Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is the vast majority of human bodies really possessed? Part 1

Is the vast majority of human bodies really possessed? Apart from darksiders with their own bodies (call them shape-shifters, reptilians or other name), everyone else is possessed.Most will not believe this! The idea is repulsive. Part of the reason for this is that Hollywood has stereotyped what possession should be like. Powerful demons have to take over the body and perform strange antics and gruesome deeds a la The Exorcist, for this to be true. The other people in this genre of films are 'normal' and not 'possessed', is the idea conveyed. Such glaring examples of possession do occur. Yet, its the so-called 'normal' people who are the general kind of possession. It is not the great personality changes and the weird demonic behavior that makes it a possession. Being possessed by satan or malevolent ETs that 'fell' from 'heaven' and threaten Earthlings, is a much much tamer affair but no less dastardly. Then again, people want 'convenient' truths not just 'truth'. Their general participation in the systems of the Elites, and of society, is the benchmark or yardstick for what is normal and abnormal. Everybody behaves the same, how could everyone be possessed, they ask. Yet, those systems build the dark side and nourish it. So, it works out to be that the majority are darkside....and possessed! Those who feverishly participate in religion view themselves as exempt from the fact of possession. They say that their bodies are so full of light that darkness has no opportunity to enter into them, or room to build its nest. Their participation in religious rituals, worship and other activities convinces them that they are so close to God that no evil dare trespass. some view their eloquent and emotional mouthings aka prayers as the ultimate armor of God....which no evil can penetrate. And, they are happy in their self-made permutations of ego, as if God is not omniscient and with poor memory (so he has to be constantly reminded).

The truth is that the majority are wrong. They are possessed and it is the possession which is in charge, and is rejecting all notions of its existence and presence. 'Normal', like everybody else, is being possessed. Even soul people are possessed....but they know it! For them, life is a constant struggle to find the ways and means out of that quandary, especially when the darksiders are busy striking down soul people, and building up the dark sides in bodies. Movies, too, make the possession of a body an EVENT that denotes a change from 'normal' to a state where the possessing demon is in charge. The fact is that the possession of bodies takes place in infancy. Other satanic forces may enter the body later and dominate all others, and produce weird behavior. These forces are everywhere on earth, doing what they do best. So it is not that 'people' have any say in the matter of possession i.e. whether they are impregnable to dark forces, or can fight it. By the time the bodies reach adulthood, the possessions have already been socialised, and have learnt to live like 'normal' people. This fact of possession is very clearly seen in the activities of the darkside society. For example, we can see them engaging in psychic mob-rule, using snake-power or force to shape things according to their image and likeness, in mind-reading and eyeball reading, in using their powers to influence others rather than leaving others alone, in their vendetta against all good people who are reared in captivity (and are hunted and killed), in their total lack of practical morality yet they aver that they're the 'teachers' of the good (the how-to-sell-your-soul course, or the if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them course, or the be-a-good-victim-and-don't-complain course), and in the progressive evil-isation of all societies with them as the tin-god rulers.

What are the characteristics of possession by the dark side? Soul people can easily compare their own natures to the nature of that disruptive, disharmony-creating, troublemaker that rises within and tries to dominate or suppress them. They are familiar with the two different natures that their awareness picks up on. Those who are dark side or governed internally by it have nothing to compare with. A completely dominated soul just gives life to the body. It is so overwhelmed by the possessing occupant that nothing can get through to it.....not even enlightenment. How can enlightenment shine through when the dark side intercepts such nonsense and insists that its own beliefs and programming are quite correct, and in order? We have been advised that 'by their actions you will know them'. Yes, you will see them building their egos at every turn. You will see them preying and hunting. You will see them exuding and exhibiting all the emotions that exist in the dark side's repertoire. You will see them in their 'dances', in their 'parades' and in the act of playing themselves, complete with drama and solicitation of others attentions. You will experience their satanic powers, only they will call it spiritual advancement or kundalini shakti. You will see them lording it over others, as their powers will allow....whether its their innate satanic powers or the power of being management (a prime goal of their intrinsic nature). You will see them making their footprints in the sands of time with their material accumulations (hoardings), their achievements, their earthly power, and their appearances. When the body goes, they leave their material legacies to their bloodlines to carry on the 'dance'. You will see them greedily hunting for fun and enjoyments (especially sex) and feel that they are normal because that tin-god called Abraham Maslow justified this by inventing a permissive hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy somehow overtook all the do's and dont's of religion, in practical importance. 

