Friday, February 22, 2013

Preparing For The Evolving Present.

The present world is without precedent. It is the most evil world that we have seen, so far. The ranks of the Good have been decimated and evil is poised to go to the next level of dominance. The era of plenty is long gone. The changes happened suddenly, one after the other. People still haven't come to terms with the after-effects of 9/11. Countries of the Middle-East have been invaded, destabilised, conquered and ruined as geopolitical and resource wars escalate. Countries are being ruined by debt, high unemployment, high food prices and food shortages, hints of martial law or civil war, unprecedented mass surveillance, loss of liberties etc. Too many people do not seem to notice what is going on around them. People are not living in the now and facing the challenges of the now. They mostly do not research to find out what is going on in the world. Even if they know what's up, changing is hard for most people. Their marriages to survival keeps them on a very short leash. They do not want to give up what currently works for them. Some want more of the good things in life and will upgrade to better ways of getting more. The reality of a recession has not hit everyone equally. If you are an 'aware' person familiar with the devices and stranglehold of the darksiders, then you aim just for survival. You inform yourself and proceed on your path knowing that 'you gotta  do, what you gotta do'. Preppers are doing the intelligent thing but it is the unintelligent who will loot and riot in conditions of scarcity. The darkside masses are so engulfed in their conspiracy and fixated  on their games that nothing else matters. They want the status quo to stay that way. They like it so! They will not believe that Eugenics is underway! For the more intelligent of the species, there is such a thing as reality which must be faced on an ongoing basis. The idea of 'facing your clay' doesn't cross too many mental screens or pervade their life-plans. Instead of facing the eventual reality of death, now, and catering for it, many choose to go down the path of free-wheeling 'giddy-headedness'. Focusing on and savoring the fleeting 'temporary' so occupies us that that which is permanent is passed over,  unattended to. We refuse to come to terms with the ongoing realities in our world, and face them.  Steeped in fun and enjoyment, we have no time for depressing issues or pursuits that do nothing to keep us on a 'high'. Steeped ,too, in  consumer culture and social mobility, alternate lifestyles do not occur to us or at most have only nuisance appeal. For many people, it will not be until they collect unemployment checks or depend on food stamps that the new reality will sink home. This new reality includes a cashless society, complete surveillance using drones and sundry technology, possible martial law, greater recessionary conditions (higher unemployment, food shortages etc), One World Government, One World Currency etc.

 This world,  measured by man-made inventions like clocks, prices, balances, market values and statistics, is one great illusion or make believe.  They do not evaluate the real you, the soul. This world has been fashioned by evil for evil. This is why souls don't feel at home here anymore. Those simple pieces of fiat paper that give worth to our lives week by week, do not do justice to us. When the top 5% of the population controls more wealth and property than the other 95% combined, this is not justice. We must begin to contemplate the life we live and entertain alternative paths or lifestyles. We were not meant to be cogs in the wheel of the money pirates. We are soul, our own paths to define and live. We must change, but not in a willy-nilly fashion. We must put the permanent before the temporary, just to ensure that when we die , we are not on unfamiliar territory or that we were unprepared for that aspect of creation's agenda. As we shed our mortal coils, the change must not so frighten us that we remain wedded to the earth plane, drawn to the things and people we could not transcend or get over. Seek to be the soul because the alternative is doomed for extinction. Pursue the permanent for that is the only real choice you have as you give up the 'borrowed clothes' of the earthly plane. Don't be caught in accumulation to the detriment of soul- building. Your beneficiaries will be happy but how will you be? Trim your desires, build up a little treasure trove if you can. If the predictions are correct, we will need those little troves. Pursue the unfoldment of the soul that you are so that if the elimination of 'useless eaters' takes place, you will be prepared for the next scene.

