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Getting Justice In An Unjust World. 1

From the days of the Cold War, it was generally known that the Nations with nuclear capability had their weapons aimed at the cities of enemy nations. They were also busy erecting missile shields and early warning systems. That situation has not changed. What has emerged from all this is the concept of the Samson Option. Though this term is usually used in reference to Israel, the general understanding is that if a nuclear nation is going down, it will take the rest of the world with it. In 2003, Martin van Creveld wrote:
"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.' I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under".[29]
Here is one view of the Samson Option. You can find more information here and here.
Consider these predictions by the Spiritual Research Foundation.....
2017......Countries in the Middle East razed to the ground in bomb blasts
2018......America, China and Japan hit by war and an unprecedented loss of innumerable lives
The SRF also predicts that India will lose 50% of its population.

In 5 years, we could all be toast, because of war. In the next 3 years, the SRF predicts that earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and natural calamities ('unnatural' is a better word if HAARP is being used) will reap havoc across the planet. Add to these the ongoing escalation of surveillance; the possible collapse of the dollar; the increased incidence of nations' bankruptcies; the escalation of drone warfare; the possibility  of martial law; the increase in poverty, homelessness, unemployment and inflation; the increased sickening of the population by pharmaceuticals, vaccines, genetically engineered food and food additives; and, the increased toxification of the planet by chemtrail spraying, and the use of toxic chemicals in the home, and everywhere else. Many are becoming aware of the risks involved in being alive in the Northern Hemisphere, and are packing their bags and heading for countries south of the equator, or the Far East. Those who cannot leave are becoming 'preppers': gathering what they need for survival amidst catastrophe, saving seeds, getting off the grid, buying guns etc. Others are opposing the powers-that-be by protesting and standing up to BS, and hoping that they will have some impact. The suicide rate has gone up in the USA. People are getting desperate and fed up! The future looks bleak!

You have to face the truth of your current existence. If you live in or near a city, chances are that there is a nuclear weapon, or several, pointed straight at you. It is for this reason that the scenario predicted by the Spiritual Research Foundation is totally possible. If one is trying to make sense of global affairs, one will notice that there are two power blocs: One led by the USA which includes most countries of the world, and BRICS, which includes Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. These blocs are led by those who have the most, and the most deadly, weapons. Our survival depends on these countries not going to war, and so not destroying each others cities and resources. Ordinary people do not have a say, neither do they have the power to stop war or create peace. It is going to be a contest between rival Elites. We are just fodder for war....collateral damage! Elites in most countries are trending towards total control of their populations as the international momentum towards a New World Order continues to pick up speed. Populations are facing increased surveillance, increased stifling of dissent, loss of civil liberties, increased unemployment, increased poverty, greater financial deployments for war etc, and the prospect of declarations of  martial law. And, as if this is not enough, the dumbed-down asleep masses continues with their sex school games, oblivious of the fact that all life on this planet could be extinguished any day now. The masses trust the Elites. This could be because of the same darkside consciousness. The Occult Elites lead the darkside masses or guide them via the psychic-feed, in mind-reading or eyeball reading. It could be that poor people are in awe of wealthy people. When the misdeeds of those in power are brought to the attention of some poor darksiders, they opine that anybody in the Elites' shoes would do the same thing! This trust for the elites is in evidence when the masses consume with loyalty, whether it be products, news or entertainment. The masses are loyal consumers who are never satisfied. They always want more. Perhaps this is why they are being set up. Almost everything they consume is causing trouble for them. If you tell them this and you explain what you mean, they still can't be bothered. You can tell them about fast foods, about aspartame, about cellphone and other EMFs, about fluoride and aspartame, about chemtrails, about the Bankers (fiat money, usury, manipulation of the volume of money to create depressions etc)....and they will still carry on as if they never heard. They live in a socio-economic culture from which it is so hard to extricate themselves, because of their darkside natures. Survival seems to require populations that are mostly asleep to truth. The good/soul people are being hounded day and night by these illiterates who think that their satanic lifestyle is the most deserving of permanence, and fullest attention. We are totally screwed! Good people do not want war and suffering, but they are powerless to take corrective action. We depend on God and have hope in him, yet the prospect of being obliterated is very real. The darkside society cannot be awakened to their follies, and they persist in seeking their darkside natures' fulfillments, to the detriment of everything else that makes sense. We are told that God will use Armageddon to purge the world of evil. How many of us will survive this purge?

