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Fight Back = Save Yourself = Salvation. 1

Fighting back against the dark side means that one has to pick one's battles to engage in. The dark side is making all kinds of war.... on other darksiders, on God, on the Souls or good guys,  and on creation itself. One can fight back against the darksiders themselves or against the various facets of their rule. One key element used in their empire-building and maintenance, is the inflicting of possessions into human bodies. The other principal element is the feeding of, and cultivation of, these possessions so that the satanic empire is extended, body by body. The most potent fightback is against your own possession so that your body serves you, the soul, not the satanic empire. If enough people fight back and defeat their satanic possessions, the darkside psychic net that enevelops mankind crumbles. The supposedly all-seeing eye goes partially blind! Every victory against a possession is a defeat for satan. The psychic net that enveloped the world has fallen. The work of the subtle regions of heaven, the death of an 'avatar of the night', God's fightback etc etc perhaps account for this. There is a kind of awakening being experienced on earth. Knowledge is blooming. This knowledge has to be used to expose and fight back against the darksiders. When no pathway of fightback exists, one has to use one's intelligence to create one. If one is already immune to the darksiders, one may not have the notion that they exist at all. One may not have experienced their tyranny. Chances are, however, that their attacks have decimated the immunity of all their soul-victims. Regaining one's immunity will be the initial thrust of fighting back. One has to study one's history to discover when and how one lost one's immunity. That information/truth is there, within, in memory. What was done in secrecy, or boldly, must be brought to the light of conscious attention. Then, one can devise a methodology to reverse or counter-act the satanic methodology that creates a loss of immunity. This calls for research, within and outside. One has to shut the door on the darksiders ability to affect you. This calls for trial-and-error experimentation. Some problems, you can understand and solve. Some problems you can't even name, much less begin to solve!

You have to start somewhere in your fightback. Build with each little success, and go deeper... to resolve the core issues creating susceptibility to darkside attack. A very good starting place is Dr Sircus' blog. It is a common error for people to keep reading and looking for convenient truths, while not really trying anything. Reading for reading sake, or using it to search for that magical answer that will get the job done easily, is wasting time. There is no magical single formula that will solve everything. The overview that develops within, and which becomes the protocol that you use as your principal resource to help you live, develops one tip at a time, one idea at a time, growing and taking shape with every trial and success you experience. This overview must be meticulously worked out, until you have developed your own working philosophy. What others have discovered is useful and remarkable. The challenge is to embrace it and make it yours by proving it to be true, and workable. The challenge is to create a pathway of fightback where none exists before....a pathway that works! The truths that one researches, one has to apply to get the desirable changes one seeks. Truths that cannot be applied, even in the understanding of a problem, are of very limited utility in the process of saving yourself (salvation). Such useless truths/lies cannot produce any of the changes one wishes to be, in one's life. Religion is the perfect example of living a lifestyle that creates change only after you die! That is no change...you will die anyway and you have no way of judging the efficacy of religion's prescriptions and protocols. While alive, its the changes that can be induced that come to matter most! Seek out, and keep with you, those truths that produce desirable changes in your life. Those truths work! Then, you do not have to be stuck in a stultified life, caught amongst things that cannot create the changes that remake you, as required. Out of research comes those distilled ingredients that become 'reset' buttons in your life. Reset your immunity level!

