Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Engineering Of Mankind To Be Darkside. 2

 Of all the kinds of engineering done by the Elites, their work in spiritually engineering humanity in their own image and likeness (ie of satan) is at the heart of their conspiracy. They have created a world not of individuals but of 'packs' of darksiders in human bodies. Several packs, equivalent to the various darkside tribes or colors are more easily controlled than billions of individuals. Each pack must grow and maintain its numbers to avoid being absorbed by the rest. (This has been the basis of racism). Each member of the 'pack' is kept in control and is bound by the actions of the rest. In fact, individuality comes if one is able to break out of the pack (using enlightenment) or if one is able to resist the attacks of the 'packs' who want to convert, kill or rear the individual in slavery. Control is easy because all colors or tribes are dark side, and they live by what comes down the Occult chute, and can be read by eyeball reading, or can be communicated from Occult substance to darkside substance in the masses. Besides, the darkside alone can be manipulated and  from outside because they have  life only in the external world: control and manipulate that world and you have them by the pelotas. Souls are naturally detached, and apart from basic needs, do not care inordinately about externalities, unless life is threatened.  Souls are individuals, and they are bad news to the packs and pack- leaders. To think for oneself is to move away from the pack mentality. Souls are likely to be leaders themselves, and are apt to question the pack-leaders. The darkside masses, being natural enemies of souls/good guys, will eradicate them. So, the Elites are first and foremost, spiritual engineers. All the other kinds of engineering support this. They have created a civilisation of satans in charge of human bodies. The natural state of living of these satans is like 'crabs in a barrel'. Those at the top are controlled by the Elites, and each tier in turn controls those underneath. This is the way the hierarchy works. Upward mobility is the fuel for continued existence of each tier. The hierarchy exercises control over the whole of the masses. Direct control by the Elites is achieved by a continuous slew of laws, regulations, programs and policies.  Everyone is kept tied down and busy with problems, dramas and pursuits. The darkside nature is allowed to flourish but is controlled by the money available and by selective access to privilege. Eat, drink and be merry keeps most of them contented.

 Without the darkside, there would be nobody to consume the level of goods and services offered by the Elites. The system thrives because of attachments and desires. So, the key in fighting the Dr Frankenstein's of this world, is to break up the pack mentalities, current among the masses. This can only be done by feeding the suppressed souls and building building them. The Elites have put a complete block on soul development by the false knowledge and lies they concocted and made mainstream. The methodology of acquiring knowledge has been sabotaged. According to the Elites, the truth they give is there....all one has to do is BELIEVE. The plaque on the refridgerator reads...."All things are possible, if you believe"! The ad at the center of town reads...."The Town that BELIEVES"!Research and verification of data, before acceptance, does not figure in this equation. Religion requires belief to unfold its mystical reality. In ordinary life, truth is what one is prepared to believe, as if only the objective experts can posit what that truth could be. These truths are made available to you via the mainstream media. Thanks to the Alternative Media, the research and verification that is necessary before one can conclude as to what is truth and what is lie, is located, or executed, and brought to us. Individually, one has to swim upstream to beat those blocks and cul de sacs created to dumb us down.  The Elites have deliberately starved souls out of the competition, and in the process kept God out of the equation: One is either an instrument of God or of the devil! God must be brought back into the equation because He alone can defeat the Elites or the Masses. Only He has the power and knowledge to re-create the world in a proper way. That the world is so completely darkside tells of the enslavement and destruction of the good guys. God does not have many 'instruments' to use!