The Elites seem to have foolproof plans for their futures. They know that they will die eventually, so the create wealth for their bloodlines. They are darkside possessions, unless its their own bodies they have, and hope at death to be able to exit the body and possess another in their bloodline, so that they may have continued access to the wealth they built up. They also train their children to continue their plots and quests. In view of their individual mortality, the Elites have created death-less Corporations and Companies that embody the tasks or work that they have set themselves. As a CLASS, they plan to keep ruling the world, and scripting its fate. They have set up underground cities and bunkers into which they will run and hide, while the Earth's surface is decimated. They already have arranged storage for seeds in the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is a devilish scheme by satan himself.  God has rescued the world on previous occasions, according to Hinduism. The darksiders are not revealing that they are the problem. The joy of darksiders comes from 'doing', not 'being'. The success of a great hunt (aka a great game) or having influenced others to admire them, or to accept their authority and superiority, feeds their joy. They move from a state of dissatisfaction to satisfaction, from incompleteness to one of less incompleteness. The ego that is built from successful 'doing' feels good.....even joyful. Life is a joyride for  them, and only in this state will the darksider be almost human. Their achievements, however detrimental to others these are, are what gives them a purpose in life. Through it all, they want to create an appearance of righteousness. So, no matter how much they sow disaster, they will have apologies. But, they don't care about consequences, once they get what they're going after. They claim divine permission for what they are doing. Their favorite claim is that God is allowing them to do what they're doing. They say that God would definitely stop them if he didn't like what they were doing. The societal darksiders have the same requirement for good/soul people. In the sex school games, the good guy 'stooge' must confront the various tribes and stop them. So, good people, without the power to know which color/tribe is which (that is not a soul power) must set himself up by interfering in something he knows nothing about. Opting for safety, the inaction of the good guy is counted as permission or assent for whatever stage of their game the darksiders are executing.

 The darkside society is lying about working for God by doing evil acts. What they're doing is ensuring that good people either become like them, or must go through them in order to access the basics of life. They require a connection to a female to access freedom and basic needs. This connection is obtained by taking the 'cherry' of a female as quickly as possible. If you are a good guy and believe in courtship and love before sex, they step in and 'cook' her into a nympho or prostitute-like state. She becomes their mind-controlled slave who can be used to 'catch' the good guy. And, they expect you to go along with all their rigged games and scenarios. They used this rigged sex-school game to assure that they can reproduce in a geometric progression. This is the principal reason why the ranks of the darksiders are increasing, and the ranks of good people are dwindling into nothingness. Good people are having their ranks systematically decimated by darkside attacks and by being deprived of suitable women to reproduce with, so as to form bloodlines. They are being deprived of the materials which are needed to create and nourish their bloodlines. They are deprived of their human and constitutional rights and liberties. When they are putting down an 'operation' on a good guy, all his rights are stripped away. He is tortured and abused and no-one will help give him back his rights, not even family. In fact, to complain is the biggest mistake the victim could make. His torment is doubled by that move, and any leniency that was about to be given, is cancelled. The darksiders, collectively, want to think that they are beyond censure or maybe they feel that they are doing such a great job....for their own benefit, of course. The darksiders want you to feel guilty about hitting back but they feel no guilt, remorse, mercy or compassion when they are hurting you, or preying on you. They deceive you by pointing out that NO PAIN NO GAIN, which is a lie. Your pain is actually their gain. They aver that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. What about your unimpeded progress if you didn't have their setups, games and accidents to contend with? To justify their pillage of the lives of good people, they say you have to be magnanimous, that you have to share. From their ruling perch, however, they are the TAKERS who use force. They forget all that they do in this one-sided war they wage on the good. They forget the atrocities, setups, accidents, 'operations', attacks etc that they have levied on their victims, leaving them 'licking their wounds' and without niches from which to eke out a survival. If you manage to go past all the foregoing, they will say that 'It is our time now, you have to await your turn'. They will say that 'the lines are very long, and you are at the very back', if you tell them that you are not getting any material or conjugal life. They will point to their preponderance of numbers as the justification for the system being the way its. That the majority is evil justifies their 'It is my way or no way' way of doing things. They're the majority, and the majority is always right! Your free will, your Constitutional rights and freedoms, your human rights and all your efforts become subject to their version of democracy. It all boils down to the fact that they can freely use force, weapons, plotting and discrimination to enslave the rest of the world and get away with it. God is not stopping them, so they say that he approves. They tell you, 'Get over it'!

