Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Deceptions in religion!

Religion has mis-cast our purposes and roles on Earth. It has detoured our modus operandi into lanes that obfuscates and practically pre-empts any meaningful fightback against the dark side. Fighting back against the dark side has been taken off the script or relegated to 'token' status. We find ourselves alive on Earth, in families that belong to races in the countries of Earth. Our parents scripted our bodies, which we, the souls, occupied by some divine mechanism. Some say that it is karma and previous links that adjudicated who is born in which family, and in which location. The truth is we really do not know what the mechanism is. Karma, past links and reincarnation theory fits together quite nicely...but that does not mean that it is verified truth. While there is some proof of reincarnation, we do not know its mechanism. Being born, we are socialised and indoctrinated by family, friends, society, teachers etc.... and by our race, our religion, our traditions and culture, and by Government. We spend our time in family roles, societal roles, national roles, and religious roles. We can also add to this milieu, all the roles we give ourselves from day to day in expression of our freedom to live our own lives. Two of the major roles given to us are to seek God, and to seek a place for ourselves in the Economic System. These two roles have serious conflicts of methodology. The result is that the love of money has won out in most cases and the need for money has won, in others.

Many have given up the search for God, even to the point of denying God's existence. Of course, Charles Darwin presented a world dynamic that relies on chance, not God. This added more confusion to the heads of those perplexed about how to find God. The truth is God did not send us here so that we could find him.  Chances are, we will have more success at that before birth, while we are spirit. (Then again, religion promises that we will find him after death, even though we seek him while we are alive. Logic seems to have escaped the doctrine composers). It is logical that spirit (soul) can seek and become one with other spirit (God) more successfully than when our bodies get in the way. Our bodies are designed for life on Earth. We were born to live as souls with bodies. Our purpose is to learn this segment of our journey....this prepares us for doing better in the next segment or life. As souls, God is already with us. We are his children...sparks from a Divine fire. We do not have to spend our lives looking for him. We have to live as souls in our bodies, on Earth. God is always with us as guide and protector. Christ, Krishna and others were not here to create cults and religions. They were here to teach us how to live our lives on Earth. They gave us tips and principles to live by. They were SOULS teaching us how to live as souls... and how to keep on being souls. But, their messages either got corrupted or lost in the translation. Religion put God on a huge pedestal and then said climb up to him. Big lie! When one looks at Eastern religions, becoming a sannyasi or monk and pursuing God is acceptable living. Ashrams and temples have become refuges of the good people fleeing corrupt societies. Others are fleeing from failure in the Economic world but do not find God in the religious. In the process, the societies became depleted of the influences of good people.

So our purpose on Earth is to live as souls. The problems posed by the darkside were addressed by both Christ and Krishna. Basically, we curb the expression of the dark side from within, and live the soul life. That is the true modus operandi. This cannot be replaced by another greater role. We are not here to turn our niches into empires or to fortify our bloodlines with injections of wealth. We are not here to play society's games, or 'dance' or play ourselves. Soul has no problem in living strong and fearlessly. Problems exist because of the existence of the dark side in our bodies, and in the outer world. Souls are so innocent that they think that everybody else is like them. In innocence, there is no caution. There is no knowledge of the practical application of guile and cunning by darksiders against souls, and of how to fight them and beat them. Survival of the soul is a very harsh lesson to learn. It is not part of the schooling process designed by God. The garbage of Earth should not be dominating and ruling Earth. This lesson should not have to be learnt, at all. An innocent soul, helpless and wounded, if not dead, while not having a clue as to what is happening or of how to make things right again, is why God enters creation as a guide and protector. He never causes these situations, either by divine plan or divine will. The causation lies with the doers of the tortures that souls undergo. It is they who have to be fought but they have programmed us to accept them as our teachers and lords. They have no morality or soul nature, so what are they teaching us? These instruments of evil are teaching soul people how to be good victims. We must be taught to 'respect'(fear is the real word) them, acknowledge that they exist, at all, and that they rule us. They cannot promote us along the lines of our natures. We want to live like we want because there is much about soul nature and living that has not come out on Earth because they destroy soul people before they can blossom. And they have programmed us to thank them for that! Religion supplies back-up by saying that it is the Divine plan. So, all living on Earth now is by the evil script or template. How did this happen?

God did not design this world to be like this, as religion claims. The Elites who love the power of wealth and use money, conspiracies and force as instruments for controlling vast populations are the designers and operators of this system. The masses whom they created by the Occult method of inflicting possessions on them, and providing food for those possessions to grow and 'blossom', are just like the Elites in their control of global and local societies. They have put everything in place so that this world is about them, with them on center stage. Dark side society dominates the world of sex, with the idea that they can completely populate the Earth with demons if they control the women. Like father, like son....the saying goes. The dark side can send pieces of themselves into female bodies.  Hopefully, they see only dark sides being born. Hence, that concoction called the sex school, and allied gender games that they invented, and perpetuate. They get to be 'heroes' and (mon-) stars, while increasing the population of their own kind. But, no-one knows the mechanism whereby darksiders get their own bodies. It is generally assumed that the soul comes in the body to give it life, and the dark side enters later, to steal away control of that body. The point is that, despite the plans of the darksiders, there are mechanisms which they do not control. They fear the God that made those mechanisms which is why they 'seek' his permission, and ours, to enter our lives. Of course, that is mere formality because they don't take NO for an answer. Often, you give your permission by being an innocent bystander who is ignorant of proceedings. Their rebuttal...You have to know!  So, the people in charge now are 'in charge' because they have scripted it like that, and have instituted mechanisms in place to ensure that they remain 'in charge' in perpetuity. Presently, we see the stirrings of a New World Order i.e. the Old World Order enhanced. The world has seen eras where Kings told the people that they rule by Divine Right. The Elites in Religion, past and present, insist on the same! 

