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Fightback............ In Partnership with God. 1

To more fully understand this series of posts, one should read my previous posts titled THE DECEPTIONS IN RELIGION and MORE DECEPTIONS IN RELIGION. For your own edification, you should read God Without Religion by Sankara Saranam. Sankara makes quite a few good observations.

There are few left on this earth to do battle with evil. The Masses fighting against the Elites is simply CLASS warfare, caused by economic dualism. The rich did get richer and they now threaten to wipe out the masses, via Eugenics, and take it all. The poor did get poorer. Both Masses and Elites are evil or darkside, by overwhelming majority. The Elites created the masses as their darkside clones. The 'good guys' is a third group who continue to exist despite all efforts to destroy them, by the darkside masses and the elites. Good and evil are not simply judgements on behavior or behavioral profiling. There is 'good' spiritual substance and 'evil' spiritual substance. Each substance exudes and exhibits its own intrinsic nature. These substances are invisible and are each linked to their origin: God or satan. Souls are given bodies to operate within this material dimension. Darksiders can have their own bodies, but in the majority of cases they possess and steal souls bodies. They then proceed to live out their own natures. The body is an illusionary being...the actual pilot is whichever substance controls the behavior that the body enacts. It is not a contest, or a test, but a war that is being made on souls for their bodies. Most souls are not awake to this fact. The un-level playing field has been structured for the stealing of bodies, the enslavement of souls, and the death of the bodies of resisting souls. The weapons and systems of both the darkside elites and the masses, are trained on soul/good people. Souls must fight back but there is something intrinsically wrong in only fighting back against the elites. Who are the masses, and what do they do? The masses are the poorer satanic clonal versions of the elites. They both war against good people, but while one is local the other works nationally and globally. Each group works symbiotically with the other, being fellow 'satans'. Those who destroy societies and peoples by wars, toxic products and economic manipulation are the same substance as those who destroy good people by snake power, or who destroy society generally by unleashing male predators to create mind-controlled hyper-sexualised females, and focus human existence on this doing.

So, who is really fighting evil? The majority do not fight back against evil..... they are evil! Is fightback against evil a losing cause, even before you fight back? Soul has no choice but to fight back: the body is yours! The world is just fine for those who run things, and the only change they want is more of the same! Darksiders love DEMOCRACY (the rule of the majority) because they would be nothing in a MERITOCRACY! The power of numbers is the only merit that the various darkside colors or tribes can come up with. Wherever individual talent is detected, a soul being is suspected....and the darkside stalking begins. They maintain that this is the best of all possible worlds, with them in charge. Constitutions, Bill of Rights etc cannot be allowed to dictate things. They created the current system as the vehicle for giving them their kind of fulfillment. Complain at your own risk. Once they get what they want out of life by any means necessary, to hell with the grumbling of the dissatisfied....and to hell with those who moralise and call them evil. Yet, there is substantial dissatisfaction with the way things are going, and the 'awake' see the coming of a grim inevitable reality that must be faced. Many have chosen voluntary blindness caused by the constricting of their awareness (or tunnel-vision) to only 'positive' things. So, how will they know the sad truth? They avoid 'negative' people, and 'negative' news. These detract from their ability to sustain the intensity of their joyrides. Who will fight evil in a time when everyone seems to want to preserve their comfort zones, while ignoring any moral/social responsibility that might raise its head because of system-caused collateral damage? The system's programming dovetails with darkside desire. They know how the their world really works but hide their roles with false constructs like 'Life is what you make it'. The system perpetuates the lie that LUCK determines the fortunes of life, as if the world is one big casino. It seems that we are governed by the god of chance whose blessings makes us winners. And life is about win/lose....not win/win! If things go bad, the system will admonish you with 'Blame Yourself', or console you with 'Hard Luck'. The scientific method of observation, experimentation and conclusion has not yet dawned on these people. The presence of causes which transmute into effects via certain detectable processes which are reproducible, have not found root in the awareness of these programmed people. Then again, being darkside means that you do not have a brain to use. So, darksiders go from programming to newer programming as their 'cunning' database allows. It is speed of response that makes them beat the soul in the fight for the behavior of the body. Thinking takes time, which slows response-time. Its easier to flow with what your inner nature dictates. The elites plotted the present outcome quite successfully, and the darkside masses supported them, loyally.