Basically, the darksiders/satan team wants to steal the world from God, with us in it. They steal our most valuable asset from us: our time. They steal our bodies from us and use it for their purposes and expression. They take the opportunities from us, and keep us at the 'trying' level, away from the achievement horizon. The societal darksiders sabotage and attack the good, and prevent them from showing up for appointments, so that theirs can dominate the opportunity landscape. They strike out against the good whenever they wish,  especially around full moons, and in times of adversity and fear eg 9/11. They use their 'cleaning' and 'cooking' to wipe out soul-consciousness and God-consciousness completely, from human bodies. They  build the darkness within to take over or erase mental functions. The sex school and the games society plays define the basic methodology for the conversion from soul-ruled body to dark side-ruled body. They hyper-sexualise everyone, using the dark side resident in the pelvic area. The seek everyone's conversion into darksiders. All they do results in an accumulation of sins and trespasses. They do not punish themselves because they are in charge. They are ripe for punishment, if only their victims would judge them, and sentence them. Good people are not doing anything wrong by being moral and by having principles. They do not make bad karmas, and instead of hurting people, they try to help. Good people will do fine if left alone. Darksiders have a different Operating System from good people. They, however, make the mistake of assuming that their Operating System is legitimate or genuine. So they want everyone to operate like them. They assume that their mode of operation, complete with mind-reading and game-programming, is proof of superior evolution, and of God-closeness. In their vanity, they really think that what they can read of the limited material engagements and happenings recorded or stored in the heads of good people, is ALL the life good people have. They do not consider that what is important to a good person may be what is unreadable, and that what is unreadable might be more to the core of a good person's life than what is readable. Their vain feelings of superiority knows no bounds. All others, they assume, are inferior! As far as they are concerned, good people are asleep and must be awakened. They want all human beings to operate by their satanic external-only wavelength, and they take steps to erase other wavelengths. This is the purpose of all their 'cooking' and 'cleaning'. Good people must be re-made to be like them. They 'cleanse' God out of your lives and 'cook' the devil into it! Good people are like sheep, they think. They do not question their source of 'inspiration' which they access through eyeball-reading. They do not see themselves as being programmed and used by satan, as his tools and instruments. They do not appraise their actions to find that morality, compassion and mercy do not permeate them. They are so lost in their games and locked into the desire to win that they are immersed in the same old game-consciousness season after season, and year after year. satan makes his instruments dutifully engage in games so that they can keep their powers well-honed, and their natures intact.

