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Fightback...............In Partnership With God. 3

 In this world, good people are like sheep among wolves. To defeat wolves requires the cunning of serpents, in a tactical war. One has to gain the knowledge of the ways and means to stand up, fight and win. You have to do this yourself. Good people cannot afford to continue to be the willing victims of the ego-builders who are on their way to becoming conquerors, stars, winners, heroes, bosses and rulers. They leave good peoples' lives in shambles, in their wake. The knowledge they proliferate is not guidance but deception, encouraging enslavement and acquiesence, not fightback for freedom. God's guidance is the only kind that can be trusted. God is not helping good people in physical ways. satan and his minions are persecuting them. Many have left his fold and serve satan, even though they are counted among the faithful by religion. The darksiders are showing that they are in control, and that God is not. They talk in a commanding way! Many people have decided to join with the system that has the power. God may have his own timetable and agenda. So, one cannot give up on God completely. Evil is not being punished because the evil majority does not punish their own. In fact, they are rewarded for the successful execution of their 'duties'. They say that it is their time now...whether this stems from the fact of control, or from the theory that this is the Age of Kali. People today are living by money, not by knowledge. The yardstick of 'worthiness' has been switched. Money is a tool to power, knowledge is not. Darksiders like to boast about their brains but cunning is about preying. It is one thing to hunt and prey on people and another thing to use a brain! Darksiders are not located in the brain, and can't use one! The instinctive use of cunning is a satanic event, not brain-usage! Knowing tantric methods will give you so-called spiritual power, but that is darkside-building. Soul-building involves removing the 'ignorance' (by knowledge) that keeps the darkside potent. In times when evil is not a problem, soulbuilding will involve other things. The darkside grows not by knowledge but by the application of cunning (plotting) to acquire more power. This is what afflicts the world at this moment. The darksiders are creating hell, guided by satan, while the good people are not making use of  the guidance available from God to hit back. Religion has plucked the teeth of good people. Instead of playing it by the 'good' book, they have accepted the roles of sheep and victims, as given to them by the darksiders. The soul, being a spark of God, cannot be defeated by any dark side. Soul's knowledge can defeat the dark side. Research, enlightenment and guidance is needed to counter darkside methods and tools.

You have to forget all you know about God. Accumulations of 'facts' about God does not help you in any way. All you do by harboring such programming is clutter up your awareness. All one has to do is know that a God or higher invisible being is guiding and helping, as you proceed in living according to your own judgement. You have to live by your own will, and watch your own back. An un-cluttered consciousness is necessary in order to perceive the incoming ideas/info originating from God or the divine hierarchy. While it is good to learn about God, it is better to be informed by your experience with him. When you read about God's nature and his qualities, you cannot verify none of it. So, you file these at the midpoint between truth and the unknown ie in the realm of the possible. The state of 'Knowledge' is not the possession of an encyclopedic accumulation of data. It is having random access to the libraries of ideas in the causal world. When one opens the door of intuition, the concentrated attention attunes to those ideas that revolve around the subject focused on. When this door is closed, the head is empty or in the void, and the causal world recedes into the background. One will hardly remember one's forays into the Causal world when in normal consciousness. The attention then becomes open for communication from beyond the causal world of knowledge. This is how guidance comes to you from divine sources, and you have to be attentive and serene to perceive the communication. The dark side within obstructs this process, which is why it has to be silenced or neutralised. You have to give up your assumptions and presumptions about God: it does not help you. Philosophical debates do not give you the states from wherein you can access the world of knowledge or the guidance of God. The schools of philosophy have erected idea-structures of God and expect God to conform to them. That was a vain pursuit. Compose your own daily schedule and live it by the best knowledge and decisionmaking you have, knowing that you can have God's guidance if your consciousness is in a serene placid receptive mode. This is your neutral or detached cruise mode, in which you will spend most of your life. It is also the mode in which you are receptive to divine guidance. So no matter to who, to where and to what your consciousness travels to, it must return to the neutral mode. This it does by solving the problems, settling the issues and cutting the bonds that intercept and hold the attention away from homebase. It is this kind of doing that shuts out the influence of the dark side.
