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The Importance of Diet and Detoxification.

The Soul is owner of the body and no amount of possessions in there can change that. The responsibility for the care of the body lies with the soul only. What constitutes 'caring for the body' has to be consciously determined by the soul. The dark side has its own conception of what 'caring' means. Beauty, grooming, ideal physiques and comportment are pluses in the darkside's preying, enjoying and ego-building. The systems of the Elites and Society conveniently places a priority on these for their continuance and edification. The market economy and the society's games thrive from the vanity associated with beauty and appearances. They build the illusions of vanity, and reward 'good' looks and physiques. Icons and divas earn a lot because they are in demand by both the peddlers and the consumers of 'looks'. While other talents in the system's niches are important, 'looks' are a must-have. Thus, one finds that beauty and physique-manufacturing industry has exploded in the last couple decades. Nose-jobs, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair-styling, tanning salons, liposuction, implants for various body parts, clothes (particularly sexy clothes), jewellery and body decorations, piercings and tattoos, etc etc are more in demand now, than at any other time in history. It is now possible for plain Joes' and Janes' to get in the spotlight of other people's attentions. SEE

Not all the trends are vanity oriented. There is much good to say about aerobics and other systems of body cultivation ( weights and other gadgets, karate, Yoga, juicing, low-impact exercise etc). Still, one has research until one has distilled the approaches to care of the body into its core essentials, and practicalise these into daily living. One has to go beyond ego and vanity, beyond looks and beauty, beyond the harvesting of others' attentions and admiration, and beyond the trends and fashions that keep the masses hypnotised. One has to go beyond the false reasons for living from moment to moment, and from day to day. One has to go beyond consuming the raw materials and artifacts of 'looks' and appearances. One has to 'consume' what keeps the body inside the skin healthy. Then, even appearances will be taken care health radiates outwards from it. All bodies come with a dark side (usually comprised of several entities) in it.That happening cannot be helped.  One has to research the conditions which empower the darkness within. How does the dark side sustain its hegemony within, is a question that must be probed, and answered. Therein lies the key to disabling the possession and possibly getting rid of it. Diet is the chief factor in the empowerment of darkside possessions in bodies. If one corrects one's diet, all the support given by darksiders outside will be to no avail. 

No-one knows why we have only acidic diets among all races and cultures. Why are starches (mainly grains and tubers), meat, fish and dairy products, at the core of all diets on the planet? It is probable that all races are the results of genetic manipulation, conducted in their principal hearthlands. It is also possible that the racial creations were meant to serve alien 'creators' by slaving for them. As such, the food that was 'created' for them was more 'fuel' for work, instead of 'medicine' for health. Today, we still measure that fuel as 'calories' instead of whether they supply the needs of cells or not. Over the centuries, the cultivation and distribution of the same acidic food-types improved. Alkaline grains received no attention until recently. Even vegetables were cooked to death, and only recently has raw food diets become popular. In every culture, food combinations called 'dishes' are standard fare. They are invariably acidic food. Most people have had this kind of food from womb to now. The dark side loves tasty acidic food. As the food acidifies the system, and the body goes into the throes of getting calcium from all sources to maintain an alkaline pH, the dark side's attention on the outside world grows more intense. The dark side itself gets more power from acidic food. The small invisible germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses get food, and they reproduce many times over. These denizens are used by the dark side against the consciousness of the soul. Chronic acidity leads to cellular degradation, especially if essential minerals like magnesium are lacking in sufficient quantities. Calcium piles up everywhere. The cellular distribution system for nutrients and wastes breaks down. Anaerobic organisms proliferate.....they use fermentation as their method of energy generation. The stage is now set for the ultimate destroyer of the body (cancer), to step in.