What we see of the lives being lived on Earth at this time is not karma unfolding within the grand design of re-incarnation. WE were taught too, that God is the controller and nothing can happen against his will. But then we discover that most of mankind is held captive by the rich elites of the world who belong to this or that secret society. Then we discover that the majority of the 99% are clones of the 1%, and actually serve the 1%. This is not karmic unfoldment but forcefully created karma...created by those who run things, globally and locally. Past karmic unfoldment implies an infringement of free will, until the karmas being purged are completed. Today, we have the increasing loss of free will in a scenario of enslavement to the money system. This is contrary to expectation. Bad karma must have an free will must be restored! But, this is not happening! Christianity teaches that free will is the tool God gave us to mediate action. So whether the scene of this action is satan showing us  the kingdoms on Earth ( or a few wads of currency) and expressing a willingness to trade them for a 'bow' from us, or throwing some temptations our way, we are supposed to be free to refuse. But then, those who are professional tresspassers do not take no for an answer. This has given rise to a 'if you can't beat them, join them' kind of decision-making. Tresspassing is easily excused by the 'no pain no gain' rebuttal. Those whose lives are based on trespassing and hurting seem to have a green light for doing so.  Hinduism has clues about the  'field of action' we are living in. This world it is said is the 'leela' or play of God. Evil reaps havoc, then God appears as an Avatar and destroys evil himself, or leads the Good in that doing.The Mahabharat and the Ramayan both show the good and evil camps as distinct kinds of people with separate kinds of conduct. That does not obtain today. The darksiders proliferate and the good are like 'islands'. In scriptural days, the Good were very organized and not as helpless, as we are today.  Evil escalated their population/ power since the time  of Krishna. Today, our free will exists only in a few areas of life. Only when the people and systems which take our free will away are put out of business, will the free will given to us by God be re-established.

One just has to look at the top 5% of elites in every country, and see who owns how much. Wealth is transferred down through the generations. It is no secret that both Elites and masses are boosting the wealth of their bloodlines. The masses give their souls and their health to pass down more and more wealth to those who survive them. The Elites not only enrich their bloodlines, they school their successors to take the reins after they pass on. This is how the Elites assure themselves of continuity in their conspiracy.  If you have no inheritance or 'money' with which to make more, you are consigned to the poverty of the masses. If you have no niche from which to collect fiat money, your poverty is assured. In every country wealth is decribed by a pyramidal structure: the few extremely rich at the peak, and the many poor at the broad base of the pyramid. In the USA, the top 3000,000 individuals own more than half the population combined. This kind of inequality exists in almost all the countries on earth. Further, if you get into the natures of the materially blessed, you realize that there are few good people there, if any. Does karma influence the divvying up of the national 'pie'? The meek, the dis-possessed and the peacemakers do not seem to figure prominently in the 'good books' of karma. It is a topsy-turvy world when the corrupt and wicked control. While societies endorse their own plans for their organization, continuance and supremacy, and enforce these.... there is little room for Divine control. What is transpiring seems to be the enforcement of a centuries old  plan for control of humanity by progressive enslavement. When one looks at the GAMES that are sanctioned by, and actively participated in, by society, there is little room for even God to get in. Everything is ruled by the heavy hand of the darkside society. Who gets inheritances and who gets money-making niches are all approved by them. They use accidents, setups and snake-power to create this world as they want it to be. Snake-power is always a winning argument since it kills by natural means eg heart attacks and stroke. There is no merit involved in the darkside's games. You are free, and you prosper, if you are darkside. They do not subject their own to their 'lessons' and 'tests'. The only things good people deserve, in darkside societies, is conversion or death. Societal games are played by predators for the elevation of predators. Good people are mere victims and onlookers. What else can they do? Any new consciousness that evolves to tackle the current and evolving paradigms must include the art of defeating the snake-power weapon. It is defeatable.

In a proper state of consciousness, one should be walking straight or living righteously in this life. This caters for the karma generated in the now and prepares for the coming of bodiless existence. The consciousness while alive continues into the consciousness when dead, with a minimum of grieving about what is left behind. The fact that it is impossible to take material possessions, or their enjoyment, across death's threshold should infuse all of the daily existence. If this kills the joys we experience from 'things', much work on consciousness is needed. For one, we need to attach utilitarian value to the material world. For another, the bliss of the soul which forms the joyous backdrop for all of living, is absent and needs to be freed from its suppression. A clear quiet consciousness is required to pick up on incoming communication from the invisible sources of guidance. This fact has escaped those who urge constant mental pre-occupation such as happens in mantra recitation.  Usually, the darkside within is the thinker and noise-maker which blocks our ability to receive or decipher guidance. Constant mental preoccupation with things and experiences that constitute dark side activity or with the fulfillment of requirements for survival in the system, blocks our ability to apprehend incoming communication. To detect ripples in a pond, the pond must firstly be calm, and feature-less. There are different kinds of ripples. Attuning to intuition is like detecting the effect of the faintest beeze on the surface of the water. If preoccupied with the ripples caused by satan throwing rocks in the pool, one misses all the dainty stuff. Often, intuition is the only saving grace in one's decision-making life.