The darkside lifestyle is one of preying. To prey, one has to trespass. The system allows the darkside to trespass because there are no laws to prevent or punish such acts. Trespass is not considered unless there is physical injury (assault, battery, false imprisonment).  Even if such laws are there, those who enforce it are most likely part of the darkside masses. Religion does not look unfavorably upon trespassing. In fact, the Lord's prayer does not sanction begs God to forgive trespass and empowers people to forgive the trespass of others. This is a 'sin and let sin' kind of protocol. To top it off, the darksiders do not take kindly to being held responsible for their sins, or having their sins brought to their attention. 'Judge not, lest ye be judged' is their prime defense. 'Lest ye be judged'? Souls do not fear that! It is the darkside which fears judgement. It is the darkside which celebrates its cunning in the commission of sins and expects not to be censured! Their tenet is... "Pay only if you are caught"! Darksiders always know who to talk to in order to escape punishment. If you have a single darkside entity in hundreds of millions of bodies, will that entity punish itself if it occupies the body of both Judge and criminal? It is because of this 'himself to himself' situation that discrimination takes place. It is why there can be no real law enforcement. What happens when all the darkside tribes or colors collude? The net effect of untrammeled evil expression is that the problems and situations generated by wanton darkside trespassing stabilises the society in a world of evil from which it cannot evolve. Though we use the faculty of judgement in various as pects of human action, when it comes to trespasses, basic commonsense or brain usage is interdicted. Here is a scriptural opinion that favors judging! SEE  Here's another view from a practical Christian. SEE What's more we are being asked to accept trespasses as the the darkside art of 'testing and teaching' us. A more convoluted darkside escape route from the consequences of their action has not yet been invented! What's more after being trespassed on, we are told things like " You have to learn RESPECT" or "We taught you a LESSON".The same religion that espouses 'as you sow you reap' as a spiritual law does not seek its enforcement.Giving others problems takes their time and attention away from other important things. So, the dark side society keeps the good guys down simply because they wish to have untrammeled expression of their evil natures. Its tribes and colors are the perfect divide-and-rule instruments. They easily accept social engineering trends, like feminism, which further the cause the moral breakdown of societal institutions like marriage. Henry Makow's blog discusses this in detail.

Little chance exists for souls to awaken or build. The systems of the Elites and Masses use the same methodology. They extract your dark side's attention and pin it to the multiplicity of people, places, things, events and The Elites even set up the sex school and allied games by which society lives on a day to day basis. This sharpens the powers of the darkside clones by the constant reliance on, and usage of them. The satanic flag keeps flying 24/7 and no lulls are allowed to set in. All the colors and tribes are naturally included and represented in these games. They all want to win and become the powers-that-be in society. No opportunity must be given for the souls in some of the masses' bodies to awaken. If the games are not enough, pleasure, fun, ego-building, the pursuit of wealth and careers and a whole long list of to-dos for the darkside to be occupied with, exists. experiences in the outside world. The soul's attention interfaces with the darkside's attention at the senses, and it becomes stuck wherever the dakside's is caught. So attachment to the world is not really the soul's doing. The Elites have carefully scripted a darkside civilisation or party, and souls are forced to tag along! Detachment is part of soul's nature. Souls are being detained away from their natures by the willing-to-attach dark side. To get back to detachment does not call for will power to stay away from stuff. There is no lasting answer there. The darkside attachments must be curtailed by fighting and defeating the attachment-prone darkside/bacteria combo.

 The freeing of one's attention is the first step to freedom or salvation while alive. The Elites and their servants (the darkside masses) are in power today because they can hijack and manipulate the attention of souls, even though it is indirect or by proxy. The darkside can only beat the soul by proxy....which is no real victory! In the sex-school games, the good guy is given a look at a dark side girl whom the darksiders whisk away to 'cook' for him. In the years of 'cooking', the darkside boys beat the good guy/owner of the girl by their own song and dance routine. Then, they feel sorry and return the girl to the good guy. It is only then that the darksiders realise that they were only fooling themselves. They won nothing. In fact they stole the years of a good guy's life while discriminating against him, and trying to kill him. Souls do have their own methodology for relationships and no amount of darkside lessons will change the methodology that they subscribe to, and trust. So, the dark side keeps our attention locked-in, on the outside, away from our strength and intuitional resources in our homebase, within. Materialism is not our homebase and there always seems to be something missing, even in the best of materialistic times. So they build your externally-focused dark side, sabotage you with colonising bacteria (which are similarly concerned), deny you opportunities on the outside (so you worry about that) attack you (so you keep on watching on the outside for other attacks), your 'alarms' get erected so you can detect and counter external incursions, they give you a girl and then enact all the dramas of the sex school......all is done to get soul to become completely extrovert, instead of being extrovert only as is necessary for procuring what is needed from the external world. Even the extroversion that one gets locked into, by fighting back against incursions, is unnatural to the soul. Soul needs its homebase to be itself. Being locked away from it deprives soul of the knowledge, awareness and bliss that is its own nature.Keeping the darkside tethered to the outside life and making that level of engagement necessary for living and survival is the trap set by the Elites, and Masses who work for them.

