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Freedom From Darkside Control Is What We (Souls) Seek. 2

 We have to be clear about what we seek freedom from. The truth lies within, and we have to ferret it out. It is not a truth that we keep scanning internet pages for, in the hope that someone will tell us. We may get bits of enlightenment here and there, but the truth is already there...we just have to learn how to see it or how to work it out. It is people who are creating and maintaining this outdoor prison on Earth. People are not just the bodies we see: people refer to the body/spirit combination. There are 2 kinds of spirit which animate or move bodies: the holy spirit (souls) and the darkside or evil spirit. Souls do not take prisoners....souls elevate others, not reduce or destroy them. So, it is the darkside/satanic or evil-ruled bodies which are the 'people' we need to be free from. Wealth increases the power-level of the darksiders. If we use socio-economic classes to differentiate the human population, we get the 2 principal groupings of Elites and Masses. Both groups are almost totally darkside. The Elites use wealth, political power, the economic and other systems they created, and technological weapons to achieve and maintain control. The masses use their numbers, their satanic powers, their socio-economic-political control over local societies, their system of games and the sex-school to stay in power. Both the Elites and the masses use 'force', 'deception' and war (disguised as games) to rule and run things! If one were to make a list of things and conditions one would like freedom from, it would probably include:
a) Private control of Central Banking, Income Taxes, Usury, Inflation, 'Booms and Busts' etc
b) Governance by people who do not adhere to the Constitution. Rule by Secret Societies
c) Toxic chemicals in the sea, soil, food, homes, air, water and in almost everything we encounter in daily living
d) Chemtrail spraying, Geo-engineering, Genetic Engineering of flora and fauna (food, fishes, animals, trees, humans), Weather Modification and other similar lame-brained excuses used to hide Elite plotting.
e) Radiation from all sources...EMFs, Cellphones and cellphone Towers, Microwaves, all kinds of electro-pollution
f) Allopathic Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines. Suppression of Natural Alternatives
g) Poverty, inequitable distribution of income and resources, unemployment, homelessness and other socio-economic maladies
h) The darkside control of the human race, and plotting to customise the darkside way of life on the planet. It is not incompetence but deliberate spread of darkside content which results in the unsavoury aspects of living. Some of these aspects are: satanic worship, spying, false flags, destruction of the nuclear family, feminism, human trafficking and kidnappings, the marginalisation and killing of good people, the trade in drugs and arms, wanton exploitation of resources and disposal of toxic waste, etc etc
i) Using pretexts for the invasion of or interference in the affairs of Independent Nations
j) The complete sense of powerlessness with which one views what is wrong with the world, nation, and your life

There are many many things wrong with this life, and hope of good change is dying by the minute. Some can flee to more hopeful scenarios, but the majority are stuck where they are. Some see waking up others as the course to follow, even as the majority still sleep. One has to fight back, but the question is how. I have tried to present information on the matrix, with its components and how they inter-relate to create the lives people live. This information is in the public domain and all one has to do is research it. In seeking the answers to life's debacles, one has to probe the matrix to understand it. If not, one will be stuck with answers given by think-tanks and disinformation artists who derive the answers from their mental laboratories. These 'laboratories' carefully eliminate real-world matrix components in order to fabricate their own paradigms and protocols for making life right again. They do this to give you a pre-digested answer for you to cling to. Usualy, if you have a pre-digested answer, you do not seek further, either for other answers or to validate the answer given. It could be laziness or it could be that we have been programmed to defer to 'experts'. In this blog, I present social, economic, political and other aspects of the matrix to help you understand how the soul or holy spirit is being suppressed and starved of proper nutrition. My focus is the fightback of the soul or the spiritual fightback. I seek the interest of good/soul people. Other bloggers and websites have their own focus. I do not offer political or physical fightback methods. As I see it, it is the satanic or darkside controller of bodies which is the problem. The bodies, per se, are not the problem. All races are dominated by the dark side. The SRF says that 70% of Earth's population is evil. The SRF further states that God's divine hierarchy is suffusing the Earth with divine energy, as a background to the oncoming Armageddon War. This war is for the destruction of evil and for the restoration of spirituality. The 'good' on Earth are few (less than 30%), and they are powerless to change things substantially. The 'good' invisible Divine Hierarchy, resident in the SUBTLE realms, including God, are fighting for us. The evil in satan's hierarchy are helping their own. My next post deals with the concept of PARTNERSHIP WITH GOD. satan has won out thus far, and so  he controls the most bodies. The darkside in those bodies work in partnership with satan. Only partnership with God will make us instruments of God. It is God who supplies the knowledge and guidance that makes a fightback possible. satan guides his own. Considering that all this will pass away, and all alive now will die, one has to ensure that soul does what is necessary to win back its body and fulfill its purpose for having this incarnation. Belief in God doesn't matter. One has to know, for sure, whether God exists or not. If he does exist, one has to ally with him. God is the fire of which soul is the spark. Argumentation cannot settle the issue of God's existence. One has to experience God or the divine side in your life. Near-death experiences in my lifetime has provided the proof I need.