Evil people enter good people's lives forcefully and without permission or good cause.God has no dealing with them. They are satanic entities in bodies, deceiving their victims about their permission from God. God will get rid of them in Armageddon. Placing curses on them are prayers to God to get rid of them! The Yogis of yore, placed curses on people who overstepped the bounds of just behavior in an unrelenting fashion. Sage Durvasa is one of the most famous Rishis who used curses as a weapon. Wikipedia has a report on him. The Psalmists had curses placed on transgressors, when there was no other option available. Even the Pharoahs put curses on their tombs and coffins to punish those who would defile them. Curses may have a basis in mysticism or magic. Yet there is a scientific basis for it. It is believed that curses generate thought-forms which work to materialise the contents of the curses. Maybe this is how the curses of good people actualise. Curses based on anger, malice or trifles do not materialise. Curses are powered by the real existence of adversity or suffering being experienced. The bad karma made by the evil-doer will accrue, regardless. Yet, the victim has the power to pass judgement on the perpetrator and over-ride the normal karmic return. Evil does not want to pay for its crimes, so there is a crusade against using your prerogative to judge them. They want you to light the lamp and not curse the darkness, when, in fact, both are necessary. Cunning wants their plots to continue unabated and untrammeled. They believe that their apologies for the serious crimes they commit against good people, are enough to absolve them of guilt. Apologies and forgiveness are for petty unintentional accidents and mistakes. Do not think that you can forgive because the ego thinks that it can usurp and possess God's power to delete or un-write karma. It is God's prerogative alone, to forgive or not. The Gurus of old knew that the Karma of their disciples could not be forgiven and had to go somewhere. That's why many gurus took on the karmic burden of their disciples on themselves, to help those disciples out! Darksiders tell you that you should blame yourself for whatever happens to you, and that you are responsible for what goes on in your life. You are the architect of your destiny, they claim. But, a scientific examination of your debacles using cause and effect analysis will show that you did not input the cause that resulted in the effect, which is experienced as adversity or suffering. Somebody else, singly or as a group, did. That somebody is trying to brainwash you about who is responsible, and is trying to avoid punishment. Cunning does everything to win, even by spinning a web of lies. So, though evil-doers will reap the evil they sowed within the stipulates of the divine scheme of things, putting curses on evil-doers who make you suffer is a method of specifying the punishment you want for the pain you experience. You can use the divine system to bring an end to darksiders' attacks in the present or near future when it has become too excruciating, and when the divine system will take its own good time. By putting curses, one is simply fast-forwarding the punishment so as to end your present adversity or suffering, If one can use curses to reconfigure the power structure status quo that exists right now, there is a chance that we can pre-empt a lot of suffering!

 A curse is a prayer-request to God for the perpetrator to be punished in specific ways for specified lengths of time, for their stated crimes against you. It is the method for getting justice when it is unobtainable using other means. The world is the materialised knowledge of God. Everything works the way they do because of the science instilled in creation. It is a science that God created that fructifies curses from the words that describe their content. Curses take power from truth, righteousness, being aggrieved and from a bank of merit created by good deeds and righteous action. When the 'spark' of soul asks of God, something that he controls, it is usually given. Darksiders get what they want from satan more easily, even without asking. They are given the power and team-work to take it. We must go to God, who is the cornerstone of the lives of good people, for justice via curses. Old arguments like "who made the world'' used to substantiate the existence of a God, convinces nobody now. 'Who made God' is a fitting spoke in the wheel of that line of argumentation. Today's convincing comes from actual experience of God or of a divine hierarchy or scheme of things. Near-Death-Experiences, and those of reincarnation, give us a beyond-satan and beyond-darkside view of reality. A limited experience of God is obtained in the process of Intuition. One has to become soul to experience the purest truth from intuition. If not, one gets 'garbage in, garbage out' or some permutation of this. Many become atheists because they cannot detect God's existence. How can one perceive God with the dark side ascendant? One has to fight the dark side and put it in its place, before soul-links to God can be activated. For good people, God is a partner or team-mate in the process of living. An understanding between soul and God develops. There is intrinsic trust and caring in that relationship. It is God who takes your blessings and curses and manifests them, so that 'what is bound or freed on earth is also bound or freed in Heaven'. This is a God who exists presently, who lives beyond and without religion and who does not care to rule over the religious and spiritual hierarchies created by religion. This God is a simple God, available to only soul/good people. He is not that 'high-falutin' God created by religious organisations, in their own image and likeness. That God seems to be too big for us. He requires worship and offerings, and when pleased, he gives you grace and blessings, and may just include you in the book of life. No-one knows what he does when not listening to prayers and praises. There is a real God who is always in touch with you, guiding you in your ups and downs, like a partner or team-mate.That God is real. He helps you  decipher this life and helps you weave a path through the thorns and sharp rocks. This is a good people's God not a predator's God! Bring the good God into the war being levied on the good by satan and his darksiders by your blessings on the good, and by your curses on the darksiders. We have been programmed not to hit back. We are made to feel guilty of wrong-doing if we do. Feelings of guilt are being used to deprive good people of one of the most potent fightback weapons (curses), while those who rule have no qualms of conscience about using any 'necessary' means to destroy us! Get rid of that programming and ask God to punish them, in equal measure, or more! You cannot do like Arjuna in the Mahabharat, and lay down your weapons and refuse to fight. Since darksiders don't take complaints, and even punish you for complaining, complain to God. State your case to him knowing that curses hit only those who deserve them. Bring God into the evil vs good war! While evil is deciding our fates right now, know that it is good people and souls who are the partners with the God, and that it is we who really possess the power to shape the fates of evil-doers. 

