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Freedom From Darkside Control Is What We(Souls) Seek! 1

Freedom is what souls are seeking every day of their lives. Earth has a copious supply of basic needs, and beyond, for everyone. It just doesn't flow freely like God, the supplier, meant it to. Just like the Kauravas plotted to take it all before the Mahabharat War, others have plotted to take it all before the Armageddon War. In both cases, God engineers war to destroy evil and to restore goodness. Freedom is the end of enslavement to the darkside. It is the ultimate justice. It is restititution. To be free means that the darkside, led by satan, cannot take your body for its own use. Freedom means that the darksiders cannot control, enslave or eliminate good people. Freedom, for many, means more wealth, more money, more success and synchronicity with the system, and more fame and iconic status. But this takes your freedom away, and locks you in with the darksiders, playing their games to keep what you have, and to get more. Slavery to money and wealth is the worst slavery of all: soul is put to bed permanently. When life becomes a greed-building quantitative war, one's enslavement is as complete as when it becomes a grueling search for the basic needs. It takes some doing to get over the power of money, just as it is a monumental task to turn one's back on satanic powers. Freedom is there to be claimed by those souls who can de-hypnotise themselves from the chains that bind them to the darkside way of life. God's help and guidance is available. Presently, the Divine hierarchy is destroying satanic energy with good harmonious energy. The foundation for salvation/freedom is being laid. From 2014, this energy feed will get stronger. Souls have to do their bit at the earthly end of things. They have to rise up and seize control of their own bodies. They have to use their brains to seek out the true knowledge, and apply it to their lives to become free. satan gave his power to the darksiders, and they seized control of the earth. God is now giving his power to the good guys, and it is for them to use this power to take their freedom. satan is not beaten yet: physical power is his last option. Armageddon will take care of FORCE as a useful gambit. For souls, the lost years, the grief and sufferings, the material hardships and agonies, cannot be compensated. It is justice enough that those experiences never recur, and that there is a karmic boomerang to the darksider criminals. 'What goes around, comes around' describes 'as you sow, you reap' in a cyclical way. That law has never really operated, thus far. The mechanism of 'the darkside majority' has worked for what the majority wants. What other mechanism is there for the implementation of that law? Only when the victims fight back and win, can that law fructify. God and his hierarchy are neutralising satanic powers, so fightback will be easier. The suffering and loss of lives of good people have not gone unnoticed.

The energy feed from the Divine hierarchy is getting stronger. It feels like very strong orgone energy. If you do not feel it, you perhaps have too much bodily disharmony. Generally, transdermal applications of magnesium chloride will restore that harmony. Or, it could be that the body's bacterial load is blocking the experience. It is the SRF which first pointed out this work by the Divine hierarchy as a prelude to Armageddon. They expect the energy level to increase as more saints join the fight against evil, in 2014. According to the SRF, the energy being sent will be absorbed by the good guys. This energy will keep on coming though the good guys are well past their ability to absorb more. It is as if God and his hierarchy have their own way of dealing with the present scourge of evil on earth. According to the SRF, it will all be over within 7 years. The first 3 of those years will be a period of devastation by natural calamities, then comes the real war. They say that Earth will then be free of evil but at the cost of innumerable lives. Perhaps, there will be international and civil wars.....we already have civil wars in the Middle East. Armageddon is for the defeat of evil and for the re-establishment of spirituality on Earth. So, the good guys will empower themselves with energy and knowledge, and eventually become the saints to whom mankind will turn to for help, instead of them looking to politicians. So, joining the army or other fighting group are not the only ways of fighting in this war. If you don't fight in the physical war, you stand a good chance of being collateral damage. This is the kind of time we are now living in. Those asleep to international happenings will probably say that all this is just negative thinking. The truth is not that far off! Why should the SRF be believed? It is not a question of believing anybody. It is a matter of paying attention to what is going on in the world (has the energy in the world not changed recently?), and adjusting for survival. Life on Earth is what it is: not a blessing or a curse. Birth is a gateway to earthly life and death is a gateway out of it. Where we were before birth, and where we go after death is probably a vaster, more fulfilling experience than being a slave to money here. If Earth were our true home, we would never have to leave. We would never have to be so utterly disconnected from it at death, and have to relearn it everytime we are born. We put on these clothes for this visit and end up forgetting that we have to take them off, sooner or later. Darksiders do not think like this. They believe that the goal of life is to HAVE, BE GREAT, and ENJOY. For them, death of the body is final! They believe that they can cheat by taking it all, using it, then giving it to their dynasties/bloodlines, their races, their satanic god, their darkside colors/tribes or their deathless Corporations. But, the Earth has its own dynamics and no Elites or Empires will survive. All this will pass away, including us, and our problems. God has his own plans.