There are several key facts about being alive that must be faced:
1) The mortality of the body
2) The immortality of the soul
3) The body, in most cases, belongs to the soul
4) A dark side invisible entity possesses the body. It is not the birthright of the dark side to control the body, so it being there is an invasion for the purpose of expressing its own nature and qualities.
5) The soul must wake up to its unfortunate condition and  retake control of its body so it can live out its nature, and its purposes for incarnating. Obeying the darkside/bacteria combo, or staying deceived into letting it rule the body and behavior, results in enslavement of the soul
6) Waking up involves getting access to enlightenment about what soul is and what darkside is, and how the darkside has taken over the earth. Knowledge of how to fight back is a crucial part of enlightenment.
7) The satanic entity inhabited the body long before the soul could develop. Soul is thus held in a prison, unable to rise up, unable to see its way of life as different from what is ongoing in body behavior and preferences, and unable to jump into a condition of competence. Civilisation keeps soul in life's illusions created by the Elites and societal darksides
8) There are weaknesses and conditions in the body that predispose it to permanent possession. The soul has incompetencies which make the dark side able to govern it, under slavery. Fightback involves retaking one's health and head.
9) Despite the power of the dark side, the soul is even more powerful, and if it applies itself to the task of  overthrowing the dark side within, it will triumph. The external darkside keeps the internal darkside in power. Defeat of the internal dark side grants immunity from the external darksiders.What happens in the freedom beyond, is unknown.
10) Soul has an unbeatable ally in God. When soul takes up the battle, God guides it to the methods whereby a victory over the dark side can be achieved.
11) Becoming unstuck from all kinds of programming is a key requirement for success. Religion has more handcuffs to offer than keys to freedom. The soul's way of doing things comes alive when you become soul.
12) Those who run the world are darksiders, whether they are the Elites or the societal masses. They rule by force, war and deception. What they keep in civilisation helps their rule and what they make war against, and eliminate, are the good and useful things in life.
13) Lesser life-forms, usually microscopic, are allies of the dark side within, making war on the body and soul. One cannot defeat the dark side possession if one does not destroy these microscopic invaders.  
14) To dismiss God from the equation is foolhardy. The darksiders have plotted this happening. One has to sustain 'belief' in God or have 'faith' when all seems lost. Hopefully, he will give you the proof of his existence. That God does not help you materially, is not enough reason to dump him. God does not control the systems for delivery of materials. He does, however, guide and give knowledge.
15) We have no choice but to keep on living until we die. The Elites it is who spun the fairytale of material happiness for us, lulling us into sleep while they moved on with their secret plots. We are mostly still programmed into that paradigm, even though they have made moves to destroy the achievability of that kind of happiness. We hope, like 'material' addicts, that we can resume our places on that gravy-train, when this gets resolved. But, that is just the darkside within talking. When you become soul, the view changes. We have to face the fact that we are souls, and that we are just visiting this planet. Another material-distribution paradigm that augments spiritual life, without becoming the main course on earthly visits, is necessary. If the SRF is correct, that paradigm could be available in just 7 years, when Armageddon is over (if their time-lines are correct). Even if the SRF is wrong, souls have to take care of now. The future will be known, one day at a time.  