With the slowdown of the body’s distribution system and the compromise of the other systems and processes, the nervous system loses its vitality. Nerves are made up of cells, too. The Nadis or Meridians begin to function very imperfectly in choked-up or congested bodies. Poor energy distribution is a situation ripe with prospects for the dark side as it builds and asserts its own energy system. This being of energy takes over as the energy system of the body. This situation is capitalised on by the darkside society which sends energy in to boost up the dark side. There is a support system for the dark side within in the games society plays, and in their sex-for-a-life requirement. The gender games are played for women who are called 'energy'. When a female is 'signed' or her 'cherry' taken, she gets a color to live and die for. One of her principal roles is to mediate the energy of the signatory's dark side. She becomes the key for the activation of the dark side's energy. She gives energy to the dark side or recalibrates it. She cannot mediate the soul's energy…only the soul can do this in meditation. Thus, it is really the dark side which is responsive to the energies and like influences from external sources. The technology that was designed by the Elites for mind control on the masses, needs the dark side to have any effect. To beat the mind control technology or the darksiders among the masses (they cause the same mind control effect ) one has to disable the dark side. The soul is beyond their ability to affect directly. So basically, the soul must kickstart its body's own energy mechanism. The single most important mineral for this is magnesium chloride.

So, one can jump into being soul by reversing the pollution and congestion of bodies. Acidity must go. This is dealt with by different food and food supplements. It is a food's ability to supply the requirements of the body's cells that is important.....not Calories, not if it is traditional to race or culture, and certainly not its taste. Then, with the dark side’s home base flooded with health, one has to work on edifying the consciousness of the soul. Research, the company of good people, meditation and concentration etc can put the soul in its own world or forte. Like vibrates with like! To live surrounded by darksiders or living like they do, will only elicit the growth of one's dark side. The soul has to build its own repertoire and secure its own accoutrements. Darksiders food, clothing, customs, behavior, habitation etc serve the dark side. In darksiders homes, you will find very poor air quality, especially in winter. They lock all the fresh air out so that they can 'stifle' and build the darkside within. You will find EMFs there because the darkside gets energy from it. Souls need negatively ionised air and thrive in EMF-free places.

Acidic foods generate free radicals and use up the body's antioxidant supply. In alkalinity, the body has a surplus of antioxidants. The principal problems with alkalinity are that the body loses some of its 'get-up-and-go' and slower mental processes. Dr Mark Sircus's protocol of Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Iodine, Sulfur, etc works to pre-empt these. (SEE 
 Fish oils and Omega 3 is effective for memory-related issues. There is much info on foods we should be using on the internet. Two popular sites are   and

Detoxing has grown into a complicated issue because of the sheer number of sources of toxicity. GMO foods, food additives, mercury fillings, pesticides, insecticides, toxins from items we are exposed to everywhere we are, toxins in medications and flu shots, toxins from chemtrails......the list is endless!
Calcium needs to be where it is most useful, not clogging up cells. Magnesium Chloride 'disciplines' calcium. Sodium Thiosulphate gets rid of it. Sodium EDTA is used to chelate it from the body. Serrapeptase is said to dissolve arterial plaque. Other toxins (Heavy metals, pesticides etc) can be handled by Chlorella, Zeolite, Cilantro, Montmorrillonite Clay and other natural supplements.
 There is no end to the toxification of bodies. Fasting helps to stop the process, but then one has to give the cells their needs......and let the toxins in!

The Bible gave mankind dominion over lesser creation. This has blinded us to the threat from the microscopic life-forms that are everywhere around us......and IN us. 90% of the human body is made up of bacterial cells, not human cells. SEE
There are 'good' bacteria that help the body and 'bad' bacteria that make the body sick. When the balance is upset by things like diet and pharmaceuticals, then the body becomes unwell. This is further complicated by things like vaccines, toxins and heavy metals. Viruses and fungi add to the enemy agents within. These have to be neutralised. The dark side within uses these microscopic enemies within against the soul consciousness. So, the soul has its allies within, just like the dark side. One has to reduce the microscopic enemies from within. They must be starved by not giving them food for growth. An alkaline environment within will reduce their numbers. Technology like zappers and Rife machines help. Fasting helps. Supplements like zeolite, colloidal silver, ozonated water, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen help get rid of them. It is only when the 'bad' denizens of the body are defeated, that the body and soul flourishes....and the bliss flows!


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