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Fight Back = Save Yourself = Salvation. 2

Darksiders are pre-occupied with energy and matter because their consciousness is tacked onto the lower end of the spectrum between God and Matter. Variations in the location of consciousness on this spectrum gives rise to the different species of invisible beings. Swami Prabhupada guessed that there are 400,000 kinds of invisible beings in creation.....most of whom are not native to Earth. Souls are sparks of the creator himself and possess some of his qualities: satchitananda (Awareness, Knowledge, Bliss). The cunning material-enjoyers, ego-building predators and despoilers of Earth come from the opposite end of the spectrum with a hellish hosts as parents. Darksiders are affixed on matter and related energies. Souls are affixed to spiritual nature and its related energies. Darksiders are experts at gross energies while Souls utilise subtle energies. If one looks at the kinds of beings in human bodies, one will come across shape-shifters. These beings can configure their bodies and consciousness to be like any other they wish to be like, except souls. This kind of being was described in the Ramayana eg the golden deer and the ogress who was defeated by Hanuman. There are beings who are demonic in the brutality they mete out to their victims while there are the commonplace possessions that occupy most of the human bodies on Earth ( The SRF estimates that darksiders are 70% of earths population). There are darksiders who are hooked on power, just as there are those hooked on enjoyment. The Hindu books have some names that go with different kinds of created beings...Yakshas, Rakshasas, Dakshinis, Apsaras etc. It is an amazing study if one observes the invisible entities in bodies producing their own kinds of behavior. One becomes aware of the differences in the mentalities of those invisible beings. 'Good and Evil' are the broad categories that accomodate all the kinds of invisible entities that are found in bodies on Earth. These are basic differences in the nature of their substances: whether they are pro-life or anti-life. There is no 'we are all God's children" kind of Earth. If  we assume that God is good, how can He be the parent of an 'evil being'? Then again, 'satan the rebel', and the concept of inter-planetary predators invading earth, help us understand the existence of evil! We cannot fall into the mistake of ignoring our own experiences and go accepting that 'strawman' concept of 'one being in a body'....a being with a 'higher' and a 'lower' side. When souls discover that their bodies are possessed by an invading entity of a different nature from itself, the reality of life will be much clearer. Derail the senses from their usual exploits and you will discover the force that uses them for its own ends. Then, the reality of the existence of the dark side, hits home! To not know of this duality, is to not fight back.

Darksiders see their life-courses unfolding as a linear timeline. Life becomes what you put into it, and they put in all to maximise their gains from the system, and to reduce negative outcomes from accruing. Where corruption or immorality is executed, they fear the law only insofar as they cannot shape the legal script to their benefit. They use their resources to pre-empt life's road-bumps, or to annihilate them when they occur. If no-one can bring you to justice, you escape. There is no fear of after-life retribution because they generally believe that you only live once. So, if you can avoid the wheels of justice during your life's timeline, you are scotch free. Even religious preaching to them of fire and brimstone, or death as the wages of sin, cannot dislodge the lifestyle built on the paradigm that if you control the earthly wheels of justice, no-one can make you pay for your deeds. Good/soul or intelligent people see life differently: in terms of cause and effect. As you sow you reap. Actions beget like consequences. This 'actions boomerang' philosophy permeates their living, and guides their actions. They do not 'dare' the system, like darksiders do, not because of fear but because they do not want unnecessary baggage  in their lives. To keep looking over one's shoulders in expectation of retribution for misdeeds, is too much valuable time detracted from more beneficial pursuits. They place faith in the law of karma which binds causes and effects in a cyclical way. What goes around comes around. When life does not present evidence of this, as wrong-doers walk free, the law is applied in a timeless way. That is to say, the law will apply itself sometime and someplace, even in a future life.