Religion supports attitudes which say that whatever happens happens because God allows it. Whatever takes place, they say, is with God's full knowledge and permission. Evil people, therefore, are only doing God's will. If God didn't want evil people to do what they're doing, he would have stopped them. They say that evil and good are equally God's children and whatever evil does is for the good of the world. I guess they need to read the message of the Prophet Isiaah re the distinct differences between 'good' and 'evil' acts. So, if you're suffering, its your own fault. It (pain) is for your own gain They say that if necessary, and when God is ready, he will change whatever needs to be changed, and human help is not needed. Your role is to pray and be religious. Essentially, your role is to be dumb and to allow the middlemen between man and god to programme you. Religious policy does not encourage firsthand observation, ignores cause/effect analysis and discourages the using of one's brain to gather the evidence to deduce who the real culprits are in the human story. Fightback against the darkside culprits is not ostensibly recommended. You are prayer- and worship-deficient, and you can change your luck by remedying these deficiencies. What we are told by religion goes against every grain of commonsense that we have. The fact is everyone alive is either an agent/instrument of God or of the devil. This is reflected in which of the darkside within or the soul, is in charge of the body. Despite the behavior caused by 'strawman' programming, one can clearly distinguish good and evil natures. By their actions you can know them. satan is busy taking bodies for his  use, not for God's use, because he has rebelled against God and wants to replace him. satan was originally given this kind of interfacing power for the purpose of karmic payback. Now, the rebel empowers himself in bodies, and gives himself materials which he consumes or uses in the unfolding of his nature, and in the building of his life as boss. It is satan who is in charge of this materialist empire he created for himself using the bodies of the darkside elites and masses. God does not own any banks, neither does he control the distribution of money or of life's 'goodies'. It was religion who insinuated God's role in giving people money, things, experiences, healings, rain, earthquakes etc. God set up the physical world but he did not create the matrix that evolved on/in it. The darksiders, among the Elites and masses, are the one's responsible for that. So, those with niches in life that bring material blessings, are blessed by those who created the system...not by God.

The Spiritual Research Foundation estimates that the proportion of evil to good people on Earth is 70% to 30%. The current figure for 'good people' is probably much lower. Some say that there is nothing wrong with this figure because this is the Age of Kali. Evil is normal. One should expect such a figure, skewed to a predominance of evil. Yet, the existence of the different Ages (Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga) with their ridiculously super-long time-periods were discovered and popularised in this Kali Age itself. Using astrology as the basis for such calculations is fraught with error! The idea that God has scripted a Grand Design for the unfolding of this world is the BIG LIE being propagated. Even if God does have a master plan, it is doubtful that this is it! There is no-one who knows for sure that these Ages exist at all. There are those who contest the manner in which these ages were calculated (eg Sri Yukteswar). They were not calculated by God. One can call the person who named the Ages, and calculated their lengths, a SEER, and say that God revealed this knowledge to him, but there is no verification that it is indeed so. Nobody knows God that well! Until God himself tells us that it is so, the theory of the Yugas (Spiritual Ages) remains just a theory. What is happening is that religious THEORY is becoming the backbone reason for the continuation of the way things are going at present. We do not fight to change anything because Priestcraft and Holy Books tell us that this is how God wants it. Christianity tells us to 'put away your swords', to render to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and to wait for the moment of Christ's return. You do not rebel, and you don't ever take things into your own hands! It seems that religion gleefully reduces humans to powerless pawns. Salvation is a gift from God, proclaim the televangelists. So, try whatever you want, if God doesn't like you enough, you are doomed! Religion invented the fable that Christ's defeat of satan makes salvation a done deal, for everybody since then. They aver that there is nothing more they have to do to get salvation. Does this world look like satan is defeated? Do the people who inherit the benefit of satan's defeat behave as if they are saved or holy?  Religion doesn't even want you to fight satan because they say it is not necessary. The unfought satan, not surprisingly, has almost overtaken the entire human race. Religion presents salvation as an after-death happening which involves the raising up of the physical body, and its constituent atoms re-assembling from wherever they dispersed to. So, they tell you that there is no salvation while alive, and that all the problems you hoped to solve by joining the organisation, must be solved by God, as a response to your prayer. So even though it is the darkside elites and masses causing your problems, you are sidetracked from solving those problems by fighting back against the real culprits. Religion points to the 'fact' that if your name is not written in 'The Book of Life' by God, no matter what you do, salvation cannot be yours. With privy to such insider knowledge, one would think that the religious hierarchies and priestcraft would have their names written in that book. But the existence of that Book is a lie! And, priestcraft and religious organisations have been caught in too many sexual and financial scandals, so we know that they can no longer be believed. If salvation from the problems you suffer from does not happen while you are alive, or you die trying, your life is in vain. You have fallen under the spell of the darksiders and have failed to use your brain, and commonsense. Ultimately, you are responsible for the outcomes of this incarnation.

