Friday, October 26, 2012

Verified Truth is Knowledge.......Religious-like Belief is Guessing! 2

Religious-like belief is not confined to religion. There are 4 powerful disinfo agents that peddle untruth as if it were gospel: a) The mainstream Media (including cheap magazines at checkout counters everywhere), b) The Publishing and Educational alliance, c) The New Age Movement, and d) Modern Science. All of these sources exist with the blessing of the Elites. In fact, a goodly amount of the Alternative media is in the pockets of the elites. The Elites love to control both sides in any war. All kinds of spurious scenarios,  theories, propaganda, diagnoses,enlightenment, fiction or lies, false claims to revelation or insight, breakthroughs in research, new scientific findings etc etc litter the literary landscape looking for customers, disciples, believers, seekers, et al. They all want leverage over you or to claim your head. They all want you to add their resource to your life. All they want is for you to accept their word, even accompanied by their version of what is 'acceptable proof'. The literature or other media is usually laden with 'hidden persuaders' which are actually very cleverly conspired attacks on your resistance to garbage. All kinds of phony scenarios are painted and step by step, one is seduced into acceptance of the lie. Those who want something to cling to, something for ego-boosting, something for the Social media or something for every occasion, will find it and accept it without the customary use of discernment or the use of the Scientific method. " No! We don't need to check and verify that! It has to be correct"....... is the internal logic. The 'hidden persuaders' were built into the information package to override the basic common-sense doing one could undertake ie make sure it is the truth. Verify! The think-tanks employed by the Elites know their jobs! You have to know yours!

Those who have not developed their powers of discrimination or their critical faculties are the easiest prey for misinformation artists. In fact,  the system has succeeded in 'dumbing' them down. Yet, the methods of the system which are used to lie and make you believe it, are powerful in their own right. Fairly intelligent people are caught with the same ease as the dunce. Crooked thinking expertly dressed up, is the number one method used to brainwash people. Apart from flawed argumentation, half-truths and lies are key components of any brainwashing package. Only research and experimentation can go past these. Using powerful people or 'authority' or experts or highly qualified people is an oft used ruse. Your assumption that if the people who should know say so, it is true.....this easily disarms you and stills your doubts. Big mistake! Your duty is to verify all data as truth before accepting it as part of your knowledge. You don't 'believe' until you make sure that you are not believing a lie. Another trick used to 'convince' you before you go into the verification mode, is constant repetition. According to George Bush Jnr, this is called 'catapulting' the propaganda. We know that if a lie is repeated long enough, it becomes accepted as truth.The propagandists are counting on you being a lazy-assed person or a gullible guppy for the success of their weapons.

The basic technique of brainwashers and propaganda artists is to make you doubt your own intelligence and place your faith in theirs. They introduce and build their presentation very proficiently. By the time you reach the conclusion of the argumentation, you are hooked. They build false paradigms which extend the already accepted false paradigms you believe. They tell you that it is not necessary to dump the whole of what you believe and start afresh, with critical faculties on alert. No! They tell you that what is necessary is a little mental tweaking or readjustment...not a complete overhaul. Yes, strategic additions to your knowledge-scape is what is required, and don't forget to blend all  in with what you have already accepted from them! Nice and easy! In fact, they may insist that their false paradigm is the overhaul you need. The alternative media has its own propaganda artists. The recent great awakening of mankind is fraught with people who tout the 'awakened' state but all they show is old programming spiced with current content and wild guesses. They do not know that until you verify a piece of data it must be filed under PENDING! You cannot jump the gun! Much of what is passing for 'theorems of the awakened' are fanciful departures from sanity, flavored with anti-Elite or anti-NWO 'seasoning' and dressed up in celebratory tones.

Another basic technique of brainwashers is to ignore the intelligent indweller (the soul) completely and target the dark side within. In fact, the world ignores the soul's way of engaging in knowledge or indulges in it in a limited way in institutions of higher learning. The soul's way of knowledge differs from that of the dark side. Since souls who are victorious over their darkside are rare, the mechanism of soul's knowledge-life is not widely known. There are soul's who are awake but operate by a system of do's and don'ts which are enough to keep the dark side from building. These are usually re-incarnated souls, not new incarnations......their knowledge being carried over in seed form. There are a few souls who have developed knowledge mechanisms. The soul's intrinsic nature and qualities determines the kind of info it gravitates to. Souls go for deep intelligent content and would choose quiet if given the choice. Quiet is necessary for  maintaining the focus and continuity of consciousness. Contrast this to all the noise and activity of darksiders who revel in the temporary highs they get from material/physical indulgences. This is their constant consciousness. The media knows which entity within to target! They address their material to the dark side completely. They build the ego or appeal to vanity. They provoke insecurity and furnish their paradigm as the way to security. This is the MO of the Insurance Industry. Look at all the ego-bolstering angles such as 'Nationalism' and 'Defender of Freedom' which have been used to recruit soldiers to fight other people's wars. Anybody with enough discrimination, and who don't need the money, can see the inside/outside job that was 9/11.   

Religious-like belief is how the dark side operates : accepting info because it suits its purposes and without verification before acceptance. The soul has a brain as an interface between the subtle dimension or heaven it comes from and the gross world of matter and the dark side. The brain enables info to be transferred from the Causal world of ideas to text we can understand. The soul functions in the causal world which is a web of inter-linked ideas. The soul takes a subject, locks it in its attention, and matches it up to the Causal web of knowledge. The brains mental faculties, built into the attention, intercepts the related ideas, converts them into language and then downloads them as electronic impressions into the rote memory or into expressed ideas. For those with access, the causal web is always available and storage of ideas seen is automatic. Full storage of earthly audio-visuals is also possible there.  Meditation is a flow of ideas on a subject. This is actually how the soul operates not just an exercise for those seeking salvation. Soul verifies a bit of info as truth if it slots home in the causal web of knowledge when offered for matching. Usually a feeling of joy accompanies like meeting a long-time friend, as the puzzle of life is one step closer to solution. External research is needed where the subject is not too familiar or the jargon makes understanding difficult. At other times, there is some reshuffling in the way something is understood. By matching a series of ideas up to the causal web, one can easily detect fabrications as the web changes from fertile to barren. This happens for the concocted  disciplines like Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science etc. Most other disciplines eg Geography, Geology etc show up as mostly fabricated! WE were dumbed-down deliberately!

 The dark side lives for its enjoying, accumulation, playing itself (having a 'party', having its parades or 'dancing'), achieving superiority and predatory purposes. This nature is built into its substance. It has rote memory to work with.  It's nature and 'rote' memory are its 'brain'. The dark side is a predator with an MO of 'cunning'. This involves the use of tricks, strategies and recipes for completing successful 'hunts'. The knowledge it finds useful relates to the 'hunt', enjoyment and pleasures, accumulation of all things including power and all avenues wherein it can play itself. Rote memory memorises but cannot discriminate since it is only about data storage. The dark side's nature/substance selects which of its programming is the appropriate 'knowledge' or 'how-to' to be used for the situation it creates or responds to. Perched atop the senses, the dark side grabs at what is perceived by the senses and launches a quick action.....usually too quick for the soul to intercept. Now you know why darksiders insist on the merit of 'speed'. The soul's 'look before you leap' is no speed match for 'Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread'! Mind-reading or darksiders reading of their eyeballs is the source of much info that the dark side finds useful...spying and gossiping, as well as going through your garbage, also turns up useful info for them!Preying needs a lot of research on others. That is the knowledge the dark side is interested in.


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