Good or soul people do not fight the spiritual war, mostly because of a lack of knowledge. Like Arjuna, on the Kurukshetra battlefield, they have dropped their weapons and refuse to fight. Indeed, they do not even know that they have weapons to fight back with. This is the condition called Ignorance which necessitated the Bhagavad Gita! This refusal to fight was partly caused too, by the propaganda and cunning of the darksiders. The darksiders want their warring to be forgiven. They tell you that it is wrong to want 'an eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth', and that any counter-action you take will be just that. They tell you that two wrongs don't make a right, so fightback is a wrong. The best advice maintains that one shouldn't let the darksiders make you evil like them, which is their intent in hurting you. So, fighting back makes you like them! They say that it is better to light the lamp than curse the darkness...confusing you with two meanings of the word 'darkness': night and evil. Just as your darkside is your weakness, meaning that it is a link that darksiders can use to attack you, it is a link to the darksiders that can be used to defeat them. Defeating your own dark side takes away the darksiders tool, and there is nothing left for them to use. They can be defeated this way. The more people that defeat their darksides, the weaker the darksiders get. To use your darkside to attack you, all they have to do is to get another darkside of the same tribe or color as your possession, and use it. The effects are communicated to you through the dark side in your body. Usually, they build it first so their attack can be potent. So, if one defeats one's own dark side, it cannot be used against you, but it can be used against them: as you attack and weaken your dark side, they are also weakened. The Spiritual Research Foundation says that spiritual practice can help ameliorate the suffering to come during Armageddon. If one weakens the darksiders, there is less that they can do. Spiritual practice is nothing but efforts made to defeat your dark side. All the sadhana and Yoga one performs, does this automatically. Hatha Yoga gives health to the body and stops the dark side from being able to use the body as it wishes. A key practice in Hatha Yoga is the relaxation of the body until all sensation is lost. Then, all the awareness can be focused in meditation. Relaxation of the body affects the body-possessing dark side by putting it to sleep. It cannot use the body when the soul has it under its control. In Bhakti Yoga, the singing and music sets up vibrations in the body which counteract the vibrations used by the dark side in, for example, generating emotions like anger, or confusion, or in creating mental chatter or hallucinations. Meditation takes the soul away from the influence of the dark side, to the internal world, where it centers back on itself. Meditation also infuses the soul with its kind of energy. Depending on the kind of meditation done, the soul restores its qualities of satchitananda or awareness, knowledge and bliss. The soul must switch the world that the body is taking part in from the darkside world to the soul world. This necessitates fightback. The Bhagavad Gita is about the spiritual fightback, and supplies the tools for this kind of fightback. It is not bodies that one is fighting, so one has to devise methods and strategies that will work against that invisible possessing force.

Death is a beginning (or continuation) of existence on a bodiless plane...one where there is no victim-hood, no slavery and no physical suffering. Darksiders do not want to die because they cannot do without all this materialism and ego-building. The darksiders say that you only live once. After this, they aver, that's it! No more! So, they put their all into preying and chasing pleasures and materials, enriching their bloodlines as they cavort through life. They are wrong. Only one time can they possess this particular human body they presently have. After death, they are usually directed by the Occult hierarchy to possess other bodies.Death is the end of an innings, and souls do not like to lose their bodies simply because of the pain involved in dying. Others do not want to die because they never got the chance to really live. And, it is not simply desire speaking there. The darkside society rears good guys in captivity, and the hope of freedom to live as soul, never really dies. What constitutes a life well lived? Some well-to-do people have expressed no sadness about dying, on their deathbeds. 'They have lived good lives', they claim. Souls automatically do good things. Good things are not to be confused with acts of charity. You give what you can afford. If you can't give does not change the fact of soul living its life, or negate the fact that good was done. The 'good' life involves a misuse of the word 'good'. Enjoying material plenty has nothing to do with goodness!  Perhaps the highest good that one can do is to enlighten others, at this particular juncture in worldly affairs. At other junctures, some other form of doing good might be more important. Lighting the 'lamps' of others is as charitable an act as any other. It can take place only if you have lit your own lamp first. If you have not read, researched, meditated and acquired access to intuitional knowledge, how can you enlighten others? Searching for knowledge is the search for understanding and for explanations. The more you accept from others (mainstream), the less will you search for because those search lanes become blocked by what you accept that you do not thoroughly self-process. When you think you have the answer, you abandon that line of search. The end of searching should only come when you have considered all the factors and angles, and covered the basic groundwork. If an understanding or explanation does not present itself, it means that you have not considered all the factors or angles. Conclusions should, therefore be tentative not final, pending the discovery of factors or angles, either new or untried. Knowledge is not an encyclopedic collection of information which one dispenses as required. Many so-called masters have fallen in that trap. Knowledge is really the 'access' to knowledge that flows from the causal world, when you have filled yourself with the groundwork of info. Knowledge then becomes going from the known to the unknown using the meditative faculty. One has to become fluent in seeing ideas. There is a world of ideas (the causal world). One has to assay these ideas and convert them into language for expression in this world.. Putting ideas into language automatically downloads them from the Causal World. These sentences become electronically imprinted as 'impressions' in the 'rote' memory. From there it can be 'mind-read' by others, or remembered and spoken. Without the 'memory' stage, no-one can know what you have within. The Causal World is a good place to be, with your awareness. You become renewed, filled with life and harmony. You 'see' the errors of the 'madding' crowd, and understand them. Having that intuitional access to the Causal World is like being in on the greatest puzzle of all time, and actually seeing the matrix 'puzzle' being deciphered to your awareness. And, it is done piece by piece, everytime you put your awareness there!

