Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Overview Of The Fightback.

A lifetime is equivalent to a 'blink' in the eternity of time. What we consider to be long lives is only so because of the time dilation created by inordinate attention the dark side within pays to the material world. The system depends on its locked-in attention to maintain and grow. In the name of civilisation and progress our attention is being married to more and more things, and more and more details. The system constantly devises new and more efficient ways of 'pulling and tying' the dark side's attention. It is not enough to remember our list of current and future material excursions, we have chronometers and daily planners to help maximise our daily doings. It is the dark side which gains a life by all this externalisation. For it, time is long and must be filled up with appointments or life gets boring and it loses steam (no opportunity to build ego and no predatory fuel): in times of lull, the soul has the chance of rising. The idea of time being long is only experienced by the darkside consciousness. The soul has a timeless demeanour. Anchored in the background of the change-less, the mundane changes and transfers that most beings get submerged in, and by, bounces off the soul, like water on duck's back. Where a soul must participate in that world, the application of concentration makes the time 'fly'. A retraction of attention, sends soul back into that timeless world. This point is made clearly by the experience of meditation. One takes leave of time once the senses are shut down and the body relaxed. Then, pure awareness dwells on itself, even by focusing on an image of something. On coming out of that state, the first thing one notices is the deepening of the feeling of peace and harmony. The second thing is how quickly so much time went by.

If the soul is eternal, why is the human race so caught up in the things which are short-lived or transient? Do the needs of the body have to be all that life is about? What about soul things? If it is right to spend a lot of time on body-related pre-occupations, wouldn't it be more right to spend even more time on that part of you that survives death, and continues into the unknown? So, what are the soul 'things' one can spend time on? One can spend time on building one's nature and living it. The dark side by its multiplicity of material excursions and its use of chronometers and schedules to facilitate those, is living its nature. The dark side's nature is one of being totally incomplete. So, it goes about life doing things which give it the feeling of completeness. For the dark side, life is an exercise in becoming complete.... a task which always fails to create any permanent satiation. The dark side keeps recycling the same old desires and agendas ad infinitum. From morning, it starts out building its ego. Then it goes about preying, using cunning, to give it superiority over others. It spends a lot of time gathering, accumulating and hoarding. It spends a lot of time having fun and enjoying. It has no internal life, and only external interaction allows it to live out its nature as a predator. Only external life lets it build up its worth or ego. Only external life enables it to use its satanic energies and powers. Preying, enjoying and hoarding are full-time occupations. The system caters to the nature of the dark side by supplying things that 'fill' a need, and by creating needs to be filled. The Insurance industry, for example, has created many financial needs, all based on insecurity.

 The soul's nature is three-fold: Awareness, Knowledge and Bliss. This is always there in the background and has to be reclaimed by fighting back and removing the suppressor from his power of domination. All the devices and strategies of domination have to be discovered, countered and defeated. How is the 'dominator' holding you down? Discover that and take away his power to do so.You are a soul spark of the most powerful being in existence. You have the power to defeat an inferior enemy. Read, research and enlighten. Intuit! When you remove the dark side from its domineering position, you are free. Your nature comes to the fore, effortlessly. Yet, by giving food to your inner nature, you grow to surpass the darkness within. Building the soul is fighting back against the dark side! The system gives no food to the soul's nature. You must devise the ways and means of building Awareness, Knowledge and Bliss.

The soul's awareness is interfaced with the dark side's at the sense organs, especially the optic nerve and eyes. The dark side carries the soul's attention with its own, everytime it externalises. Thus, the soul might find itself just looking at shapely females all day. The females have the power to pull the dark side's attention to their bodies! TV sets have that power too! If you go through the senses, you will see what objects or situations the dark side habitually reaches out to. Then, soul has to say NO! Whether it is constant chattering, listening to gossip, eating tasty but acidic foods, staring at the female form, etc, the soul must fight the hijacking of its attention by refusing to comply. This might turn out to be too laborious and not too successful if the dark side is powerful. Then one has to go directly to attacking the dark side to weaken it. This is done by changing the state of the body i.e. by alkalising the body; by using magnesium chloride to ramp up the body's own energy production; by killing the germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses within; by using supplements which clean and detox the cells, tissues and organs of the body; by doing hatha yoga which removes the energy-kinks in the body and pulls, stretches and massages the contents of the body; and by doing meditation for peace, harmony and increased energy.