It matters whether we see ourselves as needing to be saved or as capable of saving ourselves. In the first instant, we leave our salvation to God, to Gurus, to messengers and to saviors. This comes from the belief that salvation is the grace of God or somebody else. We feel that we are sinners who are limited in our ability to row our own boat. Blame that on religion which also hogties us with the 'original' sin of Adam and Eve. By downplaying our ability to do-it-yourself, religion created for themselves, a secure place in God's hierarchy. Two kinds of scriptural teaching are which extols the benefits of 3 or more people gathering for worship, and one where Christ recommends complete secrecy and privacy for prayer, meditation and fasting! The best way is to be mindful of God's presence every minute of the day, and conducting all aspects of our life with that foreknowledge. Walking straight is the easiest path to follow. God cannot walk straight for us. Too many depend on God to save them, all the while walking the crooked paths available. After all, they say, we are sinners who do not judge but practise forgiveness. So, they are busy committing sins and trespasses, while expecting not to be judged, while expecting forgiveness...and salvation, all in the same breath. Religion did that to them. What originally were tips on living this life for good folks, became the path to afterlife salvation. God already gave us a brain to compute answers for us. The Soul is a 'spark' of God himself, which is capable of connecting to the 'fire' itself, and giving us advanced guidance. It is all a do-it-yourself journey. If saviors appear, so much the better!

Many people are programmed nightmares. Their consciousness consists of separate programmed cubicles or compartments. Each compartment deals with specific kinds of situations, and operates by its unique set of rules. There is no communication between compartments and so each preserves its exclusive set of rules. Were the walls of the compartments to be dissolved, the content of each compartment would collide with that of others. The result would be an ironing out of differences and double standards. Hypocrites would then cease to be. But, compartments can be created to exist in isolation, and when in one compartment, the awareness is ignorant of others. Mind controlled people who engage in gruesome acts seem not to have memory of what they did. They have handlers and seem to carry out assignments on hearing or seeing previously programmed codes. This is an extreme form of the state that occurs naturally for darksiders. They do not have a brain to integrate their compartmentalised programs that are created by the various topics they encounter. Church, for instance, occupies one compartment and has nothing to do with the sexual life or money-making compartments. What's more, each compartment only accepts more of the same in terms of operational rules or content. Many friendships are made in this process. It also explains why darksiders become more and more evil. It is better to free of programming. Write and discover the dark side's blueprint for behavior. Then face situations and problems in a freestyle way. Approach the new situation as if you have no experience or familiarity with it. Examine it, gather information and do analyses. The truth of the situation will guide the answers or responses you come up with.

Religion makse us feel that good people/souls stopped being born after the death of the avatar, messenger or savior. They pin us to the consciousness of scripture-writers who lived millenia ago. Its as if that was the most spiritually brilliant of times, and everything since then has been in decline. They make us believe that God was alive at the lifetimes of the prophets and saviors, but became very quiet or dead since. We must keep referring to the messages from long ago but not try to contact God ourselves and receive a current or updated message. God did not die! Good people continue to be born. It is that religion has no use for modern good people who deal with an ongoing living God. The recent scandals involving the Vatican (Banks and Sex) tells us that Christianity has been very profitable.  
Hinduism has profited no less!
Religion has failed to stem the tide of evil that is now completely engulfing the world. In fact, they seem to have fallen victim to satan and his hordes. This only tells us that organised religion is irrelevant to spiritual evolution. After-death salvation and ancestor worship is not defeating satan. Human beings need salvation while alive....and it is not from deficiencies in prayer, rituals and worship. Deliverance is needed from satan in human bodies, and  from his plots. satan has taken up the role of being 'the corrector of sin', whether from among the darkside masses, or from within the cults and churches that tout God! Commonsense needs to be the arbiter of theories, paths and methodologies. Living life morally, attuned to God, or simply being soul, is  what life is all about.