But, that is not all! You will witness all the tribes and colors playing their games, and involved in the activities of the sex school. You will wonder how it is possible that the identical consciousness can be located in millions of bodies, and share the same 'pack' mentality. Indians will point out that Lord Krishna divided himself so each Gopi (maiden) will have one of him. But they will conveniently forget that Krishna was the teacher in the Bhagavad Gita who frowned upon such games, and choreographed the deaths of the games' practitioners, when the immoral Kauravas went too far! You will notice that there is no real difference between all the colors of dark side tribes. They behave the same, are interested in the same things, are all predators, accept the games as the way to live (instead of by morals and intelligence), are allies in the divvying up of the societal pie, each speak with the authority, backing and power of millions of like entities in millions of bodies, etc etc. They all speak like tin-gods, casting their voices of authority over others they view as sheep, in their directing of the affairs of society, instead of letting people live by the free will that God gave to them. You will see each darksider defer to a more powerful darksider, and this reveals the basis for the hierarchies that exist in society. 'Men are equal' cannot be a viable maxim on earth while darksiders rule.

 Even the sex school is hierarchically arranged: those with less power have to make way for the more powerful, and their share of the spoils is less. The girls who are the most powerful, are the top prizes, and are the most 'expensive' (yes, they are bought and sold in the games like any commodity) and most sought after! In this fashion, life is reduced to money and matter...nothing more! The girls are 'cleaned', 'seasoned', 'fingered', 'cooked' and fitted with new 'engines' (mind-control practised by society is accepted as normal) as if they were meat. The concept of a 'human being' and 'child of God' was thrown out of the societal window. The darkside society has even invented a language to describe what they do in societal games, and in the sex school, so that you would think that what is actually happening is not attempted rape, sexual harassment, fornication and mind-control activities....you think that it is kitchen engineers at work! The purpose of that created vocabulary is to evade the truth about what they are doing: the devaluation of human beings, the taking away of all constitutional rights, the reduction of human beings to just bodies (the leaving out completely of the reality of soul except to include good guys as opponents who will be set up or killed), the hyper-sexualisation of females who become ready and willing boy-toys or prostitutes, nymphos and feminists etc etc. And to top it all off....the girls know this and gladly play their roles! They like it so! Then the darkside society mourns for the growing number of ills therein, when they created it in the first place! And, those who champion the rights and freedoms of human beings or those who count themselves as among the faithful in religion cannot understand that they are HYPOCRITES! They cannot understand that they are possessed! They cannot see that the games they enact as avenues by which the darkside possession in them can live its predatory nature!

Soul, on the other hand, uses its power of judgement (conscience), its innate morality, its evaluation of what it needs from the outside world, its knowledge of the matrix and of what is required for it to obtain what it needs from the outside world without selling itsef, and living by the 'book' (to pre-empt and obviate complications).... to get what it needs from the world while minimising karma, while minimising bad karma and and while living its own nature. Soul has no need for the darkside system and it is sheer torture to exist in it. Soul has no undue desire for excessive material possessions, constant validation, attracting the attention of others, name and fame, wealth, power, friends and relationships, or continuous external interactions. It does not have a tribe or color to live and die for, except if it be the 'good guys'. The societal system and its games are seen for what they are: the kingdom of the darksiders who do not let free will dictate how life will proceed. They erect themselves as the gods of things and experiences on earth, and give to their own kind while denying soul people of their 'rights'. One has to live in the system, and by the system, to have easy transitions from birth to death. One must have the beast within as the body's ruler, if one is to get the wherewithal, and more, for living comfortably. Soul does not care for the products from the sex school because such an utter devaluation of what a human being is, is unappealing. Besides, the reconfiguration of a female dark side from 'bitchy' to 'boy-toy' is mere mind control....not any kind of engineering that promotes the soul. Besides, the society of dark side tribes keep using all kinds of pressure, powers and discrimination against souls to force them to conform to the system, and to give up their body's internal hegemony to the darkness within. They society wants to ensure that all possessions in bodies become the rulers of those bodies. Everything is provided for successful possession, and nothing for soul growth. The soul is struck down repeatedly by all kinds of tricks, techniques and lawless actions. In the process, souls' lives are wasted away or terminated.  


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