This civilisation is a scam. There is nothing civilised about it. It was built by darksiders for darksiders, for their evolution along satanic lines. It is based on externalities and the ability to externalise and stay there to maintain one's various 'drives'....money drive, ego drive, social drive, sex drive etc. The external must be brought to live within you, and flow in your veins. Beautiful bodies, lots of wealth and proud egos are the goals of that sort of living. What is cultivated within the bodies, and which revels in these things are the satanic or darkside entities, not souls. Civilisation is actually a war in progress by the darkside against the good and the innocent. 'Good vs Evil' does not tell the truth. The good are not making war on anybody. If anything, it is evil which has an invasion on, against the good. The good are victims, and are hardly in any position to be on the offensive. This is why passive resistance is how the good face evil forces. The good or soul people are alone, with no back-up 'tribes' like the darksiders have, to help them materially. Only God is in their corner, and he gives guidance. What materials the good people obtain are in spite of darksiders efforts to give them zero. The major 'colors' or tribes have millions of bodies with the same consciousness, as back-up. The tribe works for the individual, and vice-versa. The individual bodies are linked together by a pack consciousness. This link is clear where the tribes women are concerned: one has to get the tribes permission to date one of them. The darksiders have covered up the fact of their taking advantage of the good by calling their doings a 'game'. This is just covering up what they do by focusing on 'how it will look', and to avoid punishment. It is never about 'Is this right'. It is a civilisation based on the guile of appearances and the diplomacy of force, implied or applied. It is a civilisation based on rivalry or competition or enmity. When 'live and let die' permeates human transactions, no room is left for 'live and let live', except among the good whose consciences do not insist on the profit motive. It is a civilisation created by darksiders for darksiders. Lately, it has become a civilisation wherein you pay for your own demise. The elite darksiders have fallen out with those from the masses. satan and the other rebels do fight amongst themselves. In fact, it is said that satan destroys his own children!

When fighting the dark side, one has to reduce one's human interactions to only those that 'must' be indulged in. The darksiders are quick to see you moving away from their control, and they will wage war on you to regain lost ground. Too many interactions is a definite security risk, especially if you know the art of defeating your own dark side. They may not be able to counter your methods but they will be able to access those in your circle who would sabotage you or sell you out. Fighting back against the darkness within is hard because the enemy is also within and it knows what you are doing or planning. It will do all to mess up any program of activity you come up with. Suddenly, you cannot remember what you're about. All the  techniques that you execute can be brought to nought by sustained counter-attack by the darkside/bacteria combo eg consuming stuff that messes up your dietary changes! It is your ability to focus and stay one-pointed which will come to your rescue. While reversals and a little failure are to be expected, keeping on track is the challenge. The knowledge that comes from the use of a brain is more potent than anything that cunning can produce. One has to row one's boat in all kinds of adverse circumstances.....adversity-creation is the chief weapon of darksiders. Darksiders do not intend that Souls can 'shine' in this world. Darksiders are most concerned about proving that they have more brains than good people. Their evidence is that they are able to execute their plots and setups, keeping secrecy until they have won their 'games'. Cunning wins not because of 'brains' but because they bother to plot, unlike the good guys. They keep the good guys down so that they can show off their preying and plotting abilities calling these 'exceptional' talent. The suppressed souls carry with them real talents which never get expression or chance to unfold. Instead of the freedom to express their latent talents, they get opportunities to pick up the pieces and to 'lick' their wounds. Darksiders will not be satisfied until life and civilisation is all about them, and the spotlight is entirely on them! The Ego must win! The darksiders are engaged in a materialistic scramble for the materials of Earth that they agree constitutes 'wealth'. What else is there to fight for, they ask. They are grabbing as much wealth as possible for their present administering, and for their bloodlines to inherit. They wage war on other bloodlines (and make alliances). They especially wage war on the good to keep them from surviving, or from collecting, accumulating or transmitting any inheritances. Good people are in a war that they had no role in launching, and they discover, too late, that they have enemies. Simply to be good, is to invite enemies!

