see all! Darkside vision cannot see what is in soul's vision unless it is decoded and recorded for later reading as electronic impressions. To get freedom, that darkside 'eye' has to be blinded. So, the darksiders are busy everyday in running their terrestrial jurisdictions. They plan what needs to be changed and what needs to be maintained. All the while, the goal is to become more powerful and to dominate more via enhancing their control. The various colors or tribes mediate their roles and, hence, their share of the societal pie. The size and potency of their individual backing determines the fortunes of each color or tribe. They cooperate yet vie with each other for further control. The cooperate to keep society run by the darkside family. They conspire to get good guys out of the competition. Cunning colludes in the creation of planned operations, accidents and setups, games etc. with which are to afflict and destroy good people. They get their best executers of those plans, call them 'professionals' and set them to work implementing their plots. All the darksiders are involved in the some way. Some just monitor the interests of their people. There are doers, seers, transportation people, back-up people, legal and policing people....all kinds of people chip in when a project is underway. Everything is done so that the target is acquired, the operation gets underway, there are no leaks, and there is mop-up or cover-up, as required. They ensure that the target(s) have no help or escape routes. Their people are in all kinds of places and occupations, waiting to be of use. For the targets, all kinds of support, including jobs or money will be hard to come by, especially when the usual snake-power attacks create desperation, fear and panic. The target is only wasting his time in going to Departments and Agencies which 'serve' citizens for help. Either there is no help or sabotage. Their customary successful hunting and conquering techniques are employed. These they tout as evidence of having 'brains'. Some of the major operations carried out are stalking, the sex school operations (called 'cleaning', 'cooking', 'washing', 'seasoning' etc), mind-control operations (commonly called 'cleaning' or 'washing'), getting the target to move from where they don't want him or to an area they want him (by 'pushing' him or 'pulling' him), etc. Minor operations includes the 'honey trap' wherein they pimp women to entrap males. The laws that were created to trammel evil do not bind them because of their control of the local superstructure. Thus, the theory of karma, of reaping as you sow, is replaced by 'who is going to make me pay'. Does nobody find it odd that human beings are not accorded merit based on functional use of their brains? After all, the basic tenet of evolution is the increasing size of the brain as man gets to the point of Homo Sapiens. Why is the 'hymen' and its rupturing so key to the award of material living? Why this 24/7 focus on the sex school? Could it be that the darkside tribes have erected a system which betrays they thirst for power, by the focus on acquisition of powerful females, to boost their own argument for a bigger slice of the societal pie? This is exactly what it is! So, religion cannot be tolerated because its teachings propagate another set of ideals. Souls cannot be tolerated because their lifestyles of practical morality threaten the darksiders scheme for continuation of their system. Alas, God took their powers away, so the psychic net will soon be the none-seeing-eye! 

Darksiders use their satanic powers to implement their operations. Where necessary physical force or capabilities are engaged. Thus in the sex school, the target is subdued by snake-power attacks. Then physical engagement takes place to hyper-sexualise her. All personal preferences about sexual partners and related matters are scrubbed and a humble, willing 'boy-toy' is created. Their 'eyeball reading' and 'mind-reading' powers give them info about what is happening in their victims, and outside, in the present and future. Sleep deprivation is used as a tool for successful mind control operations. Snake power, by its effect on the heart rate and by hypertension created, deprives the victim of sleep. They will use noise to keep their victims awake....and no law officer or landlord or relative will stop them, or intercede. That sleep deprivation can kill, is of no consequence to them. In fact, if a victim were to go for a walk, the darksiders will laugh and comment on the victim's dilemma. Their mirthless laughter and ha-ha-ha's are very intimidating. Of course, they do win by intimidation.A key element of darksider attacks is the assault by a million etheric voices. The darkside 'psychic network is the original creators and practitioners of this art. First the attention of the dark side within is extracted, then it is assailed by voices with news and programming which build its attention. It begins to want to participate in the events, especially if its emotions are awakened. The attention of the soul is party to all these goings-ons and despite all the cock-and-bull stories, it can be deceived into participating in the sex school or other games. It is hard to resist the cues and suggestions given by the voices, especially when it goes on 24/7 without break or if the soul had really liked the female target. Often, insomnia results. This weakens the soul. A usual error made is to use alcohol or other drugs to get sleep. These further weaken the soul. This is why so few ever emerge alive from such darkside attacks. Only when under attack will a victim come to realise the reality of evil, and of how the vast majority of human bodies are vessels for satan. Only then the true nature of the society one lives in become obvious. There are no real options for the darksiders victims. The first panic reaction is flight. That works if one can find a more psychically secure location. Victims resources are likely to be insufficient, if the darksiders did their homework. Finding a location where darksiders will not hunt you is likely to be a futile quest. Finding one where a normal life can be lived, is a dream. They are everywhere.... and they will know you and continue the hunt. All the darksiders have that invisible connection of consciousness wherein one of them will know what the others know.

