Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On The Road To Armageddon. 1

There is a plot going on. In fact, there may be many plots running simultaneously. There is a plot because there is a system which we live. This system is working badly, as it was meant to. This system is headed somewhere. That 'somewhere' is nowhere good. To cause us to turn away from accepting that there is a plot, is the function of accusations of 'conspiracy theory', and 'anti-semitism'. They make us doubt what we see in front of our eyes. The 'conspiracy theory' rebuttal does not tell us what actually exists. Does a system evolving into a nightmare not do so by collusion and plotting or is it a random kind of evolution? If so, what is being done to stem the  tide of bad things that keep on happening? Do the Elites not have structures and organisations to which these 'bad things' origins can be traced? How can you explain chemtrails, fluoride in water, aspartame, genetically engineered organisms, drones, geo-engineering, wars/invasions based on lies, banker bailouts, privately owned central banks, death-bearing vaccines and pharmaceuticals etc etc? If the Elites mean us well, shouldn't that intention be experienced in the effects of what they do?  Claims of anti-semitism is absolutely ridiculous. We know that good and evil exists in all the races. So, we try to ally with the good in all races while avoiding or passively resisting the darkside majorities. The darkside majorities in the masses enslave us and dominate us by force. It is stupid to hate a whole race. 'You just don't like us' actually means 'you don't like our actions'. Then again, 'antisemitism' is nothing but a trick, to be used in stifling criticism. The Elites are found in ALL major countries on Earth, and many of them are unrelated to anything vaguely semitic.  WW3 is where the various Elites from differing ethnicities 'face off'!

 Non-western and non-Christian cultures find it difficult to believe in the concept of a 'chosen race'. India is has been the place where Saints and Sages, Avatars (incarnations of God), Yogis  and Gurus take birth and become icons in the field of spirituality. Indians (or Hindus) do not claim to be chosen by God despite God's repeated physical visits to them. They count themselves to be blessed, not special or chosen. They have a problem with the 'chosen' concept, especially when the 'chosen' are no comparison to the likes of Rama, Krishna, Buddha and a host of saints, sages and yogis. In fact, India has more 'religious' or 'spiritual' tourism than most Nations have in regular tourism. Yogis are specialists in consciousness training. They undertake training and spiritual practice (sadhana) towards self-realisation, mukti (liberation),  perfection of the soul or oneness with God. What they achieve is dependent on the grace of Guru, the grace of God and the steadfastness with which they adhere to spiritual practice. They choose themselves, and their proof of spirituality is their own lives, and their morality. Fakes and charlatans abound but the truly spiritual shine on regardless. Swami Sivananda is one of the legendary Gurus. India excels in Holy places and Holy Shrines. The Vedas are among the oldest religious books in existence, older than the Bible.....and they mention no 'chosen' races. In fact, the Bhagavad Gita is a source-book for enlightenment for people all over the world. Its lessons dovetails with those found in the Aphorisms of Yoga by Patanjali. Ironically, enlightenment for personal development is found in the Mahabharat....a book that describes the first global war fought between good and evil. The death of the ego was being crafted by Krishna, just as He crafted the demise of the bodies of the evil Kauravas.The SRF says that spiritual practice can help avert or ameliorate the war.
We now stand on the threshold of another global war....a pre-planned war, if Albert Pike is to be believed.

A group of meditational researchers aligned to the Prophecies of Nostradamus, produced a set of predictions about the war to come. They believe that this will be the biblical war of Armageddon! By 2019, it will be mostly over, according to this group. Here is a list of incidents that they foresaw.......

2014......Abundance of natural calamities
2015......Destruction by floods and volcanoes
2016......Big earthquake in Pakistan
2017......Middle East destroyed by bomb blasts
2018......America, China and Japan lose big numbers to war
2019......Politicians lose credibility as people rush to Saints for rescue
In addition, the SRF predicts that India will lose 50% of its population in this war!
How did the world come to this? We have past examples of conspiracies, plots and the application of force and subterfuge from the Ramayan and Mahabharat. In both those eras, God came to destroy the demons and free the world from evil's designs. It is the invisible satan (or lucifer or any other name denoting evil) who is the enemy. satan possesses and uses human bodies in his war against God and souls. Like other demons in the Hindu religious texts, satan is always trying to expel God from Earth by completely owning  and controlling it. Whom he uses to get this done changes with the times. It must be made clear that it is the invisible satan and his invisible hordes that are the masters of that plot....not the Zionists, Jews, Nazis or any combination of race, politics or philosophy. All the races of the world have a majority of bodies ruled by the dark side. And, that majority is really big. The darkside is a predator. Predators plot, hunt and conquer. How they do this varies but cunning and force(power) are the two of the principal ingredients. Secrecy is the key to the success of the hunt, whether it be for prey or for dominion over the world. If secrecy is penetrated, the predator usually either denies the guilt for plotting or abandons the plot to retry when the victims threat-alarms  cease to chime. So, it could be any race occupying the plotters chairs. Uncovering the designs of one race/group does not mean that there are no others. Some races simply stay quiet because they are not yet prepared for, or capable of, the level of challenge required to dominate other races. Not only the society is divided into tribes or colors vying for supremacy and victory, the Elites are too! The world is divided into these tribes and colors. Such that, if one goes from society to society, there is no real deviation in the division by colors, and the games or behavior people indulge in. 'Tribes' or 'colors' are words used to define different breeds of invisible dark side entities and not color of skin or ethnic origin. It happens, though, that a single breed of darkside entity can straddle the majority of bodies in a race, and so dominate that race. The invisible darkside can, and does, possess bodies across the racial spectrum. It appears too, that demonic entities have divided up the world territorially. So that, satan is boss of one geographical region, while lucifer, and others, have their own territorial jurisdictions. This is important because the local arms of the Occult hierarchy, who manage the mechanism of possessing, are probably limited by the kind of entities available. To recap.....It is satan/lucifer/other demon who is the real enemy. he has possessed the majority of human bodies. he is using those bodies to cleanse the world of God, his 'sparks' (souls) and goodness. Demons are predators. They will destroy goodness by collective plotting. Each will also try to rise to the top of the heap, and dominate them, by plotting and warring against them. The Bible was instructive in its declaration that the war is not against flesh and blood but against 'principalities and powers'.


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