In this life, the doing of good deeds is not necessarily followed by good fruits accruing. In fact, persecution is experienced by habitual do-gooders. You seem to pay for every good thing you do. This is an overturning of the Karmic Law. Were God the author and the sustainer of this material civilisation, one would see Karmic Law reigning supreme. But, the darksiders built this world for darksiders. They control how this world operates. The fruits of actions are determined by who runs the system, not by any eternal law. Only in a broad way does the law have immediate effect: good deeds keep 'you' righteous (ie keeps the Soul on top) while evil deeds make you more evil (ie keeps the dark side ahead). The nature of actions emanating from a body reinforces the entity that produces those actions. So, the expected fruits of actions do not have to manifest or manifests only if those in control wishes it to be so. Of course, we are not talking all classes of actions here! We know that sickness follows toxification. We know that if you walk out in front of a bus, most likely you will be knocked down and killed. Here, we are talking about a class of action wherein you input certain 'causes' to reap a desired 'effect'. Plants will grow if you sow seedlings in the right environment, but will you get that job you applied for? Will you get justice if you seek it? The Bhagavad Gita teaches us to not be attached to the fruits of action. Yet, we must do the action all the same. The reason for this approach is that who controls may deny you your fruits, and keep on denying you. The best antidote for such persecution is to accept your 'failures' but keep trying! Though you know what those fruits are, and though you know you are being persecuted, you can understand why you don't get it. Though God is not determining whether you get the fruits or not, it is a helpful mechanism to surrender the fruits/outcomes to him. The action must be done for the sake of doing it. Sometimes, the good forces may be able to bat successfully for you! In life, one gets bad fruits/suffering that one never sowed. No Karmic Law seems to be in operation, except in a timeless way. It is all new bad karma being made by the darksiders who run things. Is it good karma that the darksiders are reaping by being on top at this time? When did such evil people accumulate that good karma? How could that 'good' karma not rub off on them, creating better people? Do their 'good' victims all have 'bad' karma? How did the 'good' victims become 'good' in the first place? Religion becomes part of the problem when it maintains that your suffering is based on bad karma from previous lives. They do not have that psychic vision on which to ground their conclusions. It is merely a cover-up! Suffering is being scripted by the darkside Elites and Masses as they run their systems for their intents and purposes. Your role is to discover the causes and sources of your suffering, and taking your salvation from them by rendering them powerless to continue in that mode! There is a kind of 'cause and effect' that cannot be controlled by the darksiders, and 'effect' follows 'cause' with un-erring surety because it does not have to pass through the hands of any intercepting middleman. For Example, Zeolite works to detoxify once it is ingested. Cause begets effect! It is this scientific approach which is the methodology used in fighting back.

Any system that proliferates a kind of competition that is not based on fairness or morality is proliferating thuggery. Thuggery is what we have now. Thuggery is the showing on TV of the gory habits of the non-human predatory species, hoping that this will insinuate into human heads that preying is normal to creation. Thuggery is when competition gives license to predators to keep on doing what they do best, when such similar license is not part of the nature of non-predators. God has sanctioned preying by non-predators, touting compassion as the proper modus operandi. If non-predators were to go into the preying mode so as to fight back, they would all end up in trouble, physically and spiritually. The system created by predators for predators, protects them. Besides what defines non-predators is the absence of a dominating dark side. Hence the absence of the urge to prey, and the presence of the urge to pray. Along with this comes the unfortunate acceptance of the role of victimhood. What else can be done but to continue to prolong the worst when better cannot be done? Hope feeds the daily grind and sundry travails. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Perhaps the God that we have faith in, and pray to, will get off his rump, and begin to be God. The devil has no qualms of 'conscience' about proliferating his specks into human bodies, and using those specks to manipulate the human race......blessing his own and persecuting God's own. The devil takes care of his own so why can't God do the same. It is the inaction of God that drives the faithful away, to become atheists or to join the ranks of satan. The darksiders give us the impression that God blesses preying and uses them  to create better, more spiritual non-predators! It defies logic that the immoral can make more moral people, out of already good people. Who should really be teaching whom, with the evidence on the ground being that immorality is booming. So much for that justification by our evil 'teachers' for continuing to be evil! It is in fact a war in progress, with the 'lesson-givers' moving towards greater domination, and camoflaging that intent by saying that they are 'teaching' mankind. The Mahabharat War was a physical war, as well as a spiritual war. One fights whichever war one wants to. This blog is about the spiritual war that we were all born into. Not fighting back, is not an option if one wants to end victimhood, and the thralldom of the darksiders! One must do what one can and hope that God lends a hand!