There is a religious conspiracy resulting in the faithful not fighting satan, but engaging in activities that leave satan free of challenge, and free to take control of earth (who would have guessed this!). Prayer, worship, devotion, rituals, pilgrimages etc etc do not impinge on the darkside in any way. In fact, it is the darkside which performs these roles most of the time! satan has been given the freedom, and the room, to execute his plan of taking over the world. The proof is that he is very much in charge, with control of over 70% of the bodies! So Religion tells us to do nothing but pray, worship and do rituals (including penance) and God will do the rest! It is God who gives you salvation and material blessings, they insist! And, we cannot re-define salvation to mean freedom from the governing darksiders! Religious lies gave the darksiders an unobstructed pathway in the commission of their crimes. If trespasses and crimes were committed by the darksiders, no worry.....forgiveness wipes the slate clean! They claim God's permission for what they do since God appointed them to be the Teachers of mankind. This authorisation, as phony as it is, is all they harp on when attacking, torturing and decimating the ranks of good people. Usually, good people flee from attacks because they don't know how to beat it. Fleeing from trouble is good, but the darksiders usually win out because they wear you down with sustained and prolonged attacks. Good people are told to not fight the darksiders because God contracted them to do what they are doing, and that God will change things when he is ready. In addition, this is the time for evil, and evil people, we are told! And, when the Yugas change, good people will get their chance! All that is required is patience, and faith! So, even though we don't know that that scenario to be truth, we accept it because we cannot answer back! Those with discernment can see that the darksiders have been using methods for increasing the number of evil people on Earth. They are creating more and more instruments of satan using deception, lures, force, darkside powers, the sex school and materialism. The system is creating darkside-controlled bodies. This is what the elites are doing because their material empire depends, for its continued existence, on the untrammeled desire of the darkside! The darkside masses are creating more of their own, as each color or tribe tries to out-populate the rest. satan has a viable system for stealing/owning the most bodies. Who is in charge of creating soul-led bodies? God does not have a comparable system for creating 'instruments' for himself. Religion does not do this, though we thought that that is what they were about. Religion has proved to be just another arm of the Elite's system. The evil vs good war on Earth is a very one-sided war. Unless people redefine salvation to mean 'saved from evil' and proceed to fight back against the dark side, it will be too late when they discover the deceptions that keep them giving evil a free pass. The soul does not need any after-death salvation. Those who create bondage and problems for us, while we are alive, are the real enemies we face. And, we must face these enemies, but not stupidly!

Priestcraft assures their own viability by making material contributions to themselves, their churches and temples, compulsory or voluntary. The faithful are generous givers when it comes to God! Not surprisingly, religious organisations have become very wealthy, and can afford to sustain their catapulting of religious propaganda which keeps mankind under control. With the news of sexual, financial and other scandals coming to light, many people are seeing priestcraft and religion for what they are: LIARS. Other versions of the story of 'creator and created' are emerging. One such version says that God put you on Earth to gain knowledge of creation. The 'version' that life is a 'karmic expiation' event has run aground.  The darksiders cannot read past karma, or implement appropriate expiationary scenarios. The Occult Hierarchy knows how to send lies about the past karma of good people to the darkside/bacteria combo in the eyeballs of the darkside masses. 'Eyeball reading' by each darksider in contact with a good person, gives him this lie, and also gives the proposed life-plan of suffering to be executed. This gives the darksider his clue as to his role in the good person's life, and his cue or orders to attack. The same info from that satanic practice of 'eyeball reading' goes out to all the darksiders. So good people are being destroyed by darksiders because of the lies plotted by the Occult masters. We know that good people are good because they are soul (this is not the pretend kind of PR goodness), and so cannot have the kind of bad past karma that requires poverty, death or torture at the hands of 'people' who are beasts. The journey to goodness is usually a long one! That all good people have bad past karma is very very suspicious. Some good people have defences, so they escape the darkside net! That certain bad people we know have only good past karma (which accounts for them breezing through life) is very suspicious. Our darksider masters are only creating new bad karma for themselves by causing all this suffering. What goes around will come around, I am told! People are herded into 'corners' from which all they can do is create bad karmas to survive, or simply to get by. This is how the Elites arranged for the darkside to get the scope to grow: many poor, few rich! Possessing bodies with darkside entities, which are unfought, assures that only bad karma is made, and only satan can express in this world. The good and innocent, however, suffer most....this is a karmic inconsistency. If anything, good people should be enjoying the best karmas on Earth while the darksiders, who do so much evil, should be on the receiving end of suffering.