God seems to have a little game going on....he releases satan to cause chaos and make people suffer. Then he takes Avatar, or creates conditions whereby the good are saved/protected, and evil is defeated. This is what religion says, basically. Of course, satan could also be an inter-stellar invader who possesses bodies of earthlings to strut his stuff because he doesn't have a body of his own for this physical dimension. In the process, he teamed up with lesser local life-forms like bacteria, viruses and fungi whom he can dominate and use. So, the darkside/bacteria combo is causing all the strife to those who oppose satan's nature and behavior. Souls it is which own the majority of bodies, and they are satan's enemy because he wants those bodies for his use. If you do not willingly let him take your body or the planet, that is opposition! satan destroys what he cannot conquer. So, he kills good people. he tries to do it with cunning because he cares about his self-image, and his reputation. What would those people, whom he has fooled, say or do if they knew the truth? Yet, because he has been so successful (he controls more than 70% of human bodies), his ego makes him careless. So people know satan, even from the eras of the Holy Books. satan wants to make mankind completely forget the real God so that he can play god for us. That would work, except that the real God is alive, and has been so since the beginning. Religious middlemen make us rely on the purported messages of those who, they claim, knew God millenia ago. These messengers and messages have become our gateways to God. But, why are long-dead intermediaries and the don't-know-God religions necessary when the real alive God is himself available? And, according to the SRF, this God has his plans! So satan is making all this trouble because he wants to control all human bodies and earth. The bodies are not the problem: the invisible driver called satan is. Bodies of themselves are inert. One should be fighting the invisible satan in order to be free. he uses all his cunning and plots to take your body. If you submit, you may get a trouble-free life filled with the best materials this world has to offer. Christ taught us never to bow to satan. Look what they did to him. Ridicule and execution! They chose the CROSS to be Christ's symbol, letting us know in a 'read-between-the-lines' way, that this is what happens to those who oppose them. They gave us dead heroes to inspire yet warn us! They don't care! They attack you with snake power then laugh at you, while your heart is pounding, to bursting point, and the flight response, with adrenaline pumping, is writ clear in your strides. This attack becomes a memory, with time. The pain and fright are not there anymore! But the curses that were placed on them, shall only disappear when fulfilled, and they will prey no more!

There are so many people with problems today. Even darksiders are having problems as the rate of illness escalates. While a few cases of God's miracles on behalf of a few people are widely publicised, so many more point to God's dismal track record in their lives. It is as if God has plans for the collective humanity but he is very limited when it comes to personal help. We expect God to help. After all, doesn't satan help his own? We were programmed into believing in a God who blesses us with rain, health, fame and fortune. In the 21st century, we know that the rain has its own causal mechanism, that you have to take care of your own health, and that fame and fortune are man-made. We know too that it is the darksiders who lay obstacles in your path, who give you all kinds of attacks, setups, accidents, delays and troubles, and who are behind your unhappiness and lack of well-being. The darksiders operate the 'sex school' so that they vie for the energy-laden female warriors who will give them energy-wellness and the rights to big slices of the material pie. Good people do not have this resort. If anything, good people are set up to be 'stooges' in these gender games. They are put into the games by the darksiders, and do not join in of their own volition. They are there to 'grant' permissions for all that the darksiders do, and to lose. When good people play, they end up in despair, desolation or death. If they don't play, the result is the same. All the troubles that good people experience can be traced to 3 things: the activities of darksiders, the lack of knowledge and the lack of
back-up where and when it matters. You will be fortunate if you get help or justice, when in a bind. The darkside society will be busy in not-caring, or in covering up and protecting their own.The good guy will find out that everyone he goes to is playing the game, and what he gets is one of their winning moves. There are not enough good people around so that you can find one to help you...even by accident. Each darkside color or tribe is comprised of millions of bodies. Each color usually has a working arrangement with other colors. Collectively, the various colors divvy up the economic and female pies among themselves, so they do collude and cooperate. The various colors provide back-up for each other. satan himself does not have to enter the equation because his 'divided' selves support each other. satan directs and inspires his little selves. God also can direct and inspire good people. All one has to do is learn how to tune in to him. This is the kind of direct help that God gives. It is only because we have no good back-up crew that we look to God for all kinds of material help. On earth, now, it is all do-it-yourself, for good/soul people. God, and your research, gives the knowledge of how to row your boat, the best way you can. The ultimate solution is the end of the darkside domination of life. This is the reason for Armageddon. 