Meditation for knowledge is the real builder of soul's awareness. It is awareness working to build itself. This is the practice of reading ideas and instrospecting on them. Ideas have invisible forms which we know how to differentiate with our mental faculties or the third eye. With continuous research and visualising of these ideas, we build up a stock of ideas which are easily accessible for reference and argumentation. At some point of enormous research, the ideas begin to cohere and relate to other ideas. Our wold view or overview is under construction! We introspectively size up each idea by matching them up to others. Hypocritical ideas and lies are thrown out, while those which can integrate with others and have the connection of 'truth' are retained. In this way, our overview gets built, our awareness is in the right place (within) and not frittered away in the changeable and transient, and we build our knowledge database. This knowledge will be a partial probe into the idea-content of the causal world. It takes a lot of research across the spectrum, idea-assembly, writing or emptying out of this database before we crack completely through the progressively deepening layers of knowledge, and have the causal world of ideas itself as our reference library. Our trips to the causal world are timeless explorations, and we feel alive while on these journeys. In this kind of meditation, it is not necessary to relax the body: the body does what it is supposed to do i.e. write, type, see, stay erect etc.

The darksiders have their own kind of 'knowledge' mechanism. Knowing it means you can stop it from happening. Soul's interest in knowledge is to understand this world, and what it can, of the next. This knowledge is also functional in that it provides a database which can be referenced in living the daily life. Soul's 'look' before they leap. The dark side's interest in knowledge is how to 'prey' successfully. Preying is a 'by any means necessary' affair. What counts for them is the hunt and the fruits of victory. Souls are concerned about what conscience (the judgement faculty of the soul) permits and disallows. Souls are concerned about keeping their modus operandi clean. The dark side does not have to labor to get access to the 'knowledge' it needs about its prey. Mind-reading connects the darksider with any dark side within....and he has the ability to download the contents of its rote memory. So, the darksider can tell you some of your secrets.....but only those that the inner dark side could read and those which left electronic impressions. You can visit the causal world and assay ideas there all day and the dark side will not be able to read a thing. Even mundane ideas, of special interest to the darksider, can be handled in the causal world and no darksider is wiser. Knowing how mind-reading works, one can deceive the deceiver by scripting readable contents in the rote memory for the spies to steal. The kind of meditation done by darksiders is to attune to the interface of invisible organisms in the eyeballs (vaccines anyone?) and to receive via that interface, the messages from the the Occult bigwigs. These messages usually relate to the soul person or prey and will include personal info of the past and future. These are simply satan's lies and plans fed to his slave/self to keep him on the job. In many cases, where the darksider has his own body, the accessing of satan's inspiration is done much like in introspection.

Before one can get into meditation and developed awareness, one has to erase the dark side's hold on the soul's awareness. The dark side's programming and internal modus operandi must be cleaned out and dismantled, respectively.This is done by noticing what mental and other influences occur within. These are to be written down and so brought to the conscious attention of the soul. The internal activity of the dark side soon gets familiar as its limited programming and behavioral modes come under the microscope. The writer uses the argument that nothing should take place within unless the soul wills it or decides it. There should be nothing without will or decision. Anything that disturbs the existence of nothingness, therefore, is produced by the dark side and should be noted, discarded and rebelled against. 'Not in my body' should be the war cry! In time, the internal atmosphere should be more placid and without dark side interference. Meditation too can produce this peaceful empty void state. Meditation is the soul living life its way, above the crazy materialistic din of dark side living. The dark side cannot follow when the soul's attention is focused on itself. It has to back down and wait until the soul externalises to resume the attack. But then, it is weakened.

Bliss is a harmonious quality that exists in the substance of the soul. Physical health and the unimpeded flows of energy in the nadis or meridians is a precondition for the experience of bliss. If not, pain and dislocation will be in the awareness. This is why hatha yoga is necessary to harmonise the body, and to return sensitivity to all its parts. Dark side rule is often accompanied by lowered soul awareness of certain parts of the body. Freedom from dark side mental attacks usually jumpstarts the flow of bliss in the consciousness. In fact, much of the attacks of darksiders is to 'wipe the smile off your face', to sour your life and to make you unhappy. Their sex school conspiracy is to make relationships all about sex and orgasm and not about love and happiness. They tell good guys....No love for you! But they err in their ignorance. The bliss within is the true love. The soul was made with it and it cannot be added from the outside or deliberately manufactured from within. It cannot be given to anyone and cannot belong to anyone who is the focus of attention. The love that is touted as the 'answer' is a dark side conception. They deal with 'love' energies experienced in the blood-pump. This feeling can be instigated by female energy use or be produced by the dark side itself in its cunning manipulations. A kind of 'love' madness is experienced by the dark side whose attention has been pulled and tied by a female....who promptly disses the guy. His 'broken heart' is a dark side feeling due to attachment and betrayal. There is another kind of 'love' that darksiders feel for each other that is a kind of fierce animal attraction or passion. Nothing this darkside world conjures up as love can replace the love of the soul (which is complete) and so does not need any love energy from outside. Its own bliss is enough energy to feel 'high' on. It relates to a beloved with total goodness, truth and understanding, and no tricks!  Darkside females deliberately get close to good guys, then break their 'hearts' and destroy them. It is the surest way of building the dark side within so it overshadows the soul.

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