Every soul is able to link up with homebase: God. This was more easily done in the last century, though this kind of doing hardly was noticed, analysed, pinpointed or verbalised. The 'boss' in the body, whether it is soul or dark side, takes this fact of link-up for granted. They consider what they do and how they do it, to be part of their intrinsic operating system or repertoire, and do not probe beyond this. The dark side within communicates with satan via eyeball-reading, and by live feed into its substance located in the flesh. The soul, located in the head, gets its feed into its substance via impact on calm awareness. Soul also can disconnect from the eyeballs and reach into the 3rd eye region to access the intuitive flow, on demand. Soul or darkside cannot link up with their respective parent-bodies, if the other resident of the body is ascendant or ruling. So it is the dark side which stands in the way of souls restoring their God-link. The darkside has got to be reduced if any divine hook-up is to be activated. Religion should have been teaching this how-to. Christ, in the Essene Gospel of Peace (Book 1) was teaching this.Instead, Religion was busy expanding their client-bases, collecting and investing in religious infrastructure, programming people into false paradigms that put them to sleep, pointing out false destinations and routes for getting there, and making us ignore the matrix and the evidence of foul play by religious organisations, priestcraft and the Elites. It took advances in communication for the crimes of religion to be discovered, and widely disseminated. We should have known better, but we trusted religion in a darkside-dominated world. We were 'caught' in the war, by deception. It was only when the plot accelerated that we took notice. Crimes like these are now commonplace. The darkside-ruled world spawns wickedness! The number of awakened has increased, but at a time when our physical conquest and enslavement is in the endgame. We were busy asking, pleading and beseeching God for this or that, but we didn't open our eyes to see. The darkside convinced us that they were working for God, and we accepted that. In any case, we had no answer to the authority, the FORCE and snake-power of the collective darkside. We didn't learn them to defeat them because we trusted them, and were convinced that 'we are all children of the same God'. Now, we know better. Winning while losing is an impossible task. We have to try! The Elite-derived programming about living to be happy, their way, must be discarded. There is no living happily ever after. Souls must fight back, despite meagre physical resources, settling for the happiness that exists within as bliss, and waiting for soul civilisation to come. Then it will be time for happiness. We have to use the lifetime of our bodies to cut the dark side within down, so that God can get through to us, and help us fight. It is not that God is omni-everything, and he can do it all himself without our help. It is not that God has his plans and he will save the day, at the right time. It is a fact that we face a situation that has gone out of hand, and God has not stepped in physically to save us. We were fed lies about God, by religion. We don't really know God. Religion failed us. Now is the time to fight back for freedom from the darksiders. Partnering with God is the best way to proceed. Expect things like protection, guidance and knowledge from God. Remember that as a temporary resident, this earth is not your home. Remember that this is a darkside civilisation crafted for the elevation of the darkside! Feel like a stranger on this earth! That is the reality.

Those who believe that they were born to seek salvation in terms of a permanent after-death heaven or a permanent re-unification into the spirit of God, are falling for a darkside trick. The darkside is making war on the good in the here and now. The tortures and sufferings levied on the good make them want to run from it, in order to escape. Religion grabs you and tells you that the way to escape is to abandon earthly strife and go for God, in ways that do not include fighting back to defeat the darkside, gain freedom, and change the nature of the human experience. If there is a predominance of souls, a heaven can be created on Earth. There will be no desire for after-death salvation. There will be no need for escape. One can be born, enjoy the consciousness of being soul, and when death comes, it comes. There will be no loss as souls return to the good spiritual hierarchy. It cannot happen any other way. In addition, God will determine whether he needs you to take birth, when and where, and for which purpose he has in mind. Presently, the darksiders are creating bodies willy-nilly. New souls are being sent to keep up. They are easy pickings for the darkside possessions. So the darksiders are making war on the good on earth now, and instead of advising the good to fight back in order to make it a war, instead of the one-sided advantage being done now, religion advises the good to do nothing, seek after-death liberation or live by methods which do not confront the darksiders who are actually causing the problems we want salvation from. What a stroke of genius it is that has us fighting imaginary enemies (original sin, reincarnation cycle) for a goal which is not known to exist (after-death salvation) while leaving the real problem (darkside rule) unattended in real time. Seek liberation but do not fight back against evil! Very convenient! satan and his clones control over 70% of human bodies. Civilisation is their will. Hell has been created on earth. A religious-type seeking of liberation requires a withdrawal from, and forgetting of, the world...which leaves it all for satan and his crew. People, in their delusion, do not see themselves as instruments of God who should stand up and fight or defend themselves. They were infected with a wrong purpose of getting salvation after death. They pursue salvation in the now, using the god of money. This god gives them Salvation while alive, from the ills that plague them. God is not giving them what money can give. But, the god of money is not flowing the money anymore. In fact, that god has other plans!

