Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Justice In An Unjust World. 2

Recently I wrote this:
"The darkside lifestyle is one of preying. To prey, one has to trespass. The system allows the darkside to trespass because there are no laws to prevent or punish such acts. Trespass is not considered unless there is physical injury (assault, battery, false imprisonment).  Even if such laws are there, those who enforce it are most likely part of the darkside masses. Religion does not look unfavorably upon trespassing. In fact, the Lord's prayer does not sanction trespass...it begs God to forgive trespass and empowers people to forgive the trespass of others. This is a 'sin and let sin' kind of protocol. To top it off, the darksiders do not take kindly to being held responsible for their sins, or having their sins brought to their attention. 'Judge not, lest ye be judged' is their prime defense. 'Lest ye be judged'? Souls do not fear that! It is the darkside which fears judgement. It is the darkside which celebrates its cunning in the commission of sins and expects not to be censured! Their tenet is... "Pay only if you are caught"! Darksiders always know who to talk to in order to escape punishment. If you have a single darkside entity in hundreds of millions of bodies, will that entity punish itself if it occupies the body of both Judge and criminal? It is because of this 'himself to himself' situation that discrimination takes place. It is why there can be no real law enforcement. What happens when all the darkside tribes or colors collude? The net effect of untrammeled evil expression is that the problems and situations generated by wanton darkside trespassing stabilises the society in a world of evil from which it cannot evolve. Though we use the faculty of judgement in various as pects of human action, when it comes to trespasses, basic commonsense or brain usage is interdicted. Here is a scriptural opinion that favors judging! SEE http://www.biblebelievers.com/jmelton/Judging.html  Here's another view from a practical Christian. SEE http://www.meetup.com/ecclesia/messages/boards/thread/30943332 What's more we are being asked to accept trespasses as the the darkside art of 'testing and teaching' us. A more convoluted darkside escape route from the consequences of their action has not yet been invented! What's more after being trespassed on, we are told things like " You have to learn RESPECT" or "We taught you a LESSON".The same religion that espouses 'as you sow you reap' as a spiritual law does not seek its enforcement."

I also wrote this:
"Darksiders see their life-courses unfolding as a linear timeline. Life becomes what you put into it, and they put in all to maximise their gains from the system, and to reduce negative outcomes from accruing. Where corruption or immorality is executed, they fear the law only insofar as they cannot shape the legal script to their benefit. They use their resources to pre-empt life's road-bumps, or to annihilate them when they occur. If no-one can bring you to justice, you escape. There is no fear of after-life retribution because they generally believe that you only live once. So, if you can avoid the wheels of justice during your life's timeline, you are scotch free. Even religious preaching to them of fire and brimstone, or death as the wages of sin, cannot dislodge the lifestyle built on the paradigm that if you control the earthly wheels of justice, no-one can make you pay for your deeds. Good/soul or intelligent people see life differently: in terms of cause and effect. As you sow you reap. Actions beget like consequences. This 'actions boomerang' philosophy permeates their living, and guides their actions. They do not 'dare' the system, like darksiders do, not because of fear but because they do not want unnecessary baggage  in their lives. To keep looking over one's shoulders in expectation of retribution for misdeeds, is too much valuable time detracted from more beneficial pursuits. They place faith in the law of karma which binds causes and effects in a cyclical way. What goes around comes around. When life does not present evidence of this, as wrong-doers walk free, the law is applied in a timeless way. That is to say, the law will apply itself sometime and someplace, even in a future life."