Many bloggers hold out hope for 'mankind'. They feel that shouting from the rooftops about the engineering being done by the Elites, and proclaiming that the more people that accept it means the greater the level of awakening. They ignore the fact that the Elites feed both sides in any war, and control both sides. The Elites actually want the masses to know of their misdeeds, in this last round. It is a matter of speculation as to which of the popular figures in the alternative media are on the Elite's payroll, or take orders from them. Many bloggers hold out hope because they feel that LOVE (as opposed to the Elites' hate) will win out in the end. Some even extend love to the Elites in one breath, while extolling their sins in another. Somehow, it is felt that the sleeping masses can be coaxed into waking up and joining the battle by 'love', by pointing out the sins of the Elites and by 'educating' them. The current unjust and oppressive legislation and trends are viewed as the herald of impending Martial Law. The Constitution expects, and supports, a fightback against perceived tyranny. It is a credit to bloggers that more and more people are becoming aware of the workings of the Elites and their systems. Therein lie the truths that will awaken people. It must not be forgotten that the Elites have the masses in their grip, by the Occult connection, and by media-led programming. It must be remembered, too, that there is no single force in any human body. There is both soul and darkside. For the majority, the darkside is deeply, and irremovably, ensconced in power. The darkside is already awake to its own nature and concerns....which is why so many are 'asleep'. You cannot change a darkside into anything else. It cannot be changed into a soul by giving it love and knowledge. It will be awake to a new cause to fight for, but it will need to know what's in it for him. Darksiders love the status quo for it gives them all the room for the expression of their natures and satisfaction of their desires. The Elites engineered the darkside masses to pay attention to their wallets and their games. Fighting the Elites would mean a loss of everything they hold dear. It is the Elites who hold out the 'carrot' of happiness to the masses for their guaranteed participation in, and preservation of, the system.

So, there is no real way to 'change' the darkside masses to a state of awakening. Changing the darkside masses by enlightenment is impossible. Waging any winnable war against them is impossible....unless it is the Elites doing so. The only course left open is for the souls to be given help and support to wage war on the dark side within. Souls who are immune to the stratagems and ploys of the tribes of darksiders, offer a glimmer of hope. The eventual result may be the same: population reduction and the devastation of the Earth's surface by war. Having more awake souls would mean more involvement of God in earth's affairs, even if it just means guidance for survival. It is the souls that need to be awakened by giving them the enlightenment they need to steer out of their suppression and oppression. As the Soul builds, the dark side must retreat. The darkside exists for its own fulfillment, and aggrandisement. While some darksiders live by a code of honor, most have no honor. I do not waste concern on darksiders. They feel that their sizeable 'backing' (the numbers of bodies that support each other) is enough to pre-empt any catastrophe to the tribe. So, it is a darkside/soul equation one is faced with...not the one-entity-in-a-body delusion. Changing that equation to empower souls, alone increases the numbers of those fighting back. The masses help the Elites
It is the Occult Elites and Media programmers who have to be defeated to free the 'captive' masses. The masses are the 'willing' prisoners of the Occult Elites. They think that they are free because they do not see the bars of their prisons. The truth about how awakened the masses are, is brought home by the vast numbers who turn out to vote for the 2 major political parties despite the knowledge that both are flip sides of the same Elite coin. In fact, it is the Occult Elites who have the power over the darkside masses, and they can get the masses to elect whom they want, despite accusations of back-door vote manipulation! The Elites created the darkside masses to work for them in keeping God and souls out of influence on earth. Now, that the Elites wish for another more comfortable paradigm for themselves, one that excludes so many bodies, the masses cannot be awakened to their dire straits. Only a few, relatively speaking, can see the writing on the wall.

