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On The Road To Armageddon. 2

The following selected extracts, detailing the prophecies of Mitar Tarabich, were taken from...

" Mitar Tarabic (1829-1899), an illiterate peasant from a small Serbian village called Kremna, had experienced occasional prophetic visions. Being a religious person and having a local Serbian orthodox priest for a godfather, he told this priest about his episodes of "seeing into the future". The priest, Zaharije Zaharich (1836-1918), wrote down everything in a small notebook, which was damaged by fire in 1943 when his family house was destroyed by the occupying Bulgarian army. This text is now in the possession of the family of Zaharich's great-grandson, Mr. Dejan Malenkovich.

Tarabic's best-known prophecy has to do with a series of political events in 19th century Serbia. Without getting into details, I'll tell you that he predicted a sequence of events (spanning a course of decades) that eventually led to the removal of the ruling Obrenovich family from the Serbian royal throne. This prophecy came to be known in the region as the "black prophecy", and it did play out as predicted. It culminated in 1903 with the assassination of Alexandar Obrenovich and his wife Draga, who were killed by their own guards."


"After the Great War peace will reign all over the world. Many new states will appear... black, white, red and yellow. An international court is formed, which does not allow countries to fight each other. This Court will be above all kings. Where a war starts, the Court will judge justly, trying to transform hatred and butchery into love and peace. The lucky ones who live to see these times will be more than happy.

After a while some great kings, as well as some small ones, will start to fake their respect for the Court, while doing whatever they please... Many small wars will begin because of this... thousands upon thousands will die, but there will be no big wars.

There will be a few wars around the kingdom of Israel, but sooner or later the peace will come even there. In these wars brothers fight brothers; then they make peace and kiss each other, but their hatred remains... All these small wars are initiated by the great kingdoms, because of their wickedness and malice; those who fight and butcher each other do it because of their blind stupidity."


"You see my god-father, when the world starts to live in peace and abundance after the Second Big War, all of that will be just a bitter illusion, because many will forget God, and they will worship only their own human intelligence... And do you know my god-father, what is human intelligence compared to God's will and knowledge? Not even a single drop in the ocean.

Men will build a box and within will be some kind of gadget with images, but they will not be able to communicate with me already dead, even though this image gadget will be as close to this other world as hairs on the human scalp are close to each other."

"With the help of this image-gadget man will be able to see everything that is happening all over the world.

People will drill wells deep in the ground and dig out gold [another name for crude oil is "black gold"], which will give them light, speed and power, and the earth will shed tears of sorrow, because there will be much more gold and light on its surface than in its interior. The earth will suffer because of these open wounds. Instead of working in the fields, people will dig everywhere, in right and wrong places, but the real power will be all around them, not being able to tell them: "Come on, take me, don't you see that I am here, all around you." Only after many a summer, people will remember this real power, and then they will realise how stupid it was to dig all those holes. This power will also be present in people but it will take a long time before they discover it and use it. Thus man will live for a long, long time, not being able to know himself. There will be many learned men who will think through their books that they know and can do everything. They will be the great obstacle for this realisation [self-knowledge], but once men get this knowledge, then people will see what kind of delusion it was when they listened to their learned men. When that happens, people will be so sorry that they didn't discover it before, because this knowledge is so simple.

People will do many stupid things, thinking that they know and can do everything, not knowing anything. Wise men will appear in the Orient and their wisdom will cross all seas and frontiers, but people will not trust this wisdom for long time, and this real truth they will proclaim for a lie.

Their souls will not be possessed by the Devil, but by something much worse. They will believe that their illusion is the real truth, although there will be no truth in their heads. Here at home it will be the same as all over the world. People will start to hate clean air and this divine freshness and all divine beauty and will hide in rankness. Nobody will force them to do that, but they will do it of their own free will. Here in Kremna many a field will become a meadow, and many a home will be abandoned, but then those who have left will come back to heal themselves by breathing fresh air. In Serbia it will not be possible to distinguish a man from a woman. Everybody will dress the same. This calamity will come to us from abroad but it will stay with us the longest. A groom will take a bride, but nobody will know who is who. People will be lost and more and more senseless day by day. Men will be born not knowing who was their grand-father and great grand-father. People will think that they know everything, but not a thing they will know.