With the darksiders numbering more than 70% of the planetary population, justice (in terms of fairness and receiving treatment based on merit) is not their priority. The present prevailing mode of existence is what the majority wants. This goes by the name of democracy. This civilisation is not a meritocracy, and the majority ensures that it is done their way. Their way involves living life as a show. Life is a game or play, they say, and what matters is that everyone plays their roles, as actors or players. You must have winning moves, and have winning roles in order to access the best of lives. Life is all about the winners, and winning. One must do whatever it takes to win: one must win by any means necessary. The darkside way of life is not dictated by Constitutions, legislated Rights and Freedoms, or any set of laws. It is what darksiders want that counts. Their Court is the coming together of the darkside consciousness, as they set Policy, make up the rules, judge people according to their rules, and allocate the goodies of life. The various colors or darkside tribes come together to lobby for what they want: their respective shares of the economic pie, the 'female' pie, the opportunity pie etc. Good people do not live by the darkside nature, or have the satanic resources with which to win. Good people are looked upon as enemies, and as people who block the way of darksiders. This 'blocking of the way of darksiders' is not anything deliberately done by good people. It is accomplished by simply living out one's soul nature (often inspired by religion). When good people do this, the darkside cannot overtake the soul and use its body. The darksiders unleash their attacks to give 'freedom' to dark sides in bodies. The Laws and Constitutions do not give soul/good people any protection from this. If there are events which contravene any known Laws in the darksiders 'operations' against good people, nobody responsible for upkeeping those Laws notices or takes action against the offending darksiders. There is collusion by the various darkside colors, or tribes, in the enslavement of good people by their system or modus operandi. Good people suffer and spend the days of their lives 'picking up the pieces' and 'licking their wounds'. It is indeed a fortunate birth if a good person is born in a setting where he is free from darkside torment. Being well-to-do is no protection from the devices of the darksiders, though wealth helps!

Giving good/soul people problems takes time and attention away from other important things, as they are forced to attend to what comes up. The dark side society keeps the good guys down simply because they have untrammeled expression of their evil natures. They rule! They implement their 'system' because they can. They have the numbers, the controlling positions and their satanic powers to back them up. Good/soul people usually have no back-up because they are individuals, and are not connected to the ubiquitous prevailing darkside 'mind' or consciousness. Darksiders are divided into tribes and colors. So, one keeps meeting and dealing with the same consciousness in different bodies. Good/soul people know, in advance, that help or justice will not be forthcoming in their societal forays. One can expect more discrimination and darkside attacks if looking for help or justice. If the world was made up of individuals, in the sense of having a unique consciousness, life would be more livable. Any discrimination or attacks would be limited to only those bodies or 'people' involved in implementing them. As it stands, good/soul people need to survive in the harsh environment created for them by the darksider majority. This must be done by living intelligently, and with the guidance of God. One has to come up with methods of defeating one's own darkside/bacteria combo within. This will assure that the darkside majority cannot build it or use it against you. Getting justice in the external world is just a dream, so one will have to make do with what one can achieve on one's own. If your suffering and years lost in fending off the darksiders is too much to bear, go to God for justice. Put your curses on them, let them go to God and rectify that. The next life may not have to be on this end of the universe, with the same nonsense taking place. Do what you can to help others, so that their wounds created by the darksiders system may be healed. This is what helping others is about. This is a necessary role for good people because the darksiders will only respond with 'You Lost'. 

We have been groomed by the mainstream media to look at certain kinds of actions as 'crime'. In their NEWS, they will harp on certain classes of offenses against others, and see the Police or relevant authority as the 'crime-stoppers'. Cases of robbery and wounding are flung at us as if everything else is perfectly in place. In the same vein, there are those who will maintain that life is class warfare i.e. the small crimes committed by the poor are highlighted while the crimes of the rich go undetected, or unreported. It is a fact that there is a kind of crazy justice taking place. Crimes like these do not get highlighted and do not get any 'righteous indignation'. The mainstream media do not report these crimes! Neither do they see the injustice in these crimes, as if racism is not a problem. Then, there is this type of crime, that is not crime! Recently, the story broke about the NSA's (National Security Agency) spying program called PRISM. Edward Snowden is the whistleblower who revealed the existence of this program. Currently he is hiding out in Hong Kong and fears for his life. The powers that be think that he is a triator. Senator Feinstein says that the revelations were an act of treason. Others think that he is an example of exemplary patriotism. Ron Paul says Snowden is a hero, as do others. The President thinks that one should trust the Government, if not 'there will be problems'. Rand Paul is apalled at this violation of the Bill of Rights. Tech Companies are denying complicity in mass surveillance. Yet, 20 trillion calls have been collected since October 2001. When a Tech Company CEO refused to accede to NSA's request, he was jailed. The NSA is building the biggest Spy Center in Utah. Spying on citizens is ultra vires the 4th Amendment. Some feel that political dissidents are the real target of Mass Surveillance. According to Senator Rand Paul, Orwell's 1984 has arrived. The bad news for bloggers is that NSA access was built into the Windows Operating System. Innocence is no defence against persecution or prosecution. It is advisable to quit those Companies who give access to your personal data, to the NSA or other agency. The NSA copies everything and makes a dossier for everyone. One has to familiarise oneself with methods of avoiding PRISM spy software.  There are techniques to beat this..... and more techniques, and more techniques, and even more techniques. Verizon gives all data to the Government. You can tell if your cellphone is being monitored. The NSA admits to listening on to your calls. The US Government has no plans to end its surveillance plans. Privacy matters, even if you have nothing to hide. The offending parties are being sued for 3 billions. The Constitution does not guarantee safety, it guarantees privacy. Is justice even possible in this setting? The top 1% seems too big to concern themselves with such silly questions! Spy on us all so we won't lose our freedom!