Perhaps we have been deceived about the existence of a God. But then NDEs and miraculous help from a divine source point to a God, or at least to a Divine hierarchy.  Part of the problem is the belief that earth is the center of creation. Earth is a very small speck among the stars and universes we can see at night. If there is a God of all creation, why would Earth have any great importance or significance to God? There is the real possibility of other civilisations in space...and we know nothing about them because we are too primitive in our exploration, or we are just not important enough to some grander set of civilisations which we know nothing about, and which do not care if we exist or not. What if we are an experimental colony, courtesy more advanced civilisations who have the knowledge of manipulating genetics to produce the variety of life-forms we have here? What if advanced civilisations have life-forms which do not need bodies or can produce a body as needed? What if who we call God and devil are members of some superior set of races, and they are locked in combat? On Earth, this combat is for bodies to use to unfold their natures. The original plan could be that souls have bodies for their own use and the 'rebel' satan seeks to oust the good God/soul combination from having Earthly lives and experience. Years ago, I was told that God and satan are 2 brothers who are fighting each other, like in the SPAWN series! The truth is that though we believe what we believe, but we don't know for sure. The argument that the creation needs a creator, or at least a beginning, is very hard to defeat. Creation could be an ongoing phenomena...without beginning or end. The iconic invisible animators of bodies could be 'normal' entities in other civilisations. We have been programmed to believe that certain operations of Physics and Chemistry that we do not understand, and which we call MIRACLES, make them 'higher' than us. How can we know the truth? Will death free us to gain that level of knowing? Why does meditation not give us those answers?

Why is being alive in a body so over-rated? Daily we are bombarded by the idea that we are so lucky to be alive. How so? Earth is like a penal colony now. Where is the joyful living and opportunities for soul evolution? So many are troubled by woes of all kinds, most not being natural to earthly existence: those woes are deliberately created. Our sufferings trump the benefits of being alive! But, Hope tells us that it will be alright! Yogis of yore fled human settlements and went into the forests to live, to contemplate and meditate and do spiritual practise because they saw through the illusion or maya involved in material living. They felt that one's purpose in life was to get salvation or mukti for themselves. This would assure them that they are beyond the clutches of karma, and would not need to reincarnate into the world to suffer or enjoy good fruits. They only saw the world as a place to suffer, sense indulgences offering them no happiness, unlike much of today's world. Going into the forests did not take away their basic needs. This they adapted to....a humble dwelling, little food (fasting was a big part of spiritual practice), water....was all they needed. They learnt Ayurveda for medical concerns or used the powers that came from their spiritual practise, to heal. They knew that they were soul or atma, but I doubt that they knew that they were possessed by the dark side, though certain spiritual practices in their sadhana did cut the dark side down, whether they knew it or not. Some of the practices were designed to impress God so that he would grant them boons and special powers. TAPASYA or the practice of austerities was a big thing in those days, but is not popular now. One saint is reputed to have sat in the lotus posture for so long, that an ant nest grew around him! Whether they conquered their darksides or remained being manipulated by it (ego growth takes place under any conditions) is not known. The point is that these Yogis did not stick around the human habitations and iron out their dissatisfactions by trying to change the villages or towns they belonged to. This would have created another different Yogic method for them...Karma Yoga. To their thinking, all actions, good or bad, are binding to the soul, and act as causes for reincarnation. So, while pure or sattwic actions were preferable to impure rajasic and tamasic actions, good deeds brought more karmic excuse for rebirth. They wanted none of that and turned their backs on their civilisations, thus leaving those societies poorer.