Darksiders will find all kinds of justifications for doing the evil they do, and for feeling righteous about it. They claim that their good victims haver many failings especially that they did not 'sign' anything, and had no respect. Other justifications have been given to excuse the evil that they do e.g. that by their evil deeds, evil is pushing good people to fulfill their karma. The assumption is that evil people can know the past karmas of good people, and are themselves obeying the law of karma. This is only deception. Neither do they know what is 'good' for good people. Darksiders keep good people down, deprive them of opportunities and successes, then claim that good people must wait their turn. They claim that the lines are very long, and good people are way to the back. Every failure given to good people have some smart-assed excuse like...'You should take your time' or 'When its your turn, then'. It was our turn when we were born! The only reason that we are at the back of the line, is that the line is facing the wrong way! Some will argue that the darkside deserves a time as boss of the body....even though it is stealing the body that it doesn't own. Such utter rubbish! The darksiders hunt/chase down good people and destroy them, often as an example to others, so others will not disobey them or fight back. Good people are killed, then made into heroes. These dead heroes remind good people about what happens to those who oppose. Christ was one example. Christ was not born to be killed for our sins. Nobody has that kind of vision of God's plans, or ability to read the past, so as to make that claim!. It is just religious disinfo. While wrecking good people's lives, torturing them and making them suffer, darksiders often talk about paying them, as if beating them then paying for injury, is the accepted way of doing things. It is a deception that allows them to continue in the same vein, while you wait expectantly and keep on being on good terms with them. You would also postpone any moves you may have to run away, and so give them the time needed to get the job done on you. They can compensate your failures that they conspired, and for the bullets that you dodged, but they cannot give you back your time....time that could have been spent doing it your way and without their illicit input. Do not fall for the 'We are all one family: the human family' type of propaganda that neutralises your defences against the darksiders, and turns off your alarms. If 7 out of 10 people are darksiders, I would stay away from crowds! Remember that those who are still in the kindergarten of material toys and satanic powers cannot teach or test those already on the highway of morality. It is indeed a topsy-turvy world! In fact, one method of fighting the darkside is to bring to the forefront of your awareness, all their sins against you for them to mind-read it. Though some of them will feel like the ‘star’ of your life, this approach puts them off and takes away their steam. The situation hurts, but only fightback puts you on the road to freedom.