There are those who praise and thank God for their material successes thinking that God is really in control of this Elite-created materialist system, and is favoring them with his blessings. These are misguided people who do not understand the mechanics of the matrix they live in. God does not work with or through the system. He does not guide its working or its evolution. If you are born in the right family, get training, education or find yourself in a prized banker/elite-created niche that profits you. You are blessed by the system. God has nothing to do with this. The mechanics of reincarnation...placing you in a well-to-do perhaps God's only connection with your success. Yet, even that paradigm is not properly known or understood. God didn't send you here so that you could collect your wherewithal for material happiness, and spend your lifetime in doing it. God became soul, with all the happiness built into that substance. He did not make you incomplete, so you were not born to gather material and other earth experiences with which to complete that 'incompleteness'. If soul is unhappy, there is a cause....your real joy is being blocked from overflowing from within. It could be too, that your basic necessities are deliberately being witheld, and you have to be like a slave in pursuit. While some have too much, the majority have too little. Darksiders are born incomplete, devoid of self-worth, and always looking to fill up their 'worth- tanks' by accumulating materials, adoring attentions, higher ranks and positions etc. This civilisation  was crafted for the darkside nature. This world is about extraction, processing or manufacture, distribution or marketing and consumption of goods. Services enable this economic focus to succeed. There is a focus on speed and constant doing. The being nature of the soul and the unfolding of soul qualities are ignored completely. If a soul person is unhappy, it's qualities are being blocked from flowing. It is not getting the food it needs. But, the dark side is getting the kind of civilisation it revels in. Souls know that materials cannot give happiness, and it knows that it has to take care of its body's basic needs. They are rightly placed. Darksiders strike at souls by witholding their basic needs from them. The darkside Elites make the basic needs of the masses hard to get, and the darkside masses do the same to the good guys. The good guys have to struggle against these dual sources of deprivation.

Religion is just another revenue collection medium in a pyramidal system of control. It is the base of the pyramid which contributes the most to religious coffers, with sizeable infusions coming from the well-to-do. The money/donations are used to build the wealth of the religious organisation, and to maintain the lives of the religious hierarchy and priestcraft. Lately, it is being discovered that wealth is one of the chief interests of religion, and this necessitates ties with very irreligious agencies. Religious Organisations can be complicit in criminal activities! In some cases, the wealth is just sitting there, not serving the needs of those who contributed or for works related to God. Does God really ask for or need offerings or wealth? Does God really want to be worshipped? It is really the dark side which wants to be worshipped and offered things. Their gurus build their egos and somehow energise themselves when worshipped, and become more powerful, insinuating that they are closer to God, somehow. Despite the proliferation of churches and increased sundry considerations of God, the world has grown more and more evil or darkside. The ratio of evil to good is beyond 70% : 30%, in favor of evil. This gives us a clue as to who the Elites, religions and society serve, despite all their protocols for god-closeness and salvation. Our basic error was that we accepted this darkside civilisation without going through it with a fine-toothed comb. We accepted that the goodness that prevailed for much of the 20th century, would stay the same and advance. That didn't happen. The Elites had their plots and interrupted the natural evolution of goodness to increase the level of darkness, and to go for a One World Government. In addition, the 20th century was an era where education was the medium of moving up. The good people were the brightest and improved their lot. The darkside masses were poorer. They didn't have the brains to use. They did not/could not try as hard or comprehend as much. With the darkside urge for action making them irritable, they could not sit still enough to concentrate or study. They launched a war against the good who made it by virtue of brains, talent and effort. They went for the control that would hook them up to the money. Money now rules, so that war against the good guys has been won. The elites stepped in to help the darkside masses by taking over control completely from those who knew what they were doing, and by turning education into multiple-choice guesswork. So, the darkside masses got their hook-up to wealth and position and power in societies everywhere. From there, they levied discrimination (war) against good people. This is how darksiders/beasts have come to dominate, and set the rules  and protocols which enhance their domination. The system we were born into changed as the plot for Global Governance was implemented in stages. Did we think that God put that system in place? We were led to believe so, and we accepted it, and tried to live it. Now, we know that that the system belongs to the darksiders, and is not a good and proper system for good people to live by. The system which is supposed to work for us, isn't doing so....because it is working for others whose ambitions are at cross-purposes with ours. That system puts the darkside above good/soul people from the moment of birth, and feeds them. Their menu works against the soul. We were socialised into accepting it. The newness of the 'goods aplenty' experience, our joy at accessing niches in the system, and the beginning of life as an experience in money-power assured that we would not look at the authors of the system, never question the money-making focus, or the materialistic focus, or the dearth of nutrition for spiritual evolution. Our darksides revelled in the opportunities to live its nature, and to evolve and grow. The 20th century witnessed the expansion of this satanic system while we were not looking. Now that we are looking, we can see our conquest by force and deception. This war is not primarily against flesh and blood. The Occult Hierarchy, which has been the backbone of this satanic victory can be beaten, and must be beaten, before freedom can be experienced. The divine hierarchy is helping with this! The physical war will have to be fought too! 