The darksiders deserve the curses that are placed on them by the soul. They prevent the soul from being able to access its spiritual resources, existing within its substance, by preventing soul from being able to live in its home-base. Home-base is where strength and happiness is, and they have kept us away from there! They have created a hell here, which is akin to 'Heaven' for them, but which is sucking out our lifeblood, and strangulating us! Their joyless world of temporary pleasures and brutal preying gives no happiness to the soul. They constantly seek to end their feelings of incompleteness, and re-build their depleted worth or self-esteem, but never can. They have a real inferiority to God and Souls, which ego-building cannot cure! They must face that this is part of their nature. Soul has no inferior feelings! So, they are bent on eliminating soul/good people and God, from creation, so they can become 'somebody'.  They will never leave good people alone....they need somebodies to beat up on to feel like gods! They prey for a living! They are predators! Having human bodies to use do not mean that they are humans: they have possessed those bodies. They feel happy as ego-boosting 'strikes' on good people make them feel more worth, and so become more complete. They have ceded the world to themselves having conquered it by force and successful preying.  They have conspired a physical/materialistic world which grabs us with its talons and never lets us escape its gravity, so that we may pursue knowing ourselves, and unfold our true natures and worth, and potencies. How can one leave the outside world focus behind or shut the door on it, and take a long vacation into that inner world in the soul's substance, there to discover our regal natures, and the immense joy, just awaiting discovery? How can we make that journey when all our attention is grabbed and forcefully held to the external world by the dark side/bacteria combo, and all darksider systems? We are blocked from retracting our attention from the materialistic system, and the external world, by the self-same darkside/bacteria combo, within the body, or in the darkside masses. The downward spiral of our material affairs also keeps us glued to the materialist system, hoping to do better. We have learned to live with very little amidst discrimination, persecution and injustice, while dodging darksiders hunting us with 'voices' and snake-power. In daily living, the darkside society ensures that our attention stays with the sex school and the shenanigans of female shapeshifters and mamma's boys, as these are leveraged as the lifestyle to engage in, and as the good guys retreat to assure their own safety. It is as if we have no personal 'preferred' lifestyles we want to live, or if we do, it doesn't count! The darkside society ensures that there is no deviation from their requirement for life: everyone must be a clone of satan in order to exist (the mark of the beast). satan's qualities, propensities and nature must dominate all bodies. The world of God and Soul is being shut out by their system. How can one make the inner journey to Soul when the darkside/bacteria combo is in the way, blocking our efforts and running our lives with their own version of how its s'pozed to be? Now, we know why vaccines are important to them!  How can we make that journey when our very bodies give life to the darkside/bacteria enemy by its toxicity, and by congestion of our cells and energy circulating mechanisms (nadis or meridians)? Now we know why we are being toxified!

In all this, one has to remember that the Elites 'strawman' version of what a human being is, does not exist. There is no single being in a body. There are 2 kinds of beings in a body, usually. On Earth now, darksiders rule the most bodies. This is not by accident! They have plotted their reproduction rate carefully, just as they plotted the killing or sidelining of good people. I lost the most valuable years of my life while trying to stay alive. I have nothing: every niche was denied or taken away. But, I survived to tell the tale, and to get justice. I have put curses on the darksiders for what they did to me and others. I feel no sense of doing wrong because I got rid of their programming. They cannot preach to me about 'let's get along' or 'love is the answer'. They wanted war, they got it! And, they cannot win! Your decision it is, to fight! Just know that some who have fought the good fight, and survived, are tired or injured. There is a real need for fightback, to change this one-sided preying into a war. The present lull in things must be used to prepare for the Armageddon to come!

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