In this blog, the systems that I write about, are those which the darksiders set up on the ground. These can be observed or deciphered from observation of, and experience with them. I do not refer to the Political or Constitutional System which is written in the Constitution or Laws. The Systems which Constitutions ought to establish are worthy paradigms. If everyone would follow the dictates of Constitutions and live according to their stipulations, Earth would be a beautiful place to live in. The USA Constitution is one of the best in the world in terms of thoroughness, foresight and justice. Unfortunately, the level playing field of rights, freedoms, responsibilities and checks and balances, cannot become alive unless all are willing to be subject to it. The darkside Elites and Masses by virtue of their wealth, numbers, superior fighting ability or Occult power choose to do it their way, according to their predatory natures….and not by the ‘book’ of the Constitution. Thus, the rich, the powerful, the strong and the cunning take advantage of their weaker, less endowed victims. The Bankers and the darkside Society use Earth as their hunting grounds, preying on their victims with impunity. Their victims cannot get justice against foes who control the Justice system, or can manipulate it to escape interdiction. This is the darkside system that I write about: the ‘what is’ of daily living, not the ‘what should be’ of the Constitution and similar documents which award rights and freedoms to every human being. In practice, the rights you have are those you can take by virtue of power, wealth, force or other advantage. If you do not have any advantage, you will be a victim in this haven for predators. 

 In recognition of the rights of good/soul people, darksiders should not trespass/prey on them, or wantonly attack them. Darkside nature recognises no rules or laws, and their preying nature needs victims in order to unfold. If good/soul people were not here, darksiders would go beating up on the animals, trees and rocks...just so they could prove that they are 'better'. It is their nature to offend. Soul people do not have this drive in their natures, and, they are not willing victims, either. The laws do not seek to trammel darkside nature. They focus on what is 'legally' wrong, not on what is 'morally' wrong. There is a big gap in the legislation, in terms of what it covers and what it ought to cover. Darksiders prey on good people because the law does not legislate against what they do, and provides 'grey' areas wherein they can operate. The law does not legislate against all trespassing against good people and only certain trespassing (murder, stealing etc) are covered. Building the dark side in good people and using snake power to kill them is not legislated against. Darksiders, therefore, can, and do,  murder good people with snake power. Then again, it is difficult to prove this or other darkside trespasses against good people. Certain kinds of evidence are not considered by the law. Soul people are not willing victims though they can be like sheep in the face of superior darkside power. Good/soul people cannot rely on the law for such protections as they need, from darksider preying. Until that is available, good people must discover on their own how to defend themselves, or fight back to render the methods of preying and the fact of preying, impotent. 