The dark side propagates that it is adjustments in attitude that will bring success eg having faith or being positive. They say this to hide their role in the causation of things, especially the bad things that happen to good people, and the good things for bad people. The 'Faith in God' mantra is meant for you to place God as the real causation in your successes, failures, and happiness or sorrow. God is not the decider or deliverer of material success. It is not a God-created system that you live in. God is not in charge of the system. In fact, God is trying to save you from the system, and one can place firm reliance on him for this kind of help. If you fail materially, it is not your attitude, or your faith in God, that needs review.....the darksiders are responsible. Forget the methodologies thought up by Elite think-tanks in their mental laboratories. Their recipes for success, like the law of positive attraction, carefully avoids the real Matrix, its components and their real inter-relationships. The human landscape is rendered featureless to reveal the existence of a law that only the inventors see. The real causes and effects, and the processes which link them, that exist in the matrix are ignored in favor of their newest concoction! Forget religion and its desire to get you liberation after you are dead, but cannot do anything for you while you are alive. Religion does not stick to morality which would give you change while alive! God expects you to to stand up and fight evil, insasmuch as they are making war on good people. Though you are expected to row your own boat materially, God offers to help you in your fight for your own freedom/salvation, while you are alive. Spending your time seeking liberation from the karmic wheel or original sin is useless, deflecting you from your role in fighting back for freedom from the real darkside enemy. All the lovey-dovey stuff called Bhakti-Yoga or worship gets you no place...that is very suited for a predator-like God. The good God has no ego and does not respond to this kind of nonsense. The world is becoming almost all evil, so we know the 'whys' and 'wherefores' of the feeble results that copious worship, prayer, devotion ,bhakti or rituals are having. It is insanity to keep doing things the same old way, and expect different results! You have to be strong and self-reliant because God does not distribute the materials, health, name and fame, success and other human conditions of this world. Your past karma has nothing to do with it. The rulership of the darksiders, both Elites and Masses, determines your present life. You have to grab the reins of control from them, and do it yourself! God does guide and help the soul...his spark within the body. So, it helps if the spark doesn't fall for the devices of the darksiders. It helps if the soul takes the lead in fighting for its own freedom/salvation on this planet.

The darksiders parade their hunting and preying as a divine right, and their prowess, cunning and darkside powers as proof of their superiority. They gloat because there is not one darn thing we can do about it. They do what they do because they can, and the good people of earth has to accept it without protest!. Such is the impunity and madness of the darksiders. It is as if this world is built around them, and for them, with good people and different people being mere inconveniences blocking their pathways. It is as if this world belongs to them, and who do not like it can leave! The darkside has erected itself as the gatekeepers of both  material and spiritual living. This they have done by virtue of force: energy power, number power, physical force and deception. They will not give this position up willingly. Only a complete re-scripting of the future to exclude them, will solve anything. Good guys cannot beat the rigged system, or live with it and survive. The rigging entities must be cursed out of existence, or at least out of power! The system we live has shattered our innocence, taken our hope and our will-power. It has subjugated us. It is  both an anti-soul and an anti-body campaign. It pushes a satanic or darkside methodology which is generally accepted because it is the one that was pushed on us from early in life, before we knew what was up in the world or before we could decide how to live. satan ambushed soul by giving power easily to his spark in the body. He guided the dark side within, though it is able to function on its own. The soul became suppressed because of the heightened activity of the dark side, buttressed by support from the societal darksiders. Soul, meanwhile, had no such help. It is in youth when you have no other support or methodology that the darkside within builds out of control. Those who are looking for purpose and something more from life, gravitate to religion. It is too late that one discovers that one is trapped in a new cul-de-sac, as the changes expected do not materialise. Eventually the truth dawns that all mainstream options, operating systems and paradigms are blind alleys, and traps. The darkside is in control of most things, and ‘purpose’ and ‘something more’ cannot come from them. This is the value of experience. The trouble with experience is that a goodly portion of your years must be wasted on observing, researching and trial and error experimentation. Yet, this is a plus because so many have lived and died not really knowing!

The greatest injustice done to the human race is that of money. God gave us the Earth free of charge, with all of the bounties necessary for the upkeep of our bodies. Now, it is not free. We cannot go directly to satisfying our basic needs anymore, by our own efforts in nature. We must all satisfy our needs indirectly by getting that intermediate requirement called money. We do not print money ourselves, so we must get it from where the money printers have placed it or caused it to be. To do this we have to do actions that are often unrelated directly to our basic needs. We must do actions which give us access to money. This is the rub... we do not determine what actions will give us money and which won't. Our actions must match those that are approved, such as work. It is as if the Elites own the world by owning the money. You have to get their money, their way, before you can return to your life's task of getting your basic needs. Who owns the money can have as much as they want, and you do not deserve, or have this privilege. Most of the problems with life on Earth begins with you not having the right to as much money as you need. The Elites say which actions or niches are more money-worthy than others. Souls are very introspective, and their probings into the nature of existence and of man's journeys through life, is the highest type of activity, using the most important organ in the body: the brain. This output is called Philosophy. Thinkers used to be respected and could support themselves by that kind of activity. In the 21st century, Philosophy is no longer a prized field. So, think as much as you want, it will not get you your basic still have to find the money to pay for your needs. The Elites prefer their contributions to thought via their control of the various media. Programming and lies cannot replace the truth that Philosophers delve in. Without lights to light up the way of better living, this world has come to domination via Elite plots, and Armageddon.