God does not rule this Earth. Religious and spiritual people will ask you 'who is the boss', as proof that he does. This world is ruled by the FORCE of those physically around you, and by those who can use force to conquer, control or enslave others. The Elites, though physically removed from the immediate vicinity, do have their hierarchies and secret organisations in place. God would rule via leaving you to fashion your life by your FREE WILL. Doing things while under satanic domination of your body is not free will. Does God use evil people to do his bidding? Not likely! Human bodies are all instruments of either God or the devil. Each can use his own substance in human bodies. While God destroys evil, he does not hurt good people....because they are rightly placed. God helps, though it may only be in the form of guidance. Maybe, just maybe, soul people are not that powerless in the face of a superior enemy. Soul people have a brain to use. This is a far superior information processing tool than the cunning nature of darksiders. If it comes to physical force that cannot be turned aside, then death or injury results. Soul people know that aspect of the deal. But, there are no precedents in fighting back against the dark side for soul people to follow. Nobody has kept strong throughout their ordeals or kept their wits about them, or devised ways of blunting the attacking force or survived to tell the tale. Nobody has scientifically analysed the darkside problem and come up with ways of staying alive, despite it all, and of fighting back. As a result, the darkside has almost completely gotten rid of all the good guys and have all the time and space to play themselves. Good guys must start by using their brains instead of having it coralled behind think-tank propaganda. If the truth is already out there, why is the world marching on its path to complete evil? They must realise that all this about being icons and divas, happy consumer, lifetime careers, seeking happiness and financial security are just fake lifestyles meant to keep you away from discovering who you are and how to really live.....and to ignore the problem of evil completely. Souls have to realise that they came here to live this innings in a body that grows, ages, and dies. The best innings would be one which lets them live as soul...not as a darksider. A fighting innings, is therefore called for!

 That this is the Kali Age is just a red herring. We read in books about the Yugas, and how the pure goodness of the Satya Yuga deteriorated into the Kali hell we now have. Nobody alive has witnessed any other AGE, neither is the descent into the Kali Age well-documented.. The Cosmic Wheel Of Yugas was not created in a Divine age. We know that it exists from the Puranas and the Vedas. These pieces of literature have there origin at about 300 BC, though the Oldest Veda perhaps dates back to 1500 BC. So, we have the news of a Cosmic Cycle of Yugas that comes not from the time when mankind was at its purest, not from the age of Rama, not from the Age of Krishna but from the worst Age: the Kali Age. And, they were written by people who were interested in composing and re-composing epics. How do they know what they write is real? How do we know that their 'insights' were inspired by God? Calling them 'saints and sages' does not mean that they were attuned to God's knowledge! This kind of programming cannot be trusted. Rama and Krishna are historical but they are not separated by the kind of time that is claimed by the Cosmic Cycle of Yugas Theory. The TRETA Yuga was 1,296,000 years and the Dvapara Yuga was 864,000 years long. Yet, villages and other landmarks associated with the RAMA Avatar still exists. In fact, it has been claimed that the planetary alignments at Rama's birth took place in 5114 BC!
.Then again, evil and evil beings have reaped havoc in the Age of Rama and in the Age of Krishna. Same for this alleged Kali Age! So....what is the difference if evil is always starring or guest-starring? Could it be that history is marching onwards in a 'whatever' fashion rather than in a Cyclical or other geometrical pattern? Could it be that mankind will buy a God-derived pattern because it is an answer when none others are to be found? Could it be that evil has carefully crafted its ascendance well in advance? Could it be that evil managed to secure a stay of proceedings against them by the good guys, by claiming that the big boss gave them the okay to do what they are doing? Could it be that we accept the latter and in so doing, we let evil become our masters and persecuters? We know for a fact that segments of the 20th century were heavenly. We know that so far, the 21st century is hellish. Saying that this is the Kali Age does not explain or justify what is happening. We know that there are darksiders who have been plotting Global Government for centuries. We know of the existence of documents which accurately describe and forecast the past, current and future global scenarios, and of the manipulative processes at work. We know some of their tricks: Central Banking, Wars, Currency Manipulation, False Flags etc etc.That we never truly fought back has brought us to this. The evil Elites and the evil Masses have won their wars against the good guys. All that is left is for the Elites to destroy their 'franken-masses' in so many ways, as they probably have no more use for them. The souls or good guys are too few to make any difference now, to the outcome!