To live as souls, has become an impossibility. We search for that enlightenment that will erase this nightmare, and give us a 'heaven' in place. The heaven is is invisible because of all the noise, all the hustle and bustle (going nowhere very fast), all the activity, all the corruption and stink that exudes from the darksiders, within and outside the body. The dark side empire has its wheels turning everywhere. It has reached the point where dependence on the dark side and its creations is almost complete. The system controls practically everything and there is no survival without it. Those who live off the 'grid' do so with money and products from the system. The dark side has danced, paraded and played itself. They eliminated the good people who could potentially 'rain' on their parades. They have made war by deception and force. Now that the deception is wearing thinner, greater force lies ahead. Demonic people always operate the same way, in every alleged age of the Yuga Cycles. They don't need God's permission to play themselves. And, they want everyone else to be dark side like them. It is dark side nature to be like this. Souls do not resemble these demonic entities in any way. Souls live out their natures too. They can do so in the proper environments. The latter is impossible to find betwixt the darkside 'psychic' net. The darkside world gives all the 'food' for growth to the dark sides and have nothing to give that souls can use. Like vibrates with like. The overwhelming darkside majority in the world energises only darkside consciousness. Souls have no 'food' and no similars to help them, even with camaraderie or courage. Earth has become a darkside party or a festival and one has to dance their dances and sing their songs if one is alive. How can there be an unfoldment of the heaven from within under these conditions of torture? How can there be an unfoldment of the heaven from within without fighting back against the darkness within? How can we know the heaven that the soul creates (inasmuch as the darkside creates hell here) if we are unfree to become soul? You have to do it in spite of everything else! Soul is more powerful than the dark side. A darksider will belong to a tribe (or color) of people, of the same darkside consciousness. Each soul has a unique consciousness. But, we will never know the glory of the soul until souls are free of dark side attempts on their lives, free of the rearing of souls in captivity, free of the suppression and the torture, free of the deception and the lies.....and free of the rule of the dark side.    

All this about this is Kali age is just too convenient... a self-perpetuating justification for the continuance of this dark side rule on Earth. The cyclical procession of spiritual ages is mere speculation proposed in the quest to explain the present. That all the evils being experienced now, and thus far, have been divinely scripted is becoming sufficient argument for us to let it continue until the divine script flips to the next scene. For soul people, 432,000 years is a very long time to wait. And, if God intended it to be so, why fight it. This is how religion is promoting the darksiders and their rule over Earth. If one looks, one sees actual people who run things on Earth, the Elites. They are not good people. Neither are the bulk of the masses who are steered by these Elites. Did God choose these evil people to run this leg of the Kali marathon? Definitely not! They are not staying in power by virtue of Divine permission but by force, technology, schemes, cunning: the money systems, the market economy, the control of money printing, the hijacking of education, the pretense of elections, the stock market etc etc. God did not ordain this age neither did he choose anybody. But, somebody wants us to believe that!   

God has been alive and waiting to help and guide souls so they could wake up and help themselves out of the calamity that is earthly life. From the worship and veneration given to prophets, messengers and gurus, one would think that the real God has been dead over the centuries or is so 'high' that access can only be through the venerated prophets and messengers.The impression that only those who are deemed as SAINTS by the religious organisations, and get public acclaim and veneration, are the ones who really were GOOD, or top class God-lovers, or who knew God, is a first class deception. The living God has been there, unnoticed and un-heralded, guiding all those who were, and are, souls. Only the small soul can relate to the big Soul and vice versa.  They are of the same substance and the communication is from substance to substance, with the brain doing the decoding to bring it to earthly understanding. Darksiders cannot communicate with the GOOD God.....satan being like an evil god. There can be no substance to substance communication between good and evil or soul and dark side. The different substances cannot 'vibrate' or resonate or flow with each other. So, religion in this dark side era is catering for the crowd by saying that we are all sinners who must repent to go to heaven after death. There is no heaven for the dark side. The scriptures lie too! How could the evil Duryodhan be seen in heaven when the dark side substance cannot even get close to heaven? They presented heaven as a physical place to pre-empt that problem! Soul people do not have dark side behavior, which is sin. It is not within soul nature to behave like that. It is the darkness within which behaves its own way, after suppressing the soul. The soul is not guilty, and the body is not guilty. Yet, the deceiving darkness plots to further suppress the soul by accusing soul of committing sin, when the darkside initiated and concluded the behavior. The dark side blackmails the innocent soul so that it can keep doing all the wrong things it wants, without fightback.

Religion is governed by the Elites, just like most other things. It is becoming quite clear that religion has deliberately missed the point, and pointed us into blind alleys. Religion has become a tool of control and deception. We are here to live lives as soul but wind up with our body's dark side in charge. We have to discover the real causes of this 'switching' and correct it so we can fulfill our purpose here. We have all kinds of sources of info. Use them to help figure it out. Remember, being scripture does not make it truth. People long ago were our early explorers and most failed to get it right. Religion tries to say that these early explorations are the highest truths. Good for them! The Elites control the religions just like all the economics and politics. Nothing they have their hands in is fit for consumption. Truth lies ahead...beyond your research and experimentation. It comes after much imbibing of research. Then, one has to empty oneself of all these ideas by expressing them or bringing them down into the flesh as words. At some point of emptiness, a flow picks up from intuition and it is from here that the higher truths are obtained. More research and emptying gives you even deeper flows of truth from intuition. Those who write crap now can evolve into future truthtellers, with enough research and writing. It takes more than that, but that's enough! 

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