Monday, July 29, 2013

Fightback...............In Partnership With God. 2

Why not ask God himself? He is alive! Why keep relying on religious middlemen who are specialists at being able to tell you all about God, without themselves knowing him firsthand. They obtained their positions not after successful God-searches but by virtue of being trained to market religious wares to a gullible public. Theology and dogma sets up hopeful people for this incarnations' failure. The imaginings peddled by priestcraft cannot beat the reality of firsthand experience of God. And, God's principal relationship with 'mankind' is not listening to prayers, then giving miracles, blessings and material things to the faithful, if he is pleased. We have been taught to look to miracles as the ideal kind of feedback experience that God gives to mankind. Most are looking for a master-magician in God, not a partner/Guru. God may not give us magic but he backs up his own in more important ways. While satan gives his power and earth's bounties to his small selves, God gives protection, guidance and knowledge to his troops. So religion for darksiders focuses us on 'sucking up' to God and getting materials and miracles in return. Focused thusly, we forget the existence of the 'Evil vs Good' war, the quest of the ‘good’ for salvation from the darkside, and of God’s real role. God is a simple non-darkside super-entity.  Religious Organisations and priestcraft try to figure him out but he does not go on record or manifest his presence easily. Religion suffers from a lack of real knowledge about God and is forced to make it up. Religion erected paradigms about God and expects him to conform to them. When God doesn't respond, the faithful flee from barren religions to another with a more presentable image, or give up on God altogether. The religion of money has already converted most of mankind. Darksiders want God to give them evidence of his existence and Godship. God must present himself so they can win their mental argument about his existence, forgetting that only God's own substance (soul) can perceive his existence. The darkside cannot know or detect God, except he comes to destroy them, as an Avatar. The good can detect God and know him, but even they cannot fully comprehend God's roles in creation. Receiving an idea and acting on it is a simple affair, until you get into where the idea came from, and if God is steering you…or who is steering? The point is that God is alive and questions should be put to him. Then, seek the answer. You are usually guided to the answer. It will turn up on the pathways of your search. Or, it could be by a chance detour, or by some method you cannot explain. You may have trouble recognizing the truth because of missing intermediate logic or argumentative steps, or info, whereby you can understand how it links to, or fits in with what you already know. Faith in truths that you cannot understand yet or verify, is not sufficient cause for accepting them, or for implementing them. You have to search for the truth, yet verify it before you include it in your overview. God either tells the truth via intuition or leads you to it, but you have to process it, until you fully comprehend it. Introspection and Meditation are doings in this direction. God exists outside of religion and beyond it. He is the partner of souls in the process of living the lifespan of the body.
Near-Death Experiences (NDEs..... that site plus this site is all you need for this aspect of research) are excursions into another world more real than this one. The things of this world fade out of significance as another, more profound, paradigm becomes operative. Those who survive tell of their amazing experiences during temporary death. Those who get this break from constant immersion in the system of things, return with notions that there is a grander purpose to living…a purpose that transcends their attachment to materialism. It takes a NDE to break the hypnotic hold that this civilization has on us, and set us straight. What a fast-forwarded lunge into sanity it will be if we could get there without such a drastic experience. Many who return are convinced of God’s bonafides, and of having a divine purpose to their lives. Civilisation tells us that our purpose is to earn/spend or buy/sell, according to the system of the elites. But, those who return from NDEs, do so mainly because their real work here is unfinished. The darksiders do not acknowledge that man is here to do work as ordained by the divine side of creation. Despite their wish to remain on the other side, the NDE-ers are forced to return, but with a new enlightenment. Their work for the good side continues with the firm knowledge that they are not alone in what they do: they have other humans (dead or alive) and God as partners. At another point in Earth’s evolution, if satan is defeated,  that work may be different. NDEs put the obsession with sense gratification, with constant tilltillation, with ego-building, and with accumulating material things, in its place of insignificance. It corrects our indulgences with ‘illusion’ and helps us discover the real purpose for our being born. Religion it is which prevented us from making a connection with the God who has been alive all these millennia. Religion makes us believe that one must pursue God according to their recipe, to be spiritual, at all. The NDEs tells us that being independent, strong and righteous is all that is needed to complete your work on earth. Yes, you have work, which is already in your lives, but does not include 'sucking up' to any god! The religious hierarchies even have elected representatives of God whom we are obliged to follow, if we want to pursue God. Its mockery that those who do not know God, represent him! God has been speaking to man all the while but we were told that we are sinners, with a bad legacy of the original sin which causes us to fall short of the glory of God. This meant that we were not fit to directly approach God. Those who reputedly wrote the Bible (or other Holy Book) from God-inspiration were not blocked from perceiving the voice of God by the blot of original sin they had! Religious Organisations, at present, are hypocrites and liars. Every soul can ‘hear’ the voice of God, and could have done so in every past minute of life on earth. Darksiders cannot perceive God, but souls can! It is there to be perceived. There is nothing like a NDE to wake up or convince those who have no grounding in the evil vs good war! That war is what matters most, not the life-plan given to us by the darkside elites and masses.

