Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Souls Can Reclaim Their Lives!

The soul lives in the head, nestled in the ‘inner sanctum’. The soul is only the size of a thumb (Swami Sivananda). The soul relates to the world by using the brain and nervous system. Awareness thus becomes attention and is directed through the operation of the senses. Intuition is a sixth sense and connects soul to super-soul. All other senses are focused outwards into the material world. The dark side (or satan within) is a parasite which possesses the bodies that belongs to souls. The aim is to use those bodies for their pleasures, predatory agendas, their lifestyles and their kind. They intercept the soul’s ability to express in the material world by blockading the senses and controlling them. Of course, the dark side cannot blockade intuition and this faculty becomes the fortress of souls…. it is the only place of privacy, in a body with a dark side lurking. Intuition hooks up with the Causal world of ideas….a world which the dark side cannot enter.

The usurpation of the control of the senses by the dark side leads to use and abuse of the senses. The dark side is a different substance from soul and has its wishes and desires in its substance. It cannot use a brain and has no brain. It has the ability to record things or accept programming. The dark side can also generate all kinds of feelings, urges, moods, likes and dislikes etc which it uses to push past the soul in producing behavior. Most times, the soul cannot detect the treachery and accepts the argument, and desired course of behavior, of the dark side. The dark side is quick and its speed pre-empts the soul from having the time it needs to look or leap. The dark side is also insistent and powers up its ‘urges’ so that it always gets its way. The dark side using its control of the flesh, actually physically moves the body to its desired behavior, giving the soul no chance to cancel the desired move. It is a multi-pronged simultaneous attack by the dark side that gives it its way, everytime. The combination of feelings of incompleteness, the temptation of the joy that is promised by the action (complete with mental videos of past similar joy or anticipated joy), the sense of pressure and urgency it generates within, subliminal urging to get the action done (the dark side will even talk to you), the prioritisation of this action above all others ( all other things-to-do are magically forgotten), and the actual taking of the physical steps to get the action done....it is this combined attack which is used to lord it over the soul from day to day.

 To extricate oneself from this bind is most difficult. Very few are convinced that they need to fight a war within. Most are darksiders themselves or have lost the battle comprehensively. The temptations of material wellbeing, psychic and energy powers, and being part of the government of society do not leave room for the soul to enlighten and activate. Life is easy for those with the beast in charge. The same dark side consciousness shares the many bodies of that particular dark side tribe or color. Any individual in a tribe moves with the backing of the whole tribe, and including other dark side tribes as well. The path of success keeps feeding the dark side within as its ego builds, and expresses as the name of the body. Even those who are not wealthy are dark side because of their attachment to money. Most do not have the levels of literacy and awareness which are necessary in the detection and fighting of the dark side. The system has created this fictitious identity called I and ME for its purposes. Practically everyone is a strawman with the single being self-image. The system has convinced most that their bodies have one being within, with a higher and a lower nature. They do the 'bad' things because this 'being' is weak. One is primed to overlook the truth of the darkness within. In any event, people are so programmed into being straw-people that any idea suggesting that their bodies might be possessed by an evil force sounds ridiculous. After all, they are not different from so many others. They do the same deeds and eat the same food. Yet, if one tries some of the self-disciplinary techniques of Yoga, one is bound to encounter the dark side generated resistance to change. This is the trick the dark side uses to keep itself in the driver's seat or if temporarily curtailed, it fights its way back. Most who try Yoga fail to defeat the dark side either because the dark side fights back and gives reversals or because it adapts and manifests an alternate modus operandi. The ego aspect of the dark side shows up in different ways.

Basic to any curtailment of the dark side is retraining of the body and living a new lifestyle. Yogis are renowned for their ability to fast for long periods and to even go without food. This is stupid! The senses have to be starved to take the darkside's mechanism of control apart. Without its preferred kind of food, drink, actions, friends etc the dark side loses its control of the body. It loses its clutch on the head and senses and falls back into the intestines. The senses are used by the dark side to feed itself and to masquerade as the owner of the body. The senses have to be closed down. At first, no food is allowed. When the dark side's urgings become useless and it gets quiet, selected foods must be introduced eg raw foods, fruits, superfoods, selected health supplements, herbs etc. These foods give it no help, and indeed keeps it weak. One must put a lid on the lips by practicing MOUNA or silence. Yes, the dark side does too much talking! Even certain visual experiences must be curtailed. Old habits must die because they are the dark side's. There is nothing like HATHA YOGA for health, for dicipline, for a new lifestyle and for giving one the ability to control the body for oneself. This is how the soul takes charge. Instead of the dark side planning the events of the day for its own lifestyle, the soul hits back and takes control. Meditation is for concentration and energising. Many have been wanting too much from meditation eg astral travel, divine experiences. Don't believe all you hear. Meditation for knowledge is quite another matter. This is the real meditation for knowledge. This kind of meditation is done while you are reading, researching and introspecting. The denizens of the eyeball gives you astral experiences and dreams. they are all fake! Meditation is best done in the early morning after, Hatha Yoga. Every effort should be made to experience the deep silence: This what boosts your peace, detachment and poise, both necessary in living in the world. Thus, the world goes on its own way, and you go on yours. The world no longer lives in you. You dare not miss your meditation and exercise sessions because you (soul) need your food. You have successfully discarded the society and system that only feeds the darksiders. You cannot go back to it! You become aware that the body is just a vessel with you in it. You become pure awareness. The dark side and its usurpation is over!