I suspect that satan was once in charge of karmic expiation because of his ability to possess bodies, and he could use that power to give them material hell or heaven. But, apparently he rebelled and plotted to take away all human bodies to be his own own vessels. So he gives his own all material things, and starves/persecutes God's own. Good people are stuck as satan's victims with an 'if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them' option. And, the religions which claim to look after the soul, do not suggest fightback (except the Bhagavad Gita). They only have room for your prayers, worship and ritual offerings. Do they know God that well? Does God really want your prayers, worship, ritual offerings and love? Will God give you grace, blessing and salvation because of your devotion and propitiation? If not, what does God really want you to do while alive? What do people do when they are not praying, worshipping or giving offerings? Is the presence of God acknowledged in all they do? Do they know that God is the omnipresent witness to all they do? If those who claim to be religious just consider the omnipresence of God and the fact that he is a witness to everything, there would be less hypocrites! Helping others cannot be criticised because of the yoke of the predatory banking system that we live under. Helping is healing! When not in church/temple, people are living the materialist system from their location within economic niches, or without niches! Chasing the dollar requires its own methodologies, and morality is not usually welcome in those. So, one finds that religious doing gives way to materialist doing. What is touted in religious practice adds nothing which fortifies the faithful for resisting the corruption endemic in material seeking. The money-changers are now welcomed and wooed, and not sent scurrying for their own safety! Christ fought back! Christ did say 'follow me'. How many are following him? Instead, people are following elite-controlled religious organisations and the elite-designed economic system which do not have morality as the focus of  living. One cannot stay on one's safe perch or comfort zone, and keep wooing God ( in fact it is 'sucking up' to a God created by the predators), to alleviate your problems (he already knows them!), to give you material boons, to give you salvation after death etc, while you yourself take no action against the root cause of all the problems. Thus, no problems get solved because God takes no action, in the ways suggested by religion! We confronted the wrong causer! God is the 'wrong' causer! Even if we wanted to contact God or catch his attention, we did it the wrong way. We have problems/deficiencies....we let God know. Everyone can do that! Most do not know how to be in order to receive the return answers/suggestions/guidance. Intuition is the communication link between God and man. It is the God-Man interface which is the same as the God-Soul interface. This interface is blocked by the darkside's activity and noise. Eliminate the darkside ascendancy and grow quiet within. In this silence, one can detect every God-sent idea, landing softly on the consciousness. This is how one relates to God, not the unsuccessful religious way! Its a Partnership that is not premised on who is greater/lesser  but on the alliance of the same substance. It is God the TEACHER and GUIDE, partnering with his own spark to combat the threat of total domination by another kind of substance.