Cutting off darkside influences and pursuits breaks the bonds by which the darkside imprisons you, and frees you to pursue  the meaningful life wherein your own nature will govern the body, and become exhalted. The misery of subservience is stopped and replaced by the attributes of your own nature: satchitananda  (awareness, knowledge, bliss). satan devised this civilisation for himself and his little devils. God, sometimes,  wakes you up and feeds you (soul) so you stay awake and discover what you are, and recover your original nature. Soul's world is lived in the depths of silence which serves as the background atmosphere for the powerful awareness and its self-decided doings that comprise soul-building activity. In times of great evil, the soul focuses on fighting evil. When evil is not a problem, the soul can indulge in a deeper meditative God-connection within, and in the ongoing building of a soul-based civilisation. All the while, the war against the summonings from the bygone, and oncoming, lanes of materialism must be fought. There must be no recurrence, no new coups on soul-style living. All the activities in this evil civilisation, including ego-building using the social media, falls into the category of 'summonings'. Their way is barren for the soul, and leads to the enlivening of the dark side within. Civilisation provides the food for the nourishment and growth of the dark side. That paradigm is changed by your victory over the darkside, and the new paradigm precludes feeding of the dark side: it must focus on cutting it down in order to keep soul alive and aloft. People talk too much, desire too much, consume too much, entertain too much, and live too many false paradigms. They are led by the thoughts, hungers and concerns of the dark side which have been programmed to express by the economic culture, tradition, civilisation and society. The ongoing eternal journey of the soul is being suppressed because all the food is going to the darkside way of life. Only now has mankind discovered that the system has ulterior motives: the rulership of darkness, within and outside.

 The broad-based pyramid, with each level interconnected, and with every other level hierarchically connected, is the device used by the elites to control whole populations. Secret societies and arrangements proliferate at each level....manifesting the Elites wishes at that level, while directing the goings-on at lower levels. Inequality is therefore being created and institutionalised. The Elites have destroyed the reality of the equality of man in order to rule. The equality of man has been destroyed by the differing levels of worth as measured by wealth, and power over others. Inequality is no guide to, or measure of, merit. It does not indicate who has innate talents or  reflect who tries hardest for success. The system discriminates! The rich get richer. Those with lucrative niches get richer. The Elites are wholly darkside by birth, choice or conscious cultivation. Those at the base of the pyramid are forced to fight (compete is not the word) for a small size of pie, and because of this, powerful darkside natures are elicited and erected. satanic powers accrue to a variety of colors/tribes of darkside entities. The key power that causes darkside domination among the masses is each darksider is basically the same consciousness as the next. Souls are dealing with the same satanic force in a variety of bodies. The darkside is the same basic satanic consciousness regardless of the individual color or tribe. This creates a singularity of purpose and a joint effort to dominate earth. Their purpose is to dominate earth by elimination of other non-darkside species of consciousness. Souls, who own the bodies that the darkside wish to possess and use, are the natural enemies and victims of darksiders. Thus, Earth is traversed by one principal consciousness which is darkside. This consciousness is practically ubiquitous and gave rise to the concept of 'the all-seeing eye'.  The control that this consciousness has over the population of the world is such that unless one is darkside, or possesses the 'mark of the beast', one is economically marginalised, apart from being hunted, preyed upon and destroyed, just for being different. This is why soul/good people must develop their own paradigm for living. They must develop the ways and means to counter and defeat the prevailing darkside way of things. You cannot continue to do things the same old way and expect different results. Religion has presented God as the doer of most things in human lives. We have been led to believe that ' With God all things are possible'. So many things have gone wrong and remain uncorrected. We conclude that  the problem is God's inaction. We look to him for all things, not thinking for a moment that this is the wrong conception of God. We even come to the point of concluding that God does not exist! We have to examine God with fresh eyes, untainted by the inaccurate information supplied by religion or tradition. We have to get to the point of having that intuitive connection with God which allows him to have his own say.