The whole world will be plagued by a strange disease and nobody will be able to find a cure; everybody will say I know, I know, because I am learned and smart, but nobody will know anything. People will think and think, but they will not be able to find the right cure, which will be with God's help, all around them and in themselves.

Man will travel to other worlds to find lifeless deserts there, and still, God forgive him, he will think that he knows better than God himself. There, except the eternal peace of God, he will see nothing, but he will sense with his heart and soul all of God's beauty and power. People will drive in rigs upon the moon and stars. They will look for life, but life similar to ours they will not find. It will be there, but they will not be able to understand it and see that it is life.

One who goes there, God forgive him, not believing in God as it is proper for an honourable and decent person, when he comes back he will say: "Oh, you people, who mention God's name with doubt, go there where I was, than you will see what is God's mind and power."

The more people will know, the less they will love and care for each other. Hatred will be so great between them that they will care more for their different gadgets than for their relatives. Man will trust his gadget more than his first neighbour...

Among people of a nation far in the north a little man will appear who will teach men about love and compassion, but there will be many Judas and hypocrites around him so that he will have many ups and downs. Not one of these hypocrites will want to know what is real human grace, but his wise books will remain, and all the words he will say [tape recordings?], and then then people will see how self-deceived they were.

Those who will read and write different books with numbers will think that they know the most. These learned men will let their lives be led by their calculations, and they will do and live exactly how these numbers tell them. Among these learned men there will be good and evil men. The evil ones will do evil deeds. They will poison air and water and spread pestilence over the seas, rivers and earth, and people will start to die suddenly of various ailments. Those good and wise will see that all this effort and hard work is not worth a penny and that it leads to the destruction of the world, and instead of looking for wisdom in numbers, they will start to seek it in meditation.


When they start to meditate more, they will be closer to God's wisdom, but it will be too late, because the evil ones will already ravage the whole earth and men will start to die in great numbers. Then people will run away from cities to the country and look for the mountains with three crosses, and there, inside, they will be able to breathe and drink water. Those who will escape will save themselves and their families, but not for long, because a great famine will appear. There will be plenty of food in towns and villages, but it will be poisoned. Many will eat because of hunger and die immediately. Those who will fast to the end will survive, because the Holy Ghost will save them and they will be close to God.

[I think the "mountains with three crosses" could be referring to nuclear shelters. If you look at the door of one of these shelters, you might see three turn-handles, used for unlocking and opening it... Tarabic might well have interpreted these handles as "three crosses".]

"People waging this war will have their scientists who will invent different and strange cannon-balls. When they explode, these cannon-balls, instead of killing, will cast a spell over all that lives; people, armies and live stock. This spell will make them sleep, and sleep they will instead of fighting, and after they will come back to their senses.

We [Serbia] will not fight in this war, but others will do battle over our heads. Burning people will fall from the sky over Pozega [a town in Serbia]. Only one country at the end of the world, surrounded by great seas, as big as our Europe, will live in peace, without any troubles... Upon it or over it not a single cannon-ball will explode! Those who will run and hide in the mountains with three crosses will find shelter and will be saved to live after in abundance, happiness and love, because there will be no more wars..."

Wikipedia calls these predictions The Kremna Prophecies. Of these Prophecies, WIKIPEDIA says....."While the prophecies do indeed closely match the events, there is no evidence that they were written when claimed, and serious doubts have been cast on them". Wikipedia further says, "There appears to be no documentation suggesting that any of the "accurate" prophecies were published in advance of the events they foretell.
Voja Antonić investigated the claims of self-proclaimed prophets Miloš and Mitar Tarabić, and found that twelve copies of the book Prophecy from Kremna were all different, and changed over time. During his research he visited Kremna, where he was offered the "original handwritings" of Mitar Tarabić—who was illiterate. He published his findings (in Serbian) as "Kremansko neproročanstvo: studija jedne obmane" (Non-Prophecy from Kremna - a study of deception).[1]"

Here is a very interesting thread on these prophecies from the ATS site.