Why not ask God, directly, how you should conduct your life, and to give you guidance so that you may get to the truth of things? Religion is wrong about what God wants of you, and about how God relates to you. It is you who have to live the life, with the living God, not the religious 'middlemen', as your support crew. God gave a wondrous brain for you to use to process your answers for yourself. The 'how-to-live' data supplied by the 'computers' of religious organisations are not as important as the data your own brain-computer produces. For souls, it is living by your own free-willed conscious decisions that count. You have to ignore what religious middlemen tell you about what God wants from you, and awake your intuition whereby God relates to you and guides you himself. It is in the seeking of that 'how-to-live' answer that the 'answer' is obtained. It may be that God wants you to extricate yourself completely from your ignorance/slumber induced by Elite-inspired programming. Religion wants you to cozy up to God now, for an after-death salvation, for grace, for blessings etc. God does not operate like a big predatory boss! God is there as a live partner for every soul which manages to unblock its intuition by cutting down the darkside within. God's partnership with soul is while soul is alive. God is not that absentee landlord or detached lord who only takes your propitiations, never relates to you, and who gives you salvation from life's problems when you're dead, and problems do not matter. Religion gave us a too big, too important, too aloof, and too inaccessible God. At least, those who tried it that way thought so then. Now, it is quite clear that the God-scenario that religion gave us was fake, and so could not produce any real fruits. The Intuition method of relating to God works. God teaches you the truth. He guides and protects you. God doesn't work with the Elites, their systems and their religions. God leads you to your awakening. Thereafter, it is the journey of fightback and passive resistance during life which gives you results during life. Death releases you from this doing. You have to walk on the earth wide awake, taking no Elite-created guidance. The Elites have their own axes to grind, and only God can be depended on not to have ulterior motives. Only God can be trusted to tell you which walk to walk, and how to walk it! It is in facing the circumstances of life that you really live. The path is usually discovered after shaky starts and mistakes, and after being 'burnt' many times. Trial and error gives experience, but it takes too long! Research is necessary to shorten the learning period. Websites such as this shorten the total time necessary for knowledge-gathering, and simplify the search for truth. There are false paradigms and protocols out there waiting to grab you and use up your time, before you realise that you don't have much time left. At this particular time in world happenings, one has to cut to the chase!

As soul, a spark of God, you have to do the walking. Nothing is already done for you, contrary to religious belief. Life is not to be lived completely according to protocols created by others, and which you believe but never take steps to verify. Your living must be done by you, using protocols and strategies tested and approved by you, with the use of brain to decide behaviors. If you love the way the world is presently, then either you are still asleep or God is pounding on your door and has not gotten any response from you. God is always pounding on the doors of soul. It is souls who are not hearing because the dark side is keeping them otherwise distracted or asleep. God is pounding on your door to wake you up and get you going on living your life, doing the work of this incarnation. God does not want your love. He built love into you, in the substance of yourself/soul. You cannot produce this love by  any formula or act of will. Empathy, altruism, understanding, caring, compassion, and all similar reaching out to others, are products of your soul nature. Darksiders cannot produce these, and do not experience these states of consciousness. The nature of their substance is quite the opposite. Their consciousness is filled with incompleteness, misery and disharmony. All the suffering they dole out to nature and to good people, is the result of living out of their evil natures. Soul people have the 'good' feeling called BLISS already in their consciousness. It cannot be added from the outside. If you don't feel the bliss within, you have to remove the darkside-created blockages that prevent that experience.

The darkside/bacteria combo is the big blockage that you have to work on. God himself is bliss or love, just as  his spark is. He does not need any 'love' that you can feel for him. This is where religion has misdirected mankind. What kind of God is it who gives according to how much you show that you 'like' him? That kind of emotion belongs to the dark side. God is more serious and 'business-like' than that! Christ is noted as saying words to the effect that " You are Gods, and you can be greater than even me". Knowledge is the difference that exist between souls. You have to awake from the deceptions and illusions, then you can begin to build your 'truth overview' of the world. Christ was an AWAKE spark of God, while most souls now are slumbering sparks of God. Christ and other great teachers of mankind are different from normal souls in that they had knowledge of what goes down in creation, and of how to live to beat the darkside! God wants you to be awake, and to fight and beat the dark side! God wants your body to be his vehicle, not satan's tool. He wants his substance (soul) to take back control of its body. He wants you as a partner, so the life of the body can be jointly lived. God wants to use your body for his purposes, not let the darksiders use it for their purposes! God wants from you, all the attributes of teamwork: dedication or commitment, trust and loyalty, work on getting rid of the darkside menace (so he can get through to you), work on health of the body and generally taking care of it etc. All this he wants, but for your sake, your safety and your edification. You are in the body facing a world run by evil. God wants team-work in order to change the world. He can take the body of an Avatar, but we do not know God's plans. God knows and we don't, so the only way we can know is if we become familiar with the already 'known' and reach out into the unknown for corroboration, or for new truth. It is as if a piece of God is sleeping in the body, and God is dedicated to waking himself up. The soul-God communication link is Intuition. satan disables this link in order to keep you from God, to corner you alone, and to keep you cornered. Reduce the satan or darkside within, and the link with God is reinstated!


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