Unless good people start becoming aware of the contents of their consciousness' and commence the continuous process of measuring themselves, they will miss out on the learning of what this life is about, completely. They will miss out on the fact that the awareness can be transparent, void or empty.
This is the proper poise of awareness. Once you put in beliefs, theoretical constructs, paradigms and filters, supposedly to help your living, your information assaying, whether inflowing or outflowing, becomes partially blocked, colored, tainted or inaccurate. You lose your sense of reality in favor of obstructed, incomplete or inaccurate perceptions. Beliefs and constructs have a role but not as information blockers. This happens when you allow your awareness to be programmed with these constructs. These constructs, beliefs or filters must not be allowed to program the awareness. They must be put into storage as 'tools' with which to process or adjudicate information with, to be summoned as necessary to help assay information, or to help in making decisions. They are to be used to help one understand or to shed light on perceptions. Then these constructs, beliefs or principles must be shelved, after having proved useless or useful. These constructs may prove useful down the line, even if they are useless in the present. They must not be wedded to the awareness because they will hinder the clarity and truthfullness of what one assays. The awareness must never be told what kind of data to accept as relevant or irrelevant: your answers must not be guided by them. An awareness that is unclouded by constructs, beliefs and paradigms is free and strong. Since the ultimate truth is yet to be found, one does not want transitory conclusions to come in the way and block or filter the incoming 'new' data. Then, the awareness can open up to whatever comes down the chute, to be assayed and perceived. These constructs, beliefs and filters must be must be classified as 'something that came to my attention' and filed away as possible truths. Let these beliefs remain potential truth, and give back the awareness its spontaneity. Programming of the awareness comes from many sources, especially the media. Too many people accept them without sending them through the process of verification.Careful observation of the matrix, will reveal that people borrow a lot of things from places like the media or culture to 'enhance' their behavioral repertoire. For many, life is a 24/7 PR job....marketing oneself (ie the EGO). While some deliberately allow themselves to be programmed ( somehow, resistance to information diminishes in front a TV set), others deliberately borrow or copy that which they think will look good coming from them, or being noticed in their repertoire. Many want to get on board and talk the same trendsetting language, just as they emulate others in body language, food, dress, music etc. These are the media of mind control operations, and of 'endarkenment'. Beliefs, protocols, filters and theoretical constructs or paradigms take root within, in the same way. The Elites are busy putting such filters and beliefs to mind control or program people. False-flag events, for example, parades lies as the truth, and we are caught peddling those lies ourselves. When the darkside society claims that they are our teachers, they lie. When we are told that 'love is the answer', it is a lie. The problem for us was never love but the tyranny of the 'love-less'. Telling darksiders to 'love' is like casting pearls before 'strawman' swine: soul-type love is not really part of their natures. The problem is the darksiders cruelty towards good people. Will 'us' doing more loving cure that problem? Only God, and Armageddon, can do that!