Do not go into paradigms that draw you away from your central consciousness and locks you in there. This is what has happened to the bulk of mankind. The economic man leapt off the pages of the economic texts and became real people, at the behest of the Elites and the masses. You don't have to do what others do or accept all that you read, see or hear. That is called programming. Economic man is a fake paradigm brewed in the laboratory of economists' minds, and is not a description of what obtained in the matrix at the time of the classical economists.. Be a truth miner, an information miner....not a memoriser who becomes stuck in programming. If you understand.... that comes with its own memory. Reading and trying to understand is meditation. Having accumulated programming, one should reverse the process and express the programming by writing it down. This tells us what the dark side has as its behavioral resources. In addition, one has to detect and write down what tricks the dark side uses. This is necessary for disempowering the dark side. Intercepting the darkside's gimmicks then telling it Don't try that, tells the dark side that its jig is up. If you can't fix the world, at least fix yours. Live the simple life. Resist the urge to greed and insecurity that the system feeds you with. People schooled in extroversion are taught that internalisation is a sign of dysfunction. Of course, they are looking out from their perches within the system....and they do not think that normal people will not feel like them. Yet, there is a RESET switch waiting for everyone to use. You switch off your consciousness from its worldy participation. So, one isolates oneself, one internalises, one fasts, one practices silence, and generally take a holiday from the world. This gives you back your sense of reality as you pull away from all programming and go back into neutral. The soul strives to reassert itself into the life of its body, We must be awake to the signs and messages! 


  1. Satanic rulers are attempting to take us towards the borg hive mind. They have succeceded thus far through social engineering over the last 100 or so years via think tanks like tavistock institute and all its tentacles. Next phase on one side appears to be genetic by diluting our DNA via vaccines and other delivery methods with beast and plant DNA while the technocratic priesthoods are pushing transhuman evolution which would give them the ultimate control of all the connected subjects. Not to forget an attempt to instill a third strand of DNA for a "preferred race" according to these luciferians as a serpentine strand that if allowed would turn this world into such unbalanced cesspool of insanity that it would destroy itself in a very short order like it has already happened in ancient past.

    1. If you have done the research, and would like to do a GUEST POST on GM plans of the Elites, it would benefit readers of this blog. You are quite capable. Just send it to me via email.

      I am having a terrible time right now with the masses trying to convert me into a 'dickhead'. They are using sleep deprivation to try and short-circuit my brains while they try to 'cook' me! They cannot succeed. The suffering and dislocation is acute. Both NOISE and EMFs are being used. Damage containment is all I can manage right now. The laws protect them from any precipitous counter-action. I have no internet connection, so I have to use the Library. Even creating a post is getting to be a task!

      Let me know! Thanks!

    2. Thanks for the invite and I may do so at one point in the near future. In the meantime all the power to you in fighting off those annoying pests. I am guessing that you are aware that EM waves can be blocked to protect your space although your wireless devices will not work either but due to the attacks you should minimize their usage anyways for the time being.

    3. Thanks, you are welcome to post when you are ready. Those pests do know what they do! I am using orgonite. There are solutions which are beyond me at the moment. There is special paint, fabric and caging...Faraday style! I think I will have to move! I hate living among functional illiterates, and darkside people.

    4. caging, fabric and so on will help against basic elf and orgonite may help even as far as low level occult but if the attacks are coming from higher level occult then your only solution is the power of christ and i am not kidding, there is no other way.

    5. This is just physical EMFs from powerful electronics. The darkside has lost most of their powers. Nothing to fear from that angle anymore. This is why their attacks will be physical from now on...they have nothing else to throw at us!

    6. Be careful in believing that darkside lost their power, far from it as their power is only going to be unleashed to greater extents moving forward in both subtle and extreme ways (pay attention to what is being released across multiple fronts via media, food, water, medicines and anything basically we ingest into the temple) plus you want to avoid operating in a position of having a false sense of security. If your attacks are only emf based consider yourself lucky as its much easier to block with some know-how. They still have plenty to throw at us on just the earthly physical level. Overcoming on these levels requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and discipline as a prereqisite for the battles on the spiritual/supernatural levels thereafter.

    7. There is evidence of current and future increasing battle by the good forces from the subtle dimensions. This has resulted in the perception of greater 'awakening' in the present....and a greater feeling of well-being. Others explain this as the effect of polar reversal, other shifts, synchronicity, Mayan prediction etc. The structure of the heavenly and hellish kingdoms have not been well explained by Western Religions. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, this war between the divine and hellish dimensions is ongoing in the subtle dimensions....with Earth getting the spill-over! It is not a principally good/evil battle home grown on Earth. In any event, we will see the truth in the near future! The GOOD have much cause to be more confident now!

    8. If you study the book of revelations and compare it to the news headlines over the last few decades and especially today it is all there how it will play out. Its God's plan for an end time test of worthiness... satan and his illuminati agents know it.