Then, one can decide how to relate with which aspects of life one chooses. Research about the world must be done to learn about it. The dark side has been left behind along with its ego so its kind of relating to the world is over. New purposes must be devised. The soul has its compassionate nature and wishes to help the world. Knowledge of what is what on Earth helps the soul steer its actions in a functional and appropriate way, beyond popular panaceas and mantras. It was the dark side which was married to the world, in the first place. It hooked its attention on everything in the external world to assure itself of having just so many roads to run in, and so many avenues to play itself. The systems of the elites and society depend on those 'hooks' of attention being there to have control over people, and for those systems to remain operational. Detachment is just the severing of these hooks or lifelines of the dark side. Pure awareness infused with the knowledge from research (and possibly from intuition) guides the functional approach to life. There being no input from the dark side within, everything has to be self-decided. There will be a reduction in commitments undertaken because soul likes to stay calm and focused and frittering away one's mental energy in too many directions is not liked. It is the dark side which latches onto various kinds of CAUSES to live and die for. It is the perfect 'bandwagoneer'. Soul has none of that! There is no desire to put one's footprints on the sands of time. The fact of life and death, the fact of a body to take care of, the fact of earning to take care of needs, the fact of keeping one's spiritual practices and research going, the fact of helping those who can be helped, the fact of a few friends and relations....these matter most. The activities of the world and society cannot elicit the attention of the soul.....unless it decides to be part of those.

The pure awareness of the soul has no boring moments. The soul is complete. All the incompleteness felt before was the deception of the dark side. It was the dark side which was incomplete. Its running to this or that was its way of maintaining its life and hegemony within. It had no internal life, if all it had is that incomplete, miserable, greedy, inferiority-complexed and predatory nature. The soul has no such axe to grind. The bliss within infuses the awareness so that every moment is new. The quiet within enables full attention to be on the 'void' to capture every guidance or influence that comes through. This is the friend that the soul now has. No other is needed. The darkside psychic net cannot affect the soul, neither can the popular 'preying' techniques of winning by intimidation and audio-visual attack. The so-called 'armor of God' is within the substance of the soul itself. The soul has its new stock of willpower while its naturally detached state cannot be bridged by the darksiders because there is no functional darkness within to use. In fact, because the darksiders come to bother the soul, a private reclusive life, as far as possible, gives more joy. It is also the best way to avoid the accidents and setups that are conspired by the darksiders. The soul has a powerful attention and deep concentration. Every activity it chooses to engage in is geared for success. Work is easily accomplished, especially if intuition is flowing. This, of course, will generate jealousy among the darksiders.

Those who devised the discipline of Yoga gave us a sure path back to soul. Yet, we cannot just cling to this and forget all the other sources of illumination. Research is necessary. It takes a lot of persistent self-awareness to detect and fight the dark side within, mentally. One starts with writing down everything that transpires in one's head, in addition to keeping a diary of one's external life. All thoughts and ideas get emptied out....including one's programming. This sets up the flow of intuition. This is all the guidance one needs. Guidance from research is factored into intuition. As the knowledge from research gets introspected on and made relevant to one's life, one understands the body and the problem of evil within and outside. We have tricks to apply in this war, that the ancients didn't know. Thus, an alkaline body not only favors the soul, it is necessary for ridding oneself of acidic diseases. Magnesium chloride jumpstarts the energy system of the body itself.....the dark side is a being of energy too, and it thrives when the nadis or meridians don't function properly or when the cellular energy factories get clogged. We have a lot of health supplements and herbs for detoxing and nourishing. We also know that viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi comprise a large part of every human body. Most of these are destructive, and indeed, having invisible bodies, they are tools of dark side control over the soul. There are products which can nullify this threat. Research is necessary to find out about this life. There is much wrong about what gets into our bodies. Our job is keep those out, while cleaning up within. Cleanse yourself of the dark side and live!     

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