Good people are too few, by percentage of bodies. They have no back-up in society. They are poorly represented in the socio-economic and other institutions which good people must access to get their survival needs. They are individuals and do not have the 'linked' consciousness of the pack-like darkside tribes and colors. Nobody, except the rare 'fair' people, bats for the good people. The way things work in institutions is that you must have back-up in order to get anything. When those who are there do not do their jobs fairly, and conscientously, preferring to be back-up for their own, and discriminating for them, then only the access to legal representation, ensures that good people get their rights. God cannot give support if he has no 'instruments' to work with. Having no representation in institutions, is at the root of the injustices done to good people. Meanwhile, darksiders run the system, and its institutions, for their benefit. Women seem to proliferate in every occupation, except where heavy lifting is required, and they,(whether called players, feminists or just women) bat for women. The discrimination exists in the selective quotation of rules and protocols denying good people, by remaking of the rules or by plain refusal or denial. Thus, good people can be played, marginalised and discriminated against, and by such doing have their lives wrecked. Usually, there is no recourse, or no 'winnable' kind of fightback option. What's more, the history of incidents are re-written to villify and demonise good people, fabricating faults to explain their failure or lack of success. This is the classic 'blame-the-victim' approach the darkside uses. They portray themselves as competent and fair to their bosses. This is why it is hard to beat the darksiders at their own game. They out-voice you!

The system we live was started by the darkside Elites who kept steering it to their likeness, gradually weeding out the influences of others, and bringing it to this state where they dominate. Citizens cling to the power of Constitutions while the darkside Elites and Masses rely on their power to force their way of doing things on everybody else. The Bankers used their 'people' to script this world their way…and we thought that they were experts, and we had to believe them. They claimed that they were objective, and that in order to become objective too, we had to accept what they said. They lied. They used Empire to take control of the money system in far-flung places, and gave up Empire when this was done. Local Elites everywhere connected easily with the socio-economic system, having studied to access money-making niches. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, and sundry professionals were the elite-created super-niches. They chased the money, and encouraged others to chase it too. With the control of the money supply, the Elites easily took charge of many countries. At that time, the laws and Constitutions written, gave rights and freedoms to people. This was necessary to keep the stability in newly-independent nations. The Elites hoped that they would be able to disregard the laws and Constitutions down in the endgame, to actualise their hidden agendas. The people, however, cling to their Constitutional rights and freedoms. The Elites are not averse to using force, and disregard of the Constitutions, to complete their plans for global government. The darkside Elites took the awareness of the masses and poured in their best compositions, touting belief as the best axiom to follow. The masses could never go beyond them because their minds were cornered and programmed. So, the Elites were mostly un-opposed in the execution of their plots. Now, the endgame will play out. Will the Elites win out, or will God and his plans prevail?  Everyone is being herded into cities (even in China) where they will probably be fodder in nuclear war.  Who can fight them...and win? Only God can! The most that the good minority can do is to fight their way out of the millions of problems that beset them in the mires that their lives have become. One has to become soul, to become instruments of God. This is the only way to assure that God is influencing you, and not satan. satan's influence will lead you to your demise, sometimes like this! satanic influence can get this bad because of programming like this! As the ENDGAME proceeds, one will need to be ahead of the 'game' to survive! The intelligent are running from the expected war-zones in the northern hemisphere, becoming 'preppers' for when disaster comes, and are hoping that none of the bad times predicted happen. Freedom is possible, with God's help!

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