The role that religion has created for man is that he must worship, pray and do rituals in devotion of, or in propitiation of God. Religion has invented religious rites that bring to the fore, the idea of the smallness of man vs the bigness of God. Why is the idea of hierarchy, so important to predators, foremost in the determination of how man should relate to God? The soul is the same substance as God. The soul can become one with God, pending knowledge and enlightenment. In fact, God uses intuition to flow the knowledge of creation, and guidance, to his own spark. When good people meet, what is shared is not determined by who is big or who is small. Like vibrates with like, and this is what frames the interaction. Souls base their interaction on the fact of similar substance, not on differences. Why should the relationship with God be focused differently? Clearly no soul people were present when the methods of relating to God were being invented! Religion has invented a God with a fictitious nature. We are forced to accept what is said because what we are given was reputedly crafted by 'saints and sages' or inspired people who penned God's dictation. So, we treat with this fictitious nature but expect real results. Not getting results leads to an abandonment of God, instead of abandoning the sayings of the saints and sages or the inspired. We have equated God with religion, so that if religion lies and proves barren, we also abandon the God that is touted by them, as barren. Religion has failed to deliver.

It does appear that religion is the 'opiate of the masses'....a gateway to partial 'completion' of the incompleteness left by no wealth. Wealth, health and material happiness are the principal blessings lobbied or applied for by prayer and worship. Religion is one of the prime media of social cohesion: members of the race or tribe are kept loyal, under control and safe from the grabbing power of other races or religions. Congregations are programmed or 'guided' by trained and programmed priests and pundits who belong to Religious Organisations, and which are supported by the wealthy and well-to-do from the fold. They have become the gateways to God, or the middlemen. They have conspired a reality in which the Gods of the saints and sages, and the 'inspired writers', from way back in history, reign as THE Gods, and the God of NOW is relegated to the dustbin. It is as if, God went dumb after he 'spoke' to these ancestral holy people. If one pursues God independently, one will be inspired by the God of NOW to dump those constructs of the saints, sages and inspired writers of long ago. Those long-time saints and sages were not as holy or as intelligent as any other people, then or now. They were part of the system then, and worked for it. Which is why their paradigms and constructs survive and keep proliferating. Religion is still an arm of the system and has no real hook-up with the original God. So God is being confronted by so many people who think that he is so-and-so, and God cannot penetrate their consciousness to tell them that it is all a lie. So many do not search honestly for answers to their questions. How can you get answers if you do not dig deep for them? The answers that can be easily found, are placed there to intercept, mislead and detain those who depend on easy ways to get truth. Thieves of your TIME hurt you the most! It is serious research of the truth that begins the process that culminates in the flow of intuition. Before intuition flows, it is more a case of  'garbage in, garbage out'.

Belief in God is a teaching for kindergarten-level spirituality. One must grow up and live by moral principles or righteousness. Morality is a gateway to the fullness of soul-building and soul evolution. Morality is the prime defense against the darkside's growth! Any evil committed from the body is wrongfully blamed on the soul, and the soul is blackmailed with this evidence by the darkside (within and outside) seeking to have its way! But, there must be more than morality: One must know that God exists, and live in partnership with him. The common type of relating to God fostered by religion are those of devotee, worshipper or some relationship borrowed from human living...such as friend, lover etc as the Bhakti Yogis do. One cannot create God in one's own image or likeness. God is God, and one cannot create a 'human' God like you want, then worship your creation. God lies in the realm of the unknown, despite the best logic and argumentation one can use to define him. We do not know God. Take that as the starting point. Then, relate to him and learn who/what he is like in the living of life. God, supposedly, is there to help. satan helps his own, so why should God not help? As satan's own walk with him and become his instruments, should souls not try the same method with God?  Depending on the teamwork experienced, we can then verify God's existence and help. Notice, we are not going into any emotional Bhakti or devotion, and we are not expecting material blessings......this is the darkside's mode and doing. We are not going beyond what we know or can verify. We are not postulating that God is like this or that. We are using the clue that God gives guidance. The next step is to have a communication link set up and working. We are dealing with a non-human invisible being. So, expect invisible communication ie no burning bush or visions. To get access to intuition, one must fight the dark side within, and reduce it so that it cannot populate/block the awareness with its thoughts, hallucinations, desires and all other gimmicks that take away our clarity, or push us to actions that build it. Get rid of the dark side's noise which constantly clouds the awareness and makes it impossible to detect the incoming communication or intuition from God. The darkside constantly beats its drum (within or outside) so we cannot hear God in all that noise. The soul's awareness is calm, focused, empty and harmonious, such that the idea-content of intuition can be perceived, as they touch the awareness as lightly as a snowflake. The darkside's constant 'banging' on the awareness makes us aware of it, and we lose sight of our ability to detect incoming intuition. Meditation and other methods help us regain that calm poise of pure awareness, unfettered by darkside input.