So, the Yogis concluded on their purpose in life and acted on it, with the back-up of prevailing philosophy. They recognised themselves as souls whose time was best spent would be coming off the karmic roller-coaster. No-one knows whether they gained freedom from the wheel of birth and death, like they hoped. Nobody came back to say anything, though the cult-following of such Gurus would claim their Gurus' liberation as a done deal.It could be quite possible that those Gurus were summarily flung back into creation via reincarnation, to learn the world that they fled from! Spiritual evolution takes precedence! Today the thrust of people is much different. Even pure or good actions is very scarce, and God-seeking has become a ritual affair. Almost everyone is caught up in being an earner and a consumer, with a 'practical' philosophy to back it up. Living well has become an obsession, with the word 'well' being purely materialistic, just as the word 'good' in 'the good life' is purely materialistic. The focus has changed completely from 'soul' to 'body'. Instead of conquest of the Ego, the world now indulges in the perfection of the Ego to the point of glorifying it. Vanity, not curiousity, kills the proverbial cat! Religion has convinced people that it is OK to live as members of communities, doing what others do but being different from non-believers in attending services, making financial or other offerings, and in expressing solidarity with the 'faith'. Religion preaches that you were born to worship God via prayer and rituals, and no matter what the rest of your life is like, salvation will accrue after death. Yet, despite loyal religious activity for centuries, the world grew from bad to worse, and is now threatened with destruction. There is a definite disconnect between the methods of religion and the downhill slide of societies everywhere. Some say that it was all predicted by the Holy books, and that man is a victim of a deterministic God-policy. God planned it this way, they say. So, no matter what is done, no different result could arise. Yet, while quoting things like 'God's Chosen' whose names were written in the 'Book of Life', they still maintain that the option of 'free will' exists! They hit you with nice sayings like 'Let go, Let God'! Hindus are big on the concept of  'Surrender' to God and let him manage his world. You are curtly reminded that man is so infinitismally small compared to God, so let him worry about his creation. In all of this, the basic commonsense that since man (the Elites or darksiders) is creating hell here, it is up to man (souls, ?) to fix it, never occurs to them. In fact, the darksiders and ruling Elites have been cleverly edited out of the roles in shaping the course of civilisation on Earth. That basic error in philosophy is now proving to be the 'fatal error'. It is too late when one discovers that one has been lied to, especially about God and his role in human affairs, and about the role of the Elites.

Currently, the system we live under is vastly different from any other historical time. The Elites have proliferated their market system to include almost everyone. The system is purely external and materialistic. People's awareness have been pulled and tied to the outside world, partly because of necessity, and partly by the games of the darkside society. Advertising, too, lures the attention into goods, services, activities and other components of the matrix. At a personal level, things like clothes, body language, colors of buildings and cars, well-kept homes and grounds, beautiful faces and sexy figures.....everything is designed to pull and tie people's attentions. The requirements placed on people's behavior forces them to externalise so as to survive or keep up with the Joneses. The system places top priority on external looks,and the system has expanded because of this concern for physical culture. Everyone is busy doing this or that in the external world, and in exploring the environments of different places, but very few are taking that short trip within. That trip is not encouraged by the system. Those who get into Yoga and Meditation can afford those trips into exotic land, patronising businesses which are creative in inventing brands of yoga and meditation that can compete for clientele. Yet, these inward focusing activities do not retake the attention from their external ties. The clienteles get to keep up with the Joneses, even in this! Astral travel and out-of-body experiences, not to mention energy acquisition, are the foci of meditation. Better health usually results from the practice of Hatha Yoga but when the gains are used to more effectively fling oneself into materialism and material engagements, what's the use? These schools teach Yoga and Meditation so that their clients can live fuller lives within the system. The teaching of detachment, which is the cornerstone of spiritual evolution, will have the effect of pulling people away from the system. This teaching is minimal or non-existent. Where it is taught, the accent is detaching using will-power. People are not taught that the attaching is done by the dark side entity, and that to detach means waging war on the dark side itself. The soul has not been made to know the dark side, and fight it. The purpose has become to use Oriental methods to boost the Western materialistic thrust, and not to extract the soul from its suppression. The dark side is benefiting more than soul! 