The eye is just a camera. It is the darkside/bacteria combo which adds most interpretation and propaganda to images perceived, as part of its 'steering' effort. In its steering of souls, the dark side even creates images or hallucinations. People are just objects or bodies which are animated by invisibe entities. The body is not the entity. The body doesn't govern or rule itself. DNA rules nothing but physical characteristics. DNA is physical and does not govern consciousness. Humans have been programmed to be the 'strawman' identity. It is fictitious. There are 2 kinds of beings in a body and if one looks at the behavior emanating from bodies, one will mostly see satan or the darkside doing the behaving. God is also in bodies, as souls. Souls are incomplete versions of God and must wake up from their slumber to grow their own 'satchitananda' natures to become more and more like God. It is very difficult to judge soul behavior. A better yardstick lies in what the being doesn't do. The degree of self-control exerted is a good pointer! Who owns the body does not matter to satan. he says, 'stop me, if you can'. The life of the body is an opportunity for dark side or soul to to help their side in the war to create hell or heaven here on earth. Best success is experienced when soul or dark side becomes more and more like their invisible parents. The civilisation on Earth will resemble hell or heaven depending on which entity controls the most bodies, and succeeds in building a world fit for the complete expression of its specific nature. So far, satan is far ahead, and it is not by fairplay but by war, often disguised as games. God does not approve of what is happening. God has not created any cyclical Yugas or Ages by which the world evolves. The story of Earth is one of an ongoing rebellion against God. This rebellion has succeeded because of the use of force and cunning to enslave souls, and to prevent them from fighting back. Thus, concepts like a God-created Age of Kali are meant to prevent rebellion against satan, and are meant to goad us into acceptance of a growing evil. God is trying to wake us up to the threat of the great evil that is upon us, but he is not getting through. satan is being successful and God is not, because of their differing natures. satan/darkside is gross consciousness and God/soul is subtle consciousness. The difference in recruitment methodology is akin to satan throwing 'rocks' at 'you', while God is throwing 'feathers' at 'you' , at the same time. The 'rocks' impact more than the 'feathers'. You have to cut down the dark side within which responds only to the 'rocks', and so bring soul to the fore. Only soul can detect those 'feathery' impacts. Fighting back involves both a reduction of the dark side Operating System, and the building of the soul with its own Operating System. 