Your teamwork with God, and closeness with him, comes from the basic fact of how much of this charade (the Yogis call it MAYA or illusion) that people call living you can discover in your life, and terminate them so they cannot waste your life away. To terminate them, you have to first find out what they are. You have to undergo a period of self-monitoring. You have to write down everything that comes to your awareness in diaries, for a period of time until you learn to be self-aware. You let your programming and internal influences come up to the surface, note them and by so doing you dis-empower them. After a while, you see repeated patterns coming to the fore. They lose their sting, their power to trouble you, or to move you into doing. This is the cleansing or emptying process that precedes the peace that 'surpasseth all understanding'. You inculcate new ways of dealing with health and with the world, which work towards cutting down the darkside, and towards building the soul. A new paradigm, a new Operating system, a new life...these are the goals. And, it all begins with the truth about what your world is like and how it operates. The soul must give up the illusion of one entity in a body, discover the second entity, fight it and beat it. The reason good people are having such a hard time is because God has very very few instruments to use as his 'good people' support group. satan has a very active and forceful recruitment strategy and he can claim the majority of bodies as his instruments. They require 'the mark of the beast' before they help! God has no forceful recruitment going on. God has no stock of riches to dole out in order to gain adherents and recruits. Those who are souls or good people, are usually born in that elevated state, and life becomes suffering for them as satan targets them as enemies. satanic entities within subdue souls from childhood itself. If at this stage there is fightback, chances are that there will be more souls. But, that isn't happening. Children's darksides must be trammeled by parental and societal discipline. This power has been taken from parents and labeled 'abuse'. Meanwhile, all is being done to give children's darksides the freedom to grow. For Corporations to make money, they are being turned into consumers. Their darksides are being given the power to play itself by the social media, and by new trends in education. They are being dumbed down in schools (not by home-schooling), and are being sexualised too early. They are being given foods and vaccines that take their health away and give the darkside/bacterial combo a joyride. They are being sickened and are developing diseases. They are being destroyed physically and spiritually. Their ability to fight the darkside is negated by turning them into darksiders. With all these Elite-inspired programs going on, it is crucial that good people create or expand their support group to take care of their own. If not, who will take take care of them. God guides and helps, but the physical work has to be done by bodies governed by souls.

It is the discovery of the truth by self-effort that releases the joy of the soul from the handcuffs placed on it by the darkside and the illusory life it lives. The truth becomes your guide and seeking it becomes the reason for living. The more you seek it, and find it, the happier you become (as compared to the happiness of materialism which needs regular doses of sense-indulgence before it puts in an regular indulgence gives you regular doses of misery), as the pall of darkness or ignorance lifts and disappears. It is because the soul is incompetent in truth/knowledge that the darkness can capitalise on ignorance. Armed with truth, and methods of fighting the darkside generated from truth, the soul is not sheepish or fearful: it has tools or methods to defend itself with, or fight back. As you read and research, the new truth announces itself by that little more joy you feel, as you are released from one more clutch that the darkside held you by. The more you seek the truth by research, the more you reach out to God for understanding and answers, and the more he communicates with you via intuition. The calmer and more peaceful you are, the more you can receive. The more you seek, the more you will find. God wants to help you but not with truths that you find convenient. He wants you to know about the hell you are living in, with darksiders dominating the population numbers. He wants to give you ways of surviving, of being safe, and of fighting back. satan is reproducing hell on Earth. God wants to reproduce the heaven of soul here but he cannot do it with your darkside running the body. Using intuition, he guides you away from that, and helps you, the soul, to become boss of your own body, and his instrument. God reaches out to you all the time, it is you who cannot pick up on his communications. God reaches out to you, and guides you to the bits of enlightenment that others have downloaded, hoping that you can use your critical faculties to sift and understand. The thirst for truth is increased with every new truth you discover. This truth fits nicely into your overview of life, which is now under self-construction. Gradually, this overview expands and every new piece of congruent truth-data slots into it, integrating with everything else there. Enlightenment releases the soul's capabilities, including the blissful experience!

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