Voja Antonic presented his debunking of the Kremna Prophecies on this site.......
  The myth began at 1902 (after the death of both prophets), when it had only two "prophecies", created by one journalist and one politician, for political reasons. During the XX century, it grew up to more than 150 prophecies (note that both prophets died in XIX century). The most important fact is that the vast majority of prophecies was written (which means documented in written form at books and newspaper) AFTER the predicted event. Just a few of them were documented before, mostly wrong, so they had to be forgotten and erased from the list. Here I do not count the prophecies for far-future events, until we see do they deserve our attention.

Here are some facts, in short:

Involved persons (skip this unless you want to compare it with the timeline):
- prophet Milosh Tarabic (1809-1854)
- prophet Mitar Tarabic (son of Milosh's brother) (1829-1899)
- priest Zaharije Zaharic (?-1918), their godfarther, which allegedly wrote down their prophecies (no proof for that)
- journalist and editor Pera Todorovic (1852-1907), supposed author of Kremna's myth together with Cedomilj Mijatovic, politician
- priest and writer dr Radovan Kazimirovic, which wrote a lot about Kremna prophecy in newspapers during 1915-1940 (Zaharije's schoolfriend)
- journalist and writer Predrag Golubovic (1935-1994), wrote a book Kremna Prophecy in 1982 (12 editions)

- 1902: the first newspaper article about the prophecy about King Milan's divorce from 1888, launched for political reasons (Pera Todorovic, journalist and Cedomilj Mijatovic, politician) (14 years late)
= also (a few days later): prophecy about King Milan's abdiction from 1888 (14 years late)
- 1903, may 28: assassination of king Aleksandar Obrenovic and his wife Draga Masin
- 1903, may 30: prophecy on assassination in "Mirror" news, Pera Todorovic (1 day late)
- 1914: WW I began (not a word about it before it started)
- 1915: prophecy about WW I start in "Nish's Messanger" (dr Kazimirovic) (1 year late)
... also: 1. Turkey will disappear fro Europe (never happened)
... 2. Austria will dissapear (never happened)
... 3. Constatinopolis will be conquered by Rusia (never happened)
... 4. Serbia will be greatly enlarged (never happened)
... 5. town Krusevac will became the capitol of Serbia (never happened)
... 6. Rusia will be the most powerfull country in the world (never happened)
... 7. prophecy about Serbia's triumph in WWI (the only fulfilled prophecy)
- 1918: WWII end (there was not a prophety about when it will end)
- 1928: prophecy about the year of WWI end (10 years late)
- 1928: prophecy on future wars: There will be no wars in the future (Kazimirovic)
- 1939: Kazimirovic's book about the Kremna prophecy, but not a word about WW II
- 1939: WWII began
- 1982: Book of Kremna's prophecy (Golubovic), prophecies on:
... - WWII (43 years late)
... - Hitler and swastika (about 50 years late)
... - Hitler defeated (37 years late)
... - Prophecy that there will be no wars in the future in Serbia during many generations, and Serbia will be very famous and very much respected in the world (this prophecy vanished in the edition 1993 of the same book, when the war started in Yugoslavia)
... - all other prophecies about the past and future events were created succesively in 12 editions of the same books by journalist Predrag Golubovic.

I tried to keep this in short, but I have a lot of facts which support the consclusion that the whole prophecy is just a myth and a media bunk.

Here is another excellent script detailing and supporting the Kremna Prophecies.

For me, the most important aspect of Mitar Tarabich's prophecies is the endtime instantaneous poisoning of city dwellers by GMO food! It is feasible that the know-how for increasing the potency of genetically engineered poisons to give effect to Eugenics, will sooner or later be implemented.


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