Do not go into paradigms that  lure you away from your central homebase of consciousness and locks you away from it. This is the greatest problem faced by people...how to keep on being yourself and to avoid your consciousness being kidnapped. This is one of the lessons of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Rama had placed his wife Sita in a protected circle. Rawan connived with a magician to kidnap her. One of them shape-shifted into the form of a beautiful golden deer which attracted her. The other imitated the voice of her guard. She was lured out of the circle and caught. The Ramayana depicts the efforts of Rama to retrieve his wife...his helpers, his enemies, his travails and his battles. He eventually defeated the kidnapper and was reunited with his family and kingdom. Humans are like Sita, they have been lured away from their homebase and spend there lives in captivity, until rescued. Unfortunately, for most of us, it must be self-rescue. Like Rama we must search out the knowledge and enlightenment of what is going on. In this there will be helpers. We finally come to know the truth of the enemy and defeat him, to return to homebase. So, one has to clean oneself of that which makes us susceptible to being tempted to journey away from our homebase within. One has to write down all that comes up in one's awareness. It is a reversal of the process of programming....and one gets to know what one is programmed with. One sees what the dark side within clings to as it executes its repertoire of behavior from the body. These are the 'causes' for its behavior. But then, the dark side within is busy deceiving the soul in order to have its behavior go through. If one writes down all that comes to awareness, all the darkside's tricks and strategies gets written down, and known. Armed with this, the soul can stage a fightback to reclaim its body for its own use by denying the dark side any expression at all! One can consciously 'see' the darkside's gimmicks as they are executed and tell the dark side DON'T TRY THAT! If you want to change the world, start with yourself. Fix your world so that you cannot be steered or controlled into pathways and actions that  actually nullify your efforts to fight back.

You don't have to memorise or 'learn' what you read. That is called programming. You have to use your critical faculties to weigh and measure what you read...and to try to understand. If you can't understand, it could be a fake paradigm confronting you...based in the fake laboratory of the mind, not based on the reality as exists in the matrix. One has to keep cross-checking with the matrix to see if the info you read obtains there. One has to research to find out what's in the matrix. When scholarly research fails to supply the relevant information, one has venture into the matrix to do the research oneself. In personal life, one has to resort to experimentation and trial and error to verify some truths. Logic can be used to deduce or induce truth but deductive and inductive logic often fail to give true conclusions because they both assume that the truth lies in the known. Where the truth lies in the unknown, all logic fails. This is where 'argumentation towards discovering truth'  fails. Research into the unknown alone can bring proper conclusions. Where one has gone into the 'known' research material, meditation on the question can bring a flow of previously unknown information from intuition. If one does not have a well-rounded education, the chances of getting a flow of truth is poor. For those who are accustomed to relying on intuition, a flow of guidance does occur. It is a natural process that if you put in info into the consciousness, the awareness sifts through and tries to make sense of it. Intuitive flow is this, and more! Those who do a lot of research and writing work their way through the various layers of knowledge, and eventually get down to the nitty gritty..... of knowledge flowing from intuition. Usually, all that neophytes experience is one's own programming flowing out. Writing is a cleaning process which makes you conscious of what you have 'up there'. One has to be a truth miner or an information miner, not a programmed 'sucker'. Make notes, understand, don't memorise. If you understand, that comes with its own memory. Darksiders don't have a clue about soul people so when they talk about 'cleaning' and 'cooking' soul people, this is using 'mind-control' strategies on them. These strategies fail because soul people do not rely on rote memory...which is what darksiders can see and read. Soul people functioning from their awareness are unreadable to darksiders.....the dark side within does not have access to the soul's world and cannot read what's there. The soul functions in its world of ideas. Unless these ideas are downloaded or are given an electronic impression, they cannot be read by the darkside. These electronic impressions are stored in the rote memory. The world of ideas cannot be read by the darksiders. Even the soul must have access to the causal world otherwise it could not assay or download knowledge from there. This access is enabled by meditative practices. Reading and understanding is meditation. Darksiders conceive of soul people as being just another version of darkside, so they expect that their strategies such as cooking or cleaning will work on them. How can you clean the SOUL of itself? You can build the dark side to suppress the soul but you cannot do a thing to the soul. Souls usually live in the VOID and present a 'blank screen' to mind-readers.The Soul slips easily from VOID to FULL and back again. Its a world darksiders cannot know! It is a world that they have tried to erase from existence...but cannot!

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