Souls retaking their bodies, and their lives, from the tyranny and suppression of the dark side, must begin their fightback by severing the attachments of the darkside entity to the MAYA or illusion which the elites created. Maya is the status quo paradigm or the system (money and materials) which dictates people's purposes or raison d'etre for living. Initially, they must use willpower to dump the illusion and to embrace a different in which the problems created by darkside ascendance within (by its nature, behavior and consumption preferences) are obviated. One has to fight the behavioral manipulation of the darkside/bacteria combo by replacing it with conscious knowledge-guided decisionmaking. The awareness must be used to detect and short-circuit the darkside's modus operandi of continual accessing of the material illusion. The illusion-creating systems of the darkside Elites and masses serve their natures alone, not that of soul/good people. Instead of being wedded to materialism, one has to become soul and its way or nature unfolds automatically. There is added incentive to transcend and dump the illusion now: materialism is proving itself to be part of the Eugenics thrust of Elites and their Corporations. This alone is sufficient reason to turn away from it, into the more fertile pro-life alternatives or modes of living. One must change to a different paradigm to live by: one which promotes health, cuts the dark side down, and one which promotes soul's way of life and the unfolding of its nature. To choose a soul lifestyle, one does not have to leave civilisation and run to the forests in order to seek salvation or to focus exclusively on God. There is no salvation that accrues that way. We need to be saved from what enslaves us or causes us to live the nature of the darkside. The enemy is within us, and within the matrix we live in. Leaving that enemy un-fought perpetuates their rule, and does not help our quest for salvation. Running from the enemy in the matrix simply allows that enemy to grow unchallenged. The net result is a bigger evil. Good people doing nothing helped evil to spread, and so dwindled the ranks of the good in the matrix. Whatever kind of onslaught is proffered by the darkside in the matrix can now be countered and defeated. The divine hierarchy is now helping with energy. The conditions which built the dark side can be changed. It is not a deficit of prayer, devotion or rituals which caused the enthronement of the darkside in the body, and these certainly cannot reverse the situation.

A kind of change is needed within the body...a change which makes both your body and consciousness immune and impregnable to the slings and arrows that the darkside utilises to enslave and control you. One keeps living in the society, but one does not let it run your life. You have to take charge of your life. Force and brutality will affect your body so you have to be aware and act appropriately. Become like a hermit in society and do not allow the system's offerings, situations and temptations to lure you away from your perch, into potential dangers. Living intelligently, being guided by God and truth, is what is called for. Ignorance, ego and vanity must be left behind. If you can defeat and reduce your own dark side within, you have defeated the darksiders outside too. This includes the Occult arm of the system which is the darkside's main mode of control or attack. The Occult is the darksiders Central Operations Department. It is occult control of the human race which makes other kinds of control possible. If the darkside within is not powered up by the Occult, the systems of the Elites and societal darksiders will collapse. Not only are blood from human sacrifices, powders, potions and graveyard dirt considered Occult substances, things like fluoride, msg, EMFs, GMOs, vaccines and all toxic agents of bio-chemical warfare get the Occult work of the Elites accomplished. If the soul is not suppressed by Occult and other means, the darksiders would be defeated in a flash. Somehow, the situation within the body becomes transcribed into an external reality: as it is within, so it becomes on the outside, eventually! What happens beyond that will be known when one gets there!