Once they can grab the attention of the darkside/bacteria combo, darksiders can induce it to play in their games. Souls will not play, and playing games is something that happens against their better judgement. A common device unleashed by darksiders is the 'weapon of a million voices'. The use of darkside energy to build the dark side within, is another potent kind of darksider attack. The dark side within gravitates to the 'voices' because the content relayed by the voices is the food that the dark side within thrives on. Like vibrates with like, and the nature underlying the 'voices' stimulates the nature of the darkside within. Soul doesn't care about the game and how it transpires, but the darkside does. It is a triator. If they can build this triator to overshadow the soul, they have succeeded in abducting the behavior of the body. If they can build it enough to get its participation in the game-trap, the darksiders in the game will do the rest ie via set-up.  The darksiders ignore the soul, or are dehumanising to it, and deal directly with the traitor darkside within to build it.....  to overthrow the soul. Dealing with traitors is the darkside method for conquering countries and bodies. The darkside keep using the same methods whether it is the body or the world they wish to conquer. Spying is another common element! With a triator dark side responding to darksiders outside, it is only the focus on your pathway and playing by the 'book' that can guarantee safety for the soul and its body. Soul must continue to live as if the attack is not happening (do not give predators reason to think that you are getting weaker), while searching for a way to combat it's effects. Marching up and down the sidewalk at midnight, was a good response to snake-power attack, a few years ago. If the attacks are new, chances are that the soul can be swayed into flowing along with the response of the dark side within. If soul has no clue to the existence of the dark side within, and to the fact that what one is experiencing is a dark side rebellion/coup as it attempts to hijack the rulership of the body, the soul might respond to the contents of the 'voices'. What should be done is to watch the attack (both energy and voices), without any move to participate in anything that doesn't concern you. Fleeing is a good option. What has a beginning must have an end, and the attack will fade. Where the soul is an advanced one, the attack will be prolonged because the soul will not bow. Darksiders do not take no for an answer but also do not accept defeat. The soul will study the attack and will devise methods to nullify it. No earthly Court or Authority will protect the victim of darksider attacks, or give justice!

One will find that energy and 'voices' attacks will be supplemented by other kinds of attacks. Work will be difficult to find or hold on to because of the darkside majority in the society, and their collusion. The support group of the soul will be depleted, with friends and family doing their betrayals on cue....for their 30 pieces of silver. Economic deprivation reduces the souls ability to defend or fight back. This situation leaves the soul beleaguered and desperate, and psychological problems ensue. It takes a lot of inner strength to carry on, but this is what must be done. Souls will get angry with God and other good people for not helping out. This is normal. It will be as if souls' memos and SOSs' were not received. The darkside majority will press their advantage,  but they still cannot defeat a fighting soul who struggles to get work and basic needs. Research leads to 'trial and error' experimentation of ways to fight back and restore one's immunity to the darksiders. It is at this point in the injustices committed to him, that the soul person puts curses on his attackers. And, they work to reduce the pressure on him. The darksiders voices or 'live' darksiders will send messages during the course of their attacks, and the sex-school games, that they will 'pay' the soul or good person. That is just another palliative device....which lets things go as they go, and attempts to pre-empt efforts at fighting back. They are not bound to speaking the truth, or to obeying any moral laws. Darksiders feel that they have the right to do what they are doing, free of complaints and fightback. They feel that they have the right to trespass, prey, offend or put down their 'operations' without consulting their victims, whom they expect to cooperate fully, and whom they expect to like what is being done to them. They believe that they should not be punished for what they do. They probably do not know that they can be punished. Their control of the societal system and of the power hierarchy (many of them are managers and well-to-do, and are often masons) guarantees that they will not be brought to justice, or held accountable for their actions, and assures their escape. The darkside masses have faith in their collective power and feel that no-one can bring them to justice. In the process of attacking you or torturing you, they recount your sins for which you are being persecuted as ' you didn't sign anything', 'you did not play', 'you lost', etc, or 'you must have respect'. Such is the arrogance of darksiders. They believe that their Operating system informed by those who lay on the other end of the process of eyeball reading, is supreme, or God-supported. They do not understand that 'eyeball-reading' hooks them up with satan, and that it is he who is controlling their lives. In their laziness or incapacity, they choose the easiest method to access truth....and get satan's Operating System which easily loads and becomes the default Operating System for their bodies! The darkside/bacteria combo creates their 'mind' or 'brain' in the eyes. That 'brain' usurps the introspection/intuition function that the soul uses, by replacing it with a 'thinking' look-a-like! Destroy that substitute 'mind' and feel the peace, harmony and quiet descend on you. Then, you know that justice must be 'taken' because it is not given!

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