But then, only those who can afford oriental spiritual programs can get into them. The bulk of humanity cannot! The darksiders want you to be like them! They will not let you go within because then you become immune to them and they will not be able to control or manipulate you through interfacing with your dark side: building it and luring/forcing/manipulating it this way or that. If you are immune, they will heave and cleave at it until they can pull and tie your attention to them, to the external world, and to their games and ways of living. Your attention goes with the darkside's and you become solely externally focused, and materialistic. The marriage of the darkside's attention and soul's take place in the eyeballs. There are living denizens in the eyeballs (bacteria, viruses, etc) which are very powerful. Perhaps they came from different species of vaccines or from cigarettes or other sources (eg candida). They have awareness and are all focused externally into the world. The colonies of denizens of the eyeball interject themselves between the soul occupying the optic nerve and trying to use its cameras/eyes to see, and what is seen. They have erected themselves as an interface/interpreter of what is seen. The soul is not allowed to see for itself and draw its own conclusions, or make its own decisions using the seen data. The darkside creates its interpretations and brainwashings to affect soul response to the world....and to effect its own kind of response, for its own welfare. They have the capacity to act as doorways to darkside experiences (eg astral travel, hallucinations, dreams). The soul's awareness coming through the optic nerve is intercepted and held at the front of the eyes. These denizens are also responsible for insomnia...they refuse to let go of the soul's attention and it cannot withdraw or relapse into itself, for rest. Meditation is a panacea for spiritual advancement because the soul takes charge of this awareness and redirects it to the head...short of the waiting grab of the denizens of the eyeball who want to control all dealings with the outside world. The soul's attention cannot be allowed to extrude completely out of the eyes, all the time. If so, soul's attention gets married to the attention of the darkside/bacteria combo, and the idea of getting a divorce never dawns! The secret of beating the dark side is to control one's awareness so it can stop short of being grabbed by that of the denizens of the eyeball. These denizens are editing or filtering the world seen by the eyes, so that the soul's awareness gets inaccurate information, or info that is skewed and colored by denizen/darkside interpretation. Decisions made by the darkside/denizen combo are infiltrated into the awareness of the soul, and pass for the soul's own. The soul must treat the eyes as if it were only a camera, and all non-self-interpreted data and all non-self-made decisions, as not its own. One must develop the meditative consciousness where the eyes are open and are aware of the outside world, but the attention of the soul lies behind the eyeball watching not only the world, but the denizens of the eyeball and the manipulations which they undertake all the time. If one can retake control of one's eyes, all the efforts of darksiders to manipulate you will fail.One has to detoxify, nourish and exercise the eyeballs into health. Things like herbs, colloidal silver, zappers, eye exercises, shanmukhi mudra (using the fingers to block the sense-orifices) are helpful. Milk thistle seeds work on the liver, and thus helps the eyes. Eyebright and Chrysanthemum flowers nourish the eyes. But then, the darkside/bacterial problem is systemic and the whole body has to be rescued from them. One must note that the soul is often complicit in the affairs of the dark side but compliance is not of its own volition or doing. Souls comply because of deception or force levied on it. Souls usually make the mistake of identifying the dark side's nature and actions as its own. This is why enlightenment towards awakening is necessary! The soul should say NO to actions that are not congruent with its nature but in a state of deception, it knows no better!


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