This blog gives you simple techniques whereby one can induce the changeover from darkside rule of the body to soul rulership. The changes will be experienced while alive with the surety that effect follows cause. One is fighting for salvation from real enemies, not from the enemies religion gave us. 'Original Sin' and the 'Cycle of Births and Deaths' are not the real problems....the dark side and satan are! Salvation from enemies who exist while you are alive, will only come if those enemies are defeated while you are alive. You keep trying and trying until trying becomes your lifestyle. If you succeed, even partially, the world of good people needs your recipes so they can keep the darksiders at bay! Any success that you get, hits the collective darkside, and every soul/good person becomes that much freer! It is while you are alive that such salvation is necessary and useful. When you lose your body, you cannot take active part in the affairs of the world. Your efforts against the darkside is what you must do in life so you can have your freedom.  The kind of matrix created by the Elites, is spewing the problems we do not want out at us. That is the fact. Original Sin isn't doing that, neither is the Hindu concept of the Cycle of Births and Deaths. The darkside systems at the global and local levels are suppressing us, killing us and using us. We are slaves who are kept distracted by enjoyment, suffering, careers, the money chase, being impotent onlookers etc while the darksiders play themselves. We are being forced to respond to darkside plotting and cunning, and cannot live out our happy natures until the darkside threat is over and done with. We may never benefit personally from our fightback against the dark side. The future generations of good people will benefit.  

The darksiders do everything to ensure that soul people remain at the level of inaction (especially re fightback), or fail at everything. 70% or more of Earth's population is evil, and each good person is on the radar of the warring darkside colors or tribes. Being good means that the influence of the darkness, from within or outside, can be resisted. This fact will attract the darksiders who will make war to defeat soul, and to install the resident darkside as ruler of the body. From within, the darkside creates blocks and resistance to the acceptance of new ideas, paradigms, and habits or ways of doing things. It will induce forgetfulness or mental confusion. It will keep you locked into diversions and distractions. It will pretend to be the conscience or the voice of reason, just to preserve the status quo within by militating against, and obviating, any action against itself. Often it will project failure as the eventual result of any proposed effort. It will compound arguments to oppose, and defeat, the reasons one wishes to change. It will cause you to do nothing in the direction of change. It will create moods and feelings to steer behavior away from what threatens it, and into areas that boosts its nature. Remember, there is always something useful in places the 'mind' does not want to go. Do not rely on rote memory: make to-do lists! With every successful experiment/venture, the darkside gets weakened, while the soul becomes empowered to the same extent. Then, one can move on to other experiments in order to amplify the change one experiences. It is like a puzzle that must be solved. Success in solving any bit of the human equation breeds more success. Change is secured at the cost of the dark side's retreat. The nature that emanates from the body changes. The soul's nature comes to the fore. In these freedom thrusts, one still lives under the physical rulership of the darkside masses and elites.It will be quite interesting to see what happens when enough souls defeat the dark side, and what happens when Armageddon deals with them physically.

The role of willpower must be understood. The soul has all the willpower in the world because that is part of its nature. When attention goes out to millions of objects, it loses power. There is no concentration, no restriction of focus to a few things, or any detachment being experienced. It is the darkside which does this to us. We have to assert our soul nature: its focus, its poise, its detachment and its intelligence. Soul decisions when soul is running its body, are the best that can be made, though success does not depend on the excellence of decision-making but on the nature of the matrix. One has to fight back to regain one's willpower which is lost under darkside suppression. As one uses effective fightback tools, soul gradually comes out from under the hell of the dark side. The recovery of one's willpower is gradual. It is a new freedom that one experiences, and a growing strength. A change in personality takes place, as one is no longer assaulted by the dark side to the degree previous. Things like distractions and addictions relapse into the background, to disappear eventually. One's clarity and mental prowess is reinstated. Only when the dark side contracts, does one realise that it was the big hindrance to a harmonious healthier life. It is the dark side which complicates things and gives souls those bothers and problems. A soul that retakes its life gets back the simple uncluttered life that it either lost, or always dreamed of. Detachment, awareness, knowledge, harmony, intelligence and all the good qualities go to the front, and living becomes straightforward. All the continuous pursuits, hankerings and incompleteness are left behind as soul wins its war!

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