So those who only focus on the Elites as the enemy against the 99% do not see the masses working for the Elites. The most winnable, most important fight, is not against the Elites. It is against the masses who destroy  beings by installing satan in them as ruler. With this mark of the beast installed, they give you all material requirements for your survival, depending on the pecking order. It is the masses who ensure that there is a division and ruling of society by their tribal and color games which is akin to warfare. Only when darksiders unite against soul people do they have a united front. But, this costs the society its soul. All the good  moral people who could use their brains to lead a fightback against the Elites are killed out by the darkside society. And, the Elites plan their Eugenics Agenda against the masses. Now, who is to blame when it happens. What can a divided society do against the Elites? Where will the asleep society get its WILL to fight back, if their attention is otherwise distracted and they do not know that they are under threat? So, all the cries of 'wake up' are being shoved up the auditory canals of the masses, but the masses couldn't care less. The wake-up calls hit home among the brain-users who could not get the relevant info before this. The darkside masses have to stop working for the Elites by being the control mechanism that eliminates threats against the top of the pyramid. They have to stop implementing Elite-created agendas they obtain through 'eyeball' reading, or from the how-to programming of the darkside 'foundations'. The Elites draw on satan's power to rule, and to keep control of the masses. Any soul who comes into power is a direct threat to the Elites because if one can defeat satan within,satan on the outside becomes very defeatable. In the old days, the Elites used to know in advance, and kill the children at birth (here we're talking Christ and Krishna). Now, their clones in the masses do the hatchet-work! So, they take people's free will away....then tell souls that God appointed them to do that, or that it is for the souls own good, or that they are teaching souls. We have had enough of those lame excuses already. When the immoral claim partnership with God, you ask...Which God? What they can say is that they are part of the FORCE mechanism whereby the Elites run the world, and they do, what they do, because they can, and want to. But, the dark side changes not. The present goings-on will continue, the masses will be eugenicised, and the Elites will hole out in their underground cities while the terra firma is forcefully vacated, and made ready for re-colonisation. In the final analysis, Earth is going from hell to hell, in a linear progression. Anything that says that these hells are serving some divine purpose or Yuga sequence is scraping the barrel for an excuse to prolong the procession of hells.

Much has been said about  fighting back against the Elite 1%. It is not a contest in which the greater numbers can win, even if all the tribes in the masses unite as a team. The Elites are way ahead in terms of technology, resources, preparedness and tactics. The Elites are ahead of the game. Their warfare is assymetrical so one does not know exactly what to plan against! How can you win out against HAARP and Scalar weapons? Considering all things, now is a time to think about surviving for the longest that one can. And when the end comes, pray that it be painless. Being souls, and born with our bodies, we deserve to live unencumbered by any other rival force within. That should be the first priority. If not, we will not have lived! No darkside masses or Occult Elites should be given the chance to dominate your consciousness, in your body. Fighting back against the dark side within is a very winnable battle. A conquered dark side cannot act as an enemy within. The darksiders on the outside use the inner enemy against you. Your job is to keep that inner dark side down and out. You can do this easily if you kill the germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses within. This way, you deprive the dark side within of its troops. This way, no darksider can use them against you! There are other aspects to this fightback, previously mentioned. You can achieve this victory easily and cheaply. Then, whatever happens when you are soul, happens. Being soul means that at last, you are an individual. All that exists among the darkside masses are clones: each tribe or color is one force in millions of bodies. There are no individuals among them. They satisfy their need for individuality by having unique outer displays of demeanour, garments, tattoos, piercings, speech etc. When a soul defeats his own darkside possession, he is also defeating the millions of similar clones in other bodies. This is why the dark side wage endless war on souls: to prove that they are the superior way to exist and to pre-empt a loss! Each darkside color or tribe looks at its millions of bodies as its 'backing'. Having 'backing' counts in this material scheme of things: souls under attack usually cannot find one other body to back them up! Being a complete individual is the only way to live this life regardless of who says 'no man is an island'. "An individual with free will and human rights" is the battle, right in front of you, to fight. And if you need a gun, purchase one!

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