Religion, as a tool of the Elites, has done its job. It has cooperated with other sectors of the system by helping the darkside to build, and by not using methods which will fight it or cut it down. The money system spreads evil wherever it is found, and religious institutions cannot function without it. What religion has done is to cause people to walk an illusory pathway of liberation from the wheel of reincarnation, karma and original sin, thereby remaining darksiders. Most of what the majority in religion do, builds the dark side within. It is the darkside members of society who are in charge everywhere, including religion! Religion cannot speak for God or goodness. After your body dies comes a series of unknowns, which religious salvation either ignores or cannot explain, because it has no info. So it invents! Soul is not on Earth to get Liberation either by sucking up to God or by relinquishing involvement in earthly life. You are here on Earth  to fulfill your purpose for being alive: to learn this segment of creation and to fight for the good side. Caring for the body enables it all. That we are here to live out our past karma is a guess….there is no evidence that we are doing so! Do we earn/spend or buy/sell in the Elites system because we are expiating past karma? Is our money-determined (in India it is this plus caste) interactions the expiation of past karma? Is our darkside society's  planned games and sex school expiating past karma? Is media-programmed behavior the expiation of past karma? We were lied to. Nobody has real access to the files of the past lives of people. The suffering being experienced is not the expiation of past karma: it is the destruction left in the wake of the Elites' 'New World Order' machinery, as it crushes its way to victory. The Occult Hierarchy feeds 'eyeball readers' all kinds of lies which become the justifications for the darkside life-plans for good people, and they give a role in those plans to anyone interested in getting info on you. This is how satan operates! satan writes souls' destruction in his books about the life-courses of good people. satan writes the life-plan of the good guy while he is still a child. All the 'eyeball-readers' read satan's handiwork but they take it to mean that their 'prophetic' power discovered the particular soul's life-course. This persecution by concocted life-plan starts playing off in youth, before the mature soul can give evidence of its goodness or God-connection. The soul is sabotaged before he can shine! satan gives every color or darkside tribe some reason to hate the soul person, and to eagerly want to destroy him. Jealousy and envy, lies about past and future karma, and pure hate are good enough reasons for darksiders to destroy the good guys. This is how the Occult Hierarchy uses the darkside masses to destroy possible threats to the darkside elites. Now, who will help the masses against the elites? So, regardless of what the darksiders do, soul people have to respond effectively to survive. Purpose is to be discovered and embraced. Purpose is soul-determined and personal. Religion cannot give you your purpose in life. Religion cannot tell you that God approves of them and their friends. Religion cannot tell you that God gave you a body in this present life so you can use it to get away from having another body! Why let you take another body, in the first place? The real question is what does the ‘liberation’ practices do to change you so you become fit for it, and why can’t you experience that liberation while alive? Disciples will make all  kinds of claims about their gurus liberation, but there will be no kind of confirmation from the liberation end of things.
No-one is born to seek Liberation a-la-religion. Why didn’t God keep you ‘unborn’ in the first place?  Did he let you have a body so you could worship him, and so get liberated, or did he give a body so that it could be used to fight evil for freedom? What is so special in being in a body, that makes Liberation necessary and possible? Why couldn't you get liberation before birth? Why is the predominance of evil in the matrix not confronted by religion? It must be that they are part of the problem. A proper religion would be leading the fight against evil while declaring that fighting evil to get freedom, while alive, is the way to live. Good people do not need any religion..... not even a One World Religion. Each of us was gifted with a brain. The darkside cannot use a brain because it is not living there! The brain is the doorway to intelligence, knowledge and intuition. The elite think-tanks have loaded our brains with garbage but it is possible to clean it all away. Why not use intelligence and knowledge to get antidotes to darkside tricks? Focus on the MO of the darkside, discover the processes involved in what they do, and terminate these. It is only because of the existence of evil that good people experience suffering. There is no 'blame yourself' where the soul is concerned. Predators should not be living in close proximity to good/soul people. Like vibrates with like. Evil is causing the problems: solve the problem of evil by fighting back! Methods of fighting back can be devised in the same way that methods of trying to run away are being devised. Religion which claims to have the methods of the ancient saints and sages to back them up, really have nothing…nothing that can give liberation or any other soul-worthy goal. If you do not fight back against the dark side, within and outside, you are doing nothing important in being alive. You can believe in the theory of the Kali Age and Act as programmed to: let evil have free reign because it is their time! Religion follows the STRAWMAN conception of a human being that was thought up by the Elites. The Elites do not recognize the existence of the soul. They either consider the body to be the entity, or that the body contains a single entity. Religion embraces this view too but that is only deception. They know of the soul and the dark side. The darkside can recognize a soul person from a mile off, so how could they not know! The thing is that the Elites found ways to waste people’s time until the world got to a point where they had already conquered it. Who can fight back then? They are involved in satanic rituals and things like human sacrifice, and Black Mass. They knew! The Darksiders sent us looking everywhere for the causes of our suffering, and for the solutions. The 'causes' were right there, guiding us! When you leave the ‘causers’ alone, they keep on causing, and whatever other solutions you implement bears no fruit because you didn’t tackle the root cause! The darkside must be fought and defeated. That is the solution that lies untried! The body is yours, not the darkside’s. It is up to you to fight for what is yours, so you can use it!

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