The conspiracy was simple: use money, whether precious metals or their IOU's, to become the wealthiest on the planet. Use politicians and rulers to get power over people. Take away the means of support of the masses and make them dependent on you. Set up your business at  focal points and get the masses to come there for your offerings. Attract them by higher wages or the glitzy life. Devalue their lifestyles by painting yours as a rosier picture. Thus, every country has experienced phenomenal rural-urban migration in the past, and continuing into the present. Manipulate the niches that could be profitable so that yours stand out and prosper, while that of others will dry up and disappear. One must go big in everything! No corner shops will must have big Corporations and Monopolies. Factories must be big. Farms must be big. Ruralites in economic trouble will gladly sell. Teach large-scale monoculture in all the schools. The factors of production must be bought from you, whether seeds, fertilisers, weedicides, insecticides or machinery. The old ways of agriculture will be replaced by your way. With yourself as the principal entity in city-life or villages, the people are in your control. Gone will be the days of barter and self-sufficiency. People will move by your clock, not theirs. The people will own nothing that you cannot get your hands on. Contract the circulation of money and you can have their homes. Ship the jobs overseas and you will have them on the bread-line. It is not that money is important to the Elites and their Corporations. Money is just the tool used to assure that human beings expend the time of their lives, living in vain. Money was the tool used to tempt everyone to give up their land and lifestyles for city life and wealth. Now, the masses own nothing. When they cannot afford to pay their bills and Social Security runs out, the crunch will set in. What's more the masses don't believe that the Elite threat exists ('Conspiracy Theory' was a very clever rebuttal). It is not souls but the Elites who pose THE real threat to their existences. No! They will not believe it! But, they will believe that the souls, those who do not belong to the 'packs', those who are different, are their enemies.  What is more clever than this: making mankind live and die for bits of paper! If St Peter is real, what account are we going to give when asked what we did in the days of our lives. If one thinks that what one is doing now is the best use of our time, one should visit places that are now dying as human habitations. Go through and look at what humans did that they thought was so important then. None of it matters that the candles in the wind have burnt out! Why can't people see that the systems that are operating now only serve the interests of the darkside Elites and their servants, the masses?

"We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy." Chris Hedges

The engineering of the darkside consciousness as triumphant in human bodies, is the chief plot of the Elites. Somewhere along the line, the Elites seem to have gotten disenchanted. The darkside reproductive steam-roller, fueled by the sex-school games, seems to threaten the status of the Elites. It could be,too, that the plot has peaked and the Elites are ready with another paradigm, for the rest of time. So, while the original engineering of creating darksiders is still operative, other kinds of engineering are coming to the fore. Now, the very life of the darksiders bodies are being targeted. This is called the Eugenics program. Lives are being shortened and snuffed out by the onset of various sicknesses and wars. Food, both genetically altered and toxified, is the chief agent of population reduction. The traditional fare of foods work slowly but surely to sicken people. Acidic foods create the groundwork for the acidic diseases eg heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis etc. The medicines used to treat illnesses are ineffective and help the victims to go more speedily to their graves. Vaccines seem to accomplish this very effectively. The approach of allopathic medicine is to alleviate symptoms not cure the disease. Diseases are viewed as localised not systemic conditions. Prevention is shelved in favor of Crisis Medicine and surgery. Besides, war is being made on traditional alternative medicine eg vitamins, herbs and raw milk. The air is toxified by automobile emissions, and by chemtrail spraying. Homes spew toxins (eg paints, carpets, EMFs). Even clothes are being made of polyester and artificial fabrics. These compromise the energy of the body. The net result is the increase in the occurrence of a variety of cancers. The conventional treatments for this, expedites the onset of death. To these, one should add the various geo-engineered weather events, and events like earthquakes. Somehow, the flora and fauna of Earth are being decimated, some mysteriously. In some States, there are loud mysterious noises.... these probably indicate underground city construction. To the existing calamities, one can add increased drug-running and associated crimes, human trafficking, the increase in gang activity, the increasing break-up of the nuclear family etc etc. Undeclared wars, invasions and rumors of wars are now the norm. Religion is increasingly being hit by scandals, and lacks the cohesive force they once had. Whats more is that there are no counter-balancing good forces at work at the physical level. Despite heavy UFO reporting, there is no evidence that the aliens are benign. Perhaps, it is all up to God now. The darkside masses have played themselves very well: they have practically eliminated all the good guys who could have helped!  

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  1. Good comprehensive observations... keep an eye out for a new level of trickery, manipulation and darkside engineering coming from the changes about to take place at the vatican... if you are familiar with the book of revelations we are fast approaching times where the souled will need to amplify discernment skills like never before.

    Darkside masses at this point are too far gone and blinded in satanic lifestyles however destructive natural events that are